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By Daffodaily5 on January 7, 2014 - 06:52
The team loves to hear about your favourite things to do on Club Penguin, including your fave games, costumes and places to hang out. 
So we're hosting a competition where UK players can print off our special template, fill in all the blanks with writing and pictures, then send to our team in Brighton. With the help of two members of the UK team, I'll choose one winner who will receive a 12 month membership for their penguin!

The special My Penguin Day template (and the competition rules) are available to download HERE!
Here's the IMPORTANT bit: Every submission needs to include a parents' contact information (they need to fill in the box underneath all the rules) before sending. The competition ends on the 27th of January, so all templates should be sent to us before then to be entered into the competition. The address can be found at the bottom of the template. We're only accepting entries from the UK and Ireland.
I can't wait to see all the amazing pictures and stories you've got to share! Have fun! :)
-Club Penguin Team



Cool girl540:

WAAAAAAA! I wish SO much that I could enter. :'(

Ella 7273:


Ham o ween:

Why Did It Have To Be UK!!!!!! Sometimes you guys are just not fare!


Well sometimes its USA so i think they trying to make it fair for UK players :)

Good luck for those who enter :)
Its a bit late but its still january so happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!
waddle on!

Masked girl:

That sounds like a great idea becaus sit about trying and not getting mad when u lose so that's why it is a great idea -waddle on


I know its so unfair !
I really want to enter, I've never had a membership before.


Oh I wish I could enter 1. My printer is broke
2. I need new ink
Why is it just united kingdom , I am from there but some people say not fair .
Good luck guys
He he .


I wish i could participate,sadly the CP Spanish team doesn't do events like this one. :(


Sounds great! I'll be sure to enter! :)
Waddle on! ;)


That's a really cool idea.

Snow Tree:

Hey, CP Team, here is a brazilian player, so I would like to know if I can participate.
*I don't speak english very well, but I am waiting for an answear.
Thanks, anyway:)

Hiya Snow Tree! For this competition, you need to live in the UK if you wish to enter. Waddle on!
Ty 4091:

I hope there will be contests like this for all of the other kids who do not live in the UK.


Can I enter from Puerto Rico?

Dj Stores:

Woo hoo! I'm definitely entering! I LOVE Club Penguin, and a competition asking me about how I play is PERFECT. <3


I LOVE it also:)

Hiya Dj Stores I hope you have fun making it!
Green N Cool:

I think that the Competition Sounds like a great idea, Daffodaily5!
Good luck to everyone who enters! :D


Hey! The U.S. is here too! Could you do something cool with the U.S.?
Waddle On!


i wish i could enter but anyway i wish good luck to everyone that is entering.

waddle on evryone.


It's okay cheer up!

Hiya Kaithlyn554, I think that your are brill for wishing everyone luck!

Thank you for doing a competition for the UK. I cant wait to enter.


Ummm...... whats happening???!!!!


I wish I could enter because I live in usa and don't get a magazine but good luck

Best Fire:

27th January Is my birthday! :0

Super Sheep:


Best Fire:

27th January Is my birthday! :0


I wish I could enter but I don't live in UK plus I already have a 6 month membership, but it's okay.. Im sure there will be one for my state too!! I'm always on CP so I can see everyone who left a comment below! Id love to see you all!
And of course, Waddle On!


YAY! I'm 100% joining :D <3!




I am a big fan and i pike up my purple puffle and i can not wat to enter WADDLE ON CP!!!!


Is this only for people who have my penguin app or for everyone in the UK?

Hiya Plattypus81, Anyone who lives in the UK can enter. Good luck!

What does "UK" stand for? And WOW a 12 month membership? That's awesome. But I don't get what were supposed to do, and I wouldn't be able to join.
~Waddle on


Only for the UK, are u sure??


D: I wish my ansesters had stayed in england so I could enter and have a fancy acsent

Hiya Brownie875, Your comment made me LOL!

AWWWW! Right now I wish I live in the UK. Good Luck to you guys across the sea in UK and Ireland!

Waddle on!


YES I CAN DO IT!!!! one problem is I already have 12 months membership...
what will happen if I enter and win (which is really unlikely just saying anyway)but still what would happen u know!!! cuz it isn't really worth me entering if I already have 12 months membership....
any way 4 now
Waddle On :)
I might just enter anyway 4 the fun :)

Hiya Snowqueenie! If the winner of this competition already has membership then we will add the free 12 months on to the end of it :)

Thx now I'm DEFINITELY gona enter (whether I win or not ;)!!!) it will be fun and I wish everyone else good luck and congrats to who ever wins!!!
but until then
Waddle On ; )

Leothelion 8:

Can u enter even if u live In the united states?


I love club penguin!! I will be sure to enter!! Penguins please friend me. I will say accept.


Best of luck to everyone who enters! This is a fab idea, Daffo! I hope to see more ideas like this in the future :)

Waddle On!


hey cp! next time there is a competition try not to leave out the USA.... I am sure they would love to enter too!
waddle on...............


Hey, I don't think I can enter. Oh well good luck!!


I sooooo badly wish I could enter! Good luck and Best Wishes to all who enter! Have fun, and get started with your good ideas!

Hiya Adelynn4! It's epic that you are encouraging others even though you can't enter. Well done for being ace!

