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By Daffodaily5 on June 20, 2014 - 02:36


This week, the winner of the Penguin of the Week goes to the wonderful Rosytilly. She's such a kind and helpful member of the penguin community, and her positivity is contagious! She's also FAB at giving good advice and cheering you up if you're feeling a bit glum! Also, how cute is that butterfly in her hair?! Loooooving your style, Rosytilly! :)

You should know the drill by now; all winners of POTW get awarded with the Penguin of the Week background, along with 10,000 coins too. Think of all the clothes you could buy with those coins! So if you know of any penguin friends who have been particuarly awesome lately, let me know in the comments below!


-Club Penguin Team



Congratz Rosytilly :D

~Perapin :)


Thank you I'll send that message to her,,,,and by the way if you didn't know I am her really happy for her! Also shes really existed so if you want to go see her,,,shes mostly at the Coffee Shop so see ya there! Also,the party is coming up! Get ready for the FUNNEST and GREATEST PARTY OF ALL THE YEAR!!!!! SO GET READY! CAUSE IT IS COMING UP!:)


shes a cool person and she switches themes of igloos i wish i was a penguin of a week


I know a penguin named Bubby008.
She serves in EPF she is the Directors right hand. She has been the only one to be captured by Herbert. She has seen his house, she showed me around when i was new to Club Penguin. She has assisted in capturing Herbet but that failed due to a new agent that made a mistake. She has lead a group of secret agents into victory and has done no less than worked 20 hours around the clock having jobs in the: Pizza Palor, Coffee Shop, Gift Shop ect. She realy deserves it


Thank you for telling us that! I really would like to meet her! Waddle along!
-Diamond3204 :-D


I know a penguin named Bubby008. She is the most amazing penguin in the world. She has no less assisted in the defeat of the protobots which was none the less succsesful, she was there when the PSA had been destroyed. She has served and still is serving as the Directors right hand. She has worked 20 hours around the clock for club penguin. That is 20 hours everyday. Even going in on public holidays and weekends. She has never taken a holiday in her life. There is so much more to say. It is her.


It's "Waddle On" not "Waddle Along"


I recommend Peyton2534. She is my friend. She always cheers me up when I'm sad. She always tries to cheer everyone up when they are sad.

Cat Princes1:

Thank you for telling us where so will be so we can her.

-Cat Princes1


Awesome, your lucky to be her sis. She's my friend.


Diddy102 should be next if I am sad she cheers me up we always meet on server Blizzard she is organized with her igloo she gives me tips on games i don't deserve a friend like her. Thank You, I hope you pick her!


Lexicohen7 should be picked next because she's fun, happy, helpful, kind , and very cool. Her attitude is outgoing and is always standing up for people, she is not a bystander. Her clothes are very crazy. She is always meeting on the server "flurry". Lexicohen deserves to be picked for penguin of the week. Thank you,


My buddy Bubby008.
She is perfect for penguin of the week she is so different she isn't a byestander. She very much dislikes bullying etc. She will help you when your feeling down. She has done so much for the community and has been so amazing The limit of letters you can write is not enough to explain why I am nominating Bubby008 for penguin of the week. She is so helpful. I am not even going to go into her jobs for club penguin. Her ideas are tremendously amazing. Everyone can say that WOW

Rosy Red:

IKR bubbly should be penguin of the year for everything she has done! Please make her penguin of the week. She is a awesome caring friend or will lift ur spirits up when ur down! I vote for bubbly003 as next penguin of the week!


All I am gonna say is the perfect penguin for penguin of the week or month or even year is Bubby008


I think Kit013 (remember that name) is perfect for penguin of the week. She is so kind and playful she i caring and doesn't hesitate to share with others she is the most perfect penguin in the world. Vote for Kit013 as penguin of the week. Kit013. Kit013. Kit013. Kit013. I have never been more sure than anything in my life.


My friend Lovey258 totally should be the next penguin of the week or mabye YEAR!Thats right!She is so kind and sweet.We are totally BFFs.I love talking to her we go to the cove together every single day since we've met.We go to each other's igloo.She helps me when I'm sad.Thats why I help her.Oh did I menchen that we are both girls?Never mind.So do you now Lovey258?Well if you do please vote for her!!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️She is so sweet!!Think about it and vote for her!!!!!!!!:)


I know a penguin named Bubby008.
She is the most kind, caring, compassionate, down to earth most amazing penguin there is. I am just going to talk about how much she has done for the community. She is a greeny. She has donated just over 3000 coins for all the save the trees, save the community etc. She is, I can't explain how much she deserves to be penguin of the week. She has worked so hard to help the community of club penguin arise and has tried so hard to make new penguins feel at home.


I agree! She is a very kind penguin pal!


I agree lexicohen7 should be penguin of the week.


Yeah she is awesome and nice


What Perapin said, Congrats! Thats kind of you to cheer up others =)


An awesome penguin is Wifi110! Check it's awesome outfits. It is always happy and friendly!


