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By Daffodaily5 on January 6, 2014 - 03:50


... and Happy New Year! 

I’ve been bursting to host the Spoiler Alert and guess what? This week’s episode is coming to you from us here in the rainy UK! YAY!

My pals Rhubarbcrmbl, Steampowered and Mr Slumpy joined me too. I hope you guys like it! We had tons of fun making it!



Don’t forget to leave your comments. I'm particularly interested to get your feedback on this week's Extreme Reading... 


-Club Penguin Team



I love the spoiler alerts!! SO funny great job CP!


Awesome extreme reading plus I love spoiler alert videos also and G-day mate bye thx for making the video and big fan
Love your bud, Spike50008


Me too! It's nice to see a variety of staff members hosting the show. :)

~Perapin :)


Yeah! Maybe Chattabox can host the next Spoiler Alert!


Ha, X-treme ha, reading, ha, in, ha, school! [Well, Obiusly HHHHHHAAAAAAA, but it's a no.]

Nsna jaj6:

The spoiler alert, SO FUNNY! It is back hurray!


I know who said GARY HELP! OOGA OOGA! Rookie! That's so easy!!!!

P.S the Spoiler Alert is so funny!!!!! -Elizabeth68

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Dj Stores:

Great episode! I love Daffo's voice.

Dj Stores:

I'm renaming the Spoiler Alert to the Misspelling-Moderator-Names Alert. Silly Mr Slumpy!

LOL! Silly Mr Slumpy ;)

Yep lol SILLY MR SLUMPY!!!!!!! Daffodaily5 can we be buds? P.s. I have been on club penguin for almost 25 or 24 days!
I love being apart of club penguin and I wish to be apart of the Club Penguin Team sometime Cuz I love having fun on Club Penguin and having party's and decorating my igloo with awesome looks and back grounds and awesome items and I love wearing awesome clothes and hair styles made by the team! Thanks to you Club Penguin Team we wouldn't have had Club Penguin.Com or even the app


Ha ha ha I now right lol:)




Thanks Club penguin team for every thing now



Iker 2010 :

Loustik005 is not here :'(

Pachi Pachi2:

Last I recall, he's for the Spanish mod team, right?? It's a shame.


I THINK Loustik005 is my friend. I THINK................


I am glad that Daffo and the others from the UK took over this week's Spoiler Alert! Rhubarbcrmbl (nice name btw) did a brill job at reading that newspaper article in an American accent. Maybe in another episode, an American can try to read an article in an English accent! "A cup of tea, anyone?"




Awesome! The american accent was... something :)


Wow, what a fun episode! I loved watching the clothes will be available in the new Penguin Style this month, besides having a good competition of Daffo and Slumpy!

Now the question: is there a giant dinosaur dwelling in our island? Look at the size of the footprint, wow!


Awesome video!! Can't wait for the Prehistoric Party 2014. :D


Your Phone!!


Cool! Great episode so far! :D


Loved the episode, Daffo! I particularly liked Rhubarbcrmbl and Steampowered; they're so fun! I liked how Steampowered said that everything he did was "respectable." Made me crack up every time! Also, just wanted to say that Rhubarbcrmbl ACED that American accent. She must've been practicing!

Great episode! Can't wait 'till next week's!

Robo J:

When will the Club Penguin app for I-pods and I-phones be out?

Robo J:

When will the Club Penguin app for I-pods and I-phones be out?


it is going to be this year in spring maybe


Maybe later this year.


Great extreme reading. It was nice that there were 4 guests, especially daffodaily. I come from England so I thought it was a really good episode. Is it true that there is going to be the fair in February.


Yes, The Fair is coming back in February! I'm really excited!



Pretty cool.


Cool! I love he uk! I live there!


Are the club penguin team in England upset they lost the cricket?



:( :(
will the big brow be on the stage again? I hope so!


i think that answers ur question

Rockyy 1c:

Australia won cricket against England, doesn't matter , its just about good sportsmanship and having fun! That's the point of sports


LOVED IT!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! And when will you give us a hint about Card Jitsu Snow?

