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By Daffodaily5 on March 14, 2014 - 06:06


Check out puffle-lover Piggy76890’s iggy! It’s so fun and colourful! I bet her and her fluffy pets host some EPIC parties in there. Can Blossom and I come to the next one? XD

Don’t forget all winners now receive the ace Penguin of the Week background as well as 10,000 coins! So comment below if you know someone on CP who you think is just brill.


-Club Penguin



Hello Daffoooooooooo, :D

I nominate my friend Orion9057 he loves to help the penguins and loves parties! He deserves!!


I nominate my bff russin03 she totally deserves it and check out her awesome iggy!!!!!!!!!


I've meet them and they were super polite.


I nominate my friend boots04 he is the greatest friend you might imagine he has started in 2011 he is great he has found 6 mascots he is awesome he has tons of awesome rare items some items are super rare he even has awesome

lolz559 :

i also go for boots04 AND zombiekitty4


I nominate my friend Aang469, he is really nice and he visits all of the igloos and likes them and make people feel happy. Even outside of CP he congratulates and makes friends and even on the December CP party, he gave 100,000+ coins to donate, he continuously gave away his CP coins for a better cause. He is so nice and enjoys helping players and making friends with players all the time. So why not give Aang469 the Penguin Of The Week. He really deserves it :).


When are we going to get muppets most wanted suits
XD : p

wuhan dude:

I nominate polkm55 she is not a member but is super nice and funny also loves animals including puffles.


I nominate my friend Shubbs03 for POTW because he is so nice to the people he meets and he is helpful, plus he can tell you everything about cp! He even does this all while having igloo parties and a super cool outfit!

If you seen this thank you for reading it.


Sweetpackz should win, at least once


Hi! I think I could be penguin of the week I LOVE cp I help penguins ive been working on my igglo and it looks very cool just PLZ pick me!


I think brandyn290 should be penguin of the week because he does lots of community service at his school and loves making friends! He should win!

Rose day778:

I like her look


Thank u


I think badduck1 should be the penguin of the week because he always has a cool igloo, if people are sad he makes them happy he throws party for everybody on club penguin. He goes to every party he sees and likes their igloo even though he doesn't like it he still like the igloo anyways he is awesome please make him the penguin of the week please.


My friend Taylor315 should be penguin of the week because she is nice ,friendly,cool,fun to hang out with so she should be penguin of the week


I think nikki5533 should win because she is excellent with making newfriends she is always nice to me and she loves fluffy puffles and she has a cool home.


Yooooo cp I think Thinknoodles should be penguin of the week because he's kind and he's really cool :) plzzzzz can you make Thinknoodles penguin of the week who's with me? Vote Thinknoodles bye!


thinknoodles rocks!
hes kind and allways helps` :)




I nominate my friend Eriki1 he has the best iggy from island check out his iggy it's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!


My penguin friend Mireia26 deserves to be the penguin of the week because she helps me on puffle scape and puffle launch!


I think Comcowich should be the penguin of the week because she loves puffles and has a black belt and is very nice


I think my friend Paigestar9 should be penguin of the week because she sometimes takes care of my puffles when I need to do something else

love life:

I nominate my friend limelight3 because she is realy caring and cares so much for her puffles!

Lightning z3:

I nominate my friend zachyquaky he's really cool so can you check him out on club penguin


I think I have the perfect penguin for you, the penguins name is gwuin! she is the perfect penguin buddy


i think cherrydog2 should be the winner of the next penguin of the week. She is so nice and always stands up for me. Also she hosts some Awesome partys! so please consider chosing cherrydog2.


Congrats Piggy76890!!




Ok so my friend warbler17 should be nominated because she can REALLY get a party started!!! Bye and congrats piggy!!!


My friend in real life in game his name is Thomasie123 he helped the school getting money for new events he made it we now got twice gym a week and we learn playing music!


Congratulations piggy76890!!!!




I think Happy Man598 would be a great canidate! I think he's funny, smart, and a great friend! He is also likes to have parties that match what's coming up!


I think sidkid12 is awesome tanks

Mixi 28:

I nominate my older sister Sommfi for POTW. She is always so kind and helpful, and she was the one who introduced me to Club Penguin :-) We have been clearing away a lot of old stuff in our house, and Sommfi gave away a ton of clothes she doesn't use anymore and some old toys to the local charity store.


I think Cligclic is awesome check out the clothes!


applejewle plz she is soooooooooooo nice so plz do it thx!


i know someone.... ME :)


I like the use of color in that iggi

You should totally have The Dodger as your next POTW because he totally rocks at find four! Talk about finding four, he seems to join 8 cause he does it both ways with just one time. He's a pro. And if you ever need good igloo ideas then he's your penguin! He remade the recent "CP Airplane" except instead of making it from the igloo, he twisted it himself and used steel fridges! It looks amazing! You should check it out cause it's ultra awesome!





I think he's already been Penguin of The Week but I can't remember. If he hasn't then yeah nominate him because he is awesome! I don't think I saw his CP Airplane but I was online today and saw he made a Medieval Kingdom which looks really nice.

3 votes so far lol


I would choose either... the dodger or Antonio 1049. Hmmm... either of them!


I want tiger15826 to be penguin of the week. He is very kind to penguins and likes to make new friends. He likes to create awesome igloos and likes to dress up funny. Tiger15826 is my best friend and i want him to be penguin of the week.


tiger15826 is a great friend to everyone. He likes dress up funny and likes to make new friends too. I want him to be penguin of the week.


I want Trexjr2006 to be penguin of the week. He likes to walk with his puffles and lies to play lots of games. He likes to play with friends visit igloos. He likes to dress up like a funny dragon too. He is my best friend on CP and I think Trexjr2006 should be penguin of the week.


