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Treasure Hunt

Outdoor Activities: Treasure Hunt

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*Ask an adult for help
You Will Need
  1. Pick a place to bury the treasure
  2. Create a list of clues that will help lead your treasure hunters
  3. Try clues such as:      • At the big tree with the large knot face north and take ten        steps towards the pond            • Turn 90° to the left, walk forward until you reach the        fallen log
  4. You can also hide clues in different places and use each one to lead to the next. For example:      • You'll find the next clue in a place where birds come        to snack         • Find the next clue where one of these a day will keep the        doctor away
  5. Give the treasure hunters the map to help them navigate
  6. When they find the treasure, it's time to celebrate with a pirate parade!

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