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By Daffodaily5 on January 10, 2014 - 05:02


Welcome to the first Penguin of the Week of 2014!

Today’s penguin has been noticed by many members of the team because of his passion for Club Penguin. Maxi49117 often writes to us with tales of the fun he’s had online, hosting many parties in his igloo! It’s really amazing to see how much he enjoys his time on CP and how he loves to make friends with just about everyone! Congrats, Maxi! Love the t-shirt!

If you think that your friend is super special then tell me why in the comments below and they might be the next Penguin of the Week. 10,000 coins and the Green Viking Helmet up for grabs!


-Club Penguin Team


mfcm 555:

the penguin dscm 777 its cool is one penguin exelent :D


Wow he seems a swine ... I would choose him to be penguin of the week too.!

Trust me:

Hi I have a great friend her name is ROSI3GIRL everyone you should friend her she is the best I love her and you will to.. Next week I nomanate #ROSI3GIRL OR #ROSI3girl.. Trust me she will be a great friend a a great penguin of the week..

Enter nickname:

I think that Pearlcom is the best friend any girl can ask for!!! Pearlcom is always nice and sends postcards to me that say you are a awesome friend, and it just makes me so happy!! If anyone meets her, make sure to be her friend because she is awesome, and the greatest friend of all!!!

Best Buddy 8:

Hi Cp Team I would like to Enter Penguin 97513 because she is a lovely penguin we always play games together and when were pookies and she whas a wista/Twin she ALLWAYS Lets me join and intact were even making a. Video and she remain for my other friend Prinses (princess she made the account when she whas young) so she could join in. Making the video and she is super rare and my best friend on cp so please I am begging you for her to be the penguin of the week

~Best Buddy 8~

Best Buddy 8:

Hi it's me again about Penguin 97513 I didn't say everything there is more she always ecsepts friend requests and always let's everybody and I mean everybody join in she can promis and she is kind and once when we were wista we ended up being co drupelets heheheh lots of pookies and we always have adventures together so please I am officially begging you for her to be it please please please please please please please please please please can she be penguins of the week

~Best Buddy 8~ XXXXX


Lars613 is a great friend. He should really be penguin of the week. It would be a great honer to both of us. For the record i'm not to bad for penguin of the week.




Dear Daffodaily5,
I nominate thumpback351. He goes to my igloo and likes it ALL THE TIME! He is really sweet and funny, and the all around COOLEST person of all time. I really hope you'll consider picking him. It would mean a lot!

—coolgal40 P.s my penguin name is my nickname :)


I know right:>


Hey Maxi49117 I have you as a friend congrats dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sweetmaster2 is the best penguin on cp


i think my should be next cause last year in the coins for change after i donated i had o coins left,and when i go to the pizza parlor peaple are fighting allot and i stop them i make peaple happy and dance


I would like to nominate my best friend Sadi1 because she's always nice.


Hi I'm new and do you add by your penguins name


i think jaden3 should be the penguin of the week because he helped me get to know club penguin and the best games to play, also he changes outfits based on the activities he wants to do, but before he does that, he takes care of his puffles first,so that's why jaden3 should be penguin of the week

Loco toco:

Love the wig how did you become penguin of the month?

Mylittlepony rocks:

Do not bully but excercise every day and read too!!!!!!!

Mylittlepony rocks:

This is a bully free zone!


my friend Tiptoe57,he always likes igloos,he excepts every friend request and he helps everyone when they need help, I hope he gets penguin of the week;) p.s my penguin name is what I put as my nickname. :)


Well done Maxi49117.

I nominate.... Rhubarbcrmbl for Penguin of the week.

- Dadted




I you want to nominate one of your friends, you have to send an email to the Club Penguin Team under Contact Us saying their penguin name and what they did that made you think that they should be nominated for POTW.


You could do that Cookle5695. Or you can comment on this post with your friends penguin name and why you think they should be POTW. Can't wait to hear all the nominations!

Club Penguin Team

Agent Cow:

I think Smiley3847 (my best friend on CP ) should be POTW she's really nice, and we always have fun together, we both work at the coffee shop, we had a lot of fun at the Puffle party being doctors at the Lighthouse!
Waddle on!
#love Agentcow


Dear Daffodaily, just a question, I got a message saying i was VIP in club penguin magazine I was wondering what that means.
NEEDS TO KNOW #Agentcow (smiley face)

Cool girl540:

I think that Juliann609 should be POTW because she is nice to every penguin, and she always takes part in island activities like, igloo parties, and working at the pizza parlor! no matter what she is doing, she always takes time to say hi to me. not only that, but she has the BEST igloos I have EVER seen!
She would LOVE to find herself in the blog!
-Cool girl540


Dear Daffodaily5 I am your fan! I really want to meet you! And see you AWESOME iggy! Your posts on blog is AWESOME ! Lots of Greatings ! - Milanmico


He's epic


joosep23852 is cool! he loves cp parties and always dresses up awsome. he has an cool igloo and puffles! he is the best penguin ever!


he really dose cool igloo and puffles!



Cave man 4:

Congrats max!


I think Sebee 6 should be Penguin Of The Week!

He's so kind, and makes a lot of funny jokes!

Mr Napo:



Hey , I Want to Nominate my Good Friend Mr Napo , he is So cool Guys , He Do a Lot of Things to Help the others Penguins !! Please Nominate Him !

Bilo Bilu:

I Want to Nominate a good Friend , you name is Chinamo , He is Cool , He needs to Be the Penguin of the Week !


umm..... dafo.... why have you stoped chosing penguin of the week for more than 3 weeks?


I think my friend Cool Guy 463 should be P.T.W. because he is always so nice and kind and he helps me when I need it at school. He is also very honest and does what he can to help others!


