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By Polo Field on December 16, 2013 - 09:28
Greetings Penguins!
The Spoiler Alert - Episode 3 features our very first guest...Skaboots! 

Whaddya think! Is there anything you would like to see us do in future episodes?
Waddle on, 
-Club Penguin Team


Mr Napo:

¡Woooow! cooo. ¡HURRAY DAFFO! :D


That was great. Just be sure to friend me also. For your next show, have a new game.


what do you have to do to get the green viking hat i want it so bad its not funny


good job and be cool and you should put the game that you are doing and put it on club penguin :-)


Cool I have always wanted to hear your real voices Polo Field Ninja and Megg.


ya i love Spoiler Alert TAKE THAT CLUB PEGUIN i get to stuff early uh uh!


i really want to be on this show it seems so awesome but how do you get on it someone please tell me please o please o please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think you should do a jet pack boost competiton with polo and ninja. That would be awesome! P.s. Polo is an awesome train conductor.


For a new game you guys can go to the Clothes Shop and pick out a outfit and have a contest for greatest costume


I voted for ninja come on open your eyes he head a more realistic one also ninja friend me


can we have a pizza party? and I love polo!


Hiya Polo Field. Can u guys have daffodaily5 on this show? shed make a great guest. P.S. Where did you get that mask?!?! IT'S AWESOME!!!!!

Livy loo2:

Yeah that was an awesome video :D Maybe next video you could sing it??


Love this


Lol so funny.



Aww man! You guys spoiled everything! I think that is all this video about! xD


I think you right.




Hey wanna know what I find funny? SHE is Daffodaily5 and IM Daffydoo3! and I had NO IDEA who she was when I made this account!


And I'm Daffodizzy5 (but I made it after Daffodaily5 was a blogger). I'm just like Daffo, but dizzy.





hope U:

Can you make it so we can choose what server we go on on the iPad?


Once again, I am praising the Spoiler Alert show for their wacky, fun episodes! I would like to see a contest where two people type the lyrics of a Club Penguin song, like Party in my Iggy. Their penguin has to sing (or rather type) all the lyrics of the song in the speech bubbles. The person who can type all the lyrics the fastest wins!

Mr Napo:

A question. ¿Happy birthday Daffodaily5? o.O


Skaboot's it's really scary as to how good of a pirate voice you put on.. O.o!

Megg's igloo totally rocked, she was the deserving winner (sorry Ninja!).

Can't wait for the Holiday Party, it seems everyone is ready to party hard AND donate to Coins For Change!

Waddle On!


is cool :D


The puffles look cool! Can you make a puffle that looks like Santa and host that on the show?




On next #TheSpoilerAlert you could show for us the team finding Rockhopper! It would be really fun. To see the new style, background design, and the famous! And show Spike Hike vs. Daffodaily. A search of pin or a fun game!

kat cp1:

skaboots I would like to be your friend :D , is Awesome Episode * The Spoiler Alert *

Frosty Jam:

Awesome! Can't wait for Holiday Party!! Waddle on! :D


can you make me a guest in your show next Monday please ok


try to make me a guest but if you can't that's ok :( or :)


I can't wait for the party!


Arr pirate Megg!

tesco george:

will you make a party special guest and move about 2014


I'm confused, how did Polo Field beat Skaboots in Smoothie Smash if he got a lower score and finished before her?


Yes Polo actually won, there is a bug in the video that Ninja has to fix. He is sick today though :(


Get well soon Ninja!


Ninja, I hope you will feel better soon. In the meantime... *gives Ninja green tea.* A ninja needs his tea.
Maybe the sponsor of episode 4 or another future episode could be green tea? :)


yeah Tech70 i do agree get well soon Ninja, and my fav costume is a ninja so there is something for Ninja to see, again Get well soon Ninja! :D


Okay! Thanks for clearing that up. I hope he feels better soon.


Get better soon Ninja!


Get well soon Ninja! :)


Hope you get better Ninja. Congrats Megg.



i hope ninja gets better soon so we can see more videos!


Aw, poor ninja :( I hope he's ok. And I hope maybe you could make more #WaddleOn videos! :)
Sofia Alfonso

Le ia:

Tell ninja get well soon!


Get well soon, Ninja!


Feel well Ninja!


most replies ever! Get well soon Ninja


Tell Ninja I said "Feel better soon!"


Aww, poor Ninja! Drink some hot cocoa and you'll be up on your feet in no time! Get better soon!


Get well soon ninja! Hope you stop feeling sick soon!


