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By Polo Field on May 28, 2014 - 08:55
Looking for more times to hang out with good ol' Gary? 

Well here's even more times to meet our favorite gadget guy:
Thursday, May 29
 * 8:15am on the server Jack Frost
 * 9:30am on the server Fog
 * 11:00am on the server Iceland
 * 1:00pm on the server Iceland
Friday, May 30
 * 5:00pm on the server Fog
Saturday, May 31
 * 1:30pm on the server Iceland
Sunday, June 1
 * 8:15am on the server Jack Frost
 * 11:00am on the server Mammoth
 * 1:00pm on the server Mammoth
 * 2:00pm on the server Crystal
Monday, June 2
 * 8:15am on the server Fog
 * 11:00am on the server Sled
 * 1:00pm on the server Sled
 * 5:30pm on the server Cozy
Tuesday, June 3
 * 8:15am on the server Jack Frost
 * 11:00am on the server Frosty
 * 1:00pm on the server Frosty
 * 3:15pm on the server Jack Frost
Wednesday, June 4
 * 8:15am on the server Jack Frost
 * 11:00am on the server Mittens
 * 1:00pm on the server Mittens
 * 3:15pm on the server Jack Frost 
Remember! The times listed above are in Penguin Standard Time. (If you don't remember what Penguin Standard Time is, you can check the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts.)
Waddle On,
-Club Penguin Team



Mistake, On Post. (Sat May 24) should be (Sat May 31),


Good catch! Wanted to make sure you were all paying attention haha :P


yeah nice caught there. Your right Megg always paying attention :-)

Enter nickname:

Where is the Jack Frost?


LOL! Hey Megg! You are my faveroit penguin! =D


LOL, I am your Proofreader. Naught Megg should proof read her work :), Also Gary only stayed on the Server Slushy today for 15mins :( Why,

Please reply Megg, Polo or any other mod



where can i find Gary at these times on the servers? because i can't find Gary the Gadget guy

Enter nickname:

thanks for the times i can meet Gary but i can't find him anywhere where can he be in the future or in 2014?:(


I met gary and you should to because you can get a stamp and awesome backgrounds


lol good one.


Why won't it let me FRIEND gary? I am in the room with him, but I can't friend him! It wouldn't let me click on the FRIEND button it isn't working for anyone!


When can I meet Gary what time can it be?


You see, the times they put up are penguin time. Penguin time clocks are located in the snow forts. Look at that clock and all you worries will be gone! :)


The times are listed above. The times are in Penguin Standard Time. Check the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts or convert that to your time.


Just look at the bottom of the picture and see what date what time and what server it will be remember to go to the snow forts and see what timw it is.


What room will you be in Gary? I have a hard time finding any special penguins. Does anybody know?


Gary is on computer, whatever penguin time they said, and server. Gary will DEFIANTLY come to the computer snow forts. The time machine is there so he'll come to the computer snow forts for sure. If you think I don't know for sure... :o, anyway, I met him there on computer. You can trust me. Don't worry if the room is full, keep trying. If you can't get in, the town on computer and space zoo on computer are great! Make sure your in the FUTURE part of computer CP.


When ever I meet a special penguin I stay in the room I get loged in to ( and yes it dose get boring but it is worth it!) and if you do not have the stamp for being in the same room with them then just listen for the ding ( the sound you hear when you get a stamp for the first time) and when it gets close to the time he is supposed to leave ( about 30 minutes ) then you change rooms ( I usually do it in the last 5 minutes if I have not seen hem yet ).


* continued from last comment*
He usually starts in snow forts so get there EARLY! I am not kidding that place fills up fast ( I usually get on 30 minutes early it is a long wait but I met him last time) and all the other special penguins to ( cadence, Herbert , Sensei ect.)


me two i having a hard time finding Gary i don't know where he's at he might be in the future or in 2014 because i don't know?


I know! It is very difficult to find mascots but they usually try to go everywhere! Though I do not know and have not met Gary, I would highly suggest searching the Snow Forts and Future!


Here are a few tips! 1. Don't enter a crowded room because Mascots visit several places and if that place is too full he can't get in. If a place is full and 3 minutes later it's not,don't go there! Gary or the Mascot) likely has already left! 2. Whatever you do be sure to add Gary! If there is a crowd,just try to find him and DON'T crowd around him or you won't be able to see him! You can wait for the crowd to move. 3. Do not turn Gary's color because then he'll be harder to recognize!

Jaylin h 04:

I'm missing my puffle


you can find him in space forts.


He always first appears in the snow forts.....for this party anyway


I think that Gary 3000 will be most likely at the future EPF and the future snowforts. Good luck!