CONGRATULATIONS! Maxi, he is my friend and is very large, he deserved it, I hope I can be the next and get that rare item of Green Viking Helmet! ¡WaddleOn! :D


Well deserved indeed! Maxi is always waddling around the island and helping others. Plus, he remembers everyone he meets. Way to go!
- The Club Penguin Team


ya i saw him to day at the ice berg he is so nice he added me.


hotdog64344 is always doing nice things being cousins we do a lot of club penguin together even during the holiday party we gave the gift postcard to non members so please put him as penguin of the week he is truly epic.




your right you should win


Hello Daffo! my friend Felipe79030 (Portuguese player) has a GREAT igloo and a great visual (not to mention that the Red Viking Hat became very good at it) and he always writes in English CLUB PENGUIN postings (where he plays every day) well that's it



Hiya Daffo! I want to nominate a very special friend, Mr Napo! He is very funny. Mr Napo has worked very hard to be the Penguin Of The Week for a long time, and I think that effort should be paid. And his dream is to be the owner of the pizza parlor. Greetings!

Gary 1:

Hi club penguin!
zezo 1 2001 his igloo is rare and awesome and he love to help Penguins he is helpfull and he hangout with everyone and He likes friend and Members igloo, and he sent to everyone who wants postcard! I love him! He is awesome buddy!
What a awesome penguin! And helpfull penguin and many friends love him!


Dadted is a very caring penguin that has been waddling around Club Penguin for almost 7 years and in that time Ive learnt that he loves to party with his friends. He always has time to spare to make us laugh, have a dance or play a good old game of sled racing. Dadted is a cool penguin and my best friend.

Im A Mainer:

I Want to nominate Cp Tour Guy as penguin of the week cuz he is friendly,Gives everyone postcards,chats and last but not least,Gives Tour to everbody on the island,So i really hope he can become Penguin of the week cuz of his hard work.Waddle On!

Noodle Draco:

I think Jeebo112 should be penguin of the week because he is a very nice friend and always tries to help out when someone is in need of a favor. He is very kind and thoughtful to all so that's why I nominate Jeebo112 for Penguin of The Week.


Hello club penguin Team and daffofaily5!
I have awesome news! zezo 1 2001 is helpfull and his igloo is rare and awesome! He loves to help penguins and his freinds! And he is hangout with everyone he is my best buddy he helps me too! How to make igloo and more! And he loves to play mini games!
I love this awesome buddy plz make him penguin of the week next week!


that also sounds like my buddy spy Micah! He is always putting up the coolest igloos and is also always friends with anyone who asks!


Hiya Daffo! I want to nominate a very funny friend. He´s name is Barcoterror1. He is a great friend and love's to help others. And as Sensei said, lucky little grasshopper. Greetings!


lol ur funny


Couldn't have thought of a better person to pick! Well deserved, Maxi!

Waddle On.,


Thanks for your kind words dude! :D


cool lets be friends


Hi Daffo: I think Aadamali should be penguin of the week as he loves helping people out on Club Penguin, He is an awesome friend he wears cool and crazy outfits, He's an awesome igloo designer and works at the EPF.




I wanna nominate (my lifelong friend) 1aaron1 for being kind and showing me courage he is a loyal and a honest friend he loves when his friends are having fun with him he is generous I love being friends with him he likes all his friends igloos he's amazing


Thanks for being so awesome Maxi! There are so many great penguins on the island and it's fantastic to see them being recognized.
- The Club Penguin Team


Hey wolfy! U ROCKS!


Congrats, nice Afro!!! :)


my friend abby3894 is really nice and she loves club penguin a LOT! and loves new friends and shes awesome and thats why i think abby3894 needs to be the penguin of the week please pick her please please please


Penguin of the Week: Maxi49117 Thanks You


My afro says thanks!!


Good job, Maxi49117! I luv ur iggy, & ur outfit! I hope I get 2 meet u, add u, & become ur buddy! =)


Hey friend! Thanks buddy! U rocks too!!!

Le ia:

Congrats Maxi49117!I luv the hair do.




Not available on Android, but we're looking into it. Keep your flippers crossed!
-The Club Penguin Team

Agent C 16p:

My Flippers are crossed.


Dear Club Penguin Team,
Thank you for making club penguin happen its so much fun!


the eater4:

I think Flames42704 should be the next penguin of the week cause he helps me with everything we are best friends in real life we help each other with our work if we forget a book from school or something like that


This is kinda random but Rubystar1231 has like...... THE OUTFIT! SERIOUSLY HOW DID SHE LIKE THINK OF SUCH AN AMAZING OUTFIT!?!?!
I think she has the outfit of the year! CHECK HER OUT!


CONGRATS also love the t-shirt
Waddle on!!


Thank you so much friedn! keep being amazing!


Hi Club Penguin! I think my friend, Choco Late9, deserves to be the next Penguin of the Week due to his devotion to helping others and making them happy. Choco always enjoys helping others when they are having trouble with something on CP, and loves playing games while including everyone. His favorite game to play is Find Four. Also, Choco always offers to create icons and customs for others of their penguin which not only makes them happy, but gives him happiness to be helping them as well :)




Nashawn5 is a super buddy.He loves to make new friends and he makes awesome party's .He loves to help and is a great friend to Love3009.Choose him.


My friend Pompom35464 is kind to me every time she sees me me. My other friend Xjust Dancex comes to my iggy, likes it and says " come to my iggy" and I like her iggy. My other friend Pepey321 has a nice outfit! One of those 3 should be Penguin Of The Week!



Could I please be the penguin of the day? I have been on CP for a year now and I would love it So much! You don't have to but if you could I would be the happiest girl in the world!

sloop12345 :

hi!!! i would like to be penguin of the week BUT there is someone i would really like to be POTW i think it should be miss small3 she looks after all the pookies


I would like to nominate Libbylobs04 she'sa great person to hang out with, she will be your buddy and always be by your side, she talks to anyone, she maybe a non member but she is a great penguin to be a friend with please make her penguin of the week!


I'd like to nominate Emma019, she is a very rare penguin on CP and is a great buddy to hang out with, she'll being doing a party anytime st her iggy so don't forget your invite! -by Kate00112


The person i would like to be the penguin of the week or day is Emma019 she throws such great parties and is very friendly. She will be anyone's friend and is always up for a quick chat in the coffee shop!