Do you plan to keep making these awesome vids or stop soon like a couple of months?


AWWW!! Poor Ninjas! Get well soon! :(


Ya, If you know tell me when Ninja gets better


I hope ninja gets well soon


Is the bug that you switched is that you flip-flop the names?


If I play Smoothie Smash will the bug happen to me sometimes? and I feel bad for Ninja :(


I saw the bug to!

Rockyy 1c:

Aww man I dressed as a ninja to represent him hopefully he will get better , everything will become better :(


Get well Soon Ninja! (p.s. Polo, Megg, Ninja rocks!) (and loads more rock!) Besides, How often do u guys play club penguin and does ur computers lag when u play & meet ppl?


Hope your feeling better Ninja! :O


for the reading thing ninja or polo field should read in a high pitch girly voice .


that would be awesome


awww Ninja is my favourate out of polo and ninja and skaboots. And Megg you are my second favourate, then polo, then skaboots. Get well soon ninja!

Snowman Blue:

Aww. Tell ninja to keep warm and drink hot chocolate. Wish him to get better soon.


Hi Megg I like your penguin so happy holidays waddle on megg and ninja and polo field and skaboots so be my friend some day so bye see yea so bye.

Luigi 48327:

Poor Ninja! Get well soon.!


Why so memberous?


Members can buy special items in Rockhopper's catalog, like usual. And Members can drive the trains but don't worry, non-members can ride the trains as well!

There will probably be a Holiday Party deal on memberships so make sure you buy one! Oh and keep your eyes peeled for Rockhopper!

Waddle On!


In the next episode, can you see who can find Rockhopper faster?


I have got a question that you could answer at the end of the next video.
: What can we expect in Club Penguin for 2014?


Cool video! Keep up the awesomeness! ;)


I loved the video! Thanks for joining Skaboots!
I have a question though, will another mascot like Rocky and Cece ever come back to Club Penguin?


As far as my knowledge extends to (a staff member please correct me if I'm wrong) but there are no plans for Rocky and CeCe to ever return to the island. This is because they came for a special Ultimate Jam Party and that party won't ever be returning - it may do in a different form but not the exact same thing.

It's also most likely that Brad and Mac won't return to the island again either as they came for the Teen Beach Movie: Summer Jam Takeover.

Who's your favourite mascot?


Rocky and Cece's chances to come back are even Small because of what happyblue128 said, and the fact that they cancelled the tv show that rocky and Cece were from, so they wouldn't have them come online if their show is gone.


You should play Cart Surfer! It's going to be awesome! :)


Can you spoil the prehistoric party next week? I loved that party this year!


Keep an eye on the What's New blog and the Club Penguin Times for sneak peeks of the upcoming Prehistoric Party!

You'll probably see "The Spoiler Alert" dedicated to the upcoming Prehistoric Party a few weeks before the party commences!

What are you looking forward for the most in the upcoming Holiday Party?

Waddle On!


Hiya!!! IT'S ME BRC456!!!!!!!!! I think Daffodilly5 should appear on the Christmas special of the show! If she dose you should make her do extreme reading and use a poorly translating robot.


Looking forward to coins for change! :D o will there be an New CP Song out for the holiday party like last years? also each episode makes my monday so amazing :D

Agent Ninja0:

Great episode!!!!!!! Can you make a party about Star Wars again???? Look me up on Club Penguin some time!!!!!!! My penguin name is Agent Ninja0 with a zero at the end. Bye!!!!!

Venadito 007:

This is AWESOME!


In the next video could you show some sneak peeks of what's coming in 2014?


Hey guys can you tell me when do you record spoiler alert because i really want to be in the vid and can you guys add me please?


The Hollyday Party are so cool and Coins For Change too jeje... I can't wait for this! Club Pegnguin is the best game ever! Bye!


Yay!!!! I like Spoiler Alert a ton! Will Spike Hike or Chattabox come on the episode???? By the way, nice pirate speaking, Skaboots!


Thank you for answering my comment!! I'm super happy now! What party is coming in January and February? :D


I hope I don't spoil too much for you, but the Prehistoric Party is returning in January! If you missed the first Prehistoric Party (in January 2013), another chance to play in the Prehistoric Party is coming soon! :)
I don't know what party will take place in February yet. What party would you like to see in February?


Thanks! I thought it would be the prehistoric party! I just wanted to confirm it! I hope they bring back the Hollywood party, it was really fun! :)


I'm excited! I wonder if it has something to do with what Gary is doing over the Holiday party...
Waddle on CP!


