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By Daffodaily5 on May 16, 2014 - 05:01
This week we're featuring Pinki90790, a super brill penguin who's a great online buddy and really creative person! I was told that she once did an amazing job of resolving an argument between two penguins. She helped solve all their problems and they were buddies again! That's epic. Plus, check out her igloo and her outfit! Super stylish. :)

As always, Pinki90790 gets 10,000 coins and the mega Penguin of the Week background! If you know someone who's done a good deed, tell me their story in the comments! 
-Club Penguin Team


Enter nickname:



Im more than coins for her I haave 140086 coins!

Singaporean Gigi:

I have 151297 coins. You have no idea how much coins you can collate in 7 years in Club Penguin. Buying only Player Card Backgrounds and well, Party favours I guess... ... Still, I can do with another 10,000 coins :)


I'm able to maintain a good amount of coins around the thousands/10 thousands of coins, but I also have every single item released since September 2013 (and of course other items; I've been in CP since 2009). So I'm probably the best coin collector of all of us three. But maybe I got my math wrong.


It's okay I think you're ALL good. :) Remember to donate your coins to Coins For Change!!!!! :D I donated 10,000 coins to Coins for Change 2013!!!!! Love the Epic Volunteer stamp. I hope you have it too!!!


I'd like to nominate myself for penguin of the week i have 17,000 coins, buy all the latest clothes and have an awesome iggy! I have 220 friends and would love to get more by being penguin of the week :) I have been on club penguin for about a year now so please pick me!! Cya! Buublebath93


I would like bubblebath93 to be penguin of the week she sounds pretty cool! Everybody send her a friends request i think she deserves it


Aww thanks tinkerbel!

miss ice2:

just wanna nominate my BFF shemaymay.
she is very helpful and she sorted out a BIG fight between me and my other friend.
We were fighting because it looked like my friend qwin1234 or qwin4321
was taking over my bff. we were on cp and she sorted it out. a great funny creative and caring friend who deserves being POTW more that I do
waddle on <3 miss ice2
PS she has never ever been POTW.
she nomatied me but someone else had luck so plz!!!
i would be soo happy for her.


I completely agree with miss ice 2. I really think shemaymay will feel happy and proud if she becomes the potw. I would like to nominate her as the penguin of the week. Cya! Platinum27

Katy 134:

We'll there was a pengwin named peach51482 and she has done a very good deed well what she did was when she saw someone down she said what happen that pengwin said you are a good pengwin and I saw everything peach51482 really is a good pengwin.


Wow that's a lot :D


Nice. :)


what games do you play to get them


don't other people have more coins and it starts augments


Lolololololololololololololololololololollololollolololol oligopoly

snake 456 :

i used to have more than 50000


Hi CP!!
I have a really brill friend on my buddy list - her username is Frozenchilli! She's really nice and we always have dance contests in the night club. Even though I'm not a member she still treats me equally and she sends me heaps of postcards! I love her outfit and igloo and I REALLLLY want to surprise her so we can become BFFs!! I hope she gets this because she deserves it much more than I do. - Mason1000


That is so sweet of Frozenchilli. I agree to have her be the next Penguin of the Week. So many people don't care for non-members and I think that should change! Just because non-members are more limited than members, that doesn't mean that the should be ignored. Make Club Penguin a fun place for them! I have many friends who have a Club Penguin account but they don't go on the website often because they're not members. I help them enjoy Club Penguin more as a non-member! YOU GO MASON1000!!!!!!!!

miss ice2:

i agree with Mason1000 and Crystal21680 non members have to rock!!!!


Pinkbanana21 has bee kind and helpful

unknown man:

Who is she


I am a good person
1 I have 64 Friends
2 I try to host fun events for everyone to enjoy
3 I solve problems (I try to)
Waddle on members of club penguin!!
Pick me as penguin of the week
P.S (Make me a member because i can't)


Awsume I can't wait to meet her


I can't wait to meet her either



sparky dial:

cherry foxs is a great person. when am sad she make me feel beter. when am in a fight or doin the wrong thing she tells me to stop and why. Thanks to you am a happier person. :)

Spot 102:

Congrats you keep doing what u do . You go girl !!!!!! I remember when my friend placer 34 helped me solve a problem and wanted to be my friend when no one did .


Love the nick name cool house


i think jayaustin8 should become penguin of month for June he helped me and my friend stop bulling online

his igloo is pretty sweet


Popular pengwin kk 134:

Well there is a pengwin named peach51482 she always help me and her friend she always has my back and when she sees a pengwin down she helps them


I have a friend that its name is cristofer734.he is not a member but I am every day he crys because he wants to be a member.his igloo is awesome and he dresses up rally cool .i feel bad for him because he can't afford one


All my friends have the same problem! I try to make Club Penguin a less limited place for non-members.

Kara Ranae:

Great Job!

Kara Ranae:

I hope we can spot more penguins doing good deeds


My friend flapper02324 is an amazing penguin he saw that someone was bullying other penguin he first stood up for the person and then reported the penguin bullying I think he has earned the penguin of the week do u?


I love Pinki her are so nice and so cute and never bad
I like her like a friend please be my buddy please you are
so nice!


