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By Polo Field on January 15, 2014 - 08:31
Hello Penguins!
Tech70 gave great feedback:
My top three favorite parts of December are the Holiday Party, Coins for Change, and the Spoiler Alert. In the Holiday Party, penguins can celebrate Christmas and the holidays with their friends! With Coins for Change, we can work together to change the world for good reasons! The Spoiler Alert remains to be my favorite weekly show. It features upcoming events, tons of fun, and lots of laughs, what else could you want? I would like to see a new Card-Jitsu game in 2014!
Thanks Tech70,  I'm glad you enjoy The Spoiler Alert!

It's a new year, full of awesome opportunities! What are some your goals for the new year?
We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team


34 Ray Allen:

my goals for the New year our to adopt 40 puffles an to meet all the mascots.


Mine is to just rock out with my BFFS,and just get on as much as possible.


I know this isn't normal for a fourth grader ( 9 Year Old ) to not know how to ride a bike, but thats me. My goal is to learn to ride a bike, its my goal because it would mean a lot to my mom. Also, I want to be more responsible, beacuse, as I said, I am 9!! So that was my goal, hope you liked it!


My goals for the new year is to buy lots of puffles and have fun in all the cp parties! And guys I heard that there is going to be a fair in February waddle on cp


myn is to go on club penguin everyday and party all the time

Shrub Shrub:

Party all the time?! Sounds good to me!

- The Club Penguin Team


my goals for 2014 are to be popular on club penguin because I'm kinda low on money (in Club Penguin)


my goal 2014 is to be amembetrship

Ham o ween:

Hi Club Penguin Team, My 3 goals of the year is 1: Get 12 puffles or more! 2: Get at least 1 or 2 parties at my igloo! 3: Meet at 1 or more Mascots.(Can you say where the mascots are going to be when they are online... and I'm not talking about the server.) I hope I get Selected! Well... Waddle On!


This is my first time


My goal is to make new friends around the world so we can hang out


I want to own all the different kinds of puffles available. I hope you have some more puffle parties this year. Puffles are my favorite thing about club penguin. I wish puffles were real it would be so cool to have one.

Cute girl :

My goal is too have 15 igloos and have 69 puffles :D




I'm positive this is just temorary and that the team will squash that bug ASAP!


I have experienced it before. Log out and see if that works. If it doesn't, clear your cache.

I hope this helps you
Waddle On, Asked789,

P.S This is my New Year Resolution, to help others


superassia its been happenning to me too,its just a little glitch :)


I love yo adopt puffles too

Ham o ween:

Hi Club Penguin Team, My Top 3 goals are1: To get 10 - 13 Puffles. 2: Have 3 Awesome party's at my igloo!( You Can come if you want . My first party will be on Febuary 4th, the server is Down Under, and it will be 3:00 pm Penguin Standard time!) And 3: I meet at least 1 or more Mascots. Thank You And Waddle On!


Okay okay, this Isn't about a new year's resolution, but MY FRIENDS LIST IS BLANK AND I HAD LIKE 350 FRIEEEEEEEENNNNNDDDDDSSSSSS!!!!!!!!


Log out and check again. If it does not work, clear your cache.

Waddle On, Asked789

Shrub Shrub:

Thanks Asked789!

Clearing your cache can also help!

- The Club Penguin Team

Shrub Shrub:

Hey Peterld,

We're aware there are some issues with the Friends List. Our tech team is looking into it! Don't worry, your friends have not been deleted! For now, try logging into a lower populated server.

- The Club Penguin Team


My goal is to meet Herbert, Cadence, and Aunt Arctic! Oh, and Gary too! I wanna win the igloo contest, I wanna get a joke or question into the Club Penguin Times, I wanna fill my buddy list, with people I will actually talk to, and, most importantly, I want to make a change on Club Penguin Island!

Shea Shea 12:

My goal is to try to go on club panguin more often and to buy more items from the shop

C1cme2 :

My goal for new year is to hang with friends,and I want to ask you a question,will new games be added anytime soon


It's always exciting to see new games on the island! I myself haven't heard of what's coming next. If you could choose, what kind of game would you pick?

- The Club Penguin Team


I would like for paint by letters to come back!!


My goal for the New Year is to make more friends on clubpenguin, when I say friends I mean a friend that I talk to, hangout with, maybe even attempt to tip the iceberg with! Right now my friend list is almost full, but sadly all my friends are not very active players what should I do I don't want to have to delete them! please help me CP!!! :(


Wow, thank you for featuring my comment about December! :)
Some of my goals include:
-Adding more spice to my life (or I'll just add more pepper to my food).
-One of my comments to be featured on the What's New blog (wait, that just happened, didn't it?).
-OK, my real goal is to help others by replying to some comments with questions on the What's New blog! :)




I try my best to be funny and make people laugh! :)


Congrats ;)


Yeah, great comment. I hope to see it on What's New again. :)


Congrats! I remember when I was first featured on Reviewed by You.
Waddle on!


My new years resolution is to help penguins who are new on the island explore the whole island. I will do this buy giving out more tours on the island! I will also go undercover more often to check that everything is OK for the Elite Penguin Force.

Waddle On!


WHAT CAN BE THE GOALS FOR A PENGUIN ? Mine is to become snow ninja to have fun letting snow in party for fun .one more is to keep all members happy thats it.what else is more fun than having as many friends to spend time:D!!!!!


Hey thats great to know you got 10,000 coins and that you like Club Penguin's Post !


My goals is to try and get better grades at my school and practice my skills to accomplishing my dream job. Also to try and make lots of penguins happy and have fun


Oh yeah New Year 2014 will be a year to Study Very Funny, Goal to Achieve Goals leave my Graduate Study English To Go To Usa
Another goal is Living My Childhood And Playing Cp.


Good work Tech70 :)


Coins for Change has inspired me to help my community So, One of my goals for the new year is to get involed in places that help my community, and the world around me.
Waddle On from hands17


Thanks! :)


My goal is to keep learning something new every day :)


Wow Wish That I Almost Forgot Hollywood Camera Light back, Spike Hike As be the new Card.Jitsu Plant O Shadow said.
The Party That Were More Fun In This Whether I wish 2014.
bech-the movie
Hollywood-Light Camera
-Red Nose Day
-Puffle Party
-Night Witches


New goals? You asked the right penguin! Here are some (if I did all it would go CRAAAZZZYYY!) of my New Year Goals!
- Walk my puffles more: Since more puffles are coming out, I need to give my attention to my other puffle pals! ( To the tune of the fRiend Song: Get new puffles, love the old.... :P)
- Practice piano more: I dream of becoming a musician and a musical theater star so I need to practice more if I want to get to the TOP! :D
- Spend more time outdoors: The Great Outdoors! :D


The sky's the limit!


