What should I do if 'Remember Me' does not work?

  • If 'Remember Me' doesn't work on your computer it means your Flash Player doesn't have enough room to save information from Club Penguin.

    You should never use the 'Remember Me' feature if you are on a public computer. Someone else could log in with your penguin and play on your account.

    You can change your settings so you'll have enough room to remember your penguin by following these steps:

    • Right-click on the image of the computer below:
    • A box will pop up. Click on the word 'Settings'.
    • A new box will pop up. On the bottom of this box you'll see an icon that looks like a file folder. Click on it.
    • You'll see a question: “How much information can store on your computer?” Underneath the question, you'll see a bar. Move that bar until the number on the right reads “10 KB” or more.
    • Now you should have enough storage for the computer to remember your penguin each time you log in. Log in now, and click the box next to 'Remember Me.' The next time you log in, you'll see a picture of your penguin on the screen on the login page.

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