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By Daffodaily5 on June 26, 2014 - 07:15
My oh my! It's so WARM in the UK at the moment! Well, it's warm by our standards anyway! I thought I'd show you what the weather looks like from my office today here in Brighton. As you can see, it's nice and sunny with a few clouds! The perfect opportunity to throw on some sunglasses and spend a bit of time outdoors (which is difficult at the moment because there's so much football going on!) :D
I think I'll head to the beach later and maybe write up a few new blog posts whilst catching some rays! ;) What's the weather like where you are? What do you guys like to do when it's sunny? Let me know in the comments below! :)
-Club Penguin Team





I don't know the metric system. What's that in Farenheit?


I think it weird that everyone I know does Fahrenheit, when what I do is Celsius. But where I am it is cloudy and almost at least once a week it storms or rains. AND IT IS THE END OF JUNE! Plus, it's a little cold outside. My mom isn't letting me go out there a lot. But it is 24 degrees Celsius. I don't know that in Fahrenheit. But for the next week, it will storm for a whole week except for Monday and Tuesday.


I was playing ice fishing and the fish ignored me! ): please reply


If you mean the mullet, then for it to not ignore you, you have to have a fluffy on your hook first.
Hope this helped :D


Maybe he just wasn't hungry! XD


69.8 degrees F

iron man207:

evewone in club penguin it was fun in the futere but gary and gary3000 dident let us stay for ever becuse tyhe robots will turn us in to robots and se evewone evone the movies that are comig to club pengin


Here in Colorado it has been Rainy all summer. Bummer. I have gone to the pool at least ten time ALL SUMMER!! How insane is that! In my free time when it's sunny I like to play with friends, play in the sprinklers, hang out at the pool, tan in the sun, and just have FUN!! Reply to this if you like to do everything I like to! Just type, To Loxiemycat18: (your message). Have a great great great summer!!
Ps: loving all the fun cp parties! I am so sad I missedafew!


Hi Loxiemycat18! (LOOOOONG NAME LOL), I love to play in the pool with my friends! My cousins got a pool last summer, so we play in it A TON! I live in Ohio, and its really warm! Like, the average is 85!!!!
Have fun this summer! WAAAADLE ON!!!!

Enter nickname:

Can you please release the penguin style catalog of July one day early, if it does not give you trouble. I can not be there the 3rd of July. I can not wait! If you do not I understand. Thank you!


To Loxiemycat18:

That's what I do in the weather, except I don't play in the sprinklers:(

Alexis Atv:

they said it was supposed to be rainy, but it has been sunny here in the u.s.
the weather has been over 75 degrees Fahrenheit! that's over 23 degrees Celsius for everywhere else.
i don't know about u, but i am hitting the beach!

LittleCuty 5:

It's all rainy and cold and windy in New Zealand. Probably because over here it's Winter!!!!


Yeah, I live in the US but it said lightning storms the whole day but nope, actually my mom's car went to 103 degrees and it was in the shade!


Well it's going to be summer soon so we go to the beach so we could cool off and when i say cool i mean like to be fresh so that report or girl is right so we go to the beach reply if ou believe me!


Here in Canada we go on hikes up moutins go to lakes rivers streams even the ocean and the we swim we also just do stuff out side well most of us do these things

Enter nickname:

hey cp i agree with penky5 idea i wish he did make a time machine to go back to old cp


Hi gobogo! (If you rember me)


Have you got a sunburn yet?
- skittlepuple

Frosty Apten:

I haven't gotten one myself, but a few other pals around here have.

Don't forget to wear the proper protection when playing in the sun all day!

- The Club Penguin Team


I dont burn, I tan! LOL ; )


oww ya itis burning outside


Why do you have to have a membership to get some things I mean I wish u didn't have to have a membership for some things


It is very,very HOT here and here there is only spring and summer. NO LIE.