I totally agree with you on the musical goal!!!! MUSIC FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1st comment! ;)

konda varsha:

wow the first person to comment hurray!!! Iam coming can u tell the tiime of the party in qatar......!!

konda varsha:

i decided to take my new year resolution that " i will never lie" and " i will help others". What about u polo field?

peng anurav:

My goal for this year is to achieve higher marks in studies and sports so that i can make my parents and teachers proud one day and i am gonna try my best to do it! i have promised myself that i will do it! YES! i totally will! no matter what it takes. i will spend most of my study time, spare time and a bit if play time just to study. I promise i will achieve my goals!



Le ia:

My goals r to study hard in school an get better in math so I can become a good doctor.peace out an waddle on!


My goal is to be the best puffle owner and best friend that I can be! Club Penguin was really awesome last year, but this is a new year with tons of potential! I loved that in 2013, I was hanging out with my awesome friends at the University which I go to everyday ( I want do graduate c; ) and I sometimes teach there when the teacher isn't around. There's one thing I want to see in 2014... a new EPF HQ :0? Anyway, thanks for the awesome year CP, I can't wait for new stuff to come along in 2014!


My goals for 2014 are:
Play more CP
Making new friends
Much more fun
Always follow fashion trends
Watch more The Spoiler Alert
And enjoy the holidays more

# Waddle


Thanks You


Hey Polo Field one of my goals for this year is probably to tell more people about Club Penguin so they can have tons of fun and hang out with their friends and enjoy parties and along with that be safe! Waddle on!! Pink0318


My New Year's goal is to settle into school again and work hard as usual! Also try and get into CP more and maybe go into more crowded servers and not just my favorite server Fog :P


I don't have on goal but i'll list a few:
To play more cp :)
To be a better part of both the cp community and my own community
To not leave my homework to last minute
To enjoy life to the full
To get a post on the cp news paper
To get an answer to a comment (plz)
I could go on but I don't want 2 make you fall asleep
but for now
Waddle On

Cool girl540:

One goal down! :-)
~Cool girl540


Hi CP! My goal is to get more party items and earn more coins! First commentor!!!!! :)


My goals this year are to be more nicer to people. I want to be known as a nice and friendly guy, so therefore Im going to try harder by sharing more of my things and helping out people where needed. Plus i want to be more healthier this year, to do this im going to eat my 5 a day of fruit and veg, plus be more active and take some walks like i enjoy doing on club penguin with my puffles :)


After another great year, it's always nice to start the new year with some new thoughts about what you want to achieve. This year, I want to be twice as active, be twice as happy, and have twice as much fun! Happy New Year, and a very special shoutout to the Club Penguin Team!


Oh yeah one of the first to comment :D


My goal is to help the enviroment. There are a lot of things we can do for the nature! We should collect recyclable objects. Learn something new! Is always cool the learn about something we don't know and finally, donate a lot of things we don't use anymore for charity! Help needy children is one of the coolest things to do! Recicle, Learn and Help!

Surfa Siss:

Awesome vini990! I love your goals to help the environment and people in need! I agree that these are really cool things to do. You're making the world a better place to live for everyone!


My new year goals are to have a party and have a good Prehistoric Party soon. It'll rock!!!

Shrub Shrub:

I see what you did there Domo6367! The Prehistoric Party will rock!

- The Club Penguin Team


my goals in 2014 is to have fun with friends helping friends if they need.Certainly expect great parties and more aytemi mostly cardju shadow.

a guy:

i know this doesn't relate, but does anyone know when prehistoric party starts in UK?


It starts on January 23 for all countries. It's gonna be a dinotastic party!

a guy:

just hoped it came slightly earlier...
: /


I have to many goals to list! Happy new year!


My goals for the new year are to get more active, meet the mascots I have not met yet on Club Penguin, spend more time with my friends and family, and now for the grand finale goal... HAVE AS MUCH FUN ON CLUB PENGUIN AS I'LL EVER HAVE!!!
Those are my goals for 2014! What are yours? Waddle On!

Ninja e5:

Cool that party is awesome!!!

Marc xD:

Megg! You deserve a party in Club Penguin! You're great, you know me out and always a smile! You like to party the muppets? I do! Megg Hey, add me on club penguin please i'm: ''Marc Xd'' For megg of, by Marc
-Marc Xd-

Enter nickname:

A Muppet takeover would be awesome, perhaps for the upcoming Muppets: Most Wanted!

Cool girl540:

that would be EPIC!


This is from Chingu123 by the way!

Enter nickname:

My resolutions for this year:
1. Try to make more friends.
2. Continue to just be myself no matter what.
3. Help make the World better, even just a bit better
4. keep showing my beloved people, family, friends how much I love them.
5. keep supporting my country with dedication
And last but not least, must try to become a better person
And, as I only have few words left, I want to wish you all a happy NEW Year with Health and whatever you want.
This is Rozoula1999 from Greece,Waddle on!!

Surfa Siss:

Wow Rozoula1999, I think you are already a better person by making these your goals! Way to go & have a great year!


Mine is to progress in my figure skating O-o have u seen my spin?
My friend is like WOW and I feel like a hippo......


Hello Polo Field and the Club Penguin Team. My goal for this year is to help others more. Like we did with CFC! :) I want to donate atleast 400$ of my money I make this year!
What is yours?
Waddle on


Megg, What's your new Year Goal?


My penguin is about 1,000 days old and I STILL haven't earned my full fire card jitsu outfit, so that's one thing I would love to do. My second goal is to get at least 10 more stamps this year. I have many more goals but I wont say any more because I don't want my penguin to feel like an under-achiever. ;)


Don't worry, just because you can't seem to earn enough stamps or earn your Fire Suit doesn't mean you're an under-achiever! It just means you have to keep on trying and never give up! Like I say to my self everyday, "YES I CAN!" (Or in this case, YES ROCKYROLL200 CAN!)

