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By Daffodaily5 on May 23, 2014 - 03:48


This week's winner of Penguin of the Week goes to Master Flap! Not only is this penguin friendly to everyone he meets, but he's also super helpful. This goes hand in hand with the fact that he gives such great tours to new players on Club Penguin. Well done for being an awesome penguin :)

The Penguin of the Week background will be added to Master Flap's inventory along with 10,000 coins! If you have someone in mind for Penguin of the Week, don’t forget to send me your nominations by commenting below.


-Club Penguin Team



I nominate my best friend mater74 he is very nice to me and he helps with hard stuff everyone thinks he is a nice friend .He does nice things to people .Also we like to do lots of games.He is very creative.So please choose Mater74 for Penguin of the week.


I nominate Dangmoo, she was new on Cp, I showed her around, and she was very happy that I Helped her feel nice, and someone, in the world of CP, she is very nice. I also nominate, Twinklebling, she is awesome super friendly, and I remember once, she did a only non-member party because, she felt like, non-members need a chance, to shine, to be, themselves, and to show that non--members can be AWESOME, both of them are awesome. And my last nominee, is, kool0, she stood up for mean, she is great!


those are great friends of yours Thecatclub your an awesome friend too for nominating them!


I think Mia12734 should be the next CP of the week.


I think that gifeltegirl should be the next penguin of the week because she is a great friend/relative. She LOVES helping others, LOVES making new friends, she also LOVES to show others around the island and on the actual earth. And, another thing that's great about her is that she tries to help with the earth ( being green)and azillion other things.


I think Emma77156 should be penguin of the week she Is nice and funny plz do


oh, thanks Thecatclub, I think anyone could be chosen, and it should be someone who did something AWESOME! I can't wait to see who the next penguin of the week is!


Mia12734 should be the next CP of the week.


Dangmoo is right, Thecatclub is awesome, she even does a charity for homeless cats, she is AWESOME, she had a party, and she said all welcome, she loves to help people, she welcomes everyone new on the island, and she ALWAYS helps try to tip the iceberg! she is a AWESOME penguin, and I really think she should win!
WOO HOO! give a shout out to Thecatclub! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mia12734 Has every puffle except the cat and dog. She loves to collect everything.


I think golden boy3 should be it.he is nice and kind and helpful.GOLDEN BOY 3 :) !


Wow! As an animal fan, I applaud for Thecatclub. She seems like a great penguin! Good luck! :D


I think Julia88448 should be the penguin of the week because she loves helping me around the island we hunt for pins together and then she goes and helps people find them also when she is not helping me she is helping people by making them happy when their sad and then she friends them she has so many friends and also I think thecatclub should be the penguin of the week she sounds amazing and I wish I could be friends with her and she is amazing for nominating those amazing other players.


i think grapie3223 should be penguin of the week she helped someone that was sad she is nice a loves to always be very active on cp she is so amazing


Thanks Julia88448 that makes me so happy u nominated me and text you later anyway this means so much to me thanks


I think boppingblue should be penguin of the week not only he's not a member but a really nice penguin he don't play much. But really nice he's some how got hundreds of friends and all of mine are his friends but cool as well. He's got all puffles except cat and dog. Because cat and dog weren't on computer because there new! So please make him penguin of the week!!!!

Rosa Pat:

I nominate Pinkydinity because she always is helping people a I love what all she did.


I think the penguin pepper rach should be it because she is very nice and her igloo is awesome! She has a pool and a foam pit and a rock climbing wall! she is also very creative and has a lot of friends on cp.

Billy Ha:

I nominate my BFF, Billy Bunny. She is always keen to help me when I don't understand something and doesn't be mean to anyone, also she always uses her manners for example: yes please, thank you, no thank you. Please nominate Billy Bunny for penguin of the week. :D the


I nominate nightstar09 to be penguin of the week because he is very nice and helpful. He is one of my best friends. He has a very cool style and gets along with everyone and will be anyone's friend if they ask. I bet nightstar09 would be the perfect penguin of the week

turbo jets:

i agree since your desctription is good


I nominate Athena32190 and Pipluplover because they are my little sisters. They are both really helpful and nice ! Some non members should be penguin of the week don't ya think ? Congratz on being penguin of the week. I wish I could.....

Ross lynchlover :

I nominate R5 lover1229 because she is nice helps out others who r being bullied and when some one is lonely she is there for them and is friends with everybody


I want to nominate Brittany she is very cute and nice to me and she never gives up on games we play.She does nice things for people.Also she is pretty good at the games we play.She is creative too.So please choose Brittany.

Master flap:

Thanks for penguin of the week ! I vote Athena32190 and pipluplovero and pikachu10100. They rock dude ! They are so nice man. Ya gotta do it.


I don't know if you can do this but I would like to nominate myself for Penguin of the Week because I always accept friend requests sent to me and if I lose at a game i just try again. So again I would like to nominate myself.


I think for emma77156 or sprinkles04 or blue they are all nice and fun


I nominate saknis12 he is one of my coolest funniest and most awesome person. But besides that saknis12 has become my hero I was getting bullied but he stood up for me we are now best friends on club penguin. He has great taste in style. He gets along with everyone and never let's a friend behind he will always have your side. I think next week penguin of the week should go to saknis12


I would also like to nominate my friend 6bjones as penguin of the week, she is a great EPF agent and has met almost all the Club Penguin Celebrates like Gary and Rookie and have you seen her igloo it's the best!!:)


He might because I was thinking of putting him up for peinguin of the week with the peinguin of the week background and 10,000 coins

Golden boy3:

Thai you for nominating me all you guys tried your best thank you!


i vote Paula Abdul2 because she is ind loyal and awesome


i also vote paula abdul2


penguin of the week should be Gemmima she is such a great person she help me get stared on club penguin and is really nice


That's what Mia12734 did! She is my BFF Mia12734!