Hey KennaRose123 rocks

Lil ladybug:

I'm glad 4 her and I wanted to nominate Lil Lic because she's always asking people what's wrong when they put up a frowny face. She always tells them a way to fix it and when no one wanted to be my friend she quickly tried to be mine


I am going a nominate ally22712 because she is such a great friend so I really hope you pick her she helps me find pins and sends lots of mail and her igloo is amazing and always up to date so please pick ally22712 !! ;)


riapinky is a helpful penguin. she also gives ideas for other penguins about their styles and pins. she even solves problem between two penguins


I know some body that should be peuguin of the week her names averi4321 and she is very kind to every one


Yes congrats and I love that butterfly too anyway I would like to nominate Supperstar she is a stylish penguin and can cheer people up we once got in a fight but she calmed me down, I was the start of it I was yelling for no reason and she was there to help me calm down if you don't pick her it's ok but if you do than awesome she will be so surprised :) #Waddle On CP


congrats rosetilly !


I would like kittyv3 to be POTW he is so nice and has a cool EPF iggy
And soccer iggy,plz!


Thank you Perapin :)
Rosy x

Fetami Moon:

Congrats :) you sure did deserve this, I love ur igloo :D


hi Rosty you are so cool to be penguin of the week lol

Ladybug Lis:

Congratz rosy!!!!! you absolutely deserved this. Hope I see you soon!


Good job she deserves it:) also I would like to say 123byran should get one and kamkam12278:) they are so sweet and nice to me:)bye


hi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Well done rosytilly were all really happy for you !!!!!!!! Lots of love guidepal1

Rai Rai :

I know a person who should be the penguin of next week. Starlet3 should because she's always helping someone with their problems.

Enter nickname:



Good job


I think ayarock3202 for playing with other players in shoot outs, making them feel safe and okay, loves getting new puffles like rainbow and gold also she almost have 500 friends in her buddy list but good try rosytilly waddle on


she has the most popleer igloo in cp

and i know her


Thanks Kittyv3 :)

Ham O Ween:

Hi Rosytilly! Can you Vote for me to be POTW?? Thx!
Also Congrats on being POTW!! ; )
Waddle On!


Can Ham O Ween be POTW?? He's my Big Brother, He's my Best Friend on Club Penguin, and he Loves Art.
Plus, He Decorates his igloo each month's theme party! And His membership is gonna expire And I really want him to be POTW before his Membership Expires. So Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, PLEASE make him be POTW. That will make him be So Happy!!
Waddle On!


OMG she totally deserves it! shes been my bff for ages. and also I would like to nominate my friend Starflake79 (or was it 77) anyways Starflake is always funny, kind, she has awesome igloos and i know her in real life!
Waddle on, Helpy101


BTW rosytilly has the most popular iggy in CP


Thanks Helpy101 :)


hey rosy i love your igloos and i am glad you won! make more!

Frozen Biird:

Hey Daffo! Good day!

I would like to nominate: me, haha! Hmm, and about my items? I use my favorite item, the green propeller hat, a AWESOME MUSTACHE! (YAY!), and a camera, because I'm always recording. I use a Rainbow Puffle T-Shirt, I love this shirt. And I use a red shoes.

About my igloo? Hmm.. I'm currently with my Penguin Cup igloo! And, I had a puffle called Snow! :D

I would be so happy to If i be the POTW! this is my big dream! I'll be so cheerful if I won! :'D

Waddle On! :)

Frozen Biird:

Wow... sorry to say a LOT of things! May the lucky be with me.. haha. :P

Waddle On, (again).

Cheese fish!!:

Wow, congratulations shows that you can get rewarded for being such a great friend to everyone, well done




Thank you so much Cheese fish :)


first comment yeah!


WOO WOO i am The first to Comment.


Waddle on cp gamers! - Huntsgal... Rosytilly's Sister.


I think Kayla20301 should be penguin of the week. :)


Wow!i never got penguin of the week before !


Waddle on! - Huntsgal


Wow! She's my friend! Congrats Rosy!


Thanks Penny :)


Thank you so much. I really appreciated it. CP4ever. I love cp :)
Rosy x


Hi Rosy! I think I was the one who nominated you last week! You really deserve it! Your buddy, Lebron2014


Lebron2014 I Did too... I Think ALOT DID!
but i nominated her by comment & e-mail




Thanks Lebron2014 . I really appreciated it :)


rosy yay!


yay Tigger4! Thanks by the way :)




Thank you so much :)


I'm so proud of you Rosy!!




Thanks Hayden :)


You deserve it all Rosy!


Thanks Ido. I really appreciated it. Hopefully you will be POTW soon :)


Congratz Rosy!!!!!! :D


Thanks Ray :)

Diva :

Congrats Rosy!!!!


Thanks Diva :)

Rockvine 18:

Congratulations Rosytilly your a really good friend and your really really deserved it. I will make sure I will give you a really friendly hug when I see you.


Thank you so much Rockvine 18 :) i dont know if i suppose to do this but i would like to thank you everyone. I hope CP allow me to send a thank you word in reply :)


Congrats! Great job Rosytilly! You really are a wonderful penguin!


Thanks once again :)

little oran:

omg rosy i can't believe it you have the best igloo and you are in co mag and now penguin of the week you are amazing congrats


Thanks Little Oran :)


Awesome for her! She also makes cool igloos, and she is usually on Blizzard.


