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By Polo Field on June 18, 2014 - 09:33
We've been getting a ton of questions about the latest Club Penguin iOS app update. We wanted to give you guys some answers.
Why can't I see my backyard?
- We weren't able to complete the build on the backyard for version 1.4 of the CP app. However... you can still see which puffles are in your backyard, and move them to you igloo by tapping on the Gate icon. Stay tuned for this update in a future release!
Why can't I care for my puffles in my igloo?
- When we started working on the 1.4 update, we felt that being able to adopt a puffle was the most important, so we finished that first. We hope to have an improved close-up care in a future release. :)
How do I adopt puffles in the app?
- You'll have to update the app to version 1.4 before you can adopt puffles in the app. Once you've updated the app, you can head to the Pet Shop and adopt a puffle.
Will parties be coming to the app?
- That's the goal! 
Will mascots be able to visit?
- There are so many things that we want on the Club Penguin app, and mascots is one of them. We're not yet sure when we'll be able to get them in, but we'll let you know as soon as we can. 
Will CP staff visit?
- Yep... the team members log on the Club Penguin app every so often. We just can't spend too much time there, because we have to make stuff for the CP community instead. ;)
When is the Pizza Parlor coming?
- We're working on getting new rooms into the app and the Pizza Parlor is scheduled to come out later this year. As soon as we know when we can get the update ready, we'll let you know!
That's it for today! Thanks for all the great questions. 
Until next time... Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team




Great post. Thanks for the update, Polo! :)



Ice mN:

Nice man


how come when I ask a question on the news, or send a joke, it never shows up on the next paper?


Not everyone's comment can be published. :(


Thanks for doing a Q and A with us


I love this!!!


great post too i agree corwo


Add epf agency soon plz


How come when I try to click on a Mascot and type a Mascot in it dose not have there Username and there player card?




Well, in order to add a mascot as your friend, you have to first meet them on the island.



Oops! Wrong comment. I meant to respond to Bwsamfay.

Enter nickname:


The Shy Guy:

The BIG question is:

Will the My Penguin app ever be available for Android devices?


Definitely. Every member of my family has an android device, and it is slightly annoying to have everything good on the expensive side of the tablet market. Reply if you think so too!


My firend whatnts a club penguin but she has an android device

zoom zoom103:


zoom zoom103:

that is truly the BIG question


youre right. I DON'T HAVE IPAD!


While there is no set plan in motion, we would like to have Club Penguin available on more devices in the future. Keep your flippers crossed!

-The Club Penguin Team


When will there be app exclusives and bonus treasure from the sushi drop game?


when is the club penguin app coming out for android??

Emma Bella05:

Why can't this app be the same thing on the computer? Because computers don't work good


The type of computer code used for the Web version of Club Penguin is different than the type of computer code languages we can use for Mobile. All this robotic stuff can be confusing! At the end of the day, we try our best to create a fun and safe experience for all penguins.

-The Club Penguin Team


polo friend me please!!!!!!!!!!!


Rutabegga put this on spoiler alert! Where is Flyyod the wonder puffle?


Hey CP! I hope you upload this comment because i want to tell you how thankful i am for this!
I just want to say that everytime i play CP i think of the joy that others have like me and they are just having fun because of you!
Dream stars, you make dreams come true!
Love Twilightprdo


yeah, but penguins are becoming sad with no android app for CP


Thank you Twilightprdo!
It's great penguin fans like you that keep us motivated to make Club Penguin the best game around. You are very kind, and we are so grateful for you, and penguins like you!

-The Club Penguin Team


When is the stage going to be finished?

Lilylatte :

They do tell you ;)


I so agree when does the stage finsh?


Awesome! Thanks Polo! Be sure to tell Megg who's boss at the Penguin Cup. HINT: Team Blue

P.S: I think all teams deserve the right to win, however...

Waddle On!


celcius 11:

ummm.... that's great, but won't you make the app version on android? please add it.

Ham O Ween:

: O Wow! Can't Wait! Also Can't Wait for the Penguin Cup Tomorrow! : D
P.S. Can you do Meet ups for Aunt Artic plz!
Thx! Waddle On!


SAME THING HERE WOOPS CAPS LOCK ON ok thats better and the cup is today log on


Hey Ham O Ween!
We have meet-up times for Aunt Arctic! Here they are:

Hope that helps! Don't forget to get her background. Waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team


When you get mascots on the app can you make it so if they are in one room on a server they are on that room on all the servers. Because CP Next does not let us pick servers I can't find 3D mods and I think a lot of us will get mad if we cant find 3D mascots.