I have helped 2 penguins. They needed a buddy so I became there buddy. They said everyone was being mean to them so I helped them out
Ps I be your friend


I would like to nominate wilburn1 because when my sister got hurt he did everything he could to help her! He also accepts every friend request he gets.

Dome C:

Awesome. Great job, @pinki90790!!

/Dome C\


Congratulations great job


Yeah waddle on



How do you get chosen penguin of the week?


You have to do something extra good and if people think it was nice enough, they'll comment on it and might get chosen!


I think brookie789 should be penguin of the week she once stuck up for me when I was bullied.

1d is cute28:

I wanted to know that too!


Nice, I wonder how she got that igloo.


It's not an igloo it's just a backround with no igloo.


It's easy, she just doesn't have an igloo up, and has the beach location. And if you are talking about all of her furniture, I don't know but I think it's awesome!


Hey Awesomness462! Cool name! It is totally AWESOME! ;)




Enter nickname:

Snowzoe123 has been a good person on cp


I think coco7 has been a great friend to me on clans not only on the internet but at school too she has also help with many arguments and is a great friend I think. She really deserves penguin of the week


congratulations pinki90790!!!!

i think you really deserved it!!!


Nice job pinki your a great friend


Great Job Pinkie! i think your a nice umm i like your iggy! it look awesome-ImPuffle-in


I think Gabriela6718 should be POTW



I vote for Roxy11238! She is sweet, and doesn't think about others, and she is a great friend!


Whoa, hold ur horses! This person is EPIC! Love ur iggy pinky! BTW what happened to CP Next?!


CPnext was made by happy77. Happy hasn't been on for a long time... I'm wondering myself if happy quit cp.


I know, right! It's been over half a year, and we still don't have any CPNext features except for on the app, which was there before the CPNext project started! Well, I can't really blame them. It must be pretty hard to program these new features into Club Penguin without any bugs or glitches. So remain patient, Cheetah07092.


Thanks you so much!!

Enter nickname:

I VOTE FOR Gabriela6718 she is sweet and kind and thinks about others before herself! ;)



I think you should give penguin of the week to a good pal of mine: Ava70748. When I first started playing Club Penguin, she showed me around and helped me get settled in. Ava is a good friend of mine, and I think she deserves Penguin of the week.




i think i know ava and she is super nice and she's wonderfull

fun dip:

good job Pinki90790


She must a really nice person in real so I am giving her a thumbs up for her good deed or any other deeds she does and I wish I had a membership like her and to be the penguin of the week. People pls add me mostly Megg,Ninga and Polo Field

And all you people keep waddlin :)


Me too


Thank you for the thumbs up!

C P Pedia:

Congrats Pinki90790

I nominate Master Flap because he’s really friendly and helpful. I know him because he’s my brother. :) He likes reading and he’s great at operating computers. I often ask him for help. He also gives great tours on Club Penguin. But most of all, he loves collecting stamps. He really deserves to be Penguin of the Week.


Wow, it's really cool of you to nominate your brother - you must be a pretty proud brother! It's always great to see people giving tours on Club Penguin for newer penguins might not know where everything is.

Waddle On!

Robust Randy:

Master Flap seems like a really nice guy! I too hope he wins! He deserves it! :D


I think that her Iggy is so cool!!!1

Max man 14:

I nominate Evertonfc9 because he is always friendly and willing to help others if they need help. Also if there is bullying going on he always try's to stop it.


Wow, Everton sounds like a really cool penguin to be around! I hope he wins Penguin of the Week one time :-)

Waddle On!


I Also nominate Everton fc9 he is my best friend and has never done anything mean in his life he always tells jokes and makes awesome iggys so please let him be penguin of the week he deserves it #Waddle On!

Captain twy:

She is Awesome! :D


She sure is one stylish penguin!

- The Club Penguin Team

Mya wooz:

Can everyone follow me in woozworld or stardoll if they play it in stardoll my name is Mary-j and in woozworld my name is Mary-

Dj p:

She is cool man
Waddle on guys


Hey `tunekitten remember me were friends!


she sure is


shes so epic!


Thanks Tunekitten! I really feel honored to be the Penguin of the Week! Thanks so much to the whole Club Penguin Team!!


Hello, penguins!! It's me, Rosytilly. I'd like to nominate Rach1000. She is so awesome , whenever Im on, she goes & likes my igloo. She is nice . She wants to stop cyber bullying and annoying, mean preps who show off. Her igloos and style is beyond awesome! Plz nominate Rach1000! Bye:)


Rosy, I nominated for penguin of the week! Hope you win, wish you luck, and smiles at Rosy. :) -Your friend, Lebron2014


Hey Rosytilly! Remember me? I'm the one who tried to become friends with you, but you said that your friends list was broken...
Oh Well...


Wow that must have really hurt you feelings. I'll be your friend if you want to friend me?

Fun Feathers:

That is really great that your friend wants to stop cyber bullying! If we all work together and treat others with kindness the world will be even more awesome!


Can I meet you online Fun Fetahers?


When can I meet you online Tunekitten?


Thank you for that very nice compliment! I appreciate all the nice comments I'm getting!


