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By Daffodaily5 on April 25, 2014 - 06:58


It's good to be back after a couple of weeks on holiday! Time to get back to celebrating some awesome penguins with Penguin of the Week! :)

This week's POTW is a real collector. Apparently Zoes6 loves collecting things on Club Penguin so much that she's got pretty much all there is to have! She loves collecting stamps, puffles, clothing items, furniture items... you name it, she's got it! Plus she's made so many great friends on CP that she struggles to keep her friends list managed to accommodate new requests. If you see her online any time soon, send her a request and see if there's room on her list for you! ;)

Why not leave a little comment below to congratulate Zoes6? Then you can also leave a nomination for who you think should be the next Penguin of the Week!


-Club Penguin Team



first comment!!!!

congrats zoes6 for your aomplishment on proudly deserving penguin of the week!!!!!!


I think that I deservet




ME TOO!!! i also want to nominate orangy heart. she is so cool and fun. she makes lots of smiley faces on cp. She has 500 friends already or maybe a little less. last time she showed me her friends she had 497. I'm not lying! she has 6 numbers of her coins! only 176 stamps though. and yeah she has been on cp for 6 YEARS!!!!! seriously she is soo kind to me! PS she is my sister so that's how i know
how many stamps and coins she has. oh yeah she is a member. congratulations Zoes6. ORANGY HEART!!!

Pie pink:

I nominate Orangy heart!
She is so cool


OMG THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I want to nominate both of you!! Seriously CP choose one of them. I wish you could choose two so you could do both but I am nominating both because I can't choose between my BFF and my sister...BYE!


Well, i wasn't here for a long time but i have a a lot of clothes ( well not all of them but a lot) and i don't really have many CP toys but i have 31 CP toys is it ok? and i still love CP and im looking forward to the The Future Party if that's the name and im 100% sure it's gonna be awsome! im so excited!

- Waddle On!


Idk who Orangy heart is but she sounds awsome! I will make sure to friend her on Cp and go to her parties!


Cool. I am going to follow her


I nominate Izzy14288 because she is always open to friends and helps others a lot (I was there most of the time) we are best best buddies and she is always nice to me she has tried to make her igloo really awesome(I like her igloo) she gets a lot of likes on her igloo she is an AWESOME FRIEND she has so many puffles in her igloo (I don't know how many are in her backyard, she says " a lot") she told me she has over 300 friends she is responsible and nice. That is why i nominate Izzy14288

Little lily2:

I nominate Pie Pink!because she's lonely and nice and always show a smile
But know one ever notices her:(


hi im uni2014 im sooooooooo and always happy when a penguin of the week shows up!!!! and really love zoes6 igloo its epic!!!


I think Jojo9584 should be penguin of the month. I don't actually play cp, but she told me about it. I don't have an account ye, though.


I made a typo on yet last comment!
I think Jojo9584 should be penguin of the month because she is caring, sweet, a good friend, a fair player, always considering other's feelings , and she would be so happy if she got penguin of the week.


and btw, congrats Zoes6!!!

Ham O Ween:

Congrats Zoes6! You Deserve it!
Waddle On!

Ham O Ween:

P.S. Can't wait for The Spoiler Alert Season 2 Today!!


I think Peyton2534 should be penguin of the week. She love club penguin a lot. She loves everyone's ideas. She loves all puffles even tho she is not a member. She has a lot of friends on her list. In fact she has 166 of them.


Congrats Zoes6. Thank you Everett for that nice comment about me.


I should be penguin of the week because I know to always be nice to everyone,I also break up problems between penguins,and for friends,being a tour giver,I always make friends with new residents of CP.Thanks!


congrats Zoes6

I would like to nominate Fishierock1 for helping me make new friends and for being first i know I'm not the only fan of her so any of the fishierock1 fans KNOW who to vote for


Zoes6 congrats!
May i be POTW or my friend Candybee3?
P.S i know i ask this already but i/ Candy never get to be POTW


Yeah me too and my BFF 05sweety but this is my wish my wish is that both of us could be the POTW and the whole world ( well CP world) and Zoes6 congrats!


Yeah me too and my BFF 05sweety but this is my wish my wish is that both of us could be the POTW and the whole world ( well CP world) and Zoes6 congrats!

Willow cake:

Congrats Zoes6 on earning penguin of the week and I think that Cupcake7476 can earn to penguin of the week,she's super nice.;)


I pick shimmer2568 she's the nicest!!!!!


I nominate my friend Buttercupcat, because she's not only my friend on cp, she's my friend in the real world. She's amazing! She also dosn't take advantage of things like this. She's got a lot of friends and she has the best igloos. Please take my word and nominate Buttercupcat for the next penguin of the week. Take my word. I am very good when it comes to my word. Remember to vote for Buttercupcat.

I am awesome:

I nominate Bla Cold1 he is always open to new friends and loves meeting mascots he is not a very good igloo designer but he has a good sense of fashion and loves new club penguin parties. He's favorite party is the Teen Beach Summer Jam party and has a hard time collecting stamps but is always on a look out for a new pin.

Swamp fire:

wellI aggry But I think he is good at fashion


Dear Daffodaily5,
And congrats zoes6!!!!
I definitely want my sister to be nominated
I would do anything for my big sister since
owe her she helps me a lot . she collects puffles ,furniture,and clothing items
so again Daffodaily5 plz even thought we live in the tri-city not
in the united kingdom anyway again congrats again zoes6!!
Waddle on !!!!!!!!!!

Cool girl540:

CONGRATS, ZOES6!!!!!!!!!!
For the POTW I would like to nominate carriellen. She is awesome and my real life cousin!
It would be awesome if she was POTW because she would be SO surprised!

Cool girl540


Congrats ZOES6!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD LIKE TO NOMINATE PANDA77778!!!!!!!!!!!! She has a AWESOME igloo and puffles. Lots of them, in fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of you should really check out her igloo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cool girl540:

Are winning penguins still getting prize coins and the green Viking helmet?


