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By Daffodaily5 on January 31, 2014 - 06:48


Explorer penguin Iccy2468 has been having a ROARSOME time hunting for dino-eggs at the Prehistoric Party. I wonder if he’s hatched any dino-puffles? It's all very 'egg-citing'! Loving the cave igloo too, it ROCKS!

As always you can comment below and nominate your buddies to be the star of Penguin of the Week! The winner will receive 10,000 coins AND the Green Viking Helmet.


-Club Penguin Team


puffle 109:

i think my Friend Airplanem should be POTW because he is so caring and says Sure everytime someone says Will Dance with me? I think that's why he has an Amazing Igloo! Btw He is So rare! P.S He's my brother! And Great job icy!!!! :) :)


I think my friend blue sky should be penguin of the week because she has so many friends and she's so kind and caring


I think my friend bluesky51010 should be penguin of the week because she is sooo caring and sweet and she has many friends and she has a amazing sence of clothes


I vote for pinkyring808

that one guy:

I think you should chose my friend: 23jms
because he is a fun, friend who has joined club penguin ever since last summer!
He is really fun and safe and caring.
He and I hope to make Club Penguin a safer and better place

Turbo Tankz:

I must admit that this is one of the best igloos or shall I say digloos I've ever seen! Congrats Iccy2468 and I really hope to become POTW one day like you. :)

-Turbo Tankz


I think zilten should be penguin of the week because were very close friends and he also helps me out alot in real life, he also donated 50,000 to coins for change and i thought that was very selfless of himself, so yeah, can you Pleaaase make him penguin of the week?

I should mention i dont have an account :(


I would like to nominate my best friend Ninjakrom. He is a friendly, helpful and a funny penguin! He also loves the Fire element. Often, he play Card Jitsu Fire with his friends and after a good game, he likes to dig for treasure with his Puffles and friends!


Nominate and KatCp1Enter comments


Congrats Iccy2468! Enjoy your money and the Green Viking Helmet :D


WOW!!!! Iccy2468 is so lucky!!! and i love his igloo. :)


AWESOME!!! I LUV the cave igloo also!!! I cant wait until the fair igloos come out! Bye!!!


I would like to nominate my BFF Manwell1 because he rocks!!

Waddle On!


I love club penguin its my friend I love it


i nominate (my lifelong friend) 1aaron1 for being there for me in my hour of need he's is a good friend for that and i am truly thankful
to have a buddy like him he has always been with me throughout our friendship he has been helping others he's a very true friend indeed


I would like to nominate Chalechale! He is a good friend and he needs to win!

Fjord Polo:

I want to nominate Chalechale because he is a awesome friend and all the time he try to help penguin and k´now I want to give him one gift BE THE PENGUIN OF THE WEEK Please make he be the penguin of the week

Snowman Blue:

I would happily like to nominate my best bud Alfimoo.
He always has good manners, asks me what I want to do, and also never forces me to do what he wants to do.
He also has a super cool iggy! Please please please nominate him.
Thank you so so so much!
Waddle On!!!


guys vote for rockvine 18 he is so cool. He has got the swag. He is a good friend. He is supportive and popular.

Plz vote thx penguins


Hello club penguin just want to say that I nominate as Penguin chalechale week that is very good and loves his puffles.

Myster Harry:

I want to nominate my friend Salsero 3 eventhough it's not your clothes and your partner are unique igloo!. And I like the surprise of being elected will take, hopefully taking into account my nomination, thanks.


I'd like to nominate my friend, Honeypup34 for Penguin of the Week! I just started playing Club Penguin again and a lot has changed! She's showed me around and has been telling me a lot of what's happening. She also has fantastic igloos and loves to throw parties in them :) During this prehistoric party, she helped confused penguins to hatch Dino Puffles at the volcanoes :) Hope she's next week's Penguin of the Week!


I vote for Rubanow11


I nominate my friend Pengupingu66 cause he is awesome!


Pengupingu66 is my friend too and he's really awesome


I'd nominate you tuber penguin Allen47287. His favorite game is Jetpack Adventure, heck he wears a Jetpack! Also his igloo is a Club Penguin 2013 museum. Like PH, he is interested in Puffles, and he wants to meet every single mascot there is. He's a great brother and I think he should get a chance to be Penguin of the Week.