U have awesome stle! Say, are u also trying to stop cyber bullying? Great job, gal!!!! :)


Congratulations Pinki90790 you deserve to be the next penguin of the week


We should let other penguins have a chance too, don't we? :)


We sure need more penguins like Pinki on the island! Thanks for being a great asset to the community, Pinki!

Waddle On!


No, thank YOU! I really appreciate it! :)


That's great congratulation pinki90790



congrats pinki90790 I think the penguin of the week should be charlie 1112 he is so cool his igloo looks like well awesome .I am so happy to be his friend.


Great job also I know somebody who's name is jkl99 who should be the penguin of the week he is my best friend and he helps like whenever I am sad he is there and for coins for change he donated 10,000 coins! He is so cool and he is the nicest guy I know


i donated 83,000!!


Good Job Pinki90790


You should definitely choose Nathan2760. This penguin changes their style just about every day. Ever since they started this penguin has been helping other penguins find the new pin[and who doesn't love pins?]. This penguin even helped me gat a constantine backround during the muppets most wanted world tour party. Please choose this penguin for next week's penguin of the week.


Agent0922 helps penguins find things and is nice and is really cool


Hello i think you should nominate Mallowy she is always funny and friendly and helps people she is my best friend btw POLO ADD ME IM KINGSQUEAKY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD ME


Nice job! I love your iggy!!




Agent 0922 should penguin of the week he's my best friend and helps me a lot

Penguin 43:

Hey Daffodaily5!
Congratulations Pinki90790!
You really deserve to be Penguin of the Week!
You sound like an amazing penguin!
It's amazing that you were able to resolve an argument between 2 penguins and make them friends again!
That is very caring and thoughtful!
Enjoy being Penguin of the Week!
Wanna be Friends?
If you do, type "Penguin 43" into your Friend List Search Bar and I will accept!
I may even send you a Friend Request First!


me to


Hi Penguin 43! I really appreciate all of that! I sent you a friend request and I hope you accept soon!


I Daffodaily5, I think "Aadamali" should Be Penguin Of the Week as he is a brill friend and he has showed me around the island and is so cool. When I started cp i didn't know nothing but with half an hour with him he taught me everything. He also does awesome Igloos and has a cool outfit.

Please feature him as Penguin Of The Week

Thank you


Well done, Pinki90790! I hate to see penguins arguing, but I love to see people be friends again! Good job. I would like to nominate Jjoeyxx for Penguin of the Week because he makes amazing igloos, gives you tips sometimes on your own igloo and whilst doing that, he is totally honest. If not, Babycrier for the EXACT same reason! :D
Also, the set of the play has changed to Shadow guy and Gamma Gal at the Stage! Trunk and script still the same,though.
Waddle On!


I think so to

Le ia:

Congrats Pinki90790!!! Ur iggy looks awesome!!!!


Hey my friend Ayaz10 has been great helping out people he even helped a penguin who was bored so he said let's have a sled race and made the penguin happy and he's also even donated 20,000 coins for the coins for change and is always doing something to cheer the people in cp up


My friend Hcube7 is really brill. She loves to help penguins find pins, and she hosts epic parties at her igloo. Once, she saw a sad penguin, and she cheered them up and friended them!


Woo hoo cangrats pinki90790 !


It sounds like pinki90790 is an awesome penguin!


You are epic!!!!


Thank you! So are you!!

Snowman blue:

Hey Club Penguin.
My buddy Lucky Diver is always a good friend.
He has a epic zoo iggy and town iggy, invites all to party's, makes friends with everyone and when he sees a new penguin, he welcome him and maybe even friends him sometimes! Waddle on!


Congrats! Awesome igloo!




congratulations Pinki90790


congratulations pinki! you deserve POTW! Espesially because you can help when fights break out! plus your look is awesome! so is your igloo! i love all of it! please add me! you would be a very great friend!


Thank you, thank you!! I just sent you a friend request. I hope you accept it soon!!


Ill accept ASAP! i probs wont be on at the same time as you. but its nice to have a friend.


Plz add me Pinki90790!


Crazyboy7134 is my best Friend and I think he should win because he always helps people find the weekly pins, shows new penguins around the island, and gives tours a lot. He Deserves it!

Also, Can I Be Pengu of the week? THANKS



Thanks! I am going to send you a friend request! Your Cool!

In my opinion, I think Ava70748 should win.




You should have a party where u bring back the old club penguin......others are new to club penguin and the clothes, furniture and music is not that detailed, we need house furniture...and also better fashions...u need to have a bring back club penguin party for july..... :)


She helped me and my friend ladyp44 solve our problems and she also is always kind and she would always greet us with compliments it was so nice of her to help her with our compliments . PLZ MAKE HER PENGUIN OF THE WEEK !!!!


Hey Daffodaily5 I know a super epic penguin who is the most nice and kindest person ever it is Nicegalpal because one time I thought nobody liked me and that i would never had a buddy but she told me that I was amazing and that people do like me she became my first buddy and always comes to see me whenever she's online she never lets a penguin be lonely


style Aaron should be a penguin of the week


How do u become the penguin of the week??


You have to have a friend nominate you, and they must have information on what good things you have done.

Ballet 17:

My friend 18 Polly 18 should be POTW. He is a amazing friend, EPF agent, and Ninja. He helps new Penguins that come to the island. He donates most of his coins to coins for change. He gives Penguins tips on all the mini games since he has all the game stamps. He also helps Penguin find Mascots they want to meet.


