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By Daffodaily5 on February 28, 2014 - 02:36


There are still loads of nominations coming through for penguins doing good deeds in their local communities. Chetai helped his school fundraise to build new elevators for disabled people at his school! What a brill thing to do! It brought a huge smile to my face, well done!


10,000 coins and the Green Viking Helmet coming your way, buddy!

Don’t forget to leave your POTW nominations in the comments below! 


-Club Penguin Team





i think deebo1236 should be penguin of the week because he always play clubpenguin he has a gold puffle and all the dino puffle he goes to events like the fair and prehistoric he always says yes to people's friend request he gets prizes in the fair he has a 3month membership hes my friend you can friend deebo1236 and I want to tell you one fact deebo1236 gives tours around club penguin he has gold items he has the regular jet pack and gold jetpack waddle on everybody


Kook kid


Congratulations you should feel very proud

Waddle puff:

Congratulations Chetai
P.SCould You Put The Office Times On Polo???


Bubblegum651 has been my friend since I was three. Ever since she moved away she has been doing so well in school and she has gotten one of the only principals awards and she rocked at her school talent show! We have made igloos together, laughed and creed together. And I've never really got a chance to say thank you! So please give My best friend Bubblegum651 the penguin of the day award! Thank you! Byee!!


I know I don't know bubble gum but I think she will be great for penguin of the week :)


how do i enter penguin of the week?


Congratulations Chetai! Nice Outfit too! Really impressive!
Waddle On!


waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello! It's chippy253 again! I forgot to say that I would like my best friend Bubblegum651 to be the PTOW! Thank you ! I have written another message before so please read thank you Club Penguin!! Byee!!


Congrats, Chetai! I'm sure your school really appreciates the help :)


Broncogirl66. She helps website creators to make the sites more safe. Also she donated 198,915,081 coins in a donation in cp! Also she bought books for her library. She also read to poor orphans on Christmas! She is also a great friend!

Shaun 65793:

How do u get that shirt w/cape? It's really awesome and I'd like to get it.


you have to be new in club penguin, (these days) before they didn't give you that but now if you are new to cp they give it, i know cuz i made another account and i got it


I think he got it from joining or from the chrismas party on the app

Shaun 65793:

Oh, and by the way, great job Chetai! Until next time…Waddle On!!


how can i be the penguin of the week?


How can i be the penguin of the week? I want to be the penguin of the week


Club Penguin You should make pingu2507 potw he is very good he helps everybody if someone is sad tells new jokes give tours he is very good you should make him potw.


Hello! I want to nominate Gonzalez100! She loves pizza and his friends, waddle on! ;)


My friend name is Ariff.His penguin name is sonic56817.He help many poor people last year.He also donate many money to the poor people.He also always help me in Club Penguin and in the real life.He always smile at anyone that he meet.I hope he will be the next penguin of the week.


I would like to nominate Venky k for Penguin Of The Week as he has been very helpful when I was starting out in Club Penguin.He has many cool items and he is an expert in Card Jitsu.


Congrats Chetai!! Cool outfit by the way!! Waddle On!!! Ok byee!!!!


Please club penguin pick my best friend Cheese Back for next weeks penguin of the week, he is the most generous and outgoing penguin ive ever met because he's always happy to help out new penguins around the island or throw parties in his igloos also he is so good at games he has almost filled his whole Stamp book! At the last holiday party he donated 40,000 coins I watched him play the penguin app all day to earn them for charity :) that's why I think my friend should be penguin of the week


Hello Daffo! I would like to nominate my best friend Spalkegirl. She's really nice first of all, and she really cares about the earth. She collects apple seeds and in the summer/spring. She also raised money for prostate cancer at her school, by making felt mustaches! She has been playing CP for almost 8 years! Hope you pick her! :D


I would like to nominate Jumbo Wario1. He has done lots of fun stuff not only for other penguins but in hi community too like fundraising for local organizations. He is also a great friend. I think he should be POTW.



Awesome,that means non member,can be penguin of the week too?