Until then...
Waddle On!

Pachi Pachi2:

Snow came last year. You must mean Shadow, right?


Nope. Snow :)


Can you guys please tell me what the server will be for the next episode and what the time cause i really want to be in it!

Snowman Blue:

It will be on a server only allowed for Club Penguin staff.
They like trying out new stuff. That is why the old spy phone.
Waddle On!


Wow! your accually really good at american accent.... im impressed! but to me, a canadian, i feel like American Isnt an accent. But it is to u out in the UK!

Angel Brrr:

Ay I'm Canadian too!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

Le ia:

Ya i totally agree with u im from the us so its the same with me.


when will you add in being able to tip the ice burg


LOL! Making British people talk with an American accent?! Classic!


Ikr lol


ye it's pretty hard (I've tried) but what about Americans speaking like us brits :) that could be funny


Now, that would be interesting... xD It's pretty funny when Americans try to do a London accent! :P

Le ia:

Lol some ppl that would be rly hard to do.I can kinda get a british accent.XD


I'm English ("British" also counts for Scottish and Welsh people, so "English" is more accurate) and I actually have a pretty good American accent! ;) I'm sure I'd get away as being an American, but some people are REALLY bad at it! xD


Yeah, but as an American, british accents can be rather tricky! It's easier to type one though:
Good day, lads, and it is fine day to be British, is it not? Today is positively peachy keen! Would you like a spot of tea with that? Cheerio!
Are your American accents as bad as my British accent?


I am not really sure that american is an accent...


You should make the moderators have to read in a western accent or possible a caveman one.



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Why do I have to say this again WHO IS THIS AND WHAT IS YOUR COMMENT?

Waddle on


Pin Guinchen:

I like Spoiler Alert ! That´s so cool! I think it´s very funny to hear an american Accent!


do you gonna make star wars takeover 2014 i love star wars:D

Le ia:

I hope so too!they should do it based off of episode 5!


Loved this edition of Spoiler Alert! Just one request, could you please have some more clothes for non-members? Please?
-Cool9194 (Username on CP)


did you hnow im famous did you i can meet you guys tommorow on beanbag


Can you guys tell us you're next server we REALLY want to be in it


Super duper cool! It shows where the secrets are, and kinda like a race Daffo vs. Slumpy. Silly little Slumpy! And I like Daffo's voice! I wish my penguin had that voice. Mine just sounds like a baby. Anyway, AWSOME job!


I Love this episode!

*Your american accent is pretty good too xD


Ha, that was so awesome, loving to see the UK special! Next time I would maybe like a moderators fact file.


Wow! This episode of The Spoiler Alert was awesome!! I really enjoyed ... And my question to the next will be The Spoiler Alert: You (MAYBE) will increase the amount of puffles you can adopt? For example ... We can adopt 20 puffles ... you will change to 40? Or less or more?? Would be really cool! :D


Yay! Britain rules!! Its hard doing an american ascent though! Well done Daffo and the UK team! :D


LOL Nice american accent! I would know I'm american. :)

James 84:

Hey daffo! I found your voice really cool! Could you do a favor for me, and say "GOOD SHOW, JOLLY GOOD SHOW" thanks. and I wonder who wrote HELP GARY! Hmmmm wait! Could it be rookie?


What does the Rock say? :D


Maybe Rookie's pet rock could be involved?

Mr Napo:

omg! I already knew Rhubarbcrmbl and Mr slumpy, you told me in an email but elllos are your co-workers, right? OMG
-Mr Napo


How come you guys didn't record at the dock? I was in the dock for 5 minutes then I had to leave.


Daffo, you sound so young and innocent xD Love the UK Takeover, gotta love my home country... :P

Waddle On!


I found a typo in the video!!! At the beginning, (when they are all listed), Rhubarbcrmbl name is spelt 'Rhubarbcrbl'. It is missing an 'M'!


Great episode!
The Extreme Reading was so funny, awesome job CP team!
Waddle on!

Moo mui:

That american accent was EPIC and I LOVE spoiler alert its EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


UK Takeover? Sweet!