PinKi90790 Would you plz send me a buddy request thx my name is Ryan65525 you are sough a cool penguin thx


I just sent you a friend request! I hope you accept is soon! Thanks!!!


you're cool

Ducky Roo1:

I would like to nominate my friend Oopasmile for penguin of the week! She is an awesome igloo decorator and has a great fashion sense! Plus, not only is she my friend, but she is my real life sister too! Please let her be penguin of the week, she deserves it!
Waddle On!


I want to vote for harry p1795 for the penguin of the week he is always doing good
deeds. thats my vote


Good Job


Whoa you should chose Globepenguin she's super rare and has un asome house! You should make her potw

Thanks! Waddle on!
Oh she helped stop a fight with my freind so NICE


It dosent matter if people are rare


Yeah u should wait i know both of u lol


Hi penguinie311


Hi! Just wanted to give a shout out to pinkyjo123 who does a great job at being a best friend in real life AND online! Pinkyjo123 is always on trend and has AMAZING igloos! She really deserves this xx PS I would love to be penguin of the week as well because I have around 491 friends, I try to buy at least EVERYTHING in the clothing catalogue, and I love decorating my igloo and sorting out bullying issues and role play! xx one of us deserves to be penguin of the week ( especially Pinky )


That is totally awesome! I have a hard enough time resolving arguments between myself and friends. It must be hard when your not in it and don't want to take sides. Happy penguin of the week!


Hi! Thank you. It is a little hard but once you work out everyone's problems, it gets easier and then its like no big deal. I hope you find my advice helpful and use it to help others in the future!


It's awesome that you take the time to lend a helping flipper. Great advice Pinki90790!

- The Club Penguin Team


Thank you so much! It's a huge honor for me to be POTW!!

Pinky pie:

Your really lucky i do somthing to save somone but I don't get to be penguin of the week


maybay she can help my problem

Lady Louis:

Great job Pinki90790! You sound like a great friend. I sure wish you could be there for all the arguments that lots of friends have on Club Penguin. You really deserve it.


Thanks Lady Louis! I wish that too but if you witness an argument, you can pitch in and help too!


Hi pinki90790! I think your very stylish and one of my new idols! I'd really love to be ur friend!

Waddle on like always!


Yah you really deserve being penguin of the week!!! I want to be your friends friend! I want you to teach me to be the best as you are


Hi Club Penguin it's Blake I wanted for a certain girl named Gabriela6718 to be Penguin of the Week. She is sweet and she is really good at Card Jitsu. Thanks! P.S. congrats Pinki90790

Jo Cool:

I know someone who did a good deed, Lady Louis. She always is saying how awesome the Penguin of the Week is and how they really deserve it. And just so you know I think Lady Louis is her penguin name because I have met her in real life and on Club Penguin.


Congrats Pinki90790! Also, i would like to nominate my friend Livi Sparkle. She has always wanted to become a CP moderator! She is in the gifted program at school and she plays 5 different instruments! She is a great friend in real life and in club penguin. And she always donates a lot of coins to Coins For Change each year. She also has fantastic style! She has awesome ideas for CP and she always wants to make them happen. She stands up for penguins who are being bullied online too.


Livi sparkle sounds like an awesome person to nominate JUST AWESOME!!!

Congratz Pinki90790

Waddle on penguin buddies!


That sounds like a penguin worthy of POTW to me! A lot of people I think deserve POTW but no one steps up to try to nominate them. I think everyone here deserves POTW :)
I wish everyone luck for POTW. :D :D :D

Livi Sparkle:

Congratulations Pinki90790! You are a super cool penguin!




My sister is a great friend and sister in real life and in Club Penguin. She helped a lonely penguin feel more confident about herself. They became great friends. She likes making new stuff like puffles and clothing.




My friend Purpledb is just like her! She is always helpful, and she is a great tourist. I think she deserves Penguin of the Week!

Night Dawn1:

I would like to nominate my friend super sutto3 he is a good friend in real life and in CP. He always says hi to his friends and is kind to his friends. He still has lots of friends. He likes making jokes and throwing snowballs.


I am kind of like her


I know a certain penguin who should win. My best friend Ka Bundog! She always stands up for her friends and stops fights! Waddle On! -Gilbert2928

Lily pad11:

Hi! Congrats on getting chose as POTW! I would like to know how can I nominate someone as POTW plz answer as soon as possible thank you.


That's awesome! Just make sure to leave a comment letting us know who they are and why they are awesome, and they might be chosen as the next Penguin of the Week!

- The Club Penguin Team


Hey ppl
I would like to nominate Lizzie1000 because, she is a rockin awesome person and helps everyone solve their problem with other ppl or their own personal problem
What do u say
Will Lizzie1000 get picked
I hope so
Im voting for u Lizzie1000!
#waddle on penguins!

Sheldon877 :



I nominate Rach1000. she's friendly kind and caring and stops problems. she doesn't like showoffs. shes awesome. she has rad outfits & iggi's. I noimate Rach1000.