I've seen you in the magazine !


He is always available for friends . Now I will tell you one Bulgarian proverb : Friend in need is a friend in deed.This is so genius.He can talk good with his friends and to help them .Thanks !


I want to nominate my friend Gogeta Ssj55, he loves knights and dragons, and he is always ready to combat monsters, but he also loves his puffles, especially his black puffle Shadow, If they play Cart Surfing togheter they always beat me! We help each other to meet famous penguins, like Rockhopper or Gary, I help him meeting Gary and he help me meeting Brady and Mckenzie, sometimes we like playing hide and seek, it's very funny!

plum sweetie:

I think c1997j should be penguin of the week she loves club penguin shes super nice and she loves rollplaying if cp needs her help shes already there


Always playing with me and I have fun playing card-jitsu with her it's so much fun. Always helping me to do things I can't do. She should be penguin of the week


I nominate my brother Shubbs03 POTW because he sends postcards to new penguins, gives tours, and sometimes he tries to help penguins with questions about the game. He also is a great igloo designer! That's why I think he should win!

Waddle on!


I would like to nominate kate00112 because she is a good friend, has amazing houses, funny too. I would really appricate it if you could put her as penguin of the week thanks emma019 xx


I would like to nominate pink Kate 17 because I love playing with her on here also her ideas for her igloo are amazing ! She would be so happy if she was the penguin of the week she's also very rare and friendly thanks emma019

Apple Emily:

She is a really good freind, everyone would freind her! I hope she becomes penguin of the week and gets the green viking helmet! (I got the yellow viking helmet and gold and red.)

- Gold (Gold4ranger)


I think might be the next Penguin Of the Wekk "tree Cheez" he donate 2,000,000 of coins for CFC 2013! He loves help other penguins,him has a blog where put update about what's going on to CP. And he loves CARE PUFFLES!

¡Tree Cheez! Next POTW


that is so cooooooooooooooool! ;)

Polly Smash:

I think Dino Kraken should be penguin of the week because he is very funny and helps his friends out. Overall he is just an Awesome penguin!


im nominate penguin of the week is rockeritorui he is my very friend he is my firts friend please help me in blog of the week thanks.


i m would nominate rockeritorui he is my very friend he is help in problem a very much penguins ok thanks for a help me in he rockeritorui in blogof the week


Hello everbody


I would like to nominate myself I think I am amazing help to many penguins please thank you


Hello Daffondaily5,
I would like to tell you something about my friend Skipper37902. He is very special because he got so beautyful igloos, he has so many items and he's outfits are very funny. There are often parties in his igloo. I like him!

Gary fan7:

i think pigy370 should be POTW because he always does cool card-jitsu things one time he made card-jitsu dragon at his igloo so PLEASE PLEASE make him POTW hes so cool

Lip Gloss509:

I think my buddy Pineapple345 should be Penguin of the Week since she's so nice and on the bright side of things when I'm sad. We love to play games and host dress up parties for non-members to make them feel happy, too! One time, she made up a friend contest, where you have to make as many friends as possible in an amount of time. Please nominate Pineapple345, she has done so much for me that I need to return the favor. Waddle On!


Hi, Great job Maxi49117! I hope everyone on Club Penguin loves it like you.

Another thing, when is the results for gary's puffle gonna come in?


Soon hopefully, we are still in the process of collecting and tallying votes. Which one did you choose?
-The Club Penguin Team


i think pi for one i like it and its a math term pi = 3.14,in vary good at math :) i get good grades sometimes lol


I chose the first one Archimedes (Archie) its so scientific!!!
-waddle on :p


I chose Pi XD


i voted for Pi!



Enter nickname:

You should pick penguins985 to be penguin of the week because she is always helping people and she is a great friend. She is always trying to get friends she would do anything for friendship! You won't regret making her penguin of the week! Everyone should meet her or be her friend! If your not her friend or you don't know her... Find her! She would LOVE to beyour friend! She's also very smart and funny! Please pick her to be penguin of the month! She always tries to remember everyone! Pick her


i m nominate my friend rockeritorui


helloo first commenter


Congrats, Maxi!


Hey maxi how do you send letters to club penguin and also great job!!! Claps!!!!


Congrats To You Maxi I Never Be The Penguin Of The Day I've Played For 4 Years :( I'm A Rare Penguin Maybe Never Ever At All I Will Never Ever Be The Peng Of The Day U Can Find Me On Cp Im XxKaedenxX I'm Rare I Have Realy Cool Igloos


same from me!

I love katy perry and that's all there is too it!!!!!!!!!!:

Hi cow sai


Claps for!

Yay! for Maxi!!!

juanchis bal:

how can I participate in Penguin of the week


Congrats maxi! P.s how can I participate for penguin of the week? Pp.s please can u put clubpenguin app on google play!


If you think someone you know is an all-around great pal, then leave your nomination for him/her in the comments below saying why he/she is an awesome buddy! Be sure to leave his/her penguin name in the comments! They could even have the chance to win a whopping 10,000 coins plus the Green Viking Helmet, exclusively to Penguin of the Week winners! You could even win a massive 'Thank-you' from your buddy whom you nominated!


Absolutely, plus you can even email us your nominations! Just be sure to include some reasons as to why you think that penguin is so fin-tastic.

-The Club Penguin Team


what happened to the epf missions? for example, there used to be one where you had to save aunt arctic's puffles because they were lost. now i cant find those missions. i havent been on club penguin for a while, so maybe i missed something. did they leave for ever? are they coming back soon? when? sorry for taking up your time, but if anyone (now only the club penguin team, but also club penguin users) has a answer to my question, i would be very happy and grateful. thank you for reading this :)


We moved the old PSA Missions to the Fun Stuff section of your site so you can enjoy them there! Copy and paste this link into your web browser:

- Club Penguin Team


I always wanted a green Viking hat


I should be the next penguin of the week because I have sent Club Penguin emails of what they should add. I hosted a Club Penguin birthday party in my igloo on October 24th. I am always helping out friends and I am a great tour guide and EPF agent . I love working at the pizza parlor and pet shop. I also make up EPF mini missions to do with my freinds


oh mah dino puffles he sure is the best!


