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By Daffodaily5 on March 7, 2014 - 06:03


Today’s Penguin of the Week is a real bookworm! Heartsweet50 loves to learn new things every day (because learning is ace!) and I’m sure if you see them around the island they would share a fun fact with you! Stay smart, stay cool! :)

If you can think of an awesome reason for your friend to be the star of Penguin of the Week then be sure to leave a comment below! Winners now receive an exclusive, brand new, super amazing, unique player card background AND 10,000 coins!


-Club Penguin Team



I would like to indicate my friend Dinholuis, his look is very angry! Therefore has a touch of Christmas, one type of school shirt and a funky and untied shoes! Pretty crazy, is not it?

# WaddleON


Please I would love to nominate my best buddy Normal Bird2.
She is always so kind, helping penguins such as myself and everyone around her.
She is always willing to make new friends and hang around with the friends she already has.
I really think she deserves to win penguin of the week even though I'm sure a lot of the others do too
but not as much as Normal Bird2
Thanks you. :)


I believe that I deserve to be penguin of the week just as much as any penguin. I love to do anything possible: help penguins, play games to earn coins, throw parties in my igi, and friend people. I hope I win.

Mr M goo:

my friend lucy10178 should be penguin of the week because she is really nice and i know that she really wants to be penguin of the week. please vote for lucy lol
Waddle On!


Please, please, please!!
I would like to nominate my BFFEA (Best Friends Forever and Ever Always :3) Fire Mario33.
He is very kind and also very creative, he is a bit crazy (as me XD)
He always want to show the best of someone, he has great ideas and a big personality.
If he gets nominate, tell him that his friend misses him :( (I have not seen him in two week)


How can you become penguin of the week?

Nil Blue :

I hope you win


he is my friend too!!


Sounds like a great penguin pal!

-Club Penguin Team


How did he get to be the star of the week.

dj party d:

Black orbs is trying so badly all I am trying to do is make him happy like he is all about being safe, follows rules , and he waddles on everyday and putting smiles on penguins faces so I beg you!

P.S.he also has an awesome party igloo


hi cp team! I think my friend ziggypup45 should be penguin of the day because she is always making me smile around the island! She is a true buddy and we love having snowball fights in the snow forts together. I think she has tons of fun ideas for parties she likes to throw with me. We also supported internet safety month and had tons of fun at the fair! thank you for your time and we appreciate all of your hard work to make Disney Clubpenguin possible! thank you, padame3

MSP Fan :

Excuse me CP but I nominated Koopa fan and he is not POTW?



The Disco 123:

I haven't seen Normal Bird2 But I Think That Based On Your Description, He Would Make The Perfect Penguin Of The Week.


I think my best friend Ham O Ween should be Penguin of the Week because when he sees people getting bullied or getting laughed by, He tells the Bully " Don't Laugh At Her/Him Because What If You Get Bullied By!!??! He Is Very Happy about what he does so plz make him be Penguin Of The Week! He deserves it. ( I Know This Because I'm his Brother.) well thx, Waddle On!


my friend Jennifer126 always gives her free time to help others in need. SHE IS PREETY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello there I would like my friend Nunya8282 as the penguin of the week. She is not a member but she is pretty kind and respectful. I highly suggest you pick her as the penguin of the week so thank you very much and good bye.


I would love to nominate my BFF Ordesta. They have been a part of the Club Penguin community for a while now. They are very helpful. When ever a fellow penguin asks where pin is, or tips ona game, they're happy to help. Also, Ordesta has even been working with Disneys Friends For Change! They're huge on the environment. They're even the proud owner of 20 puffles! (And counting! :) So im sure Ordesta would appriciate being chosen for penquin of the week. Please consider her! :)


I think you should nominate Viking1037 because he is a very good friend. He knows me in real life. And he always is in a good mood, and in Club Penguin he's always doing his best to keep his igloo, well, modern. My friend would love it if you chose him for the Penguin of the Week! And of course, Waddle On!

Mikel Fox:

I vote again for Inocencia73 'cuz she's nice kind cool loves CP is cheerful cool amazing etc…
Plus she always throws awesome parties! I actually love her igloos..
Vote for her and her awesomeness!
Holla! :D


well I think my friend metasilver should be the penguin of the week because he always helps everybody and he has a touch for designing igloos!


I think that my friend badduck1 should be the penguin of the eek because he always has a party to be nice.



He cool

Mr me and me:

Will there ever be a game in the the puffel hotel.

Rose day778:

Awwwwwwwww so nice I like him


Heartsweet50 Good Job



She deserves it.


#WaddleON is not a number.


I would love to enter my BFF Mimi 5227to be penguin of the week !! She is always helping all penguins when ever she can , and she always tries to make penguins happy when they are down in the dumps


daffo nominated to titayfito my friend because he is very good with all people and your igloo is fantastic and his clothing is super amazing

Comcowich :

I would think my freind Redskins0201 should get it. He plays all different kinds of games and did you know that he donated 20,000 coins in December and his house is always updated to the best. He has 40 puffles. He takes really good care of them. He doesn't ignore anyone .His clothes fantastic and that is way I think he should be Penguin of the week.


please can pingpolo1 be penguin of the week
he tries every challenge he can and he is very helpful
he rescued all the puffles during operation puffle and he loves every club penguin
party he has been online for a very long time please make him penguin of the week , he has done so much during his time on
club penguin and it will be a great surprise for him


You are wearing the same shirt and shoes as me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Be my friend!!!


That's awesome!!!

-Club Penguin Team


Great job!!! You rock!


But I nominate avelter6, he is awesome!


Hi can u come visit my iggy

Smuggle :

I would like to nominate Woody0707 as he gave a old man sitting on the streets begging for money all his money($75) that he wanted to use to buy a robot that day and he always helps his mother with her groceries . And he has really cool clothing and all the Dino puffles.


