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By Daffodaily5 on February 14, 2014 - 02:54


When I heard that Cance0 had run 5km to raise money for charity not once, but TWICE, I nearly fell off my chair! So impressive! Being kind comes in all shapes and sizes and doing something big like this for charity is something to be really proud of!

I’d like to hear more about the brill things you do, not just for the penguin community, but also the community in your real lives! Comment below with your nominations and I could feature your pal next week. Well done Cance0, Green Viking Helmet and 10,000 coins coming your way!


-Club Penguin Team



Wow! Thats amazing I love doing things like that too! Me and my mom went on a 5K to raise money for my school. It was sooooo fun!!


Hello! I would like to nominate Milbo1 because she is not only a great friend on Club Penguin, but a great friend in real life! At her school they raised over £1000 for Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. She does Sponsored walks/ runs at school too!
On Club Penguin she tries to add most people that send her friend requests and helps them out if they don't know where they are or they want to find out where to buy things or play mini games! Thank you!
Waddle On!!


is £ mean pounds? I am from the US so I don't know


claps. YOURE THE BEST!!! You are so kind by doing that twice


Do you have to be a member to be penguin of the week


I don't think so.


I am not a member so I was just asking


you are an thoghtful person Cance0


I made sandwiches for homeless people and gave them to the people in my city. It was my idea, and I made the sanwiches, but my mom wanted to help me to give them away. It was really touching, and I loved to help others although I didn't get anything back.

Waddle on, penguins! Keep helping others.


Awww. How long did it take to give it all the homeless people? That was really nice. :) I think you should be potw


Well done Cance0! You did good! Make sure you keep doing this because it's a great thing to do!

Waddle On!

gold goblin:

why aren't there any nonmember penguins of the week. we do good things too. we make club penguin fuller. without us club penguin would be near empty. we donated lots of coins to coins for change cause there is nothing better to use them for.
waddle o
waddle on


ya what about non members


I have to admit you do have a point. That's not fair that we don't get to be picked because we aren't members. We should have the same rights and responsibilities.its not our fault we are not able to buy the membership pass.




I want to nominee Emma3335.
She doed a 12km walk in the mountains and forest along with her family to raise money to help build a school.
And she wroted books about Club Penguin. She is awesome!
Maybe you know here more with the name Olga Tyshkevych.
Fan mail CP team may know her.


i think Ravengirl926 should be penguin of the week. She has awesome fashion, Rocks each party with her puffle, and that's why i think that Ravengirl926 should be penguin of the week.


I would like to nominate Pitdrakon because he is a good friend, he is nice,


P.S. Cance0 sounds very caring!

Dino Domo:

How do you become Penguin of the Week?

Snip 2323:

Cool ! Come play with my wild dog to put him to sleep with a ball


Great job Cance0! You deserve to be penguin of the week.


nice job I would want to be nominated for penguin of the week

Pingu Rares:

Well, congrats!


I think you should nominate my friend, Waddles16840. In 3rd grade at race for education he ran 8 miles (he was really tired) to help save peoples lives. Then this year in fourth grade he did something called Heart For Jump Rope. He raised 200 dollars for people with heart disease and heart attack. So please nominate Waddles16840.


I think Heartsweet50,he is interested in reading books, almost every day he read a book,he favorite autor is Shakespeare , he love his books ,he read all the books about club penguin too! He like learn different thing in our every day life. He like to be cool and smart .He can control with his anger ,when people disturb He will take studies very seriously and get one of the top grade.He is little bit shy to perform infront of people and he have the potential of not giving up in life.INTERESTING


Penguin of the week , Must be a member in club penguin? Or can be non member too?


Hey penguins! You penguins have probably seen a penguin named Zoes6 around the Island. They are a great penguin, they have beat Sensei in Card-Jitsu Fire, and in regular. They have been around since 2006, a much longer time that me, so you might see them around. They have seen three mascots. We are planning to find the Penguin Band together. When CPNext comes out, we have decided that we are going to play hide-and-seek with NO CHEATING. I hope that they get chosen for POTW.