Alobox is my best friend for years, he makes the best igloos, and he is cool, and loves everyone, i think he should be the Penguin of the week

Lopi Kuyt:

Alobox is my friend, and he is awesome!


please o please! make sallyab the penguin of the week!

Matheus trut:

Hi I'm Daffodaily5 Matheus Trut and wish my friend Girimu fose procimo the Penguin From week, he deserves much pos already helped in CP Coins For Change has followed three years Dodas magazines Club Penguin Magazine, and he makes Birthday in procimo month, and this is what he dreams of winning.
Thank You for attention.
Matheus trut


I would like to nominate my friend Ninjakrom. He is a great penguin, he likes to play Card Jitsu Fire with his friends and then, he likes to chat in the Coffee Shop. He's a nice and friendly. He would be happy to be the Penguin of The Week.


I was just wondering if we could decorate our backyard so that the puffles could have some fun


i think thak katrina1227 because she helped her mom who had a broken led


I nominated because Verdinguino1 donated 137 000 coins Coins for change


daffo I nominate my friend titayfito by the Penguin of the week because he is very good with all people

billy 454:

I can be the penguin of the week, this is my dream.
please please please


I gave 5000₹ ( about 100 $ ) in fundraising event in school for a play ground in a children's orphanage.


I nomination my freind: zezo 1 2001
He helps poor peoples!


my nominee is Katie101p1 for raising money for hospitals and
she raised $18,000 for hospitals and local pet shelters
she did a really good deed. ☺


Hello Daffo,

My friend Orion9057 is very connected to the island and loves to help the penguins! He certainly deserves to be a Penguin of the week!



snowman blue:

Hey Club Penguin Team.
I am not nominating anyone, but I have a question.
How to you get that awesome and very rare puffle shirt and cape?
Is it only for new members?
And how about all us old penguins who helped you get started and get popular?
Please reply and if you can, give us that shirt or maybe another rare item. Thank you!!!
Waddle On!!!


The puffle shirt and cape is one item altogether. Only new NON-MEMBERS can get it, along with the TABLE FOR TWO and the POLKA PUFFLE HAT. And it's not really rare, but I guess it is awesome.
BTW, I've known people (and myself) who have asked CP for those non-member items (The shirt, table, and puffle hat), but they don't give it :( I wanted it too, but they say it's nice for non-members to be welcomed like that.


Avalanche 10:

You get that shirt when you create a new penguin. They just started it and you can't get it on old accounts. My brother made a new penguin so that's how I know. Hope I was a helpful!


Yep :( Also witha new furniture item and some other stuff. Thanks to TourDude it's only for new players.


Make a new account in 2014 hope this helps you do not have to delete your old account.


hey!! i want to patisipade in penguin of the week

Russy Bro:

my freind wadle puff has raysed about 400 and somthing for red nosse day

Tom cruise14:

Hey daffo i would like to nominate Aarayan1 he fight against bullyies if some1 abuses he report and ignore that person i met him on Internet so i know much about him he keep parties and he is a good tour guide also he give proper information.


i want to nominate Ignito Flame as he is my school buddy and he raised a fundraiser in school for kids who cannot afford good clothes or get good facilities in our school . i wish he wins because he is very good.

panda girl:

Congratulations bud!

The Dodger:

It would be my honest pleasure to nominate Chloer24 as POTW as she is not only one of my best friends, I have known her for almost 2 whole years to the day. She is the kindest person I know in real and also in CP with the most amazing ideas and welcoming spirit. She helped my when I was in a situation that any other person would collapse from but she changed it, she looked on the bright side, she was not having me unhappy and she made it her job to cheer me up! A true friend

- Dodge :]


Well done!:D

Master Flap:

Congrats Chetai. Keep up the good work! :)




How can I be a penguin of the week?

Le ia:

Congrats Chetai!!!!!


i think waddlesputt should be potw because he loves cp and is always thinking of great ideas to improve it one of his ideas was ... LEGO CLUB PENGUIN!! so please make him potw


I hear a new Penguin of the Week background is coming soon? Any info on that? Also, when are #DaffosDoodles returning?