Snowman Blue:

Hey Club Penguin Team!
This is awesome! But I have a question:
Can you guys do a Canada takeover Spoiler alert?
Thanks guys a lot!
Waddle On!


i love you daffodaily

Florecitam :

No one in England can do the american accent. Haha

Starfire 777:

Hi, I liked this episode! :D
In one episode could you try reading something in an Indian accent? My parents are from India and I would like to see that LOL.

Rockyy 1c:

IM INDIAN! and half Australian I can speak punjabi but not hindi An Indian accent WOULD BE SO TRICKY FOR THE CP TEAM but not for me!




yay :) I'm and English penguin :) and I love it when I can see there's an English branch 2 :) also it shows that club penguin is all over the world and I would love 2 see more spoiler alerts from other places other than the united states and Britain :) but 4 now
Waddle on :)
I really like smiley faces :)

Marian Stoia:

Amazing The Spoiler Alert, Good Job CP Team! :)

Le ia:

I'm so glad u guys put this on waay early where I am.I luved talking in an American accent xD how hard was that?I wouldn't know since I lived in the US my whole life xD.anyways hi daffo!peace out an waddle on!



Bat Wen:

To me, that does NOT sound American...


I like how Club Penguin put the old Prehistoric Party items from 2013 for the secret items in the catalog.


I think Gary's ancestor from the stone age needs help, and that's why the message was written in the snow. Wasn't Gary Ugg Ugg the name?


Its Garugg the Ugg Ugg

Rockyy 1c:

It isn't his ancestor and the name was Garugg the Ugg Ugg Also i red some of Gary's meeting relatives he couldn't find Garianna because she travelled to new places and also Gariwald VII his great Uncle travelled through dimensions but he managed to spend alot of time with Garugg and made the first ever pizza!

Dj Stores:

I think my orange puffle accidentally hopped on board the time trekker with him, and then ate it in Prehistoric CP... and now I think Gary and my puffle are stuck in the past. Ugh oh...


Great Job everyone! Great way to keep up with the community! :)


Amazing! I absolutely love the pin race! I can't wait for the Prehistoric Party. The outfits look wacky and fun, and the mystery sentence in the snow, makes this party hard to resist!

Waddle On!


Lol I noticed that one of the newspaper articles said what does the rock say? XD


The main headline "What does the rock say". LOL!


club penguin please answer this on the next spoiler alert episode! Will there be a Card-Jitsu Shadow please oh please answer on the next episode please. ive been waiting for 1 year for Card-Jitsu Shadow please answer on the next episode i really want to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great!,I'm going to love the new prehistoric event!
I hope this year, this event wil be better than last year!
P.S. Waddle On!!!


Awesome! Im from the UK and I'm going with my class soon to see the Brighton Office!


Great spoiler alert guys!! So I think for X-treme reading you guys should talk like a robot and read the newspaper!! Waddle on!! Pink0318


Hey Daffodaily5, The Prehistoric Party was on last January.
Guess what Daffo, Billybob is back. He was having a goodbye party on February 2013. So you happy because he is back.
Waddle On!


Hello I am very happy that the new season will soon come to club penguin 2014 and hope that this year of many surprises

Kayla B9:

HI Daffodaily5! HUGE FAN! ALWAYS WANTED TO MEET YOU! on the comments for "Vote on a name for Gary's puffle
By Polo Field on January 3, 2014 - 19:28" people have asked "is there going to soon be a way that we can get MORE then 20 puffles?"
i really wish there will be! pls make it happen! my bro is SOOOOO sad he can't get another one, and when he finds out about the blue dino, uh oh ... can you tell us if yes or no on the next spoiler alert? thx


Hey daffo!!! Funnyest eppie ever! I really liked the extreme read. It was hillarious. thanks for the pin giveaway (pin...race?). It would be cool if u had a vid that comes out every week named something like Daffos Weekly Picks! Sound good? If u made tht i would be like OMG!!!! u took the idea!! I would be that happy.
Waddle on!!!!
p.s Please reply, if u cant its ok


Cool! Awesome American accent Rubarbcrmbl!