Dino Kraken:

My new years goal is to make lots of new and fun friends on Club Penguin


Polo Field what's your new year goal?

venassa pink:

My goals for this year is:
1. Do better in school/get higher grades
2.Earn more coins in club penguin so that when I get a membership, I will have lots of coins to spend on
3.Play more club penguin!
4. Say "Waddle On" in a comment

Waddle On (I guess I just did number 4) =D


I just did number 4 too!


My goals are:
To start fresh and be even MORE helpful! Prob gonna do more tours, and answer questions for other penguins! (I'm really good at helpin other penguins with the pin along with my friends autumn012 and popsicle81!)
To stay on the A team or get to the AA or even AAA girls hockey team this year!

Keep Calm and WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!


One of my goals is to make new friends. I'm a little shy, so I'm trying to get less and less shy until I'm not shy anymore. Another one is to adopt more puffles, especially on January 22 when the igloo backyards open! The last one is to try and become a Water Ninja. I am already a Fire and Snow Ninja, but Water is a little tricky so I'm going to practise more.


My goals for 2014 are to....
-Walk my puffles so they keep healthy.
-To help my friends more often so they feel more happy.
-Do my very best at school to get better at my learning .
-Dance and do some exersise to keep fit.
-To eat more healthy food to be healthy
-Of course to help my family when they need help.
And to be brave and push myself to get a better grade in learning.
I hope you will have some great goals too!
Waddle on CP!




-I would like to learn to play the drums and bongos
-To meet all of the mascots
-To finish the snow and water dojo
-Help more people
-HAVE FUN!!!!!

PS: Club penguin is AWESOME!!!!



My goal is to achieve a high grade in school. It is my dream to get a good grade in every topic. Also, my other goal is to meet Spike Hike, Polo Field and Billybob. This is also my dream!


What are my goals this year? Well,I'll keep changing the world in this awesome community,learn more about CJ(I'm not such a good ninja),adopt my perfect Puffle,I need to learn to work on team and more! What else I'm missing?! What about you guys? I want all of you guys to keep making this community a awesome place to have fun. ;)



Some of my ideas for new goals are:
-EPF missions!
-Minecraft Party!
-A larger variety of percussion! (Bass Drum, Cymbals, Xylophone etc.)
-Return of the EPF test please?
I am Benguin1337 and these are my ideas for club penguin!
P.S. I found out if you have enough snow ninjas it SNOWS

sea star4:

YEAH TOTALLY A MINECRAFT PARTY!!!!! OMG OMG!!!! You could like dress up as Minecraft people! AWESOME!!! And you can build stuff in CP!! OMG!!! And maybe we could have Minecraft backgrounds for our igloo! COOL!!! AND MAYBE MINECRAFT MUSIC!!! OMG OMG OMG, I AM TOO OVERWHELMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolz


Some people (like me) don't play 'Minecraft' so that would be something we would not enjoy. It probably isn't going to work out, but it really, really is for the best. Remember that the team tries their best to focus on the needs of the penguins overall and balance the wants of all penguins, sort of like a compromise. I say this compromise works quite well, since even the penguins who want differently still play, as well as the other side, because in the end, we're one big family :)
Waddle on!


My goal is to play more Club Penguin and hold a MASSIVE igloo party. It would be awesome and many people would make many new friends, which is what Club Penguin really is all about. Making friends.



Rico 7817:

Well, every year I set myself to tidy my room and keep on top of it (it get's really messy :s) but it never works lol
This year I have set myself something new! :D I am working on playing the guitar and I am learning the keyboard too but this year I am going to push myself further in my learning, hopefully by the end of the year I will be better (I hope so anyway).
I also need to do my homework on time...( I hate homework) ;D


My new year goal is that i'm a member so the upcoming events!I really LOVE club penguin and its fun to be one cuz...................................................................................................................I LOVE CLUB PENGUINNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waddle on!


are these goals for in or outside of club penguin?

Shrub Shrub:

Hi karina127,

You can set goals inside or outside of Club Penguin. Or both!

- The Club Penguin Team

Mighty Pant:

I'd have to say, my goals for the new year are:
1. Make a blog (I've been on Club Penguin for about 4 years.)
2. Help newcomers in Club Penguin by giving tours
3. Host more parties and hang out with friends more

Let's have a great new year!


I actually have 2 goals: adopt 6 dinosaur puffles and be awesome :D

Cool girl540:

Goals? Hmmm... Well in Club Penguin my main goal is to throw more igloo parties. I want to get 1,000 likes SO BADLY!
~Cool girl540


Good luck! :)


i have some new goals i want to meet as many mascots as i can and adopt as many puffles i can afford


My goal is to earn as many stamps on CP as possible!!! I have 286 stamps so far!!!!

Cutie Bibby:

My two main Club Penguin goals are:
- Buy/win/pick up every single clothing item that comes out this year.
- Collect/buy every single puffle that comes out this year.
I'm a big collector, so I'd hate to miss out on any of the items that are yet to come.
As more parties come out, and more items and puffles are announced, the more and bigger goals I have to achieve.


My new goals is to meet new friends , help others and to walk my puffles and take care them. Thant is my goals


I have a few goals for this year that I would like to accomplish, but the big achievement I wish to earn is to become a writer. By the end of 2014, I want to at least finish the first draft of the story I'm writing. It's one of those 100-150 page chapter books. Unfortunately, it takes a few years to actually publish a book. So, if you go to the book store around 2016-2017, be on the lookout for a book called Earl the Frying Pan!


when It comes out I cant wait to read it


Keep working hard! I'd love to learn more about Earl the Frying Pan! Meanwhile, I'm already writing my first book, ELMER! I don't want to say too much since I'm only on chapter four, but ELMER the robot is in a lot of trouble!


i cant wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!! i a writing a book as well. by the way my goles are to meet 2 or more mascots to save up 20,00 coins on club penguin and get somthing in the news paper.

by Booboo3104


Ps, well done tech70 I see you comment a lot, it's nice to know the team read and like at least one of them!


Thank you! And yes, I like to comment a lot so I can participate in the Club Penguin community and share our great ideas and opinions. :)


Wait no I don't


My goals vary from different activities. On the educational side I would like to do well at the Club Penguin University, on the social side I would like to spend time, walking my puffles and meeting with my friends . Since my friends list Is quite small maybe I could just try and make more friends both online + offline. On the environmental side, I would like to help water plants and watch them grow. I would also love to play soccer on the stadium in Club Penguin to keep me in shape physically.

