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By Daffodaily5 on June 13, 2014 - 02:02


The winner of Penguin of the Week goes to the super brill, Michelle4392! She's always looking out for other penguins, helping to turn penguin frowns upside down and giving her buddies tips with finding pins and playing mini games. You can always count on Michelle4392 to be a caring friend! :)

All winners receive the EPIC Penguin of the Week background along with 10,000 coins! Don't forget to comment below to send me your nominations for next week's POTW.


-Club Penguin Team



You really have to nominate TurboTankz for next week's POTW as he's always helping others pick the suitable style for upcoming parties and spreads awareness regarding keeping water clean and preventing it from getting polluted. Hope you do so. Thanks. Oh, and maybe nominate me too? ;P

Joey jojo: i cant beat that...


Hi. How do you become penguin of the week?


Great question!

You can nominate yourself, or a friend, by writing in the comments here. Be sure to include why you think that penguin deserves to be Penguin of the Week.

- The Club Penguin Team


U should nominate Romagna! He's a really caring friend he helps me find pins,games and make new friends I became best friends with him becuase i was really sad one day and he was acting goofy and all that and we became friends He's super nice if you ever see him you'll see! He's never mean upset he puts my problems first before his own. He's awesome i say. So nominate romagna


Plz do me! My name is Pojhgv23.I did my best to create my igloo,I help others all the time and I love meeting new friends!


I believe I should become the next or later penguin of the week because I attend parties and have in multiple time have turned a frown upside down when someone day was down in the dumps as we say. I collected over 500 items over my seven years of playing club penguin and every year since i participated i have gave atleast 10000 coins for coin for change. I accept that i might not win next week or soon but i hope that this comment will be read with sure sincerity


i love club penguin people come to my house when i do have a lot of friends even rookie and i have the penguin guide book it tells me about everything in club penguin i have very cool cloths and lots of people send me very nice postcards that i can't delete never not even in a million years and i am terrible at cart surfer and i am good a surfing and this is funny a judge gave me a zero hahaha it was hilarious you should seen the look on my face and the other two gave me a ten i felt proud of me


Hi. I'm Cutie81359 I would like to be nominated for the next penguin of week. I'm kind and help a bunch of new comers ,also I always report others when they do mean and harmful things in club Penguin. Thank you


i would to nominate flashwing174 for next weeks penguin of the week . he stands up to bullies. he always turns my frown upside down. and he gives me fashion and igloo advice. he has a good heart

jillzieb :

I Nomiate JillzieB She Has Been SO Nice To Me And Others


i couldn't have a better friend the citybuilder1. he is awesome. he gives me fashion advice, is always nice to all penguins, and takes good care of his puffles. he also helps me make awesome igloos. he really deserves to be penguin of the week. ever since he found coins for change, he saves his money for this.


I have a GREAT friend, Polygirl05 and i think she deserves to be POTW! She is kind to everyone (even if they aren't kind back) and has a HUGE heart for her puffes! The place I see her the most is playing in the her puffle Blue and taking her other puffles to the Puffle Hotel. She is a GREAT friend, too!

Doodle :

I have a friend her name is swirly123 an she should be penguin of the week.


I was walking around helping out I said nice things. But no one was watching):

Char char :

I wanna be a nominee plz i am so excied to see who will win :-)


Wow! Am new at this games, how we'll is it.


I think Captsparkles7 should be POTW along with Bluejosh142 because they are very nice


Plz also nominate me if that's allowed because I always help others and report people for doing bad things Thank You=)


Congrats, Michelle4392! I really wanna nominate Rainbow804 for POTW. She's a really caring friend, she helped me out when I was new on club penguin, she loves collecting rare items (I think cause she has a lot), and shes the one whpo told me I should play club penguin!


Thank you!


typo on the last comment :)


my friend Matt 310 got me into club penguin he is caring and kind and nice and adventrous. he comes on club penguin everyday and he halp raise awareness for animals i hope he is POTW

Cool gal:

I would like to choose ally22712 for helping me find pins and giving me a tour on my first day she always sends me mail if you friend the penguin they will be a great friend!!!


I am going to nominate ally22712 for always being there for me she helps me find pins, helps me get the free backgrounds and hats. So if you friend ally22712 she will be the best friend you could ever have!


This is just a question but how do you become penguin of the week??????????????


To become penguin of the week, you have to be nominated by friends or other penguin pals! Posting here on the Blog is the best way to be nominated for Penguin of the Week! So make sure to get your friends to post why they think you should be chosen here on the Blog!

-The Club Penguin Team

Best Buddy 8:

Hi cp I would like to nominate Anworld because when I first joined Anworld helped me out so much and now she's still caring for everyone! She allways helps me finding the pin making Iggys and choosing clothes! I think she really deserves to win!! And we still hang out and laugh about the times when I first joined!


you're friend sounds like one amazing penguin! keep an eye out on the blog for new Penguin of the Week! :D

-The Club Penguin Team


I nominate my friend berry7992. One time I was on and I was being bullied and she stood up for me! She even showed me how to report and ignore someone if they are mean or if they break the rules. Berry7992 also play lots of games and throws parties and invites everyone not just members! I think that berry7992 should be nominated


first comment


How come I never get to be penguin of the week :(

but, congrats:)


It's ok it doesn't really matter, but if you are nice to everyone on Club Penguin, have an awesome house, have awesome clothing, then you can probably be The Penguin Of The Week


My friend Marepip is great . She is a penguin with big heart. Marepip always helps and she is here to make us happy. I think that she should be nominated for penguin of the week.
With love,


She help me


I want to become a nominee of the upcoming week's Penguin Of the week.


melloeta1 is the best penguin around. because she always ALWAYS be's good to her friends, and when sombody is sad she makes them happy.


i almost forgot that no matter how mean somebody is to melloeta1, she always acts approprietly to the situation.


i think u helped me find a pin once but it was at the Puffle Party


How do you get to be the penguin of the week


You need to do something good or just be yourself and try to do something nice be nice to people and don't just be nice because you want to be penguin of the week do it with your heart and hopefully someone will vote for you:).