I would like to nominate my buddy Shop Worker. He is a super friendly penguin, makes awesome drawings and love all of his puffles!


i would like to nominate myself because i only have one friend on club penguin that would and she barely plays.


Good Job Cance0!


I think my friend Mario Rk should be the next Penguin of the Week. He's an awesome friend and is fun to hang out with. He's also really funny and his outfit is awesome!


Thanks You


Hi clubpenguin I would like to nominate Shooshy101 for penguin of the week. Shes my best friend in real life and she always makes everyone laugh in real life plus on cp:) Her birthdays coming up and I know she would be really surprised to see herself as penguin of the week.:) She throws the best parties on clubpenguin and shes always kind to everyone, even in real life:) Thanks for reading this clubpenguin, waddle on!!:D


And that's awesome




I think next week my pal Peng1412 should be penguin of the week because he helped me in a bully situation he is my best friend


WOW! That is quite amazing in tech terms! Well done! 5k! Wow! That a lot! Nice hearing things like that while Coins for change has ended! Sporting two!!! Well done! love7891 OUT!


Congratulations Cance0, keep up the fintastic work!

Daffodaily5, when will the next lot of #DaffosDoodles be posted on the blog? I can't wait to see the winner!

Waddle On!


Max 92202 would be a great penguin of the week! He is such a great friend! He loves helping others! If you need a friend he's there to friend you, if you want to play a game with someone, he's there, and even if you simply want company, he won't hesitate. He does runs for chairty every year! He is not only a great friend, but is probably has the most spirit in any penguin you will meet! He's also getting ready for his favorite time of the year: The Fair!!!
Thank You for your time,
Waddle On!

I Would:

Wow, Twi'ce, To me that's amazing! Well to me that is. I really want to be penguin of the week. That would be cool. Great Job Cance0!
Have fun with those coins and viking helmet! :)

Enter nickname:

I think Ghoustx123 should be Penguin of the Week. He is my friend and he throws parties for lots other penguins! He cares for his Puffles and loves to play games with them! Ghoustx123 is the best at giving tours, too. Also, in real life he donates to charity and helps out his friends like me! That's why I think he would be the best for Penguin of the week!!!!

#WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!


Congraulations! cance0
I nomination My Buddy zezo 1 2001
He is Really Super Buddy! He add who send to him add Freind!
Super Buddy i like him! He is igloo fair!

niamh cool 1:

yay first comment- i have never had a first comment before!

-niamh cool 1


Please come to my house anytime.

I am a DJ and break dancer and a spy.

abdulaziz 20:

I nomination My buddy zezo 1 2001
He Love to Hang out with everyone!
He is my freind And he Love to add who send him a freind request! awesome!
he is igloo is fair!


FIRST COMMENT! Gongrats Cance0! ;)


I have a cool iggy, check it out :D

Apple guy:

i nominate 1aaron1 (he's my friend at school and on CP) he hosted a fundraiser at his school for a hospital
it was a really touching moment helping the sick kids in need he is takes care of the environment taking care of plants
and cleaning rivers he's a good and caring guy :-)


Good job. Im going to call this guy Parka-Jacket Guy, that white parka
is a really awesome item. Glad to see other penguins wearing it!


Snowman Blue:

Hiya Daffodaily!!!
I would happily like to nominate my best buddy Alfiemoo!!!
He always does what I wanna do and is very humble.
He also shows me where the latest pin is!!!
He also always play hide and seek with me and always lets me hide!!!
Thanks Daffodaily!!!
Fruit cake on!!!


cool!! congrats!!! cance0.
Ya i guess the next penguin of the week should be Ollie35. He is so cool and kind. So plz plz make him the next penguin of the week. pretty plz!! XD :D

Packer fan 8:



Happy Valentines Day, Club Penguin! #waddle on! -RP77


Hey Daff ,
i wanted to nominate Ignito Flame as he is a great friend and he has also made friends by being kind and he also showed me that he donated over almost 800,000 coins and also gives tours as he was the first one to friend me and give me tour when i came new so i really want him to be the penguin of the week so i wish he does :) :) - Waddle On

Enter nickname:

I nominate Kfwsdca as a penguin of the week because they donated 47,475 coins to coins for change and they told me how to win clam waters and they also told me how to access the underwater room before the newspaper revealed it.


