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By Daffodaily5 on June 27, 2014 - 06:25


It's Friday, so you know what time it is! Time for me to announce the Penguin of the Week! Congratulation Gabel03, it's YOU! :D This penguin is renowned for his spectacular igloos and awesome outfits. You know me, I know a good sense of style when I see it. He also loves to share his knowledge of Club Penguin with others; how thoughtful! Well done, Gabel03! :)

As the winner, Gabel03 will receive 10,000 coins along with the BRILL Penguin of the Week background. Do you know a friend who deserves to be named POTW? Then don't forget to send me your nominations in the comments below!


-Club Penguin Team


Phelan 1:

What about Thinknoodles?

Blick92661 and another penguin Liko5678:

These are the awesomest penguins on the island!!!!


He is always being nice on club penguin and comes to the dojo with me. He is a nice brother

Enter nickname:

Please make a card ~ Jitsu water on mobile soon because I can not do it on my computer because it is laggy and Fire almost the same
and winter I CAN NOT DO IT , well I can do it on mobile because it is new. It is not a problem with your website it is my computer so do not change anything please! Here is a little question. Could you please do an 2005-2007 party where items are for everyone and old graphics are there I am not asking you to put out the betahat. Just the old graphics. And the sport


yea that would be awsome :)


Did you forget to enter your nickname?

Piggy Fan14:

I agree it lags a lot for ALL of the games and it's not my computer cause I checked and it's all working but not CP

Some person:



I agree with what this person is saying! It would be so awesome to bring back one of the 2005-2007 parties! All of those parties were a blast! It would awesome if u bring it baking!


omg!! Enter nickname u are right there should be a 2005 party! That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!


I think it should be me because I stand up for other penguins I try to give out my best ideas to cp I watch practically every spoiler alert and I've been playing since 2010


i think brookiester should be penguin of the week

she is so nice


That is a little mean. Maybe one day it will be your turn!


yea i think you'd be a awesome POTW


I have been playing since CP opened!

Enter nickname:

ME TOO! 2010 when I joined!
why cant the cp team be nonanated?


I think it should be me because I help out people, work at the coffee shop, and is a girl of style. Please make me POTW. Bye for now CP your the best website ever! :] [please bring back star wars I missed it and can you do the Lego movie next week its my favorite movie]


I think you should nominate me because i spend time with my friends on the island but i miss my friends sometimes because i only see them at school. I also think you should nominate me because i like making friends and i have been playing since 2012 or 2011 i am a nonmember but i think it does not care if your not a member it only matters if you make new friend and have fun. my name on club penguin is Ninjasnake72 or nominate my friend beaky1007 cronko or flapjack


I agree with Thinknoodles being POTW. Every Thursday he goes online and postcards penguins who come to see him, and goes to their igloo if possible.


yes thinknoodles is awesome i'm surprised he hasn't got potw yet


I also agree that Thinknoodles should be POTW because he helps penguins out and he treats everyone fairly. He is a wonderful friend and an awesome leader to everyone.


THINKNOODLES SHOULD BE POTW HE IS SO NICE. 300th comment! I know someone else that should be POTW her name is Junniebjess if it is not I will correct later
Thank you!


hey primus2014 i agree think should be POTW


Actually think noodle once made me cry. Just saying.




What did he say? If this subject is uncomfortable you don't have to answer. Me for POTW!!




how to get a the back to school suit


There's lots of votes for Thinknoodles!

Pennyandbolt :

Yeah thinkdoodles is alway nice to people!


Yeah I ThinkNoodles should be it!


yeah thinknoodles!!!


do thinknoodles plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


My mistake it is Junnibjess


Dear Club penguin team I just want to say congrats Gabe103! I would also like say I vote for my best friend madigoosem. I only see her at school. Now with summer going on I never see her, it would make me happy if she was POTW! So madigoosem if your seeing this I wish you luck!
till then....




I want to congratulate Gabe103 on winning POTW. Great job on being a good friend and an awesome leader to everyone around you!


yes that is called think thursday


I nominate my best friend and sister Gabriela6718 she is warm hearted, drama expert :), Card-Jitsu expert, and has the best igloo ever please make her POTW

Rockvine 18:

Well done Gabel03. Club Penguin Team there is a typo, where it says how many days left. Today it says 1 DAYS left to score. Shouldn't it be 1 day left to score!


Thank you Rockvine 18!


Rockvine 18:

No problem Gabel03. You are a true friend.


Aww, thank you!


E for Ellie :

He is a epic guy

Enter nickname:

Where is the spoiler alert!






Nominate me because if u need a friend I will be there for u.we will have big parties and hang out all the time!go coco4816


I nomanate my good friend Savannaho989 for penguin of the week because she is the nicest penguin I have ever met she is kind to every penguin she sees she is so kind even puffles say I love you Savannaho989! She is loyal and she treats every penguin like royaltay.

Puppy may:

I nominate pikachuzzy because she is kind to everyone ,makes amazing igloos , wears amazing clothes, is caring to her friends , helps people who r sad and when ever her friends are getting bullied she sticks up for them and reports the player. That's why I nominate pikachuzzy .
Your friend, puppy may


I'm with you on that!


I think bacontaster should be penguin of the week, she is always so nice to everyone and when there is a problem she will always try to help solve it.


Congratulations :). I really think Jessmine2 should get it next week. She is so nice! When people are sad she sits next to them and asks what's wrong? and gives them a cookie and then becomes their friend. She would never ever be mean to anyone and helps people to be friends again when they are arguing. She also really makes everything fun!! That's why I think Jessmine2 should get it, I think she really deserves it.




Oh, Jessmine2 is so nice. She's my friend too.