Well done Maxi! Daffo sure is a good nominator! ;)

Lab Rat Bree:

I think the aeiou78 or I should be penguin of the week. Because when She logs online, she asks me questions on how I can help and she is my greatest bestie ever!she is nice, kind, has enthusiasm to be on co and she cheers me up every time I am feeling blue . So PLZ elect aeiou78


Cool, I may have quit Club Penguin, but I think I'll just give a shoutout to my lil brother. Hopefully "7 Ludicrous" wins!
W A D D L E O N!!!
P.S Good times...


I think you should get Carrie Sugar because she loves CP and she is really nice. She is my bestie. Please elect Carrie Sugar!




i think gjlguin should be penguin of the week she is really nice and alway makes me smile




:O I want the Puffle Tree Fort! I hope there will be a new igloo in the Prehistoric Party! Congrats, Maxi, and how did you get that Club Penguin t-shirt?

matheus trut:

wish my friend was the penguin of the week his name is girimu


my friend jack loves to be an agent me and him keep the island safe he is nice to others and loves hanging out with everyone!

suga davi:

wish my friend was the penguin of the week his name is girimu





Rocko S:

Woooo! Awesome job, Maxi49117! It must be pretty cool to be Penguin of the Week! Best wishes!


polo how do you be penguin of the week

boo boo:

you have to think and you will be able to do it !!!!!!! good day lad


I know a penguin. Her name? Sydshelb1 . She is helpful, and always ready to party in her igloo dancing with her purple puffle. She is always nice to every penguin and welcome to making new friends. She sends penguins nice postcards all the time. She is always willing to hang out. When you need somebody to play a fair round of mancala or four in a row she will be there. She gives all penguins a good look and does not judge. That is why i nominate Sydshelb1 to be the penguin of the week.

Lola Mayx:

I nominate Sydshelb1 because she sounds kind!


You nominate for Cheques1,is friend awesome.




Hi! I just want to say congratulations to Maxi49117 for winning and I want you to feature venassa pink because she is such a nice friend! Once she even gave me a membership with her own money because she knew that I've never been a member before! This is for her birthday and if she is the penguin of the week I think she will be so happy! Waddle on!


My cousin Carlyshea is awesome. Her igloo is amazing! When we facetime through the phone and have and talk and play club penguin. Even though we are far away from each other we still have best of times thanks to club penguin! I really hope she is picked it will make her very happy! Waddle on, Mario2028.

Dj Stores:

I know a good penguin to win, YOU Daffo! Of course, that wouldn't exactly be fair, but I do want to nominate a really good friend of mine, Pengiunepic. He's played CP for nearly 2 years now (old), is friendly (wise), and is great at Card Jitsu (basically, he's Sensei's twin with a different penguin name xD).
Waddle On!
PS. My Penguin Day entry will be coming through the post soon. :D


Hi CP I would like to nominate my friend Davis96002 because he is nice and loves making friends he also loves playing games and always includes everyone he loves throwing parties with people and wants to work at Club Penguin when he grows up.

It would be amazing if you made him penguin of the week! :)

Thanks. Waddle on


congratulations friend :D

Giant Milk :

DjaPen99 should be next penguin of the week he is funny


One of the first comments :)


I nominate........ Bennette he helped me stop being cyberbullied


Oh yah I nominate him too he's a good friend because when i was a new penguin he showed me around the island:D


I think flor53172 should be penguin of the week beacuse she is loyal, supportive, kind, and funny!! She has a little bit of everything.



Me too i nominate bennette

kallie jo:

Sk8trdude51 is one of my friends and he is very nice to everyone. He loves to make friends and send people postcards. He also hosts many parties at his igloo. At The Christmas party his igloo was decorated extremely nice!! waddle on he deserves to get picked!

Blog man:

Back yard thing so cool



-The Club Penguin Team


I don't know if it is fair but i vote my self but if it is not then i vote ifellfromgel he helped me get tons of people to stop alot of cyberbulies



kittycat 67:

YAY I got the first comment!!!


Hi CP Team! I think that blue53414 should be Penguin of the week He is online nearly every day and is always a good sport and has a great personality. :D

Puffle 109:

FANTASTIC JOB!!!!! I wish I was on that I am Cheerful Helpful Oo even *giggles!* Playful host partys but my bro ruins it :( from your Dearest Cheerfulest Friend Puffle 109


My friend Triver2 loves his game when ever i ask her what do you wunna do it's let's get on cp.she's the one u brought me to love club penguin as much as her.


wow why wan't me


Went59919 is a great penguin pal to me! went told me that they have been on club penguin for over 7 years!


My friend 'Kittylin14' is super special because she is so dedicated to Club Penguin, and is absolutely so kind! She hosts many parties, and gatherings in her igloo; She is super fun! I have known her on CP for years, and she enjoys it so much. The Prehistoric party is coming up, and she deserves to be Penguin of the Week because of how long she's been on CP; she's absolutely dedicated and loves CP more than anything! She is definitely super special to me and CP! :)


I don't know this penguin but she sounds like a really friendly penguin i nominate Kittylin14 as well if you scroll down or up ( I don't really know ) i have nominated many friends that do also deserve this, if they can't be penguin of the week this month or this week ( when ever really !) could you please make them one next month at least?? There is 3 lovely penguin girls called Pink Kate 17, Emma019 and Libbylobs04 there such great friends please nominate them if you've heard of the girls!


