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Virtual penguins offer fun for kids and peace of mind for parents
April 16, 2008


Club Penguin's new UK office provides local support and moderation


BRIGHTON, UK, April 16, 2008 -Club Penguin, the fun-filled, kids' online phenomenon is expanding the services it offers in the UK, with a new office in Brighton dedicated to providing additional player support and moderation for the popular virtual world. The announcement, made by the Walt Disney Internet Group, marks the first time Club Penguin has offered local support to players outside North America.


Club Penguin (www.clubpenguin.com), a snow-covered, virtual island populated by colourful, animated penguins, is known around the globe for its unwavering commitment to providing a safe online experience that doesn't compromise creativity or fun. Players create their own personalized penguin and waddle around, interact with friends and engage in a variety of fun games and activities.


The UK team will work with the existing Club Penguin team to nurture the global community of players and listen to kids' views about how the game should evolve. The expansion of services means Club Penguin players in the United Kingdom will receive more timely and responsive customer support and the ability to pay in local currency. The locally-based moderators will also be better positioned to protect the interests and online safety of children in the UK.


"Personal support and live moderation have always been critical to how we take care of our audience, and with so many of our players living in the United Kingdom it makes perfect sense to open an office here," says Lane Merrifield, general manager of Club Penguin and executive vice-president, the Walt Disney Internet Group. "We hope it gives parents in the UK peace of mind to know the team in Brighton is online keeping an eye on things."


Club Penguin also unveiled today a package of new tools designed to provide parents more involvement in, and control of, their children's online play experience. The tools allow parents to logon and view their child's account history, change their child's password and choose a different chat mode. An integrated timer feature, which lets parents set the time of day and duration of their child's visit to Club Penguin, will be released next month.


"While Club Penguin offers children a wonderful opportunity to play and use their imaginations online, as parents ourselves we understand the value of making sure kids also spend time away from the computer playing sports and being with their friends," says Merrifield. "We hope the timer feature is a useful tool for parents who are looking for new ways to manage the time their children spend online."


Although Club Penguin is designed for six to 14-year-olds, it is open to children of all ages. The site is free to use and enjoy but subscribing members receive additional features. Club Penguin optimizes the safety of its online environment through the use of aggressive filtering and live moderators to monitor chat and activity on the site and prevent the sharing of inappropriate or personally identifiable information. Third party advertising of any kind is prohibited.


The expansion of Club Penguin's services to the UK comes less than a year after The Walt Disney Company acquired Club Penguin.  


"The opening of our Club Penguin office in the United Kingdom is the first of many steps we will take to build on the international reach of the Walt Disney Internet Group to bring the wonderful, creative experience of Club Penguin to a wider audience around the world," says Steve Wadsworth, president, Walt Disney Internet Group. "We look forward to engaging and entertaining millions more children around the globe as we continue this expansion."


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