Cool! Awesome American accent Rubarbcrmbl!


Great American Accent!
I never heard about those other penguins besides Daffodaily5...
Thank you for the clothes catalog secrets!

Stephzoom 2:

Loved this, it was great that the team in the UK got to do one. GO UK!!!


Daffo, why do you have the old PSA phone? I loved it!
Oh, I forget it, good episode! That American accent was espectacular!


Brilliant! It`s nice to see Daffo and others taking over the show, because i`m british too! The extreme reading was quite good, which reminds me of my american cousins!


OMG! She sounded like a proper American person!


i know who wrote the message its Gary's (great x11 uncle) Garugg the Ugg Ugg and also i don't want to spoil this 2nd Preistoric party okay but heres one thing Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy might or might not have Gary's (great x11 uncle) Garugg the Ugg Ugg traped some where in the preistoric CP okay thats all

Rockyy 1c:

Its not him, plus WHAT DOES THE ROCK SAY! BANG BANG BANG haha just having a little fun there if you want you can join digging out that message on server Blizzard any time

tesco george:

i love your first daffodaily its awsome and iam thinking iam going to work there with you our canada team

slipper jr:

yay that was awesome cool as well because i'm from the uk and it was great to watch this video!


Soooo british it was brill and maybe next time Polo or Megg could read the newspaper in a american accent :)


I'm surprised! You have a pretty interesting accent, but I guess that's because where I live, in the North/ Midlands area, the accents are WAY different to any of yours! If your office is far away though, that makes sense!

Your American accent isn't very good, but guess it depends on your English accent! ;) It's actually pretty strange to finally hear English people talking on Club Penguin videos! xD


Hi guys! That has got to be the BEST Spoiler Alert episode by far! So funny!!! :D Now to my question: What's it like working on Club Penguin in the UK? P.S, Rhubarbcrmbl rocked the accent! LOL!


loved the American accent in Xtreme reading rhubarb. can you guys put the (secret) igloo in the next episode.(the secret deluxe snow).

Pingüy zombi:

hey daffo, can you add me? please

Arctic Pop:

I have an idea for Extreme Reading!!
Read it in a squeaky chipmunk voice XD.It will be so

~Arctic Pop

Arctic Pop:

When will we do those igloo contests again?


Great vid, CP UK Team! I was laughing almost the whole time! Ha ha ha! I still can't stop! Rhubarbcrmbl's "American" accent was pretty good. Just keep practicing! = )


Awesome video guys!


Awesome video guys!


I love the British addition it was cool. Maybe for on extreme reading you should have to read it in an Australian accent


That American accent was perfectly perfect in my opinion!......and that's coming from an American!


My favorite show and when will you talk about the "EPF" being rebuilt?


that is super funny by the rock! me im super nice to Candypunch bye thanks for being in spoiler alert!


Is it a bug or just a typo, in the newspaper it says that new clothes will be released on Jan.9 where in catalog it says November clothes will be gone Jan.7 so I'm confused will the new clothes be released on Jan.9 or Jan.7?

Until then, Waddle on.


When you do extreme reading could you do it really fast when you read the newsflash under 10-20 seconds and on the game part you could you have a writing challenge who ever could write the secret or the newsflash the quickest wins.


hey Daffodaily5 i was wondering when the party starts can u make a prehistoric spoiler alert video? beacause that would be AWESOME!


Daffo, I knew you were in the UK but I didn't know you were British!


I've been talking to CP with my email and my first reply was from Sarah! Cool right?


That was an okay American accent, but i got to give it to her. She talked with an NYC accent! Not bad, if I do say so myself.


Yay! So excited! But i do have some suggestions… Can you please make the club penguin app available for iPhone and iPod touch? Also, please bring back the Black Hoodie! So many penguins want it! Please!?!?! Anyways, can't wait! PS: I like the video. <3


When are you going to fix the EPF?
P.S. I love spoiler alert!!


