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By Spike Hike on February 6, 2014 - 10:22

Hey Penguins,

Greetings from New York City! I'm here today to announce our new online safety campaign 'It Starts With You!'.

We want to get the word out to Be Cool to others, Be Heard when you see something that's not safe, and Be Safe by keeping your personal information secret.

To remind everyone, we made this new video that will be airing on Disney Channel and other places next week. And helping us get the word out is fellow Penguin and star of Disney Channel's Dog With A Blog -- G. Hannelius!

Check the video out...

Staying safe online starts with each and every one of YOU! So help keep EVERYONE safe online by doing your part.

And as always....
Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team



Omg, it agree with every single word. Just one thing, it kind of didn't have to do with this but will you guys soon make a my penguin app for the kindle fire? Because, I don't have an iPad or a droid or iPhone and I really want to play my penguin.


im glad that club penguin care about online safety because its soo important i agree to every single word as well and also



Ilike you girl & it is important that club penguin cares about safety and that's good your a good person to girl your a good person


I have an android device and i looked on my Google play store and i cant get the my penguin app because they don't make it for android devices


I don't think they've released the phone version yet, but you will soon get it.


Is Amaizing!


I agree totally, being safe is the number 1 thing, for sure.

Lydia's blog :

Today is good I love this

Shrub Shrub:

Hey guys,

Have you checked out the Safety Quiz yet?

- The Club Penguin Team


I cant doesn't work!

Kozy Kat:

Be sure to contact the Club Penguin Support Team if you need help!

- The Club Penguin Team


yes its amazing

Artimis 1:

I can not take the saftey quiz. It always freezes up. SO my penguin has no clothes. HELP!!


no, but i want to.


I am


how do i do the quiz? i really want to learn more! plz help cp team!

Kozy Kat:

When you log in, click the big gold "M" badge in the top right corner. ^_^

- The Club Penguin Team


i tryed to play it on the compoter and it works i love safety and club penguin.


online safety is important, this is for people being bullied:



kat cp1:

Great ! now have more security?

Shrub Shrub:

Hey kat cp1,

Being safe online can totally give you a sense of security. The more you know, the safer you'll be!

- The Club Penguin Team

Le ia:

Its cool u guys r promoting online safety :).

saira2 :

its cool to be safe online and offline :)!!!



K173 :

the puppy is cute and the all of the video was awesome and all of the game is awesome to :)!!!


Stay safe guys!! You rock Club Penguin. I'm not going to say where I'm from (Lol!!) But we have an Una one. Well that basically tells you but its not my address or anything!!
-Waddle On my peeps


Great Video :D


Where are you in New York, Spike Hike? I live there so maybe I could see you sometime :3


Wow G. Hannelias i love the show dog with a blog. Its so cool that disney is trying to keep us safe online! THANK YOU DISNEY!!!!

Waddle on


I think it's great that cp has a safety quiz now and it's nice to see celebrities saying it

perry jolie:

Is it okay to tell someone your hobbies?




Is G. a peguin? Also There should be a chat room for club peguin. Think about it for a while and then reply until then, Waddle On!


Good job, CP Team! U can count on me! =)


That's a great safety video!


thnks cp! PS will there be a club penguin chat a new kind for example:other penguins acn talk to other friends in private like umm private chat or something like that i think you posted something about it on the blog


I love Dog with a Blog and Austin and Ally! This is so cool! Will you include more disney stars? P.s STAY SAFE ONLINE!! :)


I love cp but I get kinnda boring put more stuff to buy for non members
I am a non mem my mom said no mem so I need to get no mor coines I need to spend nor eran


The video was cute with Stan and stuff. Maybe each month you can get people do do the quiz, with different prizes! Be cool!




and I agree that it was an excellent safety video


Be safe tell no one but your parents your password I don't even know my password my mom does I have it saved but whoever try's to hack my account is busted! :)

Glitter Roll:

Great way to stay safe online, Lalia12347!
- The Club Penguin Team

Hamster Who:

i agree with lalia12347. Also if somebody on the internet bothers you tell a parent!

Pinksy W:

I love this show SOOOO much! Can you please add more disney stars like Ross Lynch or Mia Michell?


