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By Daffodaily5 on February 7, 2014 - 03:14


Allen47287 is a huge fan of PH and shares her love of puffles (let’s face it, who doesn’t love puffles?) His most favourite game is Jetpack Adventure and look, he’s even wearing a jetpack himself! AWESOME! Check out his igloo too, it’s all kinds of epic randomness!

Do have any penguin friends who love to help others? Perhaps they've done a sponsored run or a bake sale? Or maybe they just love to help out new penguins on CP? If you know someone who deserves to be Penguin of the Week, nominate them in the comments below! As you know 10,000 coins as well as the Green Viking Helmet are up for grabs! Cooooool right?!


-Club Penguin Team



Charizard loves making igloos! She throws parties all the time. She is always mixing up her styles with furniture and music! She makes the best hangouts for many penguins to party or just chill out! She is a definite nominee! Waddle on Club Penguin:)


I like pie she like pie he like we like pie


I think deebo1236 should be the next penguin of the week because he always accepts people freind request when he had a membership he always went on clubpenguin when he got a gold puffle he got gold items and he could not get those items when he did not have a membership he has a black belt and ninja mask in card jutsi and in snow he got all the items and fire and how I know this he's my brother you should freind deebo1236 also he found hidden items like the Viking helmet and the blue one


I think chic3455 should be penguin of the week :)


I think Broncogirl66! She is sweet and kind, adventurous and exciting! I think She is really cool! PLZ nominate her!!!!!


I think emilysweden1 should be penguin of the week. she has an awesome igloo. she also is very nice and LOVES helping others. she also helped out for coins for change and donated almost all of her coins. She is very nice. she also throws the most amazing parties ever!I really admire her as a penguin and so do many others! I definitely think she should be penguin of the week! she is amazing!


Nominate holpster1or coolio3423


wats up peps love to build igloos she loves making new friends and helping people out


how do be the penguin of the week.


That is an epic igloo, Allen


THX! I worked hard on it!

Marian Stoia:

Cool Outfit!

Pingu Rares:

Congratulations, Allen47287!


THX! I didn't even realize I was it until today!


Hi I am a huge fan of Cadence. my favorite game is card-jitsu. I love to help all penguins and help out coins for change. I would love to be penguin of the week.


Im a huge fan of cadence and my favorite game is pizzatron3000 ive done 17 bake sales and I send money to the poor every month. I hope to be the penguin of the week . It would be an honnor


Gonzalez1000 nominate a penguin of the week and he helped me understand the game more and learn my experience at CP! ;)


Gonzalez1000 nominate a penguin of the week and he helped me understand the game more and learn my experience at CP! ;)





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I would like to nominate my friend Bfly11 to be penguin of the week because she love making friends and when people are sad, she asks them why they are sad and makes them feel better. She also loves to walk her puffles and takes really great care of them. She loves to play Puffle Rescue and throw party's. I really hope she gets picked to be Penguin of the week because she is very Energetic and she is a great role model!

Vane Viveca:

Hi Daffo! I would like to nominate my friend 18sarely18 she loves making new friends and helps new penguins when she gets the chance! She loves going on adventures!! She likes to play smoothie smash and Pizzatron3000. She also makes really fun parties! She loves british accents also! Who doesn't? And she would love to be recognized by the Uk Team.


congratulations Allen47287, I wish i could be the penguin of the week.


Nice Job Allen you sure are a good POTW




I'd like to nominate my friend "Petr0s901" to be the next POTW! HE'S JUST AWESOME! He made a touring team with his friends! This team is divided into different servers to tour even more new penguins and to learn to them how to stay safe online!! He's also very friendly and polite and he helps everyone find the latest pins! I LOVE MY FRIEND!

Waddle On!


He sounds really cool and that idea rules. I wish I had that idea.


me too


I nominate my friend, Monster0130. He's extremely funny and a good friend! Monster is one of the best people I met on Club Penguin :D He always acts like a good friend and treats everyone fairly. Also did I mention he's extremely funny? :3

Grenish Tri:

I feel that the penguin of the week should be Rosytilly , she is awesome and has a cool igloo . Rosytilly is very kind and generous . I love rosytilly manners :) . Please choose her .


I would like to nominate Steampowered because he's a good friend to others and helps out :)


Nominate Pearl52623 the nicest and funniest penguin there is she also has a great fashion sense!