What's up peeps? I would Fartpowers76 to be POTW next week cuz she's role model when ever there's a fight she stops it she makes everyone feel like they belong if she sees somebody sad or alone she invites them to hang with her she's sweet and caring she will add everyone to be her friend so they won't feel left out and has fashion sense she's really sweet and she has to be POTW next week thanks!

2very icey:

Dear cp team I would like you to make my best friend 2very icey penguin of the week because he is really nice and awesome thank you snuggles5395


Yeah congrats!


Congrats Pinki90790! Love your iggy :)
I'll nominate Frandisney84 again. She really is a GREAT friend on CP and in real life. (And of course, is a big Disney fan). PLEASE READ THIS DAFFO AND THE CP TEAM!!!!
Waddle on and congrats again!!!

Enter nickname:

So true I looked her up on the friends list and she's a non member and she is pretty brave and helpful and I add her so thank you for tell us about her


I think you should pick Angel179 she is a very nice penguin.

P.S.she is also funny.


nice job girl :) love Ccsun567


I think Corn70 should be the penguin of the week! He is really nice and always is there to play the sled race with you after a bad day :)


Dear CP,
Can you believe that some penguins think that Taffytam8 shouldn't get POTW? They are wrong. Here's why!
Lets face it, Taffytam8 is so kind. For example, if a penguin is sad she makes them feel happy.
Even though she isn't a member. She is awesome!
Pennyfriend7 :)


Keldeo0604 and TDog417 are sometimes hanging out with me and they are really nice, never tell secrets, and we always look after each other.

Ginger Rose6:

I nominate Afor1 she is a great friend, she always helps me when I ask, please let her be the penguin of the week, and congrats Pinki!
Waddle on!

Puffle girl:

I think my friend cutegirl1838 had helped me out because she helped me and my friend unite again !!!!!!

Thank you cutegirl1838!!!

Puffle girl:

I think my friend cutegirl1838 had helped me out because she helped me and my friend unite again !!!!!!

Thank you cutegirl1838!!!


I nominate Anne76665 she is always so nice to me, when I joined she became my buddy, please oh please make her penguin of the week, and congratulations Pinki!! :D thx!

syd the awesome:

I heard Ashley13126 should be picked cuz she's very respectful and she resolves arguments all the time!


I enter.... Afor1! She is so nice! She has never been mean to anyone. Also, she is always funny and like all the igloo's she hears about. She liked mine!


I nominate AvalonMagic123, she is the best friend any penguin could have, she is really nice and friendly, no penguin could have a better friend!

~Lillian Waddle On!

Luv cp:

Nice job pinkie!

Bird blogger:

Great job , Pinkie!


I Girl is sweet and confident she is brave too and she is always there for me whenever i am sad.
So I vote I Girl! :)
Waddle On!

Lily pad:

Pretty. Smart


I think you should choose Mya wooz 1 she is very nice in virtual games and a nice friend


I think Areil56910 should be potw! She's always making friends and redecorating her igloo! She's amazing!

WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!


wooooo!!!!!! :D vote : punkypie5 Jk :P

Enter Nickname:

I think you should pick P12345abcd.

Abby Gracie:

My friend P223355007 is such a good friend once someone was being really mean to her and she was not mean at all.All she did was say i am very sorry for what I did but she didn't do anything she just wanted to be a good friend.


How do u become penguin of the week?>?????????
i need to know ASAP


I think Coldrae10 should be nominated because she is an awesome sister in club penguin and is very awesome and cheerful she always cheers me up when im sad she has also helped me out when I was mad at someone




Also congratz penguin of the week!!!! You are very stylish indeed i hope you can help me out with my buddies too! YOU SOUND AWESOME!!!!!

Goodie :

Waddle on good friends! you too, penguin of the week

Goodie :

I would also like to nominate my friend Violet 3004 because she is awesome, has a sense of humor, here's more about Violet 3004 she is in the gifted program ( mosaics ) at school, plays the recorder PERFECT I TELL YA!!!! She is an awesome singer and she stops bullies online and in real life from hurting people physically or hurting other peoples feelings!


Congrats pinkie90790!!!!!! I think you should pick wonderlife. I started playing for a few days now and she taught me everything about club penguin. she gave me a tour and helped me out. She is a wonderful penguin and I really think she deserves it. Also, a few days ago there was a fight between two penguins and she helped solve the problem and she always stands up for other penguins! please make her penguin of the week she really deserves it she is always nice and helping! waddle on! - jolly


I'd like to nominate Trisher2 for POTW because he is always busy making the coolest igloos, he's made practically every igloo you could think of, pirate caves, aquarium, fashion show, library, hospital, bank and so many more! Not only that but he has almost every single item of clothing and he's always mixing it up to match his igloo! Trisher2 holds the best parties by far, he is the biggest puffle lover, he has 2 of each species of puffles! Trisher2 deserves to be POTW and these are my reasons!


I,pica89. Help penguins find the new pins ! If I am the next penguin of the week you will like me because in the real world I am nice !


I'd like to nominate Trisher2 for POTW because he's really funny and is he sees a penguin lonely or lost he will help them get to where they need to be and cheer them up. He also throws the greatest parties, and make the best igloos ever. Trisher2 has so many costumes and wacky disguises too, he loves his puffles so much he 2 of each species of puffle. He even created his own Pet Shop, Puffle Training Centre and Puffle Beauty Salon! Those are all the reasons why I think Trisher2 should be POTW!!