I'd like to nominate "Marian245" for always being a helpful and VERY kind penguin! He always helps me out and always asks me how I am, what my day was like etc. He's an amazing penguin whom should DEFO win Penguin of the Week!

Waddle On!

Jumbo Wario1:

I agree. He is super nice and helpful!


hiya cp team! please can i be the penguin of the week next? if so that would be great!

- superpudsy p.s. if you chose me i'll say a BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL! :)

Enter nickname:

i think ubatha should get one do you?

Enter nickname:

good gob Piggy76890


Appreciate it!!


my friend sallyab is SO cool! SO funny because of her silly jokes! they make me laugh when im sad! she is just a great friend! i would really love it if you made her penguin of the week!

Jesse Gurl:

Hey How About Sweetpackz? Shes Been A Member For 8 Months And She Has ALOT Of Rare Stuff like Igloos!


Awwwh! Thanks!

Taylor 7979:

Congrats! The thrill of being penguin of the week MUST be exciting!!!
Good job!!


This penguin is my all time best friend. Just a couple of weeks ago he sang for all these old people at a nursing home! He has been on club penguin since early 2013. Even though he is new he loves club penguin and All he does all day is play it. That is why I would like to make my best friend to be the penguin of the week.

Hot Hamster:

I think swipersquirr should be the penguin of the week. He's pretty cool with all the nice things he does for people. He'll be so excited once he becomes it. He will love everything in the world!


that fits my description (though, I'm a girl). same here , i wanna be penguuin of the week! *sobs*


I know him! I'll vote for swipersquirr


This penguin seems really awesome. I nominate him too.

Nets 23:

I nominate him as the PTOW


i think daffydoo3 would be a great penguin of the week!!
She helps everyone and cheers ppl up. she is an awesome friend! :)


lilmisstoots should win! she's so smart and funny and always helps out! she loves giving to coins for change too! shes the bestest friend for anyone :)


captin al


I know an awesome penguin her name is Skyeback. She is always hosting the BEST parties and is really nice! She is very kind to me and always gives me great tips and advice. She deserves to win more than any penguin I know. I hope you pick her because she is THE BEST!


Daffo Hiya, I would suggest my friend Mauruam. He started playing the Cp a few days ago, but has already helped many penguins, showing where the pin.. In the real world, we fizwemos a school survey on the need to keep our streets clean. The other day, we found a project that creates wigs with hair donated by many people and donates to recover the self-esteem of people with cancer. As he had not enough big hair for donation, he decided to tell your friends about this campaign.
Waddle on!

Fetami Moon:

I think Ammooni has a awesome igloo and it's pretty much rare, so I think she deserves Penguin of the Week background!


I know somebody! Taqi13! Or Taqi! Check the penguin Taqi! Taqi always helps other penguins, he once showed this new boy how to play games! COOL OR WHAT??

One direction :

Cool how do I become pengion of the week


Party party


I vote luke4437 because he is very kind on club penguin and in the real world. He also loves math. His favorite is multiplication and he is very good at it. I bet he would tell you a lot of hard facts on multiplication!

F10 tornado:

I would like to nominate the most brill penguin I know for penguin of the week, I nominate Shubbs03 for POTW because he has one of the coolest outfits and he even gave me a tour of club penguin when I first joined! He is also super helpful


can I please be penguin of the week it would be awesome to be penguin of the week on the muppets world tours 1st week I love Kermit gold puffles and the spoiler alert with polo field ninja and megg. my name is gabrielc66 and check out my airplane or igloo you guys will love it WADDLE ON


I know Missnadz6789 who is a very helpful person! She loves the CP magazine ever since I told her that it existed! She loves puffles too!
Waddle On!
P.S. I ONLY nominate Missnadz6789!


I think belle78701 should be the penguin of the week cause she loves puffles and everything club penguin

cp lover:

Can my friend Jacob64611 be the next winner because he always dresses up for the party, buys stuff for his puffles (if there is), decorates his igloo for the party, and buys clothing for the party.these are my reasons why Jacob64611 should be the next Penguin of the week. Thank you


I would like to nominate my friend, Mewstation. She runs a local charity for people who are less fortunate, And she also runs marathons to help raise money for people with disabilities.


Hi! I want to nominate my friend, Mimi17740 to be the Penguin of the week! He plays Club Penguin all the time, and he is never going out without his puffles! He always chose one and go waddling. He is very cool looking, but sometimes funny looking :) So he should be the penguin of the week.


Bubba75463 should be penguin of the week. she is so sweet and her iggi rocks. she is my bff in real life and cp. she has wonderful outfits and cares for her puffles


Good job


Hello there! I really want you to pick Zoes6. Every week I say this, so I might as well try again. She loves collecting, stamps, puffles, furniture you name, she might have it. She has met three mascots and gets on whenever she can. She changes her look often and same with igloo. If you were to add her, she might not be able to because she has so many friends who she made feel better one day, and asked to be friends! I really wish you would choose her, Daffo, because she really deserves it!!!!!!


domino my best friend titayfito for the penguin of the week because the very good with all people and their clothes are amazing and very cool igloo


Hey CP!
Once again, I nominate my friend Princess3509! She is an awesome friend and a great penguin! She thinks being the Penguin of the Week would be super cool! :)


I want my friend Rainley1 to be POTW. Every year she donates to Coins for change and she adores her puffles and friends. Shes also rare like a Grandma(2009) and super funny and nice. She doesn't care about what others say about her and always makes everybody feel better.

Sprinkles 493:

I think Alice416 should be nominated for POTW because she is the one who introduced me to club penguin! Also, she hosts AMAZING igloo partys and is always up on the latest fashion! She is also an awesome tour guide. She loves to help out penguins around the island anytime she can. (she is also a great big sister) In conclusion, I hope you will consider Alice416 for the POTW.