I would like to nominate Lifeguard03 for the penguin of the week. The reasons why is because people always tell me that it is weird that I used to wear boy clothes during everyday events and he is always by my side whenever I am happy or sad. He's also is funny and a GREAT soccer player and friend and he lets anybody be his friend either member or not. And that is why I think you should give my best friend the opportunity to be penguin of the week.


My friend Sensei Joe is a very special friend to me he is always by my side and when I need help to get more coins he gives me tips to get more coins he always try's to be friends with every penguin and has awsome party's at his igloo he invite everyone and when I mean everyone I mean everyone! He always makes everyone laugh and try's to help penguins with getting more stamps too these are some reasons why my best friend Sensei joe is the most awsome penguin ever! I would just like to repay him.


Kuja2008 has a nice igloo and dresses well too!

Pie and cake:

i nominate 1aaron1 for helping others being there for me when i need him most he is a really good friend he really tries his best to help his friends he's really sweet and kind i love being his friend he gives me joy he loves playing with me we like to go to Rockhopper's ship to to play that game and is very stylish and shares his ideas he is very generous and loyal and always there when i need him :-)


Kind of random but who thinks that there should be a ninja scarf for puffles?


i want ninja puffle!


Congratulations Allen! First of all, amazing igloo. I like that you used the peppermint Christmas igloo and that you incorporated igloo items from all the different parties. I also LOVE your outfit. One thing, how did you get the jetpack? Also, MY PENGUINS GREEN TOO!!!!!! Green is my favorite color! Epic igloo and again, congratulations for winning penguin of the week.


I would like to nominate Ninjakrom. He is a friendly, helpful and charismatic penguin! He daily plays Card Jitsu Fire with his friends, and then, we all go to a adventure, looking for treasure! After this, we all go to the Coffee Shop and chat with each other!


Hey! I LOVE to play Card Jitsu Fire! Maybe we could meet up at the dojo sometime and play!

hi all:

i nominate King L 2000 he is a long term member and has always helped out and always plays games with me. He is just great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Will the penguin band and rookie visit the fair?

Club Penguin Rocks:

I think my friend sammfam should be penguin of the week!


hi cp its me i have a problem, i cant enter server abominable it justs says connection lost, but i can go to any other servers so its gonna be a problem, if u can fix this bug ill be really happy, i cant wait to play with all my abominable friends again : ) Waddle on cp!

Bat Wen:

"Who doesn't like puffles?" Um, Herbert.


You are totally right! I love puffles and do you? Puffles are awesome! Herbert does not love puffles, but everyone else does.


Hey guys! Congrats Allen47287 and nice igloo and fashion :) hmmm.. Agreed with Bat Wen "Herbert doesn't like puffles ;)" :D until then Waddle On!


Excuse me but when i do the online safety quiz it doesnt work just shows a blue screen.


Reload your page or ask your parents.


Hi CP! Would I be able to nominate myself, Amanda62182 for Penguin of the week? I don't really have any friends who would nominate me. I always wanted to be Penguin of the week. I am a huge fan of Dot and Rockhopper, I love puffles and taking care of them and I love helping out people, and my favorite game is Dance Contest.

Le ia:

Congrats Allen47287!I love the jet pack.


i nominate Emily29074


Same as me love the jet pack


Yola22 makes the most best and colorful igloos in the world! She haves 18 Puffles, she has lot's and lot's of clothes and she just love's love's love's dance machine Cadence. Cause she loves dancing and singing too!


I think I should be the next Penguin of the Week. I like all the characters, love exploring the island, play all the games, and I really love helping others.


Cool outfix


I would like to nominate my best friend, Ridhwan124. He was so funny and helpful guy.


Hi CP Team!! I wanna nominate Pengwinner50 to be Penguinof the Week. He helped me join the club and taught me how to play several games. He loves playing Card Jitsu and Sensei is his fave mascot. He loves Coins For Change. He's a non-member right now but he used to hold wonderful parties in his iggy during his membership!! He's been in the Island for about an year and is a strict EPF agent. He is often seen holding meetings in the EPF HQ. He has more than ten puffles;)


cool igloo


Congratulations, Allen! I'd like to nominate RedChampion1 this week. He's been a great friend to me, yet again!

Waddle On!


What? Why did you not pick ayarocks303?


i think turkey2002 should be penguin of the week because she does 5k and 10k runs for charity and sends care pakages to soldiers.


Cool deal looks fun. I don't remember this on the computer and it is cool to just do it for fun. :-)


I would like to nominate tech70 he's a nice penguin and comments a lot luv u daffo! W a d d l e o n !

