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By Chattabox on February 17, 2014 - 19:35
G'Day Penguins,
Thank you so much for all your lovely Valentines Day gifts – and for attending the Hearts for Chattabox party! Thank you also for helping me decorate my igloo – it's looking pretty awesome at the moment!
Now tell me Penguins, who LOVES pizza? It's one of my favourite foods; fish pizza, margherita pizza, pepperoni pizza, all of them! So why not hold a party celebrating one of the best foods ever – we're having a Pizza Party! Let's head down to the Pizza Parlour in The Plaza – we'll need waiters, Pizza chefs, customers and even some musical Penguins to entertain us on the stage! So come along ready for the biggest 'Pizza Fiesta' Club Penguin has ever seen! Don't forget to dress up in pizza-themed outfits – if you're stuck for party outfit ideas there's always the awesome Pizza Apron from the Prehistoric Party! (Remember Penguin Pals, some features require paid memberships).
Lets meet at The Pizza Parlour in The Plaza on the Down Under server at 4pm (East Australia Standard Time) on Thursday 20th February, which will be 6pm for all of you in New Zealand. Don't forget, this is 9pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday 19th February for everyone over in the US and Canada.
Waddle on!
- The Club Penguin Team



What up

Ham o ween:

Chattabox , why can't you do parties not at midnight?? Why can't you just do some parties at 6pm ( Penguin Standard Time) or sooner. because I can't go at midnight! I'm Sorry . I really want to go but I can't .

Light agent:

Hi can someone tell me when we have party's .


I will try to attend! # Waddle on!


why at that time come on thats on 12:00 AM we will all be asleep do u know that clubpenguin


Ikr it's 5 am over at my place :(


Who said Pizza!?!?! :O I LOVE PIZZA!!!! Also Chattabox add me my Peguin name is ( drumroll please) ! Maddie55523! So Like pizza. On oops I mean Waddle On! OMGosh I think I found yes I think I found it I can't believe it it its ppppiiiizzzzzzzzaaaa


That's not fair, i live in the us and we have to on at midnight is there any other time plz
Waddle on!!!!!


I'll be there! Watch out for me Chattabox ;)


OK. I'll try to come. I have a great I heart Pizza t-shirt
Waddle On!


Uh, can you please change the time of the parties because in the U.S. and Canada its 12:00 and I'm sleeping at that time so can you please make it earlier, so I can friend you and party with you. B.T.W. I am the first comment!


long time no write to u cp dudes & etts
hows club penguiny? i see so many new styles the CLOTHES shop. the hairs are really getting extreme.
i think you guys should totally do a golden Hollywood party! that would be so neat. you could have a veronica lake hair style.
and sparkly gowns and nice suits. and hats that were nice and creative but historically correctly styled. the night club could be a fancy swanky joint with swing playing. there could be a movie house will never be


They already had a Hollywood party. It was extreme


that's a great idea! you guys totaly should


i really love this.


you should make it 6:00 instead of 9

zoom zoom103:

I agree cause 9pm PST means it will be 12am for us int he US and canada


Why not U.S.? :D

zoom zoom103:

she said US lalalala


I love pizza! If I could have it every single meal, I would.


Thanks for the invite Chatta, I'll probably attend. :) I <3 pizza! (And for those in the Uk the party is at GMT-5:00 AM on Thursday, 8 hours ahead of PST.) <---- Hope this helped. :)

Waddle On!


I'll be there!! Finally I get to meet you Chattabox since I live in the time zone of the US and Canada the Times to meet you are when I do homework.... but since my school is on break I don't have a lot of homework!!! Can't wait Chattabox and can we bring our puffles???



zoom zoom103:

chattabox thank you so much for telling us wat time it will be then for us in the US and canda (US for me) I wish everyone would do that but I have figured out that penguin standard time is 3 hours later for US and Canada that's right ppl in the US and Canada 3 hours later than PST so it will be 12am here :)


Who wouldn't like pizza? Especially on club penguin! It might be hard to find a non-pizza loving penguin on there, y' know? ;D


hi everyone!