Kallie Jo:

My goals include:
-Being more active in the community
-Being more of a social person (in real life, not on the internet)
-Be a better coder (I've learned Lua, AS2, JS, Python 3 and HTML, I need to work on my CSS)
-Interact more with Club Penguin players


As you can see my goals are not only based around Club Penguin but I have also included things about what I want to do in real life. Do well at school, spend time with my friends and pets, making more friends, helping to water plants and playing soccer and sport. :)


My new years resolution is to give out more tours on ClubPenguin, help change the world, and stop bullying. From: Waddles16840

Surfa Siss:

Cool Waddles16840 I am sure you are going to make big difference!

Frosty Badge:

So far the goals I've made for 2014 are:

1) Continue getting good grades in school
2) Introduce new exercising techniques to improve my health
3) Eat more healthy
4) Actually get my backup laptop fixed like I've been saying for months
5) Post more on my blog ^.^


My new goal is to help others around Club Penguin!


My goal this year is to meet new people. I've always been really shy in school, and hanged out only with a few good friends. So, I might join some clubs my school offers and be brave and talk to some kids I've never talked to, to find people with common interests to make new friends (Wonder if anyone in my school plays cp..) I want to meet mascots and help new players around club penguin too, of course.


My goals are to be a great EPF agent, to meet as many mascots as possible and make the most of my membership.

Mr Black 12:

One of my goals for the new year that I would like to accomplish is to save up as many coins as I can and at the end of the year, donate them all to "Coins for Change!' I would like to help make a difference in the world and help others with this opportunity that you guys give. I would also like to get more active in helping in my community and make new friends on Club Penguin! I also would like to loose some weight and eat more veggies and fruit!

Surfa Siss:

That's a big goal to donate all your coins to Coins For Change! Great goals all around!

harry gray:

I love coins for change (this year it was sooooo fun) the gold pufful was cool to. the christmas party was GREAT this year. the things i want to see are more awsome partys & new buildings. thanks, to the best video game EVER!
-Harry Gray


My goals for this year is to help others, and do my best in school i like to help others it is fun and after you help he/she they are happy and so are you.And i want to get good grades in school so i can grow up and go to collage some day i hope to be a cook i know how to make a lot of cool things :) but my question is what do all of you want to do when you grow up?

p.s its marten luther kings birth day! yay
-waddle on

-coler567 :)


You've found one of the secrets to being happy - spreading joy by helping others!

harry gray:

my goal is to make some more new friends & make more coins take care of my puffuls & keep playing CP!

-harry gray


my goals are to get better grades in school,make new friends, earn my silver award in girl scouts, complete all my homework and to turn things in on time. from your fellow penguin candycorn825


My goal for 2014 is to make new friends and be nice to new people. Also another goal that I have is to be able to not be shy when new people talk to me. My last goal is to improve my grades and not to fight but fight for others and not just me.


Some of my goals for the new year are working harder in school for better grades, making a better and more healthy routine for myself, also getting all the stamps in club penguin (that will be really hard but I will try), and my last one (there are a few more but these are kind of the main one's right now) is to try to take full care of my puffles more often, oh yeah, and to get every single one of Club Penguin's puffles!


To drink less soda and more water.


My goal this year is to see all the amazing party's you think of! I really enjoy the prehistoric party, by the way are you going to do the teen beach movie summer jam again?


my goal for this year is to get better at my talent: drawing! when I grow up I wanna work at Pixar and maybe get an internship in the art department at club penguin. that would be so cool!


I have many goals for this year:
-Become a snow ninja!
-Adopt more puffles!
-Meet more mascots! (Ive only met rockhopper)
-Make more friends!
-Possibly make a blog
-Get older! (my account is currently 2162 days old, so it is over 5 years!)
-Most importantly, I want one of my comments to be featured on the what's new blog!


For this year, I will do many campaigns and talks in Club Penguin about subjects such as: nature, health, communication, anti bullying and animals. For this, I plan to go on populated servers and tell people about my goals to do this. I will also have parties, make igloos, ect.

Surfa Siss:

Nice goals - it's fun to spread the word about causes you care about!


2013 was a great year! I had lots of fun meeting sevral new friends on Club Penguin, getting likes in my igloo, and more! Now that we are in 2014 I have sevral goals for this year.

~Meet all the mascots
~Try to make some new friends
~Try to get my comment on the blog :P

Anyways, I'm really excited for this new year! ~Willjunior


My goal for 2014 is to eat healthier, spend more time with friends outdoors, and... spend more time with my family! They're all normally busy since my parents are doctors, but we still spend lots of time together. Spending time with your family is great! I think Club Penguin is a great place to meet new friends...I even got my older brother an account!
That's why you should waddle on Club Penguin.


My 2014 goals for Club Penguin are:
-donating at least 100000 coins to the 2014 coins for change!
-making any nonmembers feel welcome!
-doing X-treme igloo decorating!
And a few others! :)
waddle on!

Surfa Siss:

Whoa Daffydoo3 - that's a lot of coins you're planning to donate! Good luck!


My gaol is to learne something new everyday, to help as many people as possible and to help protect nature.


my goals on cp are to get 20 to 40 puffles to care for. get 400 friends. do lots of penguin tours . meet more mascots and be awesome.


In the bottom, you wrote in bold: "What are some your goals...". It's supposed to be: "What are some OF your goals?" Just a heads-up :)


Thank you club penguin for every thing. I would like to say that it has been lots of fun. My resolution is to make more friends, play more games, and have more igloo party's! It has been a blast and I hope that people feel the same. Thanks for everything.


Haha!!! Well My Goal Is To Make :

Everyone Go On Cp
Be Respectful And Nice On Cp
Enjoying Lots Of Fun and last one
Making New friends Thats All And Good job tech70 as well !


