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By on August 5, 2014 - 00:09
G’Day Penguins,
I’m still excited from last week’s ski race party – it was SO much fun! There were some awesome racers out there. Check out everyone hanging out at the top of the ski hill – n’ice’.

Sooooo this week I’ve been watching a lot of super hero movies and thought… lets have a Super Hero Party!!! Amazing! I want you to come along in your most epic super hero outfit and make sure you decide your special powers before you arrive because I want to hear all about them. I can’t decide on whether I’m going to be a 'super pizza maker' who can make a million pizzas a minute… or maybe a 'magical bubble blower' who can blow huge bubbles for penguins to fly around in. Why not give your puffles a super hero make-over too; every super hero needs a sidekick! Let your imagination go crazy – I can’t wait!
Let's meet in the Forest on the Down Under server on Thursday 7th August. Here are the times:
 * 4pm East Australian Standard Time 
 * 6pm New Zealand Standard Time
 * 11pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday 6th August for everyone over in the US and Canada 
 * 7am on Thursday 7th August for my pals in the UK.
Waddle on!
- Club Penguin Team