What the what :

Where I'm at u better go to the beach or u boil


It is warmish here in CA


its sunny and really warm were I live :D


Hi Daffo,

Well I live in the UK just like you. I'm gonna enjoy the weather while I can, It's gonna rain tomorrow in London :-(

Flappy bird:

So hot outdoors but it's gonna be so sunny outside so warm and toasty


It is really sunny here in Canada, and no clouds too! Time to throw on some sunglasses, and have some fun in the sun! I usually go jogging, hang out with friends, play volleyball,play soccer, and all that fun summer stuff! Have a great summer :D
Waddle on!


When it's sunny, I prefer to drive out to a lake of some sort with my family, and go swimming! And every week we do something called our "Weekly Outing," whether it's the mall, or going hiking, we ALWAYS do it! Also, today's weather is a smooth 83 degrees, but then again, it's still morning, that's when it's cold! Oh and also, nice green computer! I <3 it!


first comment


Cool looks for a party girl
Nice I wish I had a giant pool


It's raining here in Cardiff! I <3 to go in my pool when its sunny!


It is stormy where I live.


Well in New Jersey right now i think its hot and sunny plus a few clouds and whenever its sunny out i like to go to the beach or my Uncle's pool

Penguin 43:

Hey Daffodaily5!
It's good to hear that the weather in Brighton at the moment is Sunny with a few Clouds and the temperature is 21°c!
It's a great idea for you to go to the beach later!
Can you post pictures of your time at the beach on the Club Penguin Blog?
Have Fun at the Beach and enjoy the weather!

Zebarb :

oh just the usual, rainy, 62*F

Zebarb :

yesterday was the last day of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Weird. I got out a month and one day ago.

lab dog 6789:



Where I live in Texas it's 110 degrees. It hasn't rained all the rain is near the gulf and moving north east so I don't get any rain I:

18 polly 18:

It is Warm where I am and I live in Canada. I like to go outside for a bit and then go in my nice cool house.

Kev Porsche:

In my country Belgium is it 22 Celsius. I am playing badminton with my brother in my garden. Certainly there come more days as now, because it is Summer.

NIce Sensei:

Ok so this might shock you... I live in Egypt Cairo and it is 42 degrees celcious and i do not like the sun.


Awesome name! Go..... Sensei!



Where I live is really hot.


I know how you feel, 106 and it keeps getting hotter...


It's warm where I am, because I'm actually on vacation at the beach right now. :D BEACH BUDDIES! XD First Comment I Think...! :D :D :D!

Enter nickname:

it is sort of cold i am in the uk! when its sunny i just play club penguin! it makes me think of cooling down in a little penguin town and village!

Sparky Dog:

It's really hot and warm for me, I just go and play soccer (football I should say). I would consider summer my favorite season!

Crystal38s and Cleo Setory:



It's mostly cloudy here in Massachusetts, USA. When it's sunny, I like to call up my friends and do fun stuff outside.


Did you say the beach or maybe in LA? We'll I would say, Waddle On!
I would say its real.

Best Fire:

I Live in turkey (But Im English) & Here It's 9% Sunny out of 100% and no cold weather or wind i can only see the sun
so im gonna stay home becuase... Ok no one ever agrees when i say this but hate the sun
i only like the cold


it is warm where I live. I like to go to the beach! :) <3 :-)<3 :-)


where i live its sunny partly cloudy


lucky! i live in the us and its very cloudy and muggy where i live right now. enjoy the beach!


And now for the weather in Miami, Florida:
It's a steaming 91 degrees Fahrenheit this afternoon. Partly cloudy, 40% chance of precipitation. The wind is blowing at 11 mph right now. Lightning storms later in the day. Most people will be sitting at home today, watching the USA vs Germany game! I know I am! Go USA!
Waddle on!


HI CHINGU123!!! I live in the USA. Today it is Saturday, June 28, 2014, and it is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a little bit of a breeze, but it feels REALLY good. Its also very sunny. BTW, the reason why I said Hi Chingu123 is because he is my best friend. GO SHARKS!!! GO HOT SAUCE!!! GO FLUFFY'S!!! GO SPACE SQUIDS!!!


Hey cool64822 do not worry it will be sunny soon like i say Everyplace and person has a sunny spot. So you will find a sunny day soon!