I think


Welcome back Daffo, glad to hear you had a good holiday!

Huge congratulations to Zoes6, I'm pretty sure I've seen you on the island once or twice before... :-)

I'd like to nominate my fellow penguin buddy, "Marian245" - Marian has been a great friend of mine on the island for quite a while! If you have a concern about anything on the island then Marian is the penguin to look for - we need more penguins like Marian on the island :-)

Waddle On!

Emma :

I think Prtyflowers should win next she's great


Whos prtyflowers


I think sameer06 should

The Shy Guy:

Congratulations Zoes6! You seem like a really nice penguin to chill out with. :)


Hey Congratulations! If you have room for me on your friends list, I'd be happy to be your friend!


I think Rainbowb804 should be POTW!
she's my neighbor and bff and I think she should really get it!
congrats zoes6!

ha ha ha:

I think Bennyo03 should be the next penguin of the week.


I think Daimondbreeze should be the next penguin of the week.




Please foe the next penguin of the week put pinkypen0710 or Elenore2013 PLEASE!!!!!!


Congratulations Zoes6! I would like to nominate Tswift05 she is the best friend you could ever have.She loves to decorate her igloo with everything she has and loves to play not for just the stamps.She plays them for fun. She loves participating in parties and comes on here everyday.


i choose my self because i love cp

Penguin 43:

Hey Daffodaily5!
Congratulations Zoes6!
You really deserve to be Penguin of the Week!
You sound like an amazing penguin!
Enjoy being Penguin of the Week!
Wanna be Friends?
If you do, type "Penguin 43" into your friend list search bar!
I would definatley accept your friend request!
I would be more that happy to have a penguin like you on my friend list!
All this of course, is of your Friend List isn't full!
Congratulations once again Zoes6!

AR-2 Bubbly:

Nice, you seem like a cool penguin. I think Rexstrong (one of my best buddies) should be penguin of the week as well. I'm sure it would mean a lot to him!


Congratulations Zoes6!!!! Im so happy you you made it!:)

And I would like to nominate Frogtoads. He does not play a ton anymore, but I'm pretty sure he would LOVE to be penguin of the week:)
Thank you!


Noobie Pengi:

Congratulations, Zoes6!! You really deserved this nomination. :)

i'd like to nominate Coolkidleah. I can tell she's been on the island for a long time, and she's got a lot of items! she likes to collect pins, and make all sorts of new friends.


I would like to nominate Dojooo (i think that many o's!) I play cops n robbers alot and i met him there. he's a great friend and vey kind to everyone.

Thanks :)




Im not to sher


Congrats! to who coco


Congrats Zoes6! Anyway, I would've nominated myself, but I would think my long time friend Coldnose519 would deserve it as he is a very positive friend, a person to look up to, and a friend that strives to be an amazing person. Hopefully, he would be nominated. And I wish the other penguins good luck! Waddle On!


Congrats Zoes6!!
Imma nominate my (cp) sister Rosytilly!
She's so kind and emotional and famous and kinda makes me famous too
and i always make videos with her shes the BEST!


Congrats! Lucy you! I hope I can be your friend!


Congrats! I'll try and add you if you have some room! You seem like one cool penguin. I nominate Missnadz6789 for being such an amazing friend, virtually and in reality. She is awesome, is friendly to lots of penguins and will stand up for people that are being bullied, and for what she believes in.
Waddle On!


She just got selected for the next penguin of the week

jaja pick:

Well Done Zoes6 for winning Penguin Of The Week! Congratulations!

Waddle On Fellow Penguins!

cool girl:

congrats Zoes6 i would like to nominate Rahma323 to be a penguin of the week she loves puffles ,helps new penguin around the island and she makes me laugh when am sad please make her POTW .
waddle on!


I nominate JulieWhisker because she is sooooooooooo nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is a big collector too, she hosts AWESOME partys and when I say AWESOME I mean like amazingly AWESOME partys!!!!!!!!!!! Her speciality is like hunger games,puffle cove, ship that sunk etc. anyways I think she sould be POTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Waddle on!!!~


Congrats Zoes6!I would like to nominate Scarly Bar because she always is so nice. She always looks for her friends and greets people in a friendly way.Another nomimation is 22Julie2 because partly she's my friend and she's so nice!She greets people so nicely no matter what!I also nominate my self,Caroline0803!


hey congrads!!! I would like to nominate nannybanny 2014 she was my first friend. she is online every day all day and always has on a different outfits and puffles!!!!


i nominate fedodido cause he is great friend,he told me about club penguin and he helped me when i was new at cp.


i nominate totta04 because he is my best friend in cp and in real life


I nominate Fbs124 cuz she is awesome, nice, and is always sendin postcards to peeps. I hope u look into this.



can I be your friend?


There is a guy called Zakapingu hes got over 200 stamps over 90 pins over 500 likes (non-member) and he went on TV twice to fund raise all night!

Gigg man :

I nominate Pzomer as his outfit and igloo is so AWESOME! Also he's a greatful awesome friend, he has nearly every Puffle and a lot of cool items and stuff!


Please pick me next!


You have to have a friend to nominate you


Awesome job Zoes6 if you can please be my friend and good luck with your collections!
I would like to nominate a penguin by the of Austin0628 this penguin has really cool igloos is friends to all is very loyal and has been playing club penguin for 5-6 years he deserves to be POTW.
Good Luck Zoes6 and Austin0628.


hi Bobjones04
you don't know me but i have seen you and Austin0628
you to look like very loyal people so i say good luck and i hope he gets it


Hi I think Flower801 should be penguin of the week because she is allways there for me and when I get stuck she helps me with my school work she is a awesome friend and that's why she should be penguin of the week !!!!!


Congratulations Zoes6 your look cool and your igloo looks cool




I agree I also think that ken q should be next weeks penguin becaus he alsos plays on here last he is really friendly because he always asks about 30 penguins DAILY to be his friend


Congrats Zoe!