Tatabug2 is the nicest person I know in life and on CP and he is a good sport that is why I think he should be the penguin of the week


I nominate Rose5049 to be penguin of the week!!! she hosts a lot of parties every week and her iggy is FULL of stuff. she loves to walk her puffles around and she has awesome outfits!! She is nice to everyone she meets and loves to pretend!!! So that is why I nominate Rose5049 to be penguin of the week!!! waddle on CP!!!!!


I want Broskull because he is ALSOME at playing hide and seek! He also is a good friend.


I think my friend Love Dog 129 should win because he has pretty cool outfits and igloos.

Love Dog 129:

THINK NOODLES IS SO ALSOME that he should win.


I agree


@Love Dog 129
THINK NOODLES is awesome!


Ok I would like to nominate penguin icemint, A close friend of mine. she is smart, she kind, and a good friend to. she has a great sense of fashtion.

thank you for time
Waddle on

sleana 18:



Elljo2 she has an amazing style for her igloos and her outfits and loves to make new friends!

Equinox 77:

hey cp team plz consitter my friend Goofybird for being an awesome supportor of coins last year she donated over 20,000 bye cp

Enter nickname:

i nominate my bff woody3770. she is smart, funny, and kind.


My sister Ashely4326 has the coolest "cabin in the woods" igloo!


I would like to nominate Annmarie913 for penguin of the week. She often helps out at her local humane society and gives animals forever homes!


I would like to nominate bluetogreen because she has shown true confidence in this game. In her school she started a non bullying day at her school. She also made a message to penguins and said to say kind words instead of mean words.
Please take my nomination into consideration.


My best friend! Chryssa1 is awesome cool and a awesome friend! She wears awesome party dresses and really expresses herself over art! She makes awesome party igloos that everyone love! She is funny and so awesome that's why she should be Penguin of the Week!
Waddle On!

Taco :

I would like to nominate the coolest penguin ever flipflop521. Flipflops is so nice and smart and has the coolest iggy on my block i think he deserves to win than anyone else because he is smart and amazing


i nominate Emmanueldave because he has started club penguin on 2008 and has helped many other penguins that are only new he also helps share information about club penguin he has also helped me start club penguin and told me all about it. he is a very wonderfull penguin and is very nice and jolly

thank you for listening
Waddle On

no name :

I want to nominate Megan0903. She has the best igloos! Pick her!!!

Powder Ball:

I think Donut Man 5 should be the new penguin of the week! He is a non member but has some awesome items and I love playing game with him, he is such a good sport


i would like to nominate my friends name - Hellllllloo
(h+e+L-7 times+o-2 times)
her friend-shreya605 :)


I would like Princessbele to get it beacuse shes always nice to me and has a great sense of fashion! shes always following the Cp rules.she has a epic igloo I think she should win.
Thank you
Waddle On#


I think pink19941 because she is a very kind friend and sister and she has a good igloo with cool green. She is very super kind so let her be penguin of the week! Please


everyone is a winner! I think


I think liklook 03 is the best.
He learned me everything about CP and card jujitsu!
He is also a big fan of EPF


I would like to nominate Tamzy8 because she's my best friend and I believe she deserves it.


I wanna namanate Dj Macklemor. Shes such a good friend! Shes funny and smart too! And she thorws great parties! GO DJ MACKLOR!



Hi Daffo a new hero is on CP he is a super-penguin helps penguins and he make super partys and help to make earth a super planet is Marian245.


I nominate one of my closest friends in reality MistSpark! She is always ready to help, she's an EPF who was in dun dun dun... Operation.....Blackout!


i know a really good friend his name is Superpudsy he has a lot of jokes that makes me laugh LOL and he helps me when i don't know how to do stuff like teach me how to get items from the penguin style catalogue and helps my problems too! he's really a good friend and i love his igloo too its awesome you must see it for your selves!


I think my friend Zurbie should get Penguin of the week becuase he is a great friend and he is really helpful to new penguins around the island


I think my best buddy should get penguin of the week because she is so funny,kind and crazy (in a good way) when I or anyone feels down in the dumps (that's what she calls it lol) she ALWAYS tries to help she has loads of kind and caring buddies who will obviously agree to what I say! She has the my penguin app and when she goes to the town she always makes more friends! She hosts fabulous parties and when a mean kind of bully appears she doesn't try to report but she says 'leave' bye


Oh and btw I forgot to say.. Buddy's name is awsomekid751! Hope she is POTW but also good luck to everyone and I am sure awsomekid751 would do the same!! Waddle on!!


Hi club penguin team please please please can the next person for the penguin of the week be my BFF mgirl94 because she is nice to everyone and she helps me when im sad so please let her be penguin of the week!

popcorn_head XOXO:

i nominate "Becas1230". She is my friend. BEST friend.She is kind,funny,etc...


Hi Daffo. I have a friend named Cathy12345687 and she is new to CP. But I've been teaching her the basics and she found out about Penguin of the Week and really wants to be on it! Maybe you could make her Penguin of the Week? ;)

Thanks Again,


Maybe sassykat would like to be one she is my best friend!!

Enter nickname:

I would like to nominate a penguin named Gabel03. He is super kind to me and all of his hundreds of friends. In school, he sold friendship bracelets to kids to help raise money for Nicaragua. He also raised money for the American Heart Association. Thank you!
Waddle on!


hi daffodaily. i would like to nominate Nakajima2 for penguin of the week. she likes helping people and is very fun. thanks! waddle on CP!!!!!!!!