Pinbily :

Hello Daffoooooooooo, :D I nominate my friend Orion9057 he loves to help the penguins and loves parties! He deserves!!

Dino Roy:

Woohoo! Congrats master flap! Dino Roy should be the next penguin of the week because he works really hard to be nice and he is kind and friendly!


You can't nominate ur self!


I agree with you Livie5574 because he said it meanly and if you nominate your self then I think that the club peinguin team that picks the puienguin of the month won't pick you because they would think that you just wanted the peinguin of the week background and 10,000 coins


i think alienboss192 should be the penguin of the week because he is funny and nice


Wow! I've always wanted to be PTW!!! U seem like a really cool penguin. Congrats! I'd really love to be ur friend!

Waddle on cp!


I have to agree! Master Flap seems like a truly amazing penguin pal!

- The Club Penguin Team


I think that Lillie Belle should be the next penguin of the week. She is like the worlds nicest penguin. She's totally awesome and really deserves this. I remember when I started club penguin she gave me the best tour I've ever had she was so nice! She's an amazing penguin and really deserves this!

Lillie Belle:

Aww! MoonkeyMania you are too sweet! Thanks you so much I am very great flu and I really hope I get it. I don't mean to be self-centered.Thank you so much for the nomination!❤️❤️


i agree too I think he was a nice guy he should get that background and he should get those coins i hope i am penguin of the week YOLO


This is awesome! I don't have anyone to nominate. :o I just came to congratulate Master Flap! :D Good job on being the Penguin of the Week, Master Flap! :D GOOD JOB!



I also would like to congratulate Master Flap! Hooray for you! You do awesome things for CP, and I love you for doing that!
Waddle On!

Loca Cola:

Congrats. I think my buddy Chanhiesl should be nominated as Penguin of the Week because he's so nice and funny to other penguins and loves to help and participate in activities, plus he LOVES to party ! He deserves it

Xxgirldance :

Thank you and I also think penguins should be penguin of the week


Woohoo! That's my buddy, he's such a nice penguin. I always like hanging out with him!


You sound pretty brill Master Flap! Sweet Igloo! Keep up the nice work :)

freeze men:

I think his igloo is awsome mega cool but ive gon into epf style


Can you please pick my favorite penguin friend madigoosem if you do I will be so happy!
I just want her happy! one time she gave me a tour when I was new that's how I became a EPF!?!?!


I also nominate penguin Megg she make all the spoiler alert videos (one of the hosts)! and she also helps ninja with his waddle on videos! just a shout out to you megg! I would also like to dominate andrew4106, swapteck, and abct1. those are my best friends and one them ill will never see again im said so please chose one of those!


Congrats! Sounds pretty cool with what Master Flap does! :) I have a friend Fuzzy Boy10 who is helpful and caring. He is nice to people who are feeling down and becomes their friend! Also, he has AMAZING iggys! I think Fuzzy Boy10 would be a great POTW! Hope you pick him! :D

mr cool 484:

i think that a helpful penguin named mrmoshi8 should be penguin of week and he is great for helping hands in decorating igloos,getting your penguin styles and he can be a good sport

Max man 14 :

I think evertonfc9 should be penguin of the week because he is always friendly, and willing to help others and if there is bullying going on he will always try and stop.


Thanks Max Man 14 and Dibbs8 for nominating i really appreciate it.


I think evertonfc9 should get this award because he is an amazing penguin and if anyone needs help he will always try and help.


Crazyboy should have won! But, Good job anyways Master Flap


I think Mango Gal300 should be penguin of the week because she is so nice to everyone even nonmembers! she goes to my school and has an anti-bully club an practically has a lot of stamps!


I nominate Pinkuspen she has been kind and she gives tours around the island she also gives good advice about friendships


P.S. That's a cool name.


YAY! first comment!

ella katie:

1st comment yay!
congrats master flap you sound very cool!
and i nominate my friend kulthum for having amazing parties in her igloos and inviting everyone al she's zoo much fun and she has always wanted to be potw!


Oh i know kulthum she's really cool i vote for her as well!

My friend berry7992 :

I nominate my friend berry7992. She is always very helpful. Once she stood up to a bully for me! The bully was calling me names so she helped me report and ignore them. Then she started to be my friend. Please choose berry7992!
Waddle on!!!!!!


First Comment WOW. I Would Like To Nominate Rosytilly She's A Great Friend She Throws Awesome Igloo Parties And Shes Really Popular! You Might Have Even Heard Of Her.


I would nominate jclose. he always is having ''a party in his Iggy!''

Master Flap:

Wow! Thanks Club Penguin Team and my sister who nominated me! :D


ha! my sister nominated me too! :D


hey cp can u please nominate my friend leerex2 he is so nice so helpful and helps people finds pins he is a really great friend so just please can u nominate him!


i really love a penguin his name is doodoo987 he is very helpfull and friendly


congrads i nominate my best friend Lucky31111 to be it because he is super nice


good gob grate


Can you nominate yourself?


Can u plz nominate me cuz im super helpful also be kind to everyone i make the people happy than they be friend so plz nominate me, Alishba76732. Plz and thx



OMG!!!! First Comment!


That's so cool. Not related to the subject can we have a Frozen Party. I thought it would be cool. LOVE YOU CP





I really hope there WONT be a frozen takeover because im a boy and I really don't like frozen


Can i be a nomine


I like fluff24271 because he is a great friend


My nominee is Katie101p1, For raising $18,000 For local pet shelters and Hospitals
it was so touching to help the local communities!


Yay!Congrats Flaperella!:P
I would like to nominate Jennyabc!
She's really helpful to everyone!She's kind and really cares for everyone! But the part is she gives cp memberships to the ones who can't afford it!!!: D


I am gonna try to win for Penguin of the Week next week!