That is some super awesome advice!!! :D

-The Club Penguin Team


I hope to be POTW one day hopefully as well!:)


My penguin friend, (and brother) Hawkeyed1 should definitly be the next penguin of the week. Being 3 years older than me on Club Penguin, he knows all there is to know about Club Penguin, so he helps teach me his tips and secrets with finding pins, playing games, throwing awesome igloo parties, and much more. There are times when I feel sad, because I can't get past a level in a game, but Hawkeyed1 always helps me through it! Please let him be the next POTW!

X x SinCara x X:

Billy76414 Is A Great Friend! HE Always Helps Me Find Pins Defeat Games And More! I Nominate Billy76414!

N and Cp703:

I nominate Sunrush! She is an amazing friend. She has helped me get cool stuff for my penguin even though I'm not a member! She helps me find pins and she helps me get coins. SHE IS AMAZING!


I think that Hawkeyed1 should be penguin of the week too!


Thanks SuperSmiley :D ! It warms my heart to see a fellow penguin being really kind! That's the kind of kindness that TRUELY deserves POTW! ;)


Thank you so much N and Cp! You are amazing at everything!

N and Cp703:

Sunrush just helped someone at the prom who is sad! She is REALLY amazing!!!!


Hey daffo! I would like to nominate Gabel03. He is so kind to me, and when I first joined Club Penguin, he gave me a tour! He helps penguins find pins, and help them out with quests at parties! He has met 4 mascots! He knows secrets about Club Penguin, like how to get to the underwater room! He creates these awesome outfits and amazing stage igloos. Please choose him for POTW!


Aww, thank you! So kind!



I also nominate Gabel03. I agree. He has the best stage igloos! When he walks around the island, he's always sending out postcards! He is so friendly. In fact, his friends list is full! One fact that I know is that he wants to meet Sensei! I joined shortly after him, and he showed me what he knew. Choose him for POTW!



Thank you!



Choose Gabel03 for POTW! He is so kind. He has the bets igloos. He is on the red team. He once created an igloo filled with only red things! Though, he replaced it with a soccer igloo. Like Cutiepieleb5 said, he creates the best stage igloos! He has a sense of style! He has on this camera man outfit that I absolutely love! Please choose him for POTW!


So nice!



oops made a mistake

He has the best igloo!

Matey ty:

Will aunt arctic be on the spoiler alert?

Matey ty:

What do you think is the coolest party for 2014?


The Penguin Cup of course!

Go Green Squids!!!!

- The Club Penguin Team


No, it's going to be the Christmas Party 2014! Get it? "Coolest"?


Wow 2coolstar, that's hilarious! I wish I could think of jokes like that, XD.


I think u should nominate 1izzybell cuz she is always there for other and is always bringing a smile to everyone's faces and is always putting others needs and wants in front of hers and she never lets anyone down

Lizard R:

I think MADDIE1100 should be penguin of the week because she is a great friend and always gives out tips on how to do certain things.....I am new to club penguin and she teaches me how to do stuff and earn sushi and coins. So please give her penguin of the week !!!!!


Hello Can You Please Let Jordan82679 Be the penguin of the week? he has been a big creative even he has a friend that plays CP Too!!! Please give him a chance. He has also got a HQ igloo (or EPF igloo ) And he has a big massive home (well not massive but big) That just looks like a real home would be!!! And he also has (Okay so if you are a fan of plants and all other things like crystals you have come to the right place) A sor of a scientist lab but with a lot of plants and trees. Okay Goodbye!


First comment! I would also like to nominate Unique Amy for POTW. She is so nice and polite. Everyday she visits my igloo and we end up talking and laughing. What I'm trying to say is: PLEASE PICK HER FOR PENGUIN OF THE WEEK!

Waddle On!

Dance For Me:

Dance for me is a kind and loving pinguin.She always makes pepoles days better.Plus she gives helpful tips on how to a plesent pinguin. And she is shareing with others.And she has two wonderful puffle pets.There names are blueberry and strawberry that she loves so much.She gose and pampers them all the time.and last but not least is that she is a friend with one a nother and Cary's threwwith thangs.


WOW! Congratulation Michelle4392 you are awesome and also please make me penguin of the week next week. I am helpful, always smile, And have good jokes so please could i be penguin of the week.



Thank you!

Kayla B9:

Um, can JelloBandito PLEEEEEEEASE be POTW? he's not expecting to, but lots of my friends and other penguins were wondering if he could be it, perhaps the week after next week? if yes, thx. and if no, we understand.


I agree that Jellobandito should be penguin of the week because of many reasons. I always have seen him help out new penguins on the island by entertaining them in astounding ways. He is very good at making fun igloos and has fun making them. He means a lot to us penguins on the server blizzard. Everyone can't wait to see what he does next to his igloo. From fancy Italian restaurant to sky diving, he has always kept us entertained.