Wow! Nice job Iccy2468! I love your igloo! I might make a cave igloo myself! :)


I notimated zezo 1 2001! he is igloo is sooooo nice! he is super buddy! and there is more!


I think Connor6667 should be penguin of the week because he helps me in games , gives me tours and lets me go to his parties

Waddle On CP


I think billbox should be penguin of the week because he always sends me nice postcards and plays sled racing with me and he is a good friend

transformers prime :

I think ooie768 should be penguin of the week because he sends nice postcards to peaple.

Abdulaziz 20:

I notimated My buddy zezo 1 2001 He is awesome! , he is igloo is prehistoric! And he is items is super rare prehistoric! and he also Helps everyone who need a Help!
-Abdulaziz 20

Club1 Pengui:

I notimated My buddy zezo 1 2001 He is awesome! , he is igloo is prehistoric! And he is items is super rare prehistoric! and he also Helps everyone who need a Help!
-Club1 Pengui


My friend, Arianunicorn , is so nice and we always have snowball fights.
Waddle on!


hi cp week good paa


I wanna nominate my brother shubbs03 who helped me when I first started cp. He also is great at playing games and has a cool igloo! Sometimes he even helps other penguins that have questions!


I wanna nominate my best friend Cutie37327 we didn't add each over on the game since we are great friends in real life, he had a really cool prehistoric costume is exploring everything he can find of the new temporary areas loving to dig for eggs has a really cool cave igloo was able to get so far 2 black t-rex puffles 2 pink dino puffles, 1 blue and 1 red puffle the yellow one isn't out yet so thats all bye


I think Connor6667 should be Penguin of the week because he lets me go to his parties , helps me in games and takes me on a tour for places I don't know about

Waddle On


I nominate my kind-hearted brother, Dinco9417 to be penguin of the week. He has participated in many events during his time on cp. Including, he donated over 10,000 coins for charity to coins for change. Dinco9417 deserves this award. Thanks yours sincerely


Iccy is so smart!!


Enter commentsMy sister Djoana1 is really good penguin. She has got a brave heart. She have got a lots of stamps, cute igloo. Helping older people to shop and penguins. She is happy girl.
Djoana1 i
Djoana1 is
Djoana1 is f
Djoana1 is fu
Djoana1 is fun
Djoana1 is funn
Djoana1 is funny


Hi Club Penguin, I'd like to nominate someone in the comments. :) (if that's okay)
I want to nominate my autistic sister, Timmy One1, because she's nice to every penguin, tells me where to get the new puffle or pin or whatever, she loves showing off her stamp book, and she loves her puffles.
She's awesome to be around and she would be so happy to be penguin of the day
Thank you :)


Could I enter? I have a really amazing igloo and a very nice guy! But it doesn't have a lot of likes :(


I would love to nominate my best friend Eran99.

Penguin 43:

Hey Daffodaily5!
That is Exciting!
Congratulations Iccy2468! May the best penguin win!
Waddle On!


please let me be penguin star of the week! :( ~pinkchristy1~


nominate jellykid 46


thank you izzy!!!


please enter my brother he has this very awesome puffle igloo and lots of puffle's are in the igloo

Big Booka:

I'd like to nominate one of my best friends, Atm40. He is really good at games and teaches me how to earn the most coins. He is a really nice penguin. And his igloo is really awesome!


AHHHH! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH ! I hope everyone is having fun at the prehistoric party ! I know I am ! Meeting Gary and digging up dino eggs has been a blast! Thanks for all the support!
- Waddle on :)

Nice Shadow1:

Good job on the igloo Icy! Keep up the good work! Hope to see you on Club Penguin! Your so Famous!

Your Friend, Nice Shadow1 aka (Your Ninja)


My best friend Djoan1 is good girl. She is very happy and brave. She has got a cool igloo, a lots of stamps and cool clothes. She is Phehistoric girl. :D


hi daffo.
I big fan CP and nominate my friend rockeritorui.

He is awesome like CP playing everydays CP.



I would like to nominate my best penguin friend Ellieyss. She is awesome. She is the best puffle owner I know, not to mention she has 12 of them. Her puffles are always happy, well fed and well rested. Ellieyss really deserves to win this week.

Enter nickname:

I would like to nominate Pinky87272 a great friend on CP. Pinky87272 always helps out other penguins including me, and what a rocking iggy she has! My nominee is SUCH a great friend, caring helpful and always happy, I couldn't ask for a better friend.