I have been playing club penguin for about six and a half years and this is my first time hearing about the club penguin blog, is it new?

Penn Girl:

X-treme reading: I'm from the USA (IL, exactly) and I've got to say you're accent wasn't half bad. Definitely sounded like you were from Georgia, though. And I've never heard ANYONE in the USA say zebra like that, but I don't think I could say it in an English accent. Zs are just hard. Great show and I LOVED that extreme reading
Waddle on :)


what new parties will be coming ?


Extreme Reading is awesome! I wonder what's next to sound like in the next The Spoiler Alert episode.


I LOVE THE ACCENTS! And the vid! :D


Could not really understand u. Anyways as all ways TALK LIKE YODA!!!!

Sensei Joe :

Wow! That English impression was spot on!



Angel Brrr:

i forgot my nickname XD


Love it!


That rock at snowforts is creepy. is it a dino puffle?


Great episode!

Coolguy 7994:

What does the rock say?
Ring ding ding ding ding ding ding!


Lol, What does the rock say!


Ginger765 :

I just want to uh say ur superpattatocrazywierdjkbutcool
Plz reply


I'm wondering if an ancient Gary (Garibooga! LOL) needs help with dino puffles. Nice amercian accent (it technically isn't an accent here, but still...), rhubarbcrmbl!
Waddle on CP and CP UK!


who let Megg be the ruler?

Rockyy 1c:

Hmmm Gary Help Ooga OogA, a prehistoric message left waiting for an answer for about 72.1 million years I'm going to look into this message, maybe some caveguin entered the present world and carved this message in the snow forts! I'm gonna dig out this message and look into it WHO'S WITH ME!
Dig on
Waddle on


Oooh! That was neat! I love your voice Daffo... c:

Enter nickname:

You guys so need to extreme read with a British accent and see who's better.
Waddle on!!!


On the next Spoiler Alert you should definitely try reading in a British accent and take a poll to see who us better at accents!!!
Waddle on !!!

Mr Napo:

Who is the one below of Mr slumpy? PLEASE RESPONDS!
-Mr Napo


I thought it was ok. I liked threads and you guys. But I think you're missing something that pollo does. Idk what it is. But I didn't like it all that much. But I'm very happy to have heard from you guys. I'm also glad that. Got to see some secrets in the magazine, I've been waiting to see what was in it and the items are very awesome. Keep up the amazing work everyone. :) and Waddle on


I didn't mean threads I meant I liked how you read durning the extreme reading.


Why have People from UK toke over the spoiler alert? Who cares. Anyway. You guys should do a Card-Jitsu Battle on Card-Jistu, Card-Jitus Fire and Card-Jitsu Water because they are the only one that you can battle other players with. Keep making The Spoiler Alert. It's awesome.


Daffodaily u forgot read the commet for r last weak!


I luv the spoiler alert episodes, lol, the british people speaking in an american accent. In the next episode, I would like to see u moderators doing a crazy party in any of ur igloos.
Question 1: When will the EPF will be finally finished?
Question 2: I would like to see an animated episode about the EPF.


Daffo & the team forgot 2 read out the comments!!!


Look! Look! Look! Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!
I am also there!!!


Daffo you have an awesome accent! :)


When you clicked on the newspaper, before you scrolled down to Cadence's article, I noticed that the main article was called "What does the rock say?" I'm guessing this is a reference to What Does The Fox Say? XD


I was thinking that :P



Daffo You Have Thanks You


Hi daffo! Love the voice everyone! Although trying to read in an American accent when your English is quite the cup of tea! Anyway AWESOME spoiler alert as always, and I'd be happy to have each of you as a friend with my username being: Ifellfromgel. I hope you have a good day with a bit of crumpets, and WADDLE ON!!!!! :)


I loved the American accent!


Daffo,What was your favourite party of 2013?


Hi club penguin team your awesome with Waddle On and The Spoiler Alert.I have to questions. Now my first question is, are you still gonna do party sneak peeks or party commercials? Second question is. . . busniesmoose will be on the show?