I would like to nominate Tech70 as the Penguin of the Week because he is always looking out for all his friends, and just loves this game so much! He is never mean and is always looking for new friends. He always has a brill igloo with around 50,000 likes!! He is one of my best friends on the Island!! Please nominate Tech70


I would like to nominate Bexy102 for POTW! She's rare and she's very funny, I think she deserves it! Her igloo is amazing and it has over 27,000 likes! Please pick my friend Bexy102!


hi I think sophia11082 should be penguin of the week because she is one of the kindest penguins I know so please make her pthw and congratz


I would like to nominate my BPF (best penguin friend) Teddy5012 because he is kind and caring he has also been on CLUB PENGUIN for a very long, time he is very funny and thoughtful, he would be anyone's friend and so I think you should make him the penguin of the week!

Mcflop Flop:

I would like to nominate Cool girl540 to be POTW.
She is so fun, awesome, she is super nice, and helps new penguins when ever they need help.

Mcflop Flop.


I vote my best friend Mariopower51. He is very nice to others and loves to make new friends and collect stamps and pins. He is really friendly! Please vote him for POTW Thanks!


Hi I think lexi904 should be penguin of the week because she awesome, nice and she has an amazing style
zoes6 congratulations you look amazing



I honestly think THINKNOODLES shall be the POTW.honestly i always wanted to be penguin of the week ofcmy birthday-which is August 30th. Rach1000 (me),never has got any award. she is sooooo popular .i woudnt know how to thank yall if THAT happend to me:(. ^_^ waddle on. ~Rach1000~
Enter comments


Congrats Zoes6! Great job! I would like to nominate Teart for POTW. She loves to help new penguins, decorate her igloo, and care for her puffles! She has been on club penguin since 2007 and likes to get other people interested in club penguin, too! She is ace at playing games such as Catching Waves and Pizzatron 3000. She helps other penguins find pins and is the best buddy a penguin could have. So consider Teart for POTW. Waddle on club penguin!


Hi I think Ryannnapup07 should be penguin of the week because she is the best friend any penguin could ever and invites me to her horse farm and teaches me about horses. She has also been on cp for FOUR years!!!!!!!! Ryannna also has a really cool iggy with awesome furniture!! She also has told me about cp and now I love it!!!


I think Fritolay1 Deserves this title. He has every kind of puffle! he has lots of cool clothing designs and is good at card jitsu (he is a water and fire ninja!)!


I nominate Fbs124 cuz she's awesome, sweet, and helps me out A LOT. She's my BFF. She's always sending peeps postcards, making friend requests with anyone, and she's never done anything bad on cp. Hope she gets chosen.



Congrats Zoes6 of being POFT !! You sound like an amazing person and I think u definetly deserve it !
For POTF I would like to nominate Crazycutie08 and Ella Yards. Waddle On !!

walrusman 1 :

i would like to suggest sparklylove4. she is always in style,going to lots of parties and sending LOTS of nice post cards.she can throw some epic parties and is very stylish. she wears some epic outfits and has some awesome igloo designs.she helps people find the pin and gives them fashion tips.she also send TONS of nice post cards to people she knows and doesn't know.
i think sparklylove 4 would make an awesome POTW!
thank you
waddle on,penguins

Grody 06 :

I would like to nominate Pink90884! She is really nice! She is one of my best friends on cp! She is nice to everyone it does not matter who it is if it is non members or members! Also congratulations Zoes6!


CONCRATS!!!! I would like to nominate a penguin. She is Walter788. She is my step-sister in real life and she got me into CP. She has been on CP for a REALLY long time and i think she would love to be POTW! she is always really kind to all the penguins/people around her and she is over all amazing! Anyway, please consider her as PENGUIN OF THE WEEK!!!!!

I Like Pie:

CCB2303 should be POTW because he is a party animal, loves helping new people, and just loves to play with random people on CP and his best friend, james30143, who loves to generally just play CP.


I wanna nominate my very good NEW friend, lillybear216, she came to me when I was sad and alone, she was a great friend, she loves ALL the same things I do, and Is nice to everybody, even if they aren't so nice to her, she LOVES puffles and makes the best igloos I have ever seen, she really likes CP and makes the best of it, and that is why lillybear216 should be penguin of the week!


No one has nominated me before. :( Anyway, I would like to nominate Jacyinthebox. She has been my friend for a really long time. She has met all the mascots, including Sensei, my favorite! She is so friendly! She comes up with the most amazing outfits. Check out her igloo! It is awesome! Please choose her for POTW!



Actually, I think someone HAS nominated me before. I think Shwoomy has. Wait- has she? :-l Nevermind. I would like to nominate Shwoomy, anyways. I have a few other penguins to nominate.



Other nomination: My sister, Cutiepieleb5, and Specialguest. Wait- that was two! :) Bye for now!



I nominate Chuey900 because he is awesome! He loves club penguin and always helps. He doesn't talk much, like me, but when he does he is nice. He is also my friend in real life and sometimes tells me what he wants to say online. He is an agent, tour guide, and awesome pizza maker. I hope he wins.

Waddle on


Congrates Iwill put in the penguin of the week me no just kidding iwill put dany02918 na its. he is thinknoodles nice and help ful


Congrats zoes! Ur iggy is sooo cool! U totally deserve to be penguin of the week!
Btw, plz accept my friend request! I'd really love to be ur friend!

Le ia:

Congrats Zoes6!! It outfit is cool!

Pretty Cat2:

I think Pretty Lool should be the next POTW because she is kind,helpful,very nice friend,trys to help others ,loves to have friends,and is always there to give a sad penguin a smile!! IT WILL BE AWESOME IF YOU GIVE Pretty Lool WHAT SH DESERVES!!!
waddle on cp!!!


How do you become potw? Anyways, congrats zoes6


My friend, Partyhelper, is such a great penguin. She volunteers at the Fisher House a ton. Her name is Partyhelper because she helps people start some awesome parties at their igloo. Her friend list is full and is an animal lover. In November, she earned over 300,000 coins by rescuing puffles! She loves to throw fundraising parties in her igloo and always puts on her Coins for Change shirt and advertises for adopting a shelter pet. Partyhelper is super nice to everyone. Nominate her for POTW!!!

