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By Daffodaily5 on May 30, 2014 - 01:57


It's that time again! Time to announce the winner of Penguin of the Week! And it goes toooo [drum roll]... Trisher2! This penguin has a keen eye for design. Not only has he made practically every igloo imaginable, including pirate caves, aquariums and fashion shows, but he also likes to match his igloo to his outfits. I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty impressive! Check out that epic multicoloured outfit! :)

All POTW winners receive 10,000 coins along with the brill Penguin of the Week background. If you know a mega penguin who deserves to be POTW, just let me know in the comments!


-Club Penguin



First comment!


This is my first comment too


Again, I really think that Polygirl05 should be Penguin of the week because she is fun,nice,and loves her puffles! I also think I would make a good penguin of the week. I have been on club penguin for 5 years and have has sixteen puffles at once, work as a waitress at the pizza parlor, and love club penguin. I really think you should put the books that you type in, back in the book room above the coffee shop. Thanks!


I nominate Izzy14288 for penguin of the week! She is kind, funny,smart, and a really great friend. She is also an awesome dancer. She has made a lot of friends (including me!). SO PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS MAKE HER PENGUIN OF THE WEEK! ( PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS)


I think my bffl should be penguin of the week she is the BESTIEST BEST BEST FRIEND EVER and loves to be friends with everyone and is the sweetest kindest caring person u will ever meet her name is Wobbles 2000
Please pick her!!!!!! :)
Thanks for reading bye :)


I think that my brother Aalyaan123 should be penguin of the week because he works hard to get good at club penguin and hes really nice and sweet.He loves his puffles and plays Puffle Rscue A LOT because he gets to save puffles!


I want to nominate Polygirl05 she gives compliments, loves here piffles, and is kind to everyone! SHE SHOULD BE POTW :)

Rosey 1533:

What are piffles, are'nt that puffles? P.s. First comment!


well i have the second comment anyways skipper3194 you have to comment something not just say First comment!

Enter nickname:


Stampy cat7:

Grate pic trisher2 chees

I'm awesome:

My friend Luciaprentis should be penguin of the week she is so nice funny and so so so kind she made me happy when it was bullied clearly she must be the penguin of the week


could you put the quest to get dino puffles back!!!!!!!!!!!! i was talking to all my friends and we couldn't get one : ( so we would apreciate it if you could put that quest back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ; )



Yes, I would really like to see the dino puffles again!


My friend Primus2014 deserves to be penguin of the week.
She is very appreciative to Club Penguin.
She stands up for someone getting bullied and does not be a bystander.
She stood up for me once!
Please let my dear friend Primus2014 be penguin of the week.


How do you become penguin of the week? A draw? A raffle? What?


I have a friend who will stand up for anyone in need she loves cp and loves to make friends she is the most caring person u will ever meet please choose her!!!!!!!
The name is Wobbles 2000
Thanks for reading :)
Bye guys :)


I also wish we could see Dino puffles again!


i agree with artemoose! I want a dinopuffle so badley but i could'nt get one! please agree with us : p


I didn't have membership when dino piffle came out:(



Shwoomy (aka awesome!):



Ditto too!!!

Kayla B9:

I know someone who is really cool, throws parties pretty much every day, wears epic outfits, and is really nice. his name is Jellobandito, he's a friend to loads, and also knows millions of CP secrets! i'd like it if he could be penguin of the week. (POTW)


Hiya cp team, I think the deserving penguin for the next penguin of the week is Robbierobott. She is rare. She never brags about her items. She always see the positive sides. :) she doesn't care about the items, she just wants to be everybody's friend. She always bring penguins to peace again when some penguins are fighting. And she always blend in! she has decorative sense and a little fashionable too. I think she reall deserves 10,000 coins and the penguin of the week background! -Marceline413


Yeah! i agree Kayla B9, Jellobandito should win, his iggys are amazing!


i agree with Kayla B9. i would like if Jellobandito would be the next POTW because he always has a cool party in his igloo and he is really nice.





Maddie 101:

Yes I agree with you


I agree with Kayla B9. Not only that , Jellobandito has an epic igloo! (Very rare) I really think he should be POTW.

Anyways, congratulations Trisher2! :D You truly deserve it!


I have a friend just like that!:)


Captain HBK should get this because she is a nice friend

Rockvine 18:

Well done Trisher2. Lovely outfit by the way. You look so cool.


Trisher2.Your probably a cool guy you look like it. I hope you friend me. BYE!!!
snow rusty


first comment! yeah


me to i vote for kulthum as well! amazing igloos amazing designer


I agree with tina233. Really nice and helped me design my igloo.


hey cp team,my big bro patchypie2 is sooooo nice! when my mom ask's me to clean my room he helps me. yay ausie!


First comment!


I choose Evertonfc9 again because he is loyal,friendly and if there is bullying going on he always try's and stops it waddle on

Monkey mae 2:

I think Evertonfc9 should get this Award Because he a great friend, a great igloo maker and the best at getting along with


I think my best friend Evertonfc9 Should get this Award because he always try's to help and if there is bullying going on he is always there to stop it


IT'S MY B-DAY (birthday) ON THE 1ST JUNE! :)


hi daffodile i have been nice and keeping the ISLAND SAFE and stuff like that so maybe can i be the penguin of the week?


Really, that's awesome! Happy Birthday!!!

- The Club Penguin Team


Why can't i talk? I haven't done nothing I can't talk

Jumbo Wario1:

Wrong comment, Wolfyjumps :p


Lol, my bad. Thanks for correcting me!

-The Club Penguin Team

Seguinpigeon :

Hey guys, I am a comedian and my goal is to get a ton of friends and be club penguin famous. I will give a shout out to the first twenty five friends I get. I do little shows all over club penguin. Club penguin team, if you could help out that would be great, I'll give you a shout out too!


I have 404 friends


It's my birthday today !? I wish I could at least get a birthday cake !:(

Ham O Ween:

Congrats Trisher2!!
P.S. My Birthday is June 2nd ( Tomorrow!! ) So Can you Guys say ( Happy Birthday Ham O Ween!! ) For me on the Spoiler Alert!! : D
Thx! Waddle On!


Happy Birthday :)


First Comment


Good gob, but I want to be penguin of the week.

