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By Daffodaily5 on February 12, 2014 - 05:23
Hiya guys!
One of my fave games to play on CP is Pufflescape, so it’s fab I can now play it on iPad!  I personally find it quite tricky at times so I always spend aaaages playing it.  I think I can say I’ve nearly mastered it! 
So here are my tips for you:
- Hold down the arrow keys to build up speed and momentum for your puffle
- Use the opposite arrow key as a brake or to slow you down
- Tap the keys lightly if you only need to move your puffle a little bit
- Click the symbol in the top left hand corner to show a diagram with directions
- If you can’t work out a solution, try swapping bits of scenery around – there might be another way!
- Don’t worry about making a mistake and restarting – your puffle is as patient as you are!

If you have any tips you’d like to share then please leave them in the comments below. Also, let me know if there’s any particular part of the Club Penguin app that you would like to see featured on App Tips next time!
-Club Penguin Team




Thank you for these tips for Pufflescape for iPad Daffo.


jaime jair 7:

Thanks. Daffo. For. The tips


FIRST COMMENT!! Thanks for that!


Today is your b-day


thanks daffo


Really helpful Daffo, you really should do more like this in the future! But how long it is gonna take to My Penguin be available in the Google Play (Play Store) ?


Thanks for that


Thanks for the tips!


first comment ! why is it only on ipad ?


Thanks for the tips Daffo! :) Have a spectacular day.


Will you ever do more Daffodaily5's Featured Fashion?


Thanks Daffo... and Waddle On everyone! ;D


Could you go through Sushi Drop next time, please? I'm always playing it but I don't always get 500 coins and sometimes I get random bonuses and I don't know how I got them. I'd like to know how so I can get them for future games!

Waddle On!

Le ia:

Pufflescape requires a lot of patience so u have to start a leval over a few times.

Cheeze Mad:

Thanks for the help Daffo!!


I can't find level 23 on the app!



Cheeze Mad:

That's very funny! ^

So close!


Pufflescape Games


Sometimes, when I tap the arrow lightly, I still go fast. iPad mode is hard!


sometimes you don't need to use the ramp.


It's cool work on it

Enter nickname:



What nice tips daffo,thx!!!!!

Dj Stores:

In my opinion, a tilt function for Pufflescape would be great, it feels like that game was almost made for tilt, not on-screen arrows. I find Pufflescape on iPad rather hard, even with your super helpful tips, so I'll stick to using it on the web. But that game can get you 1500 coins when you play it for about 20 minutes, so that's totally awesome.
Waddle On!


Wow awesome tips Daffodaily5

:-D :-)


Jack g 4G:

Woo hoo tips


Very excited for tomorrow (Saturday) Nobody knows why. XP You cool peoples in CP! UK team you rock!
SO does US and everywhere else


Great! Thx, Daffo! =)


When will u add puffles to my penguin app? I really want to walk my puffle everywhere in club penguin!


Great Tips Daffo! Thanks so much for helping us out!


Puffles cape heh well nice pick I like all of the games though


Hi can you get the app on Anroid?I'm dying to play it but my parents won't buy an ipad ecause my have an Anroid.:(:(:(:(:(


Ello Cp Ppl! I WANNA BE ON PEGUIN OF WEEK!!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ! IM A HUGE FAN! my name on cp is Candice0727! kk Byez!


my tips are from card jitsu snow making life easier because I bet its a hard game!

1. Try picking snow and fire ninja lots of times they are the most strongest ninjas
2. Try not to make a plus over tank or he can get you
3. Tank is very strong but he cant get you much the places that is safe from him is corners
4. Scrap is very annoying he can get you in lots of places even over rocks
5. Try helping your friends keep them alive remember sensei says no ninja down

Enter nickname:

Thank you for the tips and I might have a little play at this game x

Lizzie 21:

Random question, how do you get a puffle? I've tried and tried I just don't know how to get a puffle! Please help me find out how to get a puffle!

Lizzie 21

Miss Star:

It's easy to get a puffle.
1 Go to the petshop
2 Click on the puffles near the Gold Puffle station
3 Pick what color you like and give it a name ( if you are a member, you can get a gold or rainbow puffle too)
4 You have a new puffle!
Hope this helped
Miss Star

Chris man 12:

Will My Penguin be able to download for the Kendle, Ipod or Android soon?

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