Thanks Stinky8080 :)


WOW! Awesome igloo! I can clearly see that it's an interstellar airport! During the future party, I had an interstellar zoo igloo. It was sort of like the one in future Club Penguin. So anyway, congrats!
As always, waddle on!


Thank you so much Chingu123 :)


Bunnyz1111 plays on the PC but still she is the best. Fun times with her are when surfcarly Jeannette 928 and I crack up when she dances in a giant water Mellon suit


For next week, I nominate Christinajr. She's one of my best friends and she is super funny! She is also nice to everyone she meets and will be friends with them. She also cheers me up when I'm having a bad day on Club Penguin and stands up for me and the rest of her friends no matter what!


"Christinajr" sounds like a fantastic friend! 

- The Club Penguin Team


Very good friend my dear friend!


You have your own account, woop! :P




Can you nominate yourself???


Hey Rosypink3025!

You need be nominated by another flippered friend!

-The Club Penguin Team


I don't wanna be selfish, but I nominate myself because:
When penguins are sad, I ask them what's wrong and make them feel better.
I am very joyful when it comes to meeting new penguins! :D!
I give tours to the new penguins, so they understand CP and it's places.
P.S. Add me, my penguin name is Purple8786. :)


You sound like a really friendly person! I hope I will meet you soon! I will also nominate you for the penguin of the week! I hope all of you CP gamers will help her win too! Waddle on!
-Diamond3204 :-D


Emily6587!!! She's an amazing friend in CP AND the real world! She never let's anyone bother her friends! And she's the best Penguin cup soccer play I've known since I knew what FIFA World Cup WAS! Love ya BFF


I want to be friends with Christinajr!


Me too! Christinajr sounds like an awesome feathered friend.

- The Club Penguin Team


Congrats!! Next week I think Aquablue 2 should be penguin of the week. She is super sweet and one of my BFF's! And she has an amazing style!! Her iggy is one of the best too!! Hope you guys check it out!! Vote Aquablue 2 for penguin of the week!! Thanks!


For next weak i nominate wowwow6789 she friends almost evryone who ask's! She gives really nice comment to bands and tells penguin where she got some cool items!


Pizza10114 is funny and nice and he looks great with his cloths on.


choose ido1010 for penguin of the week because
he is a good friend and he gives 5 tours on each party in server blizzard hes going to start one in 8 minutes so gotta get going waddle on!


do ido1010 for POTW he helps me get items in partys! he is a good friend and has patience!

Ninja Yelow:

I wish I get featured here :( which will never happen.
~Ninja Yelow


I wish I could get featured here too. I hope it will happen someday but I dont think and of my CP friends go on this :( Btw ( by the way )
it COULD happen! :)



Hi Ninja Yelow! If you want to be featured on Penguin of the Week, be nice to everyone. If somebodies feeling sad, cheer them up. Smile a lot. Once your friends grow to really like you, you might just get nominated. Your Penguin Pal, Lebron2014


Please enter Me! I always check out the new party, I always try to meet with my friends, I love liking people's igloos, and I have my own awesome style from 2013!


You sound like a very nice and stylish penguin! I know I nominated myself, but I'll nominate you too!



Congrats Rosytilly! I know how wonderful of a penguin you are because I find you many times! I see you with Steampowed sometimes! And you really are a outstanding penguin Rosytilly! Everyone look how many likes she has! She has so many! Her Maleficent igloo is AWESOME!
I truly think Rosytilly deserves Penguin of the Week! :)
Also I think I may be the first comment!
Waddle on everyone
especially Rosytilly!


Thank you so much Ryanec1. Your comment is so kind and beautiful. Its mean a lot to me. Thanks once again :)


1 yay first comment and 2 is there another way other than old potw or is that the only way to get a green viking helmat


ATTENTION EVERYBODY!!!!! The only reason team Sharks are winning is because they have way more players. At least SOME of you on the blue team, I beg you, please move to another team. If you do, Thank you so much!!!!!


I remember Rosytilly because of her awesome igloos! She is at the town a lot inviting penguins to her awesome iggy. She is over 99,999 likes. My favorite igloo she has ever made is pirates vs mermaids. Good job Rosytilly!


Thanks Waddles16840! I really appreciated it :)
Waddle on. Keep calm and Love club penguin :D

Enter nickname:

Ooooooooo first comment Congrats btw


thank you


i think my friend alissa3501 should be it because i see her at my school and she always cheers me up i just love her!

Enter nickname:

I nominate my cpbff berry7992. She was having cheerleader tryouts at her IGGY once and I was nervous because I wanted to make it so she gave me some tips. She also does a lot of charity work. She is also my BFF offline. Yesterday she donated toys that she made out of old t shirts to the Animal Care League.while she was there she bought a cat named Hobbs. A cool thing about him is that he only has three feet! Anyways this is why I would like to nominate berry7992! REMEMBER berry 7992! Waddleon

Puppy ilir:

Please pick tony10151 because he always helps sad penguins, he cares about other penguins, and he is a great friend. He also try's cheering people up too. Tony10151 never became POTW and he is always sad when he's not penguin of the week. WADDLE ON.


