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By Daffodaily5 on January 17, 2014 - 05:24


I love Red v Blue snowball battles at the Snow Forts! Guess what? Herry347 has made his very own Red v Blue battleground at his igloo, which looks EPIC! As well as his igloo being totally ace he has dressed his penguin as a narwhal – amazing!!

Is your buddy a super good person? Do you know a brill penguin who likes to help others? Why not nominate them to be the next Penguin of the Week? They could win 10,000 coins and the Green Viking Helmet, just like Herry347!


-Club Penguin Team



I think who should be the penguin of the day: Daffodaily5 because she is awesome makes funny jokes and she loves to hang out on club penguin!


Dear cp team,
I think thermafost should be the penguin of the week. Because she is always on club penguin she is very friendly and if someone puts up the unhappy face she always asks whats wrong. So that's why I think thermafrost should be the penguin of the week,


Kidney5 I think so 2. I saw her around. She is cool. Now im wondering if thats u

kit kat:

I think that purplemcins should be penguin of the week! She always makes new friends, and is kind to all other penguins. She has a very awesome yet creative igloo. She helps penguins around cp and she always play lots of games with penguins. She's a great friend to have:) Waddle On :)

Sagiran CP:

Hey CP Team, I will like my Friend, Epicbirds,
To be in Penguin of the week. He is a good helper. I hope he is a Penguin of the Week


i think thunblt should be the penguin of the week


I think the same because she has the most funnest jokes and what do you know she is always on club penguin. P.S this is lollypop318 bye bye

Galaxy man:

Poppybailey should win!
She has started an anti bullying campaign and has an awesome IGGY!
She's so nice and stood up for me and others all around club penguin
Vote for poppybailey !!!
Thanks and herry's IGGY is super don't you think?! Wow
Waddle on!


HENRY LOOKS AMAZING! Omg narwhals XD haha
I think Brooke 7 should get the nomination she is all in gold and looks great!



Shrub Shrub:

Great igloo Herry347! Narwhals are awesome.

- The Club Penguin Team


Aw thanks galaxy!
Its not as good as your iggy though! EVERYONE VOTE FOR galaxyman !
waddle on pengys!


I want to be the 'Penguin of the Week' in one day :-)



my friend John Price74 ,is a nice guy he usually changes his igloo monthly depending on the party, and hosts party after his new decorated igloo he too is a nice guy in person


awesome for herry347! and i nominate Worldlazer for being helpful to others and being a true friend


I nominate my amazing friend Alex Anton! He is super cool, entertains us and moreover he loves making new friends!

Bilo Bilu :

Hey , I Want To Nominate My Friend , His Name is Chalechale , He Have Great Styles , Amazing Igloos , Of Course , He Need To Be the Penguin of the Week !! Waddle On !


Hey , I Want To Nominate My Good Friend rockeritorui ‏, He Help the Others Penguins and Have Great Igloos and Great Styles Too , Hope He Win , Because He need to be the Penguin of the Week !!


Hey Guys , I Want To Nominate My Good Friend , His Name is Redchampion1, He Help Others Penguins and He Make Great Igloos Too , He is So Cool , He Need to Be The Penguin of The Week !! Waddle On !!


Can't help but notice how your comment (Mcdonaldsbob) is almost exactly the same as Barcoterror1's comment!


Hey daffo, is it possible to nominate a non member penguin?

Shrub Shrub:

Any penguin can be nominated for Penguin of the Week!

- The Club Penguin Team


I like to nominate Coolberry06 because her outfits rock and she's always sweet! She always tries to help any penguin that's new and she's just sweet!!
Waddle on!


Hello there! l'll like to nominate my friend RedChampion1 as the Penguin Óf The Week so i hope he will be it =) but of cause NeXT week because there's already one from this week so it will problaly be next week
Thanks if you read this Club Penguin Team



LOL! A Unicorn Shark!! Good Job on getting Penguin of the Week Herry347!! *disappears in the ocean*


i m nominate friend rockeritorui he is good friend plz


hey daffo i m nominate two friends penguin redchampion1 and bacoterror1


My cousin 101seahawks deserves to be Penguin of the week. He is always caring to others even if they are not to him, he helps his friends through amazing parties(my fav is the hotel), and he cheers you up when you are down in the dumps. Outside of CP he volunteers to help younger children who are struggling with school succeed. There is so much more 101seahawks does. That is why 101seahawks should be the next penguin of the week. WADDLE ON


LOL! A Unicorn Shark! Good Job on getting Penguin of the Week Herry347!! *disappears in the ocean*

Enter nickname:

I want too Nominate my best Friend Barcoterror1 He always te too help penguins and he make great igloos HE IS AWESOME He is the best Friend EVER! -Chalechale


ooh im first comment! plz nominate Thrill819 he loves to make epic iggys and help others plus hes a new member so he needs a little boost to be famous and stuff and he loves green so the helmet is great!


