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By Polo Field on January 23, 2014 - 08:17
Gary will be coming soon to travel back in time.

To help him with his research, here are some of the meetup times:
Thursday, January 23
 * 10:00am on the server Rainbow
Saturday, January 25
 * 12:30pm on the server Sled
Sunday, January 26
 * 10:00am on the server Iceland
 * 5:00pm on the server Mittens
 * 7:00pm on the server White Out
Monday, January 27
 * 10:00am on the server Crystal
Tuesday, January 28
 *  10:00am on the server Mammoth
Wednesday, January 29
 * 10:00am on the server Sherbet
Thursday, January 30
 * 10:00am on the server Chinook
Friday, January 30
 * 6:00pm on the server Fog
Saturday, February 1
 * 3:30pm on the server Northern Lights
Sunday, February 2
 * 10:00am on the server Iceland
 * 5:30pm on the server Rainbow
Monday, February 3
 * 10:00am on the server Crystal
Tuesday, February 4
 * 10:00am on the server Frosty
Wednesday, February 5
 * 10:00am on the server Rainbow
Remember! The times listed above are in Penguin Standard Time. (If you don't remember what Penguin Standard Time is, you can check the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts.)
Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team



Awesome! Can't wait to meet him. I heard that Gary got a Blue Dino Puffle. Is it true?




WOO i LOVE the prehistoric party i am a dinosaur right now in the prehistoric party and i LOVE roaring WOOT and i really like the prehistoric party pizza parlor WOO

waddle on cp ROAR ROAR ROAR

fluffy 3276:



Hey guys!
You know the Puffle snack station in the pizza parlor?When will there be more of them?And if soon when?


Maybe! Meanwhile, with the Backyards, the music playing sometimes turns out to be the same as the room as I was in before my Igloo. For example, if I was in the University and I left for my igloo then to my Backyard, the Backyard would be playing the University's background music. Strange! Perhaps this is a bug?
P.S. Just bought more new puffles! My Dino Puffle is really happy!
Waddle on!

Shrub Shrub:

That's right Roudrasish1! Darwin is Gary's new Blue Triceratops Dino Puffle.

- The Club Penguin Team


*sniff* i want the "old" Clubpenguin times back *sniff*


I can't wait till we go back in time


Hey guys! Thanks for the meet ups I will help Gary for his researches :3 anyways Waddle On! ;)


Cannt wait to see Gary! I wonder if he knows anymore about the message in the Snow Forts!

Waddle On!

Ping 778:



Thanks! :D


I'm his friend


There is no rainbow server!!! NOOO!!!!

The Islander:

Oh no! Is Herbert up to his tricks again? I wonder if he thinks rainbows can be used as an energy source...

Seriously though, Rainbow does exist! Before you start your journey, make sure you're logging on to English. Then, click "More Servers" and travel down a few pages. Jump over the Puddle, but if you reach Rocky Road then you've gone too far! :)


Rainbows as energy?? COUGH new operation blackout COUGH.


Or maybe it is Opertion Rainbow

Waddle On!


what is Herbert doing with the rainbows


I will see


And don't go down the Zipline! You'll reach the end of the trail!


I don't think I've ever heard of The Islander before? What is your job. Also who made Club Peguin up? That person is a genius! :-)


really that was my favorite server long time ago,and i really want the old cp back


I really want to meet Gary meeting them is harder than I thought

Glitter Roll:

Keep an eye out! I'm sure you'll meet up with him soon, Anklesupport!
- The Club Penguin Team


it was really easy to meet herbert he is so "BIG" now i know why they say he's a big bad guy lol

-waddle on
-coler567 :)


Noooooooooooooooooo! I thought Gary was going to be online at 9:30 pm not am ( my time ). I missed him again now the only chance I have to meet Gary is 4:00 pm tomorow!


Wow it's like just yesterday it was my first pre-historic party... THATS A GOOD THING Ooga Ooga on



idea for you to # WaddleOn Next week for the second part:
Dinosaur T-Rex in the cafe or outside, sitting at the table and says penguin -
Dinosaur: Come sit with me
Penguin comes and sits
Dinosaur: I want to eat
Penguin makes a surprised face
Dinosaur: you!!!!
Penguin escapes, the dinosaur does roar.
You can also do it to be in prehistoric times,
Pizzeria where dinosaur sit at the table and come to the waiter then be the same without it the waiter just sit next to him and instead



Blue Liquid:

Thank you Club Penguin for the Gary Meet-up Times , I am looking forward to meeting Gary (if I do!) .

Blue Liquid:

I think the CLUB PENGUIN TEAM deserve a big round of applause for making the 2014 PREHISTORIC PARTY so prehistoric and fun !