Penguin 43:

Hey Daffodaily5!
Congratulations Trisher2!
You sound like an amazing penguin!
It sounds like you really deserve to be Penguin of the Week!
Enjoy being Penguin of the Week!
Wanna be Friends?
On another note, I think that I should be the next Penguin of the Week because I have been on Club Penguin since 2009 and I have got every issue of the Club Penguin Magazine to date!
I wonder who will be the next Penguin of the Week!


I think my best friend on the hole island Savannaho989 shoud be penguin of the week becuse she is relly nice and helps other penguin she is the most kindest penguin I have ever meet she is an amazing penguin no let me refraze that she is an amazing friend and a grate penguin to be around I hope that Savannaho989 is picked to be the next penguin of the week. WADDLE ON! :) -Elsagril300 out!


Is fields Ops coming back? I miss it a lot :(


Add a light-peach puffle.


First comment! I think Bexy102 should be Penguin of the Week! She's a great friend and her igloos are wonderful! She has so many likes! She's very rare as well and she's sooo funny!! Please choose Bexy102!


Soni poo:

I think I should be penguin of the week because I am always friending penguins and I am on club penguin a lot


U cannot nominate ur self.'however, u ask FREUINDsn(typo) to say who 'dey think should be POTW!!


Congrats, Trisher2! You must be brill! Have fun, and see you soon in CP!


I think Taraatmyname should be penguin of the month because she always helps people resolve their fights. When i was having a fight with my friend on club penguin, she came and talked us through it!! We are now back to being friends!! She loves to have fun!! And she knows how to have it.


Hi Club Penguin.
Lfmkid here. I just wanted to ask if you will give none members(i am not a member) the ability to win penguin of the week?
If you can please send me a letter(in Club Penguin) if you can do that.
See you soon...
-Waddle On


Congrats tisher2!! For next week I think I should be POTW because I am a very nice penguin and I give great tours!! :D I also have a great skill for igloo designing! If I don't win I would love to nominate my own sister Pinkslinky! She has a great sense of fashion and she has great outfits!! Also just like me she's very nice!
-Cherry74632 :D


I would like to nominate Kirito Pro because he's cool! He always give a great tour to these new penguins on the island. He also don't like to see when people sad so he cheer them up! I think he should be POTW because he is nice to everyone and also friendly!


I think Sms8 should win the Penguin of the Week. He has been such a good friend on and outside the island! He made me an icon which I was blown away by and by doing that it tells me that he is very passionate about his friends on Club Penguin which I think is a strong quality to have! Plus he has been very interactive with me and I must say that his iggy is amazing!

Please consider him as he is one of the coolest penguins that you can meet!

ninja love21:

congrats on being it
good job


Congratulations, Trisher2! I'm sure I've heard your name from somewhere before...

Waddle On!


Thanks! :)


Congrats Trisher2! I want to nominate my big brother Jb Elvis Pop. He introduced me to this game and we play together all the time. He showed me all kinds of cool secret stuff on the island, and all the cool things you can do during parties. He always is helping the new penguins get started and showing them around. He has been playing for a looooong time. Please consider making him the POTW!!! I think he deserves it :)


Congrats trisher2!! I think I saw you once in the pet shop.hope you keep your igloo strong!! Waddle on!! Lol


I think Slinky is worthy he is kind smart considiret respectfull and kers for athers and I do not think he has ever thout of a bad
word and is fun to play with he is very very very very very vvvvveeeeerrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy kind and ther is still more to say we all
love club penguin and i think evry one and when i say evry one i mean evry one shod have a acount if you add him to your friend
you will find out evry thing i hav seid is true as i seid befour he is a true friend so say hi pleas

Cuteyellow :

I think slinky to win to because he is such a nice penguin he is such a generous penguin I would love for him to win another thing one day I sad and came over talked to me and lift me back up


Hi CP team, well today I want atara1233 to get he winning award. She has very nice styles, cool igloos and she donated 400000 money. Not just that but she always wanted an reward for her fabulous caring actions. She also loved the muppets she commented last time "great idea!". She is my bestie and I want her to win... Thanks CP team and thanks for choosing her:)


Great job Trisher2 . I really think you deserve to be penguin of the week. Stay cool and WADDLE ON.

Super Biird:

Good day, Daffo and, congrats Trisher2!

I want to nominate (again) my brother, Frozen Biird. He's friendly and cool :) He had a propeller hat and
he's using a Puffle Rainbow outfit, he love so much color! He like to of moustaches, as he is using one!
Frozen deserve to be the next Penguin Of The Week - he always help some penguins ;)

Waddle On! :D

Grenish Tri:

I think the POTW should go to Rosytilly !!! because she's kind , helpful , amazing ,happy and an inspiring figure . I always look up to her when I have a problem with my friends , she would always advise me in a positive manner and cheer me up , well she also gives me good advices . For example , when me and my friends fought and I was upset with my friend , she told me to ignore them and forgive them as the matter is fresh and not stale . Therefore this proved to be effective . ty rosytilly <3


i want to recommend the name of pokemondas as the potw as he is friendly to everyone and gives tips to how to do something and is a great buddy too


You should do tuddabug as the penguin of the week. She is nice to everyone, has an awesome sense of style, and she has the coolest igloos. She is my best friend on cp, and she would be the perfect penguin of the week!

Peace out



Does mobile count for POTW?
Thx, Mozzy

Penguin 5143:

CP,make Saraapril as POTW,she has a blog,she is funny,helpful and she cares about friends,she is very awesome and everyone likes her,she also have stories that posted on her blog,choose her as POTW,Waddle on and Jam on.


OMG! Agreed!


We'll done I 'am happy


hi CP team, i think penguin of the week should be Heat Swamp. He has a decorative sense and is very friendly. He Has a sense for Water Dojo Training. he is a full water ninja. He always breaks up fights and is a true hero. he helped me defeat protobot when i was stuck. he helped with Operation Hot Sauce and Operation Blackout and Operation Puffle. I definitely think that you should put ThinkNoodles or Heat Swamp on. Add Me My Name is BestBoy06


I love you club Penguin and Megg!!!!!!


well done trisher2 i think she did a great job . i think cocoa1998 should be penguin of the week because he always makes me smile and he is my role model because i just started club penguin i like all the clothes he has and his personality . please could he be penguin of the week PLZ! P.S alot of people are wondering are you working on a club penguin app for android because if you are i would like it on acer icona B1 plz because it is my dream to play club pengui on my tablet. waddle on! :)

Mango Gal300:

hey cp I have a fab idea for the next party in june ok its a jail themed party and the entire island is transformed into a HUGE jail with maxed security! and penguin style catalog is themed on robbers guards police an old ladies! (old ladies cause there purses get taken in cartoons) lol and for the episode you can do 'Statue Cellmates' lol bye!