I wanna nominate 1aaron1 for what an awesome pal he is he's so much fun friend he's very stylish and he likes helping others he's is a generous guy


Congrats, Herry347! Speaking of awesome iggys, mine are changing with each party, currently a Prehistoric Restaurant, serving delicious GRUB GRUB all day long! I also love to open up my igloo to everyone and invite them over to dine on a T-bone steak or two! After we're all full we head over to the Cove and catch some waves! So why not have me as Penguin of the Week?
Waddle On!


I Nominate Daffodaily5, Mr Slumpy and Hovebeach! They are AWESOME! Thanks for the Fun in my igloo! Great Penguins!


Hey I know a really nice guy his username is ilotondo736 (The capitalization is correct. Trust Me)
He is almost beside me every time I play Club Penguin. He always helps me out and rocks like a rockstar.


He also does nice things to me like cheer me up and ROCKS!!!
He is awsome


when the epf comm room is fix.


I nominate Rockeritorui! Is a great Friend! Thes Best friend! He is a good friend to all times, helps a lot!



Angry Bird:

I think Renzotom. He has epic Prehistoric igloo. He is best friend. He love Prehistoric party.He can make epic igloo! He has very dig items.
He helps penguins.



I'd like to nominate my friend 'Manuel Jimmy' to be the next POTW. HE'S JUST AWESOME! He made a touring team with his friends to tour the new penguins. This team is divided into different servers to help more penguins begin their frosty experience into Club Penguin. He's very friendly and he welcomes everyone who joins our snowy island. He also makes a lot of jokes and he successfully makes everyone laugh! I LOVE MY FRIEND AND I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HIM ON THIS BLOG!!

Waddle On!


Wow! Congrats Herry347!! :D


Hi cp! I don't have any friends to talk about but I thought about maybe u could bring SORAXAS to cp again! Also I do have a Freind! Her name is Amanda96264! When we first met, I was like an evil robot! And she was a evil witch I think? But I remember this happening during the first marvel takeover party! Amanda was actually my first evil minion! We robbed banks, stole membership cards, ( or credit cards) we kidnaped Gary! And now I haven't seen her in a long time! Part two in a minute!

Mr. Awesome:

Hey Daff ,
i just wanted to tell you about my penguin friend ignito flame he is very nice and as for what i know is that he is very friendly and was the first to be my friend ( best friend ) and also the first to give me a tour when i was new so he should be the penguin of the week : ) : ) so please make him : )


My best friend Larisa7 is very funny and very nice . She loves to play dress up and hang out with her friends. I think that she could be the penguin of the week! ( p.s. She loves puffles!)


Hi cp! I ran out of room so, but anyways! When we were departed, I started bringing meetings in EPF HQ! I was actually spying on EPF! But EPF always found me out! So I got an idea and started experimenting with penguins hearts! That the heart that pumps blood! The heart that charges your feelings and all that. But the experiment went wrong and it exploded! When I woke up, I felt weird. Like my heart was not beating anymore! Then I realized that I had become a nobody! Part 3 coming up!

kat cp1:

My nominee is * Redchampion1 * and WaddleOn !

Mr Napo:

Someday I'll be the penguin of the week :)


Well done!


Wow. I <3 narwhals. That is so cool. WADDLE ON!


My nominee is Mr Napo, is a crear penguin


Hello Daffo,

you should make Alex 15294 penguin of the week, because he always helps other penguins in Club Penguin.
He cares a lot of people in poor countries that dont got something to eat or are ill.
So he build an hospital in his igloo for all the ill people in the world. And he dressed as a doctor, too.
Every penguin is invited to come in his hospital, he said.
Hope you make him Penguin of the week, because he really deserves it :)

Waddle on!


Sorry I just noticed that its Alex15294 (without space). Sorry for this daffo. : )


Id like to say congratulations to harry (Congratzzz!!!) and i have a nomenation.
(If none members are allowed please let this person be it!!!!) Hes my good friend Snakebake2. Snakebake has been a member before, and he used to have a really nice igloo. Apart from that, Hes a really good friend. I would suggest him as a friend. hes Really nice. he sometimes plays tricks though like once he was like "who are you?' this went on for 5 mins, in the end he said 'Oh hi jake.' i always laugh, hes a good


...Friend. sorry it was so long.


Butterflyegg is an amazing friend. If you invite her into card jitsu water she will most of the time join. But be warned she is rreeaallly good


I want to nomenate my friend Eusoulindo8


I'd like to nominate Bankflower98 for being such a great friend! I turned up at one of his parties, because he's awesome! I also loved when both of us went to the Pet Shop as pookies, he's such a great actor at it!
(Speaking of pookies, stop treating pookies like monsters in #WaddleOn.)