If you meet Gary on the island, Make sure you ADD him as a friend, OK?




Ha! Yeah make sure you do. I once met G Billy on a random server and I didn't know that he was famous until I clicked on him (it was hard cause everyone was crowding him). I said "Oh! A background. He's a famous penguin." I got his background and hit X. He walked into the Night Club. Then I realized I didn't add him as a friend. When I tried walking into the NC, it was full. MORAL OF THE STORY: Add the penguin first.

Penguin 43:

Hey Polo Field!
Thanks for more Gary Meet-Up Times!
They are very helpful!
I have already met Gary though!
I will be at some of the Gary Meet-Ups to help penguins who haven't met Gary to meet Gary!
Good Luck with meeting Gary everyone!


That's awesome!! Glad to have penguins like you in our community :)


Ya! He should be penguin of the week or something! How about having his totally nice comment in the next spoiler alert? I love nice penguins that are helpful and show respect! :)


i have not met garry! please add the background! oh please!


Me too i have already met gary i have met all except Sensei!


Thank you!


Exactly WHERE on the server do you meet him?


I do believe May 24th is supposed to read May 31st. :-)


I do believe you are correct :P


I do believe you are correct about me being correct! :P


I do believe you are correct about me being correct about you being correct!


Lets take a break and have some coffee guys!

Waddle On!


HAHA! Megg, you are so funny! And so is the rest of the Club Penguin team! Good job guys and gals!

Kiki 92000:

Holla Megg, I know this is unrelated to this post but, what happened to the Spoiler Alert?

-Kiki 92000
P.S.: I do believe you are correct about Trainman1405 being correct about you being correct about Trainman1405 being correct! :P


To many Corrects, :) #TrainmanVSMegg word takeover confirmed (LOL)


i just want to see how far or short these things can get


I believe you are correct about him being correct about you being correct!!! LOL!!!
(this could go on forever...)


I met Gary and it was awesome!
We met in the future town and he took us on a tour.
Oh and by the way, here's a tip for all you who want 2 meet Gary:
Do not fill a room, if you do, Gary can't get in!
When I met Gary, on Tues 27 8:15 PST?, the future snow forts was full and this ment Gary couldn't get in
So about 30 Penguins missed out on missing Gary that day!



I remember that.I was there and it was not nice i was frantically searching and then bam i met him and 1 minute later he left

Aleesa 5721:

Hi,my name aleesa 5721..I think it very fun..i want friend with you..

Mr Brainy:

What does on server northern lights mean?

Mr Brainy:

Hi Megg you're I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN by the way I posted this letter on 11:00
May 28 what does on server Northern Lights or Rainbow Mean do
I have to meet Gary at town or the puffle hotel there's no place rainbow here on club penguin
Or northern lights where are the new places?
-Mr Brainy


Northern lights and rainbow are servers
You can select a server when you first log in
If the server you want is not seen, you an click the sticky note that says more servers click here
Don't worry! More servers will pop up, and most likely they wont be the ones you want
You can click the scroll down arrow om the right for more options.
Click the server you want once you see it
Hopes this helps Mr Brainy!!
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D


Great advice Kalyssa3! It is awesome to see penguins helping each other out. Keep up the great work!

- The Club Penguin Team

Mr Brainy:

I wish I wanna see the future it's going to be cool
and I want Gary to be my friend :P
-Mr Brainy


They have an unlimited friends list so you can have him your friend. But the button is ONLY available when you first click his player card, so BE CAREFUL and waddle on!! :) :) :)


PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS COMMENT! Its awesome meeting Gary but i want to see Cadence rock out on stage again! I wish that music jam came back because it was a day that everyone celebrated about the different types of music. So, please PLEASE bring back my favorite party of all time. Waddle on! - greenagrena


Math problem: How many meet ups does a mascot need? Well let's see... We need times available to make for all around where ever CP is played, so that would be... 100, no,no, 1,000? Nah, 2,000? Maybe... WAIT! I've got it! Mascots need 3 hundred million meet ups. ;)


Gary Rocks!!

Lovely0406 :

On June the fourth it's my birthday(:


When are there going to be more waddle on episodes?


Hi Megg can you tell me what server to use to see gary today wednesday


I think having a penguin blog is real cool


Megg what's ur favourite colour? Waddle on,


Hi! Why dose INTURUPPTING PUFFEL!!!....never mind :)


Hi meg! Omg my friends got so annoyed by me today! I started whistling the song that plays when you go to the town! It's catchy! Help! I need to get it outa my head INTURUPPTING PUFFLE!!! Waddle on !