I think Rosie97156 is a good and nice penguin. When she is board she draws pictures of club penguin. She is online every day.


Congrats Pinki90790! I would like to nominate Bexy102 for Penguin of the Week! She's rare and she makes AMAZING igloos and her igloo has so many likes!! She's so funny! I hope Bexy102 wins ;)


Congratulations, Pinki! I would like to nominate my friend which is Pingping4069. One day, she went into a Pizza Parlor and because of her words, she got so many friends!


I would nominate me because I always go to people that are lonely and I make people happy and I stop penguins arrguing and make them buddies again

jes :*:

I vote for crystal43278 because she has been a reliable and great penguin in cp. She has been taking care of pookies and she helps people out. Especially in epf training. She always hangs out in the epf arresting bad guys and saving cp. I have been her friend for almost 2 years :) from reliable, Zhilingbib45


I think Mutti8 should be penguin of the week because she is a brill buddy, a creative penguin and a great sport.
Also her iggy is epic and was the first friend I made on Club Penguin.


My best friend, Super Biird. He loves write, record... and him propeller hat, he helps me a lot and he is very beautiful! Give a chance to my best friend pls team :)


Hey congrats pinkie, but I would also like to nominate Vidum as the penguin of the week as he is my great friend and helps me in any or the the other way
Waddle On

Penguim 12:

I vote for Habbo2000!!! This creative senior once helped a fellow penguin overcome his/her fears of Sled Racing!!!


Elljo2 is a really cool penguin! She tries to cheer people up when they are sad. She also collects items! Her igloo is a future igloo!


I think Flyvw should be next penguin of the week because she's once at school kept everyone at school away from being stung from the hornets and wasps and kept a sick person in our year happy and this is real life to be clear and it was on the 16th May 2014 English and congrats Pinki90790 and if Flyvw got penguin of the week she will be so happy and she is also very kind it would be a amazing if she would be penguin of the week she loves club penguin that's all I have to say now so waddle on!!!


Thank you for voting for me Louise109 and congrats Pinki90790 you seem a very stylish penguin

Annabeth1 11:

Congrats pinkie! Next week I think it should be Purple pup68, she's so brill. When penguins were throwing snowballs at me Purple asked them to stop and they did. I couldn't do it because I was really scared.


Hi im Private257. I was wondering... Can you bring back the communtity garden and recycling plant? I want to recycle agein on cp. I really care about the enviorment. Also ill really be greatful if i was POTW. I don't like bully's. Ill do anything to be a penguins friend. And im garanteed to help anyone who needs it. Plus, people say my igloo is cool.


I also make jokes and i love acting. ( sometimes i take my acting to seriously.)

am a robot:

i think you should nominate nana7533 as penguin of the week she is a great freind and has awesome igloos !please nominate nana7533 as penguin of the week!


1211alex is the nicest caringest kindest prettyest most WONDERFUL penguin ever! Youre welcome 1211alex. Also, this is to Megg. 1211alex loves you, so another great prize for her would be to hang out with your penguin or get added by you.



Hi I think Gabriela6718 should be penguin of the week because she cares about others


My nominee is Finnekin101, for doing a really generous thing
she had a fundraiser at her school for Hospitals and Pet shelters
she raised over $17,000 toward them she is really CARING!! :')

Darling fairy:

I think you should pickangel179 she is a very nice peguin

Loca Cola:

Congrats. My buddy Chanhiesl should be nominated because he's the kind of penguin to cheer you up when you're down plus his igloo is so epic !


Agent0922 should be penguin of the week he's a really good friend and he's donated over 50,000 coins for CFC I think he really deserves penguin of the week


I nominate fluff style because she is a great non member and collects everything

Poppy lola2:

My best friend, Poppy Lola1, dissevers this as she really surprised me on my birthday when i thought she didn't know. She is low on cash as she is always buying me things. She cares about her own puffles and makes everyone laugh. She has never offended anything and really, really wants to be penguin of the week.
please,please,please can she be?
I won't tell her if you make her penguin of the week.

Dora 104:

I want Dora 104 to be penguin of the week because she is a really good friend. When I was lonely she cheered me up. I am very grateful. Her outfit is awesome to; once I wore the same as she did


Sorry I made a mistake nominating Dora 104. I really want her to be next weeks penguin of the week because she helps me, plays with me and cheered me up and became my friend! What a kind person (penguin). Her igloo is awesome too. Her clothes are stylish.


Congrats! I think Jalina3 should be penguin of the week because this one girl was upset because she had no friends and she helped her by being her friend. Also Jalina3 helped break up a fight and they all became friends! That was Epic. She is also really sweet and an amazing penguin to meet! :)


I would like to nominate Tazboi47 he stopped between emos and preps and they all got along!That is why he is a brilliant friend he does not use violents he uses peace to make people get along.


I think you should pick Foster9880 because he is very nice and brave. He has been to the E.R. twice! He is friendly and funny. When I go to his house, he is so creative. We even invented a rocket that actually shoots up! (It wasn't one of the big rockets, it was about two feet tall.)
He is very smart. I could keep complimenting him, but I don't have time.