Some of my goals for the New Year is to get my driver licence, go to Disneyland for the Fourth of July, bring up my grades in school, and to learn how to draw. Some of my goals that involve Club Penguin is to get much more stamps, get at least 10,000 likes in my igloo, and get 1,000,000 coins 'cuz right now I have 519,792 coins. I really wanna try harder this year to achieve these goals and with a little more dedication I probably will.

sea star4:

My goals for the new year is a lot. One of my goals is to play games more on Club Penguin, because in 2013 I was really lazy and didn't want to get coins! Ha ha, and another is that when I write a story I should not start another one until that ones done, I have a lot of unfinished stories and I keep writing more and more! I think that is all the goals I can think of right now! Have a nice day everyone!

Why don't you guys ask people who work at the CP Team these questions? That would be cool!!!


my goals as a penguin.... Have 99,999+ on my iggy,get every puffle, have all the mascots gifts and let me be on there friend list,and get all the stamps in CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My goals as a person....... Get straight A's, have a epic new room, be kinder, and have the most epic party at my houz!!!!!!!!!!
Those are my goals WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!;)


My goals are get more coins :), meet at least 2 mascots this year, get 100 more coins , get more medals to buy more elite gear, throw more igloo parties , walk all of my wonderful puffles and help penguins more.



My resolution is to get more exercise, like taking on a fun sport or going for a run, or even walking my dog more often... That would be awesome if I could accomplish it finally XD. My second resolution ( and this is a strange one ) I got a keyboard for Christmas that I do not know how to play. I would like to learn how to play it. Lastly, I would like to become less shy, and more social so I can make friends with more nice people.
Waddle on CP! And happy new year!

J Hui:

My goal is to try to meet all the mascots on club penguin.


Hey Club Penguin team, my favourite part of last year was the prehistoric party and the opening of the snow dojo!!! But most of all was the coins for change (and raising money for all those categories). I would like to suggest that we see a new club penguin STAR!!!!

Thanks CP

JCmyhero out


For the new year I want to eat more healthier and excersize more. Also, I want to be nicer to my little brother (Who plays Club Penguin as well). I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE PREHISTORIC PARTY 2014! Waddle On, everybody!


My goal this year is to try more things. I'm a very picky eater! My mom and dad always tell me to try what they are eating, but I don't. Next time they ask, I will. Or maybe I will try. If you try, you still put effort into it. Waddle on!


Some goals I'd like to work on for 2014 are getting more involved because I just had my birthday and now I am old enough to volunteer at a lot of places. I have already volunteered at the Fisher House for six hours. Another goal is to work hard in school and get better grades because it eventually pays of and also you practically have a fresh start on everything. Another goal of mine is to become more athletic because you want to start off the new year by feeling more confident in yourself.


Hi my goals this year is to make new friends , Help new penguin around the island, change the world in coins for change . I also would Love to be featured on the blog ! And a big shout out to all my friends on club penguin for making my game expirience AWESOME .


I have a lot of goals for 2014 but my main goal is to help make my community a better place. by volunteering at my school, or somewhere that will help my community.


I want to help others more, and do more community work :)


This year I would like to get better at Golf. Golf is my favorite sport, and I'm even going to start some Tournaments soon! But, I definitely need to practice more. If you have a Hobby you really enjoy, make sure to practice whenever you can. Waddle On CP!


Umm.. was the question supposed to say "What are some OF your goals for the New Years?" Anyway I have a few goals I'm ready to accomplish
1. Get higher grades, especially math
2. Join a band, I love music! I play the piano and drums but mostly piano
3. Get involved in community activities. It's fun to help others especially when it comes to big projects. Right now I'm helping a group that will help bring back our local theater. We saved up $146,000.. i think

Wish me luck CP!


This January, I have made a few goals! First, I want to try to get my comment featured on the blog. Next, I want to try not to leave homework until the last minute! I also want to help my friends and family more with cooking, doing the laundry, washing dishes, and other chores and helpful things. I hope I achieve my goals this year! Waddle On!


My goal for new year is to get to be a master on pizzatron3000 card jitsu water and snow! Waddle on cp team


My goals this years would be to get over 30 clothes items and to get more than 10 stamps also i would like to be friends with 2 new mascots i also want to have the best year ever


one of my goals for 2014 is to help make the world a better place! And im also gonna helps people in the animated world of CP! there is nothing better that seeing someone smile! i would do anything to see that smile on everyone in the world! keep on changing the world everyone! WADDLE ON! -Lily63336


Man I wish there were like buttons for comments :P Cuz I like this one!

Surfa Siss:

Love it lily63336 - I agree there is nothing better than seeing someone smile!


it says a new card jitsu game card jitsu shadow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My goal is to help new penguins around the island. I will show them how to become a EPF agent, buy items and more!


My goal is to be a Cardjitsu Master, and Mancala Master.

Enter nickname:



You know, my goal is to create a kingdom hearts party! In my igloo! Or maybe someday, I can have a offical kingdom hearts party! I really want that to happen! Because I NEED to get ready for kingdom hearts 3! Well, may the best party win! Waddle on!


A few goals that I really want to accomplish are:
1.) Keep the lowest grade at school to be a B. I really dislike having c's.
2.) Do all my work in school, and to not procrastinate (stall) while trying to finish my work.
3.) Be Active! All I do is sit and go online! xD
4.) Graduate high school with a Honors Degree. (Struggling but working hard for it!)
5.) Be able to go to college. I'll make my parents proud
6.) (and my last) try to not get nervous talking to strangers!
~Wish me Luck!♥


My goal, well i kinda got lots of goal this year, first, make new friends and explore Club Penguin with some new games and Puffles to experience with my future plans,i already got 102 friends on CP or something but i dont got alot of friends in real life but hey, i will get older right? well i also have bigger plans but that will be to much to read so yea ill cya guys later, Waddle On!


My goal is get top 10 rank on my school, get my grade higher <3, stop the drama on the community, learn something new, get a cp membership (i hope my aunt would buy one). Also study hard on school so i can get smart :D oh.. And my program to stop the drama on cp, i hope people wants to help and together we can stop the drama :)


I'm talented at singing, drawing, sewing, and writing. My goal for 2014 is to embrace my talents and use them for the good of my famly and friends. I'm planning to start by taking singing lessons to make my singing talent the best it can be. I also plan to enter some of my artwork and poems into competition! To me, embracing your talents and working hard to make them the best they can be is a great way to begin the New Year! Waddle on CP!