Congratulations Trisher2! Also I am here to nominate someone that is helpful and he is Kirito Pro. I've seen him giving tours to these new penguins on the island and he's also friendly! He's always busy all the time because of making new friends on the island and yeah he also doesn't like when he see people sad so he cheer them up like he did to my other friend. I think I just met him for a few days, well I think he is the best!

Good luck new friend (Kirito Pro)

Waddle On!

Naruto 8055:

I think that Pufflegal2 should be penguin of the week.She's really kind and friendly and has a bunch of stamps I only can dream of getting.She is also got a lot of style.Please make her win!!! :)

Ginger Rose6:

i vote afor1 she is very kind it was her birthday recently and she was sick irl(may 22nd) and i forgot to get her a present and i feel really bad about it so i think she should be and then that would be a perfect present from me, and she helps me find pins, she gives tours, she welcomed me whenever I joined clubpenguin, please please please make her potw have been trying to get her penguin of the week for weeks and she hasn't she hasn't even got penguin of the week once PLEASE READ MODS


Great job Trisher, nice iggy, congrats on getting penguin of the week! :)


Cool guy :

I think that George 567 should be penguin of the week because he helped me with how to beat tusk in cardjitsu
#waddle on


Hi club penguin
I have a girl who I believe should be penguin of the week and that is my great, kind and puffle loveing friend Uniquey.
Please make this happen since she never wants to hurt anyone's feelings or make anyone sad. Also she has a great sence of style and absolutely adores her puffles and try's to come up with good ideas to make the island a better place.
Please make it happen!!!!

Pokemon Lover:

Way to go Trisher2 ! You're a lucky penguin to be penguin of the week. I know a great friend who should be POTW. Her name is Pikachu10100. She loves art and she plays hide and seek with me and other friends. She is a good sport. She is nice to everyone.
From Pokemon Lover
Great job Trisher2




Great job Trisher2!


Hi CP Team, well today I want Ham O Ween to get the Penguin of the Week. He has very nice Styles with Awesome Igloo Theme's for his Igloo and Plus, He stood up to Bulling, One of his Friends Tripped on the Stairs and Two 5th Graders Laughed at her. Miles ( which is Ham O Ween ) stood up to them and said " Don't Laugh at her, What if that happened to you!!?? Would you be Happy if someone Laughed at you!!??" And he's my Brother BTW!! So plz make Ham O Ween POTW!! Thank you!!
And Waddle On!! : D


P.S. Congrats, Trisher2!
Waddle On!


i nominate Tommy1t because is really funny, helps me get the prizes in a partyz and has the best imagination ever!


dear cp team
congrats dude


I think pinkduck7 should be penguin of the week because she's so so so so so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


High I would like to say that I used to have to puffles red and blue but they hav,e disappeared so I tried to adopt another one but it sais I cannt as I have 2 puffles can you please try to sort it out from princess k345 p.s please awnser my request sorry I could only get to you this way


CP team,
I think that Squshy4512, is a wonderful penguin who is generous to all penguins... and even has different parties each day! It is just wonderful to see the kinds of parties, Squshy4512 has at her igloo for other's! Also, she is one who help's people when they have any question's that need to be answered! I know that if a penguin is sad, she will ask them if they are okay, and even to make them feel better I nominate, Squshy4512 as a POTW!!!
Thank you

Talpenguin 1:

I liked Trisher2 outfit and igloo.He deserved to be Penguin of the week.His outfits are awesome and he looks amazing.

vstar101 jls:

sonustar should definitely be the Penguin of the week. He loves puffles and always takes them to the rainbow quest. Also because he likes Rockhopper and Gary, he has met them both.

vstar101 jls:

sonustar because he is very generous and when coins for change was here he donated all of his money and got all of the stamps that are for coins for change. He has never been banned and is always respect full and nice to other players. he has got all of the gems for card-jitsu and the black belt.

Sam I am:

I think Megan0903 should be penguin of the week. Her igloos are really good. I think her best one is Zombie Survival. She's is also always on, and is nice to everyone.

Theepicone11 on club penguin:

I Think i'm pretty creative, nice, cool, silly, funny, happy, epic, and stylish, add me to POTW!


I think blablabla119 should hes an amazing guy he helps people out with friendships and finding mascots he even helped. Also he donated LOTS of coins for the coin for change hope you pick him!


Wow I love the outfit!! I think you did a great pick! And I also have a suggestion. Please do a Frozen party. Me and my friends really want one! Thanks and waddle on!


I think that magic 2332 should be Penguin of the week (POTW) she nice kind and very friendly


Hey! I have a really great friend thats named Clumbee! He has a epic style! He ever does different outfits out of this world! When I log onto cp he always comes to find me and says Hello! Trust me! He is a GREAT friend! Try to friend him! He will always accept friend requestes!


I would like to vote for myself, and yes, my igloo is modern, but I have lots of them! I have made quite a few GREAT things, including a campsite, which I'm thinking of making again, and a few other things you might want to check out. By the way Daffodaily, I hope you can meet me if it's possible, maybe 5:00 Penguin Time in server Sleet? I don't know if penguin time is different to you in the UK..
Oh well.
As always, Waddle on! #PENGUINOFTHEWEEK


That's so amazing being the penguin. Of the week do you think you will come popular with all this stuff
You must be happy being the ausome person dud
Got to live arer seen you must be so happy

mr cool484:

hi cp team I think that a NICE NICE NICE NICE penguin named mrmoshi8 should be the week penguin. he can really get helpfull and he even helped me design my igloo! and yeah. #WADDLE ON


I think Rocky81306 deserves to be Penguin of the Week because she is such an awesome friend and she always makes me laugh. We always like to joke around and talk about movies and songs and other stuff. She is very playful and overall fun to be around. Sometimes when I'm having a bad day, she is there to cheer me up. She is such a great friend and that's why I think she should be the Penguin of the Week.