Le ia:

I would like to nominate my friend Ball Puff13 because shes nice shes funny and she helps penguins. :)


As many of you may know I am a lifeguard at the cove. Once my mom sets up a membership I am gonna throw these sick awesome parties sell the time. I also have part time jobs at the surf shack and the coffee shop. The two places you will most likely see me. I also hang at the lighthouse and rock the drums. Anyway I save lives like every day. I just really hope this counts as a nomination. See you around! P.S. I've to friend penguins when they ask. I love club penguin. Bye!


My friend sugartaco is really nice and always ready to talk when I need to. I also want to nominate her as well as me.

Pinkhorse10 :

Divergent71 is loyal


My mom set it up... The membership I mean. Typo. Sell is supposed to be all.


Me cuz I am friendly and nice to everyone and know a lot of things about club penguin


FDpenguin helps everyone that needs help. He is such a cool penguin


I nominate mrhaiclasp cause he loves walking aroud the island and he is awsome


me cus me have lots bffs and me love club penguin


I think that Puppybro should win player of the week because he is always very nice to others plus he loves all of his puffles and his favorite game is puffle launch.


pinky75290 is the she helps build igloos and she throws massive parties and she has 100,00 coins


I think the next penguin of the week should be Shooshy101. Shes always friendly to everyone she meets and she throws the best parties.:)

Power club 1:

I would like to nominate Thinknoodles He is a nice friend and always helps people with stuff. and he also has lots of meet up times.
I think thinknoodles should be penguin of the week.

Waddle On!

Cool Guy39:

Tazboi959 is cool and awesome


Pookie20003 deserves it even know the penguin only had a 7 day free member ship and she is very helpful and friendly


Good job, Allen47287! I luv ur iggy, & ur outfit! I hope I get the chance 2 meet u, add u, & become ur buddy! U rlly deserved 2 b "POTW"! =)


I would like to nominate my friend sugarmuffi62 (her name does not have a n in muffin) because she is awesome and she loves CP!


My friend, Piplup88908, usually goes around CP using a tour guide hat. She uses the tour guide icon, and tells others things about the island, both during parties, or every other day, even when no one joins the tour, she still makes sure that everyone knows about the island and it's spots for puffles and games.


I would like to nominate my sister, jfib2000, for penguin of the week. She is so kind and she introduced me to club penguin. Jfib2000 has the most amazing igloo and she loves playing in the dojo with her friends. She always tries to help out anyone who needs it. She is awesome, funny and also my best friend. Please nominate her for penguin of the week. She deserves to have something nice happen to her.


Bubbles33516 helps the local can food drive in our community. She helps penguins around, and makes sure the website is safe! so that is why you need to make bubbles33516 the penguin of the week! She would love it because her birthday is coming up!


I am a huge fan of Gary, my igloo is a bunch of randomness and and i loves all his puffles.

Sam The Eagle:

Cance0 is a very kind friend that i think should get nominated. He is my friend offline club penguin and he has ran caner 5k runs for 2 years and enjoys helping others. He is good at making people laugh. So that's why i think Cance0 should get nominated.


I nomonate 9topdog


I nominate my best friend clovey212 because she throws parties and her favorite game is cart surfing she loves her puffles and she is very kind.


I know someone who should really be penguin of the day! She is so nice!! Her name is Rockey11224 she's a great friend she deserves penguin of the day. She really does and I love her igloos! I love all my friends :P
-Club Penguin Team
P.S I like pie

Captain J153:

I'm a huge fan of Rookie. My fav game is Puffle Launch. My igloo is get from Holiday Party 2013 and the igloo it was red candy igloo like
Allen47287, I'm not a member..... I would like to enter POTW. thanks


jasmine12333 is awesome i see her helping penguins all the time and has a piffle adoption center in her igloo she loves to express herself she gives many tours to! i think she is a great help at club penguin


I know a really nice penguin. I think he should be penguin of the day/week and his name is Picls2. He helped me with a lot of things on club penguin. he is ultimate safe chat so he doesn't talk much on clubpenguin. we are in the same class in real life and we always play together. he told me how to become an EPF agent. he told me this in 2011. It was just tips for the test. It was to hard for me to pass the test without his tips.


I want to vote for Harley 80563 for penguin of the week because not only does she have a rockin igloo, but she also won an essay contest and read it in front of a large graduation ceremony!!! I think she's AWESOME!!!!!


I think AbsoluteTen should be the next POTW. He helped a lot with touring, helps me in Puffle Rescue and he loves to try out new outfits - his fav celebrity is Cadence and the Penguin Band and he loves to mix tunes and do a multiplayer Dance Contest!!!

