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Stamp Book & Stamps

Arts & Crafts: Stamp Book & Stamps

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*Ask an adult for help
Create a Stamp Book and keep track of the skills you showed off in the Outdoor Activities! Compete with friends, and award stamps to everyone that finishes each task.
You Will Need
  • Four sheets of construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Felts, pencils, and crayons
  • Hole punch
  • String or ribbon
Stamp Book Instructions
  1. Stack the sheets of paper together and fold in half.
  2. Use the hole punch to put 2 or 3 holes at the folded end.
  3. Tie all the papers together with string or ribbon.
  4. Design a cover for your Stamp Book using felts, pencils, and crayons.
  5. Give each page a title, then decorate them!
Stamps Instructions
  1. Create your own stamp designs, or cut out the stamps from the downloadable template.
  2. Color and design them any way you want.
  3. Put a stamp in your Stamp Book every time you learn a new skill.
  4. Try making a stamp for your recipes!

We'd love to see your designs. Send us pictures of your Stamp Books filled with stamps!

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