I agree. Jessmine2. She was rlly nice to me when I was sad.


Please Jessmine2 get it, you deserve it A LOT. She sometimes goes around CP and hands out apples and cookies. :D. She will nevr be mean and nasty.


Jessmine2. YES.



Saylorsimps :



what about Sasuke Jyts?
he has been a great friend since I entered club penguin recently


Kathleen0720 would be cool because she is my friend, I met her at the pizza parlor and she was really nice! please vote for her fellow penguins


What is a thinknoodles


Thinknoodles is a penguin on club penguin


Thinknoodles is the username of a very loyal and kind penguin. Lots of penguins, including me, think he should win POTW next week.

Peg 12345:


Ella love me:

I think uni2014 deserves to be penguin of the week she's super nice and always trows amazing parties at her iggy!!!! Plz plz pick her and one more reason is that she is an amazing sister


thinknoodles should wi POTW


Phelan 1: is right what about thinknoodles he is kind he makes videos he shows new things

Pennyandbolt :

Next week can Pretty1382 be the penguin of the week? She is always so nice and she understands me and she waits for me when I have to do something for a really long time then when i come back, she's there!


Pengirl9000 is a very good penguin she helps me have party's at my iggy make her the POTW


It should be kalasho101
I think.


I think Pro Puffles because his igloos are always creative and awesome! And his sense of style is like chilled and laid back. He's an awesome friend and always is nice to everyone. He loves to share his ideas and CP news to everyone and he expresses who he really is.

Mr Flippery:

Why not Graciegal155? She's one of my best friends irl & is really nice, she would be so happy
If she won, please pick her


i want to nominate thinknoodles
he is not my friend
but still he is a gud penguin

ninjaRyan736 :

i got one me ninjaRyan736 he is a coll penguin nice one tooo fun to play soccer

blue icecle:

i think tiny skipper should be POTW .She is my best friend! she is very kind and helps everyone on the island! tiny skipper is the one who got me playing on CP she showed me how to buy clothes, play games, get puffles,earn belts at the do jo, and become a tour guide! she is the awesomest penguin and the best friend! tiny skipper loves helping out and has a great sence of style! she also loves to find codes for the treasure box! she is not a member but she looks awesome cuz of the special codes!


i think I should have it I help my friend when there online

Fifa World Cup:

What about Whooooo3

World cup fan:

Gabel03 if ur here lets be friends also i nominate Gabel03 I'm Whooooo3


Izzy14288 donated 50 boxtops to her school and is a great friend because she's really nice and smart


Hi play


I believe that Ben10ison312 should be penguin of the week because he is awesome and a better penguin than me! He plays a lot and even got into club penguin magazine! VOTE BEN10ISON312 PENGUIN OF THE WEEK!!!!
PS. He is a nice guy
:) :)
PSS. I'm not him I'm Jacksnack2 who is also awesome!!! :P


How about Icy91504? She's chic! With a penthouse igloo!


I would like to nominate Thinknoodles because he made me see that there is hidden items in the catologs and now I have a bunch of cool items that I really like! Thanks Thinknoodles! Waddle on!
-Diamond3204 :-D


Yeah Think noodles or Graser 10 should totally be the penguin of the week!


I nominate Jd Ryan! He has been playing since 2006 so he is considered rare. He wears great outfits and decorates is igloo so he can stay in style. He has over 20 puffles that he cares for. For the past couple of days we have been playing games together and after every game he will say good game even if he loses. He is polite and is always kind to me and makes me feel better when I feel down. So plz, make Jd Ryan POTW and he will continue to make CP a better place!!!!

Hi Voilet:

I will like to second the nomination


I feel Peach Puff1 should be the player of the week because she is funny and has helped me by talking with me in her igloo about school


My friend my leader Peach Puff1 she is so nice she has kept me away from cyber bullies and i truly think she should be player of the week


that is so sweet my puff is so sweet to you should meet her when you want you can visit us and maybe we should do a activeity together it will be tottaly fun and you can invite some one else to come with to jion us


If I could nominate one penguin, it would be 1dpieunicorn. She has an awesome name, and she is so nice. Every time I see her around, she is either looking for someone who is sad so she can help, or actually helping someone cheer up when they're down. I have known her for a long time, and I honestly think she would be the best penguin of the week.


:0 1dpieunicorn is my friend!



Thank you Billybob2271, I want to say congrats to Gabel03, and if I am not penguin of the week, I am okay with it, and Rosypink3025, you are a great friend! Same for Billybob2271. As much as I would love to be nominated, I wouldn't care if someone else was, I would be happy for them. Just wanted to say thanks to Billybob2271, it was nice of you to nominate me :)


Thank you!


Mine too! she is so nice and caring. I would also nominate her.


Another nomination?! Thank you CutieSparkle. And again, congrats Gabel03Thank you everyone that nominated me, and here is a message to you and everyone else...


Thanks everyone that nominated me :)


Alpl1 would deserve it, he always helps me when I am sad and he is very polite and he has been playing Club Penguin for over 5 years so Alpl1 pretty much knows all the tips and tricks about Club Penguin and he helped me to find Aunt Arctic! I got an awesome stamp for it! He makes awesome igloos and he always loves to recycle every morning for summer and after school. He doesn't only help me, he helps other people who he isn't even friends with! Alpl1 deserves the POTW award "HANDS DOWN!".

Ryanjd :

I nominate my brother JD RYAN. He has been playing since 2006 so he understands how the game works. Everyday he will sit down and play CP because he loves it that much. He tries to help out the CP society as much as he can. He has epic igloo parties like Halloween vs Christmas and he wears different clothes all the time to stay in fashion. These things he does are all great, but most importantly he likes to help out other penguins. If you make JD RYAN POTW it will be his dream will come true


I think that Primus2014 deserverves it. She is funny and nice to me. Whenever someone is sad she comforts them. She dresses well and helps people around in Club Penguin. I think she deserves to be POTW no doubt. Oh and can you please has a Frozen party!