Color man:

Congrats I sent you a friend request and I nominate lulu bee


i would like to nominate my friend favron6
he is always on the go making people in a great mood!!
i really think he deserves penguin of the week!!

waddle on!


I nominate bellafly365 to be penguin of the week because she is always nice helps people with there promblems she is so nice stops fights and so much more super duper nice stuff / why don't u make megg the penguin of the week i mean she makes good videos with the guest ninja and polo field PS Waddle On!!!!!!


to put this congrats Zoes6


congrats! I nominate Dukey3 for potw! He's kind to others loves to collect clothing items, go ice fishing and make new friends!

Mareen Starr:

Good job Zoes6

Dj Penguin70:

nice job! I nominate 1greenking. He is a great and friendly friend and helps all penguins around! He also has a really cool iggy! Please pick him next. P.S. Send me and/or him a friend request


Enter Thomasie123,

He is a awesome penguin he love to play with friends and collect clothing and puffles he is collecting all the puffles that are rare for him the Brown puffle from the expedition and the dino puffles he loves to collect everything and play with his friends!


Yah!!!!!! POTW is back it has been missing for 3 weeks and then 2 weeks before that it was gone for a month and a half!!!!


I wish I am next but congrats!!!!


Congratulations!!! I think Chillyzap should be the next penguin of the week. She si kind, caring and is always happy to see anyone especially her friends and puffles.


congrats Zoes6!

Kk Modi 2:

Congratulations! I think my friend Sajo8 should win next time. PLEASE LET HIM WIN! PLEASE.


Elljo2 because she is rare and mixes outfits and looks really cool! She has a huge heart and helps people in need.


I think my friend Penguinga1 should be POTW because she is so kind and loves collecting everything on club penguin! She can make epic igloos and makes the weirdest costumes aswell! And her friend list is so full too that she doesn't get her friend requests! I think you should make her POTW!
Thanks for reading my comment!
Waddle on!

Fanboy 2000:

HEY HEY HEY!! Aren't you my friend Stobart125? Anyway i'd like to nominate Penguinga1 too! Your right, she makes epic igloos and can make the strangest costumes! And shes an amazing friend! But i don't think she can fit anymore friends on her friends list! LOL!!! I really do think you should make her POTW! She has loads of rare and un-rare items and when a new catalog is released she buys EVERY item in it!!
Please make her POTW! She really deserves it.
Waddle on!!


Congrats Zoe6!!! I would like to nominate my friend Raizey. She always is ready to hav a new, fun adventure around CP. Raizey is also very fun and outgoing, which earns her all the friends she has. She is always welcoming new penguins on the island and helping them find their way around. I couldn't ask for a better buddy!


hey i want to nominate my friend silver ice 4 because she has donated blood over 5 times !! she has got a bunch of stamps and loves checking igloos of her friends for inspiration! and she likes every iggy she visits. her iggy is very amazing itself!


I nominate bouty for penguin of the week because she has got all the club penguin magazines she is a really good friend to me and others caring to everyone helping people know where things are on CP so please make her penguin of the week : )

Bouty 5:

I nominate bouty because she has got an amazing igloo and she is an awesome friend to me and caring to everyone on CP it would make me so happy if you choose bouty for penguin of the week


I vote ariannand because she was my best frend until I moved


Congratulations Zoe's6. :):):)

I think mia246mia should be the next penguin of the week.

Eliza Kate:

Great job!!!!!! Jullian327 would the best for the penguin of the week.

E sunshine2:

Good job zoes!!! Do you think we could be friends?!


Lucky you!i think sofia girl11 should be the next potw she's nice has many friends and likes everyone! Well zoes6 I would love to be your friend
From:penguinie 311

water ball97:

I choose Funboyo , as he is making new friends all the time and going to other languages on club penguin and saying hi.He is nice to everyone I have heard but I have never said hi to him , I have heard other penguins saying hi to him though and Funboyo , add me plz because you are so so so nice!


Energizer50 is not a member but open to adding newbies or anyone who asks her! Her igloo may not be the best but is full of amazing decor. If someone is lost she will lend her/him a flipper add them and give them a tour! She is always the politest penguin I'm friends with. Adopting homeless pookies, giving tours, and just plain handing a flipper. Did I mention she is a EFP agent and helped stop Herbert many times in the past? I would always turn to her for a push in the right path! Pookie12345


Wow! I feel so great inside because either me (or who i doubt even knows about the blog) or her twin sister nominated her! She goes to my school and one of my friends online too! I have been trying to nominate her since the first one! Thank you for doing this Daffo!


I hope I can friend you on club penguin.Are you friends with clubpworld yet.


Great job zoe6!!!!!! And if I could I want to be your friend!!!!!

Enter nickname:

I think Maeve7 should win POTW


I think Squagy Jones Should be penguin of the week. he has played for a long time and has lots of items. He has many puffles. he also has a lot of stamps. he helps me find the pin when I ask him. he likes to look for mascots and get there backrounds. he is also always happy. he loves parties. his favorite was the April fools party of 2012. he is always nice and willing to help out a penguin in need. that is why I think Squagy Jones should be penguin of the week!

Fluff style:

Zoes6 friend fluff style plz


I nominate Isabel327
She is a great buddy we like dressing up with the same clothes though she would be a cat i would be a dog she would be red i would be blue
She loves puffles especilly brown puffles she has a puffle tree house lab for them in her igloo though it is a work in progress
She loves her brown puffle Is,yes his name is Is
She loves collecting club penguin bunny hats like the lavender bunny hat realesed in the puffle party
She is a great friend to know


I nominate Rocky47486 for many reasons. Biggest CP and Puffle lover in the world. She has every single puffle, u name it, she's got it. She drew 9 puffles on her computer(sent a few in CP). She has 6 puffle dolls on her bed. She always makes new friends on CP. She and her friends made paper penguins with outfits. She always writes to Aunt Arctic when she has a good joke. (I know, we're sisters). At the puffle party she was determined to buy EVERYTHING, she did. Hours just go get coins! PLEASE!!