Cp Rockes 10:

I know you are right cool6422 where I live in M.A it is rainie and there is going to be a thunder storm!
I wish it was sunny and I can not wait because my Bday is on July first I can not wait hope it is sunny that day


Friend me, are you gonna be online that day? I am a member, and I could probably set up a big party for you.


Happy birthday from Gabe!



Also, what is 21 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit?


Today were I live, it is so hot, I will be going swimming. Yesterday, it was like 95 degrees F. But, that's summer! Waddle on and have fun at the beach Daffo!

zoom zoom103:

may be nice and sunny but the tempeture isn't good (even if it is in Celseuis) here u got 80- 100F


Ahhhh.... No clouds at out state Texas! Super-duper sunny & hot!!!! :DDDDDD


I live about 20 miles away from Cardiff and it's been so sunny for the last week, but today it's raining again :-(


Oh man, I would give anything for rain.

Dyno Soar:

Rawr! Try getting three or more water ninjas together ;-)

- Club Penguin Team


Dear Dyno Soar,



Hey Dyno Soar! I saw you yesterday on Blizzard! Thank you for accepting my friend request!


Grody 06:

Its really hot here in the USA!


its cloudy where I live but it will be sunny soon and I will go swimming or to the beach

Swat Matt:

ive been in brighton a few days ago for a holiday its very hot there in the weekend


Well, over where I live (US for the win) It's pretty sunny. Not very many clouds showing, probably a good time to get outside, maybe go to the pool or something.
Waddle on!


yep, ever where all one the Us is SUNNY, SUNNY,SUNNY!
i love Sunny days!


Sounds great! It's usually about 85 degrees in the summer where I live. Enjoy the beach!


It's really sunny here in mexico

Lexie 0515:

I would go to the beach and relax


It's kinda a rainy in where I live. It rained a lot this after-noon. I love to go out and play basketball or football when it's sunny!

Grande Pie:

I live in Argentina (southern hemisphere) and winter just started a few days ago here! It's really, really cold! And I actually prefer rainy days instead of sunny days, because they get me in good mood :D


they get me in a good mood too! (I live in a desert)

Lisa Sun:

It's sunny and really hot here! Usually I either stay indoors and cool off or hit the pool or beach like you! Waddle On!

Snow 1204:

I'm in the UK as well and I'm loving the heat!


yeah its like 90 degrees where i am from im going swimming soon today YAY


It's nice and sunny here in California. I always take a walk around the park or even go to the pool! SUMMER RULES! The other seasons are NOT BAD! :D


perfect where i live!


I go to the beach and go SWIMMING!!!!! And it's 20 c here lol


I love sunny days


Right here in Canada, it's about 2:00. The weather is fine!
It's nice and sunny; a little clouds here and there but, nevertheless, still gorgeous!
And by the way, Daffodaily, I like your hair; so nice!
When its sunny I like to play outside. One time, I even went to golf and, drive a real golf cart .
Going to the beach is fun too.
Waddle on!


Lately, where I live, it has been extremely hot. My friends and I like to go swimming at our houses, or even the public pool. It is too hot during the day to play sports like soccer, so we play sports in the evening or morning. Have an awesome summer!


For some reason, where I live, the weather is really unpredictable. For example, it's really sunny and bright with only a few clouds. An hour later, and you're stuck indoors (with a perfect excuse to stay inside playing Club Penguin) because it's like a hurricane out there.


it's 87 degrees here in Florida! that's not even considered hot here.

Kc Sunshine1:

I know! In Florida it can get up to like 95°F or something CRAZY

kevin 321:

I live in AZ, so its 106 F here! We go swimming just about every day. You'd find a lot of swimmers here.


ME TOO! OMG, it is way to hot, in Arizona we don't typically have sports a lot! PERFECT EXCUSE TO PLAY CP!

kevin 321:





It's hot and sunny here, too. When it's sunny, I sometimes go get frozen yogurt or hangout outside with my friends :)


It's super cloudy where i live and its 82 degrees outside. And i like to play on my slip-n-slide when it's sunny.