I agree Kayla B9 JelloBandito has some amazing igloos and is helpful to other penguins( he even gave me some tips on making great igloos) he's also very rare so he knows a lot about CP and he would be so surprised if he was POTW!! So please nominate JelloBandito like I said he has amazing igloos, helpful to others, and knows a lot about CP. Like Kayla B9 said: If yes thanks, if no we understand there are a lot of other great penguins out there
Your Penguin Pal- Clubby99103 #Waddle On CP :)

Kayla B9:



I think the next penguin of the week should be Gudgudee. She is always helping someone or the other. She befriends everyone and is an awesome friend. She always makes people happy and smile and gives them tips to earn stamps. I really wish she is the next penguin of the week. I am sure everyone agrees.


I nominate Squshy4512, because she is one fierce penguin! when someone asks for help, she will help them... TO THE MAX! Also, when a fellow penguin has a frown, she will turn it upside down! When a penguin asks for help, she will help them, for instance, looking for a pin! Squshy4512 is a penguin everyone wants to talk to! Also, congrats Michelle4392!!!!!!!!! :)


Thank you!


I think funbundle123 should be it

She gives great tours!!


Congrats Michelle4392! I want to nominate my big brother Jb Elvis Pop. He introduced me to this game and we play together all the time. He showed me all kinds of cool secret stuff on the island, and all the cool things you can do during parties. He always is helping the new penguins get started and showing them around. He has been playing for a looooong time. Please consider making him the POTW!!! I think he deserves it :)


Thank you!


i thank (my brother) finn9867 should be penguin of the week when i started he gave me tours helped me out told me were the pins is and he moved to PAIRS but we still hang out in cp we laugh about when i started he is so careing so kind he has 497 friends one of them is me i thank he is awesome and he still gives tours but today he has a cold but he may be online he been playing for a long time.
he's all ways helping new penguins he even gave one in real a gift card ti clubpenguin he did please


I think my best friend Colleen 0409 should be penguin of the week because she is caring and looking out for other penguins she helped me earn my black belt she always makes me feel better when I am sad and she is a friend to all she the most amazing penguin Club Penguin could ask for I hope you pick her for penguin of the week


thank u ilovepokies best sis ever i told u i'll be online


I wish I was penguin of the week but I want trexjr2006 to be penguin of the week. He is my best friend.

Enter nickname:

Please make my sisters penguin, matildaluv, to be POTW. She is sweet, funny, and always sticks up for people. Please make her POTW.


I would like to nominate Shai9999 to be PotW. He's always looking out for other penguins, helping to turn penguin frowns upside down and giving her buddies tips with finding pins and playing mini games. You can always count on him to be a good friend. It would be SO good if he was PotW.


What are the things a penguin has to do to become penguin of the week?


Well you have to be good and do nice things like cheer penguins up


first comment! yay! anyway, congrats! you deserve it :)


Please nominate Aadamali, As he is a great friend and shows everyone around the island. He just became a full star member.


What a superb penguin! I'd like to nominate fellow buddy of mine "Pen50gi" for being a cool, friendly and helpful penguin. Whenever you see Pen50gi on the island he's always having a conversation with a new penguin or giving tours to newer penguins - he's such a kind penguin!

Waddle On!


Good for you Michelle4392! :-)ments


Thank you!


Hi again another things about me for being penguin of the week i love making friends and helping club penguin from saying mean things and being nice and to every penguin I would love to be every ones friends


Hello penguins I wish that I can be the penguin of the week my penguin name is Loyd103 plz let me be a nominee


Oh I forgot to tell that I like helping penguins all around and give them a warm wellcome and share happy tips for pins games mascots u name it i love every penguin on club penguin Waddle On


I vote for "Kulthum" to be POTW Because she has above 300 stamps:0 and she's a wonderful penguin fun she's always happy and totally against bullying:)


do the pins count?


i know kulthum as well she is really kind and she has been on club penguin for about 1892 days which is wow! i vote for her as well!;)


I know Kulthum too! She's very nice, happy, and she has tons of stamps! I vote for her too! She definitely deserves POTW. :)


WOW!! That's so cool!! That's like....295 more stamps that I have! I guess I just need more practice.

-The Club Penguin Team

Penguin 43:

Hey Daffodaily5!
Congratulations Michelle4392!
You sound like an Amazing Penguin!
It sounds like you really deserve to be Penguin of the Week!
Enjoy being Penguin of the Week!
Wanna be Friends?
On another note, I think that I should be Penguin of the Week in the future because:
I have been playing Club Penguin since 2009!
I am a friendly penguin!
I help penguins meet famous penguins!
What does everyone think?
I wonder who will be the next Penguin of the Week!


Thank you!


Go Michelle4392! I wish i could be Penguin of the Week :(


Thank you!


I nominate Evertonfc9, for being an awesome brother, and keeping the island safe. Thanks



Congrats Michelle4392!


Thank you!


well done


Congrats!! Also, were are the waddle on episodes???!!!

Rainbow flash:

To lorison,waddle on has ended and for now on, it is in the spoiler alert I hope this helps you waddle on!


#WaddleOn has been discontinued, unfortunately


Hi Lorisin! #WaddleOn sketches are now in the spoiler alert! Bye!

Angel winks:

I think brook3333 shes always helping out


I nominate kooldude233 i dont see him around that much but i am new and he helped me show where everything is


"Kooldude233" certainly sounds like one nice dude too! Maybe one day in the future they could be up here!! :D

-The Club Penguin Team

Rockvine 18:


Zoie 2005:

It would be awesome to be penguin of the week. Everyone who has been it you are very lucky and great job on winning. Here's a tip save the money.


soloman19, he is a good friend in cp, and in real life. he always has something funny up his sleeve (and is realy good with a hacky sack.)

this is why a say soloman19 should be Penguin of the Week.