Waddle On!


I think LimePop23 should definitley be PENGUIN OF THE WEEK shes sooooooo sweet, caring, donates all her coins, doesnt expect rewards theres alot more but i dont have time..... LOL - beakie1234


PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ pick LimePop23 to be Penguin Of The Week. shes caring, donate, always up on the fashion of the month, doesnt expect rewards for giving. plz pick Limepop23 shes AWESOME- Beakie1234


I agree with beakie1234 shes awesome, will do anything for you, except you for who you are!!!!!!!!!!!


LimePop23 is also my friend and shes awesome, has cool igloos, always is up on fashion, if your feeling down send postcard and meet her somewhere and talk about your problems. shout out to lp 23 love ya ;]


please pick limePop23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

deshawn k:

Hi I think that cuteyellow should get potw because everyday you see her she is nice and when somebody is down she lift them back for example when I had nobody she was there thank for reading


Congrats Trisher2! I would like to nominate are363 and ghoulish123

Jess Rocks1:

Hi-ya Club Penguin team,
well today I want my BFF Crazy Jaylo to get the winning award. She has a really cool igloo, awesome styles, she has many, many friends on CP and she has been ever so kind to other penguins and help others, and the she loves the most is CP, everything on it [apart from the fact the she can't go to the early CP]. So please, please, please chose her to be POTW she's my best friend , and I'll be so happy if you chose her to be the POTW :)


I love LimePop23 shes awesome shes a friend of mine too and when im down in the dumps we meet up for coffee and talk and she lifts my spirits!!!! plz pick her shes wonderful


LimePop23 is very generous if you have some problems just meet up with her and talk and poof....... your happy


I think huskypup76 should be it because she is really nice and always says nice things and cheers people up


Hiya Club Penguin. Adila8 should be POTW because she helps her friends a lot and helps her friends to find the pin if can't find!
Btw, congratulations Trisher2!!


good job


Hi i am a huge club penguin fan! i would like to know if there will be a hunger games party, a silver puffle , and a bat cave igloo. do you have any info on the frozen takeover party? i also want to vote batmank1 for the penguin of the week he is really nice and has a unique igloo tatse! please get back to me ASAP! THESE ARE ALL THINGS I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW! also heres a joke for you....there is a hill on the hill is a house in the house is a box in the box is a dog what is the dogs name?.....:)


Hey! This is pinkymvw, I know this awesome penguin who totally deserves to be penguin of the weak. His name is Hawkeyew, he is so funny and loves everything about cp, he likes to wear funky clothes, meet new friends, check for new missions or codes, and loves to throw parties (and visit) even though it would be pretty awesome for ME to win. He really deserves it :)


I think that my little sister, Goodgirl29, should be POTW. She likes to party in igloos, go to CPU, and makes new friends.


Congrats Trisher2!! I have a friend she is really nice. I see her a lot around town, her igloo, and mostly the Pizza parlor, she loves pizza. Whenever I see her shes usually dancing, or having a event at her igloo. She always likes to meet new penguins. I hope she is the next Penguin of The Week! :)


I think alienboss192 should be POTW because when i started clubpenguin he told me secrets and guided me around clubpenguin told me how to earn stamps and helped me find mascots and much more, so please make him POTW!
- Samuri19

Ginger Rose6:

i would like to vote afor1 she is very sweet, kind, loyal friend, helps me find pins, if someone bullies her then she just replies "hi, how are you today?" and even if they say hey your iggy stinks then she reply "thank you for telling me your opinion" i will try fixing what you don't like about it." her igloo is amazing, she always does stuff like restaurants, please at least read this comment or think about choosing her(she has NEVER been POTW before, and she has always wished to be)


Hiya cp! I surely believe that Mady14724 should be the next POTW because she is so nice and really sweet! She is very fashionable and also very good at making igloos! Give her any furniture and she will turn it into the best igloo you have ever seen! Every time i log on cp i always go looking for her becuase she has many friebds and i am one of them and also because she one! And the best there is! She is so sweet and when she goes to adopt a pookie she never judges based on rare or "miss cp"!!


Hi CP! My friend Lollypoper13 is my BFF and is the most kind, caring, sweet, good hearted, and beautiful (on the inside) person ever! We are BFF's on CP and in real life. She has donated so many coins during coins for change, she has all the stamps and is very happy to donate. At our school, she started a food drive and a money donation which she gave to the poor and hungry. She loves everything about CP and gets a member ship for every party. She is fabulous and I hope she wins. :)


Congrats Trisher2 you sound like a really good friend!


Congrats Trisher2! I love that outfit and ur iggy! Very fashionable! And thank you so much cp for making this virtual game the best there is! I consider that you guys keep on doing what you are doing and havr fun doing it cuz you guys rock!


Hello CP! My bestie Lollypoper13 is the most awesome, amazing penguin on CP. :) She does lots of stuff for other people and never thinks of herself.

Rainbow Guy2:

anyway i know a really awesome penguin named Banana Gouy so plz make him the POTW


Oh my gosh thanks guys I love you!

Pink Kate 14:


Cp helper:

I think thetropics should be the next penguin of the week, because I saw that this penguin went to a little pookie that was scared and crying and this penguin helped her through it by being the tour guide Makeing her happy. This penguin should be the next penguin of the week!!!
Please choose this penguin!

I Girl:

I vote for Bajee51908 . Is a ugly name but she has a pure heart even she make friends to the new penguins. And she help people from there problems. She also brave. She also help wild life! And she deserves to be the POTW. Please please please please vote for her

- Waddle on!


I know somebody who would be great she throws parties alllllll the time and who has a member ship and has a great house...her name is crazycam26 pppppllllleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee please pick her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Red Dude 816:

Hey Daffo! I think Gooy55 should be POTW because he does a lot to help other people. We know each other in real life. Each year since 2012 he was done a 10K on St Patricks day to help schools. This year he finished in 30 min. He also helps soup kitchens with me during the summer. He's creative and squeezes oranges for orange juice in the cafeteria sometimes. He also donates A LOT to coins for change each year. He told me in 2011, he donated 20,000 and almost ran out of coins! I think heshouldwin

Erika :):

I would like to tell you guys about my best friend on clubpenguin she is sooooooo nice and caring for others she is very rare and loves to try to be friends with everyone she has played club penguin for a long time and is always talking about how much she loves it she also loves to have party's at her Igloo people love to see what she will come up with next for her parties and i would love for her to be the penguin of the week that would make her day! Her name is Wobbles 2000
Thanks bye! :)


i know someone who is really nice and helpful. his name is Juggles and hes a awesome friend. i think he should be penguin of the week.