REALLY HOT AND SUNNY, no going outside, where I am, its really hot....... really hot, and a little windy. So I like to play Club Penguin all day, and practice my trumpet for couple hours on days like this! HAVE A GOOD SUMMER! I also live near no water, so I cant go to the beach :(




In the US, It is sunny with clouds. I'll meet you one day Daffo!



BEACH TIME !!!!! At the beach you can do a lot of things there . Like play in the water, make a sand castle, play with a beach ball.


And get a tan of course ;)

Dyno Soar:

Rawr, if you're going to be in the sun, don't forget sunblock! And maybe a nice hat.

- Club Penguin Team


well, where I live all year its really sunny and HOT especially at this time of year (June) cuz usually its 35 to 40 degrees out. And i like to stay at home when its sunny. I dont really like the sun, I like the shade more :)

pip peep a7:

it's raining in new England! I like to go to the park when it's sunny!

Grace K 5:

It is perfectly sunny here in the USA where I live perfect for swimming and playing outside.

Grace K 5:

I live in Missouri it is 84 degrees, but humid! BRING IT ON HEAT!


I know right i live in the USA too




Hi everyone I'm here to say happy summer and to all a good day!

G Billy One:

I think UK and Eastern Europe switched places. Here has been raining for a couple of weeks.. :(


Hi Daffo!
I live in D.C. and it's pretty nice here. :)





I live about half an hour from London and it's super hot here as well, Daffo (or as you rightly said for our standards anyway haha). I like sitting in the garden and putting he sprinkler on, nothing like being a old again :-)

Will there be a new Daffos Doodles post soon?

Waddle On!


It's sunny and really hot here in CT!
I like dipping my feet in a bucket of cold water and chilling with a cool drink when it's hot and sunny.


sweat is: Ct mean?


What do u mean by CT?

Dyno Soar:

I think it means Connecticut, which is a state, but I could be wrong. (Rawr!)

- Club Penguin Team


You are right Dyno Soar! I know almost all of the state abbreviations for the states.


Right now in Florida, it's sunny! But sooner or later, it might rain.. It's been raining for a high amount of days now, even though its summer. A thing I like to do when it's sunny, is go to the pool and chill!

Kc Sunshine1:

I am in Florida too and it has been DOWN POURING RAIN all week. And it gets REALLY REALLY REALLY HOT! Right now it is
76°F probably because it's a little cooler in the mornings but it always feels like a desert!


Are Florida and Kentucky's clouds related?

Dyno Soar:

Distant cousins, maybe? (Rawr)

- Club Penguin Team


My dad is a meteorologist and I don't think they are related, they could be the same kind of storms though, they aren't the same clouds though, because the two states are pretty far away.


from penky5 hey club penguin I have a idea for you. Its a PSA party like from veggie villan except the PSA dosent blow Gary can make a time machine!


Hey Daffo, well I live in the state of Victoria in Australia so at the moment it is winter and its freezing (not literally). But for us here it's pretty cold. Enjoy your warm weather Daffo!!!!

bluebird/J penguinjus:

Blue bird here I'm hanging up my cape bye


LOL! Super hot here! SUNNY SUNNY SUNNY!
Just like me LOL!


Where I am right now the clouds are dark, hail is falling, rain is pouring, lighting is striking. And on my TV I got like 5 tornado warnings.


Wow! Finally it's warm! Let's throw on our sunglasses and bathing suits and get to the beach!! Life is good ;D

Little bear:

It is so hot.i go to the pool when is sunny


Were I am in oz it cold we are in winter and when it is hot and sun seting in it and get same sun ray.


Nominate for POTW it's my dream waddle on


Nominate me for POTW it's my dream and tomorrow is the day so plz nominate me waddle on


Well I live in California and we have been going through a huge drought. It is so bad our water lines might shut down! So you guess what I am doing going to the pool, and the beach and ... staying inside trying not to get sun burned! it has been 90 degrees! To me 60 degrees Fahrenheit is cold! I don't know how I will survive in UK.


here in La it is Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but we go swimming a lot


It's cloudy, with a chance of rain and I've caught a cold. : (


Hope you feel better!



its sunny here in california los angeles


I think I will catch some rays to. Maybe we can go together?


