"The party starts now!"

Cadence is a passionate singer, world-famous DJ, and epic choreographer. She loves to express herself and be the center of attention, taking the party with her wherever she goes.

Favorite snack: Grapefruit

Favorite games: DJ3K and Dance Contest

Why you should meet her: There's always a party when Cadence is around. Ask her to help you improve your moves or start a flashmob!

Where you might find her: Cadence spends most of her time putting on Dance Contests at the Dance Club. And if there's a music event in Club Penguin, you can bet that Cadence will make an appearance at the party hotspots.

Random fact: Her purple puffle is named Lolz, because she brings the lolz!

Music: Cadence has released several singles:

  • The Party Starts Now!
  • Ghosts Just Wanna Dance (with The Penguin Band)
  • Cool in the Cold (with The Penguin Band)
  • Gotta Have a Wingman (with The Penguin Band)
  • Party in My Iggy


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