When is the next update?


ok polo field thanks!!!!!

Secret spy j:

Why can't we chat with friends


I'm guessing you mean the issue with Ultimate Safe Chat users? In that case, I totally agree! Ultimate Safe Chatters have no way of communicating (other than emotes) in the Club Penguin app. It would've been nice to include the chat log before you aloud Ultimate Safe Chatters to waddle around the app. The app gets really boring when you can't communicate! In fact, I never use the app to play Club Penguin. I only use it to read the What's New Blog and play some rounds of Sushi Drop!
Waddle on!


First! YAY
And when is the android version coming out

Enter nickname:

The mobile app is definitely lacking compared to the PC. Why can't you click on the Rainbow puffle quest in the Hotel lobby? It doesn't bring up any tasks to complete. Also, there is no puffle handbook or puffle catalog. There is not a button for puffle tricks, and no stamp book or stamps for that matter! Also, there are many hidden treasures in the Penguin Style catalog online, but no way to access them on the app! Many places are roped off or inaccessible in the app. Why is that?


It's a shame we have to wait until the end of the year for the Pizza Parlour on the Club Penguin app. I'd like to see the Book Room and Dance Lounge added to the app, also, for we've been waiting for them to be released since the actual release of the app!!

I also can't wait for more mini-games in the app itself! I know you guys have TONS to do on the app and are working as HARD as you can however it'd be nice to see a new room released every week/ fortnight? Is this possible?

Waddle On!


Will you add more updates for more times in Shushi Drop?


Cool can't wait for Pizza Parlor to come out. First comment I think?

(Can't say nickname my mom will get mad):

I'm playing an ipad but there's an issue problem
I have the latest update on my ipad but where are the new horizons
It doesn't have ski village or the dojo courtyard or THE new games
Whats wrong with it? Pls help me !

-Penguin name: Mr Brainy


Thxs form letting us know that CP will have many updates will be coming.=)

Chrislainez :

Hey polo is there gonna be a everyday phoning facility AKA EPF gonna be on the next update p.s.defeat the team space squids,and fluffies and hot sauce teams!


so about the pizza parlor in the plaza what about the stage also?


Thxs form letting us know that CP will have many updates will be coming.=)


Will you add more items in sushi drop?:-)


oh um, that's cool, but why are you still working on the Apple app and not starting on the android app? you have a lot of penguins counting on you, so can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put the app on android, other Disney apps have done that, like with photo finish, and watch Disney channel, its for android now too! PLEASE put it on android, its getting annoying seeing all the updates, I am starting to become jealous, so are a lot of penguins, the money would be worth it, please, waddle on android!!


so unfair...... android please!


they need androids app


Hi megg,when the Dojo and card jitsu fire & water will coming in club penguin app?


When will the theater open on the app?


Apple takeover confirmed


yep..... no android


Nice work Club Penguin


dear cp when will you make the app for kindle or anidroid


Me & my brother both have the same question..... Are we going to be able to find secrets in the catalogs on the app?
And how do we become penguin of the week?

Waddle on


I think we should be able to find secrets too! Of course, i have a computer, so it doesn't really matter...


Sk8tergirl 1:


Pinklovey0 :



when will you guys let it be on the Google Play Store?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? P.S : PLZ PLZ LET IT BE THERE I WANT TO PLAY IT ON THE ANDROID PHONES BADLY!!!!!!!!


YES.......... PLEASE!


When is CP coming for android


Coolio, CP is getting better and better by the minute!But remember to always...



Hope all the team can get the Pizza Parlor thing worked out soon! I have been needing them on the app!!


how do I release puffles in the app?

zoom zoom103:

why would u want to?


YOU CANT! *scary music plays while the magical unicorns of Candyland get their beautiful rani bow fur dreadfully wet and muddy* Ohhhhh! Can we have a Candyland party?!?!?!?! THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME

Polo fan:

Can you update the Pool

Polo fan:

I think the goal will be out in a few months


First comment lol :-) Thanks so muck for changing Snow and Sports! It was nice in the beginning, but I really wanted red sidetied strikes back. Also, thanks for the boas in April. I bought six months of membership because of that. Also love the cheerleader dress, the prom dresses, the sports uniform maker, (computer) and, well all of it!


