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By Polo Field on January 24, 2014 - 09:16
Head to the Snow Forts to travel back in time to the stone age. There's some new prehistoric rooms to explore, and dino puffles to rescue! 

What's your favorite part of the Prehistoric Party? Let us know in the comments!
Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team



I love the prehistoric rooms! The pizza parlour is awesome. Great job as always, Club Penguin Team!


I agree.


It should come on again if it was that good shouldn't it :)


My favourite part of the Prehistoric Party is adopting a dino puffle!

Lion Mane:

Me too! They're so awesome!

- Club Penguin Team

Az Pinky Pie:

my favorite part of the prehistoric party is the new dino puffles!!!!! who doesn't LOVEEEEEE a new puffle?!?!?!?!?!


I also LOVE adopting Dino Puffles! BUt why doesn't the full screen for taking care of puffles thing come out with the Dino Puffle? And also, can we have a Mr Peabody Takeover for March? Sorry if too much questions.

Waddle On!


they can't its dreamworks not disney


when im stepping on the lava, im all like HOT LAVA LAVA! And I just feel like screaming OOGA BOOGA! im happy that we get to transform into dinosuars again like last year. im already trying to get forty puffles! :D well see you later!- Rosypink3025


one day I wanna work there in CP team I got a million ideas already for CP :D


Me to!


I love the Prehistoric Party so far! My favourite part are definitely the Dino Puffles! My new Dino Puffle has found some awesome exclusive items. I can't wait to collect the rest!


What's my favorite part of the Prehistoric Party? Wow, there are so many things to do in this party, I don't know which is my favorite! I just dig digging dino eggs and Dino Puffle eggs. I love my Blue Triceratops Puffle, Yoshi. He is so kind and fun to spend time with! :)


My favourite part of the Prehistoric Party has to be the Dino a Puffles - they're so cool!

Waddle On!


AWESOME UPDATE! So Cool! Congratulations Team!
A question.What happened to the penguin of the week?


That banner is so cool!

Waddle On!



Although I am not a member, I really have fun at the party. Feeding the dinosaurs, digging for dino - eggs and spending time on the prehistoric pizza parlor. And you Polo? How do you spend your time in prehistory? Greetings!


Hello club penguin team, I really liked this event, last year most people were bored, but now is one of the best party, I loved the new club penguin home, so I continue.


i love because i can be a dinoseur -witout be a member

Ping 778:

My favorite part in the Feast Prehistoric, it can adopt Dino Puffles, they are so cute!

Proto Man 10:

My favorite part is transform in Dinos, and adopt DinoPuffles :D


Love the new concept of Dino Puffles. I bet they will be a lot of rare in the next few years. I wonder if there will be other Dino Puffles like Gold Dino Puffle, etc.


Very good everyone perfect work :-)



I love the Prehistoric Party! Club Penguin is the best!

King Brad32:

Amazing, Club Penguin is growing in society between the countries, loved the load of the login page. Can not wait for other puffles in the Future!
Congratulations Team Club Penguin, a flash'll do nine years in the game!


I like the Dino Puffles specially the Black T-Rex Puffle!


My favorite part is at the party is how that T-Rex throwing snowballs.
And I loved the dinosaur paffles.
But in addition to all this, I just think the artwork and effort you invested party is huge!, And the graphics are so cool!


Adopt dino puffles!

Ham o ween:

Hi Club Penguin Team! I would think that My Favorite Part of the Prehistoric Party is Adopting Dino Puffles! When I got a Blue Stegasaurus Puffle I named him Dino Jay! I think I would name my Red Stegasaurus Puffle ... T-Red. ( If that's the next one were saving.) Like It!? Well... Waddle On!




I LOVE that you can adopt a Dinosaur Puffle!!!
Waddle On!


I love being a Dino I called my Dino puffle Dino because he looks like a Dino Also the Dino Dig game got me over 700 coins!


I love it! I like that you can still transform into dinos, and get dino puffles! Oh, and I have a question, will we be able to adopt more than one of each color dino puffle? Waddle on!


I like the new loading screen it looks awsome!! and the Dino Puffles I named my blue triceratops Puffle Royal and I goning to name my red triceratops Puffle Tri!! I need help naming the other ones!! Polo field Please reply with some name ideas!!


Or Megg!!




My favorite part of the party is the cool and stylish items :)


i ♥ Dino Puffles and the transformations of T-Rex, ROAR!!


Collecting the eggs!

stephan dj:

party is great! just 1 little problem. the dino transform is kinda messed up.


My favorite part is the new dino puffles and the prizes. My favorite prizes are the hard hat, sling shot, and the bone bracelets. And I have been waiting for a new type of puffle like these. What does G have to say about them ?


my fave part about the party is the dino puffles.


Will non members be able to adopt more puffles? I hope so, bc i am a nonmember


I love how we can get new EXCLUSIVE puffles.


