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By Daffodaily5 on February 21, 2014 - 05:10


I was really touched reading all your nominations about your pals that have been kind to others! Especially 1aaron1 who hosted a fundraiser at his school for the local hospital as well as caring for the environment – what an inspiration!

If your pal has done something truly inspiring then tell me about it in the comments below! Winner gets 10,000 coins and the Green Viking Helmet.


-Club Penguin Team



I am nominating my BFF, Geepeach. Not only has she been playing since 2010 but she helped me out when I first started cp. Also, she hosted a fundraiser at her school for children in need last year. They donated over 300 pounds. And for coins for change she donated 20,000 coins. YOU ARE MY HERO GEEPEACH!

Princess 403:

My friend has always helped me through thick and thin we have known each other since diapers. She still helps me out and is an awesome friend


Princess 403 always helps me she donated 10,000 to the poor


My friend 20145alyssa should get it because she raised over 1 million dollars for her school. She is a really fun and funny person. She raised over 1 billion dollars for orphans and homeless kids and adults. She has the biggest heart ever.


aww thanks i woke up this morning and i saw my penguin up on the blog and im like :o




You earned it! Great job!


thanks so much daffo :)

Apple guy:

i'm so happy for you buddy 1aaron1 :D


I would love to be penguin of the week. if anyone has been penguin of the week before can you tell me what you did please!!
at school we do helpfullness certificates and nomanate who has been most helpful. dafodaily5 please can you tell me how i can be penguin of the week xx


Wow! Congrats 1aaron1!!


Hello again! I would like to nominate Milbo1 because she made lots of cookies and cakes to sell for fundraising! Our school (We go to the same school,this is how I know) raised over £1000 for the Typhoon in the Philippines! She bought some things from one of the boys in our year, who said to pay 55p but she payed double the amount. That is why Milbo1 is so cool! She is my best friend in real life and always cheers me up when I am sad and when others are sad too! She does the same on CP!


choose me please im cool and im awesome




My friend in real life and on Club Penguin, his username is Chetai, he just joined raised money for the school to build a handicapped entry to almost every room and an elevator and now we have a joint school which is special for handicapped children. He's awesome! I really think he deserves to win, and he's a nonmember so he would love a cool item like the Green Viking Helmet!


i was shocked i saw me as penguin of the week
thanks daffo i really am happy!!


who thinks my igloo is totes cool!?


who thinks my igloo is epic!?!!


Hello Daffo,

It's a pleasure to nominate my friend Orion9057, he's always helping the penguins around the island! He is fun, honest is simply an amazing Penguin!





Also, I recognize a comment from you.


I would like to nominate Zoes6. They volunteer at the HHHS by choice! They raise money for cancer research! They donated 70000 coins to CFC and are friends with lonely kids. They buddy everyone on Club Penguin. She is a great friend and is a tour guide. They support everyone in many ways and don't judge. I really hope that Zoes6 is chosen for POTW. P.S. I heard that Tour Guide left Club Penguin. Is this true?


Hi I'd like to nominate my good friend Redwingnum14. He's been a longtime Club Penguin member having played for over 5 years and having a huge collection of puffle plush and toys. He also recently decided to take a trip to Costa Rica to complete some solar panel projects in the local villages and help build a school, just like Billybob recently did! I really think he deserves it for his kind nature and his dedication to make the world a better place for those less fortunate!


i wanna nominate Katie101p1 for being and caring friend
who had a fundraiser at her school too!
for hospitals and for other schools and helping the sick kids
she is a good friend for that shes y nominee!!


WOW! Good Job 1aaron1 :)


Yeah I would agree :)


when my friend in school need help i help them and at home i give to the poor and help my mom my mom been sick ): but i still help her i help my sister when she's stuck and she said she like my iggy pleales make me penguin of the week P.S. todays my birthday! -club penguin team

troky 5:

i think dot 23164 should be next she is realy nice


I nominate my friend The Shy Guy. Recently he raised money for homeless people by sleeping outside for a whole night. The money he got went to a charity called Stone pillow. I thought this was a very generous thing to do and that's why I nominate him.