Why can't we type numbers on computer CP but we can on the CP App


I have the same problem! In fact, when I met Gary 3000, he said, "Hello. I am Gary 3000." Wierd...



so we cant tell people our ages online


That is one of the reasons.

Rosy Red:

I know right! But hopefully the penguin team will fix this we could!
-Rosy Red


Is "That's the goal!" supposed to be for the Penguin cup? Because if it's meant to be a joke, I get it! ;)

Waddle On fellow penguins,


I don't...


I would like to say thanks for trying your best for the Club Penguin app on mobile. Sometimes I have trouble when I play, but its not your fault. Thanks Club Penguin Team! I waddle on back.




Thanks for anwsering 'em guestions


Hi, I would like to know how to send cat and dog puffles to there natural habitat, because "someone" made me adopt about 6 cat puffles and about 4 dogs, and the are everywhere. It would be awesome if you could reply back. Thanks!

Cheese Tree:

Contact Club Penguin Support - they'd be happy to help with that! You can contact them here:

- Club Penguin Team


OMG thanks!


Nice, Thank you for answering our questions we are curious about....



All of that sounds AWESOME!

Waddle on!


Hey CP team! I have a suggestion. Can you put PSA missons back in club penguin? A bunch of new penguins have heard about it and wanted to try it out. And other players want the missions back too! CP players had been wondering why there aren't missions anymore. I want the missions back too! They were so fun, I want to do them again! WHO'S WITH ME?! Hope you consider it! Waddle on!


I'm with you! I wasn't here for the missions... I joined in November.



I wasn't here for them ethier, I joined in August :(


I am!!!!


How do you design your puffle


they do! go to the fun stuff page, and go to banners, its PSA missions, if you click on it, it will give you all the PSA missions to play! hope I helped


Something happened in the app, when I updated it, I went to my iggy but there wasn't any puffles. I got a purple one and a gold one I think, but then I went to online CP and the puffles I bought were in my iggy, but the rest were GONE. I think it's fixed now but I still see bugs around the island :(


Listen, the puffles were only in your bckyard.
I can tell you how to get there! Go to edit your iggy.
Then press the button that has the backyard door.
Then it will show you what puffles are in the backyard.
Then it's easy, just choose which puffles you want in your iggy or in your backyard.

Will we ever get outfits for puffles?:

I have qustion, will you make the mine on i pad? Plz anwser and also make the ski fillage its asome?


The ski village is awesome!


Doggy :

What is the new party this month


Hey doggy! This month we have The Penguin Cup! Its going to be so exciting! Go team red!


zoom zoom103:

the penguin cup :/

Chani 1040:

it is the penguin cup!


soccer and next mounth music jam


The new party coming in July is the Music Jam.


isn't this name awesome?


*Stokes beard* Yes, very

Ally Light:

Hey, I know this has nothing to do with this post but, do you guys still look at the fan art on the fan art page? Just wondering.


Ok guys hold the beefz. What are you doing?





Hiya penguins i really want to be penguin of the week it's my dream so plz nominate me i help penguins with finding pins winning mini games and even finding hidden items in the penguin style so I hope everyone including the penguin team that this is my dream and I don't want to nominate myself that's cheating love to hear from u guys especially the penguin team this is Loyd103 waddle on


When will My Penguin be available for Android Polo?


It's called Club Penguin now...I think. *checks iPad* Yep, it is.


uh can you also make a club penguin app on IPHONE? because i know don't have a iPad


While using the app why can't we choose what room I want to go in just in case I wanted to be with one of my buddies?


Hey polo why do the penguins all look 3D?

Pengu hamish:

What happened to the old club penguin welcome screen. I miss it!! Instead of new party screens.. W
addl-- INTERRUPTING PUFFLE!! -- e on...


Can't wait for backyard update. Because my computer is a bit laggy.


i thought it whould be smart to let you know that for some reason my club penguin on computer already has the soccer party but it it is the 18th and when i saw a free item it said "whould you like to buy unfinded for unfinded coins?" PLEASE HELP!!!

Elsa52565,RoxcyRocks,Amber 13:

can u plz put the app on the android devises! i have a android d2. plz put in on the android as soon as posible!



Why are there no pins to find on mobile? If there are, how do I get them? Please respond!