Wow! That's so cool. I would be a customer in the Pizza Parlour, I love Margarita Pizza, and please friend me so I can check out your igloo!


Totally going to attend!
its on the day of the fair


Hi chattabox I wish i could meet you, it will be like midnight for me when you come online though because i am in the UK :( please add me though i am Kate00112 oh btw I LOVE PIZZA especially the pineapple and ham one yuuuummmy!


oh this party sounds cool CP! but, please could u bring the elite penguin force back because there's no fun without missions...........
thanks xxxxxxx


also.........what's the UK time for the party????


Have fun at the party Chattabox! I'd be nice to see you post Featured Igloos ever now and again?

Waddle On!


I love pizza too! It's my favorite! But please change the time because what if I'm asleep?


Standered time is three hours behind the real time. 9:00+3 hours=MIDNIGHT!!!! I HAVE TO GO TO BED AT 9:00!!!! EVERY TIME I HAVE TO GO TO BED RIGHT WHEN THE PARTY STARTS. TRY AND MAKE IT EIRLER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


can you guys please bring on the fair today it looks awesome this year I can't hardly can't wait any longer can you please bring it on today I want to ride the wagon wheel today

Good girl91:

We won't be able to do this in America and Canada because it will be midnight here

Enter nickname:

Hey chattabox! Super extra pretty please add my to your friends list! I'm sending you a friends request right now! Say yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One bad thing. I COULDN'T COME TO THE PARTY!! It was WAY to late !!: - ) : - (


I love mushroom pizza omg!!!


Pizza is gross


I agree with you, HIGH- FIVE XD :P


Cool! I will be there!!

Waddle On!!


What will the time be in England?
P.S I <3 PIZZA!!!!!!!!


It's going to be at 5:00 am on Thursday. :)


It's nor fair I couldn't come because I live in the uk :,(


im very depressed not happy when I see these posts go up because im in canada but NOT PST! so 9:00 pm pst is midnight over here! which means i cant go on cause Chattabox ALWAYS makes it 4 pm est!!! cant u make it lots earlier?


This is great!


not much of a pizza person but i cant go anyway cuz its midnight here on the east coast! And i will be asleep because i will have school the next day.could u make it 3 pst cuz then that would be 6:00 here and even if it was actually at 9:00 i would also be asleep because unlike most people i need a full 12 hours or more of sleep. All my friends go to bed at 12 but not me.Thanks for reading this (if you read the whole thing)!--517Princess Waddle On!


What time would that be in the uk?

kevin 2802:


Enter nickname:


poop 103:

yay pizza


I will try to come but i will probly not come.
And why did you not add California time?
What is you club penguin username???.????........??.?
I will keep in touch
With you
If you answer
Check out my iggy
I will always look at the blog
And see what will happen next
I will try to come if not sorry I will be very sorrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE even tho is waz on Friday

pizza lover:

i will be there #waddleon


my favorite foods are steak and pizza! Pizza is great because you can always customize it the way you want, plus each pizza is different!

waddle on!


Hey cp , this is a idea of mine you could maybe do, my idea is that each week if you could change the town music to something different,. Maybe something upbeat and happy!

thank you for all the years you've done!
from a long cp fan


I don't know how to get there but I want to can some one tell me how to get to the plaza please


Hey Clubpenguin!! I can't wait for the pizza party and I'm gonna try to attend! I have and Idea for the next party: a sledding party. We could meet at the ski village and then go to ski hill and race each other. then, we could go to the ski lodge and enjoy some hot cocoa!! please
consider my idea. Thanks!!

Hey CandyHearts147, That's an awesome idea, good job! I will try to organise this party for later on in the year - keep an eye out. Waddle on! Chattabox

i love your show i like it so much




I will try to go I am a big fan of your parties at club penguin


YAY!!!!!!!! I love pizza and parties


count me in! i LOVE pizza i always have a pizza party on they say pizza always make the parties rock.
-waddle on :)

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