( big round of applause )


Blue Liquid i think your right this party is awesome so they should deserve a round of applause

Glitter Roll:

Thanks so much Blue Liquid! We couldn't have done it without all of you awesome penguins! Everyone gets applause! *joins in the clapping*
- The Club Penguin Team

Silly pingu1:




good job to all penguins around the world.


Hey megg and polo when is the next party going to be


I'm not a mod, but I believe the next party is the Fall Fair, but I don't know when it starts.


Already saw him ;)


Will Gary have his new puffle P.S What is the Puffles name and species?

Waddle On


But I do have a complaint. This prehistoric party is too similar from last years prehistoric party!

fluffy 3276:

i can't wait for that :D


When is club penguins pre historic times going to be aloud on iPad ?


is it club penguin time or real time?


club penguin time


For some reason I made a list of pros and cons about the backyard being added
pros cons
its easier to access puffles we will no longer be able to put hats on our puffles
we get more puffles we can only care for them at the puffle hotel


Actually only dino puffles can be cared at hotel. Other puffles are easy to please. Dino puffles can't wear hats because they are ALREADY awesome!


well atleast i have already put hats on my puffles so i can't change that anymoreD:


you do know that if you move your normal puffle to your igloo you can press the comb button and give them hats and stuff. also the dino puffles can be cared for at the hotel only and can not wear hats.


guess gary likes the number 10


Im On The Prehistoric place right now! But im trying to find the place where i can buy some of the clothes there; ive seen many peoplee with um, ive asked them, but will not answer me! can anyone tell me where i can buy the Prehistoric clothes?


They are from puffle digging .Only dino puffles can dig it.

sea star4:

LopWer8912, to buy the prehistoric clothes you need to go to modern CP and go to the clothes shop!!!


You can purchase these prehistoric fashions back in present-day Club Penguin in the Clothes Shop! They should be in this month's section in the Penguin Style catalog, or you can head to the past and dig up some Dino Puffle eggs and Dinosaur eggs! These could unlock some sweet party items! You could also walk around your Dino Puffle, and maybe it will dig up some prehistoric goodies!
Waddle on!


i know dont go to the prehastoric times go to the present and go to clothes shop and there you go (REMEMBER DONT GO TO PREHASTORIC TIMES)


I cant wait to meet gary.

big top:

where dose gary go to


When I tried to get a dinosaur puffle egg when I clicked on it it did not do anything! I know this does not have to do with this, but could you please help me with the problem? Thank you and Waddle on!!!


To get a dinosaur Puffle egg, you must first dig it up in Dino dig! Then go to the screen, click on it, and hatch it at volcano! Then you can name it and collect the Pre-historic slingshot! Then you have a dinosaur Puffle!


Hey, Morgan12237!
To retrieve a Dino Puffle's egg once you have uncovered it, you must finish the game first by using up all your shovels. Once that has happened and you have completely uncovered an egg, a message should say that you've found an egg! You could either transform into a dinosaur if it was a Dino Egg, or have it follow you into the volcano and onto the glowing red rocks until it hatches.
Waddle on!




This party is awesome!!!

(Psst. could you do a future party? that would be Epic!)

Rockyy 1c:

I got a Dino Puffle and Garugg the Ugg Ugg looks COOL!

Kooky For Cookies :

If Herbert's coming we should build a roof over our back yard. ( YOU NEVER KNOW.... )
Any who, i love the par-ta it's bacon awesome! :$

Blue liquid is right:

You toats rite Blue Liquid

Barton 44:

on Saturday I'm gonna meet Gary on the server sled you should try it because it's easy and the server rainbow does exist you just have to scroll at the bottom and then you will see itI can't believe I'm going to meet Gary it's so awesome you guys should try it too


Thank You Club Penguin for making the prehistoric party it's awesome what are you guys going to make next doors it involves the puffle cause there very cool is this year about the puffles please reply club penguin administrators how do you get these ideas with the events I like the prehistoric party it's very awesome




when I click the puffle in my backyard it wont open the feed or the walk :(


AWESOME PARTY! I love the island in the prehistoric time. I CANT WAIT to meet Gary! He's my favorite mascot EVER! CP, you've really outdone yourselves again!
P.S. When will there be another big EPF mission like Operation: Puffle?

William E2:

I met him

sea star4:

Cool! I am glad Gary is coming, but I never get to meet a mascot because the rooms are always full, so I log out of CP disappointed... Oh well... At least me and Gary have something in common! We both LOVE science!! YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!! So I was at the snow forts in modern CP, I had my headphones on, and the volume up, and a lot of people started roaring while they were dinosaurs (IT WAS REALLY LOUD FOR MY EARS!! lol) and I asked them to please stop but they just roared more! lol WADDLE ON CP!!!!

sea star4:

If we want to meet Gary and know what server he is going to be on, how do we know where (like town, plaza, prehistoric times or e.t.c) he is in the server? (please reply and give me an answer somebody! Anybody!!!)


try waiting in the time trekker because he will need to use it to go from 2014 cp to prehistoric cp. Good luck


club penguin is getting better with every update! waddle on!