Can you please pick Penguin36692 he is VERY nice and funny he is my friend in real life and he is a BIG disney fan he NEVER got to be penguin of the week




Jarie phi has been a really great person she has stoped to penguins from fighting who's the boss in the coffee shop and she loyal to others if other penguins are sad she will go by them and make them feel happy she makes every one be friends

A dude:

I think u should let samra47760 be penguin of the week because she never gets in arguments with other penguins and always try's to take the nice way out of things she also is always nice to me.

A gurl:

I would like to nominate my sister samra47760 because she is so nice and she taught me how to use cp. she is also nice to our brother epfagent213. She is very funny and kind and deserves to be POTW.nplz make her it, it would make her so happy, and it would also make me happy.


I think caitgirl5 should be next weeks penguin of the week she has a awesome iggy and is very fashionable


I think Elsa98 should be Penguin Of The Week. She is so nice. She is my BFF.
PS She is also funny!


Wow! Congrats Pinki! Well done! I nominated Cozycone14 because she was doing good deeds around Club Penguin! It made me so happy because she also stops little arguments and she stops cyber bullying too! And she became a really amazing friend. I hope you guys pick her as the next penguin of the week! :) Waddle On!
-For The Club Penguin Team

Pill Parrot:

I know I do good deeds! A penguin had the hand thing where when you wave, you disappear. A penguin did it and a penguin who didn't have it asked the penguin who had it, where he got it. No answer. I had it and the penguin asked me. I answered dojo and the penguin was happy she finally got it, and added me of course! I tell where pins are to penguins who don't know. If someone needs to know where something is, I always go up and tell them! My penguin is a girl.


Congrats on becoming penguin of the week pinki90790! My friend hermionie42 is An awesome penguin! She lets her brother use her account and gives great tips on how to get coins. She shares secrets and Always tries to be the first one to find the pin so that she can tell all of her friends. She even gives her friends the meetup times to find mascots since I don't go on the blog a lot! I really think hermionie42 should be POTW! Thanks!


there is this penguin named Baerdycoolgu and he is really awesome! he gives tours, doesn't ask for igloo likes, makes friends, tells funny jokes, has been a member of the TACO clan, and has been a member sense 2006! and he is overall a really good penguin!

Me me me:

Nice job


i think you should pick Princess7185 because shes SO NICE and is supportive to others around. She makes me smile on cp everyday and shes helping penguins on cp and making new friends on cp!


I think Fastgoo should be penguin of the week she is always telling me about parties and giving me tours!


My BFF pinkyring808 has a awesome igloo and is a great friend she is always there for me so please oh please pick her....


i would love to tell u the story of tomasio395 we just met but he was so happy to see me today we had so much fun.


That's fishtastic pinkie

Abby Gracie:

Congregations Pinki90790 for getting to be penguin of the week I hope you have injoyed it.


One time, a penguin was bullying me, so I reported them.


Also, I am a really nice penguin because I have like 30 something friends.


But I nominate Scared5 because she is very nice and funny in real life and on CP.


I know a penguin who actually enforces the rules around rebelious people! He's quirky but really low down on money to decorate his iggy. His name is Alex03287, and he should be the next penguin of the week. also in the club penguin mail i got a letter saying im penguin of the month. is that true?
- Thanks! From: Dasiy430


I think Ayarock3202 cuz she made a lot of friends and she's so popular my new cp would be




I really think Cameron1165 should be penguin of the week because he always has room to lend a helping flipper!
First off, once Cameron saw 3 penguins being bullies to each other. So, to be as NICE as possible, he went over and said Hey, bullying just isn't right. And your not following the club penguin rules! If you bully each other, there is a possible chance of getting banned.
He also helps me and penguins around him find their way around if they are new to Club Penguin! WADDLE ON EVERYONE!!!!


Sume8 has done a good deed by stopping a fight


i think you guys should make DiamondOgirl penguin of the week she is my bff and we always make up jokes and go to our igloo's together

Ana pau:

That outfit is awsome

Ginger Rose6:

Congrats Pinki90790, great job, Nice iggy!
I nominate Afor1 she is a kind, sweet, She helps me find pins, she helped me alot,
Waddle on!

Club penguin girl:

Congrats pinki!!! I know a penguin that is very nice her name is Lizzyon77 she helped me by my friend and I were in a fright because she said I was ugly but she said it was her sister but Lizzyon77 is a true friend she is so helpful then we turned out all three of us become best friends she made us become friends again thank you Lizzyon77 :D

I like Pie!:

I think Littlespike9should have penguin of the week. She might not have the best igloo but she has a different awesome igloo theme every week. She loves pie and likes being online a lot to make friends. She is super duper nice and ask her to tell a joke... She WILL make you laugh. She loves eating pizza and pancakes. Littlespike9's clothes are awesome. She sometimes wears her tour guide hat to give tours to help others. She helped me learn everything!!! She really deserves this! - WADDLE ON!