Waddle On!


O would be amazing!

Fluffy 3276:

Good job chetai


Oh Well Done Chetai ! Have fun with your coins!! My friend Coolkelly69 is a fundraiser at school and raised a few hundred pounds for the endangered 'Snow leopards' ! She helps raise money for health funds as well and also organised a 'bring and buy' sale which earnt a lot of money for the Philippines ! I think you should nominate Coolkelly69 !

Waddle On!


marylim01 because she is kind, helpful , friendly and likes every single penguin
plus she makes a perfect best friend


I would like to nominate lightning360 for raising money at school by selling heart shaped chocolates on Valentine's day to raise money for people who don't have access to clean water to have access to clean water and to give food for people who are poor or can't get food. In the end he managed to raise £26.20!


Hello, i will like to nominate mega7000. Because he helped his school by giving away old sneakers for the poor in Brazil.

Mac Roy:

Look the Pink Roy!!

Mixi 28:

I nominate my oldest sister Sommfi for POTW because she just gave away a ton of clothes she doesn't use anymore to the local charity store. She also gave some of her old toys she played with as a kid. (Btw I helped her to pick out what to keep and what to give away :P)

Lil sis:

Good job a wish I can be penguin of the week someday friend me

Waddle puff:

I Nominate Russy093 To Be Penguin Of The Week Because He Has Told Me Lots Of Codes,Hidden Rooms And How To Unlock Them,And Better He Cheers Me Up When I'm Sad Or Alone.Plz Nominate Him Plz . .


i would like to nominate cappillo05 because she ran 2 miles to raise money at her school. and because she loves club penguin. hope you like my nomination.-singing star

Jack Tricker:

GREAT Chetai!!


I nominate Savanna789 for POTW! I've seen her around CP and she's very nice and always wears the coolest outfits! I think she is the one for POTW!


Hi Daffo! I think Polo Field should be penguin of the week because he is Polo Field.


I vote for luke4437 because he is my cousin and he cleaned up litter all around his neighborhood. He is kind and caring too!

Lil sis:

I vote luke4437!!!!!!

Mac Roy:


Fluffy 3276:

Luke4437 PLZ be the winner!!!!!!!


i would like to nominate my BFF speedey34964 for POTW because he's an excellent role model and he is a friend to all and I think he deserves to be POTW he has also done a lot of fun raising for charity by selling cookies to people and giving the money he got to charity.

Happyblue 128:

luke4437 luke4437

Jack Tricker:

luke4437 I know you from school and you have donated TONS of food


THX everyone!!!!!!! :)


I nominate Felipelima78 for POTW! I met him, he helped other penguins to find the pin, he also helped penguins to make a igloo, etc. He donated many coins for Coins For Change to help peoples who need help! He's very nice, and cool. He love holiday party because he like to give many coins for Coins For Change, and he like help others. He helped a penguin to win Card Jitsu Water's stamps. He love brown puffle because he thinks the brown puffle is very intelligent! He's my best friend.


Hey CP-just a suggestion for clothes:
Can u plz make some more hair with caps for girls and more tomboyish stuff plz plz plz plz plz plz plzzzzzzz...(that is not pink or purple)
Just sayin because all the girl stuff is always girly or pink or fancy etc. (not everyone is like that) and I only have one hair item with a cap(girls)-and it's not really my hair colour (medium brown). It's so hard to find something I like these days... pllleeaassee CP :( ;)



Oh ya, and also:
Can u plz bring bak some old items like the black sunglasses, blue sunglasses (that look like Rookie's), and those old sweaters (e.g. black sweater) because I really want those...
It doesn't have to be a lot cuz I don't want to ruin old penguins' reputations. (but some things because It's not that fair for those who weren't playing at that time-I would've been in kindergarten when CP started!) Just a suggestion...