I think Peng pretty needs to be penguin of the week! She is SOO AMAZING AND NICE I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN HOW NICE SHE IS

Allie Letric :

I believe mario party 55 is correct Peng pretty is sooo nice! She is one of my top buddies ! She always has the best OULFITS and is always making friends (:

Kate00112 :-):

Sounds like shes a nice penguin....


nabeelzaheer is special because he has so much fun in club penguin so pleasel
l et him win really please


nabeelzaheer is so nice he said club penguin is awsome so please pick him and he is my best friend


This penguin sounds really nice! Hey, cp, pls give this penguin 10,000 coins and the Viking helmet!

By sunny77696


I just made freinds with him I have like 300,000,05


Is that likes or coins??! My sis has a cp and she has like 30,000 coins! She does sushi game and mini games all the time thats probably why!! Do you know if cp will put any other mini games on the app?


hi my best friend is qweaes hi is funny and love his friend and his puffle, qweaes and I love to play to gether , I wish hi be the penguin of the week

Blaki 022:

Hi, daffo, I would like to nominate my best friend: 4relampago1, this penguin is the best I've met in my life! He deserves this amazing title! He is very good with his friends, besides that helps new penguins to explore the island, and finally advised the best mini-games! I wish he elected. Waddle On!


Maxi49117, your igloo is so............ Cool!! I all ways want a tree house. Way to cool!!


for one i would like to say good job maxi49117 and also i think flissy1171 should be penguin of the week she is nice to everybody
and she helps me out a lot on club penguin and i want to give her a present and if she is penguin of the month that will be my
present to her. thank you :)

Ballet 17:

My friend 18 Polly 18 should be POTW. He is a amazing friend, EPF agent, and Ninja. He has found all mascots so he is a amazing mascot tracker. He also as all game stamps so he helps penguins with there mini games. He helps new penguins that come to the island. That is why my friend 18 Polly 18 should be POTW.


Hi! I would like to nominate Geekster100. She is the most... um.... GEEKIEST penguin I met. Shes fun, caring, and outside the cp world we pretend to be in Operation Blackout or Operation Puffle. Please nominate her.
Waddle on!
-Magic677 and Luv4icecream


hey, I think winter9641 should be penguin of the day, she makes everthing fun, and entertaining, whenever im going through a tough time, she is by my side the entire way, she makes being on club penguin special everyday, and not to mention the amazing role plays she does, she deserves this title, very much! thank you club penguin, I hope you chose her!!!!!!

giggels 3456:

hey CP, I was thinking that rockey11224 should be nominated, she is my BFF in the entire world, I love her, she makes being on CP easy, she shows me everything I need to know, she is nice to every penguin she meets, she is always giving advice out to everyone, especially me and her friends, along with random penguins online, she likes everyone's igloo, and has a lot of fun on CP, she has a lot of creative idea's for CP and is an amazing friend, she earned this title, I hope you guys chose her!


10,000 coins in just 1 simple week . This kid must be playing 7 days a week . The most I got was 5,768 a week. I need a license.


Awesomeeee cool dude!! Your dope! If u know what I mean lol


Hi my real name is Carlyq02 and i just wanna say i love your igloo and i was wondering if you could friend me.


hi, penguins i like to introduce my friend Fp Dan25 hes the best penguin ever in club penguin I ever met!. he likes me so much and hes other friends.we always play games together and even pretending to work at pizza parlor! he even tell me secrets and stories we have so much fun. i hope he will be the penguin of the week. waddle on!


Hello Daff, i would like to say my best friend Battle2002 hes nice,sweet,and kind he love having friends and when he sees a penguin picking on another he stands up for he/she, he also helps new penguins explore and explain everything and gives them tips on how to play a game or adopt a puffle and decorate their igloo. I hope you nominate my friend,
from lilygirlfun9


He is on CP every day , enjoys the game , and is a member.He could probably beat u in every game.He is awesome.He always shows CP spirit.from,
Animal Man4

Donny iceflo:

hi i would like to nomanate my friend rose (sorry im not sure what her full name is) to be penguin of the week.


I think that Didi Hey2002 to have this title. Because she is really nice and really friendly she helps people who are upset like today there was a pookie upset so she went over and asked her to dance with us. So please give this very special title to Didi Hey2002!
Waddle On!


I think that Didi Hey2002 to have this title. Because she is really nice and really friendly she helps people who are upset like today there was a pookie upset so she went over and asked her to dance with us. So please give this very special title to Didi Hey2002!
Waddle On!

Grammar C0p:

Hey guys! I think my buddy Herry347 should be Penguin of the Week. We've made countless cups of coffee and pizzas together, and he creates EPIC Blue vs Red snowball battles at his igloo. He treats everyone as they should be treated (kindly), and he's an all-around great penguin to hang around and party with.
As a wise bird once said, Waddle on!

Grammar c0p:

Hey Daffo! I want my buddy Herry347 to be Penguin of the Week. He always makes pizzas and gives tours to new penguins, and is kind to everybody he meets. He should be Penguin of the Week; I can't think of anyone better.


I myself think kylee6000 should win penguin of the week. I will be proud to tell you why. Kylee6000 has been on club penguin sense 2009. She also is THE best secret agent ever! Even better than me. And when she has a member ship, she has great style. And it's so easy to notice that she is nice. She has over three-hundred friends!!!! So there's your penguin of the week!


Hi DaffoDaily5 I would like to nominate Lvezzy because she and 2 other of mine and hers always hangout when we are online.The two other friends are Jonthan2003 and Hannahclause.






I would like to nominate my friend Leeasteroid as penguin of the week. . He loves puffles and takes very good care of them. He is also very nice to all other penguins he meets. He is also very stylish and loves to change his look often. I think he's the best penguin for this award!

Eru Rp:

I suggested my friend,Kilari76 to be the penguin of the day.She only mad cause she want to be a member.While i and two of my friend(including her) live in Indonesia.


I think ThinkNoodles should be the Penguin of the Week. He's sort of famous, and he's really good at Club Penguin.


i agre he is so funny and he helps more than 300 penguins on club penguin
and thinknoodles gives a postcared out to a lot of penguins and he uses his own coins .


I think my epically, awesome, tropilogical, friend checker64689 (spelled exactly like that) should be penguin of the week because he is always super exited about anything happening in club penguin and he is always there for me PS BELUGA WHALES that's his favorite animal.