I love pookies.

Rico 7817:

Omg I love his outfit, it's amazeballs :D

Enter nickname:

I think a great Penguin to nominate is Bazooka35! He is always throwing the best igloo parties and always wants to help his community! He becomes friends with penguins who don't have any at all, and he gives secret strategies on how he plays games! Please nominate him!!!


I nomination zezo 1 2001! Beacuse He is a super Awesome Buddy! he is Helpfull , he is igloo is awesome!, he is ready for prehistoric Party! , he like to hangout with me and everyone! and he love to Helps penguins!
Plz make him Penguin of the week!


Hello dear team UK, today I have a nomination for a friend named Redchampion1 you shared adventures feats and spectacular parties with their friends, I want to nominate because it is a great person helps others and I really like their prehistoric outfit, for Please should be the POTW.


Hi! My firend Pinguiiin6 is the best friend of all penguin of the island. He would be the best penguin of the week!! Bye!


Thanks for nominate me! You're my bes friend Cami88036!

Le ia:

Congrats Jerry347!I love the outfit.

Le ia:

Oops I meant congrats auto correct XD


Hello. I know who will be the next penguin of the week , Pinguiiin6! He is my best friend... ¡Goodbye!


Hey Daffo! My friend Plog12 is a super good penguin! He loves helping penguins that need help in the game, and has a really cool blog about Club Penguin. He deserves to be the penguin of the week! Thanks for reading! Bye! :-D


I had like to nominate my friend Phitman! Just check out his igloo!

Pinxie 25:

Plz choose Phitman as the POTW, he 'll be so happy!!!!!!!!

Cool girl540:

I would like to nominate Juliann609 to be POTW. Why? Because she is an amazing penguin with the worlds greatest igloos and she is the nicest friend I could ask for.
~Cool girl540

Aditya 928:

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Choose Phitman?! I am not saying a lie! He is so kind !!!


I think he deserves it!




Rebecca565 make a great penguin of the week she is really nice and accepts all her friend requests


first comment! i never get this. i think i should get the penguin of the week cuz im kind and donated 4000 coins to coins for change and i like that narwhal outfit. how did he get that?


I think Toad5000 should be penguin of the week. She is really kind to others, and noticed quite often.


Hi Gloria21211! You are on my friends list XD.


I'm voting for my friend Lutun. He is a cool penguin. He likes to help friends and he always like to make new friends. In this week, he made a "Summer Party" for all those gusy whice are in winter. Please Club Penguin, post my comment and make Lutun the Penguin of the Week.
Until next time, Waddle On. ;)


I nominate my friend the Maxi814 has always supported me for being no member .. and I want to nominate the penguin of the week i'ts a great penguin..!!


My friend Paulinha1005 must be the penguin of the week because:
She likes to play CP
She love making new friends
She enjoys helping others
And last but not least, she enjoys being Sempra trendy, mixing old and new trends Style Pinguin!

# Waddle on!


nominate my friend Matthew capo46 for the penguin of the week! :D. He is amazing and very good with everyone!

Mateo capo46:

I want to nominate my friend Tevez445. is a good friend of mine and is a great penguin! :)

Mateo capo46:

Herry347 congratulations! : D. Your costume is amazing!


I´m Sorry, I meant Mateo capo46 XD

hsitt hardfg:

i think Online Man01 should be the next winner because he is frendly and very funny.

Cande12 :

I nominate my friend Tevez445 for the penguin of the week! : D


I nominate my friend Rocky45675 for the penguin of the week! : D


I would like to nominate Butchyzoom ! She really has an unique look to me! Please nominate her! Plz!

Ivetita 123:

Herry347! Of Ivetita 123
Please Daffodaily!


coool friend


I nominate my friend Mateo capo46 for the penguin of the week!


my best freind is jonas1324 hes awesome he has contest and helps other penguin hes so fun


my best friend is jonas1324 hes awesome hes really fun he throws partys and has snowall fights


lol im replying to me anyway i forgot HELLO DAFFODAILY5


Pepflirt would like to indicate my great friend Jonnh 85! He has a way of dressing very different from other penguins, his hat is a charm, the jet pack is gorgeous, and the clothes are very well made ​​and match the look of it!
I wish he was the penguin chosen because it has always been a great friend!




She loves playing with her puffles daisylolle is a good friend


she is my best friend and loves snuggling by the fire so she made a super cosy cottage.


First! and if Herry was online, I would 100% go to his igloo!


Ente I nominate my friend Rocky45675 for the penguin of the week! : D


I nominate my friend Mateo capo46 for the penguin of the week!