Well I usually buy the boy clothes anyways but at least the hair pleeeaaasseee


what cool igloo you have


I would like to nominate myself for POTW because I am raising money to help the school. They were really low on materials, and I go there everyday. there was lots of trash on my neighborhood, so I made a group to clean it all. ThatI is why I think I should be for POTW.


I pick Jennaaaaa to be the Penguin of the Week! She is SUPER amazing and helps everyone at school! She also does community work on weekends! She shovels snow for others in the winter for FREE!!! I think she deserves it!! Waddle On!


Hey Club Penguin I have an idea for a new language! It's called Arabic and it is used in Egypt. Can you make a language for Arabic?


I for one think a penguin that is not a member should win because they can barely do anything else that actually means something so I would try a non member


Cool man love the hat


Hiya Daffo,
I would like to nominate katrina1227 because she had a hot coco stand to help raise money for poor children
and in the summer she would make lemonade stands and help raise money for abandoned pets
Another reason why she should be POTW is because not only were best friends but because she always is nice on club penguin.....

Waddle On,


I think Willjunior should be Penguin of the Week because he is such a great friend, always giving tours around new rooms, and telling jokes! Willjunior is an awesome friend!

Grody 06:

Great job you really earned it!!:)


I nominate my friend Sharonswims because he helped the poor by donating money and also stmaps and he helped them out alot and his kind funny and a good friend!


I nominate my friend Sharonswims because he helped the poor by donating money and also stmaps and he helped them out alot and his kind funny and a good friend!

Enter nickname:

I'm going to nominate my buddy Yayxiamon45 as POTW! He is kind to every penguin on the island, and you can mostly find him waddling around helping others! If a penguin is in need of help, Yayxiamon45 is always there to help!


I would nominate my sister mikacute4 for POTW. She loves animals and helps neighbors to walk them. She also walks her puffles. Iwould like to see her be POTW


I'm going to nominate my buddy Yayxiamon45 as POTW! He is kind to every penguin on the island, and you can mostly find him waddling around helping others! If a penguin is in need of help, Yayxiamon45 is always there to help!

Waddle on!



um i have this friend from school his really nice , always there to cheer a friend up , really really good at jokes , gives tours to new penguins around the island, help the epf well marcello1006, in my opion should be the next peguin of the week.

-waddle on, Emma99338


I think my Russian friend fifa122 should be the POTW because she donated money to help people in Africa! She also donated her clothes too.....


I think my friend Mario Rk should be the next Penguin of the Week. He's an awesome friend and is fun to hang out with. He's also really funny and his outfit is awesome!


Hello club penguin! Please nominate by best friend Ravenzilla. I remember for an event, she went to help manatees and feed them. She raised over 1,000 dollars to help save them! She is a terrific friend, so please nominate her for POTW.


I want to nominate snowjack3197

Walrus :

I want to nominate snowjack3197


I want to nominate snowjack3197


I want to nominate snowjack3197 because he is nice to me


I want to nominate snowjack3197 because he helped me on my test


can i be the penguin of the week. pinkeylove03


I nominate myself for POTW for researching about Club Penguin all day all night non-stop and invite my classmate like Ancar28 and Cool Jones 8 to play club penguin i said: Play Club Penguin it is safe and non-stop fun there" so i nominate myself and why i research? I will be ready to be a moderator on Club Penguin and i will wait when i reach the age 18 so please in next week pls pick me for my passion.



Congratulations Chetai! I would really like to nominate Pinkydaisypo, who was running a stall in our school fair with some of her friends, they made lots of money and sent it all to charity! I think she should be Penguin of the Week because Pinkydaisypo does great things in and out of Club Penguin! She's a true role model!


Wow that's impressive! I'm really proud of the Penguins Of The Week. They do so much amazing stuff. I would love to be one once. :) Nice job Chetai. :D


I would like my best friend Gary0503 because he always tries to make new friends and try to take place for partying with mascots and when someone is feeling sad he always comes to try and cheer them up please make Gary0503 penguin of the weak that would be really awesome :)


Hi I nominate Rockycece890 for
Playing with the younger ones in school
Improving her swimming
Being on the school council and coming up with an idea which worked and made money for a great charity
Donating her coins to all the charites on club penguin coins for change
Being nice on club penguin and a great friend!