Congratuliations Zoes6 i love your den plz buddy me im Honeycone. Really good look too! If i were to be a muppet i would look excactly like you! Now i think the next penguin of the week should be Ilikechoco11 shes really supportive and sweet. Stay sweet and smart and waddle on!


That's really sweet of you to say that your friend is very nice. Would you like to be my buddy?


Congrats zoes6 your so awesome but I would like to choose ayarock3202 because my new one kept making new friends and new request also I love collecting stamps and up to 40 puffles plus everyone kept liking my new account iggy hope my new one gets it it's Ayarock3202 choose my new one for me!


I nominate Cody14316 for penguin of the week. Congrats, Mate!


Pick Laynedc next. His style and igloo is awesome!


Nice zoes6

Mixi 28:

I nominate my sister Sommfi! She is very good at drawing club penguin fan art and she is very kind. She even donates her old clothes that doesn't fit anymore to charity.


CONGRATS!!!! Zoes6 you r a real inspiration to us CP players! I would like to give a shout-out to hohoho109 my best friend and my BFF jordenh04!!! LOVE U GUYS!


Congrats Zoes6! I hope you are being honored with POTW!

I would like to nominate lolingninga. She is not a member but she always tries to fit in. She has lots of best buddies and loves the themes and parties. She doesn't know that I am nominating her but please, please, please let her be the winner!

And Zoeys6 again, CONGRATS ON BEING POTW!!

BooKitty 24:

Congrats, Zoes6!
You really deserved it! Your style is to die for and I wish I was just like you!
Anywho, congrats and keep you style!


I think BLUEATHON4 should be next because she is nice and kind


i think the next one should be me.I always help people when there lonely.and i also don't yell at people.And i encourage people to do stuff.I really want to be abominated!!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ


How can I be the penguin of the week??


I nominate Cunily!!!


i think ghoust102 should be penguin of the week shes fun caring and a great person


I'm not a member I hope you give me a request to be ma bff and also congratulations I'm so proud of you for winning


I nominate Mario85335 he is SOO nice to me. I'm new to cp and all of these parties are confusing like the muppet party for example,he guided me throughout the whole party! Please pick him got POTW thanks
-waddle on!

Yoni Yang:

Great job zoes6!

Awesome girl:



congrats zoes6 love your outfit and please select Mellisa2346 because she always accepts people to be her friend


hi guys i think my best friend agent P206 should be the next
penguin of the week he is really nice and kind and he has over 450 friends!! plz it would mean so much to him


i think i should be penguin of the week because i love cp and i have been on it for ages i love helping out new penguins and adore puffles it would be a dream if i could be penguin of the week thanks.


i nominate vulaj because she is very nice and loves club penguin she also loves welcoming new penguins and loves helping them out.You can always count on vulaj and she loves puffles and has been on cp for ages
GOOD LUCK !!!! hope you win vulaj


Can I nominate my buddy Lulu8272? She's super kind and always likes to help people out! She's stylish and loves walking her puffles!


I also nominate Bla Cold 1 too


Congrats Zoes6! Please add me as a friend! Hmmmm I think that Mellisa2345 should be Penguin of the week because she always accepts people to be her friend and she has about everything in the Penguin Style! So please make her penguin of the week. Please remember that her penguin is named Mellisa2346. You should even check out her awesome new bear costume! BTW Zoes6's outfit and igloo rock! Anyway please vote for Mellisa2346! Good-bye and Waddle on! :)

Funny boy:

Congrats on winning penguin of the week! I'm so happy for you, now you will be able to show off your new background! :D Also, I tried adding you!

I think Sunfire should be penguin of the week since he's so nice. He's always fun and in a good mood so that's why I think he should win!


congratulations Zoe6 I think you really deserved that award. I would also like to put an nomination in for laila shae we are best friends I told her about club penguin in 2013 and she loved it. we ring up each other every weekend and play club penguin. She loves to design and she can come up with wacky and stylish ideas. She can accomplish so much she can even find SECRETS IN THE CATALOG. laila shae is so awesome she will always think of the positive and share things she hears about please POTW.

ice moon13:

you look so prety and you seem awsom congrats


Answer back plz


Also I'm the person to ask you that



Abi1977 :

Heya! I think my friend Milbo1 'cuz she's super funny! And I would LOVE to see her reaction! She also has an awesome igloo!
btw! Awesome and congrats to Zoes6! [your pink floor is so sparkly!] :D

Purple lover:

Great job Zoes6 on collecting so much stuff and being penguin of the week!!


You should pick Rubie2023 because she is so nice. And she loves adding people and when her list is full she has to delet some people and she feels very bad about. That should be Penguin of the Week!


I have 99 Items in my iggy!!! My iggy is so awesome!!!!!! Can I be penguin of the week? Plz check my iggy! My penguin name is Lorisin and I will be on clubpenguin only on weekends. Plz like my iggy, too. My outfit matches my iggy, too! Think about it plz.


I should friend you on CP, Lorisin! I filled up my iggy once with 99 items too!