Where I am it is cold and wet. But when ever it is not raining I like to go on a quick bike ride.

Melvin 505:

When it's sunny, I like to sit inside and play CP!


I read the whole thing and how could it be 21 c in UK


It is rainy in Seattle..... what else is new..... It was nice yesterday!


Here in Florida it is so hot you could practically melt. Today I was working out in the yard and I almost fainted (not really :P). My favorite thing to do when its sunny and hot, is go to the beach and get some rays or go in the pool swim around with my goggles on!


Today it was sunny And when its sunny i like to go swimming in my pool


it is 75 `F here when its like that I hit lake Erie!


right now, in Arizona, where I live, its cloudy, (monsoon season) kinda windy and dark, but its still like 102 degrees here, if you live in Arizona, you understand my pain XD waddle on!


I. need. a. pool . in Arizona.......


Cloudy but sunny. It's pretty rare that we go outside. We're indoor people. But I would ride my scooter or invite my neighbors to come play.


It's been pretty rainy here but when its not raining its actually really nice out! I went to a lake today with my buddy but my face got sunburnt! D: But I wont let it get me down! I WILL SURVIVE!!!!!!!!!! (When im not being weird or crazy I am playing in a pool and/or beach if it's nice) Waddle On!


Right here in new jearsy USA, It has been REALLY HOT. But in the winter it's REALLY COLD. When I'm not at camp or tennis practace, I'm outside with my dog and/or brother, hula hooping or just playing with my freinds


when r u going to make the my penguin app for android


going to the beach water park and reading at the pool


I love to do those things too!

-The Club Penguin Team




Warm and sunny in Pennsylvania near Philly.

A Diretoria:

Lol! it is very hot there ... hahaha! Here in Brazil it's raining and the sun making more XD I prefer the two, and I also love going to the beach, what matters most is to have fun! :D


Good point! It is all about having fun!

-The Club Penguin Team


It's really hot here in California I'm going to have fun and see if my things go well IM SO HOT GIVE ME LEMONADE WITH ICE CUBES ahhhhhhh oh I mean bye see ya


sunny yet cloudy but MUGGY. I like to go swimming and play badmintin (even though im horrible) but right now I cant because I have something wrong with my foot and I have to get it dry iced again on saturday its painful but it gets the job done :)


I love the beach

Frosty Apten:

Me too! I like the more quiet ones though, like the ones you would visit with a couple friends. It's a lot easier to be loud and silly that way! Ahah

- The Club Penguin Team

pink abudhab:

it has lighting and storms in new Zealand where i am from but i am on holiday in abudhab its on of the hottest places in the world i have just woken up and it is already 31 hot and in new Zealand its 16 cold. oh and thats my penguin name pink abudhab please add me as a friend.


OMG its burning hot were im right now im in usa, arizona,phoinex its like 130 right now

kevin 321:

Me too. I hate September. That's the hottest month of all!


Its really sunny here in the usa


It's sunny here at the usa


Oh, yeah right Ashley. Do you want to know what Kentucky has? RAIN. Where do you live, Virginia? Because here, IT IS RAIN.


Lol us Californians be laughing.


Beach Yes


hello daffo
the weather at my town is oppisite to your weather, as its winter here its really cold and wet and miserable plus we dont get any winter snow here :( waddle on!


Nice, sunny but rainy where I am, It's pretty nice. :)



Woah... the weather is Brighton is REALLY COLD! If you find my thought unusual, it's because I'm from Singapore, which is hot all year round! That's Endless Summer alright! It has been raining a lot since March which makes up for no rain in Jan/Feb 2014.
I like to go out and swim with my family and friends which can only happen when it's around 28 degrees celsius (82.4 in Fahrenheit) and the average temperature is 32 degrees Celsius. I eat a LOT of Ice-Cream, usually one a week!
Waddle On!!

