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By Megg on June 9, 2014 - 12:17

It's almost time for another Mod Monday meet-up! Last week was so much fun - thanks to everyone who came online and hung out with us :D

Here's the info for this week:

Time: 1:30pm PST (Check the Clock Tower in the Snow Forts if you are unsure when this is)

Server List:

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team


Dino Domo:

WOO HOO! First comment! And will Rock Opera be adding?

Missy mystery :

Yes it will just wait and see


when do you have to do it!


I'll try to come!

Jumbo Wario1:

Wow! I had so much fun last week! I hope this week is MORE fun than last week! Go Mod Monday!


Can't make it :(
Can you plz make an hour earlier? That would really help


GO MOD MONDAY!!! YOU ARE CORRECT JUMBO WARIO1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How can RootinHootin be on 2 servers at once??


Magic? :P

I'll fix that haha...

Dino Domo:

Just Megg Things.


I SHOULD HAVE SAID SERVER JUMPING...Ha. ha. ha. haaaa.... (don't judge me it's Monday)

Dino Domo:

It's the best Monday ever. *gives coffee*


Megg was right - I am magic! :)

Im Jad:

What do ya'll mean? I mean, sure RootinMootin is a great magician but I don't see anything about RootinHootin being on two servers?




Megg, would you mind telling me your outfit today. Thanks. (plz don't lie. It makes me very angry)


Can't wait for Server Jumping on the computer! I know it will be awesome and thank you for bringing back the portal box!
I bought exactly 50 of them and I am trying to save up for 99!


what room are you in?


You have to find them.


Can you send me a friend request?? Also here is a old but funny joke!! "Why did the penguin cross the road? Because it was the chickens day off! Hahaha!!!


Rootinhootin might be going on server different times.


I can't wait until#modmonday


#TeamFlippers I'll be recording this, I'm going to server Flippers because Shrub Shrub is so adorable! Tell Shrub-Shrub to send me a postt card!

Shrub Shrub:

Thanks Exemplary! I'm ready for my close up. Hope to see you there!


Hey Shrub Shrub! I just met you! I had an awesome time!


Shrub Shrub:

That's awesome, Gabel03. I had fun too! Thanks for coming. :)


Your welcome! I can't wait for next week!



And thanks for the postcard!



I can't wait until mod monday :)

Glitter Roll:

Me either! It's gonna be AWESOME SAUCE! XD


Glitter Roll, you hid at the dojo remember? You let me hide and I hid at your igloo!


Yay, looking forward to it!!!!!!!! :D

Daisy lanee:



Such diversity! Not sure what server to visit! I guess I'll have to do a bit of server jumping... if only that was a feature.. :P

Waddle On!

Dino Domo:

Squeakynose is online, but I'm on Hockey. Looking forward to see everyone! :)

lokito 1221:

They are the best please send me postcards because I admire and am your number one fan appreciation and greetings and thanks in advance for your attention


Where is megg gonna be I'm gonna record so people can see how awesome it's gonna be!


Megg, Ninja or Polo Field. Will you be there?


I'll be on the server Grizzly this time :)


Ooh Girl Power! Holla! I wanted to see the girls Megg, I didn't know you would be there too. I always wanted to meet you on Club Penguin!


Megg where are you? I checked everywhere!
If you are offline will you be there every time?


Bear Takeover! RAWR! lol remember that Megg? I was the penguin who said give Megg some ROOM people! You had said it was ok, its cozy!


I do remember that! :D


My brother was Saturnshadow, and he was on the same server and in the same room in real life, and when you first logged in someone said "Megg!" and in REAL life I said "that's not Megg", then I said out loud to my brother "MEGG IS HERE!". lol! hahaha (don't judge me it was 6:00 in the morning or at least close enough)

Snoopy Fun:

Wow! I really admire your blog post! When will we get to meet Polo Feild,Megg, Ninja,and Spike Hike?


What room will you be in? (It only says the server)

Glitter Roll:

You'll have to find us! It'll be like a really epic game of hide and seek!


Hey Megg are you going to be there?
Please respond!!!


I will :D on the server Grizzly


Why didnt you tell us in the blog? So upset. i went on flippers.



Ya I will be there


I will find u glitter roll

Bahahama girl:

Lol I love glitter roll


That was fun!


These meet ups are way awesome! UR THE BEST GUYS!
Waddle On!

Mr Mario5:

I found Megg, Glitter Roll, and Lemonylimepie!


I just finished hanging with you guys on Hockey! So much fun! Thanks Rootinhootin, Glitterbug K, and Grandstand for adding me as a friend. Thanks especially to Rootinhootin for the fun time I had hanging out at his igloo after the event was over. I'll get you a pepperoni pizza for next time!


It was such an awesome time! I had so much fun with everyone that joined us!

- The Club Penguin Team

Enter nickname:


Passaic :

FYI you guys are tots cool

Shaun 65793:

LOL! thanks a bazzillion to Eatyaveggies, Lion mane, and Squeakynose 4 excepting my friend requests. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Wanna' be friends Shrub Shrub? If U don't remember me, I was the one with the 2007 beta hat :) again Thank U and Waddle on cp!

Shaun 65793:

And yes, I mean the 2007-orange and yellow-2nd anniversary-party hat. :^}


Rootinhootin, I met you yesterday on blizzard at the stamdium but missed mod Monday. Oh well. Maybe next time! P. S. Megg and Polo, I saw you during the future party!


