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Video post
By Megg on May 20, 2014 - 12:41 | Comments (464)
Technically we always travel into the future since we share updates before they're released. Buuuuuut this time it's future themed, which means it's even MORE awesome.   :D
Here's what's in this week's episode:
 * Message from the Space Academy
 * Visit to the Interstellar Zoo
 * Extreme Charade Reading
 * #WaddleOn: Wordsmith Force

Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team
Image post
By Polo Field on May 16, 2014 - 16:28 | Comments (289)
In case you haven't heard, the Snow Forts on mobile has an awesome new update!

Join us on the Club Penguin iOS app for an all-out crazy snowball fight! Here are the deets:
When: Today (May 16, 2014) at 1:30pm PST (So in like 2 minutes...)
Where: Club Penguin iOS app
See you there!
-Club Penguin Team
Standard post
By Daffodaily5 on May 16, 2014 - 08:01 | Comments (463)
This week we're featuring Pinki90790, a super brill penguin who's a great online buddy and really creative person! I was told that she once did an amazing job of resolving an argument between two penguins. She helped solve all their problems and they were buddies again! That's epic. Plus, check out her igloo and her outfit! Super stylish. :)

As always, Pinki90790 gets 10,000 coins and the mega Penguin of the Week background! If you know someone who's done a good deed, tell me their story in the comments! 
-Club Penguin Team
Video post
By Megg on May 12, 2014 - 12:29 | Comments (560)

We've got the latest scoop on how to make your igloo the best futuristic fun time around!

Check it out:

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

Standard post
By Chattabox on May 11, 2014 - 22:24 | Comments (104)

G’Day Penguins,

Crazy hat week sure was crazy; I’ve definitely been suffering with hat hair (ooo yikes!) We had such an awesome hang out last week, the hats were out of control - check out the picture!

One of my favourite things about last months party was the furniture catalogue – all the puffle tubes are awesome! However, the best items are definitely the animals; who doesn’t love a giraffe?! This week I’ve gone animal crazy and made my own ‘Chatta Zoo’ full of crazy creatures and hidden surprises (you don't want to miss out!). So come along in your favourite animal-inspired outfit and get ready to explore my wonderful zooooo iglooooo! Don’t forget your animal jokes and animal trivia – we love to laugh here at Club Penguin!

Lets meet in The Forest on the Down Under server at 4pm (East Australian Standard Time) on Thursday 15th May, which will be 6pm for all of you in New Zealand. Don’t forget, this is now 11pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday 14th May for everyone over in the US and Canada, and 7am on Thursday 15th May for my pals in the UK.

Waddle on!

- The Club Penguin Team