Just got back from helping my mom get groceries. Congratulations Trisher2! :)


I think Smallpopper he is fun and nice and loves club penguin pick him!


I think the POTW should go to Colatron he is an amazing friend makes AWESOME igloos dresses pretty cool is very funny and I think he should get the POTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


I think sweetie349 should win. She had been a club penguin member for almost 5 years, she throws amazing parties and she's a great friend to literally everyone. She gives tours around club penguin whenever she can and she doesn't care if you are a member or non-member she will talk to you and become your friend. She's an amazing penguin and she really deserves it. I'm so thankful for knowing her. She's helped me and many other penguins. I'm very thankful for her existences!:)

I love cp:

I have this friend who I think should be nominated for penguin of the week she is such a great friend and will cheer up andyone who isn't feeling good or is sad or just needs a friend she has a bunch of friends she hopes to become friends with everyone someday and i think that she ABSOLUTELY deserves the penguin of the week award!! The name is Wobbles 2000
Thanks! Please choose her!!! :)



U should enter Stephygirl20 she is a whole lot of fun and she has been knew but she is so sweet with people


Thinknoodles for penguin of the week


Agent P206 For POTW he is awesome ! He always takes care of his puffles he always solve problems between players and his a brill friend to be dontate all of his money to coins for change around 200,000 coins! And there is no better friend than him he always comes to parties he never EVER misses them and he stops bullying in CP. So plz POTW agent p206 expecting to see him in the blog next week

Rosy panda:

I think arjungakhal1 should be the penguin of the week because he showed this game and gives tours to other new penguins and stop fights.


Hi Club Penguin! I really want you to put my BFF Anayong for the POTW because she has alot of cool stuff and she's a kind penguin in Club Penguin.


Hi Club Penguin,
Please make the penguin Apr108 the POTW. He's very smart, he tries to help to everyone, he's always very happy and he loves the island.


congrats Trisher2! i would like to vote for my friend crystalrojo she's a great friend and she has amazing and cool igloos she also loves making club penguin fan art


I vote for kulthum she is a great penguin amazing style and igloos and she's been on club penguin for about 5 years please vote for her:)

Polly Smash:

Dino Kraken for sure! Dino Kraken is so kind and is willing to help any penguins in need of help! He throws epic igloo party's and sometimes dresses up in crazy outfits that make us all laugh! Overall he is just an AWESOME penguin and I think he should DEFINITELY get next weeks position as POTW. Polly out!

A Diretoria:

Hi Daffo! I wanted to indicate my best friend Frozen Biird! he is a great friend and very cool! Help the penguins and all! I would be very happy if you botasse it on blog!
Waddle on! : D


Hello i'm satyland and I went to the coffe


same Lol! i vote for kulthum as well!


Congrats Trisher2! I would like to nominate my pal, Dupple to be considered to be 'Penguin of the Week'. He is such an awesome friend and is a collector of many items! He has collected all of the stamps (yes, all 352!) and has over 200+ pins to his name! He is always on the look out to find new and exciting things. He will always help penguins, whether it's finding the latest pin or where to get a free item at a party. He is just a great penguin and I hope he gets the recognition he deserves!


Congrats Trisher2 your outfits awesome I would like to nominate my friend in CP and on Earth Eunan2 he is great help and we almost always play together!!!!!! Please make him the next POTW


Please make my best penguin friend Eunan2 the next POTW the reason he's awesome is because he helps me in every game like card-jistu snow water and fire and congrats trisher2


Great job for making the penguin of the week
I hope you enjoyed winning

Vinyl scratch:

I think amelia 447 should be penguin of the week because she's nice,stands up if someone's being mean,and she never gives up
I hope she gets picked so plz let her


I am penguin who really wants to be penguin of the week so. I wish to be penguin of the week


oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee make Gt18 penguin of the week. he's really nice to everyone starting with club penguin to the real world.he needsssssss to be it pleaseeeeeeeee if you do I will SCREAM!!!!! so think about it. HIM!!! hehe sorry bye bye

Rockvine 18:

I have visited your iggy and it is amazing. I liked as well. You are very creative in igloo styling and clothes.

Im Jad:

Congratulations to Trisher2! He sounds pretty cool too! I think I've met him somewhere before too! Wow. xD Anyways, WADDLE ON!

- Jad

Coconut lover:

Hi-ya! I know a penguin who totally deserves to be penguin of the week! It's my BFF Krystalie3! She supports all penguins when sad and or ect.. But anyway her IGGY is full of imagination! She has a living room,kitchen,bathroom,and bedroom!and have the same but it includes a guest bedroom as well though.but that's not the point i believe that she should also be penguin of the week because shealways makes friends,throws parties (that nobody wants to miss!) and she never gives up!so i nominate her!


Id like to nominate Kenso1000. She is a penguin with some ultra rare items, she loves puffles, she likes to play soccer when the stadium is ready, and she is a great friend! :)

Kayla B9:

Hi cp! question, what's your fave movie? Disney or family type ... lol


My favorite movie of all time would have to be 'Finding Nemo'! "Fish are friends, not food!"

What's your favorite movie?

- The Club Penguin Team


I agree :) love that movie!


my favoriate movie is jurassic park....... :)



Pinkycat2005 :

Lego movie no excuses

Booy 6:

'Teen beach summer movie' cuz of Ross lynch
And "one direction this is us" cuz... Well... IT'S 1D!!!!
Reply if u agree with any of these


I think Thinknoodles, the "Noodler" should be POTW.

PS He's technically famous!

whomps224 you kinda know by now:

I agree with Plnkyple Think should be POTW!