Waddle On

King Limberg:

Any hints about what is underneath the sheet in the Gold Mine?


LUV THIS SHOW!!! I WATCH EM EVERY TIME EVEN IF THERE BAD! (sorry none of em bad) also the winter ones bug me so bad im a texan so... not used to snow or ice lol but i still wath them!


Hey Daffo! I see what you mean by the rainy UK, Luckily, we haven't flooded! At school we are trapped for a few mins, then when we do go out its all flooded! Were the year 5/6 (that would be me!^^) comes out we either do it the silly way, or the calm way.
Guess what I choose?! The silly way which is climbing on the fence! XD Its like a 10mm thickness in some areas, in others its like 5 cm! I have a great mate at school called Tayla, she just doesn't really care what she does, thats what I love!


Hiya!I've been on cp from 2009 and I love it! Three questions!
1.when will the app be out on iPod touch 5? I got one for Christmas and it would be epic to play my favourite game on it!
2.will the stone shades be like the black sunglasses?because I forgot to buy them and I want them badly!
3.could you check out my penguin style? I put on the pilgrim hat, Hawaiian skirt,blue swimming flippers and a blue feather boa!




cool daffo im also from uk

Lucas Show:

I was wondering if soon the subscribers will not be able to adopt more puffles different colors


i think you should make play ice fishing or mancala those are some fun games!!!!


Hello! I loved last episode's American Accent Extreme Reading and I would love to see the CP Team in Kelowna try to speak with a British accent.


Great episode! I like the bit in the description where it says "rainy UK" :P This morning I had to RUN to get into school it was so rainy! I am English! I live in the UK! Until next time, Waddle on!



I think you guys should make a big pool party this summer. I am pretty sure that would be fun


I think you guys should make a big pool party this summer. I am pretty sure that would be fun


Anyone see ''What does the rock say?'' because I know! IT SAYS '' !'' '' !'' that's what the rock says and waddle on :D


Can you make a branch in America? A lot of people here want to work for CP thanks!


LOL! WHAT DOES THE ROCK SAY? I just saw that!


It's funny how we Americans think that UK has a funny accent while we think there is nothing funny about our accent but ya'll actually think it's weird how we talk!




OMG I LUV Daffo's British accent.

*Hands Daffo book.*

Read the whole thing to me XD.


Ikr!!!! Here read the dictionary Daffo!


Sweet! I loved this episode. I can't wait till I get to watch episode 7!!! It's gonna be a cool episode. Cool voice, I wish I had a voice like yours Daffodaily. The others were good to and the American acent was a classic. PS please keep doing the Spoiler alert till like season 20!
Waddle On!

~ Cutie889sa Waddle On!


I am American and want to here Spike Hike try a British accent.


daffos British?

ella yards:

can we do a Australian spoiler alert, hosted by a Australian penguin and by the way no throwing the shrimp on the barbie !
love your Australian penguin,
ella yards

ella yards:

I sooooooooooooooo wish it snowed in Australia I am BURNING it has got up to 40 degrees down here.
love the penguin who needs COLDNESS

ella yards:

I'm pro at doing the American accent even though I live in Australia ! I got to try it out when I visited America last year THEY DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE ME ;D
from you fav American accent girl,
ella yards


hey I like your vidieo

Yoona Love:

Wow! Thank you Daffodaily5, Rhubarbcrmbl, Steampowered and Mr Slumpy! We saw a lot of secrets! But only thing is... Membership! Nevermind it's really cool actually. And you guys are very kind. Thank you. And I can't wait for the next Spoiler Alert!

Waddle On!


dear clubpenguin and Disney

HI CP well when will u tell us more about when epf is getting back up and some people are thinking about quiting because of that

from trexpenguin9

sea star4:

OMG OMG OMG!!!! I did not know that DaffoDaily5 was British!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!! GOOD AMERICAN ACCENT ON THE XTREME READING!!!!! I am glad we got to see DaffoDaily5 on this show!!! GOOD JOB ON INVENTING THE SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!


I liked the the whole episode though the American accent didn't sound like one at all actually.

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