Wow that's really admirable! It takes a certain kind of person to do that.

Ignito RDX:

Hi Daff ,
i want to nominate Ignito Flame as he is so kind that when it snows he goes and earns money by shovelling his neighbours yards and then donates the same money in his school fundraises to help people se hi so kind so i wish he wins :) :)


my friend boots04 is a great friend he helps me with igloo designs for non members he deserves penguin of the week.


Hello Daffo,

My friend Orion9057 is very connected to the island and loves to help the penguins! He certainly deserves to be a Penguin of the week!

Jo Cool:

Wow that sounds like a nice Penguin.


Hiya! I want to nominate my buddy Roudrasish1. He is a nice friendly and cool penguin. He loves to meet new friends and chat with them. He will be happy to be the Penguin of The Week for sure!


Thank you so much for nominating me!
Waddle On!

Minoglem RDG:

Hi, I'd like to nominate Torres 126 who was really kind to me! In reality as well!


hi!how does a person become a penguin of the week???can anyone become one?I


Oh yes! You can get a friend to nominate you and with a little luck you may be POTW! :D


Someone has to nominate you. And yes anyone can be one.

Waddle on!


I think Willjunior should be POTW because he's always telling jokes to cheer other penguins up and last year he ran a half marathon for charity. I kindly support adding Willjunior to POTW. Thanks! :)


I agree.


Aww thanks!

Jo Cool:

I wish I could meat your friend Willjunior.He sounds like an awesome friend and penguin.


Thanks! I'd love to meet you too! :3


Thanks guys. You're all awesome! And Jo Cool, I'd love to meet you too! :3


wow, that is cool!


I think cookie03069 should be penguin of the week because after school, he reads to the elderly and he is a supporter for people with autism. Anyone like cookie03069 should be proud of themself
Heart you Megg
Waddle on everyone

Jo Cool:

That sounds like a really nice penguin.


I Would like to nominate cookie03069 too because I see cookie03069 online and he is always helping other penguins out and getting them lots of coins for them to donate at cfc (coins for change)


He really is a great guy. He should be POTW.


I would nominate Leonardo w9 because he is always helping people get stamps,he is awesome friend. Lately he helped raise some money for a charity call hope cancer care. So please nominate him


What a lovely thing to do!!! I have heard of that charity somewhere.. I am sure the everybody there will be thankful for that!!! Waddle On!


Well my friend Zapty is always helping out, online and off. In December, he donated over one hundred thousand coins to Coins for Change. He is a science geek, and loves books. He also likes to play video games (who doesn't though?).


I would like the CP supporters to make "Katynak09" Penguin of the Week because she is such a great person on CP and in real life. I always wish the best for her.


I think my friend Mario Rk should be the next Penguin of the Week. He's an awesome friend and is fun to hang out with. He's also really funny and his outfit is awesome!Enter comments


i think skater7 should be penguin of the week he plays with everyone and is really nice -limejello


Nice job Heartsweet50!

Fluffy 3276:

I really think that background is cool


Hiya Daffodaily! How Are you? Okay, I'll cut to the chase ... I really wanted to participate in the Penguin of the Week! is my dream!

I have a crazy visual style (type Muppet!) and a rocket AMAZING! comfortable and my igloo (well, my puffles agree!)

well, I hope you choose me ... and if you do not choose ... I understand! :)

#Pinguinando( #WaddleOn in Portuguese =D)


How do you become POTW?


You have to do something nice and have a friend tell cp about it.


I suggest my friend Bidubr, he is very nice with all other penguins and have very creative igloos.
Byyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee Waddle ON!


hiya my friend audreypodrey is probably the best friend in all of club penguin i don't think she has ever turned down a friend request,she can also beat me at pufflescape any day of the week, ya shes pretty awesome you know whats the best part? SHES MY BEST FRIEND!!!

waddle on


Hi, Daffodaily! I have the most awesomest costume ever! I was thinking of making an Aunt Arctic or Spongebob igloo XD I have AA, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy, and YOU, as a costume XD I am so weird... XD anways..



I nominate Milka23 because he is a good friend who is always nice.


Congrats Heartsweet50!


I think Flyvw should be penguin of the week cause she's generous and kind she loves club penguin oh and she's a big fan of you Daffodaily5


Congratulations Heartsweet50 enjoy your background and the 10,000 coins you won.



yes congrats heartsweet50


Yes Sysyka, your right. Articoon helped me to get a stamp once (Berg Drill). He always is ready to help a friend. I've noticed something good about him... when two of his friends needed help, he sorted out the problem and helped both of them at the same time. He cheers me up when I'm sad. I have to say... HE'S A REALLY GOOD FRIEND!


Hello I wanted to apply my penguin of the week

Enter nickname:

I think Aman0708 should be POTW!

Happy luigi2:

I would really like to nominate my best friend Baby Mario13. We've been friends as long as I can remember! He's always been there for me, and one time when I was sick, he came to my house to see if I was feeling better! Not only that but he's a brill buddy to be around too in Club Penguin! I bet ya if you ask him for game tips, he'll sure tell ya! He's the best friend around! Well, that's who I think should be POTW. #Waddle on!


i think my friend should be penguin of the week because when im sad he lets me feel happy and he tells alot of funny jokes


Hey Daffodaily5,

I have a question. DOes the Penguin Of The Week still get the Green Viking helmet??



I think that Pink Pingu28 should be Penguin of the Week because I was recording a video one day about our crazy time together and whenever she gets online I use the find button to see her! :D Please pick Pink Pingu28!!



First of all I would like to say congratulations to heartsweet50 for winning POTW!! Second of all I would like to nominate Senseigirl1 for POTW she is a great friend, straight A student, long time cp user, and charity lover. During December 2013 she gave up her Saturday to work to build bicycles for orphans and children from families who couldn't give them anything for Christmas. In September she participated in costal clean up day. She does a lot for the world and I hope she wins POTW.