I would like to nominate Rolypoly as he will always send you a postcard to say hi and make sure he likes your igloo when he logs on. He is a really good friend!


I want to nominate my big sister blackydean because she always helps with everything from my homework to my chorus practice. She helped me go on club penguin when I was 4 and she does community service at the retirement home 5 days a week. Anyway she is always willing to give a helping hand and to give back to the community. She donates all her coins to coins for change every year beacause she almost loves animals as much as me, so PLEASE let her win she really deserves it!!!


Congrats Michelle4392! Also I have a nomanation for the next Penguin of the Week. I think it should be Cheerstar9. She is always helping out and is very sweet and caring. She always looks at the bright side and helps her little brother with CP. She loves CP and during christmas she donated some coins for Coins for Change! She is one of the best penguins I know and she deserves a Penguin Of The Week reward.


Thank you!


can I be in for penguin of the week? :)

Miss jak:

i think Jaklyn Love2 she is super nice

joey jojo:

Michelle4392 I congrats you,but um...why are you wearing non member items?

Anywho,i would like to nominate my friend Bob582 for being a great friend and helping my arm in real life!His best habit is pretending,his favs are police,nerd,spy, and pookie!he supports team green and,even though he doesn`t show it,he is real smart!So PLEASE choose bob582 for next weeks penguin of the week!


I was wearing those because, well I wanted to go to space and be a tour guide at the same time and I couldn't find a dress to match.BTW, POTW uses pictures from a week ago. I'm not wearing that now but my iggy still looks like that plus a box portal.

Blue Liquid:

I have a few questions for the Penguins of Club Penguin and Michelle4392,

Question 1: Who do you think will win the Penguin Cup?

Question 2: Who do you think will win the World Cup?

Question 3: Who do you think should be Penguin of the Week next week?

Question 4: Which Club Penguin Mascot is your favorite?

Question 5: How much do you want to be the Penguin of the Week?

Thank You,


Question 1: GREEN SQUIDS!
Question 2: ITALY
Question 3: The Penguin with the most excellent track record for being awesome.
Question 4: Gadzooks! Most certainly Gary!
Question 5: THIS MUCH |-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

You're very welcome! ^.^

- The Club Penguin Team


I'm Awesome with a capital 'A'!


#1: Totally Green Squids :P
#2: France or USA!
#3: Um... Wraskel101, he's always helping me with stamps and just helping other penguins! Hope you win, Wraskel101!
#4: *High Pitch Voice* Cadence and The Penguin Band! (Whoo-Hoo!)
#5:Um.... ]--[ <- That much, I guess :P


Question 1: The blue team (its my favorite color)
Question 2: Everyone has a fair chance
Question 3: Someone who is very kind
Question 4: PH
Question 5: You have no idea how many friend requests I have got since this blog came out. More than 100!Seriously. When I logged on 2 days ago a bubble came up that said YOU HAVE 55 FRIEND REQUESTS! Being POTW is awesome but exhausting.


Question 1: The red team.
Question 2: Team USA?
Question 3: Someone who is kind.
Question 4: Sensei.
Question 5: This much: ---------------------------------------------------------- takes a breath ------------------------ drinks water ---------------------------

By the way- congrats Michelle!



1. BLUE SHARKS! i love shark week, plus blue is my fave color!

2. I hope USA or UK wins the world cup .

3. My friend Nightfall15, who I think has nominated me twice now!

4. Cadence! i love dancing and singing!


- LOVE Agentcow- !!!penguin cup!!!


Please can it be Flyvw she is a helpful penguin she helps people to earn stamps and she stands up to people who are mean on club penguin she plays a lot like daily I don't care how many times I voted for her and it has failed she's amazing and she deserves penguin of the week she loves the party's and always up to date so waddle on cp!!!!! :D

Enter nickname:

You should nominate pumkin1234 she is so nice and thinks of others before herself


congratulation Michelle4392 for being POTW.


Thank you!


Man I wish that I would be chosen though I will not nominate myself cause thats just cheating.


That's very noble of you! ^.^

If you keep being such a great penguin, you might get nominated after all!

- The Club Penguin team


I think Pokemon2621 should be penguin of the week.



I just want to know what the POTW background looks like. I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!! o-o


cacky123 should be the next POTW. I'm newer to clubpenguin and she has had many activities in her igloo that allow me to make new friends! She doesn't turn anyone away and gives good advice on how to win stamps and coins. That's a cool penguin!


I'd like to nominate cacky123 for penguin of the week. She opens her igloo to a variety of events for everyone to join in, not just her friends. She always wants everyone to be included and never turns anyone who wants to be her buddy away. She's the life of the party and one sweet penguin!


I think JulieWhisker she's AWESOME and she's my hero


my friend katie81118 aways wanted to be on penguin of the week she thinks that it would be cool and she aways checks the blog to see what new
waddle on

Blue Liquid:



Thank you!


hi! can you please pick rockey11224, she has a HUGE heart, whenever somebody on CP is sad she always asks them whats wrong. and then gets a new friend,, we are BFFs in real life, I can also say that she helps her disabled neighbor all the time, she has no problem with it, and she even goes with her neighbor and her family to Disneyland and helps her on rides and stuff! she has a huge heart and always cares for others, she deserves this! thanks! waddle on! and pick rockey11224.


I would like to nominate Snakeboy to be PotW. Even though he is fairly new to CP, he turns my frown upside down. He helped me make some friends, and he is always cheerful. So, please have Snakeboy be PotW.