Thanks You


I nominate my friend Piningui cp for the penguin of the week!

roberto nico:

I nominate my friend Mateo capo46 for the penguin of the week! : D


I nominate Bobbhoy because he is always nice to me, he helps me with igloo designs, he introduced me to this amazing online experience and he is very very very very very helpful!

Muffy Fluffy:

Claps well done Herry347! I would like to nominate Sniffyfluffy she is my real life friend. we have lots of adventures on Club Penguin together! We have silly nicknames for each other hers is Wiggy! She is really kind. She has only just become a member. I hope she get's to be penguin of the week!


Kabiko2 is an awesome friend. As you noticed, we both have the same names because we have been playing together forever! He has an awesome igloo, has cool clothes, and throws beast parties. He also goes around Club Penguin and helps other penguins. It is as if he knows all the secrets of Club Penguin. Gaming Guru, Party Paparazzi, Map Master, Kabiko2 is the best!




This guy is boss. I agree with you Kandyman123!!! LONG LIVE KABIKO2


Hello: Daffodaily5

want to tell you that I have a very special friend named Aldo0o.
the unimaginable is a friend willing to help all their friends pingui-
One day I went to his igloo and I Facino much your home is a sweet igloo iglu their puffles are great he is a great friend is willing to help all Llos penguin.
if you occupy the aid will help you
domino to:

And And30:

I nominate Ii56 he a great friend loves puffles and hiss friends!


lando boy 8 has got to be penguin of the week. he looooooveess his blue puffles.


Kelly! Kelly! Kelly!


I wish cuttness become the penguin of the week


i think went5991 should. they are a super great buddy.


I know a friend who cant help on club penguin,but tries to help the outside world. At school,he helps his classmates with their work , even if it means not finishing his. he helps he elderly, gives away clothing, stuff like that. You should vote him to be Penguin of the Week. His name is cookiepuns.


welcome done I love your outfit and your igloo its amazing !! P.S how do you become penguin of the week ?? please tell me cp team
thanks -milly1612-


How do toy nominate someone?


i nominate Ninjayru. :D


I nominate... Ninjayru.


Hi i want to nominate a my best friend redchampion he´s a great friend


I nominate JoselogCP


I nominate Redchampion1 he is Great Friend, He enjoys spending time with the CP team


I nominate Joselog.


Hey! I want to nominate my friend Joselog22. He is a nice penguin who is working for the peace in our island. We should give him that excellent award. So, what do you think? :)


I nominate JoselogCP


I nominate JoselogCP


I nominate Mateo Capo46


I nominate JoselogCP


I nominate JoselogCP


I nominate JoselogCP

Carnotauro 2:

Hey Daffo, I would like to nominate my friend Redchampion1, he is so nice with all the community and I think he would be an excellent Penguin of the Week. Thanks!


Hey Cp Team! Great job to Henry hurray! But I would like to vote for my best sister atara1233 nearly as a best friend, to be penguin of the week she's kind and caring good at doing her awesome iggy also she shares her story to new penguins and make them happy she also likes how you done coins for change it was really fun! If she does be penguin for the week she would be so thankful anyways cya later WADDLE ON CP!


I nominate my friend Daracntesoxd for the penguin of the week! is very cool!!!!


I nominate my friend Daracntesoxd for the penguin of the week! is my BEST FRIEND...


I nominate my friend Daracntesoxd for the penguin of the week! is my brother :3 and best friend


hi i would like to nominate Daffydoo3; she is my best friend on club penguin and in real life. She first introduced me to cp and that's the whole reason i even know about it and play it. She is so nice to me and all her penguin friends. She totally rocks.


I nominate redchampion1 lol


I think Pengwe22 should win he is always helping get items with quests.

Ballet 17:

18 Polly 18 should be POTW. He is a amazing friend, Ninja, and EPF agent. He helps Penguins all the time like helping new ones to the island and helping other ones find mascots. That is why 18 Polly 18 should be POTW.


I nominate Tech70!


This year has been a great year for 1212james BC.
He loves to catch up with his penguin buddies and chat with them.
1212james BC loves finding the new pins and likes to discover stuff too.
He hasn't done any thing wrong and loves all.
So I think he deserves to be penguin of the week.
miss ice2


I want Dj685 to be the penguin of the week because he is awesome and has been with club penguin since 2008! He has great styles, always accepts friend requests, and even give a tour every once and a while! He is such a great friend and deserves to be penguin of the week!


i have a friend that should be a penguin of the week that should be Wobbly1014 she donated alot of coins for change. She is also very nice she may be a little lonely but we always enjoy each other


I want to nominate Mateo capo46 for penguin of the week! :). He is an amazing penguin!


I nominate Purplebean03 she is a great person a great friend and a amazing penguin!


I nominate my friend Mateo capo46 for the penguin of the week!