First of all Congratz HeartSweet for becoming POTW and Second of all BRING BACK THE GREEN VIKING HELMET!!!!!

Le ia:

Congrats Heartsweet50!!!


Hi CP! I think Irinkin would be a perfect penguin for penguin of the week! She always will be kind to everyone, also she helps people out!She is also SUPER stylish, and rare! She will sometimes even have epic parties! Her igloos are always awesome too! She is a very active person too! She always goes to the ice rink/soccer field and cheerleads! I certainly think Irinkin would be perfect!
Sincerely, Emilyj553


Hi! I think that Missnadz6789 should be POTW because she is so friendly, kind, funny and smart! I know her in real life and she is one of my best friends and I think that it'd be a good birthday present for her! Her birthday is coming up in 1 week! She donated lots of money to charity and is worthy to be POTW!
Congrats Heartsweet50! Stay cool, stay in school! ;) That's what I say. Education -- very important!
Waddle On!

Cero girl3:

I think Toadette12 should be the penguin of the week, because she is loyal, honest, and is very kind to others. She is the kind of friend that you really want to have and she will always be there to cheer you up. She is also very thoughtful because she puts other people first. I hope you choose her to be the Penguin of the week!


I think my friend Yoshisixfour deserves to be penguin of the week. He has been playing Club Penguin since late 2006 and I think he'd be very happy to be Penguin of the week.


I agree Yoshisixfour should be the Penguin of the Week.


Wow thats a long time, i vote him


He is a very helpful and nice penguin

lego king443:

i would like to let you know about my friend peng peng007 i thinshe deserves the penguin of the week because she is always caring and goes to anyone who is sad and always imbrasses everyone and the partys you will never find her being mean or angre. she also wears brown hair, trainers, a purple black puffle shirt and has a mp3 player plz plz plz plz make her penguin of the week - lego king443


Hi how to be a Penguin of the week ?



I vote my cousin luke4437 because he loves math. He is in fourth grade. He loves multiplication!


Hey guys, Graca totally should win to win sh is awesome and is always kind to everyone she meets. Plzs choose her, congrats to the winner

:) SMILE :):

I would like Hayley12503 as penguin of the week. She loves animals. She is a real good friend and helps out a lot. She is also friendly caring.

Vicky :

I have a really cool friend named Sam I Am5669 and she is the bast friend ever!! The best thing about her is that she keeps CP safe! She reports anyone that is breaking the rules, and she tells them that they are being mean instead of joining them. I hope you pick my awesome friend!!!

Alice 416:

I think Kay 101 should be the penguin of the week. She loves all the club penguin party's and is very helpful. She also has many ideas for party's and games. And I think it would be a good suprise for her! Thanks!


I think my friend Daria767 should be penguin of the week! She loves making new friends around the island! She is so sweet too! She cares for everyone and everything! She loves Club Penguin as much as the team! Please consider! :D


Please nominate my friend, Foster9880. He is a awesome friend, he is funny, creative, and loves to try new things.


I think my friend Crystle2014 should be penguin of the week because she is nice and generous to others.


I think that my that Anabeth1236 because she is nice, funny, and helps out. She helps out by running, if she sees people in need she will
help, and she will also donate. She is funny by telling out jokes and not just Club Penguin jokes, but her own.
Waddle on!!


Please pick Maddie09171 for the penguin of the week.
She is an amazing, trustworthy BFF everywhere you go.
She recycles, keeps deep secrets, and does what you want to do without complaining!
Waddle on!

Sleana :

PICK ORANGY HEART!!! She has been on cp for 6 years !!! Yes. 6! She is a member with every colour puffle and an amazing igloo. She is one of the nicest penguins you would ever meet (and helpful) She ALWAYS donates 50 000 coins to coins for change! She loves club penguin soo much. And she even has a bunch of cp toys. ORANGY HEART SHOULD BE THE NEXT PENGUIN OF THE WEEK !!!


I think my BFF Ash9009 should get penguin of the week because she loves to dress up. She is very nice and loves to help others in need. She loves to be friends with new penguins and show them around. She will never say no and loves to talk with her friends and hang out with them each day!


please pick me!!! i am a really nice penguin

Puffle 109:

I think my Bud Airplanem Should Be Penguin of the week Because He Is a Bookworm like me :) He is Caring and Sharin YAY!:):):):):):):):):)
Btw You are rockin the runway Daffodaily!


I would love to nominate my friend Cupcake53286 because she is so sweet and very nice. In school she helps me with things that I don't understand, I also help her with stuff she doesn't understand also! She is the ultimate club penguin fan! Cupcake53286 is probably the most sweet, kind, generous, and the funniest person I know. She is funny because whenever me and my other friends are sad, she always is there to make us laugh and be happy again! I hope you choose her to be the next POTW!


I think Gabriela6718 should be Penguin of the Week she is nice to others and tells me that her birthday is coming up and the only thing she wants is to be Penguin of the Week!


I think that my friend DaisyTeddy should win because she is nice, always is kind to others and their puffles, never enters someone's igloo without asking, and never throughs a snowball at someone unless they ask or if they are playing a game. She loves club penguin and always checks the blog! DaisyTeddy also is not a member but has a lot of style! She is a BIG fan of you, Daffodaily5! Thanks! I hope you let my friend win! Congratulations, Heartsweet50!



Do they still get the Viking Helmet?


I nominate snickersha because she is a wonderful penguin to all. She has a great sense of humor and is totally cool. She is the best penguin EVER!


I think popstar5518 should be penguin of the week because she always cheers everyone up and she helps other people.