No pins on mobile yet! Keep your eyes crossed and your flippers peeled--- I mean, your flippers crossed and eyes peeled on the What's New Blog! :P

-The Club Penguin Team


Hey Polo, can we earn stamps anywhere around Club Penguin?
And can you make the places so we can play some games?



I know this is off-topic but please read this because it is very important. Okay, so every once and a while (maybe more than that) I see penguins having fights and being sad. I really want to find a way to stop this, it's having a bad affect on the CP experience. One thing I have noticed is that non members don't get as much respect (not from the team, just random people) as members. Also, if you are "rare" you can act all cool and stuff, but if you aren't, your weird? Sorryletmecontinuelater


Okay! I'm back, mow I will continue... So yeah, not being "rare" or a member gains you less respect. Sorry I didn't join CP way before I could type,but I'm not rare. Also just nomal penguins are getting feelings hurt because other penguins think what they're saying is "funny". PLEASE, let's all work together to be kind, and this will stop. Thank you! :)



Thx polo for the 411 your the best


The penguin cup dual where you press D is not working! :(


Sometimes this happens to me. You have to make sure you're not typing in the chat box when you press "D". I usually do the wave emote and then press D to stop typing in the chat box. Hope this helps!

Waddle on,
-The Club Penguin Team

Rosy Red:

Wow! I can't wait! MY BIG QUESTION IS will the app look just like the computer version (like parties and the way our penguins really look) if anyone who could answer this it would AWESOME friend me Sammy9612
-Rosy Red


hi. I have a question. I just got a kindle fire, and I was wondering if the app is available for it? I hope so, I really wanna get the co app :D


No, unfortunately :( Club Penguin is not available on the Kindle Fire or any Android platform at this time.

-The Club Penguin Team


What is going to happen to the mine ride plz put it on the iPad and what happend to the sled racing its on tye computer but not iPad why not please put it on the iPad please it's was my favorite game and there is this other game and don't rember the name but It was near the dock I loved toga game but it's only on PC why please put it on iPads too plz thx have a great day bye


CP team,
whats the point of having the penguin cup? Everyone is on blue team and blue team will always win the penguin cup


Angry Birds Party


Those are very good answers! That helps a lot! I have a questions about parties on CP. Will you ever have a party about families? Right now that would be good. Because people have been pretending to be a sad, mad, or happy (happy happens the most) family! I think family furniture. Family clothes! (Not to share, just like mom clothes, baby clothes, and stuff like that) I THINK IT WOULD BE TOTALLY AWESOME!! Anyways, thanks for answering our questions! #WADDLE ON PENGUINS!


Please make a Sonic The hedgehog a party in August
Also come out with a hedgehog puffle plz do this
Friend me Megg and ninja


I started club penguin this time last year. I remember all of the coll igloos!
I really wanted one! Sadly I wasn't a member. So I guess what I'm asking is, when
will the new igloos come. Like the tree house, the big castle, that other big castle thing
and the iggy with the water slide.


The tree house was in March for the puffle party and the iggy with the water slide was only in the app in August for the Tean Beach Movie takeover.


I was wondering... Will we ever get to have card-jitsu fire, water (shadow if it comes out)?


Card-justi fire, water, and snow are out already


penguin cup


why do we turn small in the soccer stadium? is it a glitch? or do you guys put it in there?


Hey critter555555,

The penguins get a little smaller to allow more players into the stadium. It is not a glitch!

-The Club Penguin Team

Fluffy Squids:

did anyone notice a massive typo at the party 2nd place is 2rd just wanted to let you know
-Fluffy Squids


Yes,I noticed. At first I thought it was me,but it's a typo. IT'S 2ND! NOT 2RD. The Club Penguin Team has been notified and still has not fixed it and Polo Field even replied to someone's comment saying they knew! :/ Really? They should fix that.


Will we be able to jump to mascots that are our friends?
Will servers be available to make it easier to meet CP staff members that aren't our friends yet?
Will the Club Penguin Times be available for the app any time soon?
Will the in-app exclusive items ever return?
...and that's it for my questions!
As always, waddle on!


When is the stage going to be finished?


can you do the my penguin app for android


I have a question for the Club Penguin team,
Why cant you get the app on a tablet?
Can you plz make it available for ALL Tablets?!?
A lot of people would appreciate it!
Thx CP!
Waddle On!

Polo fan:

I have a question why can't I see famous penguins like Gary on the friend list on the club penguin app?

