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By Ninja on June 27, 2014 - 05:20

Breaking news about the Penguin Cup! 

-Club Penguin Team



Uh Oh! Wait, how did Team Sharks win without a Captain? Are they just that good?

And Polo, you should really lay off the snacks dude, it's Game Time!

Stay Frosty and Waddle On!


oh no


Omigosh polo PLZ be our cap :.( we were number 1 in penguin cup! Ur the best cap I know plz come back :(


OMGOSH polo field!!!!! how could he leave the sharks :-[


nice job on the video ninja!

Mr Brainy:

Well thats bad news!!! I'm totally freaking out i cant
belive that I'm joining the sharks while my CAPTAIN polo field
Is just eating more than the practice goals :O
As i, I could take place as the sharks captain.
P,S it doesn't mean that if im not a member i
Couldn't be the leader of the sharks.
-Mr Brainy


First Comment! Yay! Polo finally came to do what was right for the Club Penguin World! Flufflies got third in the cup! Yay! If there is another, maybe the fluffies will come out on top on first! I know who I am supporting at the next one, FLUFFIES! IT'S SO FLUFFIES I'M GONNA DIE!~ Agnes (Despicable Me) See what I did there? Maybe if there is another one, you should add a orange and purple and maybe even pink! Just to shake things up from the last one,
Anyways, Waddle on!


Why did he drop ps: ha ha ha now hot sauce can win




HI! :)

- The Club Penguin Team


Oh No Polo!! Keep up!!

Waddle On!!



awesome i love it.

Puffle 109:

I agree with Daffo FLUFFIES ARE AWSOME!! Me and my Twins birthday is come up on the 18th thats when planes FIRE and Recuse comes out!!!!!!! 8!


I would be head of sharks but I'm totally with hot sauce like I have been for the whole of the cup.I did not find the cup fair because the sharks had a MASSIVELY HUGE advantage so they wouldn't of won if there wasn't so many of them. That's why I want to bring the team up to scratch. JK-lol I wonder who it will be?

Mr Cool20290:

wow that is breaking news thanks for the update ninja
Waddle on


Sounds good!!!


why did he get fired?

Kc Sunshine1:

Who is going to be the captain of Sharks? Will you pick a random player on the team?

Penguin 43:

Hey Ninja!
That is definitely a dramatic turn-around!


Good thing the blue team won!


go space squids!

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