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Outdoor Activities: Birdbath

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*Ask an adult for help
Bird watching can be a lot of fun. And even if you live in the city you can attract birds to your window with an easy-to-make birdbath. What kinds of birds will you see at your birdbath?
You Will Need
  • Wooden or plastic window box
  • Flower plants – try marigolds, pansies, and/or geraniums
  • Potting soil
  • Plastic container small enough to fit in the window box 
  • Seeds, popcorn or nuts
  • Water
  1. Place your plastic container in the middle of your window box
  2. Fill the window box with soil, be careful not to get any into the plastic container
  3. Carefully plant your flowers in the soil
  4. Fill your plastic container with water
  5. If your plastic container is deeper than 2 inches, place some rocks in the bottom for the birds to perch on
  6. Birds love rain water, so whenever you can, try to collect some to refill the bird bath with
  7. To attract birds, place some seeds, popcorn or nuts around the edge of the window box

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