I nominate Ryanec1 as Penguin Of the Week. He is a wonderful penguin! He has many igloo parties and likes every igloo he goes to. He sends many postcards too! He loves playing Club Penguin both on the computer and his iPad. He logs in almost every day and changes his outfit about once a week! He tries to go to as many Field Fridays, Megg Mondays and Spike Sundays as possible! H also tries to go to other penguins parties! He buys all the items in all the catalogs too!


hi,i know a very helpful and creative penguin. his name is dwayne jhon.i have seen him helping other new penguins, encouraging them and make lonely penguins :-).i saw him one day making a very naughty penguin a good one! he also never showofs.he always says one thing to every penguin who is new that always be happy, never be sad, cause penguins are meant to be happy!and if you want success you need to run after excellence, immediately success will run after you.he really deserves it.HE THE BEST.


Great Job Trisher2!! I think Ethankaykay should get the penguin of the week award. She is super sweet and kind. You should definitely consider her as penguin of the week

Ninja kai:

hello cp team i know a guy who is kind his name is epiccena4109 he is by the way i think jelibandito deserves it too thanks

Ninja kai:

hey guys i wanted to say the next penguin of the week to be epiccena410 hes so cool and he listens so carefully whenevr i say go here he doesnt wait and goes he deserves it rock on megg


My friend Jega2007 is so funny! He makes new friends everyday! He is so fun to be around! He cares about others and he looks on the bright side of things! He showed me around when I started! He is a great friend! He should be POTW!


Hey CP team ! Today I want Piplupvovero to win because she is the best sister I could ever have. If you become Penguin Of The Week, do you get free membership ? Congrats Trisher !


Congratulations to: Trisher2
I want nominate to Crissportman, he is a very cool penguin with a crazy style he's always helpin. Please make him POTW Daffo Please.. Thanks!

Krazi Cookie:

I have a friend and her name is Tansypansy. She is always kind to everyone she meets and always adds new friends. She helps them with a lot of things, and always keeps us notified with postcards almost everyday. I think she deserves a reward. Thank you!

Blue beach:

I think that my older brother sn0st0rm213 should be POTW because he introduced me to this awsome game and has helped out a lot of people who where sad or fighting and turned things around THX.

Ballet 17:

My friend 18 Polly 18 should be POTW. He is a amazing friend, EPF agent, and Ninja. He helps new Penguins that come to the island. He donates most of his coins to coins for change. He gives Penguins tips on all the mini games since he has all the game stamps. He also helps Penguins find Mascots they want to meet.


Hi club penguiners
I would like to nominate my BFFs Lilaclily05 and Melonfruit12.
Melonfruit12 because she is new but has became a secret agent , a tour guide ,made quite a cool igloo with her own music been friendly and had fun! Lilaclily05 because of the same reasons became a secret agent found lots of secrets made a ausome igloo been friendly and had fun by having adventures
Waddle on


I think Lara1216 would make a great penguin of the week because she loves club penguin, is always looking out for others, makes everyone she meets her friend, and always makes penguins smile if they're feeling sad. She's a great friend, and she's amazingly loyal. Also her igloo always has a different theme. Please consider her for penguin of he week.


HI I think Ryli211 should be penguin of the week because she against bulling. She loves puffles, and she's been playing forever. she comes up with the coolest igloos.She loves to play with my friends and I when we feel sad. She also gives great advice. She's great to keep company thanks.


Hy Daffo! I want nominate my friend Milanmico as penguin of the week!!! Hes awesome friend, hes very active, he know proggraming hes my best friend. Hes very helpeful, and respecteful!!!!
Thats my reasons to chose Milanmico as penguin of the week!
I hope you chose him!



I think that Thinknoodles should be POTW. Thinknoodles is such a friend to so many. He takes time out of his day to visit us penguins, give us tips, and loads more. Not to mention that he is so creative with his outfits, and he always tries his best to keep up with his fans. I really hope Thinknoodles gets POTW!


I think Anu126 should be penguin of the week. She is awesome , funny, talented, and is a good friend. She is there when you need her.


I really think phoebe love should be POTW she always cheers me up when i'm
sad.Her parties are awsome to!


Hi I want Stampy701 to be penguin of the week.Shes kind, she helps me with my problems,she has cool styles,and awesome igloos .I hope you put her next week.Thanks CPteam !!:)


I agree bluey795 she is not only kind ,helping she was the one that made me play cp!!!
I think stampy701 should the the next POTOW !
Thx CPteam !!!;)




I think peppi4865 deserves POTW

Happi Dudley:

Congratulations to Trisher2! I give him my congratulations! Because he will in the (POTW) :3
And then bye (I don't have anything to say)

-Happi Dudley


Do Mankaran5432 for penguin of the week he's nice and a good friend


I would nominate Jellobandito. He always has some party or fun activity at his iggy. I always go there when ever i feel like partying!


Hi I think zoierob should be penguin of the week she's nice positive always helps out, loves club penguin fashion!!!! This is the right gurl


i nominate myself i want to be cool on club penguin


I would like to nominate lara1216 because she been very kind to one another. If they are sad she will be there. She cheered up slot of people when they where sad one time when I was really down and I had no friends lara1216 helped me. She put a smile on my face


I would pick lara1216 because she been a very good friend to others. she has been motivating people to never give up. Everyone she meets makes her friend. she would always put a smile on people's face when they are sad and happy.


I would pick lilly4790. she is really a good friend of mine. She would always help me and my problems whenever I get sad or mad . She makes me smile and I'm happy I have a great friend like her. So please make her penguin of the wee.

Mash lover:

I know a super brill penguin who deserves to be POTW. Her name is Wordgirl888 and she has the biggest heart on all of club penguin. She is an awesome sport and loves to be with her friends. One time, I saw her comforting a penguin she didn't even know! It was SO sweet! The penguin put up a frowny emoticon and she just went over there and cheered them right up. I love her and she is the total best! (Comment if you think she should be POTW).


I vote Jellobandito because he is super rare and he never shows off his items. He makes amazing igloos and he will be friends with anyone. He also has a lot of likes, throws a ton of parties, and makes videos of tips for CP. Congrats Trisher2!


Congrats! I would like to nominate two people for POTW first I would love to nominate myself because in the coffee shop I am always their dancing and saying free mommy because some penguins called Pookies love being adopted so that proves that I am really nice! My second person is Sparkles720 because she is always trying to make everyone feel welcome here on CP so I would love if you would consider her and me for POTW!