Congrats I am very happy for you. And please friend me my name in club penguin is thunderlove7. Waddle on . Peace

Mango Gal300:

Awesome job but while were on the topic of music I GET TO SEE R5 IN LIVE CONCERT! I love Ross lynch his music rocks and so does he! SQEEEEEEEEEEE!


I want to nominate blackydean she is my bestie. I'm not good at math and she is my peer tutor and when she explains it I always understand. She also walks my dog and she does it 4 free. Please let her win it would be really nice if she could


It sounds like your friend is totally cool, so thanks for the nomination. PS. NICE COW NAME!

- The Club Penguin Team


dear club penguin, i never became penguin of the week. But congrats Michelle4392


Thank you!


I think Iamcool61. She's nice, funny, and always makes me laugh. She also makes these really amazing igloos. She collects unlocks, and just about everything on Club penguin! I really think she deserves it, or gets penguin of the week sometime this year.


CP, i found a bug! when i click the moderater badge in the top-right corner of the screen, the game freezes! it doesn't happen all the time, just most of the time. plz fix this bug! waddle on!


Thanks for letting us know. If you keep having troubles, email Club Penguin Support at!

- The Club Penguin Team


my game is not comeing


That happened to me too! I thought that is was just my computer, but I guess not


my nominee is Tampinha2, he's a goof friend to chat with and he is very nice and he cheers me up
and is fun to hang out with he has a real cool igloo he is a very good friend and a very true one.

Gr8 Sk8ing:

You guys have never seen me before, but I would love to nominate Asked789 for being so epic. They gave me an epic tour around the island when I started, and give non members epic styles to be just as good as members


Me again this is for the penguin team if I am a nominee what do I do if i am a nominee it's just i really want to be penguin of the week i love helping penguins finding stamps the usual but not just cause its nice or gain coins or be a member it's that I want to do the right thing to help other people hope penguins can nominate me for penguin of the week my penguins name is Loyd103 if u guys have questions just ask glad to help


Can I be chosen for penguin of the week ? Plz. Can u add me I'm cupcake2433

Mr Brainy:

I nominate myself to be POTW because I like being happy i sometimes help
People with their problems or when i see people fight i try and try
I wish I could be. POTW i sometimes have fights with my best friend katei 9756
We have problems i try to solve it with each other it was just hard but we seperated
Until for many weeks we met and were friends again
That's why my heart is on the good side i also want to try preventing bullying and that's
How i am.
P.S i almost cried when I wrote this

Mr Brainy:

I also want to nominate to another player
Named Katei 9756 i really don't know what she really does
But i like her so much but she's still my best friend she looks nice
Me and I sometimes fight but were still friends in my heart.


I want youngnice to win pingiun of the week. She is kind and compassionate . She looks out for others and respects them. She is perfect pingiun and I wan to be more like her

USA cheer:

I think youngnice should win. She is considerate, caring, and kind. She is every thing a person should be.
I know why she picked the name because she is young and nice. Everything she does she does it for others.
She very selfless. She can make any one laugh, smile, and make anyone's day. She is the perfect pingiun.


I think youngnice should win pingiun of the week. She looks out for others, makes sure
They have a good day and always wants to help. She is perfect for pingiun of the week. I hope she wins


Good job girl.


I think my sister should be nominated her name is lucianna619. I think this because she's always wanting to make new friends and go to to there igloo. I know her as a sisiter and she's just like she is in real life. She's always wanting to play club penguin everyday. She makes me smile every time of the day and if you pick her to be penguin of the week it will make me smile even more. Bye! :)


Hi, Daffodaily5! My Penguin of the Week nomination goes to Rainbow20764! She has over 400 friends on Club Penguin and has exquisite outfits and igloo décor! She loves puffles and reports bullies and stands up for penguins who are being bullied. She also likes to friend sad penguins. I hope you get a chance to check out Rainbow20764!


Great job Michelle4392! You're outfit is beautiful, I love your igloo, it's amazing! :)



Thank you!


You should nominate my friend Ferdthebird as Penguin of the Week. He's really nice and has a cool blog!

18 Polly 18:

My friend 18 Polly 18 should be POTW. He is a amazing friend, EPF agent, and Ninja. He helps new Penguins that come to the island. He donates most of his coins to coins for change. He gives Penguins tips on all the mini games since he has all the game stamps. He also helps Penguins find Mascots they want to meet. He also helps Penguins find pins.


In the my penguin app,can you go to the box dimension?When I try,it doesn't work so maybe I'm doing it wrong?I don't know. P.S.Can you guys friend me?Im a BIG fan!
Love catpod


Hi catpod! remeber me the robot that worked with you

rainbow flash:

to Catpod, you can`t go in the box dimension yet maybe in the future you can go in it(:
Waddle on!


How do you you guys choose penguin of the week?
Do you spy on every penguin to see what they do?


Can I be one of the guests in the next Waddle on or spoiler alert?


I wanna be POTW, plz plz plz, I been seeing other people be POTW, and I wanted to be POTW, i'm worthy, but still, that's cool...


I think 20145alyssa should get it because she is loyal in cp and real life. She is my wista because we are pookies and we are alike. She has parties and has great puffles. She has awesome offiuts and iggys'. She held a funrasier at her school and raised 1,000 dollars. She is strong, loving and caring. That's who i vote for penguin of the week.


My friend Ramneet10 is always helping people for example she is answering everyone questions about where do I get a puffle and more

Carly 1119:

You have to nominate Pinky8557! She is one of my many bffs and is always there for me she is just so kind and generous and she in totally not selfish. She always thinks of others before her. She's also very funny. She also has great tips to help me on anything, wether it is minecraft or club penguin, she always knows what to say, so plz pick here to be next weeks penguin of the week!