I find this very cool new campaign from Club Penguin, I'll be anxious to see the Disney Channel


I wish Stan was one of my dogs ( no offence to my dog, I really luv him too ;) )


What's her penguin name?


Hi Stan! I wonder if when he's not blogging, he's playing Club Penguin!
I think it's awesome how you guys really care about our safety. It's amazing how you guys really listen to our opinions and try your bests to keep us safe!
Waddle on, but safety first!

Turbo Tankz:

Such an awesome video. I even agree with Spike Hike that everyone deserves being safe online.

-Turbo Tankz

Pingu Rares:

Be cool, be heard, be safe! I totally agree!

Glitter Roll:

We totes agree too!
- The Club Penguin Team


Here is some tips to help you if you or someone else is being bullied:
Care about your friends. (if they are being bullied, you can do something to stop it)
Laugh with your friends not at them (don't laugh at anyone just because their different, laugh about a silly joke! its more fun!
Unique people have good qualities! (if you see someone different than you, don't be shy! say hi!)
Be nice (always be nice to people around you, you don't know what they are going through

Glitter Roll:

Thanks for sharing these awesome tips with us Emilyj553!
Stay Safe and stay shiny!
- The Club Penguin Team


Ok Glitter Roll, one question, Wil club penguin ever make a my penguin app for the kindle fire? Because, I really want to play my penguin on my kindle fire and I don't have any of the devices to play it. And, I ask, if you do make a my penguin app for the kindle fire, please make it exactly like the iPad version. Like all of the updates and features are the same. Like, people on the kindle fire could do the exact same things that people on the iPad could do.


Stay Cool
Stay Safe
Waddle On!


Club penguin is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zoom zoom103:

can we get past Disney stars like miley or selena or demi plz :)


I love the how a Disney Actor still takes time out as to play Club Penguin, that's how awesome the game is - it's unmissable!

Waddle On!


the safety quiz wont work at all i keep trying but it freezes :( (safety first!!! waddle on!)


It happened to me too, but it worked the second time I logged on again.


That is a good video.


I love this video I care about online safe NO YAPPY PLEASE

Rockyy 1c:

If you are being bullied at school tell the person to stop, if they do not stop walk away, if they follow you tell the teacher and say NO to strangers or bullies who make you do nasty things. If you are being Cyberbullied online or on club penguin tell your parents if its not club penguin or ignore the penguin if it is club penguin or report him/her to a moderator
Be Safe , it's good to be serious at times like this
Waddle on Safely hope my tips helped!


Cool video! Good info too!! Waddle on guys!


i wish the penguin app for nooks and i saw one other dog with a blog star. it was bennet

Sonic d3:

Can someone help me im trying to do the online safety test but when I click on the icon my computer crashes!


i am a big GG (goody goody) in real life so you could trust my to do the right thing and stand up to a bully and help out.


Yay! Dog with a blog is my favorite tv Series!

Jessie GI :

ohmygosh it's G! I LOVE dog with a blog! And I totally agree with the video.

Shrub Shrub:

Dog with a Blog! I love it!

- The Club Penguin Team


are you guys ever going to have online safty parties? I also want to know if thre will be non member items only. hi shrub shrub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Online safety is one of the most important things on virtual worlds like Club penguin. The first thing I did before I joined Club Penguin was see who recommended it, and quite a lot of people did. Then, I searched to see if it was safe. It sure sounded safe, so I asked my dad if I could join. I'm so glad that Club Penguin is a safe enviorment for kids like me, and thanks for the safety tips and cool sweatshirt that you can get by passing the quiz! Club Penguin, I <3 u!


i could have been in this video because i understand these u should do these things also because that girl is positively beautiful:)


I wonder if you guys will make a Club Penguin TV series.


CP is more cooler than ever now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


I love dog with a blog and they put up a star of dog with a blog on the club penguin blog get it


It won't let me take the safety quiz! Every time i go to the 'M' and click the take quiz option, it gets stuck, when i try to cross it out it won't work then either. It stays like that from every computer i use! Please help me!


i like it but when i click on the take quiz button it wont bring me the quiz so do you know how to go on the quiz why wont it let me in

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