Congrats in sure u earned it i have a very important nomination plz make bella50289 POTW she is so generous!!! She is fun to be with has great style loves sports and the funniest coolest nicest person i know in cp.She has always wanted to be POTW so cp team plz plz plz make her POTW it will be great for her and me!!! Waddle on :D

Cool blu:

Plz make bella50289 POTW she loves sending post cards and making people feel great she is a great friend plz make her POTW


This is a super RANDOM comment: Djsjdnxjdbdhxhdjdjdhdhdhdhdjhchfjfjfjfjfjfjfjjffidjdhd hug riding she h HD tggyygghhhuiifirisjd


So random! :P



i think palysia1 should be penguin of the week! she says that when she grows up she wants to work at club penguin studios
she been playing scince around 2009


Cool house


Cool!!Lookin good!!!!:)


i think thinknoodles should be it


plz have cyndi3 be potw


I think theres a typo in yout name Torl

Enter nickname:



Congratz Zoe u deserve it :3. I am here to Nominate my BFF Lilapop2002. She is an epic friend and loves to be insane :p. She is always helping out people online and off. She has a crazy personality and an AMAZING artist she always has awesome iggy designs and a really random outfit. Waddle On!! :D


Herro Cp team. Congratz Zoe U seem like an epic penguin :3. Anyways I am here to nominate my BFF Kairie3457. She is an Fancy friend. She may not look like much on CP but irl she is Awesome. She loves to sing with me and be CRAZY. We make crazy presentations at school and everything. So yeah I would luv to see her name up there and i bet she would too. Waddle On!!! ;D


I nominate turkey kid 1 she's my club penguin friend and I went to her igloo and I was like WOW!


I also nominate ME!


I think JoelCPenguin because he helps penguins and is a part of the club penguin community!


I Think Pinky21115 Should be the penguin of the week she is a very old penguin who joined in 2007 and still is playing. So please pick Pinky21115.


I think Penguin47660 should win she is not a good igloo designer but she loves wearing weird clothes unlocked,bought or digged by her puffles.She collects only rare puffles gold puffles,rainbow puffle,cat puffle and dog puffle but she did not get the Dino puffles hope you pick her she has a lot of friends


I nominate Penguin47660


Congrat zoes6 great job keep up the good work I also think popping candy should be nominated for penguin of the week because she has lots of friends and deserveres to be penguin of the week thanks for reading this .


Congrats Zoes6! ;D
I nominate ilotondo736 . He may not be a great igloo designer but he is a REALLY great puffle care taker and he always wanted to be POTW. He would be EXETREMELY happy if he is the POTW.
P.S. Help him out cuz he wants to to be popular and have the one and only POTW background. :)

Xmas spirt:

Congratulations Zoes6! I think Haryhill should be Penguin Of the Week because she is very nice to all penguins and tells them never to give up!


Congrats, Zoes6!
I would like to nominate Frandisney84. For her school they're having a gold coin donation for people with cancer. She's not a member, but she likes my iggies almost every time she's online whether they're a member iggy or not. She's a great friend in real life and in CP. Why not nominate her as POTW and friend her in CP? PLEASE PICK MY FRIEND!!!


Good job Zoes6 and i will nominate a penguin called pophannah123 add her because she is very nice and she played cp for a long time and collected all goodies and she just turned member for the first time in 5 years! I think she will be the penguin of the week!


I want to nominate Spatty! He is kind and always helping penguins!

Lil Star:

I also want Spatty to Be Lots.

Lil Star :

I mean Potw

sief :

I think fgdff should be penguin of the week he is awesome and rare great friend

Nice pie 1 :

I think that rosytilly should be penguin of the week because she is nice..and is in style :P ..her igloo also hits over 200,000 and below 220,000... Club penguin team plz pick rosy to be penguin of the week and also,congrats to Zoes6..


I think penguin of the week should be me i think because i dress like a kitty cat


I think the next penguin of the week should be IshaBellezDS. IshaBellezDS Collects cool stuff such as Puffles, furnature, igloos and many more. And Congratulations Zoes6.


Hi daffodaily hope you enjoyed your holiday!
Congrats to zoes6 you seem like a cool and nice penguin.
I would like to vote for kulthum she loves collecting items mostly stamps party and any item you really want name it and kulthum probably has it she's also been on club penguin for about 5 years:)!


Can you tip the iceberg? And if you can, then how? I'd really like to know how so me and my penguin friends can do it. So please tell me how?


I want to nominate madimae2004 or bloom32604 for penguin of the week


hey , i think that my best BFF soccernate46 should be penguin of the week because he's aways having fun! and is a very great penguin


Yes my username is Brindyn and I think it should be doobsters next week for POTW

Termi 25nei:

I would like to nominate Nieve4321


Wow! What an honor! Congratulations Zoes6 for your amazingly awesome accomplishment!! Please add me! I hope to see you around Zoe!

- Squishies3

Ninjapro 800:

Congrats zoes you seem so awsome and cool to be with im gonna send a friend request to you!


Congrats Zoes6! I would like to nominate Scarly Bar because she's so nice!! She always looks for her friends and greets them nicely. I would also like to nominate 22julie2 because she is also always so nice!! She greets everybody nicely no matter what. I also nominate my self, Caroline0803!

Anonymous :

I nominate Fbs124 cuz she's sooooooooooooo nice! She's always sending postcards to people, and Is lots of fun to be around. Her outfit is cool too! She always has room on her friends list, in fact, I think she has about 500 friends already! I hope she gets nominated


Congrats zoe6
I would like to nominate cocoa1998 because he has 200 stamps and I admire her pookie skills


Hi I want to congratulate Zoes6 I think she is a really cool penguin she has super cool igloo too and I think the next POTW should be Lil abner the penguin is not a member not a collector but what really makes him special is that he is kind he is fun he is really nice he is helpful too he is a real friend to all penguins even if he does not have all the friends in club penguin but I think he should.

G4mer For3ver:

I think Chefpinky20 should be POTW. She is super nice and hosts AWESOME parties!


Herro everyone! I have a question. Where can you find a dress? Thanks!


I nominate Squshy4512, she is super sweet and NEVER EVER gets mad or grumpy towards any penguin. Please nominate her and she will never give up!! Also, Congrats Zoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I nominate sillywet365 because she loves puffles, she has a lot of stuff in her igloo, and she's really good at playing the games on Club Penguin.

Bobsled boy1:

I think Xman437 should be penguin of the week. Because he is an amazing friend, he helped me on card jitsu water, and he is always ready to get online with me. :)


Congrats Zoes6! I would like to nominate Brady148 for being a good friend and helping others in need. I also have another nomination for Rats181! He is a good friend to everyone
and helps people even though he is not a member.