I nominate Teddy11202 for being a awesome friend and making cool igloo adventures!
Waddle On! :D


pls choose nakajima2 to become the next fan of the week he is nice and kind and he has an epic igloo made by himself


i think my friend Athmane1 should be penguin of the week because he helps people that are in need and helps people that are sad to be happy he is a very smart kid


I again think breezyrosie should be penguin of the week because she love school and does everything she can to do her best. She is respectful and took the test and past in one shot


Can OliverOil1 be the penguin of the week because she is a mega club penguin fan that she even made a mine craft style of club penguin she is a huge club penguin fan!


HIYA! Please try and make my friend Giannab1 penguin of the week! She is very nice and is never mean. Please try to make her penguin of the week! Thanks.


Can Rerewegi4 be Penguin Of The Week he help the penguin when the penguin doesn't know were to find the pin.
I was being helpful to those penguins Daffo.


Grody 06:

Hey great job you totally earned it!!!


I would like to nominate my good buddy nanoagent. He performed at a music festival to raise awareness and money for a local charity organization that helps orphans in our town. He always gives me tips for CP and helps other penguins too. Thank you! And congrats to Heartsweet50! Waddle On!


i think Guestpie should be penguin of the week because she is really sweet kind incredibly smart when ever i feel down she helps me either at school or club penguin she's so the best friend ever and for that i hope you agree with me and make her penguin of the week


I would like to indicate my friend Angell12345 it gets inside of everything that goes on club penguin and he always chooses the best styles according to the party. he he also likes lots of guys Daffodaily5, polo field, spike hike ..


Hey I think that Daisy3910 should be nominated because she is always wearing fun stuff and super nice if you are not her friend friend her and you will see what I mean.nominate her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congrats Heartsweet50! I like your name. ;) Lol.


Well, I want to nominate to Dansel11 because he is a great friend!


Awesome! I love fun random facts, and being intelligent rules. Way to go!


I think Aang469 should be penguin of the week because, he is really nice and makes people have fun on the island. He also helps penguins with there concerns and likes to visit igloos to meet new friends. He really loves and makes the island!


I would like to enter sab0357 she's my best friend and she is super duper nice and very loyal to her friends
Hope you win bye

Mr Squid1:

I think you should definitely make my friend lapo 2245 Penguin of the Week. He is a great friend and a big fan!
Waddle on and best fishes!


I would like to nominate Jfib2000 to become penguin of the week. She enjoys playing in the dojo and spending time with her friends.

ly lee:

i would love to nominate my best friend at school and on CP Katie101p1
who hosted a fundraiser at her school she raised over $18,000 towards local hospitals and pet shelters
to help kids and animals in need she's really generous and a REALLY amazing friend!! :-))


I feel like my friend Nolegirl4 should win POTW, because everyday after school, she will go over to the Children's Cancer Facility every day to give them money she has earned from selling home-made rubber band bracelets. She even at times brings extra over for the children patients. She is a true inspiration to our community, and that's why I think she deserves this wonderful POTW title!


Congrats great you love background


Congrats and nice igloo! Don't forget to...

Waddle on!


Good Job Heartweet50


My friend, louna20022, loves animal! She likes to read books about them and search their history. Also, she loves reading. When she haves free time she enjoys playing club penguin. Her birthday's next week and I believe that this could be her present from cp team! She would be so happy!


I think Meibunny should be the penguin of the week because she is kind to everyone and also she's a friend of mine.

Adali Grace:

I Think JennaAngel12 Should Be Penguin Of The Week Become She Is Always Help Penguins And Ask What Wrong when she see a sad face And She Is Really Nice To Every One On ClubPenguin And Kind


my bffs Aris98 or Alyssa26 because they r so nice sweet and helpful they r also they like to play cp and r a big fan of every takeover!! i wish they will be it....!! OuO


Ofern03 should be penguin of the week because he has a really cool igloo and is really kind to penguins.


I think that pinkloulou deserves penguin of the week because he is always helpful and never gets in a fight and like enjoys every update , He also does a daily CP thing which is:
morning: dress penguin up in new clothes
11 am: plays every game for coins
lunch: goes to the coffee shop and has a cuppa with me
dinner: feed his puffles then goes to the pizza parlour
He does this everyday and mostly invites me to do it with him

Sparkle 46:

Cooly734, Has been an amazing friend as she always listens and I can always talk to. She works really hard at school and is getting levels that are way above average. This will be a incredible surprise and this might cheer her up a little bit. She is an awesome friend, I desperately want her to be Penguin Of The Week. Please do this


Sparkle 46 x


If you become the penguin of the week, do you get all the new PTW items after as well.
Because i saw a guy with the background but he was PTW a long time ago.
It would be great if you could reply to this.


thanks Louise109 my 1# friend and it is true I am a big fan of you Daffodaily5


Plz plz plz let Alice22622 win!! She is a great friend, funny, kind, helpful, supportive, makes best iggies AND she donated alot of money for coins for change!! Plz let her win she is awsome!


MAYA2458!!!!! MAYA2458!!!!!!!! She is the best penguin in the whole world! She helped me when I was new, and she stood up for me when other penguins were teasing me. She is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is on Club Penguin EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!!!!! Choose her! CHOOSE HER!!!!! CHOOSE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i would like to nominate my buddy ALfy125 because his igloo is awesome his clothes are epic and he is just a great friend to me.


i would like to nominate my best friend jb511 he always helps me he has an awesome outfit and igloo but apart from that i think he really deserves this background for all the help he gives me.

Vini Ben:

I wanted to indicate my friend Raião2456 he loves making new friends, he likes to study and he loves cp and help everyone who needs it is a good friend.


My sister is such a sweetheart she adores club penguin and I think she deserves to be the penguin of the week! Her club penguin name is gk65 and if she does not get penguin of the week definitely add her as a friend or have a look at her iggy!
Thankyou cp! Rock on!


I think Adila26 should be penguin of the week because she's very generous and always thinks about her friends!