Good luck, penguin pal!

- The Club Penguin Team


for the 4th time i would like to nominate my friend bob582 my great bro.we helped each other on club penguin and in real life he helped my cracked wrist get to sum it all up bob582 is a fab friend


I think prince ccc is an awesome penguin.He tries to make friend with everyone he sees. He also love his friends and family very much.He donated his every coin in coins for change.

Rockvine 18:

Congrats! You really deserved it.

Frozen Bird:

Can I nominate myself, Daffo?


Of course! We take all nominations into consideration.

- The Club Penguin Team


First comment! Also i would really like to nominate myself for penguin of the week thanks!!


i'm so glad master flap won!!!


Hi Club Penguin team! I want to nominate my good friend Pinkymerr. She always knows how to make people laugh and be happy. She also teaches classes at the school and gives great tours on the weekend. Her parties are also awesome! If she had the coins, she could buy more furniture and things to have even more great parties! Please consider her for next week's Penguin of the Week. Her birthday is soon, so it would mean the world for me if I could tell her she won on her birthday. Please do this!

Mayabrian :

I want Sadielew to be penguin of the week!


Me too Mayabrian!
And she is a great and fun friend:D


I would like to nominate my best friend Manwell1. He's an awesome guy, he always loves to throw parties at his igloo, suit his penguin up with wierd and crazy stiles and he's a super fan of the Umbrella Hat!! How awesome is this? :)


Congratulations, Master Flap! I'd like to nominate a good old pal of mine... 1aaron1! He always helps me out on the island If I'm looking for the latest pin and is an all round nice penguin. The perfect way to reward him for his great efforts on the island has to be by giving him Penguin of the Week! I hope you check out how much of an awesome penguin 1aaron1 is!

Waddle On!


Hiya Happyblue128, 1aaron1 has already been Penguin of The Week! :) He's just that kind!


Milbo1, Club Penguin support told me once a penguin is nominated they can be nominated again
they said "You never know who will be nominated again"


Thanks a bunch Happyblue your really kind


hi i would like to nominate cloi1 she is great and a great friend she does lots of group ideas for coins for change and she likes helping the world out i will nominate her (if posible me 8flafy8 for bragging of myself :)


Can I suggest putting a button on our player-cards so when we see someone who's resolved an argument or has helped someone out etc. we can automatically nominate them for Penguin of the Week? Perhaps, to shorten down the requests of people for POTW, this feature could only be available for Staff Members? Let me know your thoughts, everyone!

Waddle On!


I like that idea! I think it would be cool for anybody to be able to press a button and nominate them as penguin of the week!
It can be just like reporting a penguin but just instead of saying what they did wrong you submit what they did nice, thoughtful, generous and a great penguin! Once again great idea Happyblue128!!!
Also great job Master Flap!!!
Great job on being a great sand awesome penguin!
Waddle On!


Now I want to nominate you both!


That is an awesome suggestion! We will definitely take it into consideration. Let us know if you think of any more ways to help improve the island.

- The Club Penguin Team

Animal Crazy:

I would like to nominate Love zebras 2. She is the nicest penguin I know. She reports bad players in the news paper,her igloo is awesome, she love adventures (she already has the underwater key) she is only about 14 days old in cp! this will seem like the proper welcome to Club Penguin please nominate her next week thanks!


Love zebras 2 sounds cool! I love adventures too. She sounds more advanced than me becouse I am like 100 somthing days old in CP and I have not found the Under Water Key! I bet she would be penguin of the week!


I would like to nominate 2very icey to be penguin of the week because he is loyal caring and he helps people if theres trouble so if you can make 2very icey penguin of the week that would be nice.
Your cool penguin,


Can you friend me wolfyjumps?


Absolutely! Just send me a friend request and I'll be sure to add you.

- The Club Penguin Team


That would be awsome Happyblue128! It would be cool if we could do that! What if we also made a Good Citezen chart so we could see all of the penguins who are being helpful. How about it Wolfyjumps.


Hey puffleman685 i think your idea is awesome that good citizen chart could pop up in our screen in the press of a button that could be at the top of the screen ,in our player cards, or the map what do you think?


I think the chart should actully go in a location like CP could make a good citizen hall so we could put the chart in the hall. That is what I had in mind for my idea.


Hey happyblue 128 your idea is amazing i think you are a very creative person i know some people who love to make cool inventions and make them come to life and i bet that they wouldnt come up with your idea I LOVE YOUR IDEA PLUS I AGREE WITH YOU IT WOULD MAKETHE RECUESTS SHORTEN DOWN keep on beeing creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hi club penguin!i would like to nominate Tazboi47 again because not only for standing up to bullies but for being a great guy on club penguin and in real life!so please make Tazboi47 the Penguin of the week and congrats Master Flap keep the way you are!

waddle on - alexandereat


Wow alexandereat. I think Tazboi47 should be penguin of the week! And can CP do a penguin of the day and week and month and year?

Cool umar:

I think you should nominate BFFcraft beacuase she is cool and friendly and when someone asks her to be friends she always says yes. I think you should also nominate her beacuase she really fun


I would like to nominate Michelle4392, for many reasons. She is a very nice penguin. Whenever a penguin feels sad, she always tries to cheer them up by asking them to play a game or asking if she can help them in any way. I also know that outside of CP and school, she does a lot of community service such as volunteering at a food bank to organize food. In CP, she tries to accept all the friend requests she can.This is why I really think that she should be Peenguin of the Week.
Waddle on cp!


i would like to nominate bobcatman. he helped me i was new and he show me and my group of new friends around the island. he made it up on his own time. thanks to bobcatman me and my friends are experts now. and we also help new penguins out around the island


that is so nice of bobcatman


bobcatman sounds nice! I was not a expert once and then a penguin helped me be a expert to!


it should be josh29491 he has 100 stamps


Master flap friend me!


