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How to Draw a Penguin

Arts & Crafts: How to Draw a Penguin

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Like any other bird, a penguin starts out as an egg. And that's also true when you draw one.  Using a pencil, start by drawing three circles.

Artist tip: draw all your lines lightly, that way they're easier to erase.


Draw a line connecting the outside of the circles. Then draw two lines on either side of the penguin and two more out the bottom. Draw a line down the center and across the face. In the bottom half of the face, draw an oval for the beak.


The eyes are two squashed circles stuck together. Connect the lines for the arms to the body. If the arm is bent, it is drawn in two pieces (three if the wrist is bent too). Below the bottom circle, draw an upside down Y for the feet. 


Now draw the pupils for your penguin and give them a smile (or other facial expression). Draw the tummy patch from the beak to the base of your penguin. Draw the bottom line of the feet.


All these lines have been guide lines. Artists draw guide lines to help them keep the shape of their drawings. Now it's time to draw the detail lines on the penguin! Draw over your light lines with darker lines and erase some of the guide lines.


Now you're ready to color your penguin. Penguins come in all different colors, so use your imagination. And now that you've mastered drawing penguins, why not try to give them different poses?


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