Thanks Elsa360!
I nominate you too for being so nice to me!

Teal Rock:

YEAH! HAVE A FROZEN PARTAY!!!!!!!! and a Wreck it Ralph party and I'm dressing up as Vanellope if they had one! GLITCH ON BECAUSE SHE IS A GLITCH AND I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!


Have a frozen and wreck it ralph party in 5000 years!

Mrs 1pretty:

I agree! A Frozen party would be a big hit! Oh, and I nominate Big Bluezy. She is a friend of mine, and the last time I saw her was when I was in Oregon. She is kind, sweet, and really funny. #WaddleOn!


Alpl1 IS SO AWESOME!!! He helped me everywhere with Club Penguin and helped me to get better at Field-Ops and I know if Alpl1 was POTW he would go so crazy and become a better penguin!


When the penguin of the week came out it was for giving tours, starting go green teams that stuff. Now it is more about igloos penguins make, pics of the CP team, looking cool that stuff. How do you get on here? Is it now about igloos or cool looks?

Flowers :

I nominate cupcakecraz4 to be choose because she is nice and always makes a lot of friends because of this.


Hi I am Cutie81359. I would like to nominate my self for penguin of the week, I am nice and always keep club Penguin safe. Thank you.


I think Ham O Ween should be POTW because he is my big brother, My Best Friend on Club Penguin, Stood up to bullies once, and he decorates his igloo each month for each party! plus, he dresses his self each week for party's or other penguins igloo party's. So plz make him POTW, that will make him so happy! Thx! : D Waddle On!


Oh I've seen Ham O Ween before! He's been on Think Thursday multiple times, right?!


I remember him!



Me too! Ham O ween should be POTW! I see him multiple times and I'm actually his buddy on CP!
Also Great job Gabel03! I am actually your friend to!


Thank you Ryanec1! You are a great friend!


Ham O Ween:

Thanks Jerry and Ryanec1! I would be surprised if I was POTW! But Still Thank you again! : )
Waddle On!


Oh my oh my, what do "EYE" see?! Two of my friends supporting me! Haha it rhymes! :D


Hiya penguins im Loyd103 i am really sad cause nobody nominates me for POTW and it's my number one dream but I don't want to nominate myself cause that's cheating so plz consider this would be an honor and i help penguins with finding pins help win mini games and helping finding hidden items in the penguin style and i love to give tours and give history about club penguin so plz nominate me plz i hope the penguin team can see to this is Loyd103 waddle on!!!

Pilot guy547:

I don't comment on the blog a lot.
But I am commenting today to nominate a great penguin.
I think that my Best Friend Penguin 43 should be the next Penguin of the Week.
Penguin 43 has helped me find every mascot that I've met.
He helps me by finding the mascot and then tells me where they are and asks me to join.
Please make Penguin 43 Penguin of the Week.
Who agrees?
Thanks CP!


Hey I KNOW PENGUIN 43! On clubpenguin, I mean. He is really awesome!


I totally agree!
I know Penguin 43 on Club Penguin.
He is so friendly.
He is so helpful as well.
I really think that he should be Penguin of the Week.
Penguin 43 really does deserve to be Penguin of the Week.

Layla jo:

OMG I know penguin 43 too!
He's very nice and helpful to all penguins.
I think he should be Penguin of The Week
Waddle on!


I want to nominate a nice penguin yellow35166 he is nice and yellow is friends with everyone and makes everyone fell better so he should win


I know him! On CP only.
I agree


Camila1592 is really kind and a awesome girl! She is polite and helps penguins to be happy and also be kind. She always helps me in club penguin, and shows me secrets there are that I didnt know. Even though I first had a account, she is better at knowing things of club penguin than me. She also is an excellent igloo designer and even her fashion is like a expert´s fashion style! I am not joking! When we meet I always ask her if she could do my igloo. She is the best friend you could ever have!


I am going to nominate ally22712 because that penguin loves cp and help me find pins, sends me mail and is the best friend a penguin can have so I really hope ally22712 will become the penguin of the week!


If I could nominate a penguin, I would choose Hottoco12. He is a really nice penguin. He is nice to everyone he meets.He is one of my friends and me and him have fun times.


i would like to nominate dzcp he is a awesome friend and makes the best igloos i sure a lot of people would agree


Congratulations to Gabel03 he sounds like an unbelievable penguin! He did so many awesome things that is deserving to be POTW!


Thank you Alpl1!



I know this is off topic but today June 27 is my BIRTHDAY I'm so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would like to nominate myself for Penguin Of The Week. I love hanging out with other penguins at the pizza parlor, and am known for constantly changing my igloo's style. I have nineteen puffles and I would also like to nominate Polygirl05 because she is a great friend.
Waddle On!
Ps Congrats to Gabel!


Thank you Kathleen0720!



I think Willjunior should be POTW because he LOOOVES collecting stamps, throwing huge igloo parties, and helping everyone find stamps! He's a great friend, so I think he definitely deserves to be POTW!


i agree


Congratulations Gabel03!
I would like to nominate Mr Men 980 for Penguin of the week! He is an awesome friend to have :D
He cheers me and my friends up when we're sad and if someone is bullying us he's always there to help.
And I think he would also be very happy if he's Penguin of the week!


Thank you Rayzach!