Great job! I would like to meet this girl! P.S. Nice sense of style-need that hair!!!


Congrats Rosy you deserve it! I think that my friend Wonderbud should be nominated! She loves to write stories and make pics for them, they are so interesting! She is a brill bud on CP and think she tots deserves POTW! BTW she makes mean vanilla slices!

Waddle on ~Ash


Thank you Ash :)


Megg you are so funny add me please




Congrat's! Rosytilly :)

i wish i was nominated as POTW (i understand that my wish for being POTW will maybe not come true)

Congrat's! again :) Rosytilly



i nominate pingu12727, my cpbff/cousin. she's caring, kind, awesome, cool everything! she is also my bff/cousin offline. the cool thing is she's not a member but i still think she shoul be potw


Thank you Sparklepup18 :)


I think of Bkessler2, my extremely greatest friend I've had for like almost 2 years! She can be any personality like curious,kind. I'm always very excited and restless to visit her, things always gets happier when I visit her. before Bkessler, I had Buststop1 as my best friend but that didn't go good so, things got dark when Buststop1 left me. 2 weeks later I went going unhappily to places just when I bump into something in the cove!
Bkessler is who I bumped into! I hope she can be POTW.


Lots of detail in that sentence! Lol. Anyways, Bkessler sounds like an amazing penguin! I hope all of you help Bkessler win! (I wish I could help but I already nominated twice).




Bkessler sounds like a fantastic friend! I hope you happy, helpful penguins can help her wonderful friend be nominated! I always love to see friends who make everyone happier! ;)


I would like to nominate Shai9999. he is a SUPER brill penguin, but he has some interesting style choices XD. He is very friendly, and makes REALLY cool igloos. He helped me become better at Card-Jitsu!!! He is never mad or sad, just always happy. When I'm sad, he turns my frown upside down with an AWESOME joke. So, please have Shai9999 be Penguin of the Week. It would mean so much not just to me or him, but to all of his friends on CP.
I am really excited to see if he wins. He deserves it.

Super Pepsi:

I would like to nominate my friend Lucky Diver. Lucky Diver has awesome igloo partys and always invites everyone. Lucky Diver is really good at give compliments and being nice. Please make Lucky Diver Penguin of the Week. Waddle on!


I think christina111 should be the next penguin of the week, he's always very kind, and always there to help a friend in need
Waddle on cp!


I would like to nominate Saturnshadow to be the POTW. He helped me find pins if I can't, helped me in more than one level of Puffle Rescue, and during Coins for Change he said he was giving all his coins because it was the right thing to do, not just for the items like some people might, and those are just to name a few. Saturnshadow is a super penguin, and I hope that he becomes POTW.


I nominate one of my friends skipper23689 he's been so nice to me when I am sad and he has liked so many igloos and has a great style I would be so happy if he wins byee!


I always see rosytilly hanging out with her friends and making people (especially me) happy!

congratulations rosy and you really deserved it!


Thanks Braypuffle :)


I nominate Trazer for his kindness! He helped me a lot, he gives me spirit and he's a very kind person!


I think that Flipperfun48 should be in POTW because she was my first friend since I started CP.Unfortunately she's not a member but why not?She also helps me in real life too.Also she was my FIRST BEST BUDDY.Please choose Flipperfun48. Thank you.


I nominate "Aadamali" as he is an awesome friend, And so cool and helps the community. For coins for change he donated so MUCH Money (All his money on CP)


My buddy! Yay go Rosytilly


This is epic! Rosytilly is an amazing pal of mine! Congratulations Rosy :-)

Waddle On!


Thank you so much Happyblue128. I really appreciated it :)
waddle on & Love CP!

Jessica Jazz:

I nominate my sister Lillianlilly, she should be the next potw, she ALWAYS has time for her friends and is a true good citizen of penguin island! She treats everyone with the same respect and kindness wether they are non member, member or cp staff. She always helps people who ask for help. All her friends love her! She is a super star and I am asking the club penguin team to please make her potw.


i agree with u she deserves it


Please make Sophieloo the penguin of the week she is the nicest person on earth so please make sophieloo the penguin of the week


Hiya penguins i really want to be penguin of the week it's my dream so plz nominate me i help penguins with finding pins winning mini games and even finding hidden items in the penguin style so I hope everyone including the penguin team that this is my dream and I don't want to nominate myself that's cheating love to hear from u guys especially the penguin team this is Loyd103 waddle on

Teddy bears:

I nominate 11 Sugar 11 to be cp of the week. She helps friends a lot. Also, she is fairly new to cp and already has 750 likes on her iggy. She is totally into all of the cp parties. She is scoring a ton on this soccer party and I hope you pick her for cp of the week! Thanks! Waddle on!


i would just like to congradulate Rosytilly we have been best friends SINCE LIKE always good job rosy you really deserve it!


Thank you so much 1aaron1. You are awesome friend :)


Cool she's my friend!!


Thanks Pen4928 :)


My BFF Bunnyboo is the best she is always on my side no matter what !! Me and her knew eachother forever And me and her have playdates In real life somtimes!!!! And she is just always on your side when ur sad or feel bad about somtimes and she has a really great imagination!!! And she is just so nice and Thank You!!!