I'd suggest Articoon . He helped me at the Fair when I was sad. He's the kindest person ever! He once helped his school when it was setting up a program to help people with diseases by making posters and putting them up. You know, I want to see him helping someone again cause it inspires me. Bye.


Hey Daffo! Anyway.... I wanted to nominate 'Anchor Man' because he loves nature and club penguin and helps everyone. Literally. He donated like $100 for charity and some clothes, and in club penguin, he loves to help people become ninjas, get stamps, and much more! He's a very good friend to everyone. And whenever he comes online, he does the 'smile' emote. Please make him POTW!


What up club penguin team please let my friend mgirl94 be the penguin of the week because she is awesome she is nice i don't know what I would do without her so please let her be it thanks :)


Good job heartsweet50


My friend Ghost978 is the best penguin in the world! He likes to help new penguins around the island, loves to play games especially Card Jitsu. He always carries ballons with him because he LOVES ballons. His style is funky.


i wanna nominate my biggest hero of all the time which is called The Dodger he came to my igloo and he tell me what to do and he teach my how to play mancala and find four and he really kind to me and he make this amazing aeroplane igloo for everyone to go in. he showed me about the years before i was penguin and all the year books and he like gave me a secret tour but in a friendly nice way. as wel he told me what XD means and LOL and GTG and BRB and now i can speak penguin! 8D

The Dodger:

Congrats to the new Penguin Of The Week! Only 6 days left XD!

I would like to nominate my best friend Jjoeyxx for POTW because he is a great friend. Like really. A fantastic friend. He is always online which means the fun never ends and we party and play and make igloos all the time! We dance in the town and give people feedback about their great igloos! Without Jjoeyxx I would be bored on CP but I'm not



Pinky Feet 7 should be penguin of the week.

amythest 15:

I think cute nyc should be penguin of the week because she is nice and she helps other penguins.


i think micahdc should be penguin of the week; he is nice, smart,


I think my freind calmstar would be good cause shes a very good friend! and she never gets into fights with me and also she's got lots of abilities!


Please pick my dearest friend joey48 she is a helping hand to everyone she's kind sweet and genours she follows all the rules and is a good sport she is a awesome penguin she should be the penguin of the week Stay Cool And Kind!


I nominate Clovey212 because she always helps me get stamps like the party host she has the party host stamp also check out her iggy.
please pick her


congrats Heartsweet50 enjoy your background and have fun with your 10,000 coins.


Hello. I would like to nominate my ninja pal Charm37318. He never gives up on his dream, both in real life and on the island. This explains why he is a full master of fire, water, and snow as well as an elite trainer. I hope that Charm wins next week's Penguin Of The Week.

Waddle On, penguins of card jitsu and all the rest!


I think Yoshisixfour should be penguin of the week, he is really nice and really funny.


I think my friend Tulika2 has a chance of becoming the penguin of the week.coz..You should check his's full of puffles..around 38 or 40.including all the species of puffles.He loves the puffles very much.


hi, i think lovylovy should be penguin of the week because she is very kind and likes to share and when people are sad she makes you feel better :)


please let the penguin of the week be nicraff1


Congrats, Heartsweet50!


My friend adc10296, should be the next Penguin Of The Week! She loves making new outfits and not copy anyone (well, maybe for ideas. never the outfit) and she loves sending postcards and having EPIC igloo parties! She accepts every person who adds her, and adds as many non- members as she can. She DEFINITELY deserves to be Penguin Of The Week :)


i think wickett 11 should be the penguin of the week because he is loyal,honest,and funny he also is a good friend to people/penguins please nominate him for penguin of the week and as always, may the force be with you


I really wanted to be the penguin of the week. I already have 308 stamps.


Awesome great job!!! I would like to nominate my best friend on Club Penguin her name is Leah98072 because she gave me a few tours when I first started club penguin, she gives me lots of gaming and card jitsu tips that really helped me earn some of my belts and most importantly she is not afraid to help other fellow penguins out, oh and she also gave me tips on my igloo and taking care of my puffle bye!!!


I think Fanilu207 would be a great Penguin Of The Week!Her igloo is awesome,she LOVES parties,is a GREAT friend,tells funny jokes,loves Club Penguin,and is helpful with EVERYTHING!


Please nominate Megatron4298 because he's been on Club penguin for a long time and he's been waiting really patiently to be
the Penguin of the week. He's extremely kind and friendly to everyone and a great friend of mine. Waddle on!


I vote my cousin luke4437 because he is very kind and caring and he loves math. His favorite is multiplication. He is very good at it!


hi my name is redbird 2004 and i love puffles but most of all i like to limbo! just kidding but i do like it anyways i love #waddle on and the spoiler alart and i am awesome so any cance of getting me in the penguin of the week bye!


Please my friend Snow Funny. He's awesome and love your cap!

Zelda Ike:

Please my friend Snow Funny. It's his dream he's want this background and he's love your cap!


No green viking helmet? :(


Please my friend Snow Funny. It's his dream he's awesome and cool!


I'd like my friend LegalEagle1 to be made Penguin of the week because she is very sweet and kind to everyone


I would like to nominate my friend, Mewstation. She runs a local charity for people who are less fortunate, And she also runs marathons to help raise money for people with disabilities.

vampire 102:

i never get picked for penguin of the week :......(


Don't worry it's ok I'm sure u will get picked


I should be penguin of the the week!!!

meron8p :

I am proud of the winner too !!!Lol!!!you are awesome


i would like to nominate sunshine7732 she is nice and funny. also she help out with stuff.


I think icecube90000 should be penguin of the week because she is my BFF she is nice I love her style she is awesome and she goes to my school. I will be happy if she is the penguin of the week

Calm Star:

i think it's nice to be a penguin of the week.;)


i was penguin o the day and i want the background!


