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By Polo Field on January 21, 2014 - 17:35

Since we announced that dino puffles will be coming to Club Penguin, we've been getting a lot of questions.
To help answer some of them, check out the links below:
To adopt a dinosaur pufle, you first need to dig up an egg at the Prehistoric Party. Here's how to adopt a dinosaur puffle! 
You can care for your dino puffles by taking them for a walk.  Learn more about caring for dino puffles here. 
Don't worry, your dino puffle won't run away if your membership expires. Find out more here. 
There are 6 different dinosaur puffles.  Here's a full list of dino puffles.  


If you have other questions about dino puffles, leave them in the comments!
Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team



How awesome will Dino Puffles be? :-)


They look so cool and add me as a friend I am summa2




Your write it is super awesome do you think that

Emperor girly:

Hiya Club Penguin Team! I'm soooooo excited about the Preistoric Party! I've been waiting for it all week and it's ALMOST HERE!! I can't wait to go back in time and visit the Preistoric part of my family tree!


Hi! The prehistoric party is TOMORROW! Stomp and roar!! This is a must be member event. Here are things member can do. 1. Transform into dinos 2. Collect the new breed of puffles. 3. Buy 'Ooga Booga' styles!!!! Waddle On. Add me!!


How can I get one


sill dino puffles have the same personalities

waddle on




that black one is awesome :p


How do you go through the preastoric time travel

They Will Be Awesome, Dude:

They Will Be Awesome, Dude


can you do this them again


is there any possible way i can get a prehistoric puffle after the party is over i really want one but the party is over :(


Will Dino Puffles dig rare prehistoric items?


Omega4000, how cool would that be if they could dig up prehistoric items!? I guess we'll have to make our way to the party on January 23rd to find out! I wonder kind of prehistoric stuff they would find?

- Club Penguin Team


I think they would find/dig items made of rock. Lol!


WOO dino puffles and can not wait for the HUGE HUGE prehistoric party WOOT starts tomorrow WOO HOO

waddle on cp ROAR


Maybe rare prehistoric items! OR SOMETHING THATS NOT IN THE CATAOLOG!

Torres 126:

I remember you! You added me on CP! Anyways could you make it they dig a special kind of items like the Golden Puffle? Including coins.

Sandy 1267:



Not that there are rainbow, gold, and even dino puffles how will The Club Penguin Team Top those puffles, if so should we expect more in the future?




even though I'm not a member I think they will be awesome

Roxylivestar :

As long as you have fun I doesn't matter if you're a member or not


Yes!! It will be furniture and clothing. Only dino puffles can do this.


Can't wait to adopt one :D


Is this all the Dino Puffles there will be or will there be more (i.e. gold or rainbow puffle)


Hi Busilnesbear! This might be just a "sneak peek" or this might be all of the Dino Puffles. We're not sure, so we'll have to wait and see when the party comes!

- Club Penguin Team

thunblt :

Whats your fovorite dino puffle


hi! how do u delete a dino puffle! i really want to delete it but it won't let me!


I have the exact same problem!!!!!!!!!!!


ME TOO!!!!


wow be great and I long to have dino puffles.


ohhhh! That's a good idea if the membership expires then it goes to backyard awesome idea!

Dj Stores:

Will they eat my other puffles? Are they carnivore? Will I need to get them a Meat Feast pizza? Where will they go if I don't look after them, they're from a different time period. Are they tamed? Won't they look out of season once the party is over? Will they come back at the next Prehistoric Party? So many questions.

venassa pink:

Hi. I can't wait till the party starts! My question is do dino puffles get special toys and if they dig up treasure?

Pinky Feet 7:

Will you have to pay coins to adopt a dino puffle?


Hey Pinky Feet 7,

Members can adopt a dino puffle by going to the Time Trekker in the Snow Forts to travel back to prehistoric Club Penguin. These rare puffles will only be available to adopt during the party. According to this blog, the dino puffles are found by digging up an egg, not by using our coins at the Pet Shop. So exciting!!