I nominate sophia11082 because shes friendly also she settled an argument between 5 penguins and made them friends again


It's isistar3000 here and I should be penguin of the week cause I help everyone In cp that needs help


Hey pinki,congratz,you sound like an awesome penguin
Wanna be friends?If so add Lizzie1000 on your friends list, thanks!
I would like to nominate Violet 3004 for penguin of the week because1.She's in the gifted program at school 2.She always stands up to people who are being bullied, she once stood up for me 3.She plays the recorder rapid fire i tell ya!Also Violet 3004 is an awesome friend in CP and in real life! Once me and my friend were in a fight and she helped us to be buddies again!!


Congratz pinki
I know ill sound selfish but i would like to nominate Lizzie1000 [me] because i stand up for ppl who r being bullied and i once saw a sad penguin with no friends and i helped him and friend requested him! We became very good pals! Everyday i help one sad person and thats like a hundred percent in total! I also help my buddies Violet 3004 and Icy778 be friends again when they are fighting! Plus i always help ppl find secret pins
Pinki pls friend me, Lizzie1000



Thank you! You don't sound selfish at all. It's important to point out the nice things we all do for each other. I would be very happy to add you! Look out for that buddy request!

Enter nickname:



Rtyu106 is amazing. You should pick him instead .

P.S. that's me and I'm a girl DUH Get it Abbser2!!! It's a girl name


I love her igloo I think she needs 10 golden puffles in her awesome igloo


Thank you so much!! Actually, I have lots of puffles. (Golden ones included) But they are all in my backyard because they make my igloo look to crowded!! Also, they stay a lot healthier in the backyard.

AF Cutie 123:

I would like to nominate ab413 because she is the most loyal friend i know. When someone gets into a fight on club penguin(or real liege) most people usally go to one person making the other person feel bad. She will stand up and go say some kind words. That's why I nominate ab413.

AF Cutie 123

AF Cutie 123:

I think you should pick AF Cutie 123 because she is a nice friend on club penguin. Always got your back when you need her. She is always helpful and caring. You should choose her because she is the top person on my list. If she isn't on your it is your lost. But she is awesome friend. In not club penguin world in the real world. You need to meat her she is one of my best friend ever. Beileve me she is. Please choose her. AF Cutie 123


I nominate my best friend on cp Cuite21346! She is so awesome! I like all her igloo ideas, and she is very helpful and nice! She will help ANYONE on club penguin and add them too! I nominate Cuite21346 as POTW!!! Hope she wins! She really likes club penguin too! She has been on since about 2008! I believe, and she's still on! :D



I'll nominate Florrosa because she is really a good and awsome friend! She always likes to be awsome and she is really a really creative person because if u check her house you'll see awsome things! Also, she loves to play in her ipod ClubPenguin
Thanks and WaddleOn!

Chelsea :

I think penny21546 should be it because she helped me and 5 other people get out of a problem


I NOMINATE Fluffy5peach. She's my friend!!!

Water ball97:

I pick my best freind FUNBOYO , he is very smart and wants to be a club penguin mod like you guys and has loads of ideas , he ave you the turtle puffle idea and he will do any favor for a freind , or his family.


Congrats on getting chosen for potw pinki!
I would like to nominate a really awesome penguin his name is Puffwuffe1!
He Makes Really Creative Igloos such as colleges, good vs bad and just other random igloos!
Puffwuffe1 told me he has about 300 or more friends on his friends list and he always reply's to the friend requests!
Puffwuffe1 is also the penguin who helped me when I started Club penguin!
plz choose puffwuffe1 for next potw!
Waddle On!




Hi club penguin team I wish you could make my penguin friend Eunan2 the next penguin of the week he's really helpful to me in CP -Alvin778


I think you should pick medy45 because she is a caring person and kind and she asked penguins if they needed help finding the new pin so she helped them find it


I think you should elect Livi1992 as penguin of the week. She is a great friend in real life and on Club Penguin. She is my BFF because she is kind to everybody and she is fun too. But the real reason I want you to elect her is because she wants to make a difference. She wants people to respect wildlife and she is even making a program called Respect the Wildlife 2014 for our school. Please elect Livi1992 for penguin of the week!


dear club penguin (the best website in like the whole world):

I think awesomeajh1 should be penguin of the week since he is an epic penguin who always cares for others. One time when i was arguing
with someone he asked why we were arguing , he told us a solution and we were best friends!

I know that there are a ton of penguins who want to be penguin of the week but you should never give up just like when rookie was a beginner at the PSA but look at him now!



I suggest the name of phileas 18 .He helped me a lot when i joined club penguin.Because of him i became an epf and a ninja.He deserves to be a penguin of the week

Shaun 65793:

I'd like 2 nomin8 Sicho12 4 POTD 'cuz not only is he a really nice penguin, but he's also a good friend outside of club penguin. He's done multipL races & 5K's that support groups and organizations, Bcome friends with a lot of people (real life & CP both,) and we even have a secret handshake (shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! it's a secret :D) On top of all that, Sicho12 has been playing CP since (drum-roll please) 2008! WOWZA!! He is altogether a wonderful friend & worthy of the title POTD.


Wow thats awesome that u r panguin of the week CANGRATS!!



Silliy678 is always helping and when I was a new penguin she helped me be the penguin I am
Today and want her to know that she deserves to get picked


Congrats Pinky! I think Littlespike9 deserves penguinof the week for being able to make people laugh and cheer them up. One time I saw her stop an argument. SHE IS AMAZING!


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