Hartypinki :

Omg that's awesome!!! Actually, my school are doing a sponsored conga (dressed like an animal) to support WWF (world Wide fund)! But I've been off cp forever and just come back! Lol guys what's been happening tell me AL l about it!


Daffo: When r u posting the My Penguin Day winner thing? ;) Lol I keep refreshing the page to see the "penguin" featured. XP

Wish Stealer:

I wish I could be penguin of the week, Whoa! Cool Outfit!


Hi, mabye I could be penguin of the week, I have many puffles, I'm just always having fun, I'm always waiting for fun things to happen, like the fair, the new igloo catalog, me digging up a golden jetpack, and lots more! I hope I can be POTW, and instead of getting coins, I really want a golden jetpack. Also I come up with new ideas, like rainbow and gold puffles, new golden items like gold hair, gold snowboard, gold bobsleigh, and other gold items. I'm also friendly with others. I hope I'm POTW

Pablo 7223:

I think that babypink97 should be the next penguin of the week because she is nice, she helps others like new penguins and i also had seen her giving tours and she loves club penguin she got like 4 years playing club penguin. She was a member but not anymore. Thank you for reading my comment!


Hi! i think katie2530 should be the penguin of the week! katie2530 is very friendly helpful and allways making people laugh! she is in student leadership at her school! she helps clean the beaches and much more! katie2530 is such a caring girl! she helped me safe the puffles! and she just got done selling things for her school. katie2530 is a sweet caring loveble girl! shes a great penguin and a great friend! so please let katie2530 be next! shes having a party on wensady at 6:25 plz pick her!


I vote sparks4224 she Loves puffles! She is a tour guide person and an EPF member! She is very nice and has a great style. She is very kind and her favorite game is Puffle rescue, who eels loves saving cute puffles! And she gave me her member ship card because she is a great friend:)!


I am nominating pookie437. He is really nice to everyone and follows the rules. Not only is he nice in club penguin but also at school. His igloo is really cool. He has all kind of jobs around club Penguin. some of which include being a life guard, working at colleges around the island, helping rockhopper out whenever he comes, and also is the manager of the coffee shop. His favorite mascot is rock hopper. He is on Rockhoppers crew and works with rockhopper to find buried treasure.


pookie473......................... Nuff said right there


Hey vote for Starboi414


he cares for club penguin island


I nominate dentist3 because he is such a great penguin and is super nice and will make anyone smile.


hi club penguin!i think the clup should be penguin off the week because she is a sweet loving penguin who cares for her pookies and treats everyone the way they should be treated.I watch everyone around to help you choose who penguin of the week should be and it is the clup.She cares for everyone and does bake sales for pookies who need a home.She is a truly sweet penguin. She says she would adopt ever pookie in club penguin if she could.She would love to be penguin of the week! Thanks!


Max 92202 would be a great penguin of the week! He is such a great friend! He loves helping others! If you need a friend he's there to friend you, if you want to play a game with someone, he's there, and even if you simply want company, he won't hesitate. He is not only a great friend, but is probably has the most spirit in any penguin you will meet! He's also getting ready for his favorite time of the year: The Fair!!!
ThankYou for your time,
Waddle On!


I think my penguin named Coolguy11502 should win because during the prehistoric party I helped people hatch their dino eggs and I once told a new person how to adopt a puffle. I also donated over 110,000 coins during coins for change and let anyone be my friend.


Jgreaker01 is a really cool friend of mine,he enjoys the color green and wears some of the most extrodinary items
he's a nice guy and likes to be creative with igloo design. I think he would be happy if he had that helmet and coins


That Igloo Is Awsome and looks like my old igloo a bit!


club penguin team
I'm nominating missy purpin for penguin of the week because she always asks me at school how to throw parties and such. She is that into club penguin she even made a power point on it and everything fun about it! She's always trying to do things with her iggy even though she hasn't been on cp very long, she deserves this very much considering the fact that she only just joined around a bout xmas. she also shares a love of puffles like any other penguin! Waddle on cp! fluff48 x


hi guys the club penguin penguin today I endinco as the week my best friend Ray and he luz8 more he deserves this award and it really cool then this is the club penguin staff until more and bye.


Macyface4 should be the next penguin of the week. She is so cool and awesome.


sonustar should definitely be the Penguin of the week. He loves puffles and always takes them to the rainbow quest. Also because he likes Rockhopper and Gary, he has met them both.

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