From one Penguin of he Week to another, congrats dude! You deserve it!


I would like to nominate myself because I come up with great ideas on how to improve Club Penguin and Club Penguin Magazine.



I have also rasied £31,124,896 for Children in Need!



My friend Sensei Joe is a very special friend to me he is always by my side and when I need help to get more coins he gives me tips to get more coins he always try's to be friends with every penguin and has awsome party's at his igloo he invite everyone and when I mean everyone I mean everyone! He always makes everyone laugh and try's to help penguins with getting more stamps too these are some reasons why my best friend Sensei joe is the most awsome penguin ever! I would just like to repay him.


I nominate Mollydollys! She is loving,carinng, and she makes crafts and sells them. And the money goes to the red cross! She also made blanket's for baby's with single mother's! She got her whole school doing it.


I think Hermione9835 should be penguin of the week because she donates money to coins for change every year and money to her own community in her real life. She is kind to anyone whether it is Valentine's day or not and she likes a lot of igloos because of their creative design with what ever they can get, member or nonmember. Even though she doesn't talk much or at all she is a very kind penguin.


Hey! My friend Summerslam89 is a awesome friend! She introduces everyone to her igloos and also helps people around the island ;)




I was sended for penguin of the week daffo!


Please can you make me penguin of the week.
You don't know how much it would mean to me.
Please I am begging you.
Please please please make me penguin of da week.
Thankyou soooooooooooo much


I think that my buddy Sheldon520 should be Penguin of the Week because for Valentine's day, he made, I heart you, in furniture. It was so sweet!


I would like to nominate Nibbles65027! She is really nice and if I see her I know to say hi, we love spending time together. <3



I think lily purple should be the penguin of next week because she helps animals get homes are shelters and she is nice caring and adorable so i think she should be the penguin of next week.




Id like to nominate myself (AfroPen) I constantly support you guys, I continue to show how much I like club penguin by making videos. I'm also very kind to everyone by sending postcards complementing them on there outfit and name, I'm a good sport and always tell people good game. I'm always making new friends because of my positive attitude.

Le ia:

Congrats Canceo0!


wooooooohooo! first comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I vote for Icecube530 .She is my best friend in club penguin .She is very nice to me ,helps me out a lot and is a very very very cool person.


Do you think each month you could do a different special item?


i think so if your a member

Power club 1:

I nominate Thinknoodles he is a awsome friend to have on club penguin he is always sending out postcards to Friends , that's why I think thinknoodles should be POTW.

Waddle On!


I live in Nevada and I was helping my neighborhood by walking their dogs and at my school I help raise money for better health and to stop pollution! I run marathons and tell people, "turn off your engine if you run it for more than 10 seconds!


Speaking of doing things, I only play the app. I want to be able to do all the things i do on the computer. Can you do that please? For me? And uhhhhh... I was told to say fruitcake. So... I hate fruitcake. It's gross. I love club penguin, though some of the things they say on the spoiler alert are random. Btw can somebody on the club penguin team (like megg) plz friend me.ive been dying to chat with you. I can't do it through comment because it'll take to long. Bye CP! I love this game.