I think me would good for penguin of the month check out the igloo when there's no party going on


I would like to nominate my awesome friend: Samantha3124. She is super nice and helps new penguins. I saw her once help someone who couldn't figure out how to get a gold puffle! So, take that into consideration please Club Penguin. As always, Waddle On!


i think evertonfc9 should get this award because he always helping everyone find the pin etc ps he helped me find gary


I think Willjunior should be POTW because he has the most awesome igloo parties, loves giving tours, and making new friends! He's allways showing me around the new parties and even new rooms! Willjunior should be POTW. See ya later! WADDLE ON!


Pink Kellie:

I would like to nominate one of my buddies named, 1r0cky! She may be a non-member, but when she walks into a room she lights it up! She loves igloo parties, and is quite a diva when it comes to fashion! All I would like to say is 1r0cky is an amazing buddy and totally deserves to be penguin of the week!


I nominate my friend nunya8282 she is not a member but she is an amazing girl whenever she has a challenge she never gives up. So I highly suggest you pick her as penguin of the week. Also congrats to the penguin of the week piggy so waddle on!

Sillygreenj :

I think my sister Hannah28476 would be a great penguin of the week, so would I. :)

Anonymous penguin:

I think that Jonty12107 should be penguin of the week as he is the kindest penguin ive ever met. When I first came to club penguin, he was the ONLY penguin to say hi and take me on a tour. He taught me how to play card-jitsu and beat Sensei when I got to the black belt. I think you should give him penguin of the week award so that will encourage him to do the same to other penguins new to club penguin. Thanks and Waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi guys! I would like to nominate Freezepop! Recently I saw him in Abominable and he is epic!! He is a good person to be with around the island, he loves puffles, does parties, and is helpful! He even did a campaign in his school, how epic is that? I hope he can get POTW because he is such a good friend :)

Mt Orange:

I nominate Freezepop for POTW! He always helps out and is a really nice penguin!


I nominate cuttiepie526
she helps all her friends, she teaches them how to play at the dojo and she also makes an awesome igloo every time there is a new party
she also tours new penguins and helps them feel right at home in our island, she is very friendly and likes all penguins.

Twinkle tink:

I know whos a brill penguin that could be penguin of the week my BFF Birneet.


I think Princeg should win because I love him and he is friendly, kind and carring and also he is one of the best penguins I know!

The Shy Guy:

I would like to nominate my good friend Freezepop. He is super kind and he also likes to listen to my jokes. Did I mention that he is also super helpful when it comes to finding the pin! I was looking for ages and then he came along and helped me. Lastly, he was telling me that he has recently set up a campaign in his school, how awesome is that!? :)


I nominate my good friend mikeysutt09

Sensei joe:

I pick my friend Bo b127 he's my very close friend and is always there for me in my time of need. We're acually friends in real life and he helped me with this bully that was bullying me in school and we have been friends ever since. He's like a brother to me and I would just like to thank him for all he's done for me.


I would like to nominate Gabriela6718, she is smart, kind, and a very good friend!


I would also like to nominate Gabriela6718, she has a big heart, she is kind, smart, and very gentle


I think that brooke ava my best penguin fried should have this award!!!!her iggy is so AMA-ZING!!!!! Chek it out!


Thanks Rainbow and Blake! You guys are very sweet. (P.S Club Penguin rocks!) #Waddle On!


I think Connor6667 should be Penguin of the Week because he is always helping me in games , he never lets me down and he gives me a tour when I need one.


I wanna nominate my friend Puffle Pal32 got POTW, he is cool, funny and a great friend too!


I think wrc99 should win. He is very nice and dependable. He also loves to party. I also think annaolivi should win.


I would like to nominate YOU, Daffodaily5,
I love all of your POTW's, and I think you are awesome!!!

I also nominate ALL OF YOU, CP Team!!
I love all the #WaddleOn episodes and activities, I think you ALL are awesome!!!

Waddle on, Club Penguin!!


I think misletoe607 should be penguin of the week.This penguin is fun and funny.


Plz can I be next penguin of the weak and go polo field also a Qustion wat kind of like puff lets will be coming???????!?!!!?!?!?!


I think it should be icee6633. She always wears the most stylish outfits and she throws awesome party's!! She is so nice and always stands up for me. She is an amazing friend and that is why she should be penguin of the week!!!!!!


that is a awesome game

Midnight Emo:

Aaaaaah! Congratulations! Your igloo looks fantastic! By the way, I wish I could be POTD again because I would like to collect that snazzy new background! :)


I think I should be penguin of the week! Im Barutz and I have a PUFFLE/STAGE/DANCE Airplane igloo! It is awesome! I also wear some pretty cool items as well. Check me ot please!



I think cutiepie8719 should be penguin of the week! She's always so kind and makes me laugh


I want my big sister Chryssa1 to be POTW, She got me into Club Penguin and gave me some awesome tips! She was my first friend and still my best and she really can make me laugh! She makes fun party igloo! Like Bob The Blueberry!! Please allow Chryssa1 to be PTOW it would be the best day of her life! She raised money for her school by playing Club Penguin since the start and gave the school 1000 dollars
Waddle On!


Hi!, I would like to nominate my friend Clu37! I've read his replies to some posts, and i've met him too! he seems very cool and to show my appreciation to him, please make clu37 be penguin of the week! He loves to Party, and help a lot too! So please nominate him!!!


listen partay penguins (I'm like a mini Cadence!)! I'm gonna break some moves with a few popular penguins march 16, 5 o' clock penguin standard time sevrer; Blizzard. place;CPU/my igloo. be there! ~Rach1000 ^_^


I really recommend lilsnoopy3! He is the most nice guy I know on cp. he is very friendly and nice he gets along with everybody!


