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By Polo Field on February 21, 2014 - 14:29
Step right up! The Amazement Park at the Fair is now open. 
I think the team really knocked it outta the park with this one -- what do you think? Every room has all-new art. And they've even updated some of the art in the classic Fair games - Feed-a-Puffle has gone spacey and Puffle Paddle has gone to the mermaids! 

As with past Fairs, everyone will earn tickets for playing these games and can redeem their tickets for prizes. 
Don't forget to take part in the Daily Spin, where there's more coins and prizes to be won. And free-players get a chance to win a silver ticket and can use it to hop on a member-only ride! 
Waddle On! 
-Club Penguin Team



Great job on this year's fair! I hope I can get all the items from the Daily Spin since I like to collect every item available.


Me too! So far I've collected the pirate skull pin and 75 tickets!

Pretty girl:

Wow...l loved the fair & the park hahaha lol


Yes very hope ful

venassa pink:

My favourite game to play is puffle paddle. I also love all the rooms for the fair. They are all so awesome!

Enter nickname:

Where do I. Find the fair?

venassa pink:

When you log in, you will be taken to the fair. And also, if you want, you can enter the fair form the dock. Hope this helps! :)

Frosty Badge:

Ooooooh. So, THAT'S what the silver ticket does.




Thank you for making the Fair awesome!


The Fair is simply fantastic. I'm having so much fun playing the Fair games, earning the awesome prizes, and riding the rides. I agree with you, Polo, the Club Penguin team did an AMAZING job with the Fair. The Amazement Park is... amazing! Perfect name for the park.


I love the Fair and I am really excited about it's return.I love the way you guys made the sky all purple.Gives it a relaxing feel.Great job guys!!


Polo the rumor is true! I saw a merguin in the hidden lake! Tell Aunt Arctic the rumor was true! Waddle On!



When? How? Where?

Sara 1 9 9 9:

Yeah me too i really don't know where is this !


The Daily Spin desn't work for me.HELP!!!!!!!!

Melvin 505:

Nice job! Too bad there aren't more parks, but I think it's cool how it's kinda seperate from the island, you know what I mean?


The Fair is incredible this year! I love all the attractions and games. I've spent hours getting tickets and I'm having a blast. I also like the Penguin Band performing. It's great fun especially with friends. It's just spectacular! :D


When were the Penguin Band performing?
I didn't know!
:D But now I do.


I think u did a great job! Just I miss the old fair items like the turtle and the teddy bear etc.

But anyways its great!


That's cool


I know! They used to have a lot of cool items , but I'm really happy with the larger amount of prizes for us nonmembers. The fair has always been my favorite, and I'm really glad that they don't take any games away, but add more instead! (:


How do you go to the fair?


This years Fair is the BEST one yet! The new themed rooms, and the new artwork is really cool. My favorite section in the Amazement Park would have to be Galaxy Park. I really like The Space Squid and the whole space themed section is awesome, haha. Good job on this years Fair CP Team! :-)


Good job!


fair is very cool and rookie and penguin band is veru sic and cool great job club pengin team


THE ICEBERG RUMOR IS TRUE I there was something underwater i dont know what it was


i saw a shark at the iceberg


awesome the fair is amazing
P.s. I'm Penguin Of The Week


I am blown away! It's so fun to travel between the three areas and ride amazing rides! The prizes are a tad bit too expensive and I find myself having to bounce from game to game several times to buy another puffle hat, which cost 4000 tickets! Guess what my high score is for Puffle Shuffle! It's 1473! No kidding! Puffle Shuffle is my favorite Fair game ever! It is really tricky, too. What's your favorite Fair game?
Waddle on!

Kiely 1:

Hey CP HQ!
Thanks for bringing back the Fair. I'm a MASTER at Puffle Paddle! Awesome prizes too. I'm almost up to 50,000 tickets! I saw the Penguin Band preform. They sang "Anchors Away!" Awesome song! My penguin is working to get EVERY SINGLE PRIZE, eh! I know whats up for March. But, I'm wondering whats gonna happen in APRIL! Can you have an April Fools party again? I really miss it! Your parties for the movies are fine, but can you bring back more of the original parties? That would be GR8♥


Great job CP team! The new fair is so cool! It is a little different than the previous ones, but I think its way cooler now! I especially like that there are rides now available!

Waddle On!


Will u guys please keep Kerploosh ( or whatever the video game is called) after the party? I love it!!!


It's cool I like it


I really loved the fair ! Thank you Club Penguin Team!


Cool ilove the fair
Do you love the fair

Lion Mane:

I love the Fair!!

- Club Penguin Team


I love the fair! I really like the space squid ride , its really epic. The penguin band appearance is really fun!
The items are cool too! There's just one flaw , There is a lot of members only places. I expect lots for the next party! I hope you all have a nice time at the fair! -Sophie12678

Flufey head:

That is crazy awsome!

Little cuties:

I don't think it's fair because people who are not members can not ride the COOL rides u can't even do anything fun! If you guys can please change that!




Too bad the great Puffle circus hasn't returned.


Teddy Bear


That's sooo cool! Thanks club penguin team for including everyone in club penguin! Knowing that free players can go on some member only rides makes me feel great! Not a penguin left out is my club penguin modow!! Claps for club penguin team...