And always (DRUMROLL)........................ Waddle On!!!! ~ Barbara4829


I think my best friend, Verusya, would deserve to be Penguin Of The Week! She Is always nice to people, and can make them cheer up (like going to the nightclub or getting pizza) even with a person that she just met! Also she casts amazing igloo parties which a lot of penguins LOVE, and also gives ideas of igloos that another penguin can make. Some of her igloos are: "Beta Hat Party", "Arcade and Snack Shop", "Public Library" , and "Subway Station and Cars"! She also supports non-members! WO!


I agree with Jordan1764! Verusya is an amazing friend! And makes amazing igloos! I recommend her!

Also RosyTilly had an amazing Maleficent igloo! I think both of these amazing girls deserve to be Penguin Of The Week!


Congratulations Rosytlly!



Thanks Crissportman :)

sunshine chicken:

I nominate Christy Jade because she is very friendly! I met her when I got picked on by a penguin called rosiep999 and then Christy Jade saved me. After that we played games and got to know each other better!


Hi Daffo, CongratulationeHs Rosytilly you deservs this POTW!!!

Hi, I just wanna nominate my buddie Crissportman, he's a very good penguin and an excellent football player. Heri ggy is the most craziest and coolest that I had never seen. He needs to be POTW!

¡Thanks Daffo!


Thanks kbom23


I nominated: Crissportman :) he's a cool penguin. And my best friend :)


Congratulations rosytilly! You sound like an awesome friend. For next week, I want to nominate my friend Cool P Gal. She always cheers me up when I am sad, and she does this for other penguins too. In addition, when Rockhopper's ship is here she helps people get the key to the Captain's Quarters! I hope you will consider her to POTW.
Waddle On


Thanks Banana5001 :)

Bella Luvs U:

I nominate Dogbuster my best friend forever. She is the sweetest penguin I have ever met , She helps me feel happy even when I feel sad. She loves meeting new penguins , she always cheers for every team. She stands up for herself and friends , she is not a bad sport if she loses a game. She loves giving people advice about club penguin games , mascots , and styles. She loves competing with other penguins and earning coins. Her dream is to someday be the POTW. #Waddle On

The Dark Knite:

I've got the Ice cream apron!

Rico 7817:

Welldone! :)
I often see her waddling around on Club Penguin, congratz ;DDD


Good job Rosatilly!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks :)


a frend let me see.I have so menny people that or good to me like Fluff10084 Quinn5000 and ERINBLUE1406.


Omg I've met rosy well done you deserve it congrats XD


thanks Silverjet10 :)


I want to nominate my buddy Flappy1233, he has a very good sense of humor. He's always joking an helping another he needs to be POTW


Congrats. I wish u could be my friend in Club Penguin.


Omg! congratz Rosy! So proud of you bff :)


i think reaganmc05 5 should be it.


I know this amazing young littl member that goes all out for the penguins. She loves
to throw parties for people that feel down or puffle parties, she really tries to help this
Penguin community. I think that Hgoolsby is a helpful penguin to this community and
She doesn't just need a pat on the back she needs more than that. Hgoolsby is awesome
And she helped me with a lot when I didn't have anything and I didn't know my way around
Club Penguin she will give me tours. I love her Hgoolsby


I believe Rocco128 deserves a nomination. She recently helped me through some tough times when a pet of mine passed away. Not only did she throw me a party on CP , she actually came to my house and sat with me even though I was sobbing uncontrollably . I believe Rocco128 deserves some recognition ( and 10,000 coins!) .




Congrats!!! One question.... HOW DO U BECOME PENGUIN OF THE WEEK?!?!?!?

Rainbow flash:

Hi Cindy! To be POTW you gotta do good deeds,cheer people up,gives tours and other kindful stuff. A friend can nominate you too maybe one day you will be penguin of the week! Waddle on!


You have to be a great friend and help others and be kind


Hai there!!! Well, you have to be nominated, and then the moderators chose a penguin!! Hope that helps!! -stardancer03


You can nominate yourself, or others might nominate you.


I nominate cutiepwy because she is always there for me . When I fall she picks me up. She is an amazing person/penguin. She deserves a nomination.


Next POTW Choose Pizzaman5067 he comes to EVERY party review of mine and hes very loyal and The Friendliest penguin in CP!


Please pick me becuase I am a really great friend.I make friends almost every day.I have over 200 friends. I also like to help others if needed.If not me then please pick Blingwin 10 he is just an awsome guy


YOU ROCK ROSYTILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think Egaleboy should be the penguin of the week or POTW for short because im a friend of his and we go to school together!
he is a awesome friend who facetime me on my phone and talk about club penguin!
his igloo...well he working on it but i hope he get cool stuff for his igloo!
(P.S the next big thing that i would be the POTW!) ( i nominate Egaleboy or me! it a choice! :D)

Enter nickname:

I nominate Candycane788 because she is always so funny and makes me laugh like crazy!!


i nominate my best friend ever on CP, chris08088. i nominate him because he is a really awesome friend to anyone he meets. he also tells the truth and really REALLY loves club penguin!!! so for this upcoming POTW i think chris08088 should be penguin of the week.