I nominate my BFF alyssa577 she LOVES to party wwwaaayy to hardy


I'd like to nominate my friend RandomSL. She really likes Club Penguin, watches all of the Spoiler Alert and Waddle On Videos, and goes to all the Club Penguin parties. During the Holiday Party, she donated more than 12,000 coins in Coins For Change!
Thanks for reading this comment and I hope you nominate her! :)
Waddle on,


I'd like to nominate Freezepop for Penguin of the Week. Freezepop is always coming up with new ideas, and helping the community be a better place. Freezepop is also very kind, and one of the nicest penguins I've ever met!




I nominate the super friendly penguin Poshypuffle. She makes everyone happy and she cheers up even the saddest person with her smile.Her iggy is the coolest one on the ice block! Her cozy little cottage is super fun and adorable.She has a puffle of every color! They never go without attention! Thank you for reading this and please consider Poshypuffle for penguin of the week!

Enter nickname:

Dot 23164 is super nice and helpful she cheered me up when I was sad she let me win a find four she even liked my iglo when it was empty she is the best penguin and friend ever plz let her be POTW


I recently joined CP and have became its number 1 fan thanks to one amazing penguin, Aluwa. Aluwa has always been there for me, always answering my questions and helping out many others. He has nice looks and loves to tell jokes and brighten the mood. I would like to nominate him for POTW. Even if he does not get chosen, I would like to thank you, people of ClubPenguin to one of the best friends a penguin could have.


l am going to nominate (lilly64627) because she is very nice to everyone on club penguin and is always being respectful and nice to other penguins. lf you could make her penguin of the week l would be so happy! She is always there for me so l think she deserves to be penguin of the week! She has the best igloos ever go check them out! Thank you for all the AMAZING partys you have entertained us with and thank you for your time!!!!!!! scotty3987


I'd like to nominate Trisher2 for POTW because he's really funny and is he sees a penguin lonely or lost he will help them get to where they need to be and cheer them up. He also throws the greatest parties, and make the best igloos ever. Trisher2 has so many costumes and wacky disguises too, he loves his puffles so much he 2 of each species of puffle. He even created his own Pet Shop, Puffle Training Centre and Puffle Beauty Salon! Those are all the reasons why I think Trisher2 should be POTW!


I would like to nominate friends12354 because she did 4 days NO talking, ran 4 miles and cutting her hair off(its grew back)! She is a wonderful friend and thats why I am nominating her!

Beans 2002:

I nominate my friend Mia BV1 she's really nice and she deserves this please choose her she's amazing thanks.

Abby kebabby:

I would like to nominate beans 2002 she really deserves this she's a great friend she's got a awesome taste in fashion she looks after her puffles really well she's a lovely friend not only in club penguin but in real life to she does really well at school she donates a lot to coins for change and she loves club penguin please award penguin of the week to beans 2002 thank you
P.s. Well done piggy76890

Enter nickname:

I would like to nominate pingpolo1 because he is a very close friend an he Is very smart and always thinks things through whatever situation he is in and he gets involved with everything club penguin magazine and club penguin does. he had loved club penguin since he joined in 2010

thanks for reading
waddle on


Well done piggy! Hope you enjoy your background!
Anyway I would like to nominate my sister because she is so kind to me and so deserves it i love her and I bet you all would to!
If she does not get picked thats fine but at least add her or check out her iggy and give it a thumbs up
Her cp name is gk65 and I hope she gets club penguin of the week!
Waddle on!


I would like to nominate my sister Sphie12678. She's always standing up for what is right. At my school, I get bullied ALOT and whenever she sees me getting bullied, She helps me! Great job Piggy! ~ Cutieice9


I would like to nominate Ken Dodd


I nominate my friend Penguim Rex1


I nominate myself because I throw parties have 499 friends and can't add anyone. I am popular but I want to be POTW SO BADLY please pick me.


I nominate yafela she has an awsome outfit


It think Cc23393 should be penguin of the week cause she is a great penguin friend and she cares about everyone!


I think jakiechanee should totally be penguin of the week


I think fek210 because hes nice kind loves PUFFLES. me too also im nice and kind also I love PUFFLE I have 20!


I believe you should nominate pinc pin. She's so nice, and helps others around the island when they need help.


I think that green slime9 should be penguin of the week ,she is my friend,she is nice,she has a ton of stuff on club penguin, and she is good at doing stuff on club penguin

Hope you pick her bye!


I would recommend cheese0puff


lilsnoopy3 he is soooooo nice


I would like to nominate my best friend paddles335 she has been through a lot of stuff with me and I want to thank her so much and she's very kind and awesome her igloo the best and she can always make me feel better VOTE FOR PADDLES335!!!!


hi! I would love for my best friend Gracieballet to be penguin of the week. She is very nice to citizens, is a tour guide, and always uses good language. Her igloo is awesome!!! Please let her be the penguin of the week.


hi! I would love for my best friend Gracieballet to be penguin of the week. She is very nice to citizens, is a tour guide, and always uses good language. Her igloo is awesome!!! Please let her be the penguin of the week.

olivia 123:

brook xxxxx is amazing!!!!!!! I think she should win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i nominate myself because i help people not be bullied . i am always nice to other ppl


Nice job Piggy76890!


Hi Daffo ;)! I would like to vote Rosytilly because she is a awesome and nice and kind person! She has a AWESOME igloo so awesome that you should see her igloo! Oh and she has just recieved 200,000 igloo likes so if you make her POTW, then that will be double times AWEEEESOME!

Thank you so much for reading this ;) :D!


I think the next penguin of the week should be Brensan,he is helpful and creative and his house is awesome

Have fun


That's sooooo cool

Lovey 214:

I'm nominating my BFF on cp cute jazz she would be great she's so nice and caring anyone would wanna be her frind just like me frind her now cuz she'll frind u back thanks

-lovey 214


I nominate my best friend Arge8!!! He has been playing club penguin for so long and has an amazing outfit and igloo for only being a non member! He always finds fun things to do on club penguin and becomes friends with so many people. Check him out and lets reward him for being an active member of club penguin for so long!!