I would like to nominate The Journal for the next penguin of the week. He is friendly, always there for each and every penguin no matter if you are a member or not. He builds really nice igloos/rooms, has talents and very dedicated. He has probably donated many coins to CFC, probably over 100,000 ! He is the best penguin I met during my 4-6 years in Club Penguin and that is why he is my best choice for Penguin of the Week. Good luck, Jordan :-) Hannah here :p


gugy01 is the best,he always give tours to new penguins


I would like to nominate my dear friend Weirdallison. She likes to host parties and likes to have fun! She helps people who are new to club penguin. She is very shy but she is very unique! She is the best friend I could have. Please make Weirdallison The Penguin Of The Week.

The M Dog:

I think Squirt2303 should be the POTW. He's always helping people when they're sad.


my friend sallyab loves to donate not only to coins for change but so much more! and she is really is nice to her friends. please make her penguin of the week!


I think Superash4310 should be POTW. He friendly online and in real life. He still plays Club Penguin, even though his friends and his older brother don't. He is a great, awesome, brother to me.


I think Ghoustx123 should be the next penguin of the week. As a friend in real in life he tells funny jokes and he does fundraiser for his school, too!!! he makes parties for the elders and he tries to help people who are homeless. When I watch him play Club Penguin, he takes care of all his puffles and give tours to new penguins. Ghoustx123 also throws parties for the penguins around the island whether it's a coffee party, a dinosaur party, or even a clown party!!


I would like to do me or my friend playergirl1 because we both every year around coins for change love donating and think that if we donate we are changing the world because the world is our home... And if we both do not care we would not donate :(. Thanks!


I think you should chose Champion 186 as the next one. He helps me and others and is extremly firendly, If someone needs help he jumps to it! He's a good friend and forever will be. Thanks!


i think i should be pengy of the week cause i love to help new pengys on the island i always show them around with a tour and donated all my coins for coins for change and i always report a bully and help the pengy that was bulliyed if i could i would make a rule in cp that u never bully or else u get banned forever thats why i should be pengy of the week


my friend p17639 should be POTW because he always shows up for every party and has never been banned (I think so), and he's told me that every holiday party he donates 5000 coins which is great and he always asks people if they'd like him to save a space in the line for any queue or asks people if they want him to like their igloos. I think he'd be a great POTW! WADDLE ON CP!


i also think ACTIVE10000 should be penguin of the week, she is so nice! I know her in real life. You forgot that she goes to sing at the elderly center. I love her voice! She is so sweet! You will never see her not helping someone. I wish you pick her! Thanks.


Gunther90001 not only helped me to start me with CP he also helped my friend with donations too!


I would like to nominate Chris man 12 for penguin of the week, because he is so nice and a really cool friend.


I would like to nominate Superredd for penguin of the week


daffo nominated to my friend titayfito for the penguin of week because his style is amazing and is fantastic igloo


You should choose Gum7! She has been so helpful, and she likes helping new players on the island with finding pins and everything else! She loves helping penguins, and I do too.



at our school ploppyfloppy organised a bakesale for the Philippines she made some puffle cookies and a penguin cake saying friends help friends so please make ploppyfloppy potw btw we raised about £10,600


My Best Bud Yayxiamon45 Lives Next To Me And Me And Him Made Posters And Told Other People How Fun Clubpenguin Was Are Teacher Even Asked The Princeapul If We Can Put Them In The Hall Way Now I Get To Hang Out With All My Friends From School On Clubpenguin Yayxiamon45 Is So Inspiring We Its Super Fun When I Bring My Laptop Over And We Hangout Last Time We Met Rookie! It Was Amazing He Is Fun I Love Clubpenguin He Does Too And I Hope He Can Win So Its Like A Thank You Note For Showing Me CP!!!!!


Hey there! I'm Dumply6! I wanna give a congratulations to 1aaron1 and also! I wanna nominate my BEST BUDDY! Minoglemrdg, he's like totes awesome and stuff. He throws epic Igloo parties, and he helps everyone out! He helped me out on CP when I first started. He is also very nice and kind. He helps me with games too! If he was the Penguin Of The Week that would be EPICO!! HE PARTICIPATES IN ALL CLUB PENGUIN GAMES AND PARTIES TOO!!!! Remember, always consider him! WADDLE ON!


Hey Club Penguin Team! I nominate my friend Mystoryspy he throws amazing igloo parties and is always up for playing mini games with friends. I hope you take my nomination into consideration. Thanks!


FUNYUNS10201 HAS MADE A GREAT FUNDRAISER he is dontating over 1000$ to the animal wildlife! plz pic

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