My goal for this year is to hang out with my friends and watch spoiler alert and to adopt the dinasourpuffles and go to the elite force to save club penguin

Enter nickname:

My goal for New Years is to have fun and maybe raise 10000 coins


My goal for the new year is to help more penguins if they are sad.-Frogfish37

Lemon rush14:

I think that u should make a cloud or sky cardjistue game


My goals include getting better grades, inviting more people to CP, playing more cp in my free time, taking better care of my puffles, joining the cp team, and moving to Canada.

vanesu :

my three goals for 2014 are getting lots of dino puffles, getting lots more prestoric items, and meeting gary the gaget guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wattel on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - vanesu


we have been SO happy recently with all the activities and events that keep popping up, along with some of the new upgrades ( the favorite foods for each puffle, being able to take them to the spa !) and we are really looking forward to the new backyard as we had 20 puffles and the upkeep was taking a bit of time. Our question is what kind of dino puffles will there be?


My goals for 2014 are to get fitter, get to be a master of the Card-jitsu elements, but most of all do really well in school and get more responsibility around the house!
Waddle On!


my goal is to be the best friend i can be on club penguin,to everyone,and to help everyone and to make everyone on CP the happiest they can be!
also i want to to be the best puffle owner ever!
i also want another april fools party
the one in 2012 was my first one!
it would mean alot if that happened to me!
and to everyone who loved the april fools party as much as i did!


This year I would love to make some new friends, donate every coin I have to coins for for change and be as nice and helpful as possible.
I love how club penguin is so kind to the community. :-)


Well i have maybe about 100,0000 million but ill do 3 instead. My 1st goal is to meet and be friends with Chattabox because I love her parties and after parties and because she's AWESOME!!! My 2nd goal is to get a lot of likes on my igloo this year because i'll get to design it myself. My last goal is to win this reviewed by you and i'll be the happiest penguin EVER!!!!!!!! LOL!!!
-Goodbye Vitani2003


My goal is to collect ALL of the stamps for my stamp book! :D
What's yours? ;D
Waddle On!


hi,my goal for the new year is to enjoy with my friends , meet mascots , enjoy the parties on and be good to all penguins


My goals for 2014: I would like to meet at least one famous penguin, I would like to tip the Berg, I would like to become good in Card Jitsu Snow (I am terrible in that) and maybe comment every single post cause I really love this blog. But the most important goal for me is to help the community rise money for schools, hospitals, woods and kids. That is one goal that I really really really really want to do.


I can help you Maya2458


my goal is to write a lot of things in club penguin newspaper, that is, ask loads of questions, jokes and suggestions AND become the penguin of the week!


Hi, my Goal is to be famous like Polo field, Billybob and others well who does not like to be Famous!
Waddle on!

Rockyy 1c:

I have included real life goals and here is the list
1. Become smart Reason: well you will find out on the big main goal
2. Focus more and stop staring Reason: again, find out on the big main goal
3. Make up to 10,000 coins ( thats what im competing for)
4. This is the big main goal, Become an author and staring means im sensing something from my minds imganinative adventure where anything can happen like Humans becoming dragons


Mine is to keep playing Mancala so that I get lots of coins.


My New Years resolutions are:

To have 500 friends
To meet all the mascots
To have as much stamps
To be a black belt on card Card jitsu

Thanks CP!! My penguin name is Staciebelle!!!

Ignito Flame:

Polo , my goals for this year are :
1 - Attend and celebrate all of the AMAZING club penguin parties
2 - watch all episodes of my favourite videos of spoiler alerts!!
3 - Get good grades in high school
4 - and become my schools house captain !!!!!!


my goal is to complete become a full fire ninja.


Okay so I have two....
1. To catch up to the new episodes or whatever of Spoiler Alert.
2. Is to maybe play Club Penguin more often :3

Natal it's:

Hi everyone


Do you absolutely love puffles?

Anchor Man:

My goal of 2014 is to help other penguins around the island and maybe win Penguin of the Week or Day. I need to get all three gems in card-jitsu and practise playing Mancala. My least but not last goal is to HAVE FUN!!!!

Waddle on cp!!

57 Rex:

My goal is to raise a lot of money and donate it to the poor. Also I want to be very friendly and helpful




Try emailing Or log off and log back on.


Dear Club Penguin Team,
All i want is for you to...
ADD MORE WADDLE ON VIDS cuz those make me laugh c ya Club Penguin Team
Pinkuspen out


New goals? I have more than one!
1. Learn new things everyday. ( I want to stay educated!)
2. Not be sick so much. ( I am sick A LOT!)
3. Read nonfiction ( I like reading fiction more than nonfiction so i am going to do nonfiction now)
Thank you for the support Club penguin!
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!


My new year goals;
- Balance school and online play time. My grades have been suffering -___-
- Master the Alto Sax and learn how to play Oboe and piano
- Get involved with the community, I'll be joining the school counsel next school year.
- Make MORE friends

Kirre pingu:

Yes, I liked the Spoiler Alert! alot. But i wonder when is the next episode of WaddleON! coming out? I hope you haven't cut it out, it is really fun :-).


My goal is to make an igloo that will rock everyone's socks off and to get it featured on igloo of the week! I also want to help more penguins that are new to the island and make them feel welcome.


My goals for 2014 are to get a few new puffles, maybe a orange, black or purple one!! My second goal is to try to be the penguin of the week, because that would be rad! My third goal is to tour more penguins around the island, because who doesn't like helping other penguins out???
Finally my main goal of 2014 on Club Penguin is to get other people to play Club Penguin because the more people the better! Because I want to show them how awesome Club Penguin is!!!!


my goal is to get new friends and make a party of every new item


my goals for this year are to buy many many items and products of Club Penguin, add 100000 coins per month to 1.2 million coins to donate to Coins For Change, adopting many puffles and win all seals SOS puffles! ah! and I must not forget to see the Penguin Band and defeat Herbert again!


My new goals in Club Penguin are to get loads more friends! (You can never have too much!) Get loads more coins! ( I used all of it in coins for change) Plus, help new penguins around the island and have loads of fun!
In real life my goals are to tidy my room ( Way more often!) and improve my handwriting!
Waddle on!