Kevin 321:

Uhhh I think you did the math wrong. If it were 824 degrees, we would definetly not be alive.


I think she said 82.4 not 824! I can't imagine what it would be like in 824 degrees weather!

Frosty Apten:

I think it would only be a little bit toasty. Just a little. Heh heh

- The Club Penguin Team


A bit toasty. ;)



Lots of rain and lots of heat when there's no rain.


Sence it is hot i am going to have a beach party


Thats probably the midday sun in spring in AUS. Summer can get to 41 degrees Celsius in AUS.


It is actually winter in Australia so it is a bit cold atm.

Rahma 323:

I live in the Uk it was hot yesterday but today its going to rain :-( enjoy the good weather people over the world .


Where I am in Australia (the Gold Coast) it's freezing cold and I have to go swimming.


Hi Meg. Meger Stampy's STAMPEED! Of INTERRUPTING PUFFLE's! The beach. Look for Chipmunkgal2! She'll be with me on Friday the last day of school! ❤️ Chipmunkboy2! Holla!

Cool duda:

well here in Ireland is kind of same exept warmer by 2 degrees. thats really unusual!!!!!!!!! waddle on;)


It's winter here in Australia. I like warmer weather. I love to go to the beach for swimming and surfing. I recently went on vacation to the country which has nice warm weather. I have been swimming switching between the beach and the pool all day long at the resort. I love snorkeling in the nice shiny sparkling blue ocean. I was also listening to the song called SUMMER! Do you like snorkeling?


The weather in the United Arab Emirates in summer is HOT and HUMID! The temperature can increase to 40°C. Today the temperature is 39°C, it's sunny and a little bit windy. During these days, I go skydiving and go for a walk at the beach! It's totally cool, but summer isn't my favorite season. I love SPRING! :D

pink abudhab:

where are you in the uae i am in abu dhabi


Rains alot here in India.


Hi Club Penguin Team! Today it is cloudy and warm. All this week we had rain! This is in Chicago. No sun today.:(


Wow,You're very lucky,seriously,i live on Brasil(I also like to follow the blog in english),it is winter where I live, unfortunately not enough here to snow,I'm FROZEN.


In Australia it is cold, this morning it was -2 degrees this morning and there was ice on my verandah.... brrrr cold :(


Hot in Monico.

Layla Jo:

Sunny and 83 degrees F. Looks like I'm going outside today! Waddle On!

Buddy the dog:

I have been hanging out at my house lately. The weather is about 80 and 85 degrees. Sometimes about 90 degrees.Also i sometimes go to the pool with my sister.


All in the 90's!!! Its really hot. And I like to go swimming all summer

Mody1 2 3:

Raining season here :P no time for sunglasses, umbrella instead.


Stuff. Probably ride on my four wheeler or go swimming, but actually I can't because it just is cold, rains, or storms this summer! xD


cloudy 79 F, chance of rain, 30%


In the US it has been Rainey


Wow this is my second time blogging and that is pretty cool that ur talking about that because I did not know that!(:(:(:

Xc Runner 15:

It's hot and humid in Georgia (like usual)


This is ment to be England!! Why is it so HOT!!!!



Lilac Ren:

I'm going to spend my summer under a nice shady tree, reading books!


I dont like reading.... i like playing football on the team and video games


video-games are realy all i need. in MN its cold all year, its ether to hot, or to COLD.


Sounds fun and relaxing, I love reading. :3



Lilac, is your friend list full? If not can you please accept my friend request?


Where i live its 90 degrees by day, with some days at 100! i hate the heat.


I live in Canada and its coooold in BC it rains all spring and winter its at least 5 degrees here


Here in New Jersey it is HOT!! It's touching up to ninety today. It's sometimes unbearable here where you can't even go out!!!


That's great, Lilac! I like to read books.. INSIDE! It's so hot here in Arizona, but I am going to see my bff Paige on Wednesday ( Not sure I spelled that right ), and I'm going to see the movie Epic with her, then go swimming with her at her grandma's house, AND THEN sleep over at her house! Wish me luck on having fun!