Clubpenguin team, Please please a million times! Why do I always nonimate my sister and she doesn't win. Just one more time and that's it please I vote for my sister atara1233 she's caring, she's fun, she loves the igloo catalog you done for the fair and she loves cp and she always play Clubpenguin so you will see how caring and nice she is even if she has friend well hope she wins!:)


I will like to nonimate myself (atara1233) Because I love the fair ideas and the fair catalogs. I would be so proud if I got the green Viking and 10,000 Coins! Why? Because I want to show penguins that I am really awesome. The green Viking especially is one of the most rarest Vikings. And I wonder how to fair is going to look like. It looks like this is the only BEST FAIR EVA:) Well that's all thanks sis. Later


conggrats i am so happy for you and im sorry to ask you how do you get stuff when your not a member


I would like to nominate kimberly7934 because she is nice and caring. She loves to raise money and loves to donate. This year in her school she is participating in jump rope for heart, she's hoping to win this year and she donates money to people for cancer. In her school, her class read a book called "Sadako and the Thousand cranes" she's hoping to make 1000 for people who need help because if you make 1000 cranes the fable is that you will be cured and live healthy. She should be POTW.


I think my friend 20145alyssa should be penguin of the week because she is kind to everyone and we love to joke and play around. Her iggy is so awesome and it's much like the Fair party coming up on February 20 2014. She is my best friend in the whole club penguin.

PS: #Waddle On.


20145 should be penguin of the week because we go to the same school and she is really funny in real life and in club penguin. Waddle On.


i nominate lizi2028 i know the person that owns the profile and she is a awesome friend
if theres some one that deserves penguin of the week it her


I love to take care of plants and animals. My Mimi and I found a cat, fed her and named her hazel. My fave game is smoothie smash. I like to hang at the school. I especially love to make igloos and mix and match clothes. I hope I win.



good job.I really love club penguin

Enter nickname:

test test


Wow! That's so impressive! That's just amazing!


wow I love their igloo!!!


I wore my pyjamas to school for charity (I have also helped in two cake sales) I am also doing a sponsored read for charity and I was sponsored to look after a hard boiled egg. (that I decorated as a bird) But I couldn't do all that running! so well done to them!!


Good job! It is a very big if you get chosen to be penguin of the week because there are millions of penguins and if you get chosen you are so lucky. So good job CanceO.

Logan Blue:

Hi I would like to nominate Fairy61704. She is such a great friend. Whan I first got on to club penguin she was my first frien. She was very nice to me she was not one of those penguins that tried to be mean to me. She showed me how to play games and around Club Penguin. She still talks to me when I am online. She is an amazing friend o have. If you knew her you would think the same thing. So nominate Fairy61704 for the Penguin Of The Week! Waddle On!


i donate to money kids in Africa i love donating!

Logan Blue :

Hi I would like to nominate fairy61704 for penguin of the week. She is such a great friend to have. When I first got on to Club Penguin she was my first friend. She was very nice to me she not one of those penguins that was mean to me. She showed me around Club Penguin and showed me how to play the games. She still talks to me when I am online. She is a very good friend to have. if you knew her you would think the same thing. So nominate Fairy61704 as Penguin Of The Week. Waddle On!


I nominate Billybilly7. Her and I are best friends and we created our Penguins at the same time, that's why our names are so similar. She is one of the best penguins/people I have met. Outside of Club Penguin, She runs two miles EVERY school week to help others get good grades. She tutors younger kids in her lunch time and whenever she can! Because she was bullied, she now helps other who are bullied! She did Jump Rope for Heart. She did in Fit For The Future and helped her school win! Thanks


I nominate Billybilly7. Her and I are best friends and we created our Penguins at the same time, that's why our names are so similar. She is one of the best penguins/people I have met. Outside of Club Penguin, She runs two miles EVERY school week to help others get good grades. She tutors younger kids in her lunch time and whenever she can! Because she was bullied, she now helps other who are bullied! She did Jump Rope for Heart. She did in Fit For The Future and helped her school win! Thanks


Congrats cance0 !!!!! for being penguin of the week ;D :D


i would like to nominate Buddyboy0614, as penguin of the week because he,s the best friend i have ever had in CP, when i need help he was always able to guide me and give me great ideas on anything i wanted to do in CP..Also he's a genius when it comes to Club Penguin....I vote Buddyboy0614....


Nice job Cance0!
Waddle On


i love it

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