My goal is to help and encourage other people please tell me what your goals are ! x

Moo mui:

STOP DRINKING FIZZY DRINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Omg its sooo hard


i was on my player card and i looked for something i know i had bought and it wasn't there so i had to go buy it again. Could you pretty please with a cherry on top fix this problem!!!!!!! :) :)


My goal?......
To join in more with party's and not to actually buy the items and leave it for the next party, I want to make sure I do everything possible in each and every party like get all the dinopuffles this month and donate more coins in December as well!
Carry on the great work Club Penguin Team
Lolly132 Waddle on!


mine goals are help the nature because in the hole world there wil be problems.


mine is to achieve as many stamps as possible. i also plan to help out around the island with new penguins.


Dear Club Penguin, today i logged in and looked at my friends list it was new and updated but all my friends are gone i am really upset can you please fix it?! ~Sugarcubes16~ :)


My goal is to socialize more and be more active! I also make gaming videos and planning on making live action videos so I also would like to make better videos! :D



I have a few goals for the new year,2014. First I want to make so many friends around the island.(at school to). Another goal is to help penguins. Thirdly to read 35 books on summer break. Lastly I want to get my comment featured
Waddle on:)
P.S I forgot one thing I want to do something that will make a difference in the world or a country like donating. Coins for change is a tradition now.
So for real
Waddle on CP:)

Surfa Siss:

Hi Gsheperedgirl - Great goals. I like that you want to make a difference in the world by donating. Look for a cause you care about or volunteer for something in your neighborhood, school or community! Have fun!


One of my all-time goals for Club Penguin is to meet every mascot! So far, I've meet Rockhopper, PH, Gary, Aunt Arctic, and Rookie! I'm really looking forward to meeting some more this year. I mean, come on, who doesn't want to be in the same room as a mascot? You obtain their stamp, can receive their background, and buddy them! My heart literally starts pounding out of my chest when I am in the same room as a mascot! You all must want to meet ONE mascot. What more could you want?


My goal will be to buy a new igloo with a pool, make some new friends, visit the cove often and hangout with friends! I will also like to catchup on my cardjitsu games..., ice fishing and play at the stadium. I will throw snowballs at my fellow friends. And for the last thing, I might be pink!!

Pinkydaisypo :

My goal is to log onto CP in a different language and learn some new words and make some new friends! I am also going to try and meet all of the mascots which I have attempted last year, so I have a head start! My other goal is to walk my puffles more often, I don't want them to runaway!
Waddle on CP!!!!!!!!!!

AF Cutie 123:

For my new year resolution I want to spend more time with my family and my best friend Sage. At school I want to be kinder to my friends and pay more attention and take notes. And last but not least I want to make everyone's year the best ever!

I hope you enjoy your year!


My goals are to have nice friends and help people getting bullied and have good times!

Oh. And I almost forgot! I <3 waddle on and the spoiler alert!!!!!

Surfa Siss:

I like your goals! They are really kind!


One of my year goals is to become a member and adopt all 40 puffles


Hi, club penguin there's this rumor that the next party will be a muppets takeover. Is it true, or is it a secret?


My goals for CP are to meet all the mascots, chill with my friends, and create the coolest igloo EVER!!
I also wanna spend more time outside and quit procrastinating! :)

shout out to my best CP buds, Taykabob, Cheesiebobjr, katiebob9, and penguinijr2. Happy new year!!


My 3 goals are to get 100 puffle get 100000 to give to coin for change to get over 1000 likes in my igloo That's my goal this year :)


A goal I have for the new yeah is to go on club penguin more often and hang out with my friends and get more coins(for every month and party, ever month for the backgrounds and every party just in case there are non-member items in them)(because I'm a non-member).

Lord Allen:

Hey! Guess what!
Today I was on Club Penguin and I saw Painterbird added me! Thanks Painterbird! His igloo is where Statue Roommates is set. You know, in the #WaddleOn Shows! I was having a chat with the statues and I got them some coffee from the coffee shop because they couldn't move... lol :P


my gole is to meet gary,get more puffles and get new friends.

Jade Pie:

Hi Club Penguin Team! I have many New Year's resolutions. One is that I help penguins out the most I can on Club Penguin by giving them tours and being friends with lots of penguins! I also pledge to spend more time with my family and friends, we always have a good time!
I try to always be nice to penguins, but this year, I will go out of my way to be nice to people, and penguins, even if they are not nice to me.
I would also try to play mancala, I don't understand it very well!


Hi cp my goals r too get a better IGGY and too get more likes. I wants to get better at ice fishing and puffle escape (those r some of my fave games!!!) my goals r too help new penguins get better at navigating the island. I want to make people smile and make CP even better. Another goal is too make CP a bully free zone there is just a lot of people being rude and I'm going to help make that stop. WADDLE ON!!!!
From- julianna2889


My goal for 2014 is my knee to heal up. For the last 5 years I have been fighting a knee disease. I recently had surgery over the summer, but that did not help. The only thing that got me through each day of pain is CP. This year the doctors do not know what is going to happen, but I can only pray for good. This year my goal is to heal up so I can go back to being a kid. So, thanks CP for being there when no one else was and helping me through tough times.


My goal in cp is to get every puuffle and my real life goal is to get a C+ or higher in all my classes


My goals are to try to complete my stamp book and adopt 40 puffles
And try to get 500 friends

Enter nickname:

i have a problem polo field when i log into club penguin i found out all my friends on my friends list is gone !!! I'm really upset could you fix this glitch ?


i am not polo field but that happened to me but i logged back in my friends was back try it:)


mine is to get 30 puffles


My goal is to try and meet at least one mascot.


My goal is to meet most of the mascots, make my igloo on the popular list and get lots of coins without spending it (in cp)

PS: When will the Hollywood Party be?


my goal is to be the penguin ever!


when will the tunnel in epf come back from consruction


My goals for the New Year are to exercise daily, and to go to sleep earlier. I need to stay healthy and sharp to learn new ideas, meet new friends, and embrace new opportunities ! Sometimes I can't fulfill one of the goals, but that's okay because I just get right back up and try again! Waddle on CP!

The Disco123:

I Want To Get Lots More Friends, Get Forty Puffles, And Meet And Befriend All Of The Mascots!


my goal for the new year is to become famouse on club penguin like rockhopper,cadance,aunt artic,and the other famouse . i always wanted to be famouse like them. i really do like cadence cuse she has style. anyway waddle on guys. kayla0324 out!

