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By Daffodaily5 on June 10, 2014 - 07:03


Let's talk about the EPIC Sushi Drop mini game on the Club Penguin app! :)

With Sushi Drop, each day you'll earn a new piece of sushi by logging into the app and exploring the different sections (including the blog and video areas).

Once you've earned some delicious sushi, you simply need to drop it into the hungry clams' mouths. The challenge is getting your sushi to drop into the largest clam's mouth (he's the big fella in the middle) to get the maximum number of coins.

Trying aiming your sushi at either the left or right hand side (rather than the middle) to increase your chance of it ending up in the mega clam's mouth at the bottom

You can create handy bubbles in the water by tapping the screen, try using them to help direct your sushi as it falls. If you bump into a fish on the way down, you can tap them so they swim away. When this happens a bubble will appear; pop it to claim the coin inside!

Did you know that sometimes you can even earn bonus items for your penguin when playing Sushi Drop? It's kinda random, so the more you play, the more chance you have of getting one! These items are available to all players! How BRILL is that?! From what I've collected so far, I love the Life Ring and Sailor Hat (the nautical look is so in right now).

Good luck and happy sushi droppin'! :)

If you're a super Sushi Drop expert and you've got some tips that you'd like to share with everyone, leave a comment below! Or if there's something else in the Club Penguin app that you'd like me to cover next time, just let me know!


-Club Penguin Team



Are you guys working on Android app?


I just do it ithe middle of the left or right one.I've gotten the big guy 3 times in a row!





Well, when I played sushi drop, I dropped it in the middle first and used bubbles. I always got lucky, so that was how I played it. I will try your tips and see if it works for me!



I have never tried using bubbles


wow,but i dont get it,why sushi? and what do we need it for...


1. I don't know. 2. It's just a game to help you earn coins. Since it's only on Mobile,I am unable to play it.


That's cool I try to do it from the middle-ish to drop it I might make a video about sushi drop


YAY! FIRST COMMENT i got every item on the cp app so ya plz put a new update!-Puffle


Sometimes you will get bonus treasure one time I got a thousand coins for hitting the big clam. It will double! Hey wait be my friend tealdog

Mr Mario5:

I have all the bonus items and I have over 300000 coins because of Sushi Drop!


Thanks Daffo for these awesome tips! This will definitely help me when playing this awesome game!



am a robot:

first comment hi mom!

Snowman Blue:

FIRST COMMENT!!!! (maybe)
I have an iPad so i definitely try out your tips.
Waddle On!!!

Snoopy Fun:

Sushi is my favorite thing in the app! What about yours? Hopefully sushi!


I love how you can connect to people on your iOS device, it's so cool! Hopefully one day we'll be able to connect to people on the web via the iOS app, that'd be epic!

Waddle On!

Kathy B:

I don't think it is very fun, ( The sushi, The app is awesome!) but u do get money. I think you they should make it harder because Every time I play I get the big clam! (Not that I'm complaining that I get tons of free coins) I just think out would be more fun if it was harder

Penguin 43:

Hey Daffodaily5!
Thanks for some App Tips on Sushi Drop!
They are very helpful!
How often do you post App Tips on the Club Penguin Blog?
I think that you should cover Jet Pack Boost for your next App Tips!
The Club Penguin App is so Cool!


Every time i play I get the biggest clam that is worth $500, and most the time what i do is i drop the sushi, on the rock thing right next the middle. So basically, if u drop the sushi just right of where the biggest clam is, you'll get the most coins. Hope this helps! :)

Rockvine 18:

I love the Sushi game. Also first comment!

A Diretoria:

Hi Daffo! thanks for the tip, always love your super tips! we will one day find and you add me: 3


If you visit the Club Penguin Blog and/or videos you get extra sushi! You can have up to 3 sushi.


I have actually gotten nore than five pieces of sushi! Amazin' right? I got A LOT of sushi by playing games!