-Club Penguin Team




With the dino puffles will we be able to put accessories on them?


no i dont think so i already tried


Are there going to be dino hats? Will there be special dino food? Can't wait!


That's exactly what i was thinking!


What if our dino puffles run away to the wild?


Hi Joeypengle,

No worries! As long as we care for our puffles whenever we are on Club Penguin, we don't even need to worry about our Dino Puffles running back to the wild!

- Club Penguin Team

Torres 126:

Or just keep them in your backyard. :P


Will you create more puffles?




How do you delete a dino puffle? Like, let's say I have to many... what if I wanted to delete it? Please tell me how!!!

Melvin 505:

It says when your membership expires they will go to your backyard...and only MEMBERS can walk them! Can I get a little clearance on that?


I have 2 questions:
1.Can non members get all dino puffles?
2. Will there be special, and unique toys available in the Puffle Catalog at the Pet Shop?
Hope to see a reply with answers!
Waddle On!


I hope the first question is a yes.


Hey puppy32202 it would be ROARSOME to get unique toys for dino puffles and only members can adopt dino puffles but it would be ROARSOME to have two nonmember dino puffles like blue and red? Club Penguin has a lot of stuff to do before the party starts! I hope to catch you guys at the Prehistoric Party! I got my digloo already! :D Waddle On!


i can only say that dino puffles are ONLY for members


Can they wear hats?


Will the Dino Puffles be only available for Members to purchase?

Dino Kraken:

will we be able to care for them in our igloos, or only at the pizza parlor and the puffle hotel?

Agent Hush:

Will dino puffles be availible after the party is over?


No I don't think so.


Agent Hush, The Dino Puffles Will Only Be Available During The Party So Get the dino puffles while you can!


Nope limited sorry buddy but at least we can get rare puffles!


Will they still be able to dig coins and dig prehistoric items? Also if they would be another Prehistoric Party 2015 would rainbow and gold dino puffles come out? :) I'd like it!


That sounds really fun!!! Can we use the dino dig site we bought in the furniture catalog to find dino puffles? Also, can we put hats on the puffles? Or will there be new hats for the puffles? Maybe out of rock..

Emperor pegi:

No Giganotosaurus but that is still okay, it is so awesome!!


Hi. The way you make it sound in the frequently asked questions where it says You feed and take care of them by Feeding the at Feeding stations at the Pizza Palor and playing with them at the puffle hotel. Does that mean we wont be able to interact with them through the puffle interface.

Icey Jot Pop:

Will there be special dino hats/food?


maybe im excited tho


im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited

Sofi wofi:

Me to


What will dino puffle's like to eat?


Why is there no Orange Puffle dino? D:


can you guys please change the limit for puffles because i really do not want to get rid of any so if you guys can i would be happy because there is a limit and i maxed it out

waddle on

Glitterbug K:

Guess what? The limit will be increasing for members to 40 puffles once the new puffle backyards are available! You can read more here:
- Club Penguin Team

Abigail Asks: :

Members will get 40 puffles. Wonderful. What about NON-members? Will we still only have the ability to buy two or will we be able to buy more? You have yet to answer! If the answer is "no", fine (and bummer :C), but SAY SO. If the answer is "yes", fantastic (and hooray!! :D), but SAY SO. Inquiring minds want to know!


How many puffles and what colors are there.


I'm soo exited can they dig stuff will they be special stuff for them life rock hats or special food for them

Cyclones 20:

I have 2 Questions
1. What's Gary's Puffle Name?
2. Will he be getting one of the dino puffles above or a normal puffle like the green/brown puffle?


They look soooooooo awesome!
Is there any chance that non-members, could actually get one dino puffle?? I think it's kinda unfair that they are just for members, cause there are penguins that can't buy a membership.


Will Dino puffles also be added to the ipad with the other puffles? If so, are we allowed to walk them on the ipad and dig up items like on the PC?


The dinopuffles will be for limited time or whenever want?


Will they dig items?


A quick simple question, With the dino-Dig station igloo item, can you still use it after the party to get the dino puffles?And will there be a New color only available with the dino puffle (possably grey?) Plz respond!