I nominate Sarahlynn57 because she is a great friend and she will always stick with you

Go Fluffies!:

I nominate Quimby 23. That penguin is super funny and has a sweet outfit. Lots of people know him as "The Sugar Bear."

Enter nickname:

I would nominate Keebler123,this penguin is a collector freak,really cool.Keebler has a lot of exclusive items from CP,reminds me of what I want to do.Keebler was the first person I saw that had The Soccer Costume (Special Membership cards),thats some hard dedication,even has theGreen Viking helmet.Good luck Keebler.


GO ROSY!!!!!


I think my brother wiley1123 should be Penguin of the week next week because he loves club penguin so much and begs me to go on all the time with him! Thanks!

Enter nickname:

For next week, I nominate "kulthum". She's my friends and she is super funny and active!! She is also nice to everyone she meets and will be friends with them. She also cheers me up when I'm having a bad day on Club Penguin and stands up for me and the rest of her friends no matter what!


First I would like to say congrats Rosytilly! And second I would like to nominate Lillie Belle for Penguin of the Week. Like I said last week, I will not stop nominating her until she wins. She is a great penguin with a fascinating personality. If you meet her you'll love her. So I recommend and would deeply appreciate if you took it in to consideration and made Lillie Belle Penguin of the Week. Thank you!


Awesome job rozytilly
Also I think I should be the next penguin of the the week because I'm a helpful,kind,5 job working penguin,and I always cheer up a penguin when they are sad or feeling lonely,I'm not a mean penguin,I will report someone only if I have to,a lot of penguins want to be my friend because I'm sweet and nice and maybe because my penguin is cute I hope u get a chance to read this your friend bubbles also I want to say congrats to all the penguins that have won!!!!!! :-) :-P


I nominate my friend Zilla09 because he gives people tours a lot and cheers people up a lot.


I think Parker should be POTW because he's so nice,helpful, and he rocks the reason i think that is because when I was new on cp he asked me if I was new and I said yes and he gave me a tour and he is my cpbff


I think parker612 because he's such a nice guy for example once I was sad because I'm not a member he saw me and cheered me up. Also he is also honest and helpful


I think parker612 ahold be potw because he's so helpful and we are BFFS and he told me he gave 70,000 coins to coins for change in one day and that's why I think he should be POTW


I wish she would answer my friend request :(

Tuksee :

I think next should b either Fansymann,or Alyssamadrid. They r wonderful friends in real life and Club Penguin. They make me feel better if im sad. The stood up to bullies when i was getting bullied. U can also try to nominate Jaelyn12346. She is a awesome friend in real life and in Club Penguin. She doesnt have a lot of coins so she would really enjoy the 10,000 coins.

Waddle on


And also congratz Rosytilly! Hope u enjoy all the nice comments. U seem like a really awesome penguin.

Waddle on


Thanks Tuksee :)

Charlieelle :

I think Cantellope113 deserves the penguin of the week award. He is an AWESOME penguin. The other day I was feeling sad because I was hosting a party at my igloo and when I got to my igloo he had arranged a HUGE party just for me. That is why he should be penguin of the week!!!!!!!


That is very nice

Twilight 123:

I would like to nominate Peppy2471 she is amazing and always kind the first time we met was when I was feeling really sad and lonely she tried to make me feel better and she did she is super funny and amazing we even became best friends and then up to the stage of sisters she always puts a smile on penguins faces and I think she would be perfect for this please nominate her please!




I nominate Yoshidude15 because I am willing to make new friends and meet up with old ones too. I like to have fun as well as being responsible. I think I can make CP a better place.

Ballet 17:

My friend 18 Polly 18 should be POTW. He is a amazing friend, EPF agent, and Ninja. He helps new Penguins that come to the island. He donates most of his coins to coins for change. He gives Penguins tips on all the mini games since he has all the game stamps. He also helps Penguins find Mascots they want to meet.


Hey! Congrats Rosytilly! You deserved it! I'm also proud to present, drumroll please... [Thats not his name] Chingu123! He is one of my best friends on Clubpenguin. Whenever Chingu123 and I go out and about to play games or something, there is sometimes a sad penguin. But in under 2 seconds, Chingu is at there side, cheering them up. He tells them jokes and makes them laugh. Chingu123 is also VERY friendly! He probably has a lot of friends. He is an amazing penguin! Please nominate him!


Thank you Kaylee!!! You are also an amazing penguin! I would like to nominate Kaylee18201 back for being funny, friendly, and always dressing up in the wackiest clothes! He is my best penguin pal! We've had some really good times together! One time, we were dressing up, and Kaylee's outfit was so hilarious that I couldn't help but laugh so hard! Kaylee18201is so nice! I hope that he gets nominated! I can't wait to see that smile on his face if he gets selected for POTW!
Waddle on!


Rosytilly congratulations on penguin of the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Waddle On!