I read that the next prehistoric party is in June 2014


I read that the next prehistoric party is in June 2014

Rockyy 1c:

Actually next January


Hey, I am new to CP and don't know alot about the parties, but I would LOVE <3 a Prehistorical Party!

I might like a Valentines Party or a Presidents Party for Febuary.
Valentines: We would have Valentines postcards and gifts and candy.
Presidents: Not like real life presidents, I mean like Penguin Presidents on CP History! Reply to me what kind you would like!


The Prehistoric party was awesome but the dinosaurs kept throwing up on you and it was really annoying, I hope you guys bring back the Valentine's party you did it like in 2005, For march it should be St. Patricks, or Puffle Party April, APRIL FOOLS, May, MUSIC JAM! June Medieval, July the CP games you made in 2009 I think, August maybe the expedition party? September, the fair, October Halloween, December, Holiday, and January PREHISTORIC since it was awesome traveling back in time! WADDLE ON!


Three epiodes of #TheSpoilerAlert and I appear in the 3 episodes. Awesome! P. S: Get well soon Ninja!


Great Episode! Will you ever think about having another Music Jam? They Rock!

My Tiggy:

Polo maybe we could have 30 puffles for all of us who love puffles. i've got my flipers crossed its hard i cant eat pizza anymore or play games because my hands are in a knot


Whoa 30 puffles! I can barely take care of 5 of them lol!


I AGREE! It's hard to throw parties cause they always disturb, NO OFFENSE PUFFLES, And it's hard to find them through all the furniture. Here's an idea make a puffle room where you place your puffles there so they won't disturb and it'll be easier to take care of them so now you won't need to let them run to the wild and buy them again you'll just place them there and you can release them in your igloo when you want or whichever you want.


Hey Polo Megg Ninja and Skaboots! I have a suggestion what about extreme reading talking british I think that would be so funny! By the way nice pirate talking Skaboots!


What's you're suggestion! I'm sure the team are dying to hear it, I know I am!

Waddle On!


It totally would PInk0318! I would love to see that!

Waltz Step:

im so excited for episode 4!
could Chattabox be a guest star?! that would be soo cool!


Hi, Polo Field! Here the speaker is Dinholuis (:

This episode is ten! Could respond and tell me which servers you will be ... For'd really like to appear on The Spoiler Alert ...
I'm a fan of you and especially the Ninja ... Why he is fine! But as you are together in something still in testing? Thank you :D


Hi, Polo Field! Here the speaker is Dinholuis (:

This episode is ten! Could respond and tell me which servers you will be ... For'd really like to appear on The Spoiler Alert ...
I'm a fan of you and especially the Ninja ... Why he is fine! But as you are together in something still in testing? Thank you :)


I love the Spoiler Alert! For other episodes could you guys have food-fights!? I love seeing special guests, I hope you have more on the show soon!
Get well soon Ninja!
And Waddle on!

P.S Scaboots has an AMAZING pirate voice!


what day and time and sever do you make these videos on cause it would be cool if you did a contest against each other. two people from the club penguin team would decorate a igloo and then penguins would come to both of the igloos and and they get to vote which igloo wins


You all should make an episode where you show the spoiler alert for January for what might happen then..After I'll go PARTY like a pirate skaboots your pirate voice was amazing!


hey polo since transformers 4 is coming can you make a party on that??? :D


You should have a penguin dance off at the end of the videos.


Epic!!!! I like Megg's igloo and style and I welcome Skaboots TO #TheSpoilerAlert! Keep up the great work up CP team!


Get well soon Ninja!


I have to say, I really like Megg! My favorite mod! #TeamMegg


Will you do an episode with Rockhopper?



Will a retired mod like Happy77 or Billybob ever be a special guest on the show?

Dj Stores:

Seeing Happy77 or Billybob would be aweeeesoommmeee.


Very cool friends!! :D I expect you to do more episodes of this and I liked(I'm not a member xD) Santa Claus hat with patch :o Merry Christmas! :)


You guys.. Next time use PIE! BROUGHT TO YOU BY... PIE!!!


It would be funny if someone wore the jolly rodger hat, an eyepatch, and a santa beard and was a blind Santa. Happy Holidays


Another awesome episode! A suggestion I would recommend you doing is maybe hide 5 of a certain item in the video? For example, you can hide 5 Fluffy the Fishes in a video for penguins to find? That might be cool? You could change up the item you hide each week, according to the videos theme? :-)


Dariel Pingu:

Wait... Does that means NEW COMICS EVERY WEEK?!