Elite Zero:

Kinda weird...
How come Green, Orange, Brown, Rainbow and Gold Dino Puffles aren't available?
Will these new Dino Puffles have special dances? Special Hats? Food? Bathing and Hairstyles? Toys?
Will non-members be able to adopt Blue and Red Dino Puffles? Will they dig up stuff?
XD I asked so many questions, I'm SO excited, WADDLE ON!!!! ;-D

Elite Zero:

oops I forgot about the missing White Dino Puffle lol

Chuck Yeager 3:

Do you think non-members will ever be able to adopt a Dino-puffle? Perhaps a blue one?


I have a great question! What will the domo puddles eat and play with?

Until then...
Waddle On!


Here's a great question, what will the dino puffles eat and play with?

Waddle On!

Marmalade :

Ahh! A T-Rex!! That looks scary!


Are the dino puffles going to be able to be bought in the future like after the party?


I was wondering can we put are puffles care stuff in our back yards? Can we put any furniture in our back yards in general? And if we can, is there going to be a back yard magazine to buy stuff for our back yards? Thanks bye!!!


Hmm I'm still unsure about finding an egg in order to adopt a dino puffle. Will your puffle dig it up for you and do you chose what dino puffles you want or does it pick randomly. Or in other words do you get whatever you find by digging?


Will Dino Puffles be able to dig up treasure? Oh also, will CP be making Dino, Gold, and Rainbow Puffle plushies? :DD

green peg 33:

Where will I get one?

Shao khan:

Will we be able to turn into a t-Rex this year? I'm really excited about the party!!!


Will non members be able to get a dinosour puffle?


I thought not to many posts ago, it showed more like a green type (not sure what Dino) Maybe those will be brought later into the party. Waddle on!

PopTart Art:

will dino puffles that members owen run away?


Hey Polo Field I can not go to the prehistoric party on the i pad app! PS i also don't have a membership so that might be why!


Eayow pernounced eay-oh-w i wonder if there bill be a brown gold and rainbow dino puffle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS will there be a party where you look like a puffle and you can dig up idems you want???

Burn Dude:

TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU! Now i get it! I SO want the blue one! he's so cute!


When is the prehistoric party


Will there be any nonmember souvenirs during the party?


I can't wait, it sounds so awesome
By the way, the person who wrote this article thing has a typo. Its January 23 to February 5. Got that?
I cant wait why cant it be the 23 already?!?!?!

Red pengu100:

Oops forgot something are these the only dino puffles are thier more different dino puffles???

speedy diego:

Can I get a what what for the dino puffles
Im so exided and I just cant hid it

Sofi wofi:

Were is the prehistoric party?


Yay my guess was correct.I knew that we could transform into stegosaurus and raptors.Also i knew about the dino puffles (which u may have even known about).


Will dinosaur puffles only be there for a limited time?

Lego bank:

What would your favorite Dino puffle be? Make sure that it's not golden! -Lego bank


Hey there will the Dino puffles have their own personal things like food and hats and will we be able to buy or will it come automatically with the puffle like the gold and rainbow puffles' toys or will they not have it altogether?


Will we be able to get our dino puffle furniture? And will each dino have a diffrent personalty?? Waddle on! (Btw my nickname is my user on cp)


Dino Puffle


Dino puffles! I'm so excited. I'd like to adapt them. I like triceratops very much.........What?Membership needed? Therefore i wont be able to adapt them. My biggest punishment for not being a member. After all, I can just wish if one comes to me after just seeing my affection.......................


Will they be back in another party?


I have questions about the back yard, will 4here be a new interactiv interface for puffles, are we gonna get to put 10 puffles in your iggy and 40 in the back yard for a total of 50 puffles





PUFFLES! PUFFLES! PUFFLES! That's all what CP has been about lately! Of course, I'm all for it!

Waddle On! UGG UGG UGG!


What will happen to our Dino Puffles when our membership expires?