I nominate Jd Ryan. He is a nice and polite penguin. When he is online he is usually earning stamps, throwing an igloo party, or he is helping out other penguins. I see him making other penguins feel better when they are sad a lot. He shares secrets with me and other penguins to help other penguins to learn the game more. He would continue to grow as a good penguin if you chose him as POTW. Remember to make Jd Ryan Penguin of the Week!

Anonymous :

Pick Rainbow 11530 she always has the latest fashion by the way congrats Gabe103


Hi CP! I want to nominate myself to be penguin of the week. I know I have not been on CP for more than a week or so but it is now a dream of mine. I really hope I get chosen someday! We'll, please consider me for POTW! Waddle on!


I would nominate myself because I try to make other people feel better. And make my igloo better almost every day

The Spy538:

bluepennypie should POTW also!


I am exactly like him. I just wish I could be Penguin of the Week.


Exactly like me?


Could i be the penguin of the week pleace <:(

Lillly Goo:

I think Girly4Girl should be nominated. I think she is a great friend to me. She cheered me up when I am down and she is very nice. She is also known as Tiffany. I nominate Girly4Girl.


I nominate Skip64202 she has great fashion and is always such a nice penguin, she always is trying to help others when they need help. She loves to make cool igloos and even help her buddies make cool igloos. She always has great fashion and very creative outfits, and has even helped me and some of her other buddies create great outfits as well. Skip64202 would be an awesome penguin of the week because of how kind she is to others and always so caring for others. Skip64202 for POTW!


i totally agree with u she deserves it


Thanks guys!! I really have terrific friends your awesome! Thanks Mjyorko for the nomination :) :)


Congratulations Gabel03!!! I think Gabel03 totally deserved penguin of the week, he has an amazing sense of style as you said and really knows how to decorate his igloo. Another penguin I know that is nice and enjoys club penguin is my wonderful brother and friend Wiley1123. he enjoys decorating his igloo, getting stamps, and of course spending money! Every month when the new catalog comes out he spends all his money on clothes and furniture for his awesome igloo!


I wouls like to nominate my close friend Wiley1123 because he is so nice to me and always makes me laugh. We are not only friends on club penguin but in real life too! I would love him to win this because he is nice, and very loyal to club penguin. He is also saving up most of his money so he can donate it to coins for change. He hopes to donate 10,000+ to wildlife! Also, congradulations to Gabel03 I'm sure he deserved it!


Thank you Hfzel6mr!



Thank you Gavin!



I chose to nominate sweetpea0327 because she is very nice. she also loves and cares for other penguins and people. sweetpea takes care of her puffles when they need caring. she always comes over to my igloo every so often to check on me. we play games together, go get pizza and coffee together. believe it or not she was my first friend, and she helped find other friends to. she's a BIG help to club penguin! I think she would really like it if she was penguin of the week! :) I would to! :)

Penguin 43:

Hey Daffodaily5!
Congratulations Gabel03!
You sound like an Amazing penguin!
It sounds like you really deserve to be Penguin of the Week!
Enjoy being Penguin of the Week! 
Wanna be Friends?
And, I wonder who will be the next Penguin of the Week!


Hey Penguin 43! Thank you! I would love to be friends! Send me a request!


Fifa World Cup:

Congrats Gabel03! cool house too!


I would like to nominate Mjyorko he can be found on iceberg advertising his famous candyland igloo. He has awesome sense of style and is always helping penguins. if anyone deserves to win penguin of the week its him. He is a terrific person and friend he makes me laugh even on a bad day and is always there for his friends..


Thank you Skip64202
That was really nice of you to say, and thanks again for nominating me. You are a great friend.

akiva :

he deserves it


If I had to nominate only one penguin, out of all my friends, I would nominate my BFF, Chucker321. We have a blast together, looking for treasure with our puffles, playing games together, and hanging out at our igloos. He is a helpful and supportive penguin to the community in my eyes. When someone has a question, boom, Chucker321's there to answer it. When there's a problem, boom, Chucker321's there to solve it. Chucker321's just amazing and I'm sure he feels the same about me.


I really want to be POTW!!!!


Hello, Daffo!
This week, I have a very special penguin to nominate. He's kind, funny, and loves to spend his time on Club Penguin making people smile! His name is Kaylee18201! Kaylee and I spend our days together by visiting eachother's igloos, playing mini-games together like Card-Jitsu or Dance Contest, and then dressing up in different costumes and making eachother laugh! I always look forward to hanging out with Kaylee! I hope he gets selected! He would be so happy!
Waddle on!


I want my awesome friend Icecream8723 to be penguin of the week. She has been playing since 2008 and is always a helping me do my best on Club Penguin. Since we know each other in real life, she is one of my best friends.


I nominate Pink19941 because she helps me a lot of times. For example, she helped me find the right look. Pink19941 is the best choice to pick. Another reason is that she is genourous and SUPER kind. Please Pick Pink19941 For penguin of the week please


I nominate my buddy Yahirhulk10 he was a little new some years ago and I helped him with everything. and he said he will help others like I helped him . He Is kind and very nice he helps penguins everyday. I see him with a different penguin that he helps and gives tours to . He also plays the club penguin app and he checks the blog everyday for important reports he is a very special penguin he really loves helping everyday . I hope he gets POTW.


I nominate Pink19941 because she helps me a lot of times. For example, she helped me find the right look. Pink19941 is the best choice to pick. Another reason is that she is genourous and SUPER kind. Please Pick Pink19941 For penguin of the week please


Hello Club Penguin! I think The Shy Guy should be picked as POTW because he is a really cool and nice guy! He was really kind and helped me find Aunt Arctic and he also send me a postcard! =D

From Vindore =)


I think Peach Puff1 should be POTW!