Good job, Herry347! I luv ur iggy, & ur outfit! I hope I get the chance 2 meet u, add u, & become ur buddy! =)

Tamed monkey:

I vote for starflower71. He's awesome, funny, and kind! Plus, he's voting for me!


I vote for Tamedmonkey. He's awesome and a great friend! We always stick up for each other.


I want to have DaffoDaily5 as POTW because shes amazing and so sweet and kind must i go on!


i think my penguin friend gmantkd needs to be the penguin of the week.he is nice cool funny and he throws cool partys.


HI Fellow penguins!
Great job Henry! Well I nominate Gracey53402, shes not JUST nice but shes awesome! She's always nice. She rocks!!!!!!


He is nice and one of my best freinds

Innfinty Pig:

Dandan246 is my best freind in real life and CP
He showed me club penguin and I gave him 2 membership cards with 2 free black puffles and headphones


I just read the poll and the lowest answer on the question "what is your new years resolution?" is "eat more fruits and veggies". That is so sad that kids don't appreciate the need for fruits and veggies. Eather that or they already eat lots of nutritious food,if that is the case good for them!


Wait a second..
If I am penguin of the week in 2 weeks I will be penguin of the week on my B-Day


I don't mean or like to brag but I think I would make a pretty good penguin of the week because I reach out to make new friends and have said yes to every friend request plus I donated 20,500 coins for coins for change. By the way I would just like to congratulate any penguin of the week eaven if I don't make it


I nominate Saige900!she LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS cp!

Melvin 505:

OMG This guy is a snoballchampion+narwhal. INSTANT BONUS POINTS if I could give them LOL

Khris XDD:

I nominate my friend Khris120 for the penguin of the week!

hot dog good:

i think you should nominate Nemo bob,my friend. he's always been a great friend to me and to everybody else.


I nominate my friend Simroko because he is a great friend who cares for others and never tries to hurt anyone's feelings in any way.


I nominate bigrocknmike, as I know he is very nice to me and he always supports club penguin and coins for change! Please nominate him :DDDD


Ertyn3 is a good friend he have 2 years in this island and he makes A LOT of in his igloo this are the reason because he has a lot of likes he donated all his coins to Coins For Change and he mades crazy styles for parties!


I want to nominate my friend Luigileo he is a great friend who helps everyone at any moment and seriously he is special and I'd like him to be penguin of the week!


I want to nominate my friend Redchampion1 is a great friend and deserves more than anyone cares please its many puffles and saw a picture that said that in many coins to donate coins for change also really likes to party :D


PLease nominate Chalechale_CP he is a awesome friend!

Nally Pink1:

You really pick Nally7, plz, shes the ultimate nice can think of in the CP world!
-Nally Pink1
P.S she helped me an others all the time!

Carnotauro 2:

I nominate. Chalechale

yomi king111:

I think privateer124 should be the penguin of the week he is awesome and so nice the best penguin I have ever met he deserves it

Nally Pink1:

Stop it Nally7, your making me cry! Anyways Club Penguin Team can you make me make CP News vids, plz?
-Nally Pink1
P.S make me on The Club Penguin Team!


I will now wear my viking hat proudly with my narwhal costume. Thank you so much!


I think my friend Baba1one should be POTW because when I first started cp he helped me what to do in the island and he is very helpful

Alex rookie:

Pinky21115 should be penguin of the week.


I think Nemachu should be Penguin of the Week because she throws awesome parties she helps new penguins around Club Penguin as well. W



I would like to nominate Phitman for his excellence in creation,respect,help,care,smartness,kindness. He is very friendly!!!!!!

You have to choose Phitman this week! If u dont believe, just notice him and his actions!


Hi Daffo, I would like to nominate my good friend Flame 52. He is always really helpful and loves throwing parties. Flame 52 is also a great role model. Please pick him!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Daffo! I would like to nominate Pingping4069 because she is my best friend in Club Penguin, she's creative and she's a kind penguin to a penguin around the island. She also likes to play games with me! Thank you and I hope you pick Pingping4069 as the Penguin of the Week. :)


I wanted to nominate Pingping4069 too!


Herry347 is sure a brill narwhal whale... :D
Congrats Herry347!


I have a freind I want to nominate he is alfie9334 he may have little freinds at the moment but sooner or later he will be very popular like me. waddle on


I nominate Kon Tikki - he made an entire iOS app for people at his school, to help them see their timetable, etc

Pan V:

Paddles47 is the best guy I ever met on CP, if you meet him you will understand, he has an awesome outfit he is nice and polite, and he has got an awesome igloo!


hi my best friend is qweaes he is funny love his puffles and his friends , I wish he will be the next pengine of the week


I wish qweaes will be the next penguin of the week


Rebecca565 would make a amazing penguin of the week cos she is really sweet and she is friends with loads of people also her igloo is awesome


2BLUM42966! She plays Club penguin every single day, she has more then 100 items, she helps other penguins, when I was new she helped me. Her igloo is huge with a lots of items, she has got a lot of puffles, stamps and coins. I think that she deserves to be a Penguin of the week!!!! She is alao nice and friendly and she is good in playing games. Please choose her! She is also the reason why I love CP cos she teached me how to play.