Mine is probably going back in time and saving the dino puffles and I really want to met Gary but there's no good times


dino puffles but im not a member i want to know if the party ends i can keep my egg and when im a member i can hatch it.


Hatching dino puffle eggs and collecting dinosaur eggs so i can turn into any dinosaur i want.


Banana :)


My favorite part is, well, EVERYTHING! I love all of Club Penguin's parties and I really love this one! I really like the idea of the Dino Puffles! So cool! I really like the new dinosaurs which are the Raptors and the Stegosauruses. It's great! Talk to you later cp team!


I really like the dino digging and dino Puffles, today i was helping penguins all over the prehistoric Stone Age land to show them how they hatch the dino puffle eggs, i hope this party will stay for a while! -kate00112


Hello Cool Polo Field Pre Historica! Party! Dinosaur What will it be? A and will go Online?When going out to The Next Spoiler Alert? Muppet Show!?


you get it on ipad?


My favorite part is the newly updated forest , ski hill and the dino puffles they look awsome and the forest is so pretty!I also like the penguin style and furniture catalog i wish cp would bring them back.


I love the cp past!!!


Please please please can you bring back the super hero take over please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have always loved turning into the dinosaurs, because each one is unique! I also really love all of the prehistoric outfits and jokes! There are so many great things I just cant choose. But for this one I would have to say that I really like the dino puffles!

Cool Berry86:

I LOVE the new Dino Puffles. To bad I don't have membership... good thing I'm getting membership :D

Fun girl:

This is awesome!


Awesome! Want to be freands?!!!!!!!


this is AWESOME and so much FUN. Love the new dino-puffle and dino-dig.


The best part is that we can adopt, and not only adopt, but save the Dino Puffles. The team made an awesome job!
Waddle On ;)


Wow! The prehistoric party is awesome! My favorite bit is that DINOSAURS* can come to the present! Waddle On, Megg,Ninja and Polo!

*That Is Awesome Right????????


Definetely the Dino puffles what do you think duh.


My favorite part is the interactive features because even when you're waiting for the next day of Dino Puffles, you can play around with the new features which add's a bit more fun into the game and I love the new rooms like the Volcano! Is that the same Volcano from the Fire Dojo and millions of years later the Volcano erupted?

Puffle 109:

Well i love all the stuff you put out this year :) i love let me repeat I LOVE the dino puffles i love my dino puffle it's name is dinoy it's so cute!!! W
waddle o
waddle on!


Favorite part of the prehistoric party? Dino puffles!!!!!! Need I say more? :) :) Waddle on CP!


It is awesome, I just got to be a member yesterday and I got it for 12 MONTHS YAYYYY!!! But this party is awesome the transforming in Dinosaurs is amazing. And I've been with the CP Club for like 6 or 7 years now. Awesome job guys!!!!

Keep Calm and Waddle On!!! :D


Help. I just became a member and I dont know how to get to the party???! What am I doing wrong. Thx penguins.


I love the new Puffles! New ones are always being added to Club Penguin :)


My favorite part is being able to turn into a dinosaur. I like roaring as a T-Rex!


My favourite part of the party so far has got to be the dinosaur puffles! They are so cute and adorable, I like how we get to make them come out their eggs and express the personalities. I also love the animation that goes with the Dino puffles of the mini volcano erupting and treasure landing at your feet. In short I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

starman330 :

dino puffles is the best! and also polo ,megg, and ninja, please send me a friend request .


hello i dug all my eggs already so i can be all the animals and animal colors and my favorite parts of the prehistoric party is roaring and eating pizza at that prehistoric party pizza place i LOVE the prehistoric party WOOT

waddle on cp


This is my first prehistoric party and I'm really enjoying it! My favourite part is all the stone age themed rooms. By the way, what language to dinosaurs speak?



The Prehistoric Party is one of my favorites! I love to waddle around and pretend to be a caveguin with my puffles, including my Dino Puffle! I especially love the dinosaur transformations because they're so big and scary, but I like to pretend to be a pet dinosaur instead of a wild one! Other special parts are the new areas in prehistoric Club Penguin to explore, my favorite place being the caveguin pizza parlor!


I got a new dino puffle :)


I love the prehistoric party and the Dino puffles are so cute ! I mean how do the designers come up with such good Ideas and cute puffles? That is a mystery in my book! So I don't know about you but I love the prehistoric party how about you


Hmm... That's Hard. But I Do Really Enjoy The Slingshot So I Can Be Bart Simpson! The Flinstone Cars Are Fun But I Really Like The Puffles And Items! I Wish You Could Have A Catalog But The Items Make Up For It. I Like The Changed Pizza Emote Too! It's The Best Party Ever To Be Clear! Can You Make More Partys Like This?


My favorite part of the Prehistoric Party is that you get to adopt your very own Dino puffle and hatch the egg over the volcano.Also, I like how for every party the whole island is transformed into what ever the theme of the party is .


adopting dino puffles!

waddle on!