Hi! I'd like to nominate Chingu123. I nominated him last time, but thats alright! Way to go Gabel03! The reason I'm nomination Chingu123 again is because, well, he's Chingu123. Sometimes I think he has superpowers. The power to make peoples days get much better. He helps penguins by telling them jokes, inviting them to play a game with him, or just saying hi. HE'S GOT THE POWER!! PLEASE nominate Chingu123! He's my best friend, and he really deserves this award!! Again, PLEASE nominate him!


Thank you Kaylee18201!



I think CoolGirl6773 should be the POTW because she gives me tours everyday and she has a lot of friends that she is nice too! She donates nearly all her coins for the coins for change every time it's on. She is a very good friend and I think she should be rewarded.


Lilhawk5 should be it because he's been waiting 2 years for and still haven't got it and he wears super nice clothes and has a super nice iggy and I'm his brother and I'd like to support him!

Rainbow flash:

I think Medy45 should be penguin of the week because she is nice sends postcards and loves making friends she also wants to help endangered animals and people around the world!


i nominate Mango Gal300! She is always lending a helping flipper an making sure everyone has a smile on her face she is my friend in real life she is in a club to help stop bullying! She is such a good friend she even got me this account an I couldn't thank her any other way she is such a good friend she had almost all the stamps she is always looking out for friends an making sure everyone in the club penguin is nice to each other she is a helpful penguin who is never afraid to speak her mind!!


Isn't she the one who asked Polo to the Penguin Prom?

Mango Gal300:

Yep that's me! I asked him to prom! LOL! I never got an answer back though, wonder why? But thanks Maddie1206 your the best friend I could ever have!

tinny cp:

Mo power should be next~! :D


I would like to nominate Walter788. She is an amazing person/penguin. When there is a new penguin, she will always help if they need it. And she offers to be their first CP friend. I think she has some what 7,000 penguins on her friends list. Plus 3 or 4 mascots. Also, she has the most epic iggys and outfits. I think she has been on CP for over 5 years! She is a penguin lover! Not only is she kind on CP but in real life too! This is why I think Walter788 should be penguin of the month! GO CP!


Duke1115 is smart funny and a black belt in card jitsu HE'S AWESOME!!!!!!!


I would like to nominate my good friend Crystle2014. We visit each others igloos she is very nice and has an awesome sense of style. Please consider her! Thanks, Lebron2014 P.S My birthday is June 29th!


I am going to nominate a best friend of mine Mater74 He is a very nice kind person.He likes to draw.People call him an artist.He likes to play lots of games and he does other things with other penguin.He plays soccer and basket ball.We are really best friends together.Also he is a non-member but he is really nice to penguins. He is a really true best friend you could ever have.


I nominate my friend Cupcakes400 to be penguin of the week!


I am going to nominate one of my best friends , lillybear216, she is like me in everyway, when I am upset, she knows what to say, she is super creative, and most of all, she is one of my best friends, she makes the best igloos, has the biggest heart I have ever met between the real and virtual worlds, she is amazing , I really hope you pick her, she deserves it!!! thank you CP, it would make lillybear216 so happy, and me happy too! WADDLE ON!

Ginger Rose6:

i would like too nominate Afor1, she is nice, kind, she never gives up, she gives tours, she makes kingdoms, malls, bands and resturants, sometimes collages, she helps me find pins, she welcomes everyone to cp that she sees, she tries helping new penguins, with what they need help with, and her iggy is amazing, she has never been POTW, it was her B-Day recently, and I didn't get her anything so if you got this, she would be so exited. :) thx mods, plz read this, and plz let accept this message


I would like to nominate superdash825 for his epic iggy!

G Bnok 7:

Best Fire totally deserves to be the penguin of the week he always helps me when im sad and has a really awesome igloo too! he's such an awesome friend!


I know a great penguin who could be penguin of the week!
You should nominate True Mickey.
First, He has an awesome name.
Second, He is very helpful to new penguins.
Third, He is a great friend.
So, you should totally choose True Mickey!!!

Piggy Fan14:

For the next Penguin of the Week, i think you should pick my best best friend Junior2112. He is so nice, he helps me practice games, and he is super helpful! I really hope you pick Junior2112 I think he deserves something nice! Thanks


I would like to nominate Lillie Belle. She is awesome! She is always up-to-date with the club penguin styles and themes. Her iggy is EPIC. She is one of the nices penguins a penguin can meet. She is always telling how much she LOVES club penguin. I really want her to win and I will never stop nominating her till she wins. That is how much she deserves this. Please atleast take her into consideration.Thanks!

iPhone obbsesed!:

Wow, Lillie Belle sounds amazing. I saw all the other nominations for her and she seems AWESOMELY AMAZING! I really hope she wins. Guys,if you were go nominate anyone, nominate her.


I nominate Flippy771. She deserves this award because she is going through tough times with her family. She is a great friend and she cheers me up when i am sad , she's the best friend i've ever had . Please nominate her !

Icy Wind11:

Wow that's awesome. She must have a lot of inner strength. I second the nomination for Flippy771


First off, I want to congratulate Gabel03. Congrats! Second I would like to nominate Kathleen0720 for POTW because she loves her puffles is super cool and has 19 puffles! Go Kathleen!


Thank you SuperSmiley!


cool girl:

i know a NICE penguin that could be penguin of the week. Pinky98272 first of all she is nice to everybody. next she is a awesome friend also she is fun and silly.and she is very helpful you really should choose her.


I think Mjyorko should be penguin of the week. He makes amazingly cool candy themed igloos for the Club Penguin parties and they each are so awesome I love to visit them. He makes the game more fun for me and his buddies because of how kind he is. He loves to help out his Club Penguin buddies with discovering secrets like hidden items in catalogs or finding the pin, he is very helpful. Mjyorko for Penguin of the week please!