OMIGOSH sorry! I spelled checker64689 with a lowercase c it's capital Checker64689 XD so sorry daffodaily5 and team ;c


My friend Beebasmoo99 is very special. She is always very friendly and likes to help others. She volunteers at the Santa Cruz county Animal Shelter, and is president of her school council unit. When she grows up she want to be a ventrinarian.


She sounds really amazing I would totally vote for her.


I want to nominate Wheaty101 and Lovebug2309 because one Lovebug (Alexandra) is really kind and sweet to others and loves to play around. She follows the rules and helps others to as well. Wheaty101 is a great penguin frined because we have been best friends ever since 2009. Wheaty helped me when i was new and was nice. So if you would select them, thank you! ~A book lover from the US


i think my friend crystal43278 should be the penguin of the week, she has been guiding one of her real life friends to club penguin. Crystal43278 was taking care of members and nonmembers pookies. She cares about the people that was sad and cheered them up with her funniest jokes made up by her. So pleaseee let her be, she deserves thus surprise!

10 Little:

Way to go !


My friend Sensei Joe is a very special friend to me he is always by my side and when I need help to get more coins he gives me tips to get more coins he always try's to be friends with every penguin and has awsome party's at his igloo he invite everyone and when I mean everyone I mean everyone! He always makes everyone laugh and try's to help penguins with getting more stamps too these are some reasons why my best friend Sensei joe is the most awsome penguin ever! I would just like to repay him.


I think you should do Jassmine70279 or Misskittygc they are very nice and they love club penguin


i think you should do either Jasmine70279 or, Misskittygc they have been REALY nice to me lately she loves to explore and do all the new things! They read the newspaper EVERY day and they are very helpful hey help me decide on outfits and they cheer me on hen i am getting cool things OBVIOUSLY I help them with stuff two but they help me SOOO much they diserve this for everything they've done for me, oh yea i'm fine with me getting chosen just to let you know ***wink wink***.


I would like to nominate my bff Rubinstar1 cause she is really fun and nice to new penguins. she will help you get coins and walk your
puffles with you


I do many good deeds in club penguin ,but I'm never the penguin of the week. I deserve a chance at being the best penguin of the week I can. I deserve this amazing title. If I don't get elected I wish for 4 relampago1 to be elected. He is an amazing friend and on a different account he gave me a tour around the world. He was very kind and introduced me to all his friends online. If he was running for president I would vote him one million times.


Hi! My friend is a really good penguin! Her name is Ceecee335 and she isn't a member.
She not only thinks of herself but for many other penguins. She really likes giving tour guides to other penguins that don't know much about CP. Ceecee335 helped me when I was new to Club Penguin. We have been online friends since then. She tells people to stay positive and I know, she gives heaps of postcards! It seems like she enjoys the game to help others.
Hope she gets this amazing award!
- Apple


my friend likes giving tours too!! is is Bella5112 she has been my friend since i first came on cp about a year ago! !


I think Flappybob779 is a great friend. This penguin hosts fun party's, gives a lot of coins to coins for change, and is always ready to help a penguin in need. I nominated them before but I really think that Flappybob779 is the most deserving penguin for this award because of their generosity, kindness and friendship. Thanks!


I think Lucarionitex would be great for the prize because he's very nice, we are best friends in Club Penguin and in our class (we attend the same school), and he just made his account about a month ago so I think 10,000 coins would be nice.


Hey Daffo, I would like to nominate a great buddy of mine, Tom1819, who is generous and very well dressed! He deserves the title because he always donates lots of coins to CFC and loves to help others such as by hosting tours! I always love to check out his many igloos which are always classy and amazing, while still corresponding to events in CP! He also sends christmas gifts to me (and probably all his buddies) every year! I think its time we give him something back!

Lala Hoppy:

Hi! I'd like to nominate my club penguin friend, Girlhulk2. She/he like to try to buy everything in the club penguin catalog! They like having party's and going crazy, and girlhulk2 also likes to meet everyone and hang out with her/him's online friends and showing the new comers around! They love playing tons of mini games and love to learn new things on club penguin like finding out secrets of the club penguin area. They also like to have fashion party's! Overall they love goofing around!


I would like to nominate my. Friend Cocopebbel ten because he always reaches out to new penguins has pretty cool clothes and a AWESOME igloo!


I would like to nominate my friend Cocopebbel10 because he has always reached out to new penguins and has a rocking igloo!


Hi Daffodaily5, I would like to nominate Lukylulu2. I don't know this penguin very well but I met her in the coffee shop today. As I sat there reading and drink coffee, she came up to me in her little gold tiara and asked me how I was. We had a short conversation and after the conversation finished she hugged me. She then gave me a cookie and wished me a happy day. She then did the same thing to about 3 or 4 other penguins. I think she really deserves the Penguin of the Week. She's amazing.


Legojoe1234 is my brother and the best brother ever he is probably the nicest penguin in all of cp!


My friend Sensei Joe is a very special friend to me he is always by my side and when I need help to get more coins he gives me tips to get more coins he always try's to be friends with every penguin and has awsome party's at his igloo he invite everyone and when I mean everyone I mean everyone! He always makes everyone laugh and try's to help penguins with getting more stamps too these are some reasons why my best friend Sensei joe is the most awsome penguin ever! I would just like to repay him.


Good job! Where did you get that shirt?

Ishaan bheem:

Please make rocky7886 as the penguin of the week, he as helped me in making my account and he even has given me coins and stamps and the best thing is he has given me membership so please make him the penguin of the week and he also helps other penguins by giving tour to them answering their answers and he goes and likes all his best friends igloos he does not like his friends igloos because he has some 200 or more friends he is very good please make him the penguin of the week so please .


My friend Nick4561 should be next penguin of the week because he is very active in cp, plus, he loves club penguin very much and he is very friendly. I should add that he stands up to bullies on cp too. He also is very creative and he just really wants to be penguin of the week, so please oh please choose him! It'd be a great help! Waddle on!


hi guys im pretty sure you have to email them

sea star4:

Congratulations Maxi! I love your igloo!!!