Great job and I think nick9349 would be a great penguin of the week he helps penguins do things to help them he is nice kind and perfect for this job thanks and waddle on


(1) Good job Zoes6!!! amazing igloo! (2) I would like to nominate two people the 1st one is Adam20222 because he is a great friend and is there for me no matter what! and the other person is Rarity1020 because she friends everyone who wants to be her friend and is nice online and online safety is her number one thing!!


I really think Catstar765 would be a great penguin of the week. She's really nice because I have met her in real life, and she is loyal to her friends.
She's a perfect penguin of the week in my opinion. Waffles! Ps if your listening Catstar, I wanna let you know you ARE a star, to me.


Congratulations Zoes6!!!!!! I would like to nominate Skyeback because she is a great friend on and off CP and she has a great sense of style! She LOVES puffles sooo much!!! And she takes great care of them too! Please make her penguin of the week!


Friends are great so am very proud of Zoes6 it is very cool to be the penguin of the week so I think nick9349.would be a good fit. He never misses a party and loves to help people and his favorite party was the puffles party i hope he wins and good luck nick9349


Congrats, Zoes6, for winning Penguin of the Week! Your outfit is really cool, and so is your igloo! Anyway, I'd like to nominate a good friend of mine, who's always sending postcards to people, she always has room on her friends list for anyone new, she's very nice, sweet, and is always willing to help anyone out! (That's how she is in real life, too!) Her Club Penguin user name is Fbs124. I hope the Club Penguin Team will look into my thought. Congrats again, Zoes6!

Waddle On!



Congrats Zoes6 !
I nominate Sunshine7240. she's super sweet and loves making new friends and her igloo rocks. she will be a great POTW!

Zoes6 :


Enter nickname:

Zoe6!! What does it feel like?


I nominate Izzie628 because she is a helpful tour guide, has a cool igloo and is super fun!!!!!!!!


Well done to me it was really hard to get that Penguin Of The Week!!!!!!!!

I wil be nominating Me Kiwi as Penguin Of The Week because she is there is always there for me and helps me fined stamps.

Marissa 22:

How do you be penguin of the week

Enter nickname:



I think Adame Sandle should be Penguin of The Week because he has 500+ friends. He just wants to be a friend to everyone. He really wants EVERY penguin on Club Penguin to be his friend Adame Sandle is half way there to having every penguin on Club Penguin to be his friend. Adame Sandle has a big,careing heart. Daffodaily5 please friend Adame Sandle and any one else who sees this comment please friend him. I'm helping him reach his goal.Good Luck Adame Sandle and Zoes6!!!!!


Tutorial guy he is nice and does tutorials


Np Zoes6! Anyways i REALLY want to be the penguin of the day :( and nobody picks me
And I'm always acting! Here are some facts about me on cp i have a lot of friends,I'm always acting "i think i told u that already"
Go to people's igloos for some fun,and sometimes if ur there.. I will send a message to you guys if they are to quick to report.
That is most of my life on cp! And Evangpenguin should be the penguin of the day! Bye!


Good work Zoes6. I know who you should add next.You should add Noerbert. He is a great friend to me and is a huge fan of the game.Whenever he gets home from he just starts playing for ass long as he can.And trust me,he will be great for penguin of the week.


zoes6 you are so cool for wining the penguin of the week and cool igloo.


Go check me out I think I deserved it because I just want to have fun


Can I be the penguin of the week, trust me, I haven't been banded ever, Plus I have ALL THE STAMPS TO THE CARD GAME AT THE DOJO!!!!!!!!!


I nominate my Friend Yellopenpen Because She loves Cp and She have a 1 Pink Puffle Toy and She is always accepting Friend Request Now she have 365 Friends.She always Love your Amazing and Beautiful Parties She always enjoys the Parties and Postcards

Nyan cats:

I HAVE to say Emilyso she is too cool and when we see each other it is so FUN so that's why I want Emilyso to be POTW.


well I would say that my best friend sallyseven should be penguin of the week for next week and she is a great friend she cant wait to see the Avengers 2 party if there is she loves to play club penguin all the time she calls me to play cp and I say HECK YEAH and we always team up and love to play new games that we think of so I think sallyseven shall be penguin of the week


Well done Zoes6! I would really like to nominate Analise3 for POTW. She has loads of great friends (including myself) and is always helping somebody!


Congratulations zoes6 I think you are really neat.
The penguin to hang out all the time is Bennyo03 he has seventeen puffles great and rare igloos and has the biggest clothing selection.
Bennyo03 is beyond the best penguin.

cat person:

I nominate Bear1721 cause she's an epic friend and she brings fun wherever she goes. she also has a super cool igloo and. she loves all puffles. she always donates to coins for change (the max amount) she's an all round super cool penguin to have as a BFF


Well I really think Rubygirl126 should get the penguin of the week because when a new penguin comes she always greets them and gives them a tour around CP... Like me when I first started CP! So I think Rubygirl126 should get it please!!!

#Waddle on!


The penguin who said Zoes6 how does it feel like was me.


Please can someone nominate me? I have never been nominated before :(


If you really want to be nominated I'll help you :), I vote for you , "Bellabingdoo".
I still hope my friends are going to nominate me , though :D
Good luck to every one!


You sound so nice!!!!!!!Could you add me?I can't wait to see your igloo!!!


I nominate Flappers Mae she one of my best friends.I thought one of my favorite stamp of hers is seeing Rookie.


Congrats! Nominate me because my penguin is almost 2000 days old!


Clubpenguin Team how do you get on the penguin of the week list?



I believe Map01 should be penguin of the week. She LOVES collecting stamps and of course puffles! She NEVER turns down a friend request and is always there to cheer anyone up if they are down. She is always participating in activities, joining bands at the lighthouse, and she even has special teams of agents that protect the island.