Waddle On


I want my best friend agent aussie because he always Is nice and
Does a role play just for me and his friends.


I think buddy08873 should be the penguin of the week because he is always nice to anybody anywhere. He is always nice to people no madder how mean they are to him. Also we go to the same school and He helps people bring food for the food bank and helps people that are poor get food. He also made a fundraiser for people with disability just like chetai. He raised money so they can get things that can help them out. He helps them get through the school daily. Please nominate him for POTW! :)


I would like to nominate spark11333 because she is such a great penguin friend and always helps me out! She also tells all the penguins around the island to be nice to everyone. I love you spark!


I think Sydney9923 should have it. She luvs CP. We always hang out on it....... When we're not @ quire, sports, or play rehearsal!!! She works hard 2 b the best, most fashionable, and most trend setting penguin she can b!!! Pick her, she deserves it!!!!


I think my girl Carli3Romona deserves penguin of the week. She tries hard 2 get more iggy likes, and she works 2 make sure her outfit fits her personality. She often enjoys just making up her own outfit theme and luvs CP!! I nominate her!!!!!


I nominate myself for penguin of the week.I am a member and i have lots of puffles.I love meeting new people and playing games.Check out my igloo!I am an EPF agent and a tour guide!I love giving pep talks and I love to help others.


I nominate watermile52. I have known her for a LONG time... She is super nice, really caring, funny, and so much more! she was even nice enough to let me in her house every monday when my parents were working, and I had no place to stay for an hour. Please take her into consideration for the next penguin of the day... Thank you so much clubpenguin!!!


I would like to nominate Piper26824, because she is kind to everyone, loves puffles and cares for them, and always looks out for her friends! Please consider this! Thanks!


I think Lilypad1022 should be penguin of the week she loves to try all different penguin styles from girly penguin to off the charts penguin, GO penguin style diva!!!!


I want to enter my BFF Rahma323 she helps new penguin ,she's makes me laugh and she is a true friend.


Hey CP!!! I have a HUGE request. Please pick my little bro Pippopenguim to be Penguin of the Week!!! He is the best brother anyone could have! Yeah him and I fight, but it's the thought that counts am I right? So if you could make him Penguin of the Week, I will see that cute little 5 year old face staring at me saying " THANK YOU BEA!!!" Byyeeeee and thanksssss!!!!!!

Casper108 :

BTW if u saw this comment little bro, I LOVE YOU FILIPPO!!!!!!! Lol sorry I just love him! P.S He is super nice and tries so hard to fit in. He thinks he's different in a bad way but he's not. BYYYYEEE AND THANKS!!!!


i think i should be penguin of the week my igloo is nice lots of likes. i love puffles and take care of them. I am a member. i love CP.


i think i should be penguin of the week my igloo is nice lots of likes. i love puffles and take care of them. I am a member. i love CP.


Lucks to win!


by the way my penguin name is sonicp813


i know a person his name is thinknoodles hes awsome and really really nice and even a club penguin member and i think he should be penguin of the week


I would like to nominate Rosytilly to be POTW because shes really nice she makes great igloos and she recently got just over 200K oglpp likes and she has one of the most popular groups in CP!


I would like Gabriela6718 to be Penguin of the week she is like a pnother version of Sensei in Card Jitsu she is nice caring and smart #WADDLE ON


I also want Gabriela6718 to be POTW


Hey Penguins! I wanna vote my online friend World9swimin! She is the bestest friend ever! I met her last year when we were playing Mancala. It was so fun and it took ever so long because she was having so many free turns! I thought it would be good if we were friends and we got along so well until she told me all her jokes, pets and almost everything! She sometimes hosts parties but nevertheless it was always fun! She also has an Ellen Degneres show as her iggy! Choose her please


hello my friend ponylove18 she lets me know whats going on and she loves almost every thing new


I would like to nominate Bratz 1. Because she is a very friendly penguin. She is always happy to help out other penguins who are unhappy. Every time Coins for Change comes around she donates all her money and she led some amazing trains in 2013! I hope you choose Bratz 1 as penguin of the week :D

Goonie24 :

I would like to suggest my friend Juaa2 she is kind and fun.

kob02 2:

I would like to recommend kob02. He is my best friend and have played club penguin for 1000 days. I like him so much so i made my name almost like his. Please choose kob02 he would be very proud of me then. Please choose him.


You should pick pantherc for potw! He has awesome party's and is nice to all the the penguins in fact you are all invited to his igloo for a. Party and he hopes to see you all there love

Love, Gabriela6718

Star Member:

I think Neb3 should be penguin of the week because he has been on for a long time and, when i saw him on CP he was helping people out and his igloos are awesome!
Waddle On!


New Puffles! oh this is gonna be awesome


I nominate Melon46199 for being the penguin of the week!
She has been on Club Penguin from the beginning. Plus, she was the one who showed me Club Penguin! :)
She is my #1 BFF! To conclude, congrats to the previous winner for penguin of the week!


Melon46199 is smart, caring and most of all the most friendly person I know!


My friend, Sallybgood09, would probably love to be penguin of the week! She's a great friend. And i know she will always be there for me when i need her.


I would like Lilly 40 for POTW because she's funny and nice and is friends with anyone she sees. She's rare and hilarious and always cheers me up and talks to me when i'm down. When nobody's on she is and makes me laugh and enjoy being on CP. She is one of my best friends on CP and I bet we would be pretty good friends IRL. Even though she looks like a prep, she's really nice and IS NOT a prep. I would love her to be POTW and I bet everyone who meets her would too. Thanks Daffy<3:3 amazing iggy!