Can we nominate ourselves for POTW? I want to be penguin of the week because the background would look great with all my awesome outfits :) The 10,000 coins would be a great use for me.I would really want to use some of it to my puffle Goldy.I'm a great friend and I really know style when I see it.I am very dedicated to Club Penguin.I hope you will be able to make me POTW.My username is jamesstorm99

ice agent 6:

may i be the penguin of the week my name is ice agent 6 in the game i am nice and i donate 10000 coins every year


I would like to nominate someone for the POTW there name is arriss2003 because she is standing up for people not being a bystander she also breaks up arguments with people and she doesn't care if your a member or not she is friends with everyone. If you think that arriss2003 should be POTW comment below.


I would like to nominate arriss2003 for POTW. She is great, she is kind to others helps new penguins break up arguments and she is really respectful, so that is why I think arriss2003 should be POTW.

Enter nickname:

Congrats great job


well im think sophia11082 should be potw because she is fun gives great tours and is super friendly and stands up to bullies


congratulations Trisher2 well done.
Very Cute outfit!


I think it should be number1p


Hi Club Penguin team I Would Like Harley4Ever to be Penguin of the week because he is my Best Friend on CP and sis Supper Nice,Smart,Funny,and helpful to others! He has never once broken the rules from what i have seen! He Would Love to hear that i voted for him Penguin of the Week and if he does win i would want to hold a big Penguin of the Week Party for him in my igloo thanks Cp team! and Please pick Harley4Ever as your next Penguin of the Week! you wont Regret it! i promise it would be good!


I just wanna say congrats Trisher2! and I nominate megg for making all our videos!
hi meg
#waddle on


I think it should be Amber448 because she is loyal, friendly, and kind.

Marissa 22:

Please make me penguin of the week I think I can be it because my friends say I can and I think people really like my igloo.


i think tryranosurus should be the penguin of the week because he cares for me and hes my best friend.


I think treerex801 should win let's see him win


i would like this awesome girl named fballgirl to be penguin of the week bcuz she is super nice

1d is cute28:

Great Job!!! I think stevie horan should be POTW because she's nice and she follows the CP rules.


Kj Remy:

i vote for kulthum she's a wonderful friend and tourist she's gives amazing guides and i think she should be potw:)


me nominate kulthum my best friend amazing igloos and amazing outfits and style!


I think Trucly91 or PinkSnow17 something like that I think... Trucly91 because she is the funniest person/penguin I know. And we are really good friends!! She is sesitive though.If someone bullies another person, she will do everything she can! Pinksnow because she is super sweet, and very compatible. She can a great igloo designer too! Waddle On Guys!


Hey cp team boy i have a potw for you her name is Vegasara she is super nice hope you pick her


This style is awesome! But i love my style. Is funny


I think that my best friend luqman2013 should be penguin award of the week because he stand for bulling, he so funny and he never let anyone down, he will alway be there for you and he never think anything mean about you. He so creative in his igloos ideas. Please pick him.


Hi again. I forgot to put who I think should be POTW. It should be HLC0906 for she is a great friend and always helps other people on club penguin. Well done trisher2 again!
Waddle On


Hi! Its my birthday on the 9th of June and also, many thanks to tabby10 for nominating me!
Waddle On guys!!! Btw Well done Trisher2, you probally desevered it for being a great penguin.


Congratulations! Trisher2
Keep it up! ;)


Hello Everyone! :)
Don't worry if your not POTW maybe one day you will be. Just be patient so don't worry you will be a POTW someday ;)
Everyone is Penguin Of The Week! :)
You all are Winners!



Congratulation to the penguin of the week .if u tried to be a penguin of the week but u weren't picked you are still a special penguin. If u didn't get to be the penguin of the week ,it doesn't mean to stop helping others!


I think zillaschoo should get it


Hi CP! Today, I would like to acknowledge Clovertail05 as the POTW. She is a great model, is friendly, and is my BFF. We have been friends for the longest time, and I would be very happy if she would be POTW. Thank you CP!



Well done Trisher2!!
Best outfit Ever seen in days!!!!!!!!
I nominate bombomjoy because shes a nice freind and she has style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My amazing friend, Daimond2005, has been playing club penguin with me for over five years!
She's done so much for me over the years like recommend games when I first started and didn't have enough to feed my puffles
She stuck up for me when I was getting teased by a group of other penguins
She donates all the coins she's earnt each year to the club penguin charities
I think she so deserves this
Thank you for reading

Policies rule:

Think cool kid cal for potw because he is nice and kind


I nominate my Best Friend (official on my friend list) P216353819! She and I became great friends, and once she solved a fight between two penguins AND she is a jolly good party host! She has such stylish outfits, she should work in the Clothes Shop! She also cares a lot for her puffles, and she has ALOT of likes on her igloo. She and I hang out SO much that I know for FACT she should be penguin of the week. Please pick her she is very kind and she told me it was her DREAM to be POTW!!!


My friend wuzzyjr23 should be because he is very stylish with his clothes and his igloo and he's helped me a ton like he bought me my membership and then spent hours trying to get me my fancy igloo and clothes and that's why I think he deserves it. :3


I vote for.............everyone! Cause every single penguin here deserves an award and club penguin team you guys are awesome and you deserve it to! I also want to say great job everyone with protecting us from meteors so far!


Why thank you!


Congrats Trisher2!




Can you add me thinknoodles? my penguin name is batmank1.


I really think Jellobandito should be Penguin Of The Week he makes the best iggy's eva!!

Waddle On!


I think Thinknoodles should be penguin of the week because he visits igloo likes them and sends you poscards!!

Waddle On!


I think Yardoo should be penguin of the week, she is my friend on and offline, and is always kind to penguins.