I'd like to nominate Chachababy1 because she is a great friend and was my pookie more then twice! Once even my wista! She is very kind! Once when I tried to make a holloween music video, she came to my iggy and wanted to play! I told her after, and we played after the video ( the video got erased though! :( . Oh well)! I hope she wins! BTW I hope is win one day! I have kept my iggy the same way so that way you could come check it out and like it and see if its a winner!! - Lorisin


I would like to nominate bellabingdoo because she is lonely and wants to be nominated!


I would like to nominate Pampapapam because she is caring and nice and so sweet and not that many people know her but I do and she is the kindest person in CP!! And I know that is a true FACT!!!


pick winter9641, ibbysue, or lillybear216, they are amazing friends, thanks guys! pick one of them! PLEASE!


I should be penguin of the week because I will the world a better place if someone is bullied I will report them or help them.I have so many likes in my iggle and I have a rainbow puffle.Thanks M1nty1


I think mellisa2346 should be it because she's very nice. Thx and waddle on!


i nominate Thinknoodles because he's so awesome!


Daffodaily one question how do you become penguin of the week do you need to Singh up or something?


i like to give POTW to PookieBrook lol she's a pookie she loves to act, but shes new to CP i would like to surprise her, and she always goes online, not really always, but shes gonna be online recently (after doing homework) okay so CP please make her the next POTW she always wanted to be one and she's kind, she's like only... 2 days old but i would like to nominate myself too...

PS. She is not that rare, but anyway, are you still giving POTW backgrounds and Green Viking Helmets?


I think Dimond604 should be penguin of the week shes kind she has all the puffles alot of freinds she has been on for years she has cool igloo partys and she always gets evrything in cp well if ur looking for penguin of the week u found the right girl



Congrats Zoes6! I think Ilikechoco11 should be penguin of the week. She is so kind and nice even in real life! She has alot of clothes. She has so many great jokes and is always donating coins and has a great sense of humor! :)


I nominate all the cp team you r the best guys

Cherry horse:

I nominate Pikachuzzy because she is the kindest friend ever. She helps people when they are upset. When I met her i was really upset because my BFF was mean to me so she cheered me up. She designs the best igloos ever and loves puffles . She makes me laugh a lot and she makes me feel happy so that's why I nominate her.

Enter nickname:

Congrats on penguin of the month!


Hi all club penguin people i think that yolo me 1000 should be penguin of the week becuase she has been a member for four months has so much cp merchandise and also gives 100 000 coins every coins for change and shes just so nice :) she also has an amazing igloo and has all the puffles so please chose her she is totally amazing and really deserves it. Thankyou :)


congrats!!! i hope i get to meet you. I bet ur really nice to people! bye!!!!1!!!!!!!1

from redbird2004:

hi u may know me from 2012 puffle partay but............ i need to get on POTW cuz i have dino puffle purple puffles you name it and..........i got a AWESOME IGGY i have rare iggys and i wish you will get my comment and WADDLE ON XD


btw iRLLY WANT TO GO ON POTW PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ LET ME!!!!!(p.s. i got all the puffles ALL OF THEM


Hi Daffodaily5,
I would like to have Watermelony8 be a penguin of the week because even though she doesn't play a lot of CP she is still a wonderful penguin and has amazing ideas for her igloo or her "lair". If you are looking for a penguin who is a very old penguin she seems to be the oldest I know. Watermelony8 is very imaginative and fun. If you don't think she would penguin of the week, that's ok with me though I think she deserves to be penguin of the week.


Coldyicy18 is my nominee because he is always busy touring new penguins at the town and plaza :)

Mango Man348:

I think the Penguin of the week should be Jtng!!

Mango Man348:

I think I should be The penguin of the week because I have 293 friends and I could still be your friend plus I collect lots and lots of items and I got a cool igloo,and I can't wait for all of the new parties, so I really want to be The penguin of the Week please because Im a very good friend,so for the last time,I want to be The Penguin Of The Week.From:Mango Man348!WADDLE ON!!=)


congragulations zoe so nice of you

Shaun 65793:

I'd like 2 nominate a few ole' (2007-2008) penguins 4 POTD. Let's C, there's Brobeedude Sarah75652 Kawalski095 Rico9611 Murdoch5208 Letlet 433 Penguin Lolsxx4 Rosytilly Ratoiue and last, but not least, ME! (Shaun 65793)
THANKS & WADDLE ON! (If U wanna know how I find these old "beta" penguins, I find penguins with old outfits and igloos that R old+awesome. Then I check that penguins stamp book and go to pins. If I find old pins, like 2006-2008, then that penguin's an old beta.)

Rockin emily:

I nominate Weeux because he stood up to someone who was mean and he is so kind and I would be so sad to not have him on club penguin!PLEASE choose Weeux!


Hi! I'd like to vote for Buiciuc because I think he deserves this title.He is an very old and loyal player and he recently re-newed his membership because he loves playing Club Penguin. I'd like to say that he is an extremely good Card-Jitsu player. He has over 200 cards and he wins most of the matches he plays. I also like the stories he invents about his penguin (his Card-Jitsu journey , his EPF agent title , etc).
I hope Buiciuc is going to win this time!


I nomanate snowballicy2! She is soooo nice and cares for ALL 20 of her puffles. She has rockin outfits and parties too. On top of all she is a great penguin please nomante her. Congrats zoe as well!


I will nominate medy45 she loves club penguin and she is friendly also she is my buddy




How do u nominate someone?
I ALWAYS wonder that how is that suppose to be...
Anyway, congrats to zoes6!!


I think you should nominate Private257. He is a true friend and he pretends to be a lot of things like a waiter, swaggy penguin, puffle, sometimes pookie and more! He has been online for about 4 years and his igloos R-O-C-Ks! he also has a very good sense of fashion.

millner 7:

I think that Pet T should be the next penguin of the week


I nominate Emski24 she has a epic igloo! and she is a really great friend on cp and real life Please, i have been trying to get her this for ages!


Congrats!!!! You look great!! Are you a member??


Can you add me???


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