Thank you Bananascole
That was really nice of you, you are a great friend!


How do you become penguin of the week? Oh and when will you guys have another waddle on?


Someone has to nominate you on the blog!



:) love all of you guys!
- Milan105 <3


i think surgetherge2 should be potw because of his loyale ship and honisty


thx girlstarz14


I know just the right penguin for POTW........
Cupcake 7476! She's my BFF and does totally cool stuff like dressing her penguin really cool,creating the greatest igloos,and just being a nice person! She's always telling people about CP.So please,please,please nominate her.


I nominate Royalpikachu.

rocker blue:

Hey Daffo¡
I would nominate my friend: rockeritorui is AWESOME Penguin, yesterday he invite to me for eat a pizza with chees, and the pizza was delicius, and he love CP And he have a very much friends, he love help, thanks Daffo Bye¡


My friend Epfblack0 got me into ClubPenguin and now i cant stop. I personally think ClubPenguin is a wonderful game. And hes like really and im like yah. So when i started he told me how to play ClubPenguin. And thanks 2 him I know everything about ClubPenguin. I hope you vote him.
-cypressg5 <3 :D


I nominate Lexitoy1 For POTW because she is a helpful friend online and off (I should know shes my cousin!) She soooo deserves to be nominated I was the one who helped her make her account (I left the password to her so I dont know it.) I even let her use my email account so yeah... I know she is an exeptionally great friend. and always wants to friend everyone! She may not be perfect but then again who is. Also she is a non member who can accept that fact. I hope she wins!

Icy wind 11:

A nonmember who can accept that fact. That's pretty rare.

Sully Rocks:

I would like to nominate Hawkeyed1 as the next weeks penguin of the week! He was the one to get me and about 10 other people to join Club Penguin because it's super fun! He shares all his tips and secrets with as many people as he can! And don't even get me started on his igloo parties, they're the best around. From Island Paradises, to Box Dimension challenges, to Winter Lodges, to Colleges, he's does them all! He has been a member of Club Penguin for about 4 years. Choose him please!

Mash lover:

Yeah! Hawkeyed1 sounds like a great guy. I agree.


I nominate devidevs bc she has been my best friend for a while in real life she is so kind to all sorts of people

Abi1977 :

I nominate Milbo1 XD she's has epic igloos! REALLY FUNNY! etc. SHE'S EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Waddle On! ~Abi1977


Sup. I'm SurferDude101. First, congrats dude (Gabrel103)! And I would like to nominate Lillie Belle for POTW. She is narly dudes! ( I hope I spelled narly right) I hope she wins. Thanks and surf's up dude!


Thank you SurferDude101!



I agree with Sully Rocks. Hawkeyed1 is just THE BEST. One thing I really admire that he does is he helps out in multiple community gardens nearby. He also saves up his money to donate food to food drives. Hawkeyed1 also follows The Penguin Cup as well as the World Cup! In fact, Hawkeyed1 even changed teams to The Fluffies because he felt bad for them that it didn't seem like they had a lot of players so he has been helping them as much as he can. And it's his birthday soon so I bet he would love


to be POTW!


Hey! It's Rockstar225 and I would like to nominate Lillie Belle for POTW. She is a rock star! And I should know because I'm one too. She is so kind and fun and just awesome! The greats things I could say about her are impossible to put into words. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hope she wins. Rock on Rock Stars!


Well done Gabel!


Thanks Fun9876!


Hi Violet:

I would like to nominate Judy 2005 because she is the best sister ever and her birthday is coming up so it would be a B-day present.


I nominate my best friend, Shadowfires for POTW. Shadowfires has suggested to his friends that joining Club Penguin could be fun and adventurous journey! Shadowfires has a lot of knowledge about Club Penguin so he is always being helpful, nice and loves play with new and older joiners. He loves to make igloos and inspires other penguins to give them ideas and have an awesome igloo party! There are SO many other things he does that go for a positive cause, that I can't list them all! Thank you!!!


Today i nominate Magma44269 he is my best friend and is very nice to people on club penguin so please make him POTW although he is nice to me on cp he is actually nice to me in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so please make him POTW


Even though I don't know Penguin 43,I think he should be penguin of the week since they say hes really nice

Epic Wizard6:

My friend Sterbo18 is an amazing friend. A true fan of club penguin. Also, not only does she know brilliant fashion and should I say brill igloos! She's so nice to the new penguins who are new to the island and don't know much. In her spare time she gets around club penguin being a tour guide! I join her everyday when she's being a tour guide or just meeting new penguins! I honestly think she should be penguin of the week! Also... WOW she's played Club Penguin for a long time so she knows a lot!


Hiya Daffo! I'm nominating Saturnshadow as Penguin Of The Week. He is a penguin who helps out around the island. He likes almost every igloo he visits, helps me find pins, gives me tips on games, me and him make short and funny plays by our selves. I really think he deserves to be Penguin Of The Week.


I would like to nominate Livi Sparkle. She is my best friend. She has good igloos and styles. She has a lot of good ideas for club penguin and she wants to be a moderator one day. She stands up for penguins being bullied. In school she is in the gifted program and she plays 5 instruments. She always congratulates the POTW. Please choose her! Thanks!

Livi Sparkle:

Congratulations Gabel03! You seem like you really deserve it.

kind is love:

yes i think he did too. who will be for next week?


Thank you kind is love!



Thank you Livi Sparkle!