Thanks Magma44269 :)


I would like to nominate Sparklylove4. She's really kind and funny and sends a lot of friendly postcards. She collects every item possible and has been doing this for a few months now. She has 101 stamps and works really hard to earn them and she loves Club Penguin. She really wants the be POTW and deserves it. She is supporting every team and accepts every friend request she is sent. GO SHARKS AND HOT SAUCE AND SPACE SQUIDS AND FLUFFIES! (She would say that..... :) )


0208penny when i went to her igloo she greatid me with a smile, and she is a funny penguin.PLEAS PICK HER


0208penny is my friend and she is a great one at that, she is always smiling and laghing please pick her :-)


Congratulations Rosytilly! :) I love your videos! :) I've heard you are a very nice penguin and your igloo is really awesome. You truly deserve POTW. :) GO SHARKS AND HOT SAUCE AND SPACE SQUIDS AND FLUFFIES! :) And you're AWESOME Rosytilly! :) Waddle On Penguins! :D


Thanks Sparklylove4. I really appreciated your comment :)


I think that veronica2954 should be penguin of the month. She is an epf agent and trains hard in the dojo everyday to defend the island against Herbert. She sends friend requests to penguins who are in need of friends. Every igloo she goes to she likes. She also gives friendly advice to people


i think you should choose mjyorko because he is very nice and kind he has many great ideas for his igloo and we are best friend.
PLEASE pick MJYORKO he's awesome


Thank you for voting for me, it was really nice of you to.


Rosy really deserved it :) she's my best friend on club penguin for a reason!


Thanks C00lpenguin5! The reason is becuz you are awesome :)


aww thanks guys

Pink Bunny10:

I think that Tizzyiscool should be penguin of the week! She's nice, really funny and she is always a lot of fun!! Not only that, she has a great fashion sense, lots of team spirit, and have you even SEEN her igloo? Fabulous! ;D


Tizzyiscool is my friend.


What about me? I am the oldest penguin alive that still plays this.


Kate15239 is amazing!!!!


I think it should be Amber048. Mostly because she is loyal, friendly, and kind. She is also my best friend at school. Also, she is very funny. It's just so fun to be around her!


I think Miaella10 should be penguin of the week because she loves to play and is a very close friend! She also put's a lot of effort in her igloos! I think she really deserves it!

Willow cake:

I love your iggy and outfit Rosetilly! Great job


Thanks Willow cake :)


Congratz Rosy! :)


Thanks buddy Lovepurple42 :)


Congrats Rosytilly! I would like to nominate a penguin named Dizzy Raptor. Dizzy Raptor cheers up everyone who are feeling sad + BORED XD! Dizzy Raptor is super rare, nice, and funny. She is one of my best friends on CP. Plz make Dizzy Raptor POTW!


Can you nominate yourself too? :3


Thanks Rosypink3025 :)


Connie19835 is one of the best penguin because she helps ne with all most everything going on. I would like her to be the penguin of the week. P.s shes the one who got me into clubpenguin. I dont know what ill do qith out her.


sounds like she should be POTW. ;)


Yes! I knew she would get it! Another penguin for PENGUIN OF THE WEEk would be Jellobandito. his iggy is UBER awesome!!!!


Aww man! I will never will POTW and I never will! ;(


I vote Sophie12678 . She has helped me advertise my igloos, Make new friends, And give brill igloo ideas. She is my best friend! Even if she's not the "rarest" penguin, She's the sweetest person you can meet! She even helped me do homework at my house! She's been my BFF For life and our friendship will run hard and strong lasting forever. That is why you should nominate Sophie12678.


Rosytilly also has some impressive igloo decorating skills! :D


Awh thank you! that is very kind comment :)

Gabby 586:

So glad- I want to be POTW soon anyways , so glad;D


Congrats RoseyTilley! I hope I could get your advice sometime! I also hope I can be featured member sometime! Club Penguin ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks peaches54x7 :)


I think POTW should got to Maeve7 she is so helpful kind caring And a great friend so plz can she POTW because it would mean alot to her.


I nominate Pink19941 because she always cheers me up when im glum and she gives me A LOT of tips. Pink19941 is the best person to hang out with. She was helping me find the right outfit that was me and when I needed help getting up on club penguin after I broke my ankle she helped me up and gave me crunches. She is also a great sister and yep she is my sister. So Please Please Please Nominate her for penguin of the week WADDLE ON!




if i can i would like to nominate me i always wanted to be penguin of week and also good luck to every one who wants to be penguin of the week.


Congrats! Also I know that penguins work hard to be penguin of the week. Great job and keep up the good work!



i would like to nominate katy968 she is an amazing friend and cheers everyone up and no matter what she is always nice she is and amazing person and friend i hope you nominate katy968 for penguin of the week


Please elect Livi1992 for penguin of the week. She is very helpful, and one time when I was down, she helped me. She always does that to be honest. I know her in real life. She loves to play on club penguin, and she has her own unique style. That is why I think you should elect Livi1992


My BFF is pengoglo1 she is the bestest friend you could ever have. She's halariously funny,super kind,very caring,loving,and perfect penguin she is always so nice. everyone around her is always happy. She is always smiling if penguins can smile. She is such a jokester she makes me laugh for so long. She is the greatest person and penguin you will ever meet. What else could you look for in a penguin she is perfect. I nominate pengolo1 to be the penguin of the week. Pengolo1 and glorea115 bff's


For next week, I nominate Ido1010. He always makes me smile with his jokes (Although sometimes they don't make cense) He tells me about EVERY thing new about CP and he tells me Adventure's he did in party's from 2008!
Therefore i nominate my good friend Ido1010


i want Ashley12227 to win she is my sister i i love her


i want olivia 1315 to win because she is special


Congratz Rosy! You totally deserve POTW! And I LOVE the pirates vs mermaids igloo. I watch ur videos all the time XD


Linsy2005 :

I would like to nominate my friend Cheetah07092. She is very nice and says positive stuff about the igloos she goes to. She is also silly and a good friend. PLZ make her POTW!


