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By Daffodaily5 on March 14, 2014 - 09:06


Check out puffle-lover Piggy76890’s iggy! It’s so fun and colourful! I bet her and her fluffy pets host some EPIC parties in there. Can Blossom and I come to the next one? XD

Don’t forget all winners now receive the ace Penguin of the Week background as well as 10,000 coins! So comment below if you know someone on CP who you think is just brill.


-Club Penguin



I would like to nominate a very nice friend of mine and a friend to everyone in Club Penguin! His name is Agua1, and he always loves to go around Club Penguin visiting penguins igloos and helping them in what they need, he also likes to play with penguins like Hide-and seek, also he enjoys meeting new characters, and old ones to (Aunt Arctic specially), he is someone who is a very nice, reliable, and enjoyable person to be around, donated in last years CFC 50K coins! He deserves this prize!


(Congrats to piggy76590 for penguin of the week.) I know i sound selfish but I would like to vote for myself for myself for the next penguin of the week. My igloo is colourful and fun. Me and my puffles host awesome parties that everyone who comes has a blast.

Monkeytt, WADDLE ON


I've been playing for six years now and I've never met penguins like Slippy1471 and Tuby Wild. Tuby Wild has been playing for 4 years now but we can't see each other in real life anymore so we communicate over Club Penguin sooooo THANK YOU CLUB PENGUIN! Slippy1471 is amazing she just got her first membership on her account . Even though I've been playing for six years, I took a break from club penguin for a year and Slippy1471 brought me back on so wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for her!


Hello I am firecool789 I and my society and my society club penguin player wanted to hifi 25 for the penguin of the week because he gives the penguin the knowledge of club penguin and he gives amazing tour to the penguin and tell jokes to the penguin. I am not doing this for my profit I am doing this for the penguin of club penguin who want to see hifi 25 to the penguin of the week.


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