Congratulations like Livi Sparkle said ! Pls add me I am Sazzy1215 Thx ! <3


It should be me! I am a wonderful friend! My dream will come true if you pick me Daffo!!! Or Fluffyking74! He is my best friend in real life! So if you choose me or him Daffo, we'll be happy on Club Penguin every day! Fluffy55880

krazi cookie:

Tansypansy has been a great friend around the island to me for about 2 years, I am proud to have made new friends thanks to her wide circle of friendships. She makes cool igloos and an unforgettable friend to all. Although she doesn't play much any more we (her friends) love seeing her when she occansionally visits us. Seeing her always made us think that she deserves to be here on penguin of the week.
-Sincerely your friends.


Tansypansy sounds like a wonderful penguin :)

- The Club Penguin Team


HI. I am a bestest friend of rach1000! She my real life & 0nline! Everyday, people look UP to her for hope. She helped me get a stamp and beat Tusk, etc. & ppl ADORE her & her humor like " WOO MAMA XD"! sHE DA BESTEsT (On Animal Jam A nd Cp- club Penguin!)
She has MiLlIONS of coins, rainforest Café, CPSN and a house igloo!!!!!!!!!!!! She has played CP since 2010!!!!!!! Please NOMInaTE her!!! eVERYONE yearns for her to be their friend!!!!!! - UNKNown BOBBEtte38


Hi I would like to nominate Firestone231 an a amazing friend. He is full of loyalty and compassion
He goes on Clubpenguin almost everyday so I'd be happy if you chose Fireston231 because he deserves this
And hopefully he could be POTW.
- Sincerely Milan105

Poppy Wop:

Who you should choose? I hope you choose me my penguin's name is Poppy Wop:)


HI I wish to nominate Bunny04019 she is like a sister to me online
She always cheers me up when I'm down so,
I would like to nominate her she makes all the
people around her happy she is a good friend
She stops and cheers people up shes a good friend


hi! i want to nominate funky dash
he is a gud pal
he is not a member
but he is a gud friend
he is always active doing something on club penguin
im not like other ppl who live in use who have those famous frnds like aunt arctic or rach1000 n all
but he is a gud penguin.........


I hope to be chosen but I will not choose my self I hope I could be POTW sometime
I hope that all of you guys will be POTW too! Hopefully sooner everyone
Will be POTW. BYE!
- Milan105


Hi !!! i would like to nominate my self
i hope i could be chosen


I agree with Cloudflame ! I think she deserves to win POTW


I think you should nominate me because I love to hang out with my friends and I take the time to make epic igloos. You should see my latest igloo its a shark hangout. And I also have a very good fashion tips like make your outfit match and also show your mood, like if your happy were lots of bright colors. So please nominate me 0208penny!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rach1000 GO mE:

Cant nominate ur self!!!!!


I'd like to nominate Pacocholo11 for POTW. He was my very first friend on club penguin. He's not mean to new comers on club penguin. That's pretty much why he was my friend. He is kind and funny. And he is very cooperative. Thanks!

PS. Do you have to have a cool igloo to be POTW? Just wanted to know! Thanks!



Waddle on Gabel03!


Thanks GamerGuy3!



i think my friend tanerer deserves to be the POTW because club penguin is his favorite game it is the only thing he has played this summer.


Congratz Gabel03! i would like to nominate my best friend bffforever87 . she is so amazing! kind and helpful to others. she aways goes up to sad people and asks whats wrong. she loves cp and has lots of team sprit! i really hope she gets picked! shes really kind and cheers everyone up! i would be so happy if you picked bffforever87 as POTW! shes really kind and sweet! she always says i love cp! i would love if she gets this! thanks- gina6639


Thank you gina6639!



plz nominate chris08088. hes nice to anyone he meets or is friends with. and with the subject of friendlyness he also is an amazing friend to me. he also knows a lot about Cp! he also tells the truth and is loyal too! he loves cp and tells others about the site. so i nominate chris08088! plz make him POTW. :)

Pink On Top:

I think you should nominate nubnubmuffin. She makes everyone laugh and can brighten up your day. She also tells anyone who asks where the pins are. You are awesome, nubnubmuffin!


chris08088 also has an awesome igloo! &)


I nominate Magentawolf to be crowned POTW, she is a kind penguin and we do lots of fun things together, she always has awesome outfits and amazing igloos, also in school she is kind to everyone and lets us join in anything. plz make Magentawolf be POTW, it would be so great for her and she definately deserves it.
Thanks , waddle on!


Congrats! Very Proud of you all! You really are wise enough to deserve it! LOL! I would like to nominate my friend Rojo2300 because every time I invite him he gives me thanks for the food and for inviting him. He never lets me down and he is a very well-mannered. He truly deserves that title.
P.S Just met Aunt Arctic and guess what? She is soooo nice!


Magentawolf sounds like an awesome friend. Plus, she has an awesome name!

- The Club Penguin Team

Le ia:

Congrats Gavel03!!!! It iggy looks awesome!! And I would like to nominate thinknoodles as POTW!! He's super nice he helps penguins by making walk throughs and answering questions and every week he goes on an gives penguins postcards and liking there iggys!!!


Thank you Le ia!



Congrats Gabel03
I would love to nominate 2 penguins that deserve it
First of all, I would like to nominate Purplebaby4
She just joined club penguin, but she isn't just my best friend shes family to me
She loves to tell me jokes and make other penguins laugh with her
If your feeling blue she'll turn your frown upside down
Second of all, I would like to nominate myself.
Not to be selfish, but I have been on club penguin for a long time. Ieven thought purple how to help people.


Thank you Alexa38516!



No problem
Your an awesome penguin
You deserved it


Aww, thank you! :D



I would like to nominate Chloe6856 she has been always nice to everyone on club penguin she will except any freind request and it does not matter if you are a non member . She will always congratulate the POTW .


I think Lainey 23 should be penguin of the week because she is so stylish and is so nice and she has 87 friends on club penguin because she is so nice to people and she loves every club penguin


I think Thinknoodles should be potw! He is so friendly to everyone!