The Shy Guy:

I would like to nominate Dupple for Penguin of the Week. The reason why I nominate Dupple is that he is a loyal Club Penguin fan. He is extremely kind to all players, and he is also very helpful. He has been a Club Penguin fan for over SEVEN years and he really deserves to be Penguin of the Week. :)


My friend Pooh1005 is a great friend! When I get bullied she stands up for me! She always looks on the bright side of things. She wears very cool outfits and cares for her pets. May you please make her POTW? Thanks! Good job Trisher2! Waddle On! ~Jega2007


I think Zack9889 deserves to get it because he has good igloos hes cool nice and he doesnt have much coins


I would like to nominate Emily18031. I saw her once and she was helping two penguins be friends again! I watched and she helped them and they were best friends again! Also, she wears cool outfits! I've been to her igloo too, it's a house! :) Please make her Penguin of the Week!! :)

Bubblegum1 floating away! :)

Pinky :

I think I should be potw because at Christmas that charity I donated all of my game coins and I was never potw yet pleeeeese. -Pinkycat2005

Pinky :

Congrats trisher2 what do you do to become penguin of the week how do you do it .Where did you get that sweet outfit? How many coins do you get?Sorry if I'm asking to many questions


i should because i give tours sometimes when i am one and help people when they are sad on club penguin #waddle on


Roarer brall should be potw-


I nominate Mellisiasara as POTW she's really nice and funny and she's my best friend!!!!


I think the next penguin of the week should be Jellybeeny, she's an awesome friend! She genuinely cares about others, and she's really funny! She's like a sister to me, whenever I feel sad or lonely, she talks to me so that I feel better. I hope she feels the same way when she talks to me! She's my best friend and she's not afraid to let me know when I make a mistake, is that good or bad? Ha ha! In reality, she's the closet friend I have that I consider family.


I would nominate Princessbele.She has been a good friend (and has awesome outfits) she's always letting me play with her.she helps when another person is being bulliedShes so EPIC!!!And when I'm at her iggy we throw awesome party's and invited all other friends please nominate her.

Waddle On!


I think my friend Bgting should be penguin of the week. She has a really cool iggy, and she's got a sense of clothes style. She knew about the iceberg and dojo before they were labeled. not to mention she's really nice... If you don't choose her, choose Kylie61104. She sticks up for people, and she's got Bgting's style. Thx Club penguin!

1butter cup3:

Can I be penguin of the week I am kind and caring


Wow! Congratulations to trisher2! My next request for the penguin of the week is Iceybluedrop. She is most definently friendly and gos on Club Penguin all the time! She likes many igloos and changes her style all the time! She will make a great penguin of the week! : )


Club penguin,
A special penguin has been hoping to be the penguin of the week for a VERY long time now. Please consider Gabriela3263 as penguin of the week. She has been on club penguin for over four years and has given amazing tours, has the fashion, treats people right, and always tells someone to stop when she sees something not right. Again thank you for taking the time to consider Gabriela3263 as penguin of the week!☺️

Sincerely, Bella29236


I would like to nominate Wobbly Nano for POTW here is why. She is an awesome friend, she loves having fun, she loves having parties when ever she can (that's almost all the time),also she helps people when there bullied or sad. She loves being friends with everybody. She would never judge a book by it cover in other words she would never ever tell a person something or anything that would hurt them EVER . Please make her POTW it would mean so much to me and thank you for reading this. :]


My name is apples4712 and my friends Kingstonba and Brandon22090 were great friends. They kinda desvere to be the POTW penguin. I would vote for them.


Listen, I am really serious about this! I really want to have Loudfizzy be the penguin of the week. She really deserves it! Her parties are amazingly AWESEOM AND EPIC, and, she is REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY NICE! She is a fantasic penguin. So please please PLEASE pick LOUDFIZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chefpinky20 should be POTW.
She is always so nice to other penguins and she tries to help them if they have problems.
She even helped me.
There were some mean penguins saying I didn't help defeat protobot and they were yelling at her too. Woah she took charge so fast! She said to stop bullying other penguins. AND THEY LISTENED!! I was so happy!
Please let Chefpinky20 be POTW!! (She also has AWESOME igloos!!! I especially love her coffee shop!)


Hallo other CP Penguins!
I agree with G4mer For3ver. (We share the same computer)
But Chefpinky20 has been so nice!
When I first joined she gave an awesome tour with some of her own facts like some of the parties that were previously hosted there.
She also showed me how to take care of puffles really well, and she even brought me to some CP mascots and I got some awesome backgrounds!
She really deserves POTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))

freeze men:

i really want to be the penguin of the week because in every party i buy stuff for my igloo and make it just like the party


why is club penguin so swsome/


I think my real friend Yuri Sk8 deserves to be the next Penguin of the week. He helps penguins, he makes some videos about Club Penguin that make us laugh. The most thing that i think that has to be shown is his Igloo, because it's AWESOME! I think you should pick him, waddle on!


I want stormyrocker as penguin of the week he's cool and nice to all penguins and it would be so cool to see that he's penguin of the week please select stormyrocker as penguin of the week


I would say an AWESOME friend is Happypoppy75! Ever since I joined CP, she helped me with EVERYTHING! She's also very kind! So she deserves to be penguin of the week! :)
Waddle on!
~ Cutie Pie<3


I Think next week should be Sapphire8534 shes an amzing friend ses funny fun and she have a big funny bone so shes soo funny x


i think it sall be Cloe8911 she helps me follow the rules she drects me it the right way so i dont do a wrong she has been on Cp for a long time but i dont know how long so Cloe8911 is the BESTEST FRIEND ANY PENGUIN COULD ASK FOR!
Waddle On
Club Penguin
Alexandra x


Aww thx i hope you get it <3




my friend patchypie2 is super nice in the penguin world and the real world!
he stands up to bullies at school and at home.
so I think he should be pots!


sorry typo, potw.


it should be josh29491 because he has 20555 coins and he has 100 stamps


Acctually I have TWO penguins I think should be Penguin of the Week! One is Teddy11202, we have such fun having igloo adventures of being mermaids! The second one is Saraapril, she made a anti-bullying video and she cares about the enviorment. If one of them could be Penguin of the Week it would be epic!

Exotiick Bat:

penguin of the week for jellobandito he has this awesome restaurant-themed igloo and it is awesome!!!


Hi CPT, I think a great POTW would be Ironman97445, hes a great buddy on here, he's really good at card jitsu and we always play it together, and I would love for him to be POTW. He is also my brother. And I always inform him whats new and he would make a great POTW. Ironman97445 for POTW!

Ham O Ween:

Congrats Trisher2!!
P.S. Club Penguin Team, Its my Birthday tomorrow, so Can you Say "Happy Birthday Ham O Ween"!! For me
That would be great! Plus I might Hit Like.
Anyways, Thx!! Waddle On!


I believe we are friends! I think. Anyways, happy birthday!



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