Hey there!
At first of all Congrats Master Flap!
he is very friendly and super helpful penguin ;)!
As because he's my friend I'm very Happy! :D

Once more,
Congrats Buddy!


Idk who i should nominate, so let me start it this way. I would love if you DaffoDaily5 would come to my igloo, i am trying to get a lot of likes and idk how! so anyway, i got the innocent smoothies when they came out and they were awesome! oh and the future party rocks, i already met Gary and its barely been 2 days since the future party started!


can you plz plz make my friend bagless to be penguin of the week plzzzzzzzzzzzz


I nominate myself because I am always helping others out and I like everybody's igloo i come to just so they don't feel like mine is better than theirs. I smile to everyone I meet and i accept everybody's friend request. I also had my real friends join club penguin and get memberships. That is all

Artic chill3:

Hi first comment.
But congradulatios Master Flap


Hey, great job Master Flap on being POTW.


I think Bazooka35 is the NICEST and BEST penguin! I think he would be a great nominee! He is always helping other penguins and lets them in on game secrets! He is very friendly and always makes new buddies! PLEASE NOMINATE HIM!!!! :D :D :D

Ginger Rose6:

Wow Master Flap, great job, Nice iggy BTW.
I nominate Afor1, she is very sweet, kind, helps me find pins, she even stops fights.

Waddle on!(And great job again)


are you suppose to nominate yourself, or someone like a friend?

Lady Louis:

Awesome job Master Flap! I don't have enough courage to do tours. I wish you would have been there when I was a new penguin on Club Penguin. I love your igloo!


Congratulations Master Flap. I like your igloo.
keep becoming an awesome penguin!


hi club penguin i like to met new penguins and i like to play and be safe online. ps do anoter megg take over plese byyyyyyy


May I interview you Daffo! I called CP and said to just comment on your post and then u reply so I hope this works!


No, I'm really busy lately helping the club penguin team! I'm soooo sorry!

*Daffo* by the way, meet me on server blizzard at 6 o' ten P.M at the dance dome to meet me!

Awesome Girl:

Good job! You did great! Love your name. It has a ring to it! MASTER FLAP!


i nominate myself for penguin of the week

Ballet 17:

My friend 18 Polly 18 should be POTW. He is a amazing friend, EPF agent, and Ninja. He helps new Penguins that come to the island. He donates most of his coins to coins for change. He gives Penguins tips on all the mini games since he has all the game stamps. He also helps Penguin find Mascots they want to meet.


nominate my best friend TOLOMEO234 she is really nice and is always helping me and other penguins and the she is not a member so you should also nominate her! Thanks for reading my comment, Waddle On!


Me, I've been playing since 2009, I got an awesome igloo and I got so much stuff


i think you should choose meggamoo4 she has got nice problem solving skills.


Plz pick my cousin because he's the best and he's really nice to everyone he is also very creative and he loves puffles to care.he helps people that are new too.


Rosytilly should win!!! :D


please nominate my best friend if someone is in need she helps she also is always kind even if she has a pookie contest she always says ''your a great pookie never give up on your dreams but i hope you have it good.''please and thank you i hope you pick her plus her birthday is comming up so this would be a great birthday present my friend is anayeli15


I nominate myself. I always make to sure to include everyone. I send postcards to everyone I meet and make lots of friends who don't have friends.


Hey hey hey! I nominate my friend Cshell! She is my best friend on club penguin, and I love all the igloo ideas she has, plus she is always around helping other penguins! Please nominate Cshell for penguin of the week guys!


I would like to nominate Richard1222. He is nice and a super good sled racer. He also makes super cool igloos.


you should nominate papandbuddyb he is nice to everyone and he likes everyone and safe and he likes to show new penguins around and friend them and he likes everyone igloo no mater what


I pick penguinyjosh because he always plays with any one, sends poscards, welcomes new penguins to the island, sticks up for people and LOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL OF THE CLUB PENGUIN TEAM he all so try's to solve problems and doesn't let any one bother him and he NEVER cheats!!!!!!!!! He's my number 1 fan


Hi. I always wanted to nominate Rach100 for being so kind. like today someone would'nt lett people share and she said stop or u will; 1. be ignored OR 2. be reported by people. she has rad igloos, clothes, and her attitude stands againgst bullies. she wants to become a mascot. she helps fellow penguins around and gives tours and helps ALOT with the EPF. she cares so much, at coins for change, she donated 1,000,000 coins to help! plz nominate Rach1000! she is SO friendly and caring. bye!!!!!!!


I think the penguin of the week should be either Jellobandito or Greenprivate. Jellobandito because he makes awesome igloos and Greenprivate because she is really nice and funny and she's awesome sauce!

Johnny low1:

Congrats to master flap your awesome DUDE!


No, I am not getting nominated, I am nominating thecatclub, she showed me around club penguin, she was suer nice to me, she made me feel like I'd been playing CP for years, give a shout out to Thecatclub! She rocks!

Dino Domo:

I'd like to nominate my friend... Tech70! He helps out really well, he loves making new friends, and he makes awesome igloo designs - He even welcomes people to Club Penguin!


I would like to nominate Bubblegum651 for the penguin of the week award! As, she gives amazing club penguin tours, She even fixed a fight with two penguins and now they are best buds!! She is a super brill penguin!! When I first started CP she gave me the most amazing tour of the community! She is such a helpful penguin and I think we need more people like Bubblegum651 in our CP community! Thank you!
Hugs and sparkles!


Tour Guides are really helpful on the island and she sounds like an awesome guide. By the way, did you know you can earn coins every month by becoming a Tour Guide?

Head on over to the Tour Guide Booth near the Every Day Phoning Facility to learn more.

