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Super Heroes vs. Villains

Outdoor Activities: Super Heroes vs. Villains

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Face your opponents in the ultimate backyard showdown! 
You Will Need
  • 4 or more players
  • A referee
  • A ball
  • Face paints
  • Super Hero and Super Villain costumes
  1. Form two teams, with equal members
  2. One side is Super Heroes and one side Super Villains
  3. The teams can dress up in costumes, or paint their faces to show which side they're on
  4. Each team member is given a number – there should be a #1 on each side, #2 on each side, etc.
  5. The referee places the ball in the middle between the two teams
  6. The referee calls out a number and the Super Hero and Super Villain with that number race towards the ball
  7. The first person who grabs the ball wins a point for their team
  8. The team who gets to ten points first wins! 

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