Please can you make Pink Kate 17 penguin of the week she has a great igloo and is a really good friend to me! she would be so happy if she were it! Her outfits are also amazing!! -by Kate00112


My name is Perry861. I like help us on all penguins!

Fillmore 2200 :

How do you get to be puinguin of the week?


hi guys I would like to nominate Izzychill05 she is kind and loves to make me laugh she made a "stop bullying" campaign and loves other penguins. I mean look at her iggy it looks so fancy its like a little home she is just a good friend to me she ALWAYS makes me smile. Bye club penguin team waddle on!


his penguin name is Petko 1926.He showed me this great game because it now can have fun and a great enjoy the great game.It made me not care membar.Mum to buy but he said his and he asked her to buy and men.Petko1926 entered and like each igloo and helped one of my friends how to become EPF agent.

Dino Duckey:

I think Pengwe22 has to win causey
he always saying you can do it and has a cute little Iggy


I think u should vote shameme121 to be penguin of the week. She likes to play this game even if membership can't be payed for. She loves to help many penguins and hopes to rid club penguin of bullys so vote for shameme121 and together we can make a change!!!!!!!!

zezo cp 2001:

I nominate zezo 1 2001! Beacuse He is a super Awesome Buddy! he is Helpfull , he is igloo is awesome!, he is ready for prehistoric Party! , he like to hangout with me and everyone! and he love to Helps penguins!
Plz make him Penguin of the week!
Im new on club penguin!
-zezo cp 2001




i think Fatiepatotie should be Penguin of the week because he's nice kind genorous, cool. And a very awsome prehistoric igloo i wish he was the penguin of the day.



I think Sebee 6 should be the penguin of the week cause is really nice and he was my first friend on cp!
He is awsome!!!
Waddle on CP!!!


i nominate Ninjayru

57 Rex:

I think my read Bunny7766 should be the penguin of the week. She is really helpful funny and is so kind to everyone. Every year she donates all her money to coins for change.


Everyone who said 57 Rex is right. He is the kindest penguin I ever met


I want 57 Rex to win. He is really awesome. Almost everyone knows him. Super I mean he is SUPER DUPER FRIENDLY


i nominate Ramona99 she is realy cool and fun and is always on cp

Dr Ninja43:

I would love to nominate Redchampion1,he's always really nice and helps everybody in this community,i think he deservers,A LOT :)


I nominate amizl he's my friend for a super long time he is awesome and
I think he'll like seeing it he for penguin of the week :)



i nominate just10m hes a really nice guy and hes always cracking jokes!!!! hes an awesome penguin!! EVERYONE VOTE FOR just10m.

Waddle On!


Please make my my penguin of the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think it should be redsed199 cause he's the beast freind I ever got please modereters redsed199

Its noodlez:

Well done Henry!!!!! I would like to nominate my friend Daffodil 6, she did a charity event for comic relief and she posted a video about saving the world!!! I think she really deserves to be penguin of the week another reason is because she has bravery and courage about 5 months ago she was diagnosed with appendicitis which is a very serious case and she also hat phnemonia when she was three also she went to an animal farm and helped injured animals, she deserves it!,


my friend marcello1006 should do this he is awesome he has cool stuff and his a nice penguin and i think he truly deserves a honor like this.And congrats herry good job.

until next time,
waddle on


i nominate mi4ka


Hello daffo!

I am tomi1828.
I met a very collaborative Penguin, helpful and very good friend, daffo the me to told you would exit at the blog as a Penguin of the week but never what to could get called: rockeritorui, loves club penguin said that Club Penguin is amazing game and a great community, love club penguin and thanks for helping my friend rockeritorui comes out in the Penguin of the week.



thanks friend¡¡

crazy pink28 :

Hi club penguin team

I am a new club penguin and I met a Penguin called rockeritorui the taught me how cool that is club penguin showed me that there is something called Penguin of the week and told me that if I could nominate him and I told him ok the is called rockeritorui thank you for your help.


;) ok i m like help penguins.


congrats Herry347


nice igloo, i think my friend: corn pops8, should be penguin of the day he is vary fun to be with we were friends for three or four years we have good times playing cp he is helpful.gets cool ideas on what to do when we are just sitting around the island. i think he is just awesome.