This show always makes me laugh! Next time you do x-treme reading, can you please do it backwards? Oh, and I think that the next game should be card-jitsu one-on-one.


Will Spike Hike ever be on the show? Also, I have a suggestion. If you like keytars so much, why not release a keytar-code (on Unlock Items Online) for us to all get bonus points! (Non members can't get he keytar, since it's a member only item.)

Waddle On!


I would like to see every moderator in 1 episode and a segment called 'Who Knows the Best about club penguin?' Also I would like 'Fashion Face Off!'.

Please reply!


I think you should put normal penguins like us in the next SpoilerAlert.



Maybe next time you guys should do a iPad pizzatron 3000 or bean counters VS!


Will you guys ever answer my comment??? Haha joking.. Whats your favorite animals guys?? PS Megg you rock gurll.

police chick:

what server do you go on and what time? because i really want to meat you guys

Le ia:

YAY megg won!But u guys should have retired mods come back.I so cant w8 for the holiday party!Peace out and waddle on!


So excited!!!!Rockhopper yayy!!! love you guys<3 <3 <3'Till next time!


Spoiler Alert is awesome! I think for a future episode you should have a "Most Creative Costume Contest" and let the viewers vote who they thought was the best. It can be anything! I would LOVE to see this. :) Keep up the awesome work.
Waddle On! -Pluto10500


Cool, this party will be awesome, and we will still be able to ride the train with our friends and donate to the coins for change

Jumbo Wario1:

Hey! I'm LOVING this series but i'm wondering if there will ever be a time that mods will have unlimited buddy lists like the mascots do. I think that would make it much easier to know when you are recording the Spoiler Alert and give more penguins a chance to meet you!
(P.S.- Megg is the best rapper)


Hey!!!!!!Meg so sorry!Hope you get better!!!See ya.


Isn't it ninja who's sick?

Dj Stores:

You guys really do what the title says, you spoil stuff alright, but spoilers are awesome so you can preplan on what you're going to do/buy/donate, and save up enough coins to do it, so the minute you log on, you just play, play, play, no sitting around reading instructions (but who does anyway? lol)

By the way, just saying, Megg's voice is awesome. Just saying...

Waddle on!


Another great episode :)
Well done Polo Field and Megg for winning and cool pirate voice Skaboots!
Waddle on




Think ninja should play card jitsu against someone to find out if he is the true ninja...
Great episode I really wanna ride a train :D


Hey guys, I realy like the party exept for one thing... non-members cant buy anything from the catolog holiday ediion (special) but the jolly roger hat is Amazing :-D the only other reason i wouldnt like it is because a party pack for non-members in the igloos would have been great! and everything else is perfect thanks for working so hard for us and i'll be sure to donate!o--c:-)
WADDLE (carols) ON!


Could you get mascots as guests too?


I was on the video!!! :D
Thanks Polo Field,Ninja,Megg and the very first special guest.....Skaboots!
For the first time I'm on a #TheSpoilerAlert episode!! I appeared for a second!

Waddle on!


HI! for your Christmas special can you have different teams and see who can collect the most coins? thanks! Megg GRATE OUTFIT! peace and fruitcake!

Boba 126:

Great episode! I loved Skaboot's pirate talking. In the next episode, I will like to see guest appearances from Spike Hike or Daffodaily!

Gelo Picado2:

I have a question to the next episodes!The questions of the other lenguages will also apear? XD
P.S. Hi, Megg! XP


Feel better Ninja! I can't wait to go on for the party! I would waste all of my coins just for the Coins for Change:)


I'd love to see someone do extreme reading by adding "o" to each word.


I'm glad to see that comics are going to be in the paper! More EXTREME JETPACK stuff! :) I loved the part where Polo went around the ice rink in circles! Anyways, will there be a Megg and Ninja rematch again sometime in the future! Oh and IT'S WOODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Waddle on CP!


Can't wait for the party to begin! Lots of joy and excitement will be going around the island! The trains look super fun! I can't wait to buy one. Hey that rhymed! XD


Creativity; that's what's great about The Spoiler Alert!

Well, I'm gland there'll be more special action outfits and TRAINS during this year's Holiday Party!

Waddle On!


What happened to the fan art? Will it ever update?


Hey polo, megg and ninja! Great video. I think you guys should give out a special prize for being featured in the comments at the end of the show. Maybe a few thousand coins or a special pin, background or item. That would be cool. Please think about it. C ya!

Red 227:

cool. Although I did picture the trains to be very different then what it looks like on the video. O well.