Hi I Think Tink2203 should be because she is nice and smart right now she told me her moms getting her a membership today at 8:30 I hope you check the next day her epic igloo. She is very nice and funny I hope you pick her next week for her




I want to nominate magenta wolf she always is super nice and she makes great igloos, she also has great style


I choose magenta wolf she hosts AWESOME parties , she has great style , she is super nice and smart


i think Missyb218 should get the award because she is always helping others and is a penguin who just loves nature!!thanks


I recommend colsie1100 he is a good neighbor and cp player


I nominate my friend Dakota74017 because he is so nice. He also made one awesome igloo. Please check it out and like it. So PLEASE make Dakota74017 next POTW. I beg you.


id like to nominate my friend snowyM1 she has been a very good friend to me ever since i started to play Club Penguin


I think my friend simley25252 should be penguin of the week ,we even started our own band!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH FUN!



I would like to nominate Dakota74017. He is SUPER nice. He told me he has been on CP for 2047 days!!! That is 5.6045 YEARS!!! Please like his iggy. So please nominate him next POTW.


I have a really nice sister she show me club penguin she loves club penguin her room is full of club penguin stuff and she love making vids and she loves people going to her iggy she trys her best her cp name is Izabella 126 hope shes a penguin of the week


I have a really nice sister she show me club penguin she loves club penguin her room is full of club penguin stuff and she love making vids and she loves people going to her iggy she trys her best her cp name is Izabella 126 hope shes a penguin of the week


i nominete papachis hes my uncle hes a 10 year old just like me but hes smart . he loves sports and dose a lot of fundraisers like jump rope for heart or other stuf for the comunity hes the best pal hes some times gets a little angry beacus i cinda know his pasword and kinda get him suspended but thxz


Hello I think my great friend Ghpcheer should be penguin of the week!She is very kind and caring to others! So Please pick her!!!!!! Ghpcheer rocks!


I think you should add 1 week of membership as a prize to penguin of the week. Any ways I like to think about new ideas for Clubpenguin. I always wanted to have membership!


I think my best friend Tine29 should be penguin of the week. She is nice to everyone. One time she stood up for me!!
#Waddle On


I'm going to nominate luckystars7


i would nominate my friend tiglutitton.When ever he visits someones igloo he likes thier igloo no matter how they look.He donated 10,000+coins in the holiday party 2013.He deserves it .He is my BFF.


ithink 54321tfh is

Sabah :

You are my BFF of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


I think that Arandafamily for penguin of week

Snoopy fun:

Sent from my mini iPad- Hi! Cool penguin of the week a saw a few people having a penguin of the week background! The one I saw most was Megatron111's background for penguin of the week until then.... Waddle on!!!!!!

lover of the penguims:

i have a friend who deserves to be penguin of the week Sistergirls4 shes all about the nice shes all about the partys shes all about the igloos shes all about the EVERYTHING


I would like ghpcheer to be penguin of the week,she is nice and very caring to everyone and I think she deserves it #WADDLE ON

Enter nickname:

I love to vote a penguin I met. She is awesome,colorful house and llloooovveess puffles.she is ice cream4647!;)

Noodles Rus:

I would like to nominate my best friend Bigpengui, because she helps me do so much on Club penguin, like she tells me when the parties are, when the back round change and she is like a big sister to me i don't know what i would do on Club penguin if she wasn't there even if i am not a member she gives me some code from her books and other thins. She is a great friend and an awesome sister :).


If I could I would nominate you all because your all supporting your nice friends so I am not going to nominate P.S: Your Friends Sound Great!


I think snowflak101 should be penguin of the week because she donated her tv




Hey Daffo ! I vote Frosty705 to be the Penguin of the Week, because he's funny, he's so cool, and it's my best friend ! He has got a spongebob squarepants igloo ! It's fantastic !
Byyyyyeee !!!

Ari 8:

Hey cp ppl! I got a man who plays in a one man band! His name is slash rock 9. he plays in mexico with is sweet trumpet. Many penguins loves his music and he would like to be the next penguin of the week and get ready for his next stop for his one man band! ARI 8 OUT!! :D

polly whopper:

PIIIIIICCCCCCKKKK Kitkat328 she always throws awesome parties and always is playing cp


please pick me or Roxie3


I'm not to be ronde but I think I sould I love party's and I love my gold piffle roxy she is my best friend and I dont have lots of friends not a lot of people like me I know I have lots of friends on here but that is difrrent people think I am mean and not ment to be I'm not trying to be mean to say I think I would be good but just for once I want to be seen and not to be imsible thanks I hope you understand


I nominate my best buddy Empyboy. He loves puffles and is a great friend!!


I think Jshaw270 should be POTW because she showed me around club penguin when I was new to it.
- Waddle On


I think Jshaw270 should be POTW because because she showed me around Club Penguin when I was new.


Peachyjsj1 is the nicest. Even though she's not a member she's still cool. Although she does hope to become a member again and live on with all of the cool parties held.


Hi! I think it should be me!I just got membership and have been trying hard to make my house shine!Plus I love puffles! I've got three so far!


I would love to be penguin of the week because I've been working on my house for ages and I love puffles plus I can't wait for the new puffles and puffle park!


I think Abbysupersta should be Penguin Of The Week. She is so kind and generous. She gets on Club Penguin whenever she has the time to. She is so nice. Abbysupersta should be Penguin Of The Week.


I think the penguin Matey Ty should get to be penguin of the week! He raised $120 for his school! Isn't that amazing!