Haha, that's awesome! I sometimes find myself humming the tune in the Dance Club. It's too bad I can't hum myself dancing along with it, haha. Waddle on!

- The Club Penguin Team

Lillie Belle:

I really want to meet and friend Gary! I want to friend you too Club Penguin Team! What are your usernames? Thanks!
-Lillie Belle

Kiki Iceburg:

Is it true there is going to be a frozen takeover? Just Curios :P <3


when we had the Medieval party i got his stamp lol e.e

Puffle lover:

But Gary stated he had to stay in 2014 to keep the portal open and the background states it is Gary 3000 but is supposedly Gary who was preserved for 2 millenniums and if anyone can make sense of what I'm saying congratulations you can fluently speak gibberish.


How do I get on a server and who is Gary??


YAY! Thank you CP!!!!! :)


This is about the meteor minigame, sometimes when we destroy the giant meteor 2 or 3 times the pieces freeze.

Mr Mario5:

I helped my best friend in Club Penguin and in real life meet Gary!




About the dojo where the shadow part of it and what it with the mountain with the cave that you can in the back of the ski hill and one of the fire cards has a shadow ninja in it. Pls tell me......


yay! now I can meet him again! another reason I am happy is because some people didn't get to meet Gary and now they have another chance! thanks Club Penguin Team! I also have a question. you know the PSA missions, will they ever come back? or is that page in our stamp book a waste? some new penguins must be wondering how to get those medals. I do really wish they would come back. they were really fun! even though the PSA is taken down and now it is the EPF, we should still have missions. thanks


I also have another question. in our stamp book there are stamps for meeting a mascot. there is a stamp for every main mascot except JPG (which is Jet Pack Guy). will we get to meet him. I think it could be cool. he could come to a party that has something to do with flying. like, why not we have a jet pack party? or a plane party? I would like a reply. thanks!


It would be pretty awesome to meet up with Jet Pack Guy! A Jetpack Party would be rad! I haven't seen JPG waddling around the island yet, but you just never know what might happen on Club Penguin. Be sure to keep an eye out and your flippers at the ready! An EPF Agent can never be too prepared.

- The Club Penguin Team


I think no one has seen JPG (except the EPF) because he is usually in the sky. right? he must be looking out for Herbert P. Bear. can't we help him out? than maybe JPG could have a break flying around in the sky. again, I would like a reply. thanks!


I cant wait to meet gary!!!!!! (>_<)

Heidi cool:

Megg, i have a question.


In The Future, Where Is The Dojo,Iceberg,and mine?


maybe the meteors destroyed them. but I am very disappointed that they weren't there.


WHYYYYYYY!!!!???? SENSEI SHOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING!!! (also, by then no that no now no... I dunno by then the shadow element could stop the bad guys and meteors!!!


well, Sensei can't always save the day. he is not a superhero. he is a normal penguin like us. he does have some amazing skills. not even Sensei's students can save the island. Gary 3000 asked us to come to the future because they needed more help.


Nice to meet you gery i never soe you thanks for coming in the futchur party

Enter nickname:

U r cool man!!!!!!!!!


I have a joke!

Q: what time is it when an elephant sites on the fence?

A: time to fix the fence!

Clary fray:

I have not met Gary yet but I'm planning to so so so so so so so so so so so SICK!!!! :-(


I am so exited to meet Gary! Normally I can't go on CP because I have school and schoolwork, but NOW I can go on it when the mascots are on CP! Thanks CP for having Gary on for a couple more days!


Thats super cool.

Chilly Md:

Best scientist ever!


i last night just go in a random server and i meet gary!!!!!

snowman blue:

Hey guys!
I just defeated Protobot!
It was so easy!
Thanks for this Club Penguin, the number one game/
Waddle On!!!!


can you make my penguin app for andriod and make dragon ball z party


Wow I am so excited!


Hey There! I'm from the Philipines and i got a hard time of finding Gary because we have different timezones and i'm having a hard time knowing what is the PST time on club penguin like today i am on the right time i was online on 1:05 on my timezone but when i log in on CP it was a different timezone i really want to meet some of the mascots but im having a really hard time knowing what time is on CP.

Nicky Nicky 9 doors:

Where do I have to look to see him?


I'm so happy that the club penguin team actually interact with people in the game and in the comments because no other people are like that! Ps. The new pokemon games are coming out in October and I was wondering did anyone on the team play pokemon? Because (other than club penguin,of course) it's the best game EVER!


OMG OMG OMG!!! I JUST GOT MY 99th FRIEND!!! I take friends very seriously and don't just randomly send friend friend requests to penguins so that why it's taken me 4 years and 6 months to get this many friends! Whoever my one hundredth friend will be is very special so I'll have to choose wisely!


