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Stage Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor Activities: Stage Scavenger Hunt

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Find items from the 5 plays. We challenge you to find as many as you can!
You Will Need
  • Teams of 2 players or more
  • A home base
  • A timer
  • The checklist printed below
  1. Choose a 'home base' - this is where you start and finish
  2. Organize teams made up of friends and family
  3. Set a time to find the items on the checklist list and return them to your "home base" as soon as possible
  4. Find a total of any 15 items from the checklist below. Search inside and outside.
  1. Squidzoid: a cape, a camera, a photo of a building, a pizza topping, something beginning with S.
  2. Golden Puffle: a rock, chocolate in a wrapper, a bandage, anything that looks golden, something an adventurer would use.
  3. Underwater Adventure: a shell, a swimsuit, a towel, something you'd find in a fish tank, something a mermaid would use.
  4. Fairy Fables: 2 storybooks, 2 cookies or croissants, 2 things that are red, 2 wooly things, 2 things that fly.
  5. Ruby and the Ruby: a notepad, a necklace, something shiny, a lamp, a picture.

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