Lilrostta should be penguin of the week because she is epic nice she gives lots of tours


I don't care I wanna be the penguin of the week cuz I'm good


You should nominate Antonpr because he loves donating whether online or at school. He also likes helping people and hanging out with friends whether online or at school, plus cheering for friends.


I would like to recommend Benedictkoh to be the Penguin of the Week. He has been playing the game since 2008. He taught my friends and I how to play clubpenguin. He also loves to help others eg. coaching me with my schoolwork and volunteering in orphanages. He has an amazing igloo design and an awesome pirate outfit which I love. He donates all he could for Coins for Change every year. He's such a role model. So please let him be the Penguin of the Week!!!!


Congratulations, Heartsweet50!!!!! I think my buddy Teart should be the next POTW because she always takes care of her puffles and loves animals. She also is very nice to new penguins and shows them around. Finally, she has been on club penguin since about 2008! She participates in most club penguin parties and loves to search for pins. Thanks for reading my nomination! Waddle on club penguin!


I would like to indicate my friend GdToddy to be the penguin of the week


Hi. Im Kasia8n I'd like to nominate my best friend and sister, missnadz6789. In real life her friends mother got diagnosed with cancer so she ran in a 8 mile race to raise money for Macmillan. She raised over 500 pounds and her friend was very thankful. I really hope that missnadz6789 gets penguin of the week because of all her hard work. She loves club penguin and is happy for everyone who gets penguin of the week and I think she would be over the moon if she got penguin of the week. Waddle on!


i think you should pick my friend spongey 57 because he always sad saying that he wants to be the penguin of the week so please pick him he will be really happy

Club penguin lover:

I think my friend Ddfgv should be penguin of the week because
he always tells me ways to win lots of coins in club penguin
like how to catch the mullet.
He also told me that he raised $400 for the poor people in Africa.
That is why i chose my friend Ddfgv to be the penguin of the week.
Waddle on cp team!
And have a nice spring break!


Hi cp I would love to nominate pinkyring808 I love her she is my bff,she also is very fun and smart,she has a gentle heart plz pick her


MermaidSweet should be penguin of the week because she is sweet, kind, loving, and a true friend. PLEASE VOTE FOR HER!


Hello! I would like to nominate my friend Ravenzilla for POTW. Shes caring, kind, funny, bright, and very cheerful! I remember one time she did a bke sale to raise money for the poor! Now thats what I call generous! She waddles around and helps new members of CP fun activities! She follows the rules about online safety, and she can really boogie down! She has a bright mind filled with wonders and imagination! Anyways, I really hope you nominate Ravenzilla because she is the best penguin I know!


Well done Heartsweet50!
Enjoy your prizes!
Waddle on!


Congratulations Heartsweet50. I love your outfit and igloo.I hope you are enjoying your 10,000 coins and background.

And I would like to suggest Lady Louis for the penguin of the week.Sometimes she can be a pain but most of the times she is an awesome friend and loves everyone. She has also had job experience as a waiter at the Pizza Parlor.That is where she found out she loves to help penguins.She loves to read and draw too.

Your awesome Daffodaily5!Everyone loves you!
Waddle on.

karater man :

I want to introduce my friend max 6668 because it is Still for others

max 6668:

I want to introduce my friend karater man because it is Still for others

Jo Cool:

I think everyone should be the penguin of the week.Everyone sounds awesome,nice,loving,and caring.


Hey Daffo!
I would like to nominate my friend Camy257 for penguin of the week.Mainly because we are really good BFFs on CP and in real life! I hope you exept my nomination for penguin of the week!


I think my friend swimmy4004 should be the penguin of the week because he has funny costumes.


I think my friend Blacky720 should be POTW. She knows a lot about internet safety, and always makes sure that everyone is following the rules! If someone is feeling sad because someone was mean, she can always cheer them up with a snowball fight or a trip to the pizza parlor!

Waddle On!


i think zoe4panda should be nominated penguin of the week because she is unique adventurous and a true friend


I vote for Inocencia73
she always offers special service to penguins and always has an incredible and fresh iggy!

She deserves it!


She's on my friend list and she sure knows how to hold a party!

I'm voting for her too


Nice job Heartsweet50! :D


it would be cool to be penguin of the week I'm wishing I was. :)


I think Milbo1 should be the penguin of the week because he's fun


I think Jakadon should be POTW because he almost always help people life and the the comments! He loves reading, helping at school and plays football (soccer for you guys :P) for his local team nearly every day!

Waddle on!

Ladybug Lis:

I would love to nominate my friend (bestie) Rosytilly because she helps everyone to get iggy likes, she loves club penguin, she has a super kind heart and everyone loves to be her friend. Her and a penguin called Mo Power created up a team of friends called the Power Family and as the years grew by she invited others got 99,999+ Iggy likes last year and please nominate her she is the kindest person you will ever meet!! Please Daffo she really would like too!!


Oh I know Rosytilly I was at her iggy its awesome!


Although I have not seen your whole igloo , the part I can see is very cool I wish I had that house!


I think Katsuma574 should be the penguin of the week because she is nice , loves puffles, and is a great friend! : )


I would love to be penguin of the week because I've created a bunch of cool igloo designs , I've rescued every puffle there ever was to rescue , I think I dress pretty cool , and I don't turn down friend requests! I really hope you pick me. thanks



i would like to be penguin of the week it would be so awesome i also like gold puffles ,and muppets my favorite is kermit and you should see my igloo it has everything except a igloo. if you want to see it my name gabrielc66 and i want to be penguin of the week.