Minty Spirit:

Actually, for many days I forgot to go play the Sushi Drop. By the time I came back, I had 6 sushi. :)


I have so much sushi that I don't know how much I have! There is this circle that says how much sushi I have, but it only goes up to 99. I just assume I have more than 99. Mabye around 300! So you can have as much sushi as you can!
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now I really want the app!


You can download it for free on the app store!

Waddle On!


Thanks for the tips. I would play that a lot. Unfortunately, I have Android devices.


I have a good tip! To get the sushi roll in the big clam, keep creating bubbles so the sushi falls in the direction the bubble is. It may drop to the other side ( this happens a lot with me :( ) but hope this helps! so keep them feet waddling on Club Penguin! See ya soon!


Huh, when when I use bubbles I always to push it the opposite way or stay in the same place resting on those rocks to get money from the fish.


I have a question, Do you get the items/coins on your normal clubpenguin too?(not the app, like the game Clubpenguin for computers)
or is it do you only get the items on the app?


Wish Stealer:

Sushi Drop is only available in the Club Penguin App :-)


I know that, but I am asking, after you do that(and get items) then will the items be on for the app? or both?



It has actually been uploaded to my account for the computer! Cool right?!


I play Sushi Drop every day! It's great because if I forget to play it one day I'll get a push notification at 3pm reminding me to grab my sushi! I currently have over 90 sushi so the clams aren't hungry at all - they're almost full xD

It'd be great if you could cover a new mini-game when a new mini-game is released. I haven't seen many updates to the app for awhile so when a new mini-game comes it'd be great if you could cover it!

Waddle On!


YAY SUSHI DROP my favorite game on my iPad! I have one tip: if u wanna get to the three clams in the middle, try aiming the sushi at the second hole from the middle. :D

zoom zoom103:

the only problem I see with this game is that is it NOT online cause I own no apple things


Nice, thanks Daffodaily5!

Layla Blue:

Are you guys going to add this to online or is it going to stay on the app?
Waddle on!

zoom zoom103:

I agree

Enter nickname:



Will MyPenguin be on Android? Please reply! PS You guys are doing a great job. I hope Club Penguin will be around forever! WADDLE ON


We are constantly working to get the Club Penguin application to more penguins!

-The Club Penguin Team

Kaitie 8:

I'll get all my friends to play:)


If you play games on the Club Penguin app then you get a sushi for each game (Checking blog and videos count too).


I have a tip for gaining more coins: HIT THE FLUFFY FISH!


1. Try earning sushi until you have about 20 (I had 27 once!) and then, just drop them all in. I tried it and I earned 8,000 coins from it!
2. The first fish gives you 100 coins, the second gives you 150. So try to get the second fish rather than the first.
1. Sometimes, you get a 100/250/500 (or any other amount) coin bonus, so if you get the mega clam and a 500 bonus, you can get 1,000 coins!
2. Aiming at the middle decreases your chance of getting the mega clam.


Great Game!!!!! I will use the tips!!!! Make more tips please!!!

Waddle On!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kowlski2 :


Fluffy2840 :

My tip is try to drop it on the second space so if left go to the very left side then skip one is right then go to the very right then skip one


The app looks like so much fun I'd download it if I had either an iPad or iPod Touch or iPhone! Unfortch, it's ONLY available on said devices. :( Please make one for Android, please please please??? I have a NextBook!


I have an amazin' tip for sushi drop. I usually always get it in the big clam's mouth with this tip! If you have the app, take it out and play sushi drop! Right before you drop the sushi do you see the big rock in the middle? Brill! Drop the sushi near the big rock (kind of to the right if you may) The sushi will drop and it will usually hit BOTH fish and get in the big clam's mouth! Isn't that amazin'? You can also get sushi from playing games. (I do actually have an accent! It is British!)Yay!


Can you please make the app available worldwide? I really want to download it! :(


Thanks for the tips, Daffo! I think I already have all the Sushi Drop things :D
I haven't been dropping much sushi lately.. I used to have 40 to drop or more!! And I have a tip, sometimes you don't really need to drop your sushi and the ends. I tried doing that a few times, and usually I just get the small clams. So maybe you should drop it between the end and middle.
Thanks for the awesome app (and game)!! But do you think you should have more items that we could get in the game?


