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Lyric DJ

Outdoor Activities: Lyric DJ

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You Will Need
  • 3 or more friends (if you have more, you can do "teams")
  • Music
  • Pencils and paper
  • Timer
  1. Pick a friend to be the judge.
  2. The judge turns on the music, and everybody writes the first sentence from the song that is playing.
  3. The judge plays the next song, and again everybody writes down the first phrase they hear.
  4. When the judge changes the song six times, and everybody has six sentences, turn on the timer.
  5. Set the timer for five minutes. Using the words and lines you have, mix them to create a new song!
    Tip: You can add words but you can't take any away.
  6. Everyone performs their song to the judge. Use your imagination and your talent to rock the stage!
    Tip: Be as silly or as serious as you want!
  7. The judge picks the winner, and the winner gets to be the judge for the next round.

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