I nominate Jet0603 because he is a friendly, easy-going and loving friend/penguin. Jet0603 is also my real life friend and he introduced me to CP. I think without Jet, I wouldn't have found such a great website! Clubpenguin rules and I think everyone deserves to know that :) Jet also is friendly towards others and is a great friend! :)


I nominate prister123 because she has been a great friend and her iggy is the best every time she's on she has a party and a lot of penguins come and plus she has a lot of coins and may I add I think a puffle


Ranii1 should win because she is the best I love her GOSH she is the most powerful girl in the univorse so stop looking and start PICKING it's the best thing to do so if you love club penguin pick Ranii1 now and just to say you"ll love her (:

Popular nae:

I nominate popjck she's really nice and a good friend check out her iggy you'll be crusin for a bruising


I think Comcowich should get penguin of the week because she loves puffels and she is totally awesone


I think Pinkrainbo4 should get penguin of the week because she loves her puffles and is always checking on them and she is a great friend to me! So I think Pinkrainbo4 should get it!!!!!!!


Hi CP! Congrats Piggy! I am soo happy for you!!! I also think that me, Cutiepieleb5, should be penguin of the week! I was here for coins for change, and I really donated all my money to it! Or I hope that my brother Gabel03 can be penguin of the week. He introduced me to CP, and he host super cool parties at his IGGY! Cheak it out!! Thanks, hope you choose either me or Gabel03!!!!


Hi CP! Congrats Piggy! I am soo happy for you!!! I also think that me, Cutiepieleb5, should be penguin of the week! I was here for coins for change, and I really donated all my money to it! Or I hope that my brother Gabel03 can be penguin of the week. He introduced me to CP, and he host super cool parties at his IGGY! Cheak it out!! Thanks, hope you choose either me or Gabel03!!!!


I really think that penguin of the week should be Tally tully because she is always a great friend to everyone, hosts epic iggy parties, and helps out at the pizza shop often! Pllz nominate Tally tullly!

Fetami Moon:

I vote for Ammooni she is my sister and a wonderful CP player she is so kind and never makes problems... I think she has wonderful igloos so it would mean the world to her if she wins the Penguin of the Week.. Until then
-Waddle On!
Please pick her.... ^_^


I think BUNNY7274 should be penguin of the week. She is always so caring to others. And she has an epic iggy


I think Bella 466 should get penguin of the week some time. she is always caring even if it is her puffles. she is a really great friend and there are no words to describe her. She is always looking out for every one. There is no dout in my mind that we will always be friends. she is an amazing BFF. I'm not lying.
btw this is my first comment yay!

cp luver:

I think this penguin called Tally tully should get it because she plays cp like, everyday so lots of penguins know her and whenever she sees a penguin putting the sad emotion she asks them what's wrong and sends them a friend request t make them feel better.


I nominate my best friend Rocky47486 for penguin of the week because she's the nicest person I know. She collects as many puffles as possible and loves club penguin. Her and her friends made paper penguins with outfits, and she drew 9 puffle pictures on her computer. She is a great friend and deserves this.


I think my bestie Tengirl100 should be penguin of the week because, she always cares for her puffles ,and she always decorates her iggy so when its a midevil party her iggy would be decortated with midevil stuff, and she would help me with my stamps ,and ill help her with her stamps ,and she is a AWSOME! person ,and she is the best because i met aunt artic because of her ,she is the bestest friend EVER! :D


I nominate Hoppy0715 my best friend she's super nice and loves animals I never seen a person love animals more then her and she once even drew paintings and put them for sail and gave the money to a animal place so I really hope that she gets picked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Junior will:

I nominate Hoppy0715 because she is really fun and playful she reminds me of the green puffle she also is nice and helpful she helps and lets others play with us all the time!!!!!!!!


I nominate everyone on club penguin because everyone is so awesome!


I think Raijah should be penguin of the week. She is caring, and kind, she might not be a member, but she's a really great friend! We met in the coffee shop one day, and since then, we've been best buds! Raijah is one of the nicest penguins I know! Even better, we see each other all the time on CP! So we keep in touch, PLEASE pick Raijah for penguin of the week! P.S Hi Daffo!


I can't be Penguin Of The Week, because Daffodaily5 does not know who I am.


Hey piggy it's rolopolo8 just wanted to say hey


Hi CP!!! I would be happy to nominate Lavender341 as penguin of the day. She is sooooooo awesome! She is really nice and helps a penguin when they are being put down. Her iggy and style is really cool. I think she is the most amazing ever!! She's sweet and pretty. I really really really REALLY hope she is Penguin of the Day. :):):):)

Lily pad11:

Hiya I would like to nominate my good friend vanessa 9015 because she voluntered to help out kids with cancer by raising money for them she is also very nice and she is never negative that is why I would like to nominate her.

Lily pad11:

Hiya I nominated my friend but spelled her name wrong it is vanessa9015 without a space

Happy girl:

I nominate sarahj1104. She is so helpful and sweet! Her puffles are awesome and so cute. She is always so great to help everyone out and her igloos are where the party is at. She also gets all of her friends to play together after school every day. She has gotten a lot of us to join club penguin and we have so much fun.


dimpa1,pengys2013and pingypongy74 are good give them a chance and I want to see my friends to be penguin of the week.Plz give them a chance.


I nominate my totally awesome BFF frannylynn1 to be penguin of the week here's a list of why she should be it:
1. She donates over 30,000 coins to coins for change..
2. Has a great iggy and great personality
3. She supports me for anything I do and anything on club penguin
4. She is a truly gret person on the inside and out
5. She holds fashion show at her iggy and everyone is included.... Anyone at her iggy can show off there style
6. She has donated some of her hair to charity


I think I should be it because I gave tours to the whole town and all of the servers 2 I ask if any one needs help and I help them and be friends with them I did not cheat to get stuff or coins too I get them from my puffle 3 I love puffles more than PH 4 I like every persons iggy every day my name is samcool2000 and I am not lieing I did these things so I wanna be penguin of the week THANK U P:S friend me chattabox!! I love u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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