Thank you so much Cheetah07092 :) Hope to see you on blizzard soon :)


I would like to nominate Mr Men 980 he is one my best friends. He is very friendly and he is very helpful if anyone needs help. He is an awesome friend! :D


I think Rocky81306 deserves to be Penguin of the Week because she is such an awesome friend and she always makes me laugh. We always like to joke around and talk about movies and songs and other stuff. She is very playful and overall fun to be around. Sometimes when I'm having a bad day, she is there to cheer me up. She is such a great friend and that's why I think she should be the Penguin of the Week.

Waddle On!

Fluffy 3276:

good job rosytilly


Thanks Fluffy 3276 :)


Congratulations RosyTilly. I have like 500 friends and I think that they are the best friends I could ever get. I can't nominate any of them without their permission. I dont think any would nominate me , I'm not sure if they go on it. I have one question WHY IS EVERYONE ON TEAM BLUE SHARKS?! THE ONLY REASON THEY WILL WIN IS CUZ THEY HAVE THE MOST PLAYERS! Please Please move teams go to the colour that suits YOU! Express yourselves and dont just go on the most common colour. Have fun! WADDLE ON!!


Ganesh100 is a penguin with style i suggest him due to his behavior. i think that needs to get the opportunity to become penguin of the week.


I nominate alienboss192 because he is super funny and always stands up for me, also he gave me a lot of tips in clubpenguin when i started playing clubpenguin so please POTW!!!


Congrats !
I would like to nominate kulthum for being an amazing penguin super cool and kind i can go on and on about how amazing kulthum is!
Firstly she is always cheering penguins and she's always happy and making the other feel the same way! She is totally against bullying and she's always standing up for me!


VOLA! congrats beauty YOU ARE DESERVING


I vote for Kulthum! She is kind and generous to everybody that she meets. I hope that she wins, she deserves it.


I would like to nominate pinguino6292 . I would like to nominate her because she is funny ,energetic , helpful , and sweet. One of the nicest thing she has done to me is never letting me down. Another thing is that she dosent get into fights , and she also stops big fights. So please nominate pinguino6292.
Thnx and , of course Waddle On!


I would like to nominate my shy but creative friend Jordyp1. She is very friendly and contributes a great deal to our community. I am sure you have already seen and admired her work and would agree that her work is amazing. She encourages and inspires many too. If anyone should become Penguin of the Week she should definitely be considered!!


My friends have told me that they have nominated me but they say its hopeless. I hope you guys have a chance of being POTW because i believe in u guys! :)


i want izzychill to be penguin of the week


ya me too


CONGRATS ROSYTILLY! You did great! I would like to nominate Leader469 (my brother) for POTW! He is nice, caring, loving, and helps people! Sometimes he'll log on when I am on, and I go find him. And he's helping someone! Plus, he's always making cool igloos to entertain people! I THINK HE'S WORTHY OF THE POTW! XD Waddle On Penguins!
From, JSMRocks


If you have nominated a penguin but he/she didn't win, do you have to nominate them again and again every week in the comments? Or it it enough to nominate them once?


No,it's enough to nominate them once. You can nominate them as many times as you like!


We take all nominations into consideration and keep them in mind. But, if you'd like to nominate the penguin multiple times, that's fine too! You can nominate as many times as you like.

- The Club Penguin Team


Great job Rosytilly! Also, do you need a cool igloo to be POTW? Just asking!



No. It's mainly about your personality.


Congrats Rosytilly I saw that she has A LOT of likes ;)


Thanks Pumpy48103 :)


Can I be penguin of the week pls?


Explain why you think you deserve the award.


Love club penguin


I'd like to nominate obsidian908. She loves to have vampire vs human parties at her igloo. If she sees anyone making at sad face anywhere, she goes and cheers them up. (One of her jokes is): Q. What did the coach say to the store clerk? A. Give me my quarterback! Funny, right? She's a great friend and would even stop playing CLUB PENGUIN to help someone! MAN! That would be tough, right? She's a huge fan of Megg and Daffodaily. Until next time! WAAAAADLE ON MY Friends!!!!!!


Hey everyone! I'm Thobert, the penguin and I'm new on Club Penguin! Congratulations for Rosytilly!

-Thorbert, the penguin


Hi Cindy! You become Penguin of the Week by people nominating you. Act nice and generous to your or anybody and you might just get nominated... Waddle On! Your Penguin Pal, Lebron2014


Congratz Rosytilly!
I know you, and I am happy that you are The Penguin Of The Week!
You are very kind and so..
Until next time...Waddle on!


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