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Questions for a Crab

#6 Questions for a Crab

After the capture of the crab, G discovers the creature can’t speak. It is being held in a cage of some sort but questioning it proves futile. So, G builds a ‘translation’ machine to interpret all the crab’s incessant clicking. Mission 6 begins here. The ‘translation’ machine is introduced, but when G shows it to the agent it malfunctions and explodes. The explosion breaks the cage holding the crab, who then escapes. The agent’s job is to follow the crab. G will stay behind to clean up the mess and fix the machine. It may be useful down the road. 

Agents can: 

  • follow the crab through the wilderness to the polar bear’s den (where he'll walk straight into a trap set by the polar bear)
  • listen to the villain's "monologuing tirade' which includes important aspects of his back story and his current plan (an attempt to get warm includes chopping down the Ski Lodge and using the wood to make the ultimate bon fire hot enough to keep him warm for week)
  • escape the bear’s trap and foil his plot