Congrats Heartsweet50:)! U r sooo lucky to be penguin of the week! I wish sooo badly that I can penguin of the week! But, anyways, this is about u not me, soo........ Congrats again Heartswee50! .......... And again........ And again......... Ok, mabey I should stop now :/

P.S. and again
P.S.S. and again..... Sorry:/


Please put my friend hip hop12167.She used almost all her money for coins for change(Christmas).She loves to help people that are new in club penguin.she told me one time that whenever she sees a person that's poor,she she always ask her mom if they could give money to that person(her mom said its true).please please please pick her.she would be surprised and happy.thank you


I have a friend who lives far away and it is hard to stay in touch. Club penguin is a way for us to have fun together and to express our selfs he is a smart hard worker and his penguin name is pollywaga please help me by making him penguin of the week.


I think my friend spence1001 would be penguin of the week why? Because he's awesome, he's funny, he's cool, and many you can think of so yeah my awesome friend spence1001 should be penguin of the week


I would like to put zoodles4 for penguin of the week!!!! He is very nice on 2013 Christmas he gave me the postcard list the Christmas hat! It was very nice so I want to do something nice for him.


I nominate Lizza Bella because she is really sweet and always helps out everybody!


Heart sweet ur soo cool and clever keep it up! And cool iggi


I would like to nominate my close friend Demi867! She is very helpful to other penguins around the island. She is so generous, she donates 10 coats to a homeless shelter every year. One time she even helped a penguin find a pin! that is why I nominate Demi867 for POTW.


I wish I could be penguin I the day


friday1243,becuse this players so nice and loves to help other players

Glasses 123:

Cokealala always helps penguins find hidden treasure and makes every one happy. He also donates over 10,000 coins in coins for change every year. That's why he should be penguin of the week!


Missnadz6789 is AWESOME! She is smart, funny AND cool! She is so kind to people and is always learning new things at school! She loves books just like Heartsweet50! She donated lots of money to charities in the UK that go to e.g. homeless, Africa, Philippines.
That is why I nominate Missnadz6789 and I hope she wins because she is so amazing!
Waddle On!
P.S. Heartsweet50 Well done and you are a good person!


Hey There! I have a Special Penguin who is kind, honest and a friendly person! There name is Sweetflame, I was Bored and he just came up to me and said " Hey There! Are you ok? " That made me fell Happy and filled with Joy! that I actually Had someone who cares about me!

Thank you for your time to read this.


Hello Daffo,
I would like to nominate my good friend Biafashion16! She is gorgeous, she loves helping the others, learning new things, meeting new people and getting stamps. She tries to make everybody happy and has really very good friends. She is very fashion, too as the name says hahaha. She's adorable and definitely deserves the prizes!! I'm her good friend :)


I would love to nominate my BFF, pinky89226. She always is there for me when I need help around the island. Also, she was the first person I met when I joined CP, and without her I would have been completely lost.


I would like to say that my friend Tammy60000 should be the next penguin of the week.Good job Heartsweet50 for winning the penguin of the week and your 10000coins and your new background.


I would like to nominate my best friend Equinox 77 because he donated over 22,000 coins! and he's always making club penguin better by helping new penguins find there way around c.p. as well as supporting online safety P.S: he always plays tag with me, please pick him and

Equinox 77:

congragulations heartsweet50


it would be really cool if my friend annared365 could be club penguin of the week. she should be because i wouldnt be doing club penguin without her.

Budda the bwead:

I think that Primrose is a awsome nomination because she is always there for mee and were the awsome waffles XD btw I wanted to say this before I was wondering if you could ever allow trading clothes? I know you probably won't but I thought you should know that I always wanted to trade


My friend Charltonroks should be penguin of the week because he is very popular hes always calm, cool, and collected. Hes a great friend to everyone and is always happy. I'm proud to be called his friend!!! Pick him he deserves it!!! :)


hi i would like to noninate my bff lalia12347 shes realy kind and nice to me and sometimes tutors me at cp school im not that good at math i would show her in the whos the cool nice penguin magizine plz let it be her even thoe shes safe chat we have brill times togetter she has amazing fashoin skills plz let it be her even all my friends know her and they said wow shes so nice she even once made a hotel igloo and has a few more ideas up her sleeve......


Awesome clothes : )

20l4 stars:

I would like to nominate finnja24. When his little brother and sisters need to be helped he always goes to help! he is a resppctful club penguin player to all! he is also my best buddy! when he gets home from school we go over to his house and play the club penguin Ipad app! he really wants the cool backround and helmit! he also needs the coins beacase every year to donate them at coins for change! please make my best friend finnja24 penguin of the week!

Nick Wild:

I love to know that there are so many good penguins on CP!
Waddle On, -Nick Wild


I think I should be a star because I help people around my neighborhood by walking their dogs and washing their cars
Waddle on!

Be safe on the internet:

I would like to nominate normal bird2. She is very kind and is thoughtful and nobody feels left out when you see her. She doesn't share her personal information and is an epic penguin. Please pick her, I understand if you don't pick her but I am happy to write to you.
Ps my name is not be safe on the internet I just think you should be safe on the internet.
Thx- Cappillo05
WADDLE ON PENGUINS!!!!!! ( And be safe on the internet)


Can u guys plz do St Tjp hes a great friend to anyone and everyone and is great at math so if u could plz do him for P.O.T.W#Waddle On-Parrylov15


I agree congratulations

Polly Smash:

My Friend Dino Kraken should be penguin of the week because he loves learning new things and having fun with other friends on CP!


I think it could be Pitufopelon1 because he gives tour to penguin's that are starting and he loves to add friends


I think dino kraken should be POTW because he likes making new friends on CP and he's very kind


I want to nominate my sister's penguin Mellayna, because she is always feeding and taking care of her puffles and making others feel good, and also, when a penguin asks if she wants to go somewhere, she litterally says "um, I cant, but thank you anyway." and then sometimes sends them a postcard! She is an awesome sister! WADDLE ON!!!


i so want to be the penguin of the week good job!!!!