You guys should carol the cover story in EXTREME READING and have a challenge of Daffo and Megg on pizzatron 3000 on the club penguin app version. That would be so AWESOME!!!!


I can't wait to donate. I'm saving up so I can donate more than 10,000 coins :)


AWESOME episode of The Spoiler Alert! I so enjoy this every week. :) Thanks for featuring my comment! Really made my day, and thanks to Polo Field for the Keytar Points! We need to start keeping track of all that. LOL! Keep up the great episodes, and if you're still looking for suggestions, here's one: a game to see who can hit the target on the Clock Tower the most in a set amount of time?


cool cant wait for the holiday party its gonna be my second one! cant wait to donate! good job on reading like a pirate skaboots! P.S when the holiday party starts i'm gonna where my green keytar. BONUS POINTS!!!!



I have to wait 3 more days and to me 3 days is forever


P.S I like trains

James 84:

Hey CP team! Can you give us a hint of The january party? Thanks!


will there be a igloo contest for December? I have one ready just in case!


Megg congrats on winning! when do u do these shows? I was asking because I would love to meet u guys ya'll r EPIC! will ya'll make an appearance at the Christmas party? Skaboots u did a great job! how do ya'll get ya'lls sponsers? plz reply!


Will you guys be able to edit rooms like in Waddle On so it looks like we're in another place? BY THE WAY, will more workers be in Spoiler Alert?


who is rockyhoppers best friend? (besides yarr)

Cyclones 20:

Sweet episode plus did I see some comics on the back page? Where do you guys go on a certain server at a certain time or just random?


Can you make a double length episode?


I think next time you should have a segment called "Name the Item." The competitors have thirty seconds to name as many items as they can that pop up on their screen! :)

P.S. Nice name Skaboots! Not as cool as mine, though. ;)


You should have some mascots like Rockhopper be special guests!


Keep the new comics coming!


I like potatoes


there should be a dual of who can finish thin ice the fastest


the spoiler alert is awesomely funny, and each episode just keeps on getting better. I think the challenges are the best part.
stay cool and waddle on


YARR! CFC is around the corner and I can't wait! But, when will all the mods be on this AWESOME spoiler alert series? Also will skaboots be in the rest of the series?


Hey guys! It's Bigfoot! Aren't our Club Penguin friends amazing? Well, it would be awesome to throw a party! :D. But, I'll need some help! I need everyone to make their train station igloos the best as they can! My personal goal is to make everyone happy on Club penguin! After all, it IS the holidays! Also, this Wednesday, December 18, is my birthday!! It would mean SOOOOOOO much to me if all my penguin friends and the CP team would show up! No pressure, you don't have to come, but Polo, please!


I have an idea for the next video, the moderators could look for items and coins with puffles!


That does sound like a good idea. Club Penguin Team you should do that :) and whoever find the most in 5 minutes wins!
Waddle on


What is your favorite CP original party?

Aqua Dude4:

In the next couple of episodes, could you guys show sneak peeks for 2014 plans? That would be awesome! Waddle on! Oh yeah, and great pirate voice Skaboots!


Will Spike Hike make an appearance? I haven't heard from him on the blog in a while! I saw some comics in the newspaper from Extreme Reading! I'm also happy to be able to play on the go as an Ultimate Safe Chat user! Thanks for listening!

Puffle Pal26:

Hi Club Penguin Team! I am loving these awesome episodes! I just wanted to say that Ninja is awesome! Him and I are very much alike. I hope I get to challenge him in a Card-Jitsu match one day. I think you guys should feature the Penguin of the Week in each episode! Sounds like a good idea?

Ninja on!


Hi guys, do you think that it's possible for the Hollywood party to return in 2014 with new sets and new party rooms? It would be so cool if it returned!


I agree! I loved the limo ride! I wonder if Club Penguin will return it! I would love that! :)


I want to know if when CPNext is here, can we become your friend?


polo field rocks and is the best smoothie smash player ever

phineas lii:

The best episode is 3 because they have a guest

yellowmax07 :

In the next episode, you should have a competition for who get's the most coins on the train.


When are puffles coming to the Club Penguin app? I'd like to see them in 3D.


are going to do a halloween special in the 2014


Hi guys awesome video! Can you make a spoiler alert with Cadence and Rockhopper, and Rookie and every other mascot? Even Herbert and Rocky and cece and Mack and Brady.
p.s. Feel better Ninja!


Wait, THERE WAS A SHAKE IT UP DANCE PARTY ON Club Penguin? Wow! Omg! So cool! I can't believe I missed it!