Puffle Help2:

I will like to nomiante my friend Sashaboo12 she is a princess penguin looking for eggs chatting shes got a brave heart Thanks also W A D D L E O N!


Nominate Elljo2 because, She is really cool to be friends with she is the greatest friend I have ever had! I also remember she donated all her coins to coins for change! - Waddle on!

Funny money:

I Nominate skipper35773 to be penguin of the week


I would like to nominate my best friend lemonsquilly. For what she does includes helping people, giving tours, when people are sad she makes them fell better. She is a really good friend and a AWESOME CP NOMINATION. Even If you don't choose her I still think she earns penguin of the week. Thanks, Cappillo05
I LOVE CLUB PENGUIN SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Pop Rip 487:

I indicate my best friend,Dinheiro1895 because he is very stylish,hope he is the penguin of the week


i would nominate Av2000 since he has great puffle care and always helps out with whatever is needed.


Awsome job are you really exsited?i am now afishley your number 1 FAN!!!!!!!!


Hi my sister just send you a messige. I am your number 2 FAN sents my sister is your nummer 1 fan Jenette90 is my sister.
like she said Awsome job you are now my afishley friend too!!!!


I introduce you to the new Penguin of the Week: Mandmgreen5. He's been telling me secrets on Club Penguin, and helping me with games. Also, if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't ever be playing Club Penguin! Mandmgreen5 is an awesome penguin, and I hope he is Penguin of the Week. Bye!


I would like to enter my friend called chunkeyman
Hes amazing to me and couldn't be better!

Kitty Lover5:

I want to nominate Epic C. He's an awesome friend who always helps me throw parties. He helps me with so many things and is there when I need him. He is a true penguin of the week.


I think you should nominate Jeanette90


This penguin is veri cool


i really think my friend lizi2028 should be penguin of the week! we stay with each other all the time once at school we pretended that we were in cp!she also is a great friend!


I nominate Ciot.


I,nominate my best friend Oranjevko he is SUPER penguin!!!Nominate Oranjevko to be penguim of the week.


I think my pal Red36858 should be the next penguin of the week.


Hi Club Penguin! I would be happy to nominate my best friend Rikki12412. She is always helping me out and showing me where the pins are. Her favorite thing in the world is club penguin. She thinks it's awesome and the best game in the world! She makes super cool igloos and puts the c in cool. She is very nice to everybody and helps people out and is very funny, she makes me smile every time I see her. Please reward her for being the best penguin ever with giving her penguin of the week.


Ayarocks303 she's a very cool girl she loves her iggy and more choose her


Hi cp I would love to nominate pinkring808 she's awesome and has a cool iggy a and also she loves puppies and goats and unicorns and loves Viking helmets. Also loves club penguin and donating to the children.also go toys for tots,,,,!!!


Hi I nominated pinkyring808 but I take it bake she is a bad friend I'm sorry for,the inconveniences

Hi Club Penguin:

I think my buddy Max 92202 should be the penguin of the week because of all of his spirit! He put all of the caveguin furniture in his igloo because he loves it so much! He also almost always wheres the caveguin costumes! He would make a GREAT penguin of the week! I nominate Max 92202.


Hi clubpenguin I think shooshy101 should be the next penguin of the week because shes always kind to everyone she meets:)

-Waddle on!:D


Hello penguin friends! I would like to nominate my buddy Sweety45 to be the POTW please...She is a really good, pretty and friendly penguin and she is very loyal to her friends and she is the first penguin I saw having all the elements of friendship like honesty she is always honest and laughter she shares AWESOME jokes and kindness she is really kind and caring and generosity she is very generous and loyalty she is very very loyal so please make her the next POTW.
Waddle On!


I nominate monikabala as the penguin as she is kind and helpful and super cool


I nominate monikabala as the BEST penguin EVER as she is super cool and has good manners and has cool clothes and iggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think Ironman97445 should be POTW because he is a good friend, and I always turn to him to try out my new card jitsu cards and he always says yes. He loves to hang out with me, and walk our puffles together. Ironman97445 for POTW!


I think I should be on the Penguin Of The Week cuz I am REALLY funny! XD so, uh, not to brag..
I'm Iccy2468's friend you know!
I hope you choose excellence.
I hope you choose me.

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