OMG I'm sooo excited like everyone else!!!!!!! But since regular puffles dig items and gold puffles dig gold items, will the Dino puffles dig up older items from when Clubpenguin was younger/ prehistoric???????????EKKK I'm so excited I really wanna get the purple be ause it's my fav color Nd it's Sssoooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.s. I think it would be very cool if the Dino puffles dug up stuff that was older not just prehistoric stuff. Well bye bye xoxo!!!!!!

Dino Puffle:



i can't adopt dino puffle because my membership was expired :'(


can the dino puffles dig up prehistoric treasures?


I can't find my backyard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So now only members will be able to have puffles in there iggy and walk them or is than only with member puffles?

I'm confused

Plz explain

Waddle On CP



Hello! Will some of em be for non members? Thanks!


Can we bring our Dino Puffles to the Puffle Hotel and do all 4 task? :-)
Has Gary already adopted his new Brown Puffle?
I hope that CP will reply back to my questions sooon!

Until then,


XD im so exicted!!!!!!



kevin 2802:

do dino puffles have favorite foods and will they get toys and super toys can they dig up items

Polo Field Brother:

Hey !

The idea of DINO PUFFLE IS DOWN !:



can dino puffle play games like the other puffle if they are like the colour for the game?


Hear me roar! ROAR!


Will they have different personalities? I hope they will!

Waddle On!


What is their toy we give them when they want to play?


will they go away after the party ends or will they stay


waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am soooo excited; my friends don't call me pufflemad for nothing- u should see my iggy; absolutly packed with puffle posters and puffle furniture. I will get 2 of each dino puffle and maybe more!

kat cp1:

funny now just need to wait puffles insurance prehistoric bring a big surprise =D


will there be ansy dinosour puffle for free players


Its the 22nd of January and the backyard aint open yet. Im from the UK, so is it a error or is it not open for UK players? Thanks and WADDLE ON!!


It sounds awesome, but will they be able to dig up treasure? And I also wanted to mention that my igloo backyard isn't available AND it's nearly the 23rd. Will it be available when the prehistoric party starts? Well I hope so!

Cool Berry86:

Are we going to have them for a limated time, or are we gonnna keep them but can get them for a limmated time?


There are 6 Dino Puffles. How many of each type can we get? Could we get 2 Black T-Rex's for example?


I Want to say your penguin igloo backyard is not was today


today is January 22 and i went to my iggy to see my puffle backyard but it was not there.

Shrub Shrub:

Hey Bobson28287,

Updates happen on Wednesday nights in Penguin Standard Time! Most players will be able to see their puffle backyard tomorrow! I know it's exciting. Thanks for your patience.

- The Club Penguin Team


Will the Dino puffles eat special foods like rocks,bananas, or even steak


Will they have toys to play with like a bone or a three boulders to juggle?

Snowman Blue:

Hey CP.
Can you please please please reply? Thanks!
So I have a question. What do all the icons mean on the puffle?
I watched the vid, and it has a walk, a sign that looks like the jump to friend thing on the mobile app, and a food symbol?
Thanks. Also, I checked today but there was no puffle backyard. Can you please clarify this please?
I was really looking forward to it. Thanks!
Waddle On!!!


Will the dinosaur puffles have special toys like the gold and rainbow puffles?




does the dino puffle get a toy to play with


Would they be able to be bought after the party is over? Also are members only allowed to walk the dino puffle or could everyone walk their dino puffle?

Shrub Shrub:

Dino Puffles are really rare! They're only available for Members to adopt and they can only be adopted for a limited time.

- The Club Penguin Team


you forgot green


yeah you did forget green,white,gold,brown,orange,and rainbow :(


Are non members allowed to get Dino puffles? Cause they look super cool


I think that they don't look good THEY LOOK AWSOME give me your thoughts penguins and plus when we go to the past I can not spell cave man times lol when we go to the volcano umm will we get burned?


So, lets say I put 5 dino puffles in my backyard and 1 red dino puffle in my igloo. Do I only have to feed the 1 Red Dino puffle, or do I have to feed the dinos in my backyard?

