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Case of the Missing Coins

#3 Case of the Missing Coins

In this mission, agents will talk to another agent character who explains that the coins in the vault have gone missing - then  then closes the vault door. Agents will head to the Gift Shop manager's office, collect a few items (including a disk) under the couch there, and: 

  • get the combination number from the files & write them down
  • enter them into the vault
  • meet G in the HQ where he'll ask you to watch a video, take a key, and solve a code
  • find a giant magnet on the roof, short out the Powa Box and deactivate the magnet
  • find a tuft of white fur, report back to G (and have the option to do another small mission)
  • use their spy phone to get to the Town and talk to the brown penguin (he'll want the lights turned on in the Dance Club)
  • fix the broken fuses