Hello Daffodaily5, how are you?

I have a friend called Diego42627!
He really a genius of visual, beyond wanting to be trendy of the moment, he always has a way of letting your style more fun!
He is amazing, is fun, cheery and always helps others!
So I Decided to talk about it here on Penguin of the Week!

Well, I hope he appears on Penguin of the Week!

Thanks Daffodaily5!


Waddle On!


awesome i love your videos can we have thanks giving plz


My best friend is Agentp9246. He plays with me,he helps people when they need it, and he super funny so if it's ok I want agentp9246 penguin of the week

Flower Power098:

I nominate Clovey212 for POTW because she is very nice and has very nice outfits and she has about 5,000 likes and throws parties


I nominate Jayby1! He helped with alot of school fundraisers, and donated alot of real life money! He has also helped many penguins in game, and is an active player!


You should have Piggy76890 for penguin of the week. She loves to go to CPU. She loves to dress up in crazy ways and she always fixes up her igloo. She is super cool and loves to care for puffles. It would be awesome if she was penguin of the week she would love it too. WADDDLLLLEEEEE OOOONNNNN:):);)


Hi I would like to be nominated for POTW and my reason:There's a charity in Ethopia that wants rainbow loom bracles and I'm sending a bunch to them!!!! Waddle On-Mckenzie1217


Daffodaily5, when are you doing the Daffo Doodles? I sent in one and I want to see if you choose it. You posted the Daffo Doodles almost a month ago and I like it. Please post it!


Great job chetai! And I think you should do my sister as penguin of the week. Her penguin is Slick Rose. She is very nice and funny. Once at my church we did something called real love. It's something where tons of people do different community service projects. Me and her went and did something where we made blankets for people at a homeless shelter. She loved to help! Waddle on everyone!


That's really cool chetai! And does staff count for POTW? I think it's cool that they spend time doing things for club penguin. If it's possible u
Should do a penguin staff member for POTW

Mustafazz :

I would like to nominate Senseigirl1 who started a conflict crew program at our school to speak out against bullying and harmful actions. Also she is very kind to little kids she goes every weekday for an hour to tutor 1st graders and kindergarteners. And she is on her schools speech team hoping to improve her public speaking skills. She is a straight A student and is amazingly sweet and kind both in real life and on clubpenguin. Hope she is chosen :)))


hello! i would like to nominate my BFF Annared365 to be penguin of the week.she has the coolest iggi,she always is excited about the newest catalogues on cp,and if it wasnt for her i wouldnt be doing club penguin. bye!




it sounds greedy but I would like to nominate myself for penguin of the week. I help penguins around the island and always through parties at my igloo. A week a go me and my school helped raise $2500 for a local hospital. I hope you consider my ideas. If you don't want to nominate me then can you nominate my friend Cheese0Puff. She always helps penguins around the island.
hope you like - mrgruff


I nominate Fatima5144. She just raised money with her school to build a library for the school. She raised over 50$


I nominate Andy ts to get an award. Because she raised over $1300 for her school's library


I nominate my friend, hopadodo515. He spends a lot of his time working at places for people that have disabilities. He helps them do the stuff they can't do on their own and never asks for a single cent when he's at it. He always offers a helping hand to people that are sad and to people that want, well, help! He has started a bunch of charities around his town for people that need the things they don't have. And also, congrats chetai!


I nominate Lovewillwait and Sammy7393! They and myself are going to Belize this summer to help build houses and work with kids ministry.


I have a great buddy on my friends list, Seanniekins. He tries to ask people for what he should do with his igloo, and tries to have fun with other friends on CP. Off the internet, he makes good decisions, telling people what to do in different situations and making peace between other people. He likes to play Basketball and excels at being mature. When he was nine, and I was on his baseball team, he earned the sportsmanship award in 1 to 200 odds. If anyone should be POTW, its Seanniekins.