- The Club Penguin Team


i would like to nominate afor1, she is amazing, she helps me meet mascots like gary the gadget guy, plz make her potw and good job
master flap


I Want To Vote AvalonMagic7 She Is The Best Friend You Could Ever Have, she is sweet, she stopped fights, whenever my best friend left me then she was really sweet to me and said she would be my bff, she helped me so much I don't know what i'd do with out her. c:
by the way nice iggy masterflap



Congratulations Master Flap! He is actually a Club Penguin friend of mine :)
I would like to nominate Flatfoot148. He is another CP friend and is so nice to everyone! He also was featured in Daffo Doodles!

biggest cp fan ever!:

i think chloespen should be penguin of the week she help me find the new pin and she is always on cp to cheer on people. she sends me post cards every week. PLEASEEEEEEE have her penguin of the week
ps cp rocks!

Sensei Fan 3:

I think I should be the P.O.T.W. I'm not doing it just so I can get the award. I give tours to everybody, AND, give them secrets about the island, AND, help people with all Card-J games, AND, answer people's questions, AND, cheer up people with new jokes I make up, AND, serve people coffee and pizza and popcorn and ice cream, AND, give people tips, AND...... wait, this is too much. Eventually, the word amount will run out, so I should just stop here. Remember, my name is Sensei Fan 3.


I dont think it's in nice to nominate yourself.


Hello please vote for pinkyring808she helps everyone,she loves everyone even the tiniest puffle, she is all ways there for everyone,she is my BFF.i would love for you to please pick her, she would be so happy!also her iggy is awesome she has everything it looks like a house from the future! Also I would like to start a petition to stop cyber bullying by adding a button that you can press to tell someone and tell them way they make you unhappy!its like a report button but not really.


i know he just was nominated as the penguin of the week but i shall nominate him again.
and that penguin is redchampion1!!!!! he is always a great friend we always play together and always makes me happy so please make him penguin of the week :)(again)


My nominee is Aashi2006 she always gives tours new players around CP she also she also gifted me a one week free membership. She is so caring that even when it comes ______ needs to sleep she even a game even if she is one the last level! please make her the PENGUIN OF THE WEEK.

Your Friend


I think Mjyorko should be penguin of the week, he helps everyone who ask him for help, he loves to help them to. He is so kind and caring when it comes to his buddies. He makes amazing igloos all of the time like his Candy Space igloo, it is awesome!! I would love for you to choose him as the penguin of the week, he is an amazing buddy and kind person overall, even if he is having a tough day, he continues to make sure others have a good one.


Good Job Master-Flap

cool guy:

Hello i want to nominate kapten p for the Penguin of the week please answer.


Congrats Flap :) I'd like to nominate Bandage23. She's a great friend of mine. She's also very helpful. I hope she'll be the POTW next.

chikki51075 :

I nominate danger6106 . He always helps others. if anyone is fighting he make both friend of each other..that why I nominate danger6106


I would like to nominate my brothers Asher102 and Bhisma1. They are very good buddies and like to help others. We tell each other about some secrets( like the emoticons) and pins we know. Congrats Master Flap!!!


congrats Master Flap I would like to nominate Flyvw she's a club penguin agent and tour guide and has standed up to a bully for herself and someone else and has also helps penguins all over club penguin she's a great puffle lover and cares for anyones who's sick even her enemy's she's also once risked her life to save mine when I was hanging from a branch over a windy cliff and it was about to snap when Flyvw came to save me she's an awesome friend anyone would be lucky to have her by your side!

Animal Crazy:

That sounds like a great nomination louise109!


congrats Master Flap you seem like a very helpful penguin I will be adding you oh and I had a idea to improve club penguin you can have food for your penguins to keep them healthy and you could give them toys to play with like special actions oh and please put less things for members so it's fair for the non members like for an example so that's all I have to say


Hi club penguin, my name is 1dandygaby and I would like to nominate brainy117 for the POTW because, he helps new penguins by giving them tours. He also goes around the island liking penguins igloos . Once i remember a penguin troubling me, luckily brainy117 was with me. He told him that what he was doing was wrong and made him apologize in front of me. I truly think that he deserves this .He is also one of my best friends.

Pia Yellow:

woah :o very nice job Master Flap all i can say is congrats for being a very good and kind person : )


i think edddyyyy1213 should be penguin of the week!he is my very best friend and he said to me and other penguin this,all of you are amazing and never forget that plz pick him he is plz!!!


i think alienboss192 because he helps me a lot and is funny




Could you please do Gary for penguin of the week because without him we won't be able to stop protobot!


plz pick my frind eddyyyy!!!!he is a very good penguin,he follows the rules,he is nice and kind,also he loves the spoiler alert!!! so plz pick him!!!!

Musedance :

Could you have Bobby1059 be penguin of the week because he is an awesome friend and he is very funny. He has a great igloo as well as a great memory on what happens on Club Penguin, so please make him penguin of the week.


I really think that Izzie624 should be ...P.O.T.W...... because she is the most helpful tour guide I have met in all of Club Penguin!!! Also she has a super cool iggy that is amazing to throw party's at! She always donates to Coins For A Change and has been on Club Penguin for so long. She sending in jokes for Club Penguin times so she can make others laugh!


Hey CPeeps! (See what I did there?) Okay. Anyway, I would like to nominate my real world BFF, SmileyfaceJen. She is a totally awesome friend, and I trust her a lot! When my mom went away to have surgery, she was the one I always confided in first, because we were at school all day, even though I had an adult I could talk to there too. She also helps me maintain "The Three Amigos," who are me, her and another kid in my class. TOTALLY HOPE YOU PICK MY AWESOME FRIEND, CPEEPS! Waddle On!


Vote for Shadow3472 because he's awsome and he deservers to be the penguin of the week!


