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Arts & Crafts: Terrarium

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*Ask an adult for help
Terrariums are miniature gardens that grow inside glass containers.
You Will Need
  • Clear glass or plastic container
  • This can be a fish bowl, a large vase, or even a glass jar
  • Potting soil
  • Small plants like:
    • Begonias
    • Spider Plants
    • Small palms
    • Miniature ferns
    • Small stones
  1. Make sure your container is clean on the inside
  2. Put a layer of stones in the bottom
  3. Fill the container to about halfway with potting soil
  4. Put your plants inside. Make sure not to crowd them.
  5. Add more soil and press the soil down a little with your fingers
  6. Gently water the soil
  7. Place your terrarium somewhere that gets a small amount of sunlight
  8. Check your soil every couple of days. You only need to water your plants when the soil is dry. 
  9. Want to add a little extra to your terrarium? You can add moss or even penguin figures!

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