Smass31 is a great friend and she always makes you laugh. She helps anyone she can and host some pretty awesome parties! Please nominate Smass31 she has been a member on CP for a really LONG time. When someone is sad, she always comforts them and asks,"What's wrong? Are you ok?" She also knows what to say in any situation bed or good. Please nominate Smass31, she is a penguin that makes Club Penguin have good attitude!


I enter Kidd7758, he sold sock monkeys at a craft fair and gave the money to an organization; Feed My Starving Children. The organization packs food for starving children all over the world. All the kids raised enough monkey to feed dozens of kids for a year. I think he is the one for POTW




I vote for hypersonic75 because he convinced his school to do a funraiser and raised 500 dollars


I vote for hypersonic because he raised 500 dollars for a funraiser


I vote for hypersonic75 because he convinced his school to do a funraiser


I vote for hypersonic75 because he participated in a funraiser


you should nominate me , rahuldc9 as in our school we need a clinic for people so we sold 1 kg coffee bean bags. then we got enough money and constructed the clinic and got equipment.
p.s i live in India ,so can you make club penguin products in India since many people in India play club penguin .


you should nominate me , rahuldc9 as in our school we need a clinic for people so we sold 1 kg coffee bean bags. then we got enough money and constructed the clinic and got equipment.
p.s i live in India ,so can you make club penguin products in India since many people in India play club penguin .


I think Willjunior should be POTW because he helped me learn some secreats to CP when I joined, is always telling jokes, and ALWAYS has a huge iggy party! Willjunior is awesome!


That is a verry good thing to so good job


I nominate Lexi 1103 for doing thoughtful things
#Waddle On!!


I would like to nominate my brother, Boobear790, for Penguin Of The Week.
He's Really nice and very funny and caring. He raises all of his allowence for autism awareness because his other brother has autism. Boobear790 said he would like to win so his brother could have the helmet (they share the same account) and to show his friends the cool helmet. Boobear790 donates all of his coins to CFC everyyear but saves a little bit to buy a costume.
From Your #1 Fan, Boobear790 and Kellum.


Sloopy2 because she convinced on our town arcades to stop using tickets and to start saving tickets on a card! And her cause has made Great Wolf Lodge's arcade in Cincinnati Ohio use a card to save tickets! She called it: Go Paperless Use the New Wolf,Paw,or Pup cards.And her igloo is a fair WITHOUT LITTER! She calls it throw away your junk and always RECYCLE igloo! It is so cool!


Chetai, I want to say that you are an extraordinary person, and helping the disabled people is a very kind thing to do.


i ran 20 miles to fundraise for my school to get new classes play ground equpitment and new! also i ran a 25 mile thing to help raise money for the hospitals to help treat breast cancer!


i nominate soda 2908, the reason he should be the penguin of the week he is a great helper in the environment is very generous too. He also just recently helped with the jump rope for heart cause he said "i just wanna help other people" he is such a great friend and he also gives other penguins some tours and a lot of stuff and he loves your work, he has helped in his community a lot that's why i think he should be penguin of the week.

Epic Boss:

Nice make sure to tell us next time cause I missed today's :)


Dear club penguin,

please can you bring the new sports catalog out I know its not anything to do with this, but yeah ive been waiting ages, for the tiara in the clothing catalog and the new sports one.

Gogo man 1111111:

Aston204 should be penguin of the week he is really cool


I met this penguin a while ago & he was really cool, but, he coul'dent be my friend cause his friends list was broke. His name is Bounk & he should be penguin of the week


I want to nomatinate Elite501 he is a nice boy and helps his friends at school with their problems he loves to sing and his look y awseom everybody wants to be his friend because his look and because he is so nice


I want my school friend wimpyaum to be the penguin of the week because he is always wanted to make his own party in cp for the EPF and he always gives tours for new and old penguins


i think kaithefire should be POTW because they're a really good friend and they never miss a party

1d is cute28:

how do you become penguin of the week and good job


Good job Chetai!

Paige 27:

How can you be penguin of the week Plz Plz Plz tell me

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