I nominate Wordgirl888 for being an awesome friend who is caring, friendly and hilarious. She makes jokes to cheer anyone up and a few times I have seen her work out a conflict with penguins she didn't even know! I am so jealous of har because she can do anything! Way to go wordgirl!


I think mickey1921 should be penguin of the week because she helps players to the max and sticks up to herself without hurting anyone.


I think Kulthum should win, because she is really kind and generous and always helps people feel better! Whenever I'm sad, I just look to her to cheer me up, even on Clubpenguin. Her style is the best, and so are her igloos! Please choose her. My friend totally deserves to win! I really do hope she wins for once, because she deserves to. She is exactly the type of penguin that CP is looking for to create a positive difference!! Pick Kulthum! :)


i vote for "kulthum" for being a wonderful person guiding people in club penguin and amazing igloo parties 300 stamps:0!

Loyd103 :

Hello fellow penguins I would love to be penguin of the week not cause of the coin or the background witch is cool but it's an honor to be penguin of the week i luv helping penguins cause it's my nature so please nominate me my penguin is Loyd103 thank u

Awesome sis :

Congrats! I nominate chaz1104 because he is a wonderful role model and a caring friend.


Hiya penguins I am Loyd103 I really want to be penguin of the week for me it's an honor i luv to help penguins with tips like mini games pins and even hidden items in the penguin style so yes it's a dream for a penguin but ask any question u like or more info this is Loyd103

Nikki :

I think youngnice should be pingiun of the week. She is honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, respect everyone, authority, and herself and others; she makes the world a better place. The is the perfect pingiun. I understand her name shein young and nice. Youngnice should be pingiun of the week.


I think michelle Cause I've Seen Him Help People : ) *Michelle*

P.S ClayClark6 Is UserName : )


I think tim1804 Could be penguin of the week cuz hes my best friend and always cheers othe penguins up and looks for friends online to hang out with them


Also i think zbtop could be penguin of the week too maybe cuz he is nice and friendly


I think Johnny40049 should be penguin of the week because hes nice to me and we like to play dress up as your favorite mascot also he tells people where the new pin is and cheers people up

Enter nickname:

I nominate Mellisiasara for POTW she's my best friend!!!!

Plz nominate her too she's awesome!!!



Limepinkpurp has been such a nice penguin she has stopped fights between penguins she helps people find pins and when she visits igloos she helps some people she is super nice


congrats u deserve it and how do u be penguin of the week and I wish she was my friend because no one talk to me and I always be alone I hope he add me plz add me I am so lonely :'( but I think he really deserve it : )


I Think I should because I help other penguin in need plus I help people find there way around club penguin . My guiding skill help new people around this awesome world of club penguin.





i would like to nominate thomasu26 for always caring for what i have to say and being very playful

Pinky pie:

Xgames2013 is the best penguin ever he is always turning frowns upside down, he is so nice always comforting other penguins and helping them find the hidden pins! I think he should be nominated for POTW!!!

Ice cream45:

I think that the best penguin that should be nominated for penguin of the week is Coconut78 she is always being kind and helping others when they seem sad so nominate Coconut78 for Penguin of the week please she deserves it! WADDLE ON!


Congrats Michelle4392!


Thank you!


I nominate ^!

Enter nickname:

Please pick me. I'm new and I'm Trying to fit in and help others.


Welcome to Club Penguin! Have a great time waddling around.

- The Club Penguin Team


I can show you around club penguin


I say coco should be nominated because she helps managing the epf! And helps the newbees around club penguin!



awesome pizza:

I think johnnydog101 shoul be penguin of the week


the next penguin of the week should be Mmd rocks 99 she is so nice she is very helpful on CP she is nice to everyone she meets and a very good friend! BTW peacegirl802 is my penguin name:D

Pegs 231:

Plss nominate me....


I'd like 2 nomin8 an awesome penguin. He's known for being nice, making people feel welcome, making them smile, wearing cool & old outfits, making totes epic igloos, and he's definitally good at Sled Racing and Mancala. TOP SECRET he was part of the PSA. He's also been playing CP since 2007! That's 7 years! WOWZA! But whenever you need a friend, you can always count on him to be there. This penguin is… (insert drumroll here)…Shaun 65793! I'd like Shaun 2 have the honorary title of POTD. Thanks!


Shaun 65793 is also really great at making friends (inside of CP & in real life.) He always treats others the way he would want to be treated, and I think that that's a good quality for a friend to have. Be careful though, for if you play a multiplayer game with him, you will most likely lose. He's very good at most of the games. If he loses, he doesn't care too much. I think Shaun is totally worthy of the title POTD.
Thanks! WADDLE ON!


I nomant redred2112 she is a fun person who is never down. She makes sure everyone is in the spirts and shes new so plz her for POTW. U wont regret it since she amazing me to im the same :D


Congratulations Michelle!
I would like to nominate 'Pandora 84'. Pandora has been playing Club Penguin for years, and I feel it is finally time she was given some recognition. Pandora regularly hosts exiting igloo parties and invites a wide range of penguins to them! This brings the community together and allows us to make lots of new friends in a relaxed environment! She also regularly gives tours and will always lend a helping flipper to everyone! Thanks!


I think FlynnLucky should be the penguin of the week because he's kind and likes to make new friends and cheer people up.also FlynnLucky is so nice to me because he always likes my igloo. so here are some words to discribe him: funny, loving puffle's, kind,awesome igloo also he is really orginized in his igloo. so if you like how he is then put him as penguin of the week. From 2003riely.