'I' got 152 non-member stamps!!!!!!!


Congrats Maxi49117! :D


Thanks You


hey CP Team! i think my best friend Lily63336 should be the next penguin of the week. she loves to throw TONS of partys and is always there to help no matter what! shes the best person EVER! she deserves so much! she also donates a TON of coins for change. she LOVES to help people: animated or real! i think Lily63336 should win! i dont know what i'd do without her! -Coolgurl2466


i vote for Lily63336 to be next. she is totally AWESOME! she throws awesome partys! shes the coolest person ever! no wonder her friends list if full! WADDLE ON!


Lily63336 should win! she really cool. her partys r perfect and shes always the life of them! plus she would look awesome wearing a green viking helmet! LET HER WIN LET HER WIN! WADDLE ON!


Hi Daffo, I think that my good friend Flame 52 should be Penguin of the Week because he always helps new penguins around the island and also is a great friend and an amazing role model! Please pick him!


hi my best friend is qweaes because he love his pets and love to play and have fun he is the one how teached me club penguin so please let him be the penguin of the week please


I think the Penguin of the Week should be Thinknoodles because he likes to postcard everyone and throw epic parties on CP. He is very nice and everyone really likes him. He's the reason why I have gotten even more interested in Club Penguin then I was before.


I agree with spence1001


i think it should be cherry19874 should be the penguin of the week because she is nice to her friends and has amazing parties she is also funny and smart


i so agre


I think Iccy2468 would make an amazing penguin of the week! Not only is he an older member of the club but he loves to participate in games as well as the parties. He makes projects out of decorating his igloo and he's always out searching whether its a pin , a fellow penguin such as Rockhopper or even just for an adventure! Iccy2468 knows how to have fun with everyone and thats why he deserves this.


Iccy2468 sounds like a very good friend I bet you are to. To think he will be a good penguin of the week. I what to be Laura27 and iccy2468 friend. ; ) : ) can't wait to see them at the prehistoric party club penguin waddle on <3 : )


Congratulations to Maxi49117! You seem like a very interesting and wonderful penguin! I love your look and I bet your parties are the best! Best wishes for the game and I hope you have fun when the new party starts (although I am positive you will)!


Aloha Daffo! I think the penguin of the week MUST be johnaspa! He help me with my problems and he makes AWESOME parties on his igloo!


I think my great online friend Ceecee335 deserves this great title because she enjoys Giving Heaps of Tours, Playing With her Two Puffles, Helping other Penguins Explore the Island and much more! She tells penguins to stay positive and make lots of friends while you are new. Ceecee335 has never been banned and always says sorry when she has done something wrong. She never hacks ever! She told me about this game and its great! I know all of this because she is my closest online Bestie.


I agree to "MUST-READ"s comment about Ceecee335 because I know her in CP and she has a great personality! Every couple of days she sends me a postcard about how much of a great friend I am. I know she means it because we meet every once in a while in a server and throw heaps of parties at my place (because she isn't a member).
Please give this award to her, it'll let her know how much she means to me


I think I should be penguin of the week because I have 67 friends and counting,I'm a ninja so not many people know me but that is what ninja's do lurk in the shadows! By the way I'm filthy rich #waddle on!


I think aaronh should be potw because he made an iggy with 10 likes a min
Thats why he should be penguin of the week
P.S it was a disneyland rollercoster iggy

Gary 1:

Make zezo 1 2001 penguin of the week he is soo awesome penguins he is igloo is rare and he love to help penguins and hangout wih everyone. He love to play with everyone! He helps me! And he is my buddy he is my best buddy!
I hope zezo 1 2001 beacome next week penguin of the week!!


Congraulations! But I have something zezo 1 2001 is a awesome penguin! Beacuse he helps everyone and he is igloo is super rare and he wish to beacome penguin of the week he is dream! He love to hangout! He is my buddy and I love him!
So plz beacome him penguin of the week,if he beacome penguin of the week he will be very Happy!


FINALLY!!! I've been waiting! Lucky for you last POTW! you got to be POTW for, a few weeks!!

Angry Bird:

I think Renzotom. He is czech, but can good english. He donated 40 000 coins for Coins for change. He love club penguin. He has cool igloo.
He play club penguin 5 years. He is best friend. He has Member.




Hay I think Green Gra22 should win cuz she's a great friend and I think she dose a lot of stuff to
help c.p like she helps out in partys and is nice to just about everyone so plz at least think about
her cuz I think she really deserves it! but for now...
Waddle On


I recommend one of my best friends, zame104. He always compliments my igloo, and he has over 300 friends on his list! He helps me by
liking my igloo and other people's igloos too. I think he should be next penguin of the week.


I am not a member.
Can I be the penguin of the week?


I think Zornado should be Penguin of the Week because he is realitively new to Club Penguin and he looks as if he's been playing for years, when someone says that they need a friend he automatically comes up to you and sends you a friend request, that's how I met him. also today he told me how he forwarded the idea of extra puffle storage space and that he never got mentioned for it, he is always online and has already mastered Card Jitsu Snow, he is a really good friend and I love him!

youth man:

i think youth girl should be penguin of the week because she helps other penguins out, she often helps aunt arctic with the newspaper, she's always throw parties and she just loves club penguin. please pick her.

youth girl:

i think my buddy youth man should be penguin of the week as he is a great friend and always stays by my and he doesnt judge a book by its cover (if you know what i mean). He is a great friend and always makes people feel welcome to club penguin to the best of his ability. He is a tour guide and an agent and always protects other penguins. He is the best friend ever! thats why i think my best friend youth man deserves to win


I say that I could be penguin of the week because I have very good fashon


My Best Friend is Dj Master937 he is an amazing penguin and is hosting awesome parties and he is always there for me. He makes sure the I am alright incase i get upset when i get upset he cheers me up by telling fantastic jokes sometimes when he is cheering me up we go to get pizza in the game and we have many great adventures he is an amazing and special best friend of mine i think hes an amazing penguin he has loads of friends and im lucky to be his friend.