Well, I don't think they can do that on the TBM Summer Jam or other parties. I think they just do it on people like. Cadence, PH, Rookie, and other popular Club Penguin characters.

Sorry, pinkie15058.


I think this episode was awesome! Plus you added a new friend! SKABOOTS are you related to Rockhopper cause your an awesome pirate!


This made my Monday from horrible to AWESOME!!! Thanks so much! Don't forget to hug a pug! - sisalou


Same for me! My Monday was from BAD TO GLAD! Let's be friends, Sisalou, my Penguin Name is Nathanl9.


I will add u!


Omg yay Megg one i can't wait for Christmas party :D


One question for CP. Will Spike Hike come to The Spoiler Alert?


AWESOME video! I think you guys should do a Keytar Battle, see which Keytar color is most popular: Red or Green!


i want to see you show us rockhoppers boat.Actually maybe upgrade rockhoppers boat.add more rooms.XD XP XD XP XD


AWESOME video! I think you guys should do a Keytar Battle, see which Keytar color is most popular: Red or Green! And get well soon, Ninja!


I loved this episode one of the best yet! Good Job guy! Especially an awesome job to, Skaboots! By The way will the ClubPenguin App be available for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android System anytime soon? By the way, keep it up!


Omg, I knew Megg would win! I loved your pirate voice, Skaboots! So much like Captain Rockhopper to me. Love the show. THIS MADE MY DAY FROM BAD TO GLAD!


Luv the show! Next time could you have a game where you see who can hit the other person with the most fruitcake?


WOW! Amazing!!!! You should plan a spoiler party and invite more and more guest! Can there be a schedule when you log on?
Thanks, Merry Christmas, AND WADDLE ON!!! ;)


Will you start having new segments on the show?


Hey... SKABOOTS WON SMOOTHIE SMASH! Look at her score!


Did anyone notice the comics in the newspaper? I did and I am excited for them because I write my own cartoon called wool cool (Not publishes yet) so its super exciting


Good vid, CP Team! In the future episodes I would like 2 c u sing a segment 2 "X-Treme Reading"'s! =)


Hello there! I just want too say i love the spoilers i always cant wait i always get sad that its not on yet :c So keep making videos and and waddle on <3 BaconShakin


Ya should do the parties!

Poo poo12345678910:

I think on your next video you should tell us where the ninja hideout is. And get well soon Ninja!


AWESOME SHOW GUYS!!! You guys should invite guests like that. And you guys should go around the town in the new app for the IPad and talk to people and get them to dance at the end! That's my idea though but can't wait to see the next one guys! I really think your awesome Megg!!!


Wait, THEHOLIDAY PARTY IS TOMORROW! I have lots of coins and can't do alot with them since I don't and will nevr have

Roy A:

For extreme reading could you sing the text in the tune of a christmas song? - Roy A


Do you think maybe Rockhopper or Gary or someone like that could be on the show?


I dare you to put this comment on your next video.


You guys should sometimes have like a featured fan made video mentioned on here.


again could you do yoda talking for xtreme reading?


I was wondering what the new comics section of the newspaper was for?

Starfire 777:

I LOVE this show! It's really good! :D I was wondering if you could make special appearances of some of the mascots? That would be fun!


I really like these things can next time u all dress up as celberitys and randomly sing


Maybe you next time you should set up a game show in someones iggy and will see who wins that will be awesome LOL!!! Also the people who get picked for questions should also get a rare item for there penguin and iggy just two suggestions.
Peace out!!

Bucky Boo 1:

I have an idea for a game! You should have the players wear certain items to try and earn Polo Points! Key-tars should be worth many, many Polo points! Key-tar penguins unite! I was wondering how long you all have been playing club penguin? SPOIL ON! (like Waddle On , but for The Spoiler Alert ! ) If you mention my comment on the video , could you maybe send a shout-out to my friend Beecher1? I think she would like that. If that is not too much to ask.
~Bucky Boo 1, You rock CP team!


The spoiler alert is better and funnier than waddleon!

Make an episode sponsored by cats. Because cats are awesome.
Also, see if you can get an episode with billy-bob in it! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME


I'd just like to thank you for giving my friend Ocean6100 his Automatic Keytar Bonus Points. You really made his day with that :)


You should do a big puffle special whwn the next puffle party is and its all about puffle
*Your thought on each puffle species
*Sneak peak of puffles and puffle hats
*Sneak peaks of puffle party
* And everything puffles. Read the news paper in puffle language.
And everything puffle cause we all love PUFFLES!!!!!!