Please vote Thinknoodles he made my what to join Club Penguin and make me get a membership and kind he dose Think Thursday every week! If you agree with me reply to this comment saying GO Thinknoodles!! :)


Hi vote for Meld246 she is not only a great friend online she is the best buddy she's a true friend she help me out if I need something you should friend her everyone. so please vote for Meld246 FOR MY BEST BEST FRIEND

Purple lent:

Cool that is awesome good work

Happi Dudley:

Hi penguins! I'm new in Club Penguin! and I hope you're become my friend! All right, in the case... CONGRATULATIONS, MASTER FLAP! And I wonder you, what I'll do for I will in the Penguin Of The Week? (POTW) My dream is:
1- Become member.
2- I'll will in the (POTW)
3- Become famous on Club Penguin.
These are my dreams, what I want being reallity....

-Happi Dudley


Those are great goals to have! Just be sure to let us know if you need any help achieving them.

- The Club Penguin Team


I would love love love- I'm being serious- to be famous and be the POTW but I guess im already a member ( lol ) but its to hard :( i always wish i could be the next POTW i hope i do and I will never give up trying to be POTW!
Plz can i, i already left a reason why so many times but it would just make my day if i could thx again and Waddle on!


I nominate Loky1580 because every time someone is sad he goes over to that penguin and be extremely kind and helpful

Red J2:

I nominate Teart for POTW because she always supports others in whatever they do. She is very nice to everyone even when they are not so nice to her. She has a great igloo and loves inviting other penguins over for a party. Most of all, she always gives help to those who need it. Waddle on cp!


how about superlucky79 he is my best buddy an a awesome friend an is friendly


Yeah! Go Master Flap! I will be sure to friend you because you are obviously so amazing!


Best pal ever FYI can anybody be ay friends


aryangurekas is the best


I think Katyateo2 deserves to be penguin of the week. She is very nice.


Good job Master Flap!!! I think Hiphopgirl12 should be next weeks penguin of the week for being a awesome friend to me and everyone she meets! :-)


I think Lucky31111 should be it because he helps me with my homework and loves club penguin and is a great friend.


Hi! I would like to add my friend on CP her name is Omamozelle and I think she should be penguin of the week because she has been a great role model for others and is very nice. I have been playing with her on CP and she has been awesome! If someone is being mean to another penguin she will help and say plz don't be mean she's even done it for me. So plz make my friend Omamozelle penguin of the week!:)


i really think my pal petey3679 shoul be penguin of the week cos he is super friendly and kind. he will always participate in fun games and help anyone if they are lost. he invites everyone to his igloo parties and will always do his best to ensure everyone is having a great time on the island. I really think he is a great penguin and should recieve penguin of the week. p.s. KEEP ON ROCKING CP!!!


Hello please vote for ST Zelda 1.She is very sweet, kind, loving , and the most awesome penguin(friend) I have ever met.
She is the best.She loves everyone she helps them, cares for them, saves them at any risk, she protects them from harm. She sends people post cards and does jokes to make them feel better.She is the best tour guide I have ever met too.She is the best I'll ever meet.So please give it to her she deserves it.PS: She says that club penguin is the best of all.


I nominate my friend tacogirl13 because she's been playing Club Penguin since 2006!


I think Gpatimmy should be the next PTW. He is kind, nice and very helpful on the island. Once, he tried to break up a fight, and they said no, so he reported them! Isen't that neat?! P.S. Congrats.


I think tackytella should be penguin of the week, she is friendly, helps penguins how are new, gives great tours, and is super friendly when you need her to stand up for you!


I choose 13ice14, she is super friendly, lends a hand when in doubt, and is super supportive in many ways, she is my best bud in club penguin and real life!

1d is cute28:

Great job! Master Flap you sound like a good friend. send me a friend request my name is 1d is cute28. please reply if you like one direction. XD see ya bye


Great job Master Flap!, Nice iggy! Congrats on getting Penguin of the Week. :)


walrusman 1:

i think sparkly love 4 should be next PTW.she is super awesome and super kind.
she has an AWESOME should really swing by during one of her EPIC parties.she has an REALLY GOOD since of fashion [she often gives me tips.she's a pure doubt about it] plus she sends out TONS of nice is UNBELIEF how many she sends.i think she is a very awesome person and totally deserves it!
waddle on,fellow penguins!


I think that p22221123 should be penguin of the week!!


Hey MF! Congrats!! :DD


i think scorpio99 should be ptw penguin of the week because he is respectful, nice and he always does his best


me i want to be the penguin of the week i help the epf and i am a member!!!


i got my name wrong last time.


I think elsa3015 should get a penguin of the week of the week award


I think my friend Zuzu228 should be penguin of the week. She is very kind and loves to be a pookie. She always tries to help people and always compliments, not criticizes!


I think connor6667 should be penguin of the week because he helped me around the island and told me the history of cp and gave me an invitation to all his igloo parties


My dream is to be penguin of the week my friend has been penguin of the she is addition


Addled on i mean


My dream is to be penguin of the week, but I want it when I deserve it and this penguin deserve it


I want Sensininja18 to be chosen as penguin of the week

Vince lief j:

I nominate Djxz. He is my brother and he is very nice and kind. He shows penguins that are new around and helps other penguins. I think Djxz should really be penguin of the week.


I am voting for Pennellope9 and winxclub48


I would like to nominate Cupokey5564 , for being a great penguin friend and a great best friend in real life! :)



I would like to nominate Cupokey5564 , for being a great penguin friend and a great best friend in real life! :)



I think Superteo3 should be penguin of the week because he's always making Club Penguin a friendly place. His iggy is amazing! I would love to live in it. Also, he helped me try to find my old friends which I lost that we're on my friends list. He's ALWAYS trying to help penguins with any trouble. This is why I think Superteo3 should be Penguin of the week.


Coco I vote for you to be the penguin of the week

Lovely 1000:

Great Job Master Flab, but how do I become a penguin of the week?