Congrats Herry347! I think the next Penguin of The Week should be Iccy2468 ! Iccy2468 is not only a great friend but loves to jam out in dance contest. He is by far one of the best dancers I know. He would totally be a great dance partner with Cadence. He's always on the dance floor bustin them moves. I think Iccy2468 would make a great penguin of the week.
-Waddle On!


my best friend 5jaak should be the penguin of the week because she is always hanging around club penguin. she is always dressed to impress the leader of any monthly party. same goes with her igloo, reusing furniture from previous parties her igloo is always amazing. it would be really special and exciting if you picked 5jaak. waddle on everyone!


hello daffo.

i m would nominate my friend rockeritorui he is cool your iggy thats awesome and he is awesome


My friend Sensei Joe is a very special friend to me he is always by my side and when I need help to get more coins he gives me tips to get more coins he always try's to be friends with every penguin and has awsome party's at his igloo he invite everyone and when I mean everyone I mean everyone! He always makes everyone laugh and try's to help penguins with getting more stamps too these are some reasons why my best friend Sensei joe is the most awsome penguin ever! I would just like to repay him.


I think that darkblue should be penguin of the week because she is nice to everyone and when someone is sad, or mad she is always there for them


I want to nominate Perrywinks for the penguin of the week because she is my sister and best friend in both worlds! She has an amazing sense of style and some awesome igloos. She would never try to hurt anybody and is very kind. Perry is very reasonable and will sort out any problems without anybody having problems. She is very, very funny and will make anybody smile! She is determined to reach a goal and she will not stop until she does. Please nominate for Perrywinks!


Please let me be next penguin of the week. I do all the right things,throw party's and have been one club penguin for a year now. I love club penguin.

2013 awesome:

I think my awesome friend Temple Fun should be the penguin of the week because hes the best club penguin friend ever and he gots a cool
peppermint igloo with awesome furniture please consider him penguin of the week that would be awesome and he would love it please pick him. sincerely,
2013 awesome


even though she is a non member, I would like fairydust60 to be penguin of the week.
She is nice, supportive, and fun to play with


I think my friend Red36858 should win next see you next week.


Oh yah man


i am very good. could i please be the penguin of the week?


I think Sarah 713 should be it she aways finds away to help people she aways what's walkey clothes too make people laugh she is the most creative girl I know she told me once if she could she would design new and vary fasionbley clothes one page for boys and one page for girls you should pick her she's a fasionbley asome


I have one more thing too say Sarah 713 aso helps people when ther new and gives them asome tours to people she's the best I hope you pick her


Can you Nominate my best friend Lilly1098?
She is very nice and she helps new penguins learn about the island and tells them where to go!
And her igloo is always fancy! she made a restaurant with a drive through. We always play and If a party starts she changes her igloo in a snap!
So please Nominate my Best friend!


I think that me, myself (Macy5317)should be The Penguin Of The Week!!!I have an epic zombie survival ,and it's practically my igloo that gets me a bunch of likes. And Btw congrats Herry347!!!!Being penguin of the week sounds awesome, and I just know it is:).I'm always trying to make penguins feel better by cheering them up when they're sad, or just saying some kind words to them!!!Hope that you appreciate this message/comment.!!!!!!Waddle on!!!!!;).


I think my friend Pompom35464 should be Penguin Of The Week! She's so amazing and whenever she goes online I'm really happy because she is my best friend. We always spend time together and she has an amazing iggy. Her outfit is also amazing!



I would like to nominate my friends bahamagirl7 and Snowycoco64 they are the best we always hang out together and play games! Thanks for reading Pinko out!

Enter nickname:

CP Team, I would like to nominate Redchampion1. It is a great penguin and I would like it to appear in the blog. Thank you! A wing-beat pingui. :D


i nominate a Redchampion 1 for penguin of the week is amazing playing card-jitsu and your iggy is incredible

Enter Nickname:

Hi Cp! I nominate my friend Vaxasaurin, is a great friend and the best gamer in the Club Penguin! See ya Friends!


Hi Club Penguin Team!
I think my friend Paintball302 would make a GREAT Penguin Of the Week. She has a great attitude, Funny, Helpful, nice and the coolest person I know! Waddle on!


i think smrpg63 should be penguin of the week because he is like 190 days old and he has never been banded. he is also helpful and the first day we meet at school we became friends. he likes card-juise. i can see he loved coins for change because he did't change his clothes. so plese vote for him.

6 i cant write somthing for numbers.

vote for him!!!!!!!!!!!! by BooBoo3104

rocky blue:

I think aang269 should be in the competition he so good helping funny and when his wearing his tour guide hat is helping more penguins then other tour guides around club penguin island he be one of the penguin of the week (PS he so funny and he makes me laugh)

written by penguin - rocky blue have fun and wannle on :D


I think Cookieball2 is a friendly penguin,cares for his buddies if there are getting bullied, and takes good care of his pets and he hosts parties at his igloo and has a cool outfit and igloo! Waddle on! ~ Cookie out!