Hey guys! I have question. Will there be more treasure books/ items? Thanks for reading!


Do you know if Buisness Moose will be on the show sometime? If not, could there be a best Santa showdown between you guys in the show? If there could be, thank you! :D
Waddle on CP!



Will Spike Hike come to Spoiler Alert on the next episode?


Hey Guys!
This episode was Epic! I have no words!
One great thing I like in episodes is that legends and secrets are revealed Club Penguin! Is it true there another species of animal roaming the island?


I was wondering if every once in a while you could feature a normal penguin other than a staff member. It would be awesome to see new people on the show.

Zuri A:

I love the Spoiler Alert. I really liked the poorly translated robot text. It was so funny.


Awsome Everything Trains, Coins for change, Santa Claus Pirate Hat
but one of the best parts is the Comic in newspaper i love your comics I LOVE


hey everyone hey i had been thinking to make a igloo competicion is like this you compite to make the best igloo of christmas and the winner might get 1000 coins
hope u read this soon.
waddle on everyone

Mr soto500:

I would also like to know if Reindeer puffles are coming back?


I think it would be awesome if Billybob could be on the show sometime! :D


You guys should have a sled racing contest one time. and skaboots has a really good pirate impression. thumbs up!

Callie 1224:

I am still wondering what puffle compression is Polo please help me figure it out!

Callie 1224:

Wow you should do a snow ball fight at the forts! Most snowballs thrown wins!


Skaboots... YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!! Also it would be cool if there were more types of puffles. I mean, that would be awesome! Like you had the puffle unicorns,dragons, and even reindeer! More puffles like that would definetly be cool!
Waddle on!


Your right,And all should be for non-member's but members can get it too.

P.S.I added this part to get you better,Ninja. are you already better???:-)

P.S.S.# 1 bring sckadoots(did i spell that right?). # 2 read this to her/him. # 3 this is it> > > > > >. YARRRRR AVAST DID YE SAIL YE SEVEN SEAS? AVAST PLEAS WRITE BACK TO YE .GOODBYE MATEY!!!!!!!

Boobear hearts:

Yay! So excited for coins for change! I am going to donate so much i have been saving coins since August!


Will Billy Bob, Buisnessmoose or Happy77 be returning to visit?


hey polo field you think ya can add the old magic cookies to the party again plz


Nice episode! Another good special guest would be Spike Hike, I wanna hear his voice! And I caught the comic in the video, can't wait I've been missing those!


What about adding you guys meeting mascots? Ps. Skaboots has an awesome pirate voice. Thanks bye


Will you ever play on the CP game "Game Day" for the nitendo WII?

Baby Mario13:

Do my eyes deceive me? No they don't! You guys are making comics in Penguin Times!! I always wanted to have comics back in the news paper! do you guys do them every week? Also, does the art team only make it or do we send in our own? Probably not but, I look forward to reading this week's paper! Until then, Waddle On! - Baby Mario13


Awesome video! Good one Skaboots!


I hope you guys can have more guests and videos soon! This is a great series and I look forward to more videos. Also one question, what can we expect from Club Penguin in later years?


sorry for you ninja, get well soon! and also i voted for you, sorry you lost on the igloo contest . :(
and skaboots you are a awsome pirate , you sound just like one .
hey, megg congrats on wining the igloo contest .
yo, polo field you are a great smoothie smasher.
and i wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year
and please send me friend request
waddle on!


Comics? There's gonna be comics? Yeeeesss! :-)


deer polo i have a ida for club penguin party switcher whith all the party what do u think plz rply

yeahey: there any free items for the non member like the holiday party back 2012? except the rare item come from migrator

Rockyy 1c:



dear polo would you pliz do a field friday


Maybe on the next episode you can do a train race!!!! Th one who got the most coins wins!!!!! and yay keytars!!!!!


guys can you mak more puffles because its so cool and make a video where a clue of an another puffle


Great job making the video! Skaboots sure is a great pirate! :P

Anyways, Chinese New Year is coming next month. Will Sensei make appearance during the season or will there somehow be Chinese related costumes like the Purple Dragon Costume?


I think you Should do a Trivia about Club Penguin!! It would Be AWESOME to see who knows the Most!!!


Loved the show! It would be great if Skaboots appeared again! I can't wait for the Holiday Party, it will be truly awesome!
Best Fishes!

Ligh forc3:

I know this is very random but i heard the WILHELM SCREAM in the background!!! I love the show!!


Loved the Video! Will famous penguins be on SPOILER ALERT!!! like... Rookie, Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic?
Thanks Cp Team!