U should give it to me next or hamzakool8. He's awesome


Cool penguin


I think we should all be penguins of the week because if it wasn't for us supporting cp and making it a better place to just come and hangout and have fun playing games this website wouldn't be as good as it is now I mean we all know that we have all helped people or penguins at some point ,right?


I would like to nonimate Starflake79 because she is my bff and she is funny, nice , pretty and she deserves to be POTW shes amazing and kind and i know her in real life shes sooo POTW worthy
From, Helpy101


I have never been a penguin of the week! I'm going to keep trying by the way my club penguin name is C1cme2 bye! Waddle on! But not too far!


Everyone's so lucky to be penguin of the week! I love helping other kids in my school even teachers! I go to my old teachers sometimes after school. I just love hanging around club penguin! I've been around for more then 3 years and been roming around the island for a long time looking at all the updates and have fun! I just have one very big wish on cp, to be a penguin of the week! I love every kind of the waddle on and spoiler alert shows!


I've talked to Master Flap before and he's a really nice guy. I think he definitely deserved Penguin of the Week, I hope you enjoy it.

Snopy chicky:

I think that Cooldude6655 should be penguin of the week


Could you do a favour for my friend? I can not afford Rolopolo2 a birthday present and I really need him to feel special. Also, it is because he always wanted the penguin of the week background. Could you make him a penguin of the week because next Friday is his birthday and then he will be happy. Please do me this favour.


I like to nominate Dodong2004 not hes just very nice but hes super helpful he makes everyone happy (not all) when theres a new penguin he would give tours hes a one great friend please nominate him

Waddle On Cp Team!


Boo and fans :

I think you should let loveheart66 be penguin of the week. She's such good bffs with housey876

Rockivine 18:

I help my friend to achieve his dream likes. I help him advertise to get 10,000 likes. We still got a long way left but I know we can do it. We are always there for each other.


Today I'm 2 years old (in club penguin) so i would love to be Penguin of the Week but also i helped my friend a lot when he started playing club penguin and now he loves to play club penguin so i would love to be penguin of the week.


My dream is to be a penguin of the week and be part of the paid membership Master flap deserves it for her life


I would like to nominate H0CKEYBRO24 as penguin of the week. He is such a helpful penguin and I see him giving tours and helping penguins out. He also is very respectful and if he loses a card-jitsu match he will not complain. He is one of my favorite penguins and I hope he gets nominated


I would like to nominate Baerdycoolgu, and a penguin named Gloryah for penguin of the week. I would like Baerdycoolgu to receive it because he always help people out, works at the pizza shop, tells jokes, breaks up arguments, and makes really cool igloos, and just acts friendly towards fellow penguins. Gloryah is really funny, helps people out,has really good igloos, and is overall friendly too. Well those where my nominations! Stay cool Club Penguin team!


I nominate gretalulu because she is always helping out other penguins. She goes around to other peoples igloos and likes them. I think she really deserves it! :) and congratz Master Flap! ;)


My buddy Baerdycoolgu is pretty friendly he showed me around the island once and I was new


Just asking, can any of you come to my igloo for a EPIC igloo party at my iggy. 10 o' clock (UK time sorry!) server Fog on the 1st of June. If you can just send a reply back plz.Thanks.

PS anyone can come!!!


I think BabyFefe deserves penguin of the week. She is not a member anymore but that doesn't matter. She is nice and is fun to be around. You should watch her give her tours because she is very detailed. She loves anything that has the word bubble in it... Lol.. She is the best!


BabyFefe deserves it!


could i be penguin of the week i started playing at january 2014 and this game is awseome i'm exited for the sports power moves please polo field , megg , and ninja please make me penguin of the week.


I think my brother ANDREW9700 should be penguin of the week. He always helps people. One time someone asked where is the rainbow puffle forest and he showed them. When people have no one to battle with in dojo he battles with them. He is a really amazing penguin and he should be penguin of the week.


Hi club penguin team and congratulations master flap, you indeed do good things for everyone. I would like to nominate a penguin named supreliya. I saw her sorting out a quarrel between two best friends. they thanked her. I also sent a friend request to her and we waddled around. I hope she wins :D.


I think Tiger470 should be penguin of the week


Weirdallison should be the next Penguin Of The Week because she makes her own lemonade stand and the money she makes, she donates it to the poor. Sometimes, I'll even see her in the town yelling "EPIC COLLEGE AT MY IGGY ON MAP!!!" and it really is epic and sometimes, it would be crowded. This is why Weirdallison should be the next Penguin Of The Week. GO WEIRDALLISON!!


Penguins should be able to access different rooms if you have a POTW award. This would encourage others to be very nice!


I think 10sparkles10 should be penguin of the week because she did a amazing job! She was trying to help me and my friend get along and suddenly we got along! Because if she wasn't helping , me and my friend wouldn't be buddies again. Thanks to 10sparkles10! Please pick her for the penguin of the week! She is totally sweet!


Hey daffo, go to someone's house, but can you just do whatever you can do.


I think everyone is nice here on club penguin, but if I have to choose one person, it would be my sister, kanika8. She's awesome and new to this game, so if u could just do her this one favor, she would realize that I truly love her, because she has doubts on me not loving her. She will figure out I really do, and if u do happen to pick her, can u add my name somewhere, so she knows I'm not lying? Thanks!


I will like to nominate dulce0032 she is very fun her iglos always make you feel like you're in a house she is very fun and very friendly I will love to see her been penguin of the week.

love Anailu0032

Marissa 22:

Hi I really what to be penguin of the week but if you don't pick me please pick owendean5 he is not just nice to me he is nice to everyone :)

Bama life:

Frankyia is always guideing everybody she sees and is always saying nice stuff even to the meanest people on club penguin.