This is The best i like it because this game Will be The best game of club penguin i Will have fun at this game


it came to late for me. >:(


That was so much fun! I had fun with u megg! Thx for the postcard!

Ham O Ween:

I'm So Sorry I didn't come! I had Art Camp and I really wish I can Meet you guys at once. :(
Plus, When I grow Up like, 20, I will join the team! At least I think!
P.S. Please Frozen Takeover Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, PLEASE!!!
Waddle On!


Ham O Ween weren't you on Think Thursday once? I thought Thinknoodles said he remembered you because your name was kinda' funny. I was on a Think Thursday once, but I forgot to unlock my igloo. (it was 3:00 in the morning for me, I barely made it, and missed the last few, I'm going to try to make it this time! OK last one it was kind of my fault because me and my brother were keeping my dad awake until it was around when Think Thursday started) WOW I typed a lot even for me standards. just wow.


:D this game is the bomb !!!!COFFEE!!!! Thanks to the club penguin team. ##modmonday# ******need some coffee*********


Aww man i missed the meetup can you have more than one time to meet up like 1:30,2:30,3:30,4:30,5:30, and maybe 6:30 that would be great because i really wanted to come :(


The mod monday was so fun!!! I met a ton of moderators and several of them added me! It was so fun to hang out with all of you! This made my day extra awesome! Can't wait for next week!

P.S. I want to thank Megg especially becuase she came online and added me as a friend. Megg is probably one of the coolest team members I've ever seen.


megg did not add me on monday mod: c


I try to! My friends list is super full ( I think i have 657 friends lol) But I send requests in hopes that it may let me have a few more :)


Can there be a frozen takeover? Can the next takeover have the penguin? Who is your favorite mascot?

Snoopy Fun:

Frozen takeover!? I would love that! Hopefully they do make one!!!! I can't wait to find out.


Awwh no I couldn't. I had sports camp :(


I like the concept of Mod Monday taking place with multiple moderators on multiple servers. But how come Megg wasn't assigned to a server?

~Perapin :)


I join in on a different one each time, I usually pick a server that has less mods so it balances it out :)


And this time we had GIRL POWER! (and is Bacon Pie a moderator?)


Wow thats was a fun Mod Monday! LOL I am on team blue and Megg gave me a team green postcard. The funny thing was she posted that was her favorite part of Mod MondayxD


and i cant wait till the penguin cup :)


Could u have put this up earlier?
I was not able to join cos this wasn't on the blog earlier!


Sorry about that, I will try and post it earlier next time :)


You said that last time and you didn't. I didn't notice this until now,June 11th.


Lol, this is very cool monday! For moderators. :D I want added Megg, Ninja and Polo Field. :D


I want see Lion Mane. :)


This monday will be magic! :D
- Perry861


Sorry For Something Not About That Post But... I see the new penguin have items for searching around... so why the other have that items? Sorry for lasting yours time...


Please have Mod Meetings on Saturdays.I can't come to Mod Mondays because of school.


Hey guys i'm new in club penguin and i would like to know what is the modmonday


Welcome to Club Penguin! I hope you are enjoying it so far :)

Mod Mondays are when Club Penguin moderators come online and we all hang out and have a great time!

Penguin 43:

Hey Megg!
Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to Mod Monday on 09/06/2014!
I will be at Mod Monday at some point in the Future!
Did everyone have fun at Mod Monday on 09/06/2014?
Mod Monday is so much Fun!


We had a blast! Maybe see you next time :)


How do you join?


i couldnt make it


My parents wont let me stay up that long. we use a way different time zone.


Next time you should add in polo field, megg, and ninja.
Hopefully ninja won't be hiding ;)

Bahama girl:

OMG that is so fun! I loved it and Q. To Megg For the new catalogs this week, ( they are my favorite ) How did you come up with doing the idea of the penguin cup!


All I know is that this year is the World Soccer Cup, so I'm guessing that's why they're doing it. (Any of the Club Penguin Team may correct me if I'm wrong about it though)


Hi Club Penguin Team, I just wanted to say that my first Mod Monday was great and I really enjoyed spending time with you guys.As I live in the UK it was quite late for me-especially on a school night!But thanks it was brill see you in the future Mod Monday's!!! :D :D :D


I wish I Had hair like glitter Roll.


Squeaky nose you sound look like a amazing joker
I wish you where here.


Will u guys have this every Monday? Also can u guys plz have parties like this on the app? thx bye


Hi there! I don't know what Mod Monday is! Can you tell me please?


Mod Monday is your chance to meet up with some of our very own Moderator Penguins, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for upcoming visits. Hope to see you there!

- The Club Penguin Team


I had fun playing soccer with lemonylimepi! Please respond I would be super happy!! :D Go Sharks! Haha!

The Spy538:

I have got no idea whats happening!I was looking for you guys and you did not show up!Please tell us where will you start!Its not fair!Oh and I vote for red!Waddle On!


It should be at 5:30


What exactly is a moderater? And what do they do?


Sorry Megg I was at 6 FLAGS

Daisygirly :

Megg I think u should make a clubpenguin tv show

Shop Worker:

This idea of posting meet-ups and saying who and what server they are going to be on is really neat. I think club penguin should continue doing this and making it easier for penguins to meet up with mods. Although I think you should post these meet ups a day before so that penguins are more aware.


Nice idea for Mod Monday CP. :D


hi? I am AWSOME I am so AWSOME I dident spell it right


I maybe can come see you there if I come bye.

Penguin lover:

I had so mutch fun shrub shrub is so nice he is awesome tell shrub shrub that I love the forest

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