I love that non-members can be dinosaurs too!


well everyone likes dino puffles but umm I DONT LIKE THEM....... JK XD there the best! DUH! well umm INSTEAD OF WADDLE ON ITS...
Keep waddling people!


I don't like them
I love them


Getting all the new dino puffles!!


Pfft that's an easy question to answer. Of course my answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE! I can't tell whic part is my absolute favorite because it's all sooooooo awesome!

But if I had to choose, definitely the Dino puffles. To. Help with some names, I got a few.

Shimmer, Lava, Steagy Longtail, Bubbles, Spike, Shadow, Tyrone, Blossom, Oogie, Boogie, Grubs, Grubber, Oggier, and Silver Stream.

That's all I got so far, let me know what you think if these ideas everyone!

Waddle on!


I think they are great
I might use some
waddle on ravenzilla


I think the best part of the Prehistoric Party is the excitement of digging up eggs and turning into or hatching the dinos!


adopting dino puffles and transforming into dinosaurs and learning something new about club penguinfor example-the shark
in the ice berg from the prehistoric party is it still there in the present day 2014 if is it still there then we shall dig not tip the ice berg


I agree
but how can we dig
the berg is very hard
maybe we can get gary to build a melting machine


I love the Dino Puffles and Dino Dig!




I didn't have one favourite
here is a list of them
dino puffles
turning into dinos
getting a chance too meet gary
new iggy items
and more
waddle on
- Krupali


The DINO PUFFLES are the best thing about the Prehistoric party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also like the dinosaurs but I like the PUFFLES MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


im looking for gary. But I like dino puffles!!!!!!!!


dino puffles i just wish there were more of them


My favorite is turning into dinosaurs!


I think we should be able to put furniture in our backyards on cp.

Cyclones 20:

The Puffles, My first one is named Trip
Tri is in Tricaratopes
and P is the begging for Puffle
Trip :D




My favourite part of the prehistoric party are turning into different kinds of dinosaurs and scaring penguins and i love adopting the dino puffles they are so cool


Hi CP. I thought that the Prehistoric Party would be HORRIBLE like an ad party or something but it is WONDERFUL, nice job Club Penguin Team
Waddle On


I was playing Dino Dig and found a blue triceratops egg even though I already own a Blue Dinopuffle... Strange


Yay! I luv the Prehistoric Party! My fav thing abt it is the Dino Puffles! They're so cute & unique! =)


Cool!I love the new Prehistoric Party.Especially the new dino puffles!The dinosaurs are so RAWRsome!!Keep up the good work guys.#GoTeamCP

Melvin 505:

I thought Gary was adopting a puffle...?


He did, he adopted a Dino Puffle the blue one and his name is Darwin.


My fav one is everything I can't choose any but I like the Dino puffle a there so awesome and cool!


My favorite thing is adopting the dino puffles & ROARING all over the island!

Waddle On!


1. Love every party,2 I got a question, for a party. Instead of going to the past,we could go to the future!? If so that would be really good!! But if you can't I'm perfectly fine!!!! (:p. Just giving a cool idea

Just a friendly penguin oliviakatie!!!!!


Gary Puffle Dino Puffle


My favarite part is digging for Dino puffles


To The Club Penguin Team,
With the dino puffles, it says after the party they will live in our backyards, does that mean we won't be able to walk them?

From, Tangy22546


The party in club penguin is awesome love you club penguin team


Awesome So Far!, I Love It all!, Hard To choose, I Love the New Puffles, What More would U need?, When i first started Cp was Only colours.
Now. They Are So Awesome!, Dinosaur Puffles??? Very creative! First Party Of 2014!! A great start To the Year!, and theres even more hats Now! In the puffle Shop, What more would U want In preshistoric! Even shows U the History And dinosaurs, In 2015 I would Like More Dinosaurs To Choose From!!


are the dino puffle eggs supposed to be hard to find?i cant find the black one AT ALL! :(
Other than that, i love this party! i got a blue dino puffle, and i named it tom


Can we hunt for Dino puffles and Dino eggs on the my penguin app?
Also can non-member have 40 puffles too?


I was wondering if you guys could throw
a Disney's Frozen party?


The party is EPIC! Although there is a walking puffle glitch


Please do this more often. I LOVE THE FLYING DINO!
waddle on,


I like the Dinosaur Puffles. When you go to the volcano to hatch them, it's so fun standing on those hot spots. The egg is just relaxing and your just like, LAVA HOT HOT!


Dear CP team my old CP account has been deleted and I want it to come back and I wanted to ask we should be able to give items to a penguin if we know the passsword


I like the party cause you dig for eggs and you can turn into dinosaurs and it is really fun!!! I love Club Penguin!!! It's AWESOME!!! ;)


how do we get the dino prize after collecting all the Dino puffles and Dinosaur eggs????(friend me rocker60199)


how do we get the dino prize after collecting all the Dino puffles and Dinosaur eggs????(friend me rocker60199)


wheres dino dig

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