I think my friend spy99912 deserves it because he is always joining parties he gets the mag very month, he always checks the penguin poll,he reads the penguin times every week, he is an amazing friend he would really like that viking hat, he has a great sense of humour and fashion he was made on the last day of 2010 an got the pin the very same day! he is an awesome friend very nice he really likes club penguin, he did the snow beta test he really likes playing all the games in the island!bye:)


I think spy99912 should get it because he is really nice he deserves this more than anyone else, I would't be surprised if he was the best penguin in the history of club penguin! he is my best friend on the friend list, he is the most amazing friend you should definitely add him! if he got penguin of the week he would be soooooo happy and would like cp even more!please oh please let him have this it would make him really happy. if your clever you would vote for him. he really really deserves it.


you should add didi14409, me and him where best buds since we were born, well, when he was born! we have been playing CP for 8 years now and he so deserves to get 10,000 coins and a green vilking helmet


I really think Yjss should get the next penguin of the week because I am one of her friends and she's always looking out for everyone even if she doesn't know them. When we get bored she is always trying to get us in the mood and happy and love CP just as much as she does (but that tis kind of impossible because she is crazy about it!). Plz choose her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I think bodygaurd78 should be penguin of the week because he is friendly and tries to find every pin and loves getting stamps and he donated 15,000 coins in two thousand thirteen and throws epic parties this is why I think bodygaurd78 shouls be penguin of the week.


I think I should be the penguin of the year


Congrats Maxi! I didn't know that there was a green Viking helmet! I only have the gold, yellow, blue, and red!

Sam9509-Karissa757-Team Isabella190:

Team Isabella190 believes that Isabella190 deserves to be POTW. She donated over 50,000 coins to coins for change. She's not only a great donater, but she has a great deal of advice for her penguins!! She's a tour guide too, and she has over 100 friends. But she's not only a good penguin, but shes a great person! She donates food to food banks, and she knits blankets for needy. Plz nominate her! She deserves it!


I think wacky time 4 should be penguin of the week because he is my best friend and has been playing for about 4 or 5 years now


I like this penguin because it has very cool T-shirt and hear !!


Cubbie233 is special because he rare and is very nice he has a lot of friends. So that's why I think Cubbie233 should be penguin of the week. He is also smart and funny.



i would like iccy2468 as well ( laura27 said her too) she is like an elder wise founder of club peiguin she generates love a prosparity when you play with her her pastion may win her this.


I really want to go to max's party but I can't find him. his place, igloo looks really cool but I ain't find him to soon. Like finding a needle in a hay stack! ha ha!


Hi. I'd like to tell you about my best friend. Her name is Isabella 9381. She is Very kind and funny. She is the nicest person ever. She donated so many coins for "coins for change I can't even count. She is so amazing that when she gets friend requests she says yes to all of them she doesn't judge people on how they look , Isabella 9381 judges people on their character. When someone's upset or sad and she sees that icon she goes to them to help them.


I would have to say there is one penguin perfect for her Isabella 9381 she loves club penguin an when she found out about it she made a penguin. Every friend request she gets, she accepts it. She is an amazing friend who always tries to be kind to everyone. This is the reson I think she should be penguin of the week for next week.


i also think- thinknoodles may like this hes a really nice player and i love his work! GO THINKNOODLES WHOO WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really want Gunnie P to be POTW. She is a friend to all but.... she messes around sometimes! She is creative with her igloo. Gunnie P isn't a online player. She is someone who is a great friend to me always and everyone else. That's my reason why Gunnie P should be POTW! From: Majestic Abby (peace!)


I think jazzy67rulz should be penguin of the week because he is very cheerful and talented and helpful


My Freind should win because he is very awesome. His outfit is very funny lol anyways his name is Qasim12345... I hope he wins
-Waddle On

Mr Black 12:

I thing Bazooka35 would be an amazing Penguin Of The Week! He has been on since 2007 and loves to play this game! He even actually gave some of his blood to help those in need! He always wants to make sure penguins are having a good time and befriends those who don't have any friends. He has a LOAD of stamps and pins too! Bazooka35 is a great penguin and I hope one day he can become a POTW! I am proud to be a buddy to such a penguin!

Clipper HP:

I would love to nominate my friend Cocopebbel10 for being a great friend and always reaching out to new penguins and has been playing for a while and eaven told me about Club Penguin thanks to him I'm here, so I would love it if you nominate him!


I think my best friend covergirl211 should be the pengiun of the week she is not only my best friend on club pengiun but in real and her play all the time she might not be a member but she makes the best of what she has so please let her be the next the pengiun of the week


All of your requests are amazing ideas. But I think that Pufflepants1 should be penguin of the week. She is a cheery friend and she's been feeling kind of blue.But she has been playing club penguin in her bed. She could use something that will cheer her up. Oh yeah!!!!!! She and I are really looking forward to the whole backyard thing can yall speed it it up?


congrats to maxi49117! i think chondarei should be the next penguin of the week because he is such a great friend and is so fun to be around




I think covergirl211 should be the next pengiun of the week it is a present from me to her her birthday is on January 18 so please make her the pengiun of the week on that week or say happy birthday to her on the blog.
, Thanks,tapatio2003


Tapatio2003 is the smartest, nicest penguin you will ever meet and even though she's not a member, in my eyes she is the best, and coolest penguin that ever played so I think she should be the penguin of the week.


I have a buddy named puppyloveg she is so nice. She loves going to everybody's party no matter what it is and plays along with whatever we want. She tells us how to do cool things we never even knew of! She also tells really good stories. She also gives us all of the new cp gossip. Please make me or puppyloveg a penguin of the week.

Aidinjk2006 and WaltK:

(Aidinjk2006: I Love Being The Penguin Of The Year!) (WaltK: Me Too!)


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