Hi club Penguin!
I really think Daffydoo3 should be Penguin Of The Week! I think her because she's sooo nice and always helps out! If there is a penguin sitting somewhere alone doing a sad face she always tries to cheer them up and friends them. She always decorates her igloo and dresses up for the latest parties and makes sure to include everyone. I learned THAT from experience! did I mention she NEVER turns down a friend request?! Thanks CP!

Cool dude1245:

I nominate 1aaron1 he is a sweet friend he loves having fun with his friends and I he's spectacular and an a amazing friend to I think he deserves to be penguin of the week ;)

Pole Bird:

I think Rockyrockone should be nominated for Penguin of the Week because he makes funny jokes and is very helpful. If someone is being bullied he would put a stop to it. He is also good listener. When I am talking to him he always replies and if he is explaining something he will take brakes for people to think about the topic. Rockyrockone can understand if someone is feeling sad and then cheers them up, and if they're mad he will try to calm them down. Waddle on!


I nominate Chalechale


i think my friend noelle147 should be penguin of the week because she brought me on cp and i want to thank her


nominate my friend Tevez445 for the penguin of the week! : D


nominate my friend Tevez445 for the penguin of the week! : D


nominate my friend Tevez445 for the penguin of the week! : D

zippy pengui:

nominate my friend Tevez445 for the penguin of the week! : D


I'd like to nominate Vivianara, because she is a great sister, she likes club penguin parties, and will do whatever directing instruction I say no
matter how frustrating it can be sometimes when doing my videos.


I nominate Trisher2 for Penguin of the Week, because he make some great igloos and even helped me create one! He's always helping others and making sure they're okay, Trisher2 is obsessed with Club Penguin and he always write stories about the penguins on the island. Trisher2 donated loads of coins for Coins for Change, he loves to write emails to Club Penguin and even once did a project about CP! Trisher2 is always friendly to others and always enjoys the parties around the island and dress up

Kapa total 1:

Enter comMy nomination is for "Mateo Capo46" , is a great, friendly, cheerful and fun penguin! . It always helps his friends to get stamps on the island! :)ments


i think lemonsquilly should be p.o.t.w. because when i got to club penguin she told me everything about it. you are kind and nice you are a true friend . thanks lemonsquilly.
- cappillo05


Hi! I think that pengypengy75 should be the penguin of the week. She is extremely nice. Let me give you just one of the many examples.
One day, I was very sad. Another penguin was being mean to me!!! So pengypengy75 came up to me and helped me feel better. Before I knew it, we were in the pizza parlor, enjoying some pizza, and I was felling all better, just because of her. I happen to know her in real life, and she is so awesome! I hope that you consider her for penguin of the week.


I agree with Lilywily1. I would also like to nominate pengypengy75 for penguin of the week. She is so nice, cool, friendly, and just flat out AWESOME!!!! I really hope that she gets chosen because she is so amazingly nice. She has been on club penguin since 2008. She has played ever since then! She deserves this so much. She helps every penguin that she sees, and she is always seen making others smile. She is dedicated to club penguin, and that is why you should pick pengypengy75.


I would like to nominate tapatio2008
She is not Bly what you guys asked for she is funny,nice and creative she might not be a member but she does not have to be to be the coolest and funniest pengiun on this game


I nominate Noah511 because of his AWSOME igloo!


I vote Noah511 because of his awsome igloo and parties!


I vote Noah511 because of his sweet igloo for the PREHISTORIC PARTY!!!
Can't WAIT!!!


I agree with them.
Waddle On,


Hey my name is atara1235 haha I guess I got the same name as atara1233:) Also I vote for atara1233 all the people who has been voting for her is actually right please Clubpenguin make it up to her she's the best thanks club penguin team your the best:)




Atara1233 I vote thnxs


Hey atara1233 sounds like a great friend I'll vote for her to win


I vote mq15 because he is a nice freind but we are twins so we never have seen each other

i am awesome:

I would like to nominate my good friend pengypengy75. She is so awesome and nice!
Perfectly nice
Great friend
You should pick her
Pretty cool
Never is mean
Good at making you feel better
Yes, she is AWESOME

Please pick her! Let me tell you a little bit more about her. She has been on club penguin since 2008. She has never canceled her membership since then! She is so nice, friendly, and creative, and she deserves the penguin of the week award.


I want to nominate my friend Pingui8201. is a good friend of mine and is a great penguin! :)


I want to nominate my friend Redchampion1. is a good friend of mine and is a great penguin! :)


I think LatteGirl55 should be penguin on the week. She is very nice ,loyal to everyone and a good friend and I know because I know her from school. She is really sad because she is not a member and if she is penguin of the week it will make her day or week so please! Waddle On!

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