I got a silver ticket, Yay. I was pretty sure which ride I wanted to go on. IT WAS THE WAGON WHEEL. It was just so... Realistic. Also I like what you have done with Feed-a-puffle, IT'S AWESOME.


This is my first "The Fair Party" and it is awesome!Thanks Club Penguin.


the fair is an amazing place to go have fun me and my puffle enjoy the space squid ride


I think The Club Penguin Fair is awesome its so fun and the rooms are epic!


The February fair looks awsome and so cool!
My favorite game is puffle paddle and I like when the band performs!

Penn Girl:

I. Love. This year's fair. So. Much!


Will the Penguin Band ever meet up and will you set up meeting times like you did with Rookie.
Please reply and post.


I'm so excited!!


I wish there were more exciting prizes. Other than that, it's awesome! My very first fair on CP, and I absolutely love it.

Good work team! Waddle on.

Arius 1:

I think you did a good job with the fair! The only thing I would change is to have the whole island decorated for the Fair. Then it would be perfect. :)


penguin band


The new fair is cool, but I miss all the island rooms being changed. I miss the old fair items, as well as the piffle tent and ball pit iceberg. I'm a pretty old penguin, so I've seen a lot of fairs. Again, just having the ISLAND change themes is really cool for me. I want a different island, not just a bonus area.
Sadly Bored,


The fair is AWESOME!


I have a code i bought it from the store with a gamma gal says that i have the item but i don't.thats really not fair.plz let me get the item next time i put the code in.I LOVE THE FAIR ALSO I LOVE THE RIDES THE PRIZES EVERYTHING.

Lion Mane:

Hey Pikachu0806 - please send our support team an email at and we'll be happy to help you out!

- Club Penguin Team


Where is the fair? Can you access it on the club penguin app? Is it that you can't get it without a payed and valid membership? BTW i think one way to improve club penguin wld be:
Don't make people pay a membership! I have about 10000 coins, and I can not spend em!!!!! Have a great day at the fair,

Rockyy 1c:

Save those coins for december for CFC coins for change good luck spending them and the fair is for everyone members can go rides but if non members have a silver ticket they can enter the ride good luck winning a silver ticket


You can't access the fair on the app. You have to use a computer/ laptop. I used to be like you, but in the end I payed for membership so I could do more. Enjoy the fair!

King Red2921:

I need help my cp has not been working since 18 hours i have done and tried everything no positive outcome i even sent cp team 8 mails through contact us still got no answer please i wanna enjoy the fair

Mr Mario5:

I found 3 tiny, dancing, old blue penguins riding the Space Squid.


Like the big wheel


Cool! But I kind of wish the OLD fair would come back. As much as I like a change, it's good to take a blast from the past sometimes.


Omg! Thank you so much for letting me become friends with Rookie!:) I really appreciate it! Also the fair is SUPER cool!! It has LOTS and LOTS of neat and cool prizes and games! Hope Rookie and the penguin gang can visit again!:) -Flower


i love the band!!!


50000 Ticket


GREAT job on the fair but y cant u play the fair games on iPad? And y haven't u updated the iPad ver shown with cute little puffles!? :)

Jack g 4g:

Where is it held waddle on

Aunt A:

I love the fair hope it happens every year and thanks CP!


How do you get to the fair. And I don't want to pay for membership and if you have to please change that rule.Thank you.


I just want to say thanks for adding that in there I wish it's lots of fun.


i love the fair


The fair is faintastic! But it has one little bug or glitch (I don't know how to call it). In pink shuffle game it writes "Pick the pink puffle", " Pick the blue puffle" etc. and then it's empty, it isn't writing what color puffle should I pick. Then I need to guess. And I'm always failing. Can you fix it, please?


My bro wants a puffle circus


This fair is so cool. It has its own amazement park and the games are really good.


I love the fair on my computer


Can I update this app

Aubrey M.:

Super awsome

The gator:

I love the fair

Bat Wen:

Aw, man!!! I had won a ticket for a ride, so I used it on the space squid thing. I did not realize where I was, and (unknowingly) I stepped right back out. I tried to go back in, but it stopped me! :( I do enjoy the Fair and the new games, but I wish it could be a litter fairer. As in "That's not fair," not the CP Fair.

Waddle on!

Chevell 01:





@GracieB CP wouldn't get enough money, and people who already have a 12 month membership would have payed a lot of money so I think that is why but I hope you get a membership!!
@Joey23451I do agree with you but you gotta love the rides right? Daily Spin is good too! There wasn't one before, was there? ;) Iceberg ball pit was amazing tho

Cool j 4456 :

I love being a membe because I just got it


This is my first fair and I love it!! My favorite game is Puffle Paddle. Oh yes and one more thing, I think you should keep the amazement park!!!! You know, just keep it aside so it won't be in the way.


can you lower the ticket prices one day like have a sale on the prizes????
the prizes cost A LOT


Nah, the fair prizes do cost A LOT but you also get A LOT of tickets every game that you play. If you lowered the cost of the prizes it would be too easy. Also, is there a way to exchange coins into tickets?


Is there their going to be a way to earn more spins on the Daily Spin cause I still haven't even earn one of the 3 prizes. I think on the last day it should be unlimited spins cause I doubt a bunch of penguins got all the prizes. Fair is absolutely amazing!



The Fair is awesome! I wish I could get silver tickets easier though.I really want to ride the member rides!:(

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