Hiya um I just want to say that I am soooo proud of gabel03 for being penguin of the week!!!
Marymuffin5 P.S. Go Gabel03!


Thank you Marymuffin5!


Silver Leopard:

I nominate Cool Guy7742 because he's a great friend to me and every one else! Also congrats Gabel03! ;-)


Thank you Silver Leopard!



I think you should nominate jujugins. She is super funny and has the most rad igloos. She is very caring, because one time when I was being bullied, she cheered me up and got them to stop.


I would like to nominate my awesome friend musa90. She is an awesome friend, has good styles for each party, epic iggys, the occasional igloo party. in school she is a straight A student and nice person.In club penguin she helps me find pins,secrets in igloo and furniture catologs and clothing catologs and when she started cp she would ask me for help but I can just say SHE IS AN AWESOME PENGUIN/FRIEND I know she would love being POTW. thanks


hello im rockthemic make my friend The Minix POTW because he is so charming and kind and will help a friend when needed.i realy like him but i don't log in i have less chance to meet my very best friend.


I'll nominate my friend named Purpley. We met in my igloo. What she does very nice is that she helps people, she takes us to different places and hangout, and she is very friendly. Please choose Purpley as a POTW. By the way congrats to Gabe103. Sorry that I forgot the numbers next to her name.

tour hat:

nice job i wish i was the penguin of the week wait are you famous?


Thank you Pinky28565!


unknown penguin :

POTW is awesome and all, but its kinda unfair, I mean you choose 1 penguin that could have the same traits, style and similar personality as 100 other penguins that want the position, I mean, I am not saying I am jealous or anything, because I am not , but, I mean, I know at least 20 people with this weeks trait that really wanted it, I am just saying, go back to POTD, you could pick a lot more and it would be more fair, isn't that what CP is about? making everybody equal! thanks,waddle on!

pink abudhab:

how about rabbit hole i think she has got a good style for clothes and igloos

kate :

hi i think pink abudhab should have it because she is really nice


pink abudhab she helps me out with lots of things on club penguin


hay i went to look at pink abudhab igloo she was there a gave me a big smile and said thanks for coming i think it should be pink abudhab

pasta 009:

I have a penguin for the next POTW! I think it should be Eggnut81. She`s always helping me with stuff and I think she would really appreciate it. I don`t think she`s ever seen it happen but I am 99.999 percent sure that she would stand up for penguins being bullied. She helps me get badges when I need help getting them. So thank you for reading this letter and have an awesome day!


What about me?


You can make Amberheussaf the penguin of the week. She is helpful,responsible,cheerful and a nice tour... She is not a member but she is very nice...Waddle on!, imporoles

puffy penguin:

I think that Roseet should be the penguin of the week. She helped me figure out how to care for my puffles because i'm new. Plus she is really nice and smart too!

Kitty purry$$:

You should nominate these people I have a reason for each.i know all them in real life. Here are the people:
Elsaice(adorable besties sis.great actor for theater.)
Kloe1000(beautiful friend.Awesome sense of fashion.)
MJ Twinkle (cool bestie.Great club penguin dancer.)
Mommylizard(rad mom.she loves her puff ball!)
Piginatux(awesome brother.Loves soccer.)
Ronin21(Great dad.loves memberships.)
niceekitty(Me.I have been playing since 2009.Cannot live without being a member!!Always do theme!


It's a hard decision to make, but what about my friend Roseet? She threw a great space party! She went all out and decorated using everything she could find. It was definitely a good well done! go Roseet!

frozen kid:

how about pink abudhab she is a really nice penguin


hey Club Penguin! I hear by nominate Roseet to be the penguin of the month. Roseet owns some very nice clothes for her penguin and she always looks her best! Roseet is also a polite waiter when she works at the Pizza Parlor.


Roseet needs to be the penguin of the week because she has been a member for 6 years and she loves Club Penguin. She said that she likes to write letters to club penguin all the time! Roseet deserves it.


I made a friend on club penguin a few days ago. She was very nice to me when i asked her where i could buy a soccer uniform to play soccer. Her name is Roseet. She also invited me to her space party at her igloo.I had lots of fun!


My best friend Roseet will be nominted by me. We bring our puffles to play together at the puffle park alot and she is always nice.


Awww thanx jerrybear5690 that's really nice of you! you you to mypony58little3, chickenwing,sparkleforstars and donald74321 for caring so much! I always have so much fun with you on CP can't wait to hang out with u guys again! :)


I think I should be the penguin of the week and congrad to u dude


Hey club penguin team i if you releasted Snowboarder,Stunt Penguin and Mountaineer stamps can't you make more parties like that so all penguins can get it please


Hey club penguin team i if you releasted Snowboarder,Stunt Penguin and Mountaineer stamps can't you make more parties like that so all penguins can get it please


i nominate me because ill be friends to new penguins and i give a helping hand and i stop riots in cp and i give tips to new penguins for the future


I think Missdarmody deserves to be Penguin of the Week. She has been a loyal CP user since 2011. Missdarmody is a genuine person who always makes sure everyone is having a good time. She has even helped out a few kids who were being bullied by others. She's not a very well known penguin, and she's completely fine with that. Every time she logs on, her goal is to make people smile and have fun. She is definitely Penguin of the Week worthy.


I think that I should be nominated because I am always trying to make a friend and inviting penguins to my igloo and I'm always using my money to buy food and toys and entertaining my puffles and buying new clothes and backgrounds to attract friends so thank you if you nominate me and I love you :)

stay love:

pink abudhab she has a great heart.


Hey I am making a contest of who can wear the most worst outfit ever!!!! For 2 weeks after July 6th

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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