I Hope l can see Gary!!! Thanks, Waddle on!


Shouldn't it be Friday, January 31st? Not "Friday, January 30th"?


If U have met Gary please let the penguins that has not met him cuz I never met him ;(


Think you club penguin team your soo awesome maybe I can meet him I really hope so

riv hi:

how do you get dino puffles? please help ASAP thanks :)


this is going to be awesome


Go to the volcano with your egg
Go in one of the rooms
When one of the mini volcano things turn red, rush over there with your puffle egg then do it 3 times
BOOM! you have a dino puffle

P.S Does that mean the partys still gonna be on on the 5th?


Club Penguin team just asking does Gary has a blue Dino puffle please answer back club penguin team thanks:)

Shrub Shrub:

Gary adopted a Blue Triceratops Dino Puffle! His name is Darwin!

- The Club Penguin Team


can't wait to meet gary i have already got a dino puffle, can not wait! to get a BLACK DINO PUFFLE! i love the black puffles


Thanks for the meetups Polo! Looking forward to meet Gary although I hopped that he brought a new playercard and background with him instead of the same ones of last year.



hey club penguin team gary is already on my friend list and i can't seem to get his new giveaway does he have a new giveaway?
or not if not thats why it says you lready have this item and if he does have a new one why can't i get it?


I don't have a backyard!!!!!Or a Dino puffle!!!!! I don't know we're they are!!!!!!!!Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lion Mane:

To see the latest updates to the site, try clearing your cache. Have fun, Bocumon!

- Club Penguin Team


What is cache

Snoopy fun:

Polo field i think there's a big huge puffle with no eye's when i diged for egg's last years preastoric party all there was is totransform into dino's and this year to but when i diged for eggs this big blue puffle with no eyes poped out!

Lion Mane:

It sounds like you've found a dino egg! If you're a member, take your egg to the volcano. When you're there, waddle up to the spots on the ground that turn red 3 times and your egg will hatch!

- Club Penguin Team

Silly pingu1:

love it!!


The only time I'll be able to meet Gary is this Saturday... nuuu I'll be busy this Saturday! D:
Hopefully I can work something out, one of my new year goals was to meet all the mascots, starting with G.


I have a question, How do you get the prehistoric background for your igloo?

Squaky the Penguin:

YAY!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! :)


I can't wait to meet Gary!! But, I have a question, where on Club Penguin do you meet him? Please answer my question Club Penguin
Team. Thanks if you do!


happy new year. I love


I met Gary! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! but I don't understand why the dino puffles get unlocked at separate times I only have two days of my membership :(. Well as long as I get 2 I'm happy :D W A D D L E O N!


I think they skipped Friday the 24 on the meet-up times. Other than that, the party is SO much fun! The dino puffles are really cute!
Waddle On,

Red pengu100:

You should say where a mascot is coming


where is Gary when he comes? can you tell me?


Why didn't I see Gary on the server sled? I waited forever and also I was recording! I'M VERY MAD BECAUSE GARY DIDN'T SHOW UP. Also I left a message in the description of the video I made called " Failed video: Gary lied", can you please read it for me?


Why didn't I see Gary on the server sled? I waited forever and also I was recording! I'M VERY MAD BECAUSE GARY DIDN'T SHOW UP. Also I left a message in the description of the video I made called " Failed video: Gary lied", can you please read it for me?


What is cache




I'm so upset right now! I tried to meet Gary on the server Sled, I logged in 1 hour before the meet up so it was not full, and I never met him! I have a question, too: Does Gary visit prehistoric Club Penguin or modern Club Penguin?


Lara :

This sounds awesome hope u have a great time


wow meeting Gary is reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaly hard. but that's Ok since this party is probably the best ever! i love the CP team! there so awesome because they make the BEST parties ever! I think they deserve an award for best game ever! I even saw in the 2010 almanac! I'm in grade 6 and i have been playing since when i was in grade 1! they have gotten me so addicted to this game i still play it!
thank you for making this wonderful game!


Is this time in normal time or is it Penguin Standard Time Because I really Really REALLY want to meet Gary (he it one of my favourite mascots and he is awesome but not as awesome as the Club Penguin team they are the true masters of the awesome power of awesomeness
To the club penguin team and my fellow penguins WADDLE ON!!!


it is in Penguin Standard time.


so far i have got 2 Dino puffles can not wait to see Gary today


Awesome!! .......... rad!!!

Enter nickname:

Can you maybe add an ice age adventure and get like a mammoth puffle, a sabertooth puffle and more? Like the prehistoric party?

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