Hi cp! I would like to enter my dear freind GT707, he realy like getting along with others,and if a stranger ask for cp advise, thers a 79% chance he will help. And GT707, if you get elected penguin of the week, you deserve It!


My friend Redjack5 Is so sweet! When i first joined CP he saw I was new and I was lost! He showed me around Cp! Now he gives me tips for CP and hidden secrets! We chat together sometimes to find mascots! Redjack5 also helped people when people on the iceberg were frustrated that they were not finding puffle items! But he stepped up and gave them faith! After that everybody had faith in him! Well thanks CP team for listening! WADDLE ON!


Wow good job, i hope he wins


Pls come to my igloo at 4:00 Wa time. It's my cousins birthday and we don't live in the same town. Pls come it would mean soooo much!

Love Wonderbud

Em zee wemzee:

Hi I like dogs and puppies !!!cute puppies:)))

Em zee wemzee :

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi


Please, Please Please!!!

I'd really like to nominate my brother and best friend Mickey27356!
He is the kindest person in the world and he is also very funny!
Even though his membership expired a month ago, he really doesn't care! We still have lots of fun!



I think Richardgold8 my friend should get it because he is always nice to other penguins and he always is making a cool igloo so that other penguins can have fun I hope you will read this thank you

Charlie 7333:

My BEST friend Buttercup 95 is such a great friend ! She's always there when I need her, whether I'm sad, happy or lost . I know her outside Club Penguin as well .We have been friends as long as I can remember, she is the best-est friend I could ever ask for . In her spare time she loves to go to dog shelters and help them get adopted . I love her so much !! Well thank you for reading this and i hope you all have a great day . WADDLE ON !!!

Mayson 225:

Your lucky I'm jellos.
Try to friend me ok see you


Hi jellos I have seen you on CP a few times. I tried adding you but I can't. :(


i think it should be Taytay0521 she help me when I first started now i'm a club_penguin pro! so ya she is the nicest penguin EVER. GAVE ME TOURS AROUND THE ISLAND. She even helped everyone in club_penguin. thanks club_penguin_team and i think thats it!

P.S GOOD JOB HeartsSWeet50


I think I should be penguin of the week because I really love to learn new things with my best mates and i really love CLUB PENGUIN!!!!
So ppppppppppppllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee make me penguin of the week.

The obsidian :

I think Penguin Xabi should be the one


I would love tot nominate myself.Im a huge fan of Walddle On.My penguin is 1372 days old.I love Disney Channel!And I hope I get picked.And Thank You ClubPenguin.Stay Cool CP!I would also like to nominate my best friend Fireball1966.Is super nice!He is my best friend!We ment at the Halloween Party. We've been best friends since October.Once again Thank You Club Penguin!Your the best!


My penguin is herr justin and i have over 400 friends i,m so nice and friendly with everyone WADDLE ON!


My best friend Kivancsacar would be POTW because he is on island over 5 years and he always help someone


i will choose to nominate Alice7008 because she is enjoys everything .i with all my friends loves her presence she changes everyone's emotion from sadness to happiness


Hi everyone! Congrats, Heartsweet! I just wanted to say that on 16th March I'm holding this cool party and you're all invited! Let's meet at 5:00 PST at the forest for an amazing disco? I'll update you with the details in some time.
Meanwhile, WADDLE ON!


Congrats! I think that my friend Billybob9799 should be the next Penguin of the Week because he really deserves it after all he's done. He and his school held a charity organization, to help all kinds of stray dogs and cats, as well as abandoned pets! He is such a great friend and such an inspiration to me and my classmates!


Please give akutty a chance on the blog. She is my great bud and also a good classmate. She is so stylish on cp. Please do it.... She helped me when I needed coins by telling me secrets of games and also many catalog secrets and I want to thank her by doing this. Waddle on cp!

niamh cool 1:

i would like bonji264 he is always helping me to throw epic parties and more!
i think he is a great friend and helper so that is why i nominate him to me penguin of the week!


I Think Baby Tot beacuse she helps her school i asked her something once she was kind and she told me what it was she is a kind mate and should be the winner i think your so nise. Thank you CP


I think kulthum should be penguin of the week because she loves to dress up. She is very nice and loves to help others in need. She loves to be friends with new penguins and show them around a wonder full tour guide. She will never say no and loves to talk with her friends and hang out with them each day!


my friend nikunj1237 is the best! he is the best friend ever


I think if green viking helmet was better reward.


P.S- Can u plz plz plz plz make the new penguin layout soon (if u were going to do it)??? I reaaallly like it--the eyes r not droopy, and it has a smile on the mouth. PLZ PLZ PLLLLZZZ PLEASE!!! If u don't want to make it a new layout, can u at least put the new features on the penguin style one day??? (ex. People can buy the mouth or the eyes for 200 coins etc...). It would be really nice to start making mouths for the penguins, or different types of eyes without lashes or makeup?? WADDLE ON!!


I would like to nominate my buddy nicnic6 because he always gives me funny costume ideas. When he see a penguin with a name like P76234895, he will instantly friend them and give them the club penguin experience. nicnic6 also gives me tips on how to make more coins quicker. Now my favorite game is puffle rescue because of him.

Girfe t:

I would like to nominate my friend Cpt Price 99, because Cpt Price 99 is a great friend, and Cpt Price 99 usally send messages to me when I am online. Even, I think all my friends are very nice, and whoever gets nominated, congratulations!


i would like to nominate to my friend polly196 because when we hang out to club penguin then she sees a new penguin and introduce him to club penguin and give him a tour.


I want to nominate Kulthum, because she is always making others feel good and willing to help anyone who asks. She's an amazing person as she's always happy and always trying to make other people around her happy. She really deserves to be penguin of the week so pick her!!

Fab girl:

I would like to nominate my BFF Rahma323 she always makes me laugh she is kind and she's a true friend. Your amzing , Waddle on!


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