SKY MAN 103:

This New Year I will do good deeds and help my community and improve my grades for a great future. : D


This year my goals for clubpenguin are
-Make new friends with every penguin!
- Be kind and keep the island safe!
-eat pizza :)
and im still working on it!
~~~Waddle On!!~~~


hello one of mine goals it to make lots of friends brings people together have people stop being mean.also be nice,have fun and encourage people to not be sad and lonely instead be outgoing and try your best and stand up for yourself.


Hi club Penguin Team!!
My three goals are: Meet at least 3 mascots this year, Have a huge party in my iggy, and to get 40 piffles.

Waddle On!


My goal is to get an IPAD so I can play the Club Penguin App. And I wish to meet famous penguins like Daffo, Chattabox, Ninja, Polo and more!


My goal is to make new friends,meet more mascots,have fun,help people who are cyberbullied, and to just be myself for now


My goals (Name is Steppenguin1)
1.Try to get to be ninja.
2.Try to attend all partys
Thats all (I think there might be more in the future)


i really want to learn how to give suggestions to the people who update club penguin... i bet my friend alex would be full of TONS of ideas....thats my goal

Lion Mane:

That's a great goal, Remydude! We always love hearing feedback from our players. You can email us anytime at

- Club Penguin Team


so excited about the prehistoric party !!!`i would like to see rockhopper , gary , and navtron this year!!!!

Nally Pink1:

This year, I want to get five-hundred friends, get forty Puffles, get enough (or more) coins!
P.S when is the Puffle party?


My terrific goals is to get a dino puffle and help club penguin by giving tours all year round. Im always here to lend a helping hand! xoxo


This year? It would be great if I could help more people who are new. More people join Club Penguin everyday! Giving them a tour would be a good way, but I want to accomplish more than that. Maybe telling them how to become a tour guide, or some secret locations.


My goals for 2014 are:
to throw awesome parties at my igloo
to help as many penguins as possible
make great new friends
to make penguins happy by liking their igloos and most importantly have fun on Club Penguin!




My goal was to sleep without my lamp on and now I've done it! :)
(user name)

Lion Mane:

Congrats, Cpclubpen! :)

- Club Penguin Team


My goals are:
To meet all the Club penguin mascots and help the Club Penguin community.
Do better in school.
Make more friends in real life and on Club Penguin too!
And all together make it another fantastic year!


My ultimate goal for 2014 is to survive the Survival Mode in Catchin' Waves, so I can finally earn the Shark stamp and Survival stamp! Surviving the Survival Mode is extremely challenging, so those stamps are for sure the hardest stamps to earn!


My goals for new year is to get as many puffles as i can for the all new backyard and be nice to penguins so i have many many friends and check the blog for me to see whats new and and get gary's new giveaway

but umm at the new operation at november can the EPF HQ be fixed? and can u add spy drills on the EPF phone? like field ops was there
then renamed spy drills and removed from phone can you add it back? and can we have an EPF catalog?


Please will you make pink kate 17 penguin of the week!!! I'd love it if you could and she has admitted that she wants it so bad! Her igloos are great they match every party for the month there no down side to her, please put her on the blog (penguin of the week )


Hi Club Penguin!!! Just a quick question, have any of you seen my name in the club penguin magazine? I drew a picture of DaffoDaily5, its on page 32 please check it out, im working on being a VIP ( very important penguin ) i hope i'll be able to be one someday!


I would like to see more places to go not he map this year. My favourite place is the town and a new hangout would be cool:) !!! Waddle on!


my goal is to get more puffle sif possible and to help newbies out because I was a newbie once to.

Smile 52:

This year on Club Penguin I would like to collect every pin and free item and also buy all the items available for non-members. I also aim to collect as many stamps as possible and play games such as Card-Jitsu Snow with my friends and other penguins. I can earn my belts and become a snow ninja, and of course I can also make so many more new friends! I will also try and earn as many coins as possible so that at the end of the year I can donate more for Coins for change for those in need!


when will you put card jitsu shadow


my club penguin new years resolutions is to get 40 puffles,be a friend with all the mascots and keep growing my club penguin stuff collection and in the future i would like to see card jitsu air please i would realy like to see that anyway WADDLE ON


It's hard to become friends with ALL mascots, but work hard and you can come there, like me :) I didn't give me the stamps, though. Crazy, huh?

~Waddle45500 ♥


My New Years resolution is too CARRY ON MY ANTI BULLYING campaighn!!
TOO JOIN ADD ME , Poppybailey and meet at my IGGY
We help people and do lectures and all sorts!
Thank you


Please, please, please will you make Daisydoo14 penguin of the week she never heard of this before but once i told her the first thing she said was i need to be it!!! She's a great friend, never causes a fight her igloos are just amazing! And is a great friend to everyone she will always be there for you and wont ever be unfair, she's a rare penguin and i think its about time she was noticed, Daisy is treated like a Celeb can you make her a bigger one?? - Archie358


I second nominate Daisydoo14 she is such a brill friend i can't even explain how great of a friend she is!


One of the goals i made for the new year on club penguin is to help others and treat others they way i want to be treated and i always wanted to meet polo it would be so awesome to meet him and im a big fan of spoiler atert its awesome and that is my goals for the new year on club penguin WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi polo :-)


My goal is to be on a WaddleOn episode and meat a moderator

When i grow up i want to work for clubpenguin


I Think I'll practice the guitar, sing more in Church, and Have fun at parties in cp :D


My goal for 2014 is to save up all my spare coins for coins for a change this year!

Zuri A:

My goals for the new year are to spend more time with my best friend.(my best friend is on CP too!)


My goal for the year is to spend time with my family, and add every mascot!


Hey CP I wanted to tell u that when I log into my CP account the clothes that the last wore r gone and I don't have clothes on my penguin, it has not all ways been like this it started this about 2 or 3 years ago I hope u can fix that. My user name is Richardgold8
I hope u can fix this and read this.


Online my goals are to collect more coins to save for Coins for change. I also want to get all the free items and items for non-members from parties. Offline my goals are to spell correctly and to slow down while reading my books and to spend more time on my homework.
Club penguin should work on a party that brings back items from parties that are no longer found in club penguin. They also should aim to get a new card jitsu game up


My goals are to make sure I can meet more mascots, put on a very good play at the stage (with the help of friends) and collect more items which might one day be rare, to meet up with a moderator, write more great stories to club penguin fan mail and of course to keep waddling around having fun!


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