MAGIC wombo:

Hey makers of My Penguin! When will you be bringing out this app which seems like the the best since evers! Will it be out for Amazon Kindle Fire? Can you please i have been waiting for sooooooooo loooooooong and i kind of am getting a little uncontrolably impatient so plz bring it out and good luck CP!!!!

Sonic sharp:

Dojo dojo please I want the dojo please


Megg Megg! Please Do this
Make a hedgehog party! Come on it will be fun!


Can you support emojis being typed in the chat in future updates plz


When will the app be able to download on Nook devices?(Nook Tablet, Nook Color, Nook HD, and Nook HD+)


Dear, Aunt Arctic I have been waiting to be your buddy for years and it never did happen. I would always follow you but I never got a chance to ask you. Do you think you can buddy me? If not I understand but it will make me very very sad. I know how popular you are and I get it but I really am hoping to be your buddy or friend. I hope you understand what I told I will never lose hope in you. I know you can do anything! Peace out!
PS: My club penguin name is - Loveycharm1-


I am absolutely sure Aunt Arctic would love to be your friend! If you send her a friend request at one of her meetups, she will for sure accept!

- The Club Penguin Team

Sweet pea1080:

I agree I have always wanted to be friends with aunt arctic and other famous penguins they are so cool! I would love to be friends with them! I also want to say hi to all the players on club penguin!

Baby Fier 1:

Once, During the medieval party, I was just walking around and I saw Gary the Gadget Guy! I sent him a friend request and he accepted. I got the free signed background!


Why doesn't the My Penguin app not give special items for penguins who are on. The first week ( was the teen beach movie party theme) gave the pool house and now we don't get special items.
Waddle on

Some Air:

Is the club penguin app going to be for samsung soon?

Enter nickname:

When will there be secrets to find in the catolog on iPad and iPod ????



Dodger 99:

What about Android? I know it will be the future update. Why is the Android be the future update?

Mr Cool20290:

When are we going to be able to enter codes?
Waddle on


When are you going to make a app for android devices ?


hey everyone im here today to say Have a great Sunday! tell the club penguin team I said hi and have a great Sunday and friend me polo megg and ninja


Can you adopt to 60 puffles in the new update? P.S: I want to be on the Spoiler Alert.


Can you please make it for Android, Kindle Fire and Windows phone!!! I don't have IOS I have Android :(


One more question
Will you be doing it for android?


Oh great! Thank you for answering these questions! I was wondering all of these questions so thank you very much!


Will we be able to go to the box portal on IOS???


Cool, but there's something I really need to know about. WHEN WILL YOU HAVE AN OPERATION PARTY?? I think it's like one of my favourite parties. Last one was Operation: Puffle so what about this year?? Maybe an Operation: Klutzy or something like that. I only joined two ones which was the hot sauce and puffle, not the operation blackout or Herbert's revenge and the others. I really miss these parties so please tell me it's gonna be this year!!

Penguin 43:

Hey Polo Field!
Thanks for answering some questions about the latest app update!
I was wondering the answers to some of those questions myself!
The Club Penguin App is so Cool!
I can't wait to see what future updates await for The Club Penguin App!


Hey I was wondering if in one huge update you could add everything on the computer. Well it doesn't have to be EVERYTHING just the stuff I want like free items, definitely parties, and more rooms and places. EPF and Card-jistu would be nice too. When the computer one and app one are both the same, I'd like the app to be updated for parties every two weeks. Thank you so much! #Waddle On! Oh and add the box portal too!

Lele lo:

Well... This is a question but not on latest updates. I would like to know if u guys could,tell me how,do u vote for the penguin of the week??????


Can we do every Thursday its a day like crazy hair Thursday? :D I think that would be fun!

PS.Please reply!


Will we get to choose servers when we are playing on the Club Penguin app?

Anonymous Shark:

I do not play the app,but please add more places soon and make it available on more Tablets. All would be so much better! It would be nice if you could add a room or make it available for another Table or update the app in a way just once a month,many penguins would appreciate it. I understand you are very busy with other things,but please. I speak for the penguins! Please add something at least once a month if you can or something like that. THANK YOU FOR READING.


I heard the parties will be coming to the cp app. If so will there be parties based on new movies??


my penguin app always lags when i have an ipod 5 but still can u please fix that


I bought membership on my ipad but it says there was an error and to contact support


How do you buy outfits and it's not letting you?

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