Hi Daffo, why haven't you been blogging lately? Btw what team do you cheer for i'm guessing yellow?


There is the sailor hat, Gone fishing back round, yellow scuba mask, and the life saver. WADDLE ON!


I have a tip :D Listen to every tip Daffo just told you .
:D Waddle on! -Abi1977


Cool bonus

Minty Spirit:

I noticed that hitting the Fluffy fish can be helpful, but also can get you off course. If that happens, create some bubbles to get you back in the right direction. By the items I've earned, most of them were from the sushi that landed in the largest clam-- therefore, the largest clam is probably the one that's most likely to give you items. Hope this helped! Waddle on! ;)


to all you sushi-droppers out there, it doesn't matter where you drop it into the water.
As long as you tap the screen and create bubbles to move the sushi, you're good! :D
oh, and I know it drives me CRAAAZY whenever I don't hit fluffy, but you don't really have to... or do you? XD


Sushi drop is awesome pavan you cover the penguin World Cup next time


If you hit fluffy he runs away leaving a bubble in it click on the bubble with the coin int it and you will get some coins


Thanks for you app tricks Daffodaily!


It works!!!! I had three sushi. The first one got only 200 coins. The second got 100 from a fish and got 500 and a bonus 500 so I got 1,100 coins the second time! The third time I got 500!!!!! It works!!!! It was all on the sides!!!!!!!!


Hiya! Thanks for the BRILL tips Daffo! Anyways, could someone please tell me what the prizes earned in sushi drop? (I've only earned a few and dying to get more) Thanks for the tips and tricks though! ^^ Cheers The Cheerful Caramel1101 # Peaceout!

Catlady Meow:

You can earn up to 8 items from backgrounds to items! :)



Thanks Catlady Meow! I only have five so far! From, Aquasweet2


I always go in the middle and do some bubbles when it's going left or right I always get big clams and perfect prizes... Waddle on!


You guys better be working on the Android version or I get to pick what's behind
Jk! BUT I really need an android version of the My penguin app because android is what I have aaccess to!


Whenever I drop the sushi in the right hand side , I always get the biggest clam. The prizes I got were a hat and a sail saver and a necklace and more


Hi Daffo! When I play Sushi Drop, I always realize that when you see the gray, background fish swimming, I always see the yellow fish with it, so to get extra points look for the background fish and you find the yellow fish along with it to bump! From a Club Penguin player, Aquasweet2


HI Daffo thanks for the tips but i need to know if
is this app only for members?
if yes then if you earn something in the app will it be there in my cp penguin
Please reply

Waddle on!


No bl0ss0m the app is for everyone and anyone can get the prizes and keep them they go in your in your Club Penguin inventory! From, Aquasweet2

Minty Spirit:

Nope! It's for every penguin. ;) If you earn something in the app, it will indeed be in your inventory when you play Club Penguin on your desktop! =^-^=


I have a tip, Try to hit the fish and you will get extra coins!


When is the Penguin App coming out on Android?

Kaitie 8:

thanks for the tips!



I LOVE this mini-game. I have earned all items and use thoses tips too. I go to the right because the left doesn't work well for me. I have earned most of my coins through this game!
Heres my tip: try to have about 10 sushi or less at a time. I once had 40 and it took me a very long time.
Please respond if you don't mind- as soon as I got my ipad that was when the app was ipad only- for a minute. The app is the only reason i really wanted one and as soon as I got the app, they released theipod

Dodger 99:

I think I kind of know the tip.


i saved up to 70 sushi because i keep forgetting to do the sushi drop thing


I made 50 sushi beacuse I thought sushi drop was a boring game but where my friends told me about it ,it was awesome!. I got many stuff ,like a shirt ,a cap, goggles and many more .

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