Just wondering, do Penguin of the Week winners still receive the exclusive viking helmet?


Congrats! but when i go to the blog i dont see what i wrote why is that.?

Kay puppy6:

I nominate Makayla82894 because she helps me out with games and shows me pins. She always donates in fundraisers nomatter what their for. She helps out to keep the world clean and she has brill clohes and a brill igloo. You should really pick her to be penguin of the week. She deserves it with all her hard work. She gives me codes and has a lot of stamps. That is the penguin that I nominate for penguin of the week. Waddle on!

Penguin R5d4:

Junior mech should be a nominee for POTW he is a hood friend and has a big heart he is willing to help people no matter who they are and when Im sad he always cheers me right up.

Cookies :

I nominate cupcakecraz4 4 being a great friend


I think you guys should pick maci2828 to be penguin of the week she is a good penguin friend and she has her black belt in card jestu and her puffles names rock please pick her


I seriously can't believe I got penguin of the week!


Congratulations, Michelle4392!

- The Club Penguin Team


Thank you!

Katie Lucas:

Good work Michelle4392 you must be a great friend caring I think most people should be like you.


I agree too!! :D

-The Club Penguin Team

MichelleWannaBe :):

Aww! I wish I was Michelle. She sounds very kind and I would love to be her friend! :) Just friend requested her!! She sounds like she's a wonderful Penguin to waddle around with. Congratulations, Michelle4392!


You deserve it Michelle4392!!!!


Congratz Michelle and also Ferrari booy will be the potw because he made a goodbye on sleet and inviting other penguins choose him!


I really want to nominate manomaarya she has helped so many penguins and she was therefor me when no one else was plz choose her
And me


you should nomimate tf8100 because he's a loyal friend and he is nice to every one and helps stop bullies to keep other penguins safe.{almost like a moderater} he likes to to help penguins get the news and the new stuff on CP. He is a great tour guide and helps the new penguins get around and get to know the amazing and specail places of CP.

Dj disc o912:

I think Frozxxn should be penguin of the week she is a good sister and a great friend


I think Stampy701 should be the next PTOW because she is SUPER nice, never makes fun of ppl, she is patient with new CP ppl (Like me) and never brags adout her stuff! Stampy701 is the perfect penguin to be the next PTOW .
Thanks in advanced CP team!!!


I think Perry3121 should be penguin of the week because he is thoughtful, helpful, and always kind. He always helps me and other people with finding hidden items, pins, hidden rooms, and so on. You should nominate Perry3121


i think my friend xgames2013 is a GREAT friend beacus he is always looking out for outer penguins when they are being bulled and turing frowns upside down he also helped people find the new pins!!! and helps people find hidden items in the clothes catalogue and furniture catalogue thats why i think xgames2013 should win the club penguin award WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!


alien2937 is really nice once at the puffle party he helped me turn into a puffle

thank you alien2937. :)


Congradulations Michelle4392!!! I'm sure you really deserve it! :)


Congrats Michelle4392! I want to nominate my big sister Skippa12 she is always nice to everyone and helps everyone out. She gives tours to new players, helps penguins find pins, and friends everyone who asks. She has an awesome igloo and invites everyone to it! She will cheer anyone up when their down and she is the best sister ever! Please pick her for POTW!


Thank you!

LouiS Gatist:

I recommend Louis28188 as penguin of the week. He always is nice to all of the members and non members and likes everyone on screen and off screen.


I think I would be a great penguin of the week because I am always kind and helpful to other penguins!!!


I think Johnny40049. We are really good friends and he is very helpful and kind. He even helped me get the box portal! He would make a great penguin of the week. Thanks for reading!


GO ZUJOJO , I told you bout him in the previous chat so....


I think FlynnLucky should be the penguin of the week because he's kind and likes to make new friends and cheer people up.also FlynnLucky is so nice to me because he always likes my igloo. so here are some words to discribe him: funny, loving puffle's, kind,awesome igloo also he is really orginized in his igloo. so if you like how he is then put him as penguin of the week. From 2003riely.


I nominate my friend Alyssa0366


You should nominate cupcake2433 she is veery nice to me and people and she is kind and giving.the last time she helped someone find the new pin and first she add that person and finally that person was happy!


Hey by the way this is my penguin name and could you maybe pick me to be POTW because ive helped four or five penguins friday through saturday


So did I! One of my accounts won't let me see any other penguins! Please fix!


That's really strange. You should definitely email us at Support so we can help you see other penguins again.

- The Club Penguin Team


Hey guys I want to be the next penguin of the week I'm nice to everyone and I make everyone feel better and if I don't get picked its cool


I think I should be penguin of the week because
-I'm kind to other penguins
- I'm a tour guide
- I'm a agent
- I help other penguins
- I'm a good sport
- deserve to win
Take care


One more thing I forgot to add I'm also a cheerleader!!!
Congrats Michelle4392


Thank you!


I also throw party for everyone


That's really cool great job!


I think catacorn109 should be penguin of the week because she is so awesome and helps me so MUCH with everything!!!!! Please make catacorn109 penguin of the week!!!!!!!


I would like to nominate Tealgirl5 . She is my best friend and she always gets every single girl thing the catalog ! She also is a very nice person to be around


Plz nominate 1izzybell she is the most kindest most creative penguin I know she's always looking out for me and always puts my needs before hers she always has a smile on her face even when she's the saddest she is always there for me and always helps me with problems I have with other penguins and she's never shy she will go right up to you and make your day with just a smile she is super sweet and kind and she would be a perfect penguin of the week


Aww, what a sweet firend she should be POTW.........................................................good luck :)


I think you should make aiden916 because he helps out all of his friends and wants to have fun and also reports people who say bad words on club penguin and he knows that is not allowed.