I just entered and I am in Canada I submitted it on the Fun Stuff Page could you please still look at it I worked really hard on it

Thanks :)

Waddle On


so cool cant wait!


I wish I was in the UK right now! Its sad because in Italy we don't get much from club penguin , Please do things for Italy club penguin! I am counting on you - Sophie12678


Sounds great! Too bad i'm not from the UK I would love a 12 month membership! ;)
Waddle on!


Too bad its only for the UK. When will the US have more exclusive events/items?


That's no fair. I wish I could enter. Why do you guys only do it in Ireland & United Kingdom? #:^(


WOW! why did i now play it i shouold of play it long time ago! 2014! club penguin friends are whyled! Thank you club penguin TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh C.P. can you ask Thinknoodles to be my friend on C.p.?

Thank you!

Enter nickname:

I can't wait o enter


This looks so fun!
I wish I could enter!
Good luck to everyone who enters:)
Waddle on!


This looks so fun!
I wish I could enter!
Good luck to everyone who enters:)
Waddle on!


i think that is pretty cool i wish everyone good luck i cant do it :(


I wish so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so(this will go on forever)much that I could enter :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


Hey, I was wondering how do i enter? I am from UK and i would love to get that membership. I have no money, and i really need a CP membership. I feel left out. Thanks, me


How do you enter?
And I'll tell you what's my day on Club Penguin.
My day on Club Penguin is play games, make new friends when someone added me, change my style, and go to someone's igoo for a party!
So what's your day on CP Daffodaily5


Hiya Rerewegi4, Thanks for asking! My day on Club Penguin is similar to yours! I love hanging out at the Ski Hill as Sled Racing is so fun!
zezo 1 2001:

I'm going to enter and I hope I'm the winner!
Waddle on!


I wish I could enter but I can't but good luck to the people who are entering hope you do a great job!!!


I wish I didn post this, but I had to. I can't enter, but good luck and good wishes and TRY YOUR BEST!!!!!!!!!


Daffo, just had a question to ask, will I be drawing my self and my puffle in the picture section or will be pasting a picture of it? Also, if I'm living in another country, can I participate?


dear CP, it would be great if you could let people in the U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, and Australia enter this competition too. It is unfair just to let the U.K and ireland like you always do.

Good 543:

Why do you have do it for just the UK why cant other parts of the world join in because i don't live in the UK so i was very sad at that news
Thats it from me


Ugh, I wish I could enter...

zoom zoom103:

can US be entered? I mean we do start with U and speak English :) but good luck UK ppl


im going to enter


I am from USA but my membership almost expires and I need a new one so can I enter?


I am considering entering even though I don't live in England :( :( :(


I wish I could enter CP should do this for Mexico and Argentina Spanish penguins dont get fun things like in UK and this should also be available for canada and the US anyways good luck to everyone!


I wish I would enter :( but my friend in the UK lost her membership (so sad D:) and she should enter! I'm always looking out for my buddies! Best of luck to everyone that can enter! And have fun while doing it! :D Waddle On!


Competition sounds great! I am not from UK or Ireland, so I think I can't enter. I don't speak English very well, but here is a question:
"Can penguins from other countries enter on competition? I thought somebody from USA, Canada, Australia or just someone from Europe because UK is in Europe." I don't wanna bother you, but I think that next competition like this would be great for penguins all around the world." However, great idea! Waddle on!

Zuri A:

I wish that I could enter but I can't but I wish everyone luck. ps daffodaily5 please friend request me! :-) hey maybe my uncle could enter! LOL


¿My Penguin? ¿Not called Club Penguin?


I am one of Club Penguin's BIGGEST FANS EVER and I have been playingh Club Penguin for 5 years! I live in Australia and I think it is a little unfair that UK has all the cool "outside stuff". Anyway I will still always love CP and I printed out the template anyway! LOL
Keep up the great work CP and waddle on!

Leothelion 8:

Today on club penguin I've been realizing that there's a problem with the messages because when u type them it doesn't show the message for like 5 minutes later its crazy!


LEO!! dude! I didn't know you were on the forum :P

Devere 200:

Aw. This sounds soooooo fun! A chance for people in the UK to show off there artistic abilities. I would totally enter if I could. Too bad I live in the US. Waddle On.


The best idea ever, and good luxk to eveey person who entered! :) Daffo, you realy really rock! Byeeeee!

Until then...
Waddle On!


Sad I could not enter the competition,but for those others who are entering it,good luck!


I want to enter the contest


I live in UK but I can't enter so ill wish very good luck too anyone who is entering ps why can't any other country enter?


Aww I wish I could enter too bad... Anyways good luck people I hope you win ( excpecially for non members!)

P.S I would not know what to write in! XD


not fair why does it have to be UK why can't it be around the whole world!!!! waaa I WISH I COULD ENTER!!!!!!!


I would love to be the penguin that gets chosen. can I enter


im entering :) ive been playing cp about 4-3 years but im not sure I really wanna win i wish everyone good luck my fav game is pizza making my have clothes are megg's outfit lol fav place to hang out is the cpu !! thanks good luck everyone


Let Australia enter :'(


Hey everyone who entered!!!! I am giving you goodluck for everyone who enters, cp team have done a great job, sooner or later they will get to new places,so just be patient!! It will come!! Until then Waddle on!!

Just a friendly penguin, Oliviakatie6 :)


heyyy leo

Cat are cool:

I didn't get to win at all

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