P.S. What books do you like to read Lilac? I like Harry Potter!

WADDLE ON!! #SummerIsHot


I know right it is well sunny daffodaily HOT HOT HOT man i was burning

Abi1977 :

Well.... It's a pretty nice day in Chicago Illinois XD I'm wondering why it's called the windy city!


It is very nice and sunny but not like nice winter weather like club penguin and I am spending my summer by spending time with my friends


El Niño and LOTS of Rain down here in the Bluegrass. LOTS of rain. It's as annoying as Herbert Style. -_- Consider yourselves lucky, Club Penguin Team. Just consider yourselves lucky.


I'm in Australia and it's winter it's really cold up here!


i live in Illinois where it is usually in the 80's and sunny and humid. as long as i have my hat and sunscreen I'm (semi) invincible to the sun


hi daffodally sigh it's raining at our place that is sad for me but is it was sunny i would blow bubbles and go swimming and when are you gonna see us online you are cool i like the spoller alert your videos they are cool and hi you all thanks rainbowyoung.


hi Daffo its sunny for me! and if i was sunny i would go to the beach

tour hat:

summer is here! i am going to partys and picnics witch i love and plus today is the last day of school! but iam gonna miss my techer ms moodie well some of my classmates are gonna be in my next class that will be fun well bye and have a good summer! WADDLE ON


As i live in Calcutta,India...its veery hot there and i just sit at home doing my H.W and sometimes thinking about the suspense and the future of cp along with the hints of upcoming parties


I'm in Mexico City and it's very rainy


The weather now, at 7 30, in Cyprus is 34.75 C


brr it's cold it's showering!!!!


I'll bring my puffles to the beach right now


We'll down in Kentucky it's been pretty hot last week it was in the hundreds heat advisory but this week it's in the upper eighties still pretty hot lol but I think I'm just gonna maybe play in the sprinkler then enjoy the nice air condition lol


the weather was cool here in India in morning BUT IT WAS VERY HOT WHEN I WAS PLAYING FOOTBALL yah and our team won!and i like to play the shootouts too!




I have the exactly the same weather as Daffodaily! (I'm in Brighton too xD) When it’s really hot and sunny I like going to the beach to swim or to relax and get a tan. Also it’s the time of year to go on holiday which is great! :D I like playing sports and walking! One of my favourite things to do in the summer is going to a Water Park or a Theme Park so nice to get wet! I hope everyone has an amazing summer! :D


I made a mistake with me name xD It's Pingu15cool not PIngu15cool!


In Pennsylvania, It's hot, but not TOO hot. It's usually been somewhere between 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit for the last week.
(Also not a drop of rain)
Perfect for swimming :D


Lucky you! You guys live near a beach, but I am in the middle of USA! Kansas is interesting and all, but you can't get to the beach in five minuets. The closest beach is like in Texas or Louisiana! That is pretty far! We do have a three water parks each 1 to 2 hours away, so I can't complain too much, but no sand means, no sand castles! That makes me pretty sad. You are lucky if you are near a beach you guys!


i live 10 minutes away from a waterpark and you can walk from my house it a beach in 5 minutes!!


Here in New York, it's pretty much 80 degrees F every day o_o' Best time to go to Central Park :DDD


Well, I live in Palm Springs in California and this WHOLE WEEK it has been like,110!!!!!!!!!!!! good thing that i have a pool! waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!


Omg dude ur lucky u have a pool I don't and we're same temp! ;(


21 degrees?!?! THATS FREEZING!
Or did you mean celsious?[I live inthe USA]BTW, Football? i thought the party was soccer...


Soccer is called football in the UK.

-The Club Penguin Team


lololololololololololol your reaction!!!


Some people think that is VERY warm where they live, especially in the UK


Where I live is by the mountains in Cali and it is gloomy but then, it gets REALLY warm. Right now is 75 degrees and the highest is 98 degrees! It's SO hot LOL.