Enter nickname:

i think it should be juanito34931 because he helps me out allot


i think it should be juanito34931 because he helps out allot


hope chloespen could be the penguin of the week she is the bestest
of friends please have her her penguin of the week


Graet job . For penguin of the week.


i recond that willaur should be penguin of the week because he is truly my best friend and he is very very kind
from pastaaaaaaaa :) :p


i recond that willaur should be penguin of the week because he is truly my best friend and he is very very kind
from pastaaaaaaaa :) :p


I thank I'll friend him P.S. Next could I be Penguin Of The Week?


Congrats master flap! you seem like an AWESOME penguin and it would be AWESOME to meet you
and i also wanted to nominate my friend Sarah422 as she is a awesome supportive understanding and funny friend!
~ superassia


Oh so nice!
I didn't know you was do nice Master Flap and helpful!
I wanna be like you one day!
You are so nice I wanna meet you I mean it youare a hero for Club Penguin,
I mean it really so helpful.
Just do your good job with helping so cute of you so so cute of you!
Waddle On!!!!!:)


I nominate Pup2602!!! :D He's epic, man! Completely epic!


Thanks for voting for me!


Hi me again I just want to say congratulations for to be
The Penguin of The Week and I want to be The Penguin of The Week to
well but It's not gonna happen.
Well I have a BFF her are so nice her are helpful too.
Her are my hero I think her gonna be The Penguin of The Week.


Hi everyone!
Ok I have news a bad bad news!
Protobot is coming on few days!
We need all penguins help now go on!
And It's Gary's fault not blame in!
Waddle On!!


I think amelia 447 should be penguin of the week because even when times are tough she always finds a way too cheer people up, and she always stands up for people if they are being mean so plz let her ttyl!


I would like to nominate Joshiscool39 to be the penguin of the week, he's a really nice person and has awesome igloos!

Makani Skye123:

I really apslutly think 1rossa should be picked because when I'm sad she'll tell me the good sides and tell me the best jokes. She's also very creative because if you saw her igloo it's amazing.PLZ HAVE HER THE BEST PENGUIN NOW!!! Yes that's how serious I am.


Great job penguin pal!, I would like to nominate well myself if I'm aloud but anyways lets get on with it. First i love dancing so i always create party's so I can show off my dance moves on cp, next i love creating loads of different creations in my iggy it can be from all the way back to Christmas 2009 to the future party and they look super cool, i love collecting loads of awesome clothing, igloo and furniture catalogue even though I might not use it at that time i use in the future! Thx


Bethboo03 defently should be the POTW because well she said only just a tiny little bit of what she's really good at so I'm going to say my opinion ok then lets start, first she is a great friend and she always helps me out on cp if i get stuck like when she helped me out on a party she knew what I should put in my igloo and it was awesome!, she always always gives thousands of coins to the coins for change and she has to keep reminding me why she does it, i really hope she gets the POTW!


( congrats to master flap for winning penguin of the week.) I know I sound selfish but I want to nominate myself for penguin of the week. I think I should be the next penguin of the week because I am very friendly to new penguins to the island and I give great tours to new penguins on the island.

Frozen Biird:

Congrats to Master Flap!

Hum.. I will nominate myself to be the next the Penguin Of The Week.
I use a rainbow puffle color, and I love use the green propeller hat and.. I LOVE MUSTACHES!
Uh, and my birthday was in saturday, but If I had a chance, I will look this as a birthday gift!

You guys rock! Waddle on!


I nominate supergirly6 for penguin of the week because she is very friendly to other penguins and she helps others when needed,she helps new penguins by showing them around Club Penguin. ;-)

cool commentor:

great job, master flap! rad igloo, too.


Hi there, CP team! I would like to nominate my kind little brother, Flywire Blue, for penguin of the week! He is really nice to every penguin he meets. I would love to surprise him, seeing his face if he wins! He really deserves this because if some penguin needs help, he tries to fix the problem in any way he can. He's a great pal to every penguin, and surprises everyone with his really decorative party igloos! So yeah, I would be really grateful if he won. Thanks!
Waddle On,
Flippers6313 :)


Congrats to MASTER FLAP for penguin of the week. I nominate my sister, maddie2106 for penguin of the week. She is very nice and she plays games with penguins that have no one to play with. It would mean a lot to me if she was penguin of the week.



I nominate Shadzy for penguin of the week, he is nice to everyone, and helps them find the new pin. He also owns his own blog, and makes Club Penguin Music Videos.


hi CP team put me for penguin of the week my username is Jacob_King2 I'am kind to all of my friends and help others in need


I think my club penguin friend Heman Rocks should be penguin of the week because they started this awesome dance party at the cove and it was really fun and they let join in and then eventually we were the last penguins left, but we still had fun. And after that, we went to the pizza parlor and they were really nice to the waiter and everyone there. It would make me really happy if they are selected, even though they probably don't know I did nominate them.


I think my best pal sparker 007 will a good guy for the penguin of the week


I want to nominate my cousin Aristella because she gave me a tour in club penguin when i was new. plus she has lots of talents that she loves to share with the family! And she is very fun to be with!


I try to make friend with new players and give them tours and tell them how to play and good luck to all and let the best win!


I want to nominate me because i help other penguins who are alone and then I friend them I may not do tours but I am super kind to other penguins and that's me fionaride


I nominate my buddy Whenery because he helps new penguins on the island. He has his own unique style although he isn't a member and he loves Club Penguin sooooo much. Whenery for the next Penguin of The Week.

Awesome Asad:

I would like to nominate Amelia68896.
Not only does she have a good, smart, Coffee Shop Uniform but she was asking everyone who passed by if they needed a cup of coffee or even a smoothie, and if they needed some help.
Thats why I think Amelia68896 should be POTW.


i nominate Lara1216. shes a really great friend and she knows how to deal with bullies. shes nice and funny and please pick her


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