I need Gary, but I found him at the Medieval Party, and I forget to friend and giveaway.
It was awesome that he is coming his home, what does Conan O' Brien just said.
Hey, watch Conan O' Brien. Conan is funny.


I MET GARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THX MEGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Where is the best place to meet Gary Polo field? I could never find PH.


you should bring back dionopuffles i have not gor one yet


Keep your flippers crossed, penguin pal! Hopefully they'll return in the future... err, the past?... well, sometime soon!

- The Club Penguin Team


I found Gary!


i really want dino puffles to came back for all the people who didn't get a chance such as me : p
they are adoreablle


:D thanks for these i met gary twice in the same day and he is very intresting P.s. protobot was too easy to beat :P


I'm going to try to make it


Thank you for the Meet Up Times! I'm planning on meeting Gary and becoming his friend and getting the background. Afterwards I plan on helping others that have not met him because I want everyone to get the chance to meet Gary! Good luck meeting Gary everyone!


I've been waiting to meet him.
Garry, my iggi.
- Tiffanyf
PS Party at my iggi


Hey, I'm new!
Who's Garry?


Just the islands most brilliant inventor! That is, once he invents the 3000th version of whatever he is inventing, haha.

- The Club Penguin Team


Hey polo after the party will the protobot ever come back i need to know! (this is a question for the spoil alert)


I do believe you are correct


I do believe that you are correct Megg about being correct about Trainman being correct about you being correct about Trainman being correct on the date. Phew! ran out of breath!

Needless to say, cant wait to meet him again!

Say hi to him from Ravenzilla for me!

Waddle on!


Umm I wanted to know if u could go if u had a ipad

Pinky sister:



is the time in cp or uk or malaysia?
plz comment megg!


what do you get from gary when you friend him?


You will get a background and the chance to be in the same room as him. If you ask him a question, he may or may not respond.

Friend me @ Kowlski2 for more advice on meet ups, secrets, and more. Send me an EPF postcard and a Long Time No See postcard plz so I know why ur friending me. I am always a teal penguin with blond elf hair.


This is you friend anabear I think this year we should have a ice cream day on june


I want to know if chattabox will be online soon.


Luckily I already met him at a previous party and friended him so I can get the new background without meeting him. :)


cant find him


Thanks for the times! Gary is one of the few famous penguins I haven't met. Hope to meet him! I also hope other penguins get to see him too!
Waddle on!


Is this western or eastern time?? Or cp time ?

cats rule:

The time's wrong club penguin's 3 hours behind regular time.


Not Central time, it's in CP time... (look at the clock in the snow fort...)


PST is pacific time. If you are not in the pacific time zone, then it's incorrect to you but not the pacific ppl.


A badge!


''that is so awesome who planed that party it was a blast'' ........ i had a blast love the future party

mr water5:

Hi! CP team
I have 2 questions
Q1. Who is Gary and Gary3000 (Difference between them)
Q2.HOw to get the Gary Backgrouns....
-Mr Mater5


I can answer your questions. Gary3000 is Gary in the future, but Gary is today's Gary. Number two, you must meet Gary in order to get his background. Find a meet up time that works for u, but get there early so the server isn't full. I saw that he always starts at the snow forts. Once he gets there, try clicking on him. (This is very hard bc it's very likely that he will have a huge group surrounding him) When you can, click the box thing. It's a Gary background gift. >Kowlski2<


i met Gary today! but he didnt add me, so please tell him to add me!-pingo88521

Jax Puffer:

Where do u meet Gary in the future or in 2014? Reply now when u get this


From what I hear, he starts at 2014 snow forts. I would only guess that they go to the future bc the snow forts has the portal.

Friend me @ Kowliski2 for more advice on CP meet ups, secrets, and more. Send me an EPF postcard and a Long Time No See postcard plz so I know why ur friending me. I am a penguin who is always teal and has blond elf hair.


hank you so much CP Team y'all are so helpful in so many ways! Meg and Tunekitten ROCK!! You two are my fav!!#WADDLEON


Sorry typo in my last message Thanks i meant thanks!!

Einstien Mc2:

Thank you! I just met Gary. This is supeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerb.


I saw Gary on Abominable a few minutes ago but his visit was not on the list. Why is that so?




Gary is my FAVORITE mascot. I would go, but I have already met him 2 or 3 times. I don't think it's fair that I take up a spot on the server when there are penguins who rly wanna meet him. So I don't think I'll be going to the Gary meet ups any more


Megg, does your penguin have a "mascot card"? like gary? or cadence or PH or... Aunt Arctic? or............... YOU GET THE POINT

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