At least it's cooler there here it 110 ;O..... Sucks



Here in Illinois is like a oven! Right now I'm enjoying cold fresh air inside because it feels like 90! ; !


Hey club penguin players! If ur Looking for a new friend , here is one right now! Annea is my username so friend me
!:D. Waddle on


Send this week's penguin of the week a friend request! (Me)



I haven't seen the sun for a few days! It is currently storming in Kansas. Maybe the clouds will be gone tomorrow, you never know in Kansas! It could be raining one day, and sunny the next! One day it was in the seventies, the next day, the thirties!


its summer! of couse its sunny!


Where i am at in the U.S, its always raining and still hot. : /


Well over here, in Washington, Seattle USA i guess every 15 minutes it starts to rain then the next 15 minutes its sunny! BTW i like to skateboard when its sunny out!

Mr Mario5:

It's been raining in Indiana, USA

Tamikalynn 05:

Hi I like the weatherlets go to the beach!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Guys! Over here in Wisconsin, USA it's been rainy and cold and cloudy! >:( But today it was around 83 degrees and sunny! Except for the 20 minute thunderstorm. Almost the rest of the day me and my brother were chilling in our pool and hot tub. Hopefully more good weather for The Fourth of July Parades. GOOD WEATHER COME MY WAY!

Miss Marisa:

in austraila brisbane theres a storm its 18.9c and tonights 5.c brrr and today its 21.c (maybe earlyer in the day)cya cp and waddle on!


I live in CA and it's hot there i can go swimming everyday even the beach it's so fun btw it's also hot at night because its summer and I don't even cover in my bed - mimiprincess waddle on


The fish never done that to me oh and I can't reply it will send me to busy things wassassssaaaaa boo hoo so I can never reply

Starcone :

Are you kidding?! It's 41 Celsius here!


Since I'm here in Tennessee (United States) it's usually atleast a little hot. We still have a great cool summer breeze!! My friend got a sunburn so bad her shoulder was blood red! I felt bad for her and sorry I can't say her name. I got a little tan and it's not that bad but since I'm half Canadian I'm naturally tan. Thanks so much for reading!
Your gal/tomboy breaker31!
like always, #WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!


Well it's starting to get hot where I live. Good thing my family and I put up the pool yesterday! I like to play with my family and friend with water toys!

Waddle on!
P.S how's the "next thing for CP and beyond" thing going?


Hello! Daffo, is your friend list full?


i think it should be thomas8597


u guys the sharks won! cp soccer... the other teams didn't have a chance there were too many sharks not many of the fluffies or the space squids... there wasent too many of hot sauce................... DX XC


Fluffies got third though! YAY! I thought they would always be last like, the whole time!


Yeah, but when fluffies got third and squids sadly got last, the fluffies just beat the green team by, like, one point!


In California, it's very hot (where I live)!


That's awesome! Here in USA,Pennsylvania, its very warm. Almost nintey degrees![I could actually go for a little storm!] And we have a pool in our backyard and go swimming everyday! I hope you guys over in the UK are having as much fun.


hello the weather in my country qatar is burning little because it is 36 and 34 at night and i am in my home feel nice


Where I live [not Holland :)], it is currently 56.3 degrees C as it is quite late at night but during they day, the temeperature is about 79.8 degrees C. The highest this month was 91.2! I hate summer, it's TOO warm!


I North Carolina, (USA) it's pretty warm. Currently, it is 80 degrees.

Spring Day 5:

For a second I thought you meant 21 degrees farenheight, xD!


Well you'd have to admit, it would be PERFECT penguin weather!

- The Club Penguin Team


I got a few questions to ask you
1) what is your favorite TV show
2) what do you enjoy doning in spare time
3) who do you think will win the World Cup
4) who do you think will win the penguin World Cup
5) how much do you love club penguin
6) what is your favrite food
7) THIS IN NOT A QUESTION BUT..............………
#waddle on


I can't belive you guys are in UK I live in MA I just can not belive I live so far away!!!!!!!!!!!


And my birthday is on canda day so can you please do a shout out about me!!!!!





must be nice weather in UK. Eh?

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