Shrub Shrub:

That's a great question All73! While your puffles are in the backyard, their stats will not decrease.

- The Club Penguin Team


Why isn't the puffle backyard here yet?


Will the dino puffles be able to play games with the penguins like regular puffles? (like the red dino puffle playing catching waves)

Mr Fritz 6 :

When Are The Backyards Gonna Be Out It's Jan-22

Kayla B9:

Hi! this is SOO awsome! i'm gonna get the black one, but i'm having to decide between the yellow one, pink one, or purple. what do you guys think???

Shrub Shrub:

I'm having a hard time deciding too Kayla B9! I think they're all adorable but the Yellow Dino Puffle would have to be my first choice!

- The Club Penguin Team


i argree shrub shrub and kayla B9 i think that they are all cute but i would want a green one. but my first choice (since there isn't a green one) would have to be pink,purple,or blue.


One question , will dino puffles be able to collect coins? WADDLE ON CP - Sophie12678


why don't I have my backyard please fix username is swarmspike


wait so swarm u don't have your backyard? that stinks. took me 2 tries to get into my backyard all my puffles are there though XD

Agent R 5813:

you guys said in the first post abot it that there would be a puffle backyard today and it wasn't there, why?


Thanks You Yes


are we allowed to keep the same dino puffle twice?


Why can't non members adopt Dino puffles? REALLY ANNOYING !!

Lovelylala88 :

I toatally agree with OwlGirl21 it is really annoying that non-members can't have Dino puffles


That is so cool!!!!!! Please add me on club penguin. My name is Piggy19!


Well, I have my answer. No extra puffles for nonmembers. :( And the backyard is kind of bland since we can't even put igloo items in it. My two lonely puffles look even lonelier out there... :(

Lucky Diver:

Can I please keep my Dino Puffle as an egg after the party?


Puffle Backyard You Guys


I have two questions:
-Are we ever gonna be able to put puffle igloo items in our backyards
-Can we put hats on dino puffles
My username is my Penguin name, add me CP staff!


I am not a member and I can transform to a dinosaur!


do you still keep your dino puffles even if your not a member?


I was really disappointed when I saw the list, because my all-time favorite puffle is definitely the green one. I thought the CP team was going to make a dinosaur puffle out of each color puffle.

Zuri A:

I think you should let non members have ONE Dino puffle.


I totally agree with Zuri A let non members have one Dino puffle!


Do you keep the dino-puffle egg even though you don't have membership?

Enter nickname:

dino puffles seem great. They look so cute ! Haha


XD :)


Has anyone saw the meg takeover I'm so sad! Supersheep jump back in and help your fans it is on the blog 25th January 2014! Waddle on and help me! From lara


Seriously, Lovelylala88???

Hifive pingu:

Can we put hats onto our new Dino puffle friends??
and I'm a bit confused, how do we put hats on our puffles in the new update??

- Hifive Pingu

Hifive Pingu:

Also theres a glitch in the dinosaur egg page the last day which is blocked out you can see a little yellow spike, so I guess the yellow stegosaurus puffle is last!!

- Hifive Pingu


What if your not a meber.can you still adopt it


how do you heat the egg?


when will the yellow puffle dragon come


the dino piffles are so cool! i just want every dino puffle in cp btw my username is Ryanceo so come find me i guess XD


Are members the only ones allowed to be dinosaurs? I've seen a lot of penguins who aren't members but can turn into dinosaurs yet I can't.


My member ship expires Feb.4 but it expired today :(


Do only members get to dig for Dino puffles?

Kiara S1:

how do I put on head gear on the dino puffles?


Could someone please tell me how to delete a dino puffle? I am very confused...

Enter nickname:

i want to know too!


How do you find wild puffles in club penguin


is it too late to get the dino puffles


can you get dino puffles before then


how many people play on club penguin


is there a way to get it in april

Cold Nosey:

Can you get dino puffles after the prehistoric party? its after the party and I really want a purple one!!! if not, can you work on it please?


How can you delete/return back into the wild a dino/creature like a cat?

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