I wish I could nominate myself but that would be like what my brother does in his video games (cheating)


I think you should vote for aiden916 because he reports on bad penguins when they say bad things right away.

p.s. Can all of you put a vote for me to because I do the same things!!!!!!!


Congrats!! PLLEASSE nominate Frandisney84 she's a really nice penguin and she is a DISNEY fan. I got her to play CP last year. She's a great friend in really life and my bestie. Anyone who nominates her I'll friend you. (Ok I got too far?)


I nominate me because I'm a kind and caring penguin. I report penguins who are being mean or saying inappropriate words. I am never mean and I'm always kind to my friends! Plz nominate me! XD


Im also a cheerleader, a tour guide, an epf agent, Im a good sport and I throw regular parties!

Swat Matt:

i do that stuff aswell i help out other penguins and tips i usually help alot of ppl out if theres a person with a frown when im there its upside down

Swat Matt:

i have lots of fun after i meet the penguins they give me a big smile and i do it back to them and if penguins have any situation i usally talk about it and what can help them to solve there problem

Swat Matt:

im an agent

im cearing like her

im a laugable guy

i love the game

psst sometimes i tell a few secrets where pins are

i turn peoples from upside down

im a tour gide

i like any penguin new old or any

well i enjoy myself

ninja darkn:

Dear Club Penguin Team I think Swat Matt should be nominated hes very creative and made me laugh i was really sad because i lost all my coins and had nothing but he made me happy again and i didnt worry about a thing he showed me a pin i was looking for i think swat matt should be nominated Waddle On


i nominate easter45072 beacause is so nice and he always tells me funny jokes


i nominate easter45072 beacause i think he is funny


i nominate easter45072 because he is so nice and always tries to hep a penguin out

easter45072 :

i nominate myself


To penguin team please I would love to be penguin of the week it's my only number one dream can u guys nominate me plz


Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enter Lillyanna2006:

Great job!!!!!!! And I think you should let Horsey 201 should be it to helps people very much!!!!!!!

Enter nickname:

I think I deserve to be penguin of the week because I'm doing a lemonade stand in school and all the profit will be donate d to Alex's Lemonade Stand, a charity that helps find a cure for cancer. Good luck to all penguins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow! A lot of nominees this week! I wish everyone the best of luck, because you ALL sound like you should get Penguin Of The Week! Also congratulations to Michelle4392! You sound like a really great penguin! And I would also like to give a special shout out to Hawkeyed3 (my brother and penguin friend) who nominated me! You're the greatest bro!


Thank you!


Aww shucks folks! I'm speechless!


I think you should nominate nina17535 because she always there for me and she loves everyone no matter how you are. She always cheers people up when your sad and She the most happiest person I've and my friends have ever meet. Pls pls pls nominate her. She has been sad for age and it will make her feel great . Seriously if you add her as a friend then she will change your life from boring to great. Pls pls nominate her.


I nominate Romagna! He's a really caring friend he helps me find pins,games and make new friends I became best friends with him becuase i was really sad one day and he was acting goofy and all that and we became friends He's super nice if you ever see him you'll see! I nominate ROMAGNA


Greatoz05 deserves to be penguin of the week. He likes to help out and make friends with everybody. Once, these two penguins where fighting and Greatoz05 helped break up the fight and they where buddies again.

gary louis 9:

I want to nominate Meredithrain. she is my best friend on cp (even though she's a girl lol) and she is always very nice. When some stranger comes in her igloo or something, she has a new friend! She is always very nice to everybody and she is a really good friend. That is why I want to nominate Meredithrain for Penguin of the week!
Waddle On,
Gary Louis 9


My cousin sister's AWESOME!!!! She's an EPF agent and when ever I go to her home, she'll ask me to play as if we both are EPF agents and if we have a mission to be completed.You should probably nominate her as the POTW.


Oh and she reports other bad penguins who talk bad about Club Penguin and other innocent penguins without telling a word.She's also very kind as she doesn't like seeing any penguin being sad and she cheers them up.You should really really really nominate her as the POTW.


I am proud you got this not alot of people can do what you do. thank you for helping out the pengun comunity.


ill be nobel ill try all i can to be penguin of the week!



please could i nominate myself for penguin of week i never earned anything if i won this would mean alot to me.


I think henry66992 should be POTW he has always been kind and always cheered me up when I needed it. He's the friendliest guy I know.


Hi I would like to nominate myself for POTW because I have over 500 friends (which proves I am nice) I always watch The Spoiler Alert and #Waddle on and I saw Pieguy at The Fair once and I saw the background which is cool and back in December I donated every 100 and thousends of coins I could and helped out a lot so please make me POTW.


oh and every coin I could like 100 500 1,000 1,0000


I think Molly687 and Miamoon1337 are great flipper-fiving friends. They always helped me out in bad situations. They always tell me funny jokes and stories and give me tips on mini games. Also, I told them both to join earlier 3 yrs ago, and they always turn my frowns upside down. Also, congrats to the winner and the POTW! :)


I think you should choose me as POTW, because I care for my puffle's, give tours, help the island by being Agent Arianarose, during coins for change I give money everyday until I don't have enough to give(of course I always play games for more donations), stand up to bullies, and in real life out of CP, I visit my school's Special Needs every day during my free-time, and also stand up to bullies, and help my friends when they are sad.
My 500 buddies can't nom. me, they rarely come on CP anymore


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