I will give. You a choice .
Q. Who do you think would be a part of spoiler alert?
A. Chattabox
B. Turbo Sharks
C. Business Moose
D. A vollenteer from the audience
E. none of the above
Comment or reply about your vote team!


Dear CP Team, How do you record the adio these videos? Are you all in one room?




UGHH ninja i liked your iggy in the spoiler alert 2 but megg won OMG
#Waddle On


I like the video about planning a party idea!!!


O-M-G!My dreams come real!we will be able to run off the rails!!!woohooo!I will be a members as fast as i can!!!!!


Hey guys! I wanna see Super Sheep and Spike Hike in the next episode! Because they are cool! Also Megg (Or Skaboots) when read the newspaper, I was laughing so hard. Lol! I hope you can do backward reading. Also can you do hide and seek game on the next episode challenge?? I would love that! Waddle on!


Are you guys bringing the transform into A Frostbite and a Reindeer Puffle back? That would be so awesome if you add more transformations for this party this year!
Awesome video I love watching spoilers. I cannot stop myself! Maybe in Xtreme Reading you could read comments like a Pirate or translate them into another language and then back into English(Hopefully you know what I am talking about!)


I've got bonus points from Polo! XD You guys should play Hide-And-Seek in the next episode where there's a guest and there should be 2 teams. In each team 1 person hides and 1 person looks for the other. Whoever's team has a penguin hiding the longest should win!!
:D WaddleOn!


I think it would be cool if you could add some more people to the show and have a game with more then 2 people! :)


Is Spike Hike or Happy77 ever going to join the show?Is Herbert going to join too?


Hey guys! Maybe you can probably do something for New Year's, such as a giant fireworks show, or an igloo contest? That would be awesome! Also, ACE pirate speaking skills, Skaboots! Waddle on!


Can't wait for the Holiday Party


When is the next spoiler alert going to be and were will it be? I think it would be fun to join in on some of these videos cuz it looks like you guys have a lot of fun.

Dome C:

Hey Guys! Great episode! I'll try to wear a keytar! I saw that the comics will be in the next newspaper!!!! So excited. Thanks guys!

/Dome C\

tori vega118:

Guys.. you are just AWESOME!!! please keep doing videos!!!!


Ever be an episode spoiler alert but for those who speak Spanish? :/


this is a little late but, get well soon ninja! today I'm sick in bed too XD. P.S next time on #spoiler alert, can you race to see who can read the paper the fastest? -gives cookies- thanks ~Hurricane532


Hiya you guys! I just wanted to know whether you do any notices of when you guys will be on around the island. I'm a huge fan of Polo Field's and love all the different videos you guys do for the blog! Thanks for taking time out of your busy life reading this!
P.S. I really want to be one of you guys when I grow up!


I also want to be one of them when I grow up c;


It sounds like its going to be the best Christmas ever! cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- rocky:)


can i be in the next episode?


You should have a black smith force v gold smith force party!

perry jolie:

Hey club penguin! When you get to episode 100 of the spoiler alert will you do something special for us?


Lots of people hate getting spoilers, but I'm a different story. I love these episodes! <3 Will you guys be doing a New Year's special as well? Maybe have a bunch of fireworks randomly appear throughout the episode? Anyway, Merry Chirstmas and waddle on!


Wow, you guys sound as if you have so much fun filming the Spoiler Alerts!!!


Me and my Friend Loved this episode! Keep up the good work! My rating: 10/10!

Catie Rocks2:

I love Skaboots!!!!! I think you should feature a random real club penguin player in one of your episodes! That would be so cool. And also, tho I luv the episodes, watch the time! I made videos and they just kept getting longer and longer and LONGER!


congrations polo!!! you win a trip to fjord on thursday on 2:00! see you there!


You Make Amazing Videos Keep up the good work and is daffodaily5 ever going to be in your videos, again they are amazing


Hay cp I no nonmembers can't GET a train but can I RIDE a train (I LOVE TRAINS AND I LOVE PENGUINS) if I can just ride I train I well be SOO
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


for the next episode can you reveal the party for january? please let it be dragon related or just have something to do with dragons on the 23 of january . (1 . because that day is my birthday and 2. january 23 is the day for year of the dragon


Hahahahaha i love this video!!!! was so funny, i think that maybe you guys should do a train race for the next video :D that would be funny!
and Ninja i heard that you get sick, get better soon!!! C:


maybe you guys can bring your puffles and hoilday stuff on the show, waddle on! -RP77


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