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Rainbow Puffle Game

Outdoor Activities: Rainbow Puffle Game

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You Will Need
  • Puffle print outs
  • Coloring pens
  • Friends and family
  • A playground with many areas where you can hide puffles
  1. Cut out and color puffles from the downloadable PDF - make sure there's as many of each puffle as there is players.
  2. Choose one person to be the rainbow puffle.
  3. Have the rainbow puffle hide the colored puffles in the yard.
  4. Get everyone to line up in the center of the yard.
  5. The rainbow puffle then calls out a color.
  6. All players run off and must find and bring back the right color to the rainbow puffle.
  7.  The first person back gets 10 points, the second person gets 9 points and so on to the last person.
  8. You may want to set a time limit for finding each